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by Andrea West

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© Copyright 2017 - Andrea West - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM; FMM/mm; tg/tv; cd; captured; knockout; bond; rope; gag; kidnap; sold; slaves; cons/nc; X

Part One

Chapter One

My contract this week was to safeguard Miss Tilly Masterson, Daughter of the wealthy Mrs Rhona Masterson who had approached me after her Daughter had received several threatning calls whilst studying at Warwick University. I had suggested Tilly came up North as whoever was doing the threatning were likely to remain in Coventry as it was probable they were local gangsters who were after a quick return by kidnapping Tilly and then approaching Mrs Masterson for ransom.

I met Tilly from the train at Edinburgh Waverly and quickly introduced myself before telling her we were immediately travelling by car to my apartment just North of Glasgow were we would be staying for a few days. Tilly was an athletically built 23 year old redhead who was also a very passable TG/TV, Her genuinely feminine features accentuated by her soft voice. In fact she could have passed for a woman any day of the week and could rival even the best Thai Ladyboys in looks. This is the reason Mrs Masterson had approached me in the first place as I was probably the only TG/TV private detective in the UK.

We hurried out to the car which was parked in nearby Lothian Rd and started towards the M8 and Glasgow. En route I questioned Tilly regarding the threats and what she said convinced me they were genuine. Little did I know at this stage how genuine they were to prove to be.

We arrived at the Apartment in a secluded area of a suburb of Glasgow about an hour later. I quickly ushered Tilly into the ground floor residence and opened the apartment door.

"Make yourself comfy, i'll get the luggage from the car" I said and opened the door to go back out to the car.

"WHAM" a fist slammed into my midriff as I went out the door, my assailant striking me from the side. I doubled up in pain and as I did so I was blackjacked hard across the nape of my neck by another attacker, this time from the opposite side. I crumbled to the floor and my unconscious form was quickly pulled into the apartment.

I must have been out for a couple of hours and when I finally roused myself painfully from my enforced sleep I found myself lying on the double bed in my bedroom. I was still hazy from the blackjack and in the darkening room I tried to focus on anything new or out of sorts. I could make out Tilly's luggage lying discarded on the floor where it had been thrown.

"Why should they bother to take her bags out of my car ?" I asked myself and then I understood. My car obviously wasn't outside any longer and had probably been driven somewhere and concealed. Suddenly I was aware of more pressing concerns than my car, I was bound hand and foot on the bed and tightly gagged with a long latex strip that bit into the sides of my mouth. The latex had been knotted and this pressed my tongue back very effectively. My wrists had been crossbound behind my back with what felt like strong hemp rope, a fact that was confirmed when I looked down at my bound ankles which had been looped and tightly cinched.

I squirmed around, testing my bonds which disappointingly gave not an inch. They had left my clothes on, which consisted of a white short sleeved shirt and tie, black miniskirt and patent leather pumps. My sheer dark tights gave my tightly roped ankles the minimum of protection. I couldn't really do anything at the moment except wait until our captors made an appearance and then take it from there. I tried to sleep as now the room was dark but flitted uncomfortably in and out of consciousness, the dull ache from the blackjack still evident at the back of my head.

An hour must have passed before the door opened and the light from the hallway came flooding into the room. A tall Woman stood in the doorway and looked down at my bound form. "Good Evening Miss West, I hope that your head isn't too sore but we could not take any chances with a Detective of your proven ability and reputation"

"Fuck you Bitch" I attempted to shout through the gag but all that came out was unintelligible rubbish.

"Yes it must be a blow to your considerable Ego to be lying there helplessly bound but again we can take no chances with you, and will not for the rest of your time with us" This brought out a fit of intense struggling against my bonds which failed miserably, bringing out a cackling laugh from the woman.

"You may as well save your strength Miss West as the cord that binds you is very tough and actually gets tighter the more you struggle, but go ahead and find out for yourself if you want. I will be sending in one of my operatives in a short while to take you into the other room so that we can have a chat about your immediate future"

At this she turned and shut the door again throwing the room into darkness once more. I fought the ropes for a short while and realised that it was futile. In fact a thought I could feel a tightening of the cords around my ankles but put this down to my imagination fuelled by the woman's parting words.

I lay there on the bed, mind racing trying to put together a solution for this situation I found myself in. Where was Tilly ? Was she lying in the other bedroom bound and gagged like myself ?

