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Beauty Makeover... And then some

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2011 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

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Part Four

I realized that there was a time for fantasy to stop and reality to set in. I was kneeling there, dressed as a very sexy maid in a satin uniform and wearing silky and sexy undies, stockings and stiletto heels and I was, indeed, wearing a collar and cuffs, WILLINGLY! That was my reality! There was no longer a fantasy aspect to all of this because I was now experiencing this for REAL!

I got up on my knees and opened my mouth, not speaking a word because I was afraid that I would say or do something stupid to ruin this final submission of my body to Cindi. Then I bent over at the waist, to signal that I was completely willing to submit to whatever it was that Jennifer and Cindi wanted of me.

"Lynda, I see that you MAY have made a choice. I can also see that you are afraid. But I want you to know that I want to hear your acceptance. Do you indeed WILLINGLY submit to Jennifer and myself?"

I was shaking a little. I could feel it in my hands and knees. I was also sure that it showed to them. But I knew what it was that I had to do. "Yes, Mistress, I am willingly submitting to you and to Mistress Jennifer!"

"Really? So, you are now recognizing me as your Mistress, slave Lynda? You see yourself as my slave, Mistress Jennifer's slave or both? I am rather curious, Lynda."

I knelt there on my hands and knees, wondering what it was that I had just gotten myself into. I was willing to submit to them but they wanted to know WHY??? Or to whom? I was now somewhat confused myself.

"You are my Mistress. You were the one who placed this collar around my neck, which I willingly let happen, placing myself under Your control, Mistress. This is certain. You asked if I was willing to let Mistress Jennifer use me as She saw fit and I understand and accept what that means. Since she is also Your friend, would she also be called 'Mistress' as well?” I took a deep breath... "

"But it is You, Mistress Cindi, that I serve, at Your leisure and whim, is it not, Mistress?"

I could hear them whispering as I spoke but realized that I could not and should not make mention of it except in my own head. I knew that they were talking about me. I was just not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. What I was sure of is that I answered her truthfully.

"Interesting. I find that answer VERY interesting indeed. For right now, though..."

I suddenly felt a cock enter my open mouth and I wrapped my lips hungrily around it and started to lick and suck on Jennifer's erect and warm penis, tasting my very first one. Part of me was scared and another part of me felt like it was supposed to be like this all the time and that I had just never realized it before.

As that realization struck me, I felt the familiar sting of a riding crop on my ass as I was urged on to make sure I kept a nice steady rhythm going. In a few minutes I could taste the first traces of pre-cum dribble onto my tongue and the taste got me a little excited. And I felt that the swats with the riding crop were starting to go a little faster, urging me to lick and suck faster and faster.

Then I felt a hand grab the top of my head and pull me deep into Jennifer's crotch. I could smell her as well as feel her entire cock drive deep into my mouth, just as the first load of cum shot into me. The little bit that fell upon my tongue, allowing me to taste it, made me feel strange and yet somewhat content. This confused me a little and frightened me even more. Because the confusion was why did this feel so good and the frightening part was that I wanted more of this. And "this" was what frightened me more... I wanted more of ALL of this... mouth! Very little fell onto my tongue as it all seemed to shoot right down my throat, causing me to have to swallow hard and fast as each spurt was driven into my throat.

"Finish cleaning up Jennifer and then we will see about making sure that you are presentable tonight at the club!" I heard Mistress Cindi say. "We don't want Jamie to feel bad that her creation has gone and ruined all her hard work in such a short time now, do we? Besides, I would not want to take you there looking like some common street whore who just finished her last trick without touching up her make-up a little bit at least!"

I finished licking Jennifer's cock clean of any residual cum and swallowed it. "That was your first time, wasn't it, Lynda?"

"Yes, Mistress Jennifer!"

"I like the sound of that! Well, for your first time, Lynda, you weren't half bad. Certainly better than my ex! And he was pretty good I must say. But you just put him to shame. And I am just SO looking forward to feeling just how tight you are later!" Jennifer chuckled and walked away as Cindi put the leash on my collar and took off the blindfold.

