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Desire Boutique Part 1

by Katrinka Karu

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© Copyright 2010 - Katrinka Karu - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; chast; fetish; clothing; bdsm; leather; cons; X

Legal Matters - This is copyrighted work. I am the original author. As this is being distributed to promote my other stories please feel free to pass it along to anyone who might enjoy it. But please, pass along the credits too!! :) All characters and events depicted in this story are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. This material is for the enjoyment of ADULTS only, and depicts scenes of sexual activity including, but not limited to, bondage and domination. If you are under 18 years of age, you must stop reading NOW. You can also see the story along with my other stories at the following link, which is the Second Life website marketplace.

Author's Note: I am very active in Second Life and have several novella length fetish fiction stories available there. So if you enjoyed this come into SL and say hi. Katrinka Karu!!

Part 1

Chapter 1

"Welcome to Desire Boutique. You may call me Miss Brand," the dark haired woman said as she offered the young man a seat. "Do you go by Joe?"

"Joey, actually," he replied, sitting and trying to hide his nervousness. "Thank you for seeing me."

Miss Brand took a seat and scanned his resume as Joey looked around. The office was typcial for a small retail business, small and cluttered, with boxes stacked here and there. There were two small desks in the room, one of which they were sitting at and another which was piled high with papers and catalogs. Against the side wall there was a row of file cabinets long in need of a good dusting.

Then there was Miss Brand, a stark contrast to the rest of the room. Although she was probably in her early forties, she had an attractiveness that was only accentuated by her maturity. She stood five foot eight with a nice body, black hair to her shoulders, and a pretty face, but her main asset, though, was her style. The way she walked, talked, sat - even the way she held her pen as she perused the resume - it all exuded elegance.

Her outfit added to her that elegance. She wore a high waisted leather skirt with a hem that just reached her knees, a white blouse, dark tan hose and black patent leather pumps with 4" heels. Her nails were long and dark red, and her hair and makeup were perfect. She had on a simple but elegant silver bracelet on her left wrist. Her outfit would be considered conservative were it not for the leather of the skirt and the height of the heels.

Miss Brand lifted her head to see Joey staring at her. "As you can see," she said, breaking him from his trance, "my store caters to sexual fantasy through lingerie and marital aids. What I'm trying to do is form an Internet presence to both advertise our store and possibly sell our goods online. Do you think you can handle web site design and set up?"

"I think so," he replied, "although I will warn you that I don't have any real experience doing this sort of thing. I'll have to pick some things up on the fly."

"I assumed as much. That's fine. I don't have a deadline for the project so you can take your time, and seeing as I can't afford an expert, you seem to be a good choice," she said. She leaned back in her chair and eyed him curiously. "By law I can't ask you how old you are, but I do need to make sure that you're over eighteen before I can hire you to work in an adult store."

"I've just turned twenty-one, actually," Joey said, having gotten used to being mistaken for much younger.

"Really?" Miss Brand said, a little surprised. "That's even better," she added with raised eyebrows. "The store is broken up into sections. The front half is lingerie and marital aids - bras, panties, gloves, dildos, vibrators - pretty standard stuff. The back section is more for our customers with fetish interests. We have an assortment of leather apparel, bondage accessories, and other fetish oriented merchandise. I'll expect you to stay out of the back areas of the store during business hours. Most of our customers would feel threatened having a man around. Luckily, there's very little you would have to do back there, anyway."

As Miss Brand was about to continue, the door opened and a young woman strode in. Joey turned his head and his mouth nearly dropped open at the sight of her. She was dressed all in leather, starting with a very tight corset affair that covered her from large breasts at the top down to an attached leather panty, opera length leather gloves, and thigh high leather boots with heels that had to be at least 5". She looked to be in her twenties, with tousled red hair and a very firm, very attractive body that looked near perfect in the tight leather.

"Sorry to interrupt," the redhead said. "I need to get the measuring chart for the Fortitude Deluxe chastity."

Joey turned his head back around to Miss Brand, feigning disinterest in the girl as she rummaged around in the other desk for a few seconds, then pivoted on her heels and rushed out.

"That was Victoria," Miss Brand said. "She works in the fetish section, dealing with our more exotic lines."

