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The Clothes Make The Woman 2: The Princess Room

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2013 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; cd; fem; lingerie; maid; bond; chair; hum; mast; climax; public; piercing; femdom; cons; X

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Part 2: The Princess Room

I woke alone in my bed, and the condition of the linens was expected with my actions of the previous night, and they would have to be changed before I slept on them again. I found Sam up early in the kitchen after my shower preparing a light breakfast and coffee for me, he was wearing his guy clothes so he was again Sam to me. I thanked him for breakfast and then told him seriously that I had been thinking about something, and his face froze in a kind of "here it comes" look. I had all I could do to suppress the smirk I felt on the inside as I told him I missed the clothes line smell of fresh linens from my childhood, and asked him if he thought he could put up a line in the back yard to hang "my" sheets on after he washed them. The relief on his face was evident, and he told me I would be sleeping on fresh sheets that night without me actually even having to ask him, his desire to please me with the smallest things evident by his actions. He had even made the coffee stronger that morning the way I like it, and after my first sip I complimented him on it as well. 

The moment Beth saw me at work she said she could instantly see the difference in me, and I would have dismissed her observation except two other girls said much the same thing without the intimate knowledge that Beth and I shared. I had a sales presentation I had to hurry up and get done with my absence the day before, but I had a new confidence that told me I couldn't fail, and later that day I didn't. I had a short detour on the way home that afternoon as Beth wanted to show me something at her house, and I soon found myself inspecting her husbands princess room in the basement. I had wondered where he stayed when he was dressed up as I had never seen him that way, or for that matter how often he was as I had only seen him once in the last two years.

The princess room was almost the whole basement refinished like a small apartment, it had a bedroom, full bathroom, and a small kitchen so that Beth's princess could come and go by the rear entrance and not even be seen for days at a time. The only direct entrance into the main part of the house from that room, the one that we had used ourselves at the bottom of the stairs, had a deadbolt that locked from our side of the heavy door preventing him from entering the main house uninvited. Beth told me I could snoop all I wanted, and I found all woman's clothes and lingerie neatly arranged in the drawers and hanging so straight that it looked like he measured the gap between the hangers for perfection. The shoes were similarly arranged for perfection, and I was a slob by comparison.

"Wow" was all I could say and I told my friend that I wished my things were that neat and organised. She told me her's were, and she smiled to remind me she didn't lift a perfectly manicured finger to do so. The bed was a four poster lacy canopy top, and in fact everything in the princess room had a feminine smell and look to it with it's soft shades and textures through out. We left the room as we found it, and Beth showed me the three car garage with her husbands dusty old car sitting next to the spot where her new one usually parked, and the laundry room in it as well and only accessible to the main house from a separate staircase.

There was just too much going on there for me to grasp, the princess room and restricted access to the main house were for power and control, I understood that now with my experiences with Samantha, but all the rest I needed explained to me. Beth told me she had the princess room built when her husband was away at a training seminar as a surprise for him, and that he no longer had a drivers license to drive his old car and had to get around using mass transit or a taxi cab.

She then told me in exasperation that she parks in the garage to the left and any overnight guests she may have park to the right and out of sight of the neighbors. It was a very expensive neighborhood and the nearest homes were separated by thick and tall hedges, and with the sharp turn the long driveway takes it just wasn't possible to even see where my car was parked from the road. If I understood her correctly, Beth just told me she entertains overnight guests on a regular basis, men I would further guess as she didn't strike me as the slightest bit lesbian from any conversations we had ever had.

Beth had warned me earlier that I would turn Sam into something that wouldn't sexually interest me somewhere down the road, and with my experiences of the last few days I saw the wisdom of her warning. She saw my look and asked me to think in these terms, she said her husband was very happy as her domestic servant, and his service without the distraction of his sexual urges was near nirvana to both of them. She said he was a kind of highly skilled domestic professional, and his focus was on that which pleased her exclusively. To her his feminine conversion just reinforced his commitment to her alone, and that he wasn't leaving anytime soon with the irreversible nature of his transformation.

