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The Clothes Make The Woman

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2012 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; cd; fem; lingerie; mast; caught; hum; bond; cuffs; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X


Sam, my husband of only three years and I had a pretty good relationship, but there was just something I couldn't put my finger on that kept bothering me. He was a work from home guy that sold things on the Internet that he never really owned first, a kind of a twenty percent middleman that found and sold things that others wanted. He made good money at it, although how good I wouldn't find out for some time. Deep down it seemed slightly dishonest to me even though he made no secret about what he did for his happy customers, but that wasn't what bothered me.

Sam had always been clear about the computer room being his work space, and I respected his privacy and stayed out of the messy room as much as possible. The problem started one weekend day when Sam wasn't home and I needed my cookbook, and innocently thought Sam may have had it in "his" room as he had recently cooked a fine roast for dinner that I was sure he had help with. I opened the side drawer to his desk and saw a pair of black lacy panties inside and was instantly assaulted with the aroma of cum on them. I felt like my whole world had just stopped with the discovery of proof positive that my Sam was cheating on me, and in my own house no less.

I picked up the offending panties with just my fingertips and inspected them more closely, and not only were they mine, but I hadn't worn them in months thinking they were lost in the wash. I also couldn't help but to see the big glob of cum that I smelled right in the front of them, and I had an epiphany as all of the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for me. Sam did the wash as he was home all day, and several times my things went missing without my complaint as I was truly appreciative of his domestic efforts when I was at the office. I put the panties back as I found them and decided to consult a close friend at work on Monday before I did anything rash. My friend Beth was several years my senior had been married three times and divorced twice, and while that hardly made her a relationship expert, she was at least up on legal things.

That Monday I confided in Beth what I had found, and my epiphany with several other things that until recently seemed unrelated, like my missing lingerie. She told me it was far more likely Sam was cheating with himself than with another woman who liked to use my panties to clean up afterwards, and while not a surprise to me, it at least confirmed what I suspected. She smiled in an ironic way and said it could be worse, and while I agreed with her I couldn't help but to think how she could know. Beth paused for several seconds and confirmed that she "had been there and done that", and I instantly felt small for my earlier thoughts. I assumed that one of her first two ex husbands was the culprit, and that also confirmed what I thought I had to do for my own best interest, and was the reason I chose to confide in her in the first place.

Beth held out her hands for me to inspect her fine manicure and what I could only describe as nail artwork for my inspection, and I told her they were lovely and assumed she had enough of what must be a painful discussion for her and chose this way to change the subject. We in the office always felt a little jealous that she dressed so nicely and could afford to take such good care of herself, like with the manicure that I just complimented. She told me they were done over a week ago, and at first I didn't believe her as there wasn't a chip anywhere to be seen. Accepting the apparent change in subject, although I really wanted to ask her the legal details of dumping Sam, I asked her how she did it. I realised what I had said could be seen as a double entendre, and apparently so did she.

Beth told me she hasn't cleaned a bathroom, done a dish, or even touched a vacuum in years, and in fact only cooks on rare occasions when the mood suits her. I knew from the few times I had been to her home that it was spotless inside and out, and I was made to promise not to tell a soul if she shared her secret. I caught myself bobbing my head like a school girl, and it forced me to acknowledge the wisdom that Beth had, and I wanted. Beth told me her present husband is more like my Sam than I might realise, and the two of them had developed a relationship that I might like to emulate... Beth outlined how I could go about seeing if this kind of thing was for me, and if Sam was as trainable as her husband as well. She told me she would always be there for any questions I may have, and if I followed her example and I discovered this wasn't for me, I would have lots of embarrassing evidence to drag into court later, making a very favorable settlement a forgone conclusion.

I thanked Beth several times and found the courage to confront Sam, and see for my own eyes what he was up to when he was at home in my absence. I left work shortly afterwards with the excuse that I wasn't feeling well and drove to just up the street from our house and silently parked my car. As I crept through our yard barefoot I could see the glow of the monitor in Sam's second story window through the closed blinds, and I was as sure as I could be that Sam was in there. I silently opened the back door like a thief and crept in with my smart phone recording the whole event, and set up to send the file to Beth's email the moment I hit stop. I had decided ostensibly to surprise him in his office for some mid morning sex, at least that was what I intended to tell him after I knocked once and threw open his office door with my camera in hand. I had planned on the way home that if I found him dressed in my things I would implement Beth's suggestion and start his training, and collection of evidence to possibly be used in court later. I didn't see how Beth's training could ever work on Sam, but I was in a win win situation no matter what. I had also decided on the way home that if I was wrong about Sam I would make this little visit of mine one that he would never forget.