"Yes," Joey said. "I see."

Miss Brand took a critical expression. "As you can see, there will be things you will be exposed to here that will test the tolerance of a young man's libido, and while I don't expect you to be immune to what you see, I will expect you to be polite and not ogle the salesgirls or clientele."

"Of course," Joey replied. "That will not be a problem."

"Good," she said. "I hope you are offended by my next question, and I assure you that your answer will have no affect on my appraisal of you even if you choose not to answer at all, but I believe in being upfront." She paused for a moment. "Are you gay?"

Joey looked embarrassed. "I know I'm not the epitome of manly, but I'm not gay. I just look young for my age and I have slightly effeminate mannerisms." That, and a stature of only five foot five and thin.

"I didn't mean to upset you," Miss Brand said, "and I wouldn't have thought so except that you hardly seemed to notice when Victoria walked in. Most men drool at the sight of her."

Joey looked down into his lap and smiled. "Believe me, I noticed. I just don't want to blow this interview."

Miss Brand stood up. "You haven't. The job is yours."

Joey's eyes lit up.

"Shall we go and meet the other staff?"

"Sure," Joey replied.

Chapter 2

Miss Brand led Joey out of her office, down the narrow hallway, and into the main part of the store. Racks of lingerie, dresses, and club wear dominated the main portion, with shelves of shoes, accessories and marital aids lining the walls. There were a number of customers looking at things and trying on items, and one girl bustling about to help them. She was about five foot ten, with long brown hair and a lean but shapely body. She was wearing a very short sleeveless blue minidress, white hose with blue ankle strap heels, and short blue gloves.

"That is Naomi," Miss Brand said, waving at the girl. "She is the assistant manager, and when I'm gone, she's in charge. And you'll find that I'm gone pretty often. This place can practically run itself. I usually only come in in the mornings and to meet with customers by appointment, which are almost always late in the day."

Naomi strode over, making the heels look just as effortless as Victoria had.

"Hi," she said. "You must be our new computer guy. I'm Naomi. Pleased to meet you."

Joey smiled and they shook hands, and he noticed that she wore an identical silver bracelet to the one that Miss Brand wore.

Miss Brand spoke before Joey could ponder the bracelets further. "I know you're with customers, but I wanted you to meet Joey. He'll be working mornings on the web site. I'm putting him in the far office. I doubt you'll even know he's here, but if he needs anything, I told him to talk to you."

"No problem," Naomi said, then flashed a quick smile and rushed off to help a customer.

Miss Brand walked Joey down the main aisle of the store to the back, where an unlabeled doorway blocked by a heavy curtain led into the back part of the building. She opened the curtain so they could peak inside. Within, Joey could see more racks of apparel, although these were almost exclusively black and appeared to be mostly leather, latex, or PVC. The walls were lined with various bondage items including cuffs, chains, collars, and a number of larger, harness looking contraptions that defied recognition.

In the center of the room there was a raised platform, approximately four feet in diamater and just under two feet off the floor. There were a number of chains hanging from the ceiling above it, hooked to a block and tackle. From amongst the racks, Victoria appeared carrying a selection of whips and crops. Against the far wall, a woman was standing with her hands against the wall and her feet spread, looking like she was about to be frisked. She was wearing some sort of silver metal underwear that looked most unforgiving. Victoria came up behind her and began to use one of the implements on her exposed backside.

"That's enough peeking," Miss Brand said, and closed the curtain.

"May I ask what she was doing to that woman?" Joey asked as they turned back toward the offices.

"The customer was looking for a chastity belt and was undoubtedly concerned that the metal plating over the buttocks of the Fortitude line would impede a good whipping. I'm sure Victoria will convince her otherwise."

"I see," Joey said.

"I'm sure you can now understand why I require discretion," Miss Brand said with a sly smile. "Victoria works the back room, helping me with my select clientele."

They entered her office again and sat. "Oh, I should point out, if Victoria is with a client and tells you to do something, you should do it, even if it violates a rule I've given you. She knows our customers very well and I have complete faith in her. In fact, many of them respond to her better than they do to me. They are usually quite wealthy, and with wealth comes eccentricity, so don't be surprised if they're a little odd. The point is that some of them will drop one or two grand in here in an afternoon."