Then the door opened again and a large male shape filled it. "Come on you fuckin Queen, lets get you up and about ! "

Chapter Two

Andrea's ankles were untied by the goon and she was roughly pulled to her feet and led out of the bedroom. They went into the living /dining room and Andrea was pushed down into one of the armchairs. The woman in the room was sitting across from Andrea in one of the other chairs with her legs crossed. And a most shapely pair of legs they were to, her strong athletic calves and thighs encased in sheer nylon stockings or tights. She wore a one piece black dress and a pair of Black pumps. The woman in black right enough thought Andrea.

Tilly was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room arms behind her back, presumably bound. She was gagged with another piece of the same lycra that still silenced Andrea and seemed to be reasonably relaxed about the whole thing as she sat with an impassive look on her face. There was another goon in the room in addition to the moron that had pushed Andrea roughly into the chair and both looked as if they had enjoyed a life of crime from an early age.

"Now my Dear, to business" Said the Woman across from Andrea. "My name is not important but you can refer to me as Mrs White. My two colleagues are Mr Black and Mr Gray. I warn you now that they are quite adept at this business and will not hesitate to re-inforce their instructions to you and your client with the utmost ruthlessness. Do we understand each other?" Mrs White looked sternly at the Detective.

Andrea slowly nodded. It wasn't in her or Tilly's interests to make trouble at this time.

Tilly suddenly attempted to get to her feet, snarling something through her gag which was obviously not complimentary to Mrs White. The other Goon moved rapidly for a big man across the room and punched Tilly hard in the stomach, the girl falling back with a groan to the chair.

"You see how we deal with such nonsense!" Mrs White said aloud to no one in particular. "You cannot do anything about your predicament so you both may as well accept it. Remove her gag" she ordered the Goon who was still standing behind Andrea. The latex was removed from the detectives mouth and Andrea sat trying to work some feeling into her lips.

"Can I have a drink of water ?" Andrea asked and Mrs White nodded slightly to the Goon who went off to get it.

"We provide a service to a discreet group of clients who appreciate the better things in life due to their considerable wealth. Some time ago a certain gentleman got in touch requesting that we kidnap and deliver Miss Masterson to his country. Of course he was willing to pay us an indecent amount of money for our services so we decided to accept. We knew her Mother would contact yourself Miss West to provide close protection of her Daughter so it was only a matter of time and patience on our part until you came to collect her. It was all so very easy and I must confess I am slightly disappointed in your failure to provide adequate protection". A quick look at the now recovered Tilly was enough to see that she shared Mrs White's assessment by the scowl on her face.

"Well congratulations on a near perfect heist but I wouldn't cash in your winnings yet Mrs White !" growled Andrea fixing the woman with a withering stare."What is going to happen next?" Andrea was deliberately putting on a show of resistance, futile as it seemed but she had to re-assure Tilly all was not lost, yet.

"You both will be made quite uncomfortable for the rest of the night. Mr Black and Mr Gray will see to that, and then in the morning we will head for a safe house in the borders where we can properly process both of you for your trip abroad" Mrs White smiled cruelly as Andrea's face opened up in surprise and shock. The gang were planning to take them both out of the country !

"Yes Miss West, you are to be part of the deal. Our client will be willing to pay for an additional bondage slave, especially for one in good condition such as yourself" Mrs White laughed out loud.

"You Scum ! You will never get away with this shit, people know I have Tilly here and they will come looking !" Andrea spat at the smirking woman

"Not before tomorrow they won't and we will be long gone by then. Your car was taken away earlier so no one will know you both are still here"

Andrea couldn't fault her logic. If they were taken to the safe house and "Processed" it would be extremely unlikely they could escape. No, the best chance they had was to escape tonight before they were transported to the safe house, presumably tightly bound and gagged and in some sort of van so they would be well hidden.

"Mr Gray, you take Miss Masterson into the spare bedroom and fix her for the night. Mr Black you deal with the Detective."

Gray pulled Tilly to her feet and half pushed, half shoved her through the door despite the girls efforts to resist. Andrea was going to go quietly to the other room with Black because she didn't want to incur any more wrath than neccesary by a show of resistance at this stage in the game. She walked slowly back to her room followed by Black, having to ignore the noise from the other room where Tilly was still resisting to whatever the Goon was doing to her.

Black pushed Andrea down on the bed on her stomach and knelt on her back with one knee trapping her.

"You dont have to do that" gasped the Detective through clenched teeth, "I'm not resisting you fucker!"

The Goon laughed to himself. "I don't fuckin care you sissy bitch, i'm going to do a number on you anyway !"


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