I crept up the stairs and saw the glow of the screen meaning the office door was open, and when I popped around the corner he didn't even notice me at first sitting there in my lingerie. He was wearing one of my push up bras packed with socks to give it shape, my matching panties that were pushed out of shape by his hard cock poking out over the top of the thin band, and last but not least my garters and thigh high stockings that looked awful covering his hairy legs. I just stood there filming in shock, despite what I had expected to to find, and hit the stop button and cleared my throat. Sam's head snapped around and when he saw me, no words were necessary as I noticed his hard cock deflate like a child's balloon with the end opened suddenly...

Sam hung his head and told me he would get his things and leave in almost a whisper, but before he could even get up from his chair I told him "not so fast, sweety".

I sauntered over to him placing one foot directly in front of the other to exaggerate the swaying of my hips, and I stood between his stocking clad legs as he was still seated in his chair, but now facing the door. I told him I could possibly work with this, and he looked up for the first time since I caught him, and I am sure he misunderstood the smile I gave him. I peeled off my thin dress and slip and threw it to the corner as he looked on with shock again on his face. I was left wearing pretty much what he was as I sat on his legs trapping him on the chair, our nylon covered legs sliding over each others without friction causing a unique sensation for me. I rocked forward on his still flaccid cock grinding onto it, and told him as it seems that I am on top, I get to make the rules.

He nodded his head without even meaning to, kind of like I had caught myself doing with Beth earlier and oblivious to the intended double entendre.

I told him that means from now on as I tapped the tip of his nose with my index finger to make the point!

Again his head bobbed, but I felt him stir under me this time just as Beth suggested he might, if he was submissive enough to train. I told Sam that I didn't want him wearing my clothes again, unless of course I gave him specific permission to, but that to compensate for his loss we would go shopping for his own clothes that more properly fit him. I ground forward again to make the point, and each time I laid a new rule on him until he was just as hard as he could get. I had done enough, and Sam agreed to more than I thought he would at first, but I still had two things more.

I told Sam to put his arms on the armrests of the chair, and I rolled off his stockings and used one each to bind his wrists to them. I tied several knots in the slippery nylon and was confident he couldn't escape without help. I got back on top of him and before I could say don't cum as I intended, he erupted between us and shot off all the way to his chin with the position his cock was held in by the elastic of his panties. I had never seen any man cum like that in my life and guessed that he liked being tied as well as dressing up.

He slumped in his chair spent and useless, but if I was to own him I had more work to do. I started down by his deflated cock and scooped up some of his cum on my tongue and snaked my way to his face and kissed him deeply, forcing him to taste himself for the first time that I knew about. He hesitated for only a second before he opened up to kiss me back with no way to refuse what I already willingly put on my own tongue. I did this several times and felt him stir again under me, and then I started using my fingers to scoop up his mess and feed it to him until he was mostly clean, and he had thoroughly cleaned my sticky digits for me.

I got off him again and stepped out of my own cotton panties and remounted him with them in my hand, first having pulled Sam's panties to the side so he could enter me. I slid down onto him and relished the feeling of being in control, and when he tried to thrust back at me and regain control I just held him there immobile under me. I toyed with Sam for way too long and worked up a good sweat of my own, it was almost like torture with my new found power over him, and fun as hell. I finally felt him surge and I crushed the base of his cock with a strong grip from my left hand as Beth suggested, trapping his cum temporarily as he groaned in pain. I held my panties over his nearly purple cock head as I got off of him, then releasing my grip for his cum to dribble out into them. I pumped his cock to catch all I could, and when I was sure I had I told him to open up.

Poor Sam didn't know what hit him, but he didn't protest either as he obediently opened his mouth and accepted my messy panties. I saw the concerned look on his face when I held my smart phone up and took his picture, and I told him I was taking a nice long bath and if he wasn't in exactly the same position when I returned I would send it to my friend Beth at work.

* * *

I got out of my long bath and found Sam exactly as I left him, but that didn't stop me from sending his picture to Beth anyway. I also noticed he was flaccid and deflated, and the look in his eyes was one of worry. I then told Sam that it was his turn for the bath, and after I untied his wrists and removed the panties from his dry mouth I placed his hand on my smooth calf and told him this is what his legs should feel like. He rubbed up and down on my leg and I noticed him stirring still again, and I wondered where all this energy was coming from. My only conclusion was that this was his apex erotic fantasy realised, or he felt liberated to finally be himself with me.