"I understand."

"Good," Miss Brand said. "Do you have any questions?"

"Well," Joey said. "I am confused about one thing. I haven't seen any men in the store. I thought most adult stores were frequented almost exclusively by men."

"We mainly cater to women," Miss Brand said. "You won't find pornography here. The books and magazines we sell are more erotic and romantic than men prefer. The men we get are either into bondage with their wives or girlfriends, or interested in our more exclusive fetish specialties."

"Oh," Joey replied.

There was a knock on the open door and another woman poked her head in. She was also very attractive, with straight black hair and a remarkably stunning face. She was dressed very professionally in a gray skirted business suit, although her outfit hinted of a fetish nature by its 4" black patent heels, short black leather gloves, and a wide black leather belt under the jacket that was just on the border of being a corset.

"Allison, good," Miss Brand said. "Come in and meet Joey. He'll be setting up the site."

Allison came in and Joey stood as they shook hands. She stepped back and crossed her left arm over chest, resting her right elbow in her left hand. She brought her right gloved hand up to her face and began to gingerly nibble on her leather covered index finger. For the first time today, Joey got the feeling he was being ogled.

"Nice to meet you," Allison said with a purr.

Joey nodded and smiled, slightly embarrassed by the way she was looking him over.

"Allison is our accountant and bookkeeper, among other things," Miss Brand said. "You'll submit your time sheets to her and she'll cut your checks."

Allison changed her stare from Joey to Miss Brand. "I ran the numbers for August," she said. "If our sales keep climbing we'll need to expand."

"Great," Miss Brand said. "If things go well, we'll be conducting Internet sales soon, too."

Allison smiled and turned, leaving the pair alone in Miss Brand's office.

"You'd better be careful of her," Miss Brand said with a mischevious look. "I think she has plans for you."

Joey looked back at the doorway with a feeling that fell somewhere between dread and excitement.

"Let me show you where you'll be working," Miss Brand said, and they got up to leave.

Chapter 3

Joey's work space turned out to be the small office at the end of the hallway where the telephone lines and credit card lines ran into the building. Not the most spacious or luxurious of accomodations, but it was private and had more than enough space for the computers he would be hooking up. Twice Naomi popped in to check up on him, with a big smile each time, and Allison came by to say that she was leaving around noon.

His first conversation with Victoria came in the break room. As he was eating lunch she walked in, lit a cigarette, sat down and crossed her leather booted legs. At first he was too cowed to even talk to her, but after she relaxed for a few minutes she introduced herself and started the conversation, quickly putting him at ease. He could see how the customers would respond to her - she was smolderingly sex and had a commanding aire about her that was hard to resist. He found his eyes constantly drawn to her leather covered bust, crossed thighs, or high heels. She could tell he was trying not to stare - and failing. From the wry smile on her face it seemed to give her pleasure.

The afternoon went quickly, and as five o'clock crept closer Naomi appeared at his door. "What are you still doing here?" she asked. "I thought you were a morning only guy."

Joey turned away from the computer screen and rubbed his eyes. "I am, but I wanted to get some results quickly to make a good impression on Miss Brand, so I'm working a little extra."

"That's commendable," she replied. "The way you've locked yourself in back here, I practically wouldn't have known you were here all day."

"I wasn't trying to hide on purpose," Joey said with concern.

Naomi snickered. "Lighten up, silly. I'm just teasing. So what do think of the store?"

"It's great. I really like it."

"And what about the staff? See anything you like?"

"The staff seems fine. Very personable."

Naomi frowned and put her hands on her hips. "Fine? Personable? I go fishing for compliments and that's the best I can do?"

Joey looked anxious. "I'm sorry," he stammered. "It's just that Miss Brand was very clear about my not staring at or making innapropriate comments toward the staff or clientele."

"Well," Naomi said, folding her arms over her chest, "you need to learn the ground rules around here. And the first one is that we're not a bunch of feminists that slap a man any time he checks us out. Personally," she continued, raising her nose in the air, "I need lots of attention."

Joey smiled. "I see."