"Lynda, your make-up is an absolute mess. I think we are going to have to completely start over again. I hope that you were paying very close attention to what Jamie did so that you can look that good AGAIN! If not, then I may have to punish you!"

"Yes, Mistress Cindi!" I was then lead to a small bathroom that had a nicely lit mirror and saw that my entire set of make-up from this morning was there waiting for me. Plus I saw a jar of cold cream and I knew what that was for.

So, I first washed off all the make-up that was on my face, since it was really all over and not just where it had started. Once I had that finished, I started to do all the steps that Jamie had talked about when I was in her chair all those many hours ago. First I put on my foundation, after making sure that my beard had not grown at all. I was pleased to find that I didn't even have any stubble to worry about. Then I worked on my eyelashes. This took time as I had to make sure not to smear it on my face at the same time I was applying the mascara. Then the eye shadow and eye liner. Next came the blush and concealer, taking out any hard features on my face as well as softening up everything overall. Then came the lipstick, making sure to line the lips with the red pencil and then apply the red color. Then I sealed that and applied another coat to make sure that it looked bright and shiny.

Then I took out the setting powder and puffed that all over my face to make sure that the make-up would not get all messed up. I then took the pick and made sure that the extension that was in my hair was neat and styled. Then I brushed my hair, feeling how the weave was placed in my hair and realizing that I now would have to deal with longer hair all the time. I then got up and turned around to face Mistress Cindi.

"Well, it seems that you did, indeed, pay attention to what she was telling and teaching you, Lynda. You did a good job there. I think that you will be fine for tonight. Now, I guess it is time to head off to get something to eat. I would have you change clothes but I think that since all of your clothes are now in your car, we will just have to go over to the club now, since they do serve food there as well. Besides, I have not taken the collar off your neck so you have to do what I tell you, isn't that right, Lynda?"

I saw her wink at me as I said "Yes, Mistress" and she smiled at me.

"I think I am with Jennifer on that one. I do kind of like hearing that too. At first I wasn't sure but I think now I am. And I am so looking forward to seeing how Catherine reacts to seeing you there with me. So I am NOT going to be taking that collar off you for a little while longer. At least until we are finished at the club tonight. Will that be alright with you, Lynda?"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"I do so like the sound of that! Well, let's go. I am starving!" With that, she picked up the end of my leash and lead me out into the store, which was all locked up.

I did not realize that I had been in there all that time. Cassandra was gone but I was surprised that Jennifer was still there. And then I realized that the two of them were dressed a little bit differently than they had been before.

Jennifer, I noticed, was wearing leather, from a bustier to a mini skirt that showed off a great deal of leg. Knowing what I did I was amazed at how well it was all hidden and that by looking at her I would not have realized that she had male equipment down below her panties. I could also see that she had rather remarkable breasts and I was not sure if they were real or implants, not that it would matter one way or the other. In fact I had to admit that part of me was jealous of the fact that she HAD breasts and I had to use these breast forms.

Cindi was also clad in leather. In fact, it seemed that they were both wearing the same thing, though in different colors. Where Jennifer was all in red leather, all of it patent leather, right down to the stiletto heels, Cindi was all in black. She had on boots though, rather than shoes like Jennifer, not that it mattered one way or the other. Both of them were looking hot and that was when I noticed something else. Each of them were carrying a riding crop with their purses. It was going to be an interesting evening and then the words that Jennifer said came back into my head about finding out how tight I was. And that lead me to shiver a little. Because I was wondering just how tight I was as well.

I watched as Jennifer walked to my car. "I will bring it over to your place, Cindi. Then we can go from there to the club."

"See you there in a couple minutes. I just have to get Lynda into the car."

