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Captured 2

by Andrea West

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© Copyright 2017 - Andrea West - Used by permission

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Part Two

Chapter 3

For a minute Andrea thought Black was going to strip her before she was bound but the Goon was in such a hurry to "Fix" the Detective that he didn't do so. This was the first mistake the gang had made all day. She was surprised that Mrs White had not specified he did so as well. A bit of tardiness creeping into their work, or over confidence maybe. Either way Andrea didn't care as the Goon went to town with the ropes.

The helpless Detectives wrists stayed tightly bound as before but this time in addition loops of the thick hemp was wound around her elbows just above the joint and pulled excruciatingly tight. She was flipped over onto her front and her ankles were roughly pulled together and swiftly bound. Andrea lay there as her knees, above and below, and thighs got the same treatment, all the loops tightly cinched. Black pulled a cloth from his suit pocket and grabbing Andrea by the hair wrenched her head back and forced the wad into her open mouth stifling her cry of pain. The latex strip was then tightly pulled between her teeth and tied at the back of her head. Andrea writhed around on the bed, the bonds extremely tight and cutting into her flesh. Black stood grinning at the detectives discomfort before kneeling on the bed and pulling her legs up behind her in a brutal hogtie, ignoring the grunts of pain that emitted through the Detectives gag. Black lashed a length of hemp around Andrea's pumps, cinched it and then tied it to her elbow bonds, slowly pulling it taught so that Andrea's body arched.

"That should hold you Bitch" Black hissed, "Don't worry more of the same tomorrow for the drive to the safe house" With a cackle the Goon left the room closing the door behind him and leaving the struggling detective alone in the dark.

For a while Andrea just lay there trying to calm herself after the brutal binding. Then she went to work. She didn't think anyone would return to check on her before daylight so that gave her at least five hours to get free, release Tilly and get out of here. She reached down to her left pump and started working the ropes that bound it to her foot. The tightness of the ropes around her limbs made the work slow and painful but after twenty minutes she felt the pump loosening and with a supreme effort she managed to work it off her nyloned foot. Grabbing the pump with one hand and securing it on the bed she reached into the instep of the shoe and pulled up a small tab connected to the sole. The inside of the shoe opened up to reveal a small craft knife located in a groove. Andrea carefully worked the knife loose from the secret compartment and started the long process of cutting the ropes that bound her wrists so tightly.

Tilly lay on her back on the bed looking at Mrs White who had come into the room after Gray had finished his work. Tilly, unlike Andrea, had been forced to strip by the Goon.

Reluctantly she started unbuttoning her tight white shirt and removing it and tossing it on the bed. Next she undone her denims at the waist and sitting down on the bed pulled them off after kicking off her white mules. She stood there defiantly in her bra, thong and sheer tights as the Goon looked her up and down. She felt unusually aroused by the situation and embarrassingly started to get an erection, her cock pushing out the thin fabric of her thong underneath her tights. Tilly kept her body in excellent shape and her toned legs and thighs were enhanced by the sheer nylon of the tights.

Gray went to work with great relish and soon the girl was tightly frogtied with the same hemp rope that was used on Andrea. Her wrists were lashed behind her back and loops of rope bound her arms to her sides. She was still gagged with the latex strip and her white teeth made a contrast to the gag as it was pulled tightly into her full mouth. She lay on the bed shaking her head from side to side and mewing into the gag. Her powerful thighs flexing against the hemp that bound them to her ankles.

Mrs White slowly walked over to the bed and turned on the lamp that sat on the bedside table. Tilly watched her closely as she stood up and started to unzip her black tight fitting dress. She stepped out of the dress to reveal a shapely pair of legs encased in black nylon stocking held up thigh high by a black suspender belt. Tilly watched helplessly as Mrs White then removed her black brassiere, her ample tits spilling free.

She had a great body for a woman of her age, Tilly reckoned she must be in her late forties, and unfortunately for Tilly was determined to use it to good effect on the helpless girl. Tilly's cock was now throbbing and the girl couldn't hide this from the piercing eyes of Mrs Gray. The woman slowly sat down on the bed and leaning over started to massage Tilly's cock and balls through the tights and thong. "Well now Bitch what have we here?"

Tilly grunted a warning through her gag but Mrs White ignored it. Slightly pulling the girls tights and thong down her now enormous cock sprang free with a groan emitting from behind the girls gag. Mrs White grabbed the cock and slowly started to wank it, holding it close to her full mouth and lips so Tilly could feel her hot breath on her by now swollen glans. "What a magnificent specimen Bitch. No wonder my client is paying a king's ransom to fuck you senseless and harness your cock for the next twenty years."