Naomi giggled and looked back down at Joey. "Miss Brand's statement certainly applies to the customers, but I can assure you that the staff will tolerate a certain amount of ogling. In fact, as assistant manager I order you to ogle me, check me out, scan my software as you computer guys like to say, at least once a day. More often if I change outfits."

"Understood," Joey replied with a smile. "And what about Allison and Victoria? Do they need lots of attention too?"

"Allison won't mind a little checking out, but you take your own risks with Victoria," she said. "I think you'll be fine as long as you show her the proper respect."

Not a problem, Joey thought.

Chapter 4

The next morning, Joey worked on the site until after ten o'clock, then wandered up to the front to peek out at Naomi. He'd already checked her out, and knew she was wearing a black bodystocking with a white leather mini and white leather crop top over it. White knee high lace-up leather boots with 3" heels and a white leather biker hat completed the look. Oh, and the silver bracelet, which she never seemed to be without.

When he came in for work, she'd pretended not to see him staring, first doing a little turn, then intentionally dropping something and bending down to pick it up, giving him a nice rear view. It was obvious she had an exhibitionist streak in her. When he peeked out this time, it was clear that she had no time for playing. She was hustling from one customer to another, frantically getting merchandise out and ringing women up. It looked at though she was having a hard time keeping up.

She saw him standing at the hallway door out of the corner of her eye. "Joey, come here please," she said.

Joey walked nervously out amidst the shopping women.

Naomi sectioned off the items she was holding into two armfulls. "I'm swamped up here and Victoria is with a customer in back. Can you take these to the four ladies waiting over there," she said, and pointed. Joey was relieved that the things he was given were mostly accessories and shoes, not the bra, panties, and other unmentionables that Naomi distributed herself. Joey took the items to the ladies, who luckily knew which items were for each of them, and then went back to the counter where Naomi was trying to get through the line waiting at the cash register.

"Great, Joey," she said, then bit her lip, looking at the mass of customers.

"Why don't you let me run the register while you help the customers?" Joey asked.

"Could you?"

"Sure," he replied. "I've worked a number of retail jobs. I know how to handle a register."

"Fantastic," Naomi said, and reliqueshed the register. "Don't hesitate to call if you get in trouble."

"Don't worry," Joey said with a reassuring smile, and started ringing things up.

They were solid for the next two hours, after which, they both retired to the break room while Victoria minded the store.

"Is it always that hectic?" Joey asked, as they sat.

"Sometimes," Naomi replied, plopping down in a chair and crossing her legs. Joey unwittingly stared at the 'V' of her thighs as she sat, causing her to smile seductively his way.

"This week there's a lingerie and marital aid convention in town. That's why we're being overrun. It's also why Miss Brand isn't around. She's at the convention trying to drum up discounts from suppliers. We usually have another girl who helps out whenever she's needed," Naomi continued. "Her name is Jackie, but she's been out for a few months. Family emergency back home. We're not sure when she'll be back."

"Oh," Joey replied. "Well, I'd be happy to help pick up the slack while she's gone."

"That'd be wonderful. You did great on the register today. The real test will be tomorrow. Wednesday's are our worst days, and Victoria is booked all day with select clients that Miss Brand would normally help with, so I'll be all alone up front."

"I'll just plan on being here the full day, then," Joey said, and Naomi smiled, playing with her bracelet.

"I noticed that you and Miss Brand have the same style of bracelet," Joey said. "May I ask why you both wear them?"

Naomi turned it around on her wrist. "Miss Brand gave them to each of us girls when Jackie started. I guess I wear it because it reminds me of her. I'm sure it's just silly with her gone and all," she said, and slipped it off, putting it in her purse. "The others don't wear theirs anymore."

Joey nodded, feeling his question was far from answered.

Chapter 5

Just as predicted, Wednesday was worse. Joey spent the morning working on the web site, but by eleven he was out manning the register again. At one thirty, there was enough of a lull for Naomi to come and check on him.

"Doing all right?" she asked. Today she was wearing a long, tight denim dress, black ankle boots, and black leather wrist gloves. Joey made sure to show the proper appreciation.

"I'm doing fine," he replied.

As they talked, Allison came out of the back with a very pretty woman. She was dressed very conservatively in a peach colored button down shirt and a long blue skirt with white heels and belt, but her hair and makeup were done up for something special. Allison, on the other hand, was wearing a salon smock over a casual pantsuit.