I was then lead to, not a car but rather a mini van. Cindi opened the side door and helped me get into the car. I then watched as she placed a light weight blindfold on my eyes so as to not mess up my make-up. "To add a little excitement to the evening, Lynda"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Good girl. Now, off we go"

I felt the seat belt being locked in place and then heard the door close. After a minute, I could tell that Cindi had gotten into the car and off we went. After a few minutes, though it felt like hours without having anything to listen to really, we stopped and I heard Jennifer get into the car.

"Oh, so she can't see where we are going or what, Cindi?"

"Just wanted to add a little excitement to her experience, jenn. Besides, it's not like I going to KEEP him after tonight!"

I heard as they both chuckled at that comment. I was starting to feel some relief at that as I was not ready for something like a PERMANENT relationship of this nature. Of course, a small part of me felt a little disappointment at their laugh since in my fantasies, becoming a permanently feminized slave had always been something I thought I would want. That was not to be and I felt relief flow through my body mixed with a little regret.

After some more time, I felt the car stop and then heard the engine stop. "We're here, Lynda. And I see that we arrived before the dinner crowd so we may be able to get a GOOD table!"

I felt hands on me as my safety belt was released and I was then lead out of the van. I heard a couple of guffaws and even a couple of laughs and could even hear someone say "look at that little sissy slave! Isn't he precious!"

Thankfully I felt myself being lead into the club as I heard the difference in what my feet were touching. The pavement was replaced with what sounded like hardwood floor.

"Ah, Miss Cindi, we have not seen you here in quite some time. And Miss Jennifer, how nice to see you as well. And I see that you have brought someone with you this evening. Isn't she lovely. Catherine is here tonight and was asking that I be on the lookout for someone who matches this sweet little lady's description. But I think that she had thought that..."

"Lynda is her name, Marcus. She is with us and not Catherine, however. Sorry for the confusion."

"Not a problem, Miss Cindi. But I think that Catherine was planning on something else happening. I know that because Stephanie and Miss Jamie are with her. So, do you wish to be seated with your mother, Miss Cindi, or would you rather be seated elsewhere?"

"Well, if you think that she is going to cause some trouble for you Marcus, maybe we should be seated elsewhere. But if you think that she can handle a little disappointment, then I am sure we would just LOVE to sit there with mother!"

"Miss Cindi, you are indeed a wicked little girl. And I have a feeling that your mother will, eventually, get over this shock. But she also told me that you and Jackie broke up. I wanted to express my sorrow for that. Her loss will be someone's very happy gain, Miss Cindi!"

"Thank you, Marcus. So, shall we go?"

"Indeed. Come right this way. Oh, and is Lynda going to be alright wearing that blindfold as we walk. We are going to be going to the other dining room and it might get a little difficult for her."

"Well Lynda, are you alright or would you rather see where you are going?"

"Your choice, Mistress!"

"Ah, so Lynda calls you Mistress, Miss Cindi. Catherine will be so curious about that, I am sure. I would so LOVE to be a fly on the wall in there as well as at her home tonight with Stephanie. In fact, I may just have to stick around to see how this goes."

"You are such a gossip, Marcus! Just lead the way and then gossip all you want with the girls out back. And Marcus, I will let you know what happens tomorrow, okay?"

"You got it, Miss Cindi. Come along now, we don't want to keep Catherine waiting TOO long!"

I felt myself being lead through the place, not knowing what was there to see or anything, just listening to the whispers and occasional laughs as I was lead, blindfolded, through the club. Eventually we came to a door as I heard it open and I was lead in.

"Miss Catherine, I believe I have located Miss Cindi, along with Miss Jennifer and the missing Lynda. Have a good dinner and see you upstairs later."

With that, I heard Marcus leave the room and close the door behind me.

Part Five


"Mother... If you continue to rant like a raving lunatic, people are going to come in here and take you away! So as soon as you get that ugly temper under control, we can talk. but first I think I will have a drink of this wonderful wine here. Jenn, take a glass. Lynda, sit down in this chair right here."