Tilly moaned into her gag, rolling her head from side to side in a state of shame and passion as Mrs White slowly licked the shaft up and down, Tilly rising with the now steady motion of Mrs White's left hand. The girl's body arched as Mrs White took the cock into her hot mouth and deep throated it. Suddenly Mrs White took the raging cock from her mouth and quickly attached a cock ring to Tilly's swollen member, the girl looking up in alarm as the woman slowly rolled the tight rubber ring down to the base of Tilly's cock.

Tilly moaned through her Gag as the tight rubber ring constricted her cock and started to ache. "Fun's over for tonight Bitch but we may resume in the morning when you and your Detective friend are made secure for the journey. Goodnight" This prompted the girl into a fit of energetic struggling and Grunting through her Gag as her eyes flashed with anger. Mrs White ignoring her complete and closing the door behind her.

Chapter 4

Andrea West loosened the tightly tied latex knot behind her head that held the cleave gag in place. Pulling the strip from between her teeth and spitting out the wad of now damp cloth that had packed her mouth onto the bedroom carpet.

The best part of three hours had passed since she had been left to struggle on the bed in the tight hemp rope hogtie and it had taken that length of time to slowly cut through her wrist ropes and the loops welding her elbows together with the concealed craft knife that was hidden in her pump. The detective slowly removed her one surviving pump and unsteadily got to her feet, her nylon clad soles sinking in to the deep pile of the carpet. Although it had been a real task getting free of the cruel bondage Andrea was still aroused, as she always was, by the situation of being tightly bound and gagged. Her enormous Cock had been pressing against her panties and the crotch of her sheer tights for almost all of the time that it took her to free herself and was still throbbing even now.

But now the Detective had to put this to the back of her mind and act with the utmost speed and vision to get Tilly and herself out of this critical situation. Andrea knew she was dealing with professionals here despite the mistake Mr Black had made in not making her strip before she was bound, and she had no doubt if recaptured they both would be treated in a fashion that would rule out any further escape attempts.

Andrea pulled down her short black skirt that had rode up during her exertions, revealing a pair of toned athletic thighs covered in sheer black nylon. Her limbs were still aching from the rope bonds but she now ignored all else except the mission to extract her client from this situation. She guessed it would be about four in the morning by this time and with a bit of luck her captors would be asleep, not thinking it was necessary to guard the two women due to the tightness of their bondage.

She opened the bedroom door very slowly and gazed into the darkness of the hall. Her eyes adjusting to the slightly different light levels she could just make out the three doors that led off the hall corridor, two leading to each of the guest bedrooms and the remaining door to the living room. As she couldn't see any light coming from under the doors she knew all the rooms were in darkness apart from the smaller guest bedroom that had a faint glow creeping under the door. This could mean that someone was still awake in that room so she decided to make for the other bedroom as it was likely that where Tilly would be held.

As the Goon had shown no mercy whatsoever in restraining Andrea she had to assume that Tilly would have been bound in a similar fashion by the other man. The two enforcers were obviously sadistic bastards who relished this sort of work. She crept along the hallway silently heading for the guest bedroom but as she passed the other room with the light there was a muffled noise. Andrea stopped and listened closely and she heard it again, a faint series of grunts and moans indicating either Mrs White was being fucked by one of her Goons or it was Tilly. Decision time for the Detective and after a brief moment of contemplation she decided to go for it.

Slowly opening the door she saw Tilly Masterson lying on the double bed straining and writhing in a tight frogtie. Andrea was relieved she had found the girl and quickly stepped inside and softly closed the door behind her. Tilly looked up and her eyes were wide with excitement as she saw the Detective make her way over to the bed. Andrea put a finger up to her lips in a warning to the bound girl not to make any noise and Tilly nodded in agreement. Andrea saw the the girl had been stripped down to her underwear and had obviously been the object of some attention by one of the gang.

Tilly's Big Cock was still exposed over her thong and tights and was in a state of semi erection, the tight Cock ring still anchored to the base of the Girls Cock.

Andrea felt her own Cock getting hard as she marvelled at the sight of the young but powerfully built girl in tight bondage. Andrea quickly reached behind the girls head and untied the latex knot that held the tight cleave gag in place. The gang hadn't packed her mouth and she gasped with relief as the latex was pulled gingerly out leaving angry red marks at both sides of her mouth.

"Are you alright, what did they do to you?" Andrea whispered to the girl.