Joey whispered to Naomi while trying not to look at the pair. "That woman with Allison. That's a man, isn't it?"

Naomi looked shocked and smiled at Joey. "How'd you guess?"

"I saw her, I mean him, come in a couple of hours ago. In fact, that's the third man that's come in and left a woman."

"That's a relief," Naomi said. "Allison would be bitterly disappointed if she thought you could tell just from looking at him. She takes her transformation clients very seriously."

"It shows," Joey replied. "I've never seen anything so remarkable."

"I know. It's pretty amazing," Naomi said. "She has a full salon back in the back, past the fetish room." She giggled. "You should see the ones who get forcibly feminized by their wives or mistresses. Without having to worry about the long term reprecussions Allison can really let go. Some of them leave looking so much like real women that it would take a doctor to figure it out."

Joey's eyes got wide. "Allison helps women force their men into feminization? I didn't know that really happened. Isn't it illegal?"

Naomi shook her head. "They're never forced, per se. Most of them have committed some sin against their woman, who then wants vengeance. Victoria and Allison each see a lot of that. Chastisement, slavery, feminization, or some combination of the three versus divorce and destitution. Most men choose to stay with their wives and accept the consequences. Of course," she added with a smirk, "they rarely know just how much Allison and Victoria can do to them. Before they know it they're in too deep to get out. Sometimes they end up liking it, and that's great because not only did their marriage get saved, but they came out happier than they started."

Joey still had a look of shock as the woman thanked Allison and left.

"None of the ones today looked forced," Joey said.

"Tonight is the monthly transgendered club meeting. The club is for real transgendered people only, not ones who were forced. Their big thing is getting dressed to the nines. They usually have a brief meeting and then go out to a show or dinner."

As a new round of customers came up for help, Naomi was whisked back into the thick of things.

Chapter 6

Late in the afternoon, Naomi was busy helping various customers try things on, and the register was quiet, so Joey made himself busy putting things away that had been left strewn about from the hectic afternoon. As he was standing on a short ladder restocking shoes on the upper shelves, a short, middle aged woman approached from behind.

"Excuse me, miss?" she said.

"Are you speaking to me?" Joey asked, unable to turn around as he reached up to the highest shelf.

"Yes," the woman replied. "The other girl is terribly busy, so I was hoping you could assist me."

Joey climbed down and turned toward the woman, who was looking across the store.

"I'm trying to figure out what size to buy in..." Her face froze as she turned back to Joey and realized she was talking with a man. "Oh, pardon me," she said, embarassed. "I thought you were, um, a..."

"You thought I was a girl?" Joey asked, then smiled. "It's all right. If you'd like, I'll try to get one of the women to help you."

The woman looked puzzled. "No," she said, and paused. "You'll do fine."

"Well, then," Joey said, politely, "what can I help you with?"

She recomposed herself. "I'm looking for a, um, figure enhancing garment."

"Do you mean a corset?"

"Yes, that's what I want."

"If you don't mind my asking, will the corset be for daily use as an undergarment, or will it be more for special use."

"The latter, I'm hoping," she said, and whispered, "my husband just got a big promotion at work and I'd like to surprise him. He likes this kind of thing, and my waistline isn't what it used to be, so I figure I can kill two birds with one stone."

Joey nodded his understanding and led her over to a rack of red and black corsets with built-in bra cups, sturdy metal stays stitched in, front hooks and thick laces in back.

"I think you'll find that these are some of the best in the store," Joey said, pulling one off the rack.

She handled it with a look of surprise on her face.

"This is much heavier than I had in mind. I was thinking of something a little lighter, whispier."

"Certainly," Joey said, and placed it back on the rack. He led her to some of the lighter ones, which were made mostly of lycra and spandex, and pulled a few off the rack.

"Would you like to try a few on?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, and headed toward the fitting room.

Joey checked a few customers out at the register, then went back to the fitting rooms to check on the lady. She opened the door just as he arrived.

"I don't think this is going to work," she said, and handed him back the merchandise. "Maybe I'll stick with making him a nice dinner."