"Yes, Mistress" I felt a chair and sat down, feeling all eyes on me and I could actually FEEL hatred coming towards me but I was not sure from where. I then felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Lynda, it's Jamie. Just be calm and let this blow through. I am sure it is just a simple misunderstanding. But you will be fine."

"Of course she will be, Jamie. Lynda is just fine, aren't you, Lynda?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"See Jamie, nothing to worry about. Besides, as far as I know, Lynda was never told that she would belong to my mother until just about now, at least not for certain. And as far as I know, Lynda was free to make a choice. Was I wrong about that, mother?"

I could feel the sarcasm dripping from Cindi's lips and could just imagine what Catherine was looking like. Then I felt a firm hand squeeze my other shoulder and knew that Cindi was playing the "Possession is 9/10ths of the law" rule!

"I thought it was understood that when I sent Stephanie down with her that you and the others would be smart enough to realize that I wanted Lynda for myself. Besides, you are no more a Domme than Jamie is. What makes you think that you could even earn the loyalty of a real submissive. All you are doing is playing at it! And bringing shame to any woman who considers herself to be a Domme. And this little trollop of a sales clerk of yours! Who does she think she is kidding! She can't even keep a man! What makes you think that either one of you will be able to keep HIM!"

I could feel anger rise in me as I heard the words spoken by Catherine. I was so wanting to say something to her when I felt a very strong grasp on my shoulder from Cindi as she was getting to speak.

"Well, mother, I guess that you must be really proud of yourself, thinking that all I want to do is keep some guy because I lost Jackie. And to pick on Jenn like that is REALLY below your so-called dignity! I find myself shocked that my mother could be so disgusting and degrading. And what makes you think that Lynda was going to even WANT to become your slave in the first place. In fact, when I asked HER about it she was as shocked as can be that you would think something like that. SHE was even more shocked that I thought it."

"So my question to you would be where do you get off thinking that just because you send someone to your little shop, which I co-own by the way, mother, that you could just take them. I seem to recall that STEVEN there didn't want to become Stephanie at first, even after you promised that you would not lock away his last vestige of masculinity. But you did that as well, didn't you. And I know she won't say anything about it but I can guess HE was not too happy about that in the beginning."

"Lynda here was not PLANNING on submitting to you or ANYONE when she came into the shop. It just happened. And you know what, mother? I LIKE IT! What's more, Jennifer likes it too! We both had fun this afternoon with Lynda. And I can guess but I am not 100% sure that she liked it as well. I would ask her but since she agreed to put on the collar she has done everything that was asked of her without a problem and I do mean EVERYTHING!"

The room became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Mother and daughter were making their positions known and I was in the middle of it all. All because I felt some sort of attraction to Cindi and her quiet power that she exuded.
To me, Catherine exuded raw, emotional power of the kind that some people could not handle. It was such raw energy that it would probably hurt after a while. Cindi, on the other hand, had a quiet yet firm energy that I was finding addicting. Her hand squeezing my shoulder to keep me quiet was just one more manifestation of her quiet power.

"Well, Cindi and Jennifer... It is the both of you taking Lynda, right?"

"Well, Catherine, We are not KEEPING him, if that is what you mean!"

"Oh, so this is just a short time thing, ladies? How disappointing! One minute you show me strength and the next minute you show me that you are just PLAYING at this! But of course, Lynda must be so happy to see HIMSELF being used like a play toy!"

"Mother, you are SO condescending! In fact, Lynda has a JOB as opposed to STEVEN there. He has a life outside of her being Lynda. Am I being improper to think that her life is more important than mine? Is that what makes a Domme? I don't think so. Steven there remains with you as Stephanie now because he has accepted the inevitable, that he is no longer Steven but now Stephanie. But of course, he has a home with you because he was, at one time, your husband. So you HAD a life together with each other. His cheating on you made him choose between a divorce and becoming Stephanie. He eventually chose Stephanie in the false hopes that one day you would forgive him and maybe he could become Steven again. That was some ten years ago, as I recall!"