Beth said she needs a different kind of service from time to time, and it requires a completely different set of skills that her husband no longer has. She said she likes to be entertained by energetic younger men, the kind of men that can satisfy a woman's every physical desire with as much aggression as she can handle, and then to go away. The best of both worlds she concluded, and if she was ever too old to want to be entertained, or God forbid actually had to pay for it, her house would still be perfectly clean and her favorite meal on the table after she did.

Beth made it all sound so perfect, and perhaps it was, but there had to be a downside to this nirvana she had laid out for me. I knew I could still stop Sam's feminizing at this point, but it would never be the same between us and we would likely part ways in the future if I did. I would make out well enough in court with the evidence I already had, but the experience would kill him and I couldn't do that either. I had a lot to think about on the short drive home!

When I got home Samantha had my favorite roast cooking in the oven, and my favorite bottle of wine to go with it, and not only was she dressed up, but she had made a very good first attempt with her makeup and hair. I complimented Samantha not only on her meal, but on her appearance as well as she beamed back at me with her first real smile while dressed up. I had been so worried about what to do, but Samantha had made this one of the easiest decisions of my life.

After dinner I sat and drank my second glass of wine as Samantha cleaned up from dinner, and I had to remind my self constantly not to help and interfere with her service to me. I asked where she slept last night as casually as I could, and she told me the spare bedroom on the end of the hallway so she wouldn't disturb me. I suggested she should move her things into there and that we should set it up like a proper bedroom instead of it just having a futon and a chair for her. Just your feminine things for now, I told her quickly afterwards, before she could react to my moving her out of my bedroom so smoothly. I moved to the living room when Samantha finished in the kitchen, and I ignored her and put the TV news on and texted Beth on my progress as I sipped my wine. Samantha got the hint and went upstairs and I heard her moving things from room to room as I smiled.

I thought she was taking entirely too long and went up to see what the problem was, and I found her trying to fit all her new clothes, and her male clothes as well into the small closet of the spare bedroom. It wasn't what I had in mind, but I saw an opportunity and jumped on it. I told Samantha that most of her other clothes were old and she doesn't wear them often, (and would be doing so even less if I had anything to say about it), and I suggested she weed through them and throw out all of the old ones...

Samantha eventually filled a large black trash bag with most of them, and even though it took her well out of her comfort zone I told her I expected her to carry them out immediately and put them next to the pails for the garbage men to pick up in the morning. It wasn't dark out yet and I could tell she feared being found out by one of our neighbors, but she did it quickly and almost slipped and fell on her way back in.

I inspected her work and Beth's husband could easily give her instruction on neat and tidy, but her things were at least out of my room. I noticed her second dress had looked different on during dinner, and I decided to ask her about it. She told me the shaper hurt her sometimes, and that today she was wearing some of the other things she had purchased with me. I told her to show me, and she pulled her new dress over her head and she was wearing the breast forms again, but this time they were inside a lacy demi bra. She had on the matching panties on as well, and they apparently had a built in pocket to keep her from getting hard while trapped inside them, but they wouldn't have worked out well with a tighter dress either.

With the black stockings and higher heels she looked good, but the contrast of black against her pale skin left me to the conclusion she needed a tan. I knew I had a job to do and I told her to sit in the chair backwards with her ass hanging off of the seat, after she removed her panties. I made her wait for me and I got the two things I wanted, one familiar, and one new. With her legs through the sides of the heavy chair in between the supports of the arms she was spread widely, and I used the segufix to secure her ankles to the chairs front legs. I went around her waist up high with the next length of segufix and bound her arms just above her elbows to her sides with no slack at all, allowing her to only move her arms from the elbow down without twisting her waist. 

Lastly I secured her wrists tight together in front of her, and not only didn't she complain, she was hard as a rock with her hands trapped right where I wanted them. I learned from the other day and didn't even touch her as I told her I wanted to see how she brought herself off when I wasn't around. I placed the ice cube tray I had brought with me on the chair in front of her and told her I wanted to see if she could fill one of the little sections for me. I could tell she was uncomfortable about doing it in front of me, and I pointed out that she got to see me "do" myself the other day, and it was only fair that I got to see her. 