"What seems to be the problem?" Joey asked, concerned.

The woman looked sheepish. "I'm a little thicker in the waist than I thought. These things just bring out my fat rolls."

She began to walk away.

"Ma'am," Joey said, and she turned. "If I might be so bold. Would you give my corset suggestion a try?"

She shrugged her shoulders, and he hurried to bring one to her.

"Unlike some of the mainstream lingerie we sell," he said, holding up the sturdy read and black garment, "these corsets are made to be functional rather than just decorative. They hide what you want hidden and enhance what you what enhanced. They do a good job bringing in the waistline, but do so without sacrificing comfort."

He handed it to her and gave her brief instructions. "I've tightened the back laces enough that the corset should be snug, but not tight. You may have some difficulty with the front hasp, but please try hard. If you absolutely can't get it, we can loosen the laces some and try again."

She took the corset and looked it over, opening it up. "My boy, if you think I can fit in this girth, you're crazy."

He put his hands together in a praying motion. "Please, just give it a try."

She looked unconvinced, but went into the dressing room.

Fifteen minutes later, she opened the door slightly. "Would you assist me with this, please?"

Joey blushed, but went into the fitting room with the woman. The rooms were meant to be used for measuring alterations, so there was plenty of space for both of them.

"I was able to get it on all right, but I want to try it tighter," she said, seemingly shed of her earlier inhibitions, standing in bra, panties, and corset.

Joey grabbed the laces and she leaned over the fitting room chair as he slowly and methodically pulled her in. In a few minutes she was as tight as he thought he could get her, and considerably tighter than he thought she'd attempt, so he tied off the laces. She stood up and put her hands to her hips, swiveling before the mirror.

"I love it," she said. "I can't believe it. I would have thought this thing would be horribly uncomfortable, but it's not. It feels great. How does it look?"

Joey, who had been trying not look, stepped back and took in the full view. The woman, who had been noticeably round in the middle, now had an hourglass shape. While the corset did little to hide her extra weight, it did a wonderful job of redistributing it to her hips and breasts, making her look voluptuous.

"I think it suits you quite well," he said, as she turned for him. "Might I suggest a few accessories to enhance the look? Perhaps gloves and stockings?"

She smiled, looking at herself in the mirror. "I think that would be nice."

Joey left and returned a few minutes later with a pair of above the elbow red satin gloves, dark red hose, and, to top it off, a red and black choker. She loved the additions and within ten minutes had the whole set boxed up and paid for. She had the look of a very satisfied customer as she exited. A few minutes after she left, Naomi came up to Joey looking frazzled.

"There was a short woman here a little while ago. I saw you talking with her," she said. "She asked me to help her find a corset, but I never got back to her. Did she leave?"


"Damn," Naomi said, looking upset. She saw the look of concern on Joey's face and explained. "I always get pissed when I miss a corset sale. The corsets have a commission, so I lose money."

"She bought a corset," Joey said, pointing to the rack of red and black ones. "One of those. I sold it to her myself. She also bought gloves, hose, and one of those chokers we have hanging on the wall."

Naomi looked confused. "You sold her a corset? Did she try it on?"

"Of course," Joey replied. "Don't worry. I made sure to give her one that was four inches smaller than her normal waist size. I helped her lace it up."

"And what about the cup size?"

"She looked about a D, or maybe a small DD. I gave her the D size so it would look nice and full. Trust me, it was a very good fit. She left very pleased."

"All right," Naomi said, then crossed her arms in front of her and looked at him critically. "And since when are you a cup size expert."

Joey blushed. "I guess it was growing up with a house full of sisters. Every fourth week was my turn for laundry, so I ended up washing a lot of their underwear. My sisters all had the same type of bras, so the only way to tell them apart was the sizes. I guess I figured out which cup sizes matched which girls breast size."

"Hmmm," Naomi said. "I guess I can accept that."

"I hope I didn't overstep my bounds by helping her," Joey said. "She didn't want to wait for you to free up."

"That's all right," Naomi replied, and started to clean up for closing. "Just make sure to be polite and respectful. It would be better to have them wait than to drive them away."

"I understand."