"But you decided that you LIKED having Stephanie around. And you let HER know that there was now NO WAY Steven was ever coming back. And to prove that point, you chastised him permanently and now get other men to satisfy your needs. That, mother, is your choice. Lynda, she deserves to make a choice for herself, just as you and Stephanie have made yours. If Lynda wants a permanent Mistress, then I wish her all the luck in finding one. But that will be HER choice, not mine or any other Domme's choice, just hers."

I felt another squeeze

"Right now, I like having Lynda as my slave, and yes mother, I know that you only like to use that term when you OWN them! Because right now, Lynda is WILLINGLY my slave until I take the collar off from around her neck. Jennifer and I like Lynda, even if it is just as our play toy for a few hours. Right Jenn?"

I felt another hand on my shoulder and then heard Jennifer on the other side of me.

"Yes, Cindi. Catherine, I used to think that your 'boy toys' were just disgusting. Oh, I knew what they were doing and why and I really didn't give it TOO much thought. I realize that my thinking at the time was somewhat flawed. Playing, as it were, with Lynda made me realize that sometimes, having a little bit of power, can be terribly exciting! In fact, orgasmicly exciting! Goodness knows that I felt more alive when I had Lynda on her knees in front of me. I know I felt it and I know that Cindi felt it too."

"What Lynda felt is only a guess but I think that she too felt the power. Because as odd as it sounds, she has power too, even when she is on her knees, submitting. because she is GIVING that power to someone, be it me or Cindi. And I know I loved it. For now, Lynda is Cindi's slave, for want of a better term. If she shares Lynda with me would be great but that is her choice, as well as Lynda's"

Part Six

"Well, I guess that you both actually have a God-damned clue after all! And I guess that Lynda is fine and happy right now. So, what do you say we get this done and over with and we all eat before we all starve. Besides, Jamie wants to show off Lynda upstairs tonight."

I felt relieved that this fight seemed to be over. But I also felt a little disappointment that maybe this was going to be the end of everything. Then I felt a squeeze on my shoulders.

"Or, Lynda, should I KEEP calling you slave? Would that make you happy, slave? Serving Mistress Cindi AND Mistress Jennifer, slave?"

As I stood there, listening to what Cindi was saying, I realized that I knew the answer to that particular question for what seemed like my entire life. I was actually being asked if I wanted to become this woman's slave. Actually these TWO women's slave. Isn't that the thing that FANTASIES are made of. But is that what reality is made of??? I knew what I wanted to say but what was it I NEEDED to say.

Cindi could see this all flashing in my eyes as I was thinking about it. "You don't have to answer now, Lynda. Just think it over VERY CAREFULLY! Because it is a decision that once made can not be taken back. Once you start down that road, I am not going to permit you to back out. And neither is Jennifer. So think carefully about this decision, Lynda."

I looked at Cindi and realized that I almost said yes, right then and there. But I heeded Cindi and agreed to think it over. Besides, I was STARVING as well. AND I was going to be showed off to everyone as Jamie's handiwork later that evening. But first, FOOD!

I was, thankfully, allowed to sit at the table, between Cindi and Jennifer. That really didn't bother me too much since I had been with them already for several hours and their touch was actually welcome. And the two of them would touch me under the table, tickling my knee or squeezing my thigh. All of this in order to arouse me I was sure and it was working. It was also making me think about what I really wanted in my life.

The food was not too bad, considering that I was given the choice of a salad or a salad. Of course, no alcohol but I was allowed ice tea or water. Talk about going on a diet right away. But there was some meat in the salad, either chicken or tuna. So I chose the chicken. and it was a rather large salad so I did feel somewhat satisfied. At least my hunger for food was. But another part of me was still hungry for something. And when I felt the leash put back on my collar I felt a strange sense of satisfaction as if things were getting right with the world.