I left her and returned with some baby oil and rubbed some into my hands and lubed up her hard cock just to get her started. She responded reluctantly, but soon got into it and started pumping herself with her bound hands as I watched the performance. I had to maneuver the tray so she could hit it, and she crushed herself to slow the flow when I told her she was in big trouble if she spilled one drop. I could tell that didn't feel so good as she groaned and came, but she didn't spill any either. I wanted to have her associate arousal and cumming with discomfort as Beth had suggested, eventually leading her to avoid subconsciously that which causes pain.

I was expecting more cum in the tray than she produced, but I could still measure the amount to determined how effective my training was, or so Beth had said. I shook my head and told her she wasn't going anywhere until the section she had started on was full, or I left for work in the morning. Before she could say a word I told her to open up, and I balled up her own panties up and pushed them into her unresisting mouth as I told her being gaged seemed to help her produce last time. I squirted some oil onto her hands and told her I would be back to check on her later, and I left the room...

When I returned two hours later I saw their was more cum in the tray, but it wasn't quite full yet, and it was evident this wasn't enjoyable to Samantha anymore. I pretended not to notice as I showed Samantha the bedroom set I had picked out for her new room on my laptop, along with the curtains and throw rug, and even the pastel color paint for the walls. She couldn't comment with her panties gagging her, but she chose not to spit them out either which she easily could have done. I showed her I was ordering them on line with her debit card and I wondered aloud if the delivery men would be able to do so tomorrow, and if she would still be sitting here in her chair when they did.

That got a reaction from my Samantha, and I wasn't sure if she was excited about getting caught by the delivery men, but she did redouble her efforts to fill the tray section in front of me. She wasn't even hard though, and it looked like if she was going to get any sleep at all that I would have to help her out. I remembered something that a lover I had in college did for me once, actually way more than once, and it made me cum almost instantly every time. I wasn't sure if it would work the same on Samantha as it did on me back then, but I put down the computer and oiled my hands and rubbed between her spread ass until I felt her rosebud. I pressed one finger up against the opening and toyed with it, and although I didn't enter the response was instantaneous. It apparently had the same effect on her as it did on me back in college, and I heard her groan in relief as she dribbled her last load into the tray for me, this time without getting hard.

Beth had told me that would be a sign her testosterone production was reducing if and when that happened, but that I shouldn't expect it before weeks, or possibly even after months of conditioning. I looked at Samantha and said "I thought you would like that" and I walked away to wash off my slippery hands. When I returned I wrote the date on the ice cube tray and told her I wanted to see if she could fill one each day for me, and that she should put the tray in the freezer in the basement with wax paper over it so it wouldn't get freezer burned for her.

I released Samantha and watched as she tenderly walked toward the freezer with the tray, confident she would follow my instructions even though I implied more would be done with her cum besides just saving and measuring it. I had no real plans for it, but I also noticed she was not resisting either, just as I had the other day when she helped clean herself off. I showered and went to bed thinking about my college lover Ted, and inhaled the fresh scent from my sheets and thought that perhaps Beth was right and there was no downside to this lifestyle!


It took a good week for Sam to complete the princess room, but when he had it was perfect. There was a makeup table with mirror, the canopy bed, the soft curtains, and everything else I could think of to help him along in his new life. His things were all out of "my" room, and Samantha even referred to it as such, and to the princess room as her's. I checked the freezer every few days and noticed she was somehow keeping up with filling each of the little trays and dating them as I had done, and as a result had not asked for sex from me once.

As a reward I took Samantha to the salon Beth had recommended, but again at night as Samantha didn't feel confident enough to venture out of the house dressed up during the day. Samantha got her long hair cut and styled in a clearly effeminate way by the understanding woman, she had developed a well earned reputation in the community Samantha now belonged to. She did Samantha's nails and makeup as well, and in doing so taught her what looked good on her, and what didn't.

On the way home it was again late, but I wanted her to get out in public dressed up, and I took her to get her ears pierced and discrete posts put in to complete the look. We were far enough from home that nobody would likely recognise her, and she only put up the smallest amount of resistance as I took her into the nearly empty shop for the quick job. If the woman in the shop knew what was really going on, she kept it to herself as I asked her to take good care of my girlfriend as this was her first time. She did, and I thanked her more than once as we left with several pairs of hoops for her ears once they healed properly.

Once home we went to our separate beds, with me dreaming about new lovers I would like to have on my fresh sheets, and Samantha hopefully dreaming about her service to me.

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