Chapter 7

Thursday morning turned out to be almost as busy as Wednesday afternoon. One of the customers told Joey that there was an amateur fantasy fashion show at the convention with a surprise $5000 prize, and all the women were rushing to get outfits. Joey helped out, with Naomi keeping a watchful eye out for how he handled the customers. By noon, Joey had being doing well enough, and the store was busy enough, that Naomi pretty much stopped paying any attention to him.

After noon, the rush abated, and by two o'clock the store was virtually dead. Shortly thereafter, Miss Brand came in and called the staff together. Everyone convened in the break room.

"How'd we do this week?" she asked.

"Great on paper," Allison said. "Our best week of the year even without the rest of today and tomorrow."

"How about otherwise?" Miss Brand continued, turning to Naomi. "Were you able to keep the mayhem under control?"

"No problem," Naomi replied. "It got ugly for a while, but Joey pitched in and saved the day."

Miss Brand frowned. "By 'pitched in' what exactly do you mean?"

"He helped with the register mostly, but when things were really hectic he did whatever was needed - mostly getting clothes, taking measurements, helping manage the flow in and out of the fitting rooms."

"I do not approve," Miss Brand said matter-of-factly, causing Naomi to fidget and Joey to sink back into his seat. "I am not comfortable with a man helping my customers. It isn't appropriate, and while it may have seemed all right this week, I assure you, eventually we will lose business over it. I know it was hard without Jackie during our toughest week, but I hardly think we need to resort to that sort of measure."

Naomi pursed her lips, and she, Victoria, and Joey looked from one to another.

"With all due respect, Miss Brand," Naomi said, bucking up courage. "Joey did an excellent job. I never heard one complaint, and he always came and got me if he sensed discomfort in a customer."

"I have to agree," Victoria said. "He seemed to do really well."

Miss Brand looked at Allison.

"Don't look at me," she said. "I had my hands full with my own customers. I can say that we didn't get any negative comment cards on Joey. There were a few suggestions about getting more staff, but everyone seemed to believe that the staff we had were both knowledgeable and polite."

Miss Brand looked at Joey. "Thank you for helping out and congratulations on earning such high praise. Now that the crisis is over, you can return to your regular duties."

"Actually," Naomi said, "I was kind of hoping that he could take a few afternoon shifts now and then to give me time to do reorders. Not to mention all the tidying up that needs to be done around here. Without Jackie, we're way behind on the day to day stuff."

"I see," Miss Brand said. "Well, my philosophy has always been to trust my staff, and I see no reason to change now." She addressed Joey. "Joey, if you would be willing, you may assist Naomi in whatever capacity she requires until Jackie returns. I will reiterate, though, that I do not want a male staff member moving about the fetish section. Our clients special needs prohibit that."

"Agreed," Naomi said, and Joey nodded.

Miss Brand clapped her hands together and stood up. "I have a 2:45 appointment with a new customer. Her name is Mrs. Thornton and from what I understand she has money to burn and is looking to get into the fetish scene. That means no interruptions and no other customers in the fetish section until we're done. Victoria, I want to handle this woman personally for her first visit, so you can feel free to take the rest of the day off. Is everyone clear?"

Everyone nodded.

Chapter 8

At 5:45, Miss Brand came out of the fetish section and marched up to the front of the store where Naomi and Joey were figuring sales tax.

"I need a cigarette," Miss Brand said, motioning with her hand.

Naomi pulled out a cigarette, held it to her lips and lit it, then passed it to Miss Brand. Since smoking in the main portion of the store was normally a strict no-no, they both knew Miss Brand was having a bad time. Miss Brand took a long drag and held her head back and exhaled, closing her eyes for a second.

"Oh my God what a bitch that woman is," Miss Brand said. "Opinionated, demanding, critical."

Naomi was trying to hide a snicker.

"I know," Miss Brand said sarcastically. "She's just like me. The irony is not lost on me."

Naomi laughed for a second. "What's her story?" she asked.

"Her husband told her that he wants to play slave games, with him as the slave. She's intrigued, but doesn't really know anything about the scene. She wants to become a dominatrix for him, but she can't find an image she likes."