"That old witch teased me for a bit but that was it, how did you manage to get free?"

Andrea was quickly untying the girl now as fast and as quietly as she could. "They should have made me strip like you. They tied me tightly but I keep a small knife in the sole of my heels for just such an instance" Andrea finished untying the girl and Tilly sat slowly on the edge of the bed rubbing circulation back into her arms and wrists.

 "Whats the plan Andrea, how we going to get out of this?" The girl asked in a worrying voice, the adrenaline rush of being tightly tied was wearing off now and the harsh reality of the situation kicking in.

"We are going to walk silently out of this room and along the hall to the front door. I don't know if they have taken the keys out the door but I keep a spare set in my bedroom so it doesn't matter. They have taken my car so we will be on foot, take your shoes with you and you can put them on outside, forget anything else!"

The girl reached down and rolled the Cock ring back up the length of her member and threw it in the corner in disgust "I'd like get that old cow into these ropes and see how she would like it, the Bitch!" hissed Tilly

The women crept out into the hallway and along to the front door. As Andrea suspected the keys were not in the door. With another silent warning to Tilly the Detective crept open the door to her bedroom and silently closed it behind her. She went over to her small bureau by her bed and slid open the top drawer. Taking the spare keys out Andrea retraced her footsteps to the bedroom door. She was angry with herself for not thinking about concealing a weapon in the bureau as well as the keys but that was for another day. She stopped momentarily to pick up her pumps but thought better of it and decided to go barefoot, pumps generally not particularly effective when running. Andrea slowly opened the bedroom door "Got them Tilly, now to get out of here!" she whispered into the darkness.

Suddenly the hallway light were turned on and Andrea was looking down the barrel of a small snub nose revolver in the hands of Mrs White.

"Hold quite still Miss West and slowly raise your hands and clasp them behind your neck, VERY SLOWLY" hissed the woman

Andrea did as she was told, noting Mr Gray had Tilly in a strong neck hold, almost raising the girl off the ground and making her stand on her tip toes. "I don't know how you managed to get loose but i'll find out. I can assure you that it will not happen again Miss West!" Mrs White went on in an even monotone. "Now walk very slowly to the living room" the woman motioned with the gun away from the front door and Andrea complied. When they were all in the living room Mrs White stood over by the window, covering both Andrea and Tilly with the gun.

"Go and wake Black up" she snarled to Mr Gray who nodded and left the room. "Nice attempt Miss West but it was doomed to failure as I never sleep on the job. In fact I allowed you to get as far as the front door because I knew you would be distraught that you came so close" The woman laughed out loud and Andrea flushed red with rage and shame.

At that Black came into the room, obviously just woken up by his unsteady demeanour. "Why was this person allowed to run about the house after you had fixed her?"

Mrs White snarled at the startled Goon. "I ...I don't know boss... I tied the sissy bastard up real tight" Black stuttered in reply.

Mrs White slowly smiled and with her free hand showed him Andrea's small craft knife "The Bitch had this hidden in her shoe you fucking imbecile, why did you not make her strip?"

Black was now struggling for an explanation and just shrugged his broad shoulders "I fixed her real good Boss, she should be called Houdini for getting out of that bind" offered the Goon as his final excuse.

Mrs White strode over to the man and viscously struck him hard across the face with the snub nose, gouging an angry red tear in the Goons cheek. "You MORON, always follow the rules and make sure your captive has not got access to any concealed weapons! You should know better. A percentage of your fee for this job will now be withheld" snarled the angry woman before turning back to face Andrea.

"Now my dear you will be shortly made very uncomfortable till morning and I can assure you that you won't be pulling anymore Harry Houdini type tricks!" Mrs White stood there silently sizing up the Detective who stared back at the gang boss impassively. The woman was still in her stocking and suspenders, tight black brassiere and thong. She looked good for her age and had obviously kept her body in good shape.

"I think Miss West should be shown that it does not pay to disobey my instructions. Mr Black, I'm quite sure you would like to remind her!"

An evil smile spread over the Goons ugly face, made more sinister by the wound on his cheek "I sure would boss, Gray get over here and hold this fucking bitch!"

Andrea was suddenly grabbed from behind and her arms wrenched behind her in a vice like hold. Mrs White turned the snub nose on Tilly and motioned for her to sit down on the couch. "You will now witness the price of failure my dear, hands behind your head, NOW" Tilly miserably put her hands behind her head and clasped them, full well knowing what was to come.

Andrea was held in a hold that slightly raised her body so that she had to balance on the balls of her feet. Black looked at her with burning eyes, humiliated and embarrassed by his boss over his incompetence he was sure going to make this fucking queen pay.