I was lead into the club where the lighting was rather bright and happy. And I saw a small set of stages, all of them set up for what could not be mistaken for anything other than D/s scenes. There were St Andrew's crosses, a set of stocks that looked like they were built in the 1600's, as well as bondage benches and other things that one could not mistake for bondage equipment. And I had this feeling that my being shown off was going to be there and NOT at some table in the club.

I was walked through all the little stages and finally was brought to one that was somewhat sparse in furniture. In fact, all I saw was some hooks in the floor and a rope suspended form the ceiling. Well, it didn't take long to discover what all of that was for as I found my ankles spread wide and locked to the floor and my arms rebound behind my back and my elbows tightly bound as well.

"Well Lynda, my sweet little slave. I think that you need to suffer a little discomfort tonight and I am sure that this will be somewhat uncomfortable for you, being placed in a strappado position for the next few hours. But not to worry, sweetie, the discomfort that you feel from being in that position is nothing compared to the discomfort that you will feel from a few other little things that I plan on doing with you, and TO you!"

"First of all, I guess we need to start your strappado position. Then I can pull down those silky panties of yours so I can warm up that little sissy ass of yours! And to make sure that you don't beg me to stop, I am going to put this cute little penis gag in your mouth. It won't taste like the real thing and I am sure that after a while with that in your mouth you will actually PREFER the real thing in your mouth but for now, it is more to help keep you from begging for mercy..."

With that, I felt the gag go into my mouth and Cindi was right. The taste of the latex and leather was not pleasant. I was not sure why but I knew that after a while I would indeed prefer something else, ANYTHING else in my mouth! Then I felt the strain of my arms being pulled up behind my back as I was bent over into that very stressful strappado position. Then I felt my head being pulled back towards my elbows so that I could see myself in the mirror.

"Ah, Lynda, don't you look so sweet all bound like this! And this cute little ass of yours looks so inviting that I am just going to have to warm it up with this riding crop! Or maybe I should use the flogger on you? Oh, I know, the bamboo cane! That's the ticket to warming up this sweet little sissy ass!"

I was starting to worry because part of me was actually WANTING the cane and another part of me was hoping that maybe Cindi would take it easy and start off with the flogger or the crop and then gradually move to the cane. Still another part of me was hoping that maybe she would NOT use the cane on me at all but as I watched her come back I could see that she had her hands filled with assorted little discipline tools INCLUDING a three foot long and rather narrow bamboo cane!

It did not take long for Cindi to start administering the lashes and thankfully, she did start with the flogger. Then Jennifer started flogging me while Cindi watched. Then Cindi would get up and started to use the riding crop on me while Jennifer watched me. Then they swapped again and Jennifer was using the riding crop while Cindi watched.

All through that time I lost track of how long I was there as all I could do was feel the pain of each lash being applied to my backside. And the strain in my arms was telling me that this was not going to be anything other than pain filled. Oddly enough, I was actually starting to ENJOY the pain as if it were pleasurable!

Then Cindi got up and was holding the bamboo cane. Jennifer walked up to my ear and whispered to me, "Lynda, Cindi is going to cane you now. But when I get up to add to it, I will let you choose between my cock or the cane on your ass. Do you want me to fuck your warm ass after Mistress Cindi has caned you?"

I knew that it was coming and I actually was not dreading it. I nodded assent to Jennifer and she smiled at me. "I knew that you would, because right now I am as horny as you might be right now! And I am so glad that you want my cock!"

I felt the first lash of the cane and knew that without the gag I would be screaming my head off. As each blow followed I realized that the pain was beyond pleasurable but was getting inside my very soul and was telling me that this was where I belonged. I belonged at the feet of these very two special women as their slave, their servant and property. I would be nothing without my Mistress' to serve. By the 20th lash, I was crying and begging through the gag for Mistress Jennifer to fuck me, though it came out as "mgffmgfshht" But I think that they understood what I was begging for as Cindi stopped caning me and Jennifer walked over and took off her leather wrap skirt to reveal her rather erect penis.