She took another long drag on the cigarette, then continued. "The fact is, she thinks she's fat, and fetish clothes don't do much to help. Everything I put on her is either too loose, so she looks curveless, or too tight, so she looks fat. The only thing she's sure of is that it's my fault she can't find anything that looks good on her. I'm at my wits end. I wish she'd either buy something or leave."

"She didn't look that bad to me," Naomi said.

"She isn't bad looking at all," Miss Brand said. "She just needs a little more confidence in her body. The woman is a size 16 that thinks there is an article of clothing that will make her look like a size 6. And she's willing to have me bring her every piece of clothing in this store until she finds it."

Miss Brand looked back and forth between them. "Any suggestions?"

Naomi bit her lip. "Not really. This is Victoria's specialty."

"The last thing I need is Victoria in there for Mrs. Thornton to compare herself to."

Miss Brand stubbed out the cigarette and brushed herself off. "Well, back at it."

"Miss Brand," Joey said, hesitantly.


"I have an idea."

"Well, spit it out."

"It seems that all she needs is to feel sexy about herself in the clothes you've picked out for her," Joey said. "I might be able to help with that."


Joey shook his head. "I'm not sure. Maybe all she needs is a male admirer to bolster her self image." Joey looked down. "I mean, if you think it would help."

Miss Brand frowned, considering. She looked at Naomi.

"What do you have to lose?" Naomi asked.

Miss Brand stared at Joey, and after a moment said, "All right. What's your plan?"

Joey talked fast. "I'm not really sure I have a plan. I was just thinking that if you can get her into the outfit that you think is best for her, I could come in and do the rest."

Miss Brand nodded and walked back into the fetish section. "Ten minutes. I'll make sure she's ready."

Joey smiled nervously at Naomi, who was looking at him with wonder.

Chapter 9

Joey waited for ten minutes, then entered the fetish section of the store, carrying an armfull of shoe boxes. Miss Brand was near the center of the room with Mrs. Thornton, adjusting her outfit. Mrs. Thornton was decked out in leather. Leather corset, leather bra and panties, shoulder length leather gloves, and leather, lace-up thigh boots with 5" heels. Miss Brand nodded at Joey, and Joey motioned for her to move away.

Miss Brand said something to Mrs. Thornton and walked back toward the back of the room, leaving Mrs. Thornton alone, admiring herself in the mirrors. Joey moved in closer, behind the racks of fetish clothing. When he got close enough, he took a deep breath, steadied himself as much as possible, and dropped the entire armload of boxes. Mrs. Thornton turned and looked at him just in time to see him with one hand trying to steady the cascade of boxes and the other, for lack of a better term, groping his own crotch as he stared her way.

The woman became instantly angry. "Young man," she said, stomping over to within a few feet of him. "Just what do you think you are doing?"

"Um, um," Joey said, trying to pick up the boxes. "I was just bringing some shoes back here. I'm sorry about the noise."

"It is not the noise I am protesting. It is the brazen way in which you are displaying yourself as you stand there staring at me."

Joey's eyes got wide and he looked down at himself. Sure enough, his cock was poking a definite tent in his pants. He hurried to put his hands over it.

"And if that isn't bad enough," she continued, "I saw you touching yourself. I don't know how long you were standing there, but I'm sure it was longer than necessary to do your job."

At this point, Miss Brand walked up. "What's the matter here?" she asked.

"Your employee was standing behind a rack of clothes, touching his crotch and staring at me," Mrs. Thornton said.

"Is that true?" Miss Brand asked.

"Not exactly," Joey said. "It may have looked that way, but I was just, um, you know, adjusting myself."

"Ha," Mrs. Thornton said. "Is that the best you can come up with?"

"She's right," Miss Brand said. "If you have an explanation, you'd better give it now. Otherwise, you'll be in an awful lot of trouble."

"I can explain," Joey said, plaintively. "You see, I was bringing in the shoe boxes and, as I passed through the racks of clothing, I saw Mrs. Thornton turning about. My, um, you know," he said, fumbling for words.

"You can say penis," Miss Brand said.

"Thank you," he said. "My penis became erect suddenly, and it hurt. I tried to move it, but it was stuck in my underwear in a way that wouldn't allow it any room. I bent over some to try again, and that's when I dropped the boxes." Joey turned toward Mrs. Thornton. "