A solid right hand punch to Andreas exposed stomach was followed by three more similar blows. The Detective grunted and groaned as the blows made hollow thuds as they hit home. A left hook to the jaw followed by a right cross stunned Andrea who tasted blood in her mouth from the vicious blows. "Do not damage her irreparably Black, or your fee will be cut further!" hissed Mrs White.

Black was almost out of control but the threat of further loss of pay seemed to have the desired effect. As far as Mrs White was concerned Andrea was an asset and assets are worth money. She was sure she could sell the Detective to the same client that had ordered Tilly , at a sound price and had provisionally agreed this deal further to an inspection via video that would take place at the safe house. The client would accept some superficial damage but would reject permanent damage of any kind.

Andrea was semi conscious by now and Black took the small leather cosh out of his trouser pocket and slammed it into his free hand several times. "Hold the bitch tight Gray" he hissed.

Mrs Gray knew what was coming and turning to Tilly ordered her to go over and kneel behind Andreas dangling legs "Take hold of her legs and spread them apart. Failure to do so will result in you getting the same treatment" she told the girl who emitted a small gasp of horror. Reluctantly Tilly grabbed Andreas ankles and pulled them apart, exposing her crotch.

With a grin on his face Black steadied himself and took aim. The cosh slammed into Andrea's balls with a dull thud, the Detective throwing her head back and loudly grunting in pain.

Black waited a few seconds and then struck a second, even harder blow which landed with the same noise as the first. Andrea groaned and dropped her head in agony exposing the nape of her neck. Black stood slightly to one side and brutally coshed the Detective sending her into merciful oblivion.

"Now get these Bitches fixed good until the morning" snarled Mrs White as she turned and went out the door.

Chapter 5

I awoke in a blur of pain. My balls were aching and also my mouth was cut inside where the bastard had punched me. I slowly came round to find myself totally immobile. I was sitting on the floor in the living room and was only wearing my sheer tights. I say sitting but propped up is a more apt description as I was leaning against the couch and Mrs White had not exaggerated when she threatened to make sure I could not escape again.

I was bound in a cross legged position, my ankles tied together and then attached via a cinch rope to another rope that was tightly looped around my waist. They had used the same tough hemp rope that they had last night but this time I could feel it was even more tightly tied. From the waist rope another length was drawn down and under my crotch, up my ass crack, looped through at the back of the waist rope and then back down and under up the front again to be tied off at the waist. This had the effect of constricting my Cock and Balls and push them outwards so that they pressed against the crotch of my tights.

If this arrangement was tight they had really went to town and my upper body, my wrists, forearms, elbows and upper arms being tightly tied behind my back and brutally cinched. They had connected my wrist bonds to the waist rope so that my wrists were welded to my lower back. Finally a tie of ropes crisscrossed my chest and making a kind of brassiere of rope around my fair sized tits. After a few exploratory tugs I was resigned to sitting there totally helpless and awaiting the next move of my captors.

Tilly was nowhere to be seen and I assumed she was sitting in one of the rooms bound in a similar manner. The gang had tied me more stringently last night presumably because they identified me as the professional that would give them more trouble. But after the failed escape attempt earlier in the morning I was pretty sure Tilly would get the same treatment as me. I didn't have to wait too long for Mrs White to make an appearance. She was dressed in the same manner as yesterday apart from her stockings which were a shade of dark brown rather than black.

"Good morning Miss West. I trust you have no long term injuries after Mr Black's rather ugly treatment of you earlier but you do realise that I could not let your escape attempt go unpunished. I compliment you on your taste in food. Our breakfast was excellent!"

"Glad you enjoyed it but I really hope that you and your gorillas fucking choke to death!" I responded with vitriol in my voice.

"Ah I see, you are still pissed off that we have got the better of you. Your professional pride is hurting. Well get over it Miss West as you have rather more pressing problems in front of you!" snarled my captor. "Your client is in the other room at present being roped up in an identical fashion that you find yourself in. No more leeway for her I'm afraid after last night. Mr Black will be with us directly in order to put the finishing touches to you for our journey"

I involuntarily shuddered at the thought of the Goon touching me again but as there was little I could do to resist I just sat and waited. When he appeared he was holding a small cardboard box which he put down on the table adjacent to the couch. As he approached me I automatically started to struggle and move away but he soon had me in a vice like grip around the neck and shoulders. "You Bastard.... get off me..get off... uugghhh"

Black tightened his grip around my neck and grinned. Mrs White delved into the box and removed a black leather strap panel gag that had a four inch black rubber penis attached to the inside of the mouthpiece. "Playtime is over Miss West and this is where it get serious. You and Miss Masterson will be gagged with proper items from now on, no makeshift cloth and laytex. Unless our clients prefer that you be that is."