I watched as she put on some lubricant and then took some on her finger and shoved that inside me! I had no warning and felt the initial pain. As the lubricant was applied I felt some numbness there and then suddenly she pulled out the finger. I didn't know what to expect until I saw her walk behind me and I felt her enter me. Within seconds my own penis started to shoot cum all over the insides of my panties and started to ooze down my leg. I had cum from being taken and I wanted more! As Jennifer thrust deep inside me I started to feel another orgasm building inside me but not in a way that I had ever felt one before.

This, at first, started to frighten me as I started to wonder if I had become gay! Okay, a stupid thought to have while my Mistress was fucking me in my ass but I thought it. But I realized that I could not be "gay" as it were since don't women get fucked by men? And if I am the woman and my Mistress is taking the role of the man, well... All I knew was that I was becoming confused as well as starting to feel as if this was where I NEEDED to be for the rest of my life. But I was also longing for something else! I NEEDED something else, right then and there...

Then I saw someone, a man, naked from the waist down come up on the stage and stand in front of me. I felt the gag come off me and his cock went straight into my mouth. I eagerly took it in and started to lick and such for all I was worth! Suddenly I realized that this is what I needed right then! I needed to feel completely fucked! And I was actually starting to like it!!!

After some time, the man in my mouth shot his load into my waiting and eager mouth and I swallowed his load with pleasure. Jennifer leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Would you like another cock in your mouth or would you like me to finish fucking your sissy ass? I can keep fucking you, though I AM about to cum!"

All I could muster was a "Fuuuuccccckkkkk mmmmmmmeeee" as she was thrusting in me. All I wanted to feel was Jennifer filling me with her cum and making me into a slut. I certainly felt like one by that time.

"Okay Lynda, here it comes!" Jennifer moaned and I felt her orgasm shoot deep inside me, causing my own orgasm to explode inside my already soaked panties, spilling down my leg as it happened. I felt wasted and used. I also felt alive and content!

However, the second that Jennifer had finished her own orgasm, the gag was placed back into my mouth and she picked up the cane! "I never said I wouldn't cane you, sweetie. But I so wanted to fuck you. But this won't be as bad. I will only give you 15 lashes of the cane. OR I can do 100 lashes with the riding crop for each lash of the cane you don't want..."

I managed to survive 15 lashes of the cane and knew that the pain that I was feeling was not agony but rather pleasurable pain from realizing and visualizing something that I never expected. It was then that I also realized that everyone had been watching this little show on the stage for the last several hours. I looked around the reflection in the mirror and could see that there was quite the crowd there. And by listening I could tell that there were shows happening in other places though I was fairly certain none of the other shows was quite so sexually charged.

Cindi came up and released my head, allowing it to roll down into by chest. Then I felt the cuffs holding my ankles being released and finally my arms were brought down. The bonds were released and I was then lead to a comfortable seat and though sitting down was not something I felt like doing I knew that I had to sit because lying down was not an option. If I did I felt that I would fall asleep, I was in that kind of a state.

"Are you alright, Lynda?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"So, have you been thinking about becoming mine and Jennifer's slave while we have been playing with you?"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"I thought so. But I want you to sleep tonight before you give us your answer. I am certain that part of you wants this and yet you need to realize that it is NOT always going to be like this. You will always be feminine, 24/7 as our slave. But that does not mean that you are going to experience this kind of thing every day. So, sleep on it."

"Mistress, I will but I doubt that my decision will be any different than it is right now. But I will wait until tomorrow to give you my answer. To both You and Mistress Jennifer."

"Good Lynda. But I think even I know what your answer will be. I know that Jennifer is hoping it is the same too."

"Yes, Mistress!"