Beth had told me where this would eventually end up, at least if I was anything like her, but right now this power I had over Sam was intoxicating and I didn't want to think that far down the road. I asked him if he liked the way I smelled and he nodded his head as he kept rubbing, still reluctant to even speak and ruin the moment we shared, as if when he did I would suddenly be repulsed by the situation and tell him to get lost. I had no intention of that now and was looking forward to having a life more like Beth's, but I also knew that if I kept him in constant doubt he would be even more eager to break the paradigms that I had in mind.

I told Sam to use my razor and bubble bath, along with my special scented shaving cream, and to shave himself off. I also told him I would come in when he thought he was done and do any touch ups he needed. While Sam was in the bath I called Beth and told her how well things had gone and she gave me the address of a speciality shop in the big city, unfortunately on the bad side of town. We discussed several more things at length until I heard Sam call out to me, and I thanked her and checked on him. He needed some touch up where he couldn't reach on his own along with a new blade, but the transformation was stunning. Under the hair he actually had pretty good legs, and while that was all I really intended him to shave, he went all the way and now had no hair to speak of below his nose, and of course his back that he couldn't reach on his own. I finished the job for him and couldn't believe how sexy he was, he even smelled good. I told him to drain my tub and to make sure he cleaned out all of the hair quickly as I had a surprise for him.

I inspected his work and when I was satisfied with it I handed him his old track suit for him to wear, and in stark contrast to the little black dress and heels that I had put on. I drove to the bad side of town and the special store Beth had recommended, and once inside it looked like it catered to about every kind of fetish there was. I found a nice lady and handed Sam off to her and told her what he was looking for, and she smiled at his discomfort.

I went off in a different direction, and a different part of the store for my own purchases, overwhelmed with the variety of things that the store had. When I got to the leather harnesses and cuffs I knew I was close, and I found the guy that worked in that department and told him what I wanted. He had all kinds of questions and was apparently very knowledgeable about all things related to restraint. He wanted to know if I intended to put them on myself, how long I intended to wear them, what positions, ect... I smiled and explained that I wanted them to restrain a friend, and that I had in mind something medical like that had lots of different holes and options, but were comfortable and wouldn't cause any damage if my friend struggled or wore them for an extended time.

The hansom man was clearly interested, and not just in my restraint needs as he took me over to a mannequin on a cot wearing a hospital gown. It was restrained to the cot wrist and ankle by heavy fabric straps with a hole every inch or so, and the straps went to the legs of the cot just as easily as they could go to Sam's bed or chair. They were called Segufix and the nice man told me they were nearly impossible to escape from as they had a magnetic key that opened the pin holding them closed, and without the key just wouldn't come off. He showed me the clever locking system and even offered to demonstrate them, pointing out that they were intended to restrain psychriactric patients without injury with the optional padding.

I offered a wrist to him and he took one of the straps off of the mannequin and fitted it to my wrist with the magnetic key, and I asked him to hold the other end firmly as I tugged hard enough to pull him off balance. We had a kind of tug-o war, and I pulled as hard as I could wearing heels, and then kicked them off and pulled even harder as the amused man held me fast. I could finally see what turned Sam on about not being able to escape, and part of me wanted the nice man to restrain my other wrist and let me really struggle, but I knew that could spiral out of control in a way I just wasn't ready for. The nice man released me with the magnet key when I asked him to, and my wrist was in perfect shape despite my struggles. I bought the pink Segufix system for Sam with the optional padding and was looking forward to trying them out.

I found Sam still with the sales lady in and out of the dressing room, and a pile of things on the counter as he looked like he had finally warmed up to this little adventure. I walked to a different part of the store and found a dress that I thought would fit him and handed it to the lady for Sam to try on. After three different styles she finally found a sweater dress that she was happy with on him. When I got her alone I told her that I intended for Sam to leave there as Samantha, and she was only too happy to help.

The last time I saw Sam peek out of the dressing room he was wearing a tight body shapper with breast forms that did who knows what with his manly parts, but he was smooth and flat in front, and curvy where he should be. His legs were even in thigh high stockings with garter straps that looked good with the modest high heels he was wearing as well. I took Sam's track suit from her as she snuck it out of the dressing room for me, and she put it into a bag so I could walk it out to the car with me and my purchase. I thanked the nice lady more than once and asked her to tell Samantha that I would be waiting for her in the parking garage after she checked out, but I also gave her my cell number if she had a problem with either Sam or Samantha.