She moved slowly towards me adjusting the fearsome gag in her hands. "Hold her head still" she growled "Now be a good girl and open wide"

I immediately started shaking my head from side to side and clenched my teeth. I was not going to make it easy for the bastards but despite my best efforts Mrs White managed to force the massive penis bit into my mouth and ram it down my throat. The fucking thing filled my mouth completely and my eyes bulged as I fought the gag reflex while the woman fastened the broad straps behind my neck, tightly locking the insidious restraint in place.

"HHMMPPHHHHH, MMPPHHHHHHHH,HHMMPPHHHHHHHH" I bellowed but the penis bit pushed my tongue down and trapped it to the bottom of my mouth.

"That should keep you quiet for our little trip you Bitch!" hissed Black in my ear "This is only the start!"

As I was still coming to terms with the monster gag Tilly Masterson was carried in by the other goon at laid down directly across from me. Tilly, like myself , had been stripped down to her sheer tights and had been bound in an identical fashion. Her enormous Cock and Balls pushed outwards into the crotch of her tights exactly the same as mine were. I thought I had reasonably sized Cock and Balls but Tilly's were even bigger and I could feel the beginning's of a hard on as I watched her writhe and groan in her tight bonds.

Tilly's eyes were wide with horror as Mrs White took a second strap gag the same as they had used on me out of the box and moved towards the struggling girl. "NO...NO...GET THAT AWAY FROM ME....ITS TOO BIG....ITS TOO B.....UUNNMMPPPPH" Tilly's voice trailed away as the penis bit was forced between her full lips and into her mouth. In an instant the gag was tightly attached and it was Tilly's turn to fight the gag reflex.

"Excellent, now for the bit that I have been waiting for!" commented Mrs White taking a Stanley knife out the box. Both Tilly and my attention was instantly fixed on the blade wielding woman, gag problems forgotten for the moment. Mrs White approached Tilly who tried to move away but was held fast by Mr Gray. "We will start with you Bitch, hold her legs!" Mrs White snarled as she went down in front of the terrified girl.

Carefully Mrs White started cutting away the reinforced crotch of the girls tights so that her semi erect Cock sprang out. "Lovely weapon my dear, so wasted on a brat like you" Mrs White went back to the box and returned with a pair of red leather Cock Harnesses and proceeded to throw one over by me and start putting the other one on Tilly's hardening member. The restraint was tightly attached around her Cock with four straps and the fifth was taken around her Balls and fastened tightly. This last strap acted in a similar fashion to the cock ring that had been used on the girl earlier. Tilly writhed in her bonds softly moaning through the cruel gag.

Now it was my turn and I grunted into the gag as the restraint was quickly and efficiently applied after the crotch in my tights had been removed. The harness was designed to be tight fitting when the Cock was not aroused, meaning a hard on would result in agony as the thin straps bit in to the member.

"Gray the bottle please" Mrs White ordered as Gray took a small brown glass bottle out of his pocket and handed it to Mrs White along with a couple of disposable syringes. I watched in horror as Mrs White carefully filled each syringe up with the clear liquor from the bottle. I knew what it was and started to fight my bonds and scream into the gag.

"Yes, Miss West had worked out the next part of the plan, even if the brat has not" hissed the woman approaching me with the syringe "This is liquid Viagra ladies. It works faster than the pill variety is is up to double the strength. We don't wish it to work immediately because we want you to experience the slow, painful expansion of your Cock's until they are literally bursting out the harnesses. This should take about half an hour and will last until later on tonight. It should keep you busy while we travel to the safe house. Turn her on her back"

I was dragged from the couch and my ankles grabbed and raised so the I was flipped onto my back with my bound legs in the air. I struggled like crazy but felt the sharp pin prick of the needle go into the cheek of my ass just under the scrotum.

"Keep her there, i've got something else for this bitch" hissed Black approaching me with another item from the box, a large black rubber butt plug which he proceeded it insert roughly in my ass. "That should keep you happy you Bitch" he said with a grin as I writhed around in agony from the forceful insertion of the device.

I watched helplessly as Tilly was subjected to the same ordeal, first the liquid Viagra and the fearsome plug and finally we were both left to squirm on the carpet moaning into our gags.

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