After a couple of other people used some of the stages and Jamie eventually got a chance to show me off to some of her friends, after, of course, she took me to the bathroom and cleaned up my face and repaired the damage of the gag and such, Cindi and Jennifer finally lead me out of the club and to the car. I was allowed to sit in the back seat as Cindi drove and Jennifer put my head in her lap. I opened my mouth and without being told started to suck on her cock and by the time we got back to Cindi's place, I had swallowed her cum for the second time that night. Of course, Cindi decided that I needed to take care of HER needs so I spent a little time between her legs and licked her to two orgasms before I was taken to a small bedroom and allowed to sleep.

That night, I dreamed that I was locked into a chastity and forced to wear slutty french maid uniforms and high heels. Oddly enough, these dreams didn't bother me so much as it actually excited me! All I could think about is what I had found and what was likely to come after breakfast that morning.

Morning arrived and I looked around the room I was in. I saw that all my clothes were there and that there was a small bathroom off to the side of the room. I went and looked and sure enough there was a shower there. I stripped down to nothing and hopped in, taking care to clean and shave anything that might have grown, though the waxing and such that I had done, as well as the Nair I used would have pretty much prevented hair. I did make sure my face was smooth though.

I got out and dried off, found my make up from the day before and worked for 30 minutes to get it looking just right. Then I went over to the clothes and pulled out a replica of the maid uniform, this time is red satin, that I had worn the night before. I put on the black undies and the red patent heels and walked out into the hallway, walking towards the kitchen and living room I had seen earlier. When I got to the living room, there was Jennifer, wearing a silk dressing gown and Cindi wearing a matching one. I walked in and curtsied and then went to the floor at their feet.

"Well, I see by the choice of clothes that you have reached a decision that we hoped for. So you want to be our slave, is that right Lynda?"

"Yes Mistress Cindi! Yes, Mistress Jennifer! I wish to become your slave!"

With those words, I had sealed my fate. And what a fate I had chosen for myself. I soon found myself with implants so I didn't have to put on those silicone falsies. I also live in corsets 24/7 to make sure my waist line appears VERY feminine.

As for my diet, well, protein and salads every day. And by protein, I mean exactly that. And not just from eggs and meat...

As for the last remaining vestige of my manhood, I kept that, though that dream I had became reality. I was placed into a chastity that I had only heard about but had never seen before. When you look at it, it looks like I am wearing a thong, though it is metallic. And it is riveted around my waist though the metal IS covered with pink patent leather. I always have to sit down to pee but since I am supposed to act and appear feminine all the time, peeing sitting down it the least of my problems.

Of course, the chastity has a minor drawback. It is rather tight and locks not only my penis away but it also plugs and stretches my ass at all times. The plug does come out, once a day at the very least so that I can clean it and clean myself as well. We go, once a week, to the club, mostly so that my Mistress' can show off their prize. That prize was me.

Mistress Jennifer has given up on finding another "man" for herself. Mistress Cindi does have a female lover who seems to be a bit of a Domme herself. But her lover does not like playing with me and I am thankful for that. Serving two Mistress' is difficult enough but having three would be really tough! And Mistress Cindi does not neglect her slave either. They share me and I share them equally.

I no longer work outside the home. In fact, I work for them at the boutique now, in the back room, where they have furnished a little dungeon where clients can come in and try out the equipment on the "dummy" if they like. Of course I am that dummy who gets whipped occasionally by experts as well as novices. I also have found myself placed into positions that are rather strange as well as erotic.

But when the day at the boutique is finished, I am brought back home to finish my daily chores as their slave, maid and happy little slut. If I am a good little slave I am allowed one reward. If I have not been good, well, I have two Mistress' who like to punish their slave. And on occasion, I make sure that I do something really stupid so I can BE punished. Do I think I am fooling them? You have got to be kidding. They know I do it on purpose but it does give them an excuse to punish their slave. Isn't that the mark of a proper slave, making sure that my Mistress' can punish me on occasion?

Otherwise, I am just a happy little slave serving my Mistress Cindi and Mistress Jennifer, doing the best I can do every day and living my life the way it was meant to be. All because I opened my mouth one day while shopping for sexy clothes and undies... After, of course, getting a beauty makeover...



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