I didn't get a phone call, and eventually saw my Samantha walk towards my car holding several bags in her hands as she walked better than I thought she would wearing her new heels. She told me "very funny" as she put her new things in the trunk that I had opened from the inside of my car, and I asked her if she was cross with me through the partially open passenger side window. It was dark out and several of the lights in the parking garage were burned out as well, but she noticed that I had not unlocked her door yet. I had decided while we were shopping that Sam would be Samantha and a she whenever she was dressed up, it wasn't all that hard for me as she really looked good as a woman body wise with the shapper and dress the nice lady chose. I also knew she would need some work on her hair and makeup, but Beth had told me where to go for those as well.

I told Samantha sternly that if she didn't thank me for taking her here and that she loved her new clothes, I would leave and let her find her own way home. I tried to sound serious, and possibly did as the look on her face was priceless. I made her say it three times until I felt she was sincere enough, and then unlocked the door to let her in. I noticed she sat cautiously in my comfortable passenger seat when she got in, leading me to suspect her manly bits were tucked away uncomfortably.

When Beth and I had talked she suggested a fishing analogy, and even though I don't fish it made sense. She said that if Sam nibbles on the bait, set the hook deep so he can't wiggle away until if or when I decide to release him. Driving home with Samantha sitting next to me I thought of how deep the hook was already set, but Beth and I had only started.

When we got home I drove right into the garage even though it was too dark out for our neighbors to see Samantha, but I also got the feeling I had pushed her almost as far as I could for this first day of her new life. I complimented Samantha on her looks, and she had even stopped trying to correct me when I called her that now. I had work the next day and it was late, but I had one more thing to do before bed. I directed Samantha to pull over our chair and sit in it facing the bed and me, and when she went to kick her own shoes off I told her to leave them on.

I got up and fished my purchase out of the shopping bag and fitted my new restraints to her wrists binding them to the arms of the chair and her ankles to the legs as well, leaving many feet of the segufix system unused as she looked on without saying a word. I knew she wouldn't be going anywhere without the magnetic key, and after she tested them out, so did she. I stripped off everything, slowly rolling down my stockings only inches from her bound body in my best effort to tease, and removing all the rest of my clothes in a kind of subtle strip tease. I could tell she was getting agitated, maybe even trying to get hard as her male bits were probably trapped painfully someplace nature never intended by her shapper.

There was a kind of script I was trying to keep to, a retraining really, as Beth had explained it. At first Samantha wouldn't be allowed to cum inside me any more, and she hadn't since before I caught her. Next I would have her cumming as much as possible, milking her out constantly, by my hand or her own, all to lower her testosterone level as much as possible naturally. Some women, Beth had told me, keep their effeminate men chaste and only allow them to cum on special occasions, as she herself had originally done with her own husband. She told me that only seemed to raise his testosterone level and keep him hard all the time, and it also inadvertently exercised the one muscle she most wanted to atrophy from non use.

Beth pointed out that her husband had no problems hiding his little self in any clothes these days, and also became a far better servant with the constant milking and lack of any desire of his own. It was counterintuitave to me how milking Samantha out all the time would help with her feminization, but Beth hadn't given me bad advice yet. The next part of Samantha's education would start in seconds and had to be subtle as well, she had to learn that I didn't need her to make me orgasm anymore.

I laid down on my bed and started roughly manhandling my breasts and pinching up my nipples just the way I like when I am really horned up. I arched my back and a "ahhh" escaped my lips as Samantha looked on without saying a word. This was usually very private for me, but it was necessary for the future Beth had laid out, and I desired. My right hand and arm crushed my breasts as the left stroked my outer lips playfully as Samantha's eyes were glued to my hands. I then slid forward on the bed until my bare foot could reach under Samantha's dress and between her slightly spread legs. I rubbed up and down where her bits should have been and found nothing, but even so Samantha responded by sliding forward and groaning, possibly even in pain. I rubbed my foot roughly into Samantha, and added a second and third finger to my own pleasure as I pretended I was alone.

I hit all my best spots as only I can and approached a wonderful overdue orgasm with my foot still grinding into Samantha without mercy. I was working up a good sweat with my back arched, and when I came it was a powerful experience with me anything but silent. I had not even finished with my post orgasmic convulsions when I felt Samantha tense up on my foot and have one of her own, and the sensation was one of water being forced through a crushed pipe under great pressure. Samantha groaned painfully for several seconds and fell back into the chair exhausted, and we both came down from our mutual but separate experiences breathlessly. I got up several minutes later to release Samantha and then fell back into bed and didn't rise until my alarm went off at seven am the next morning, alone in my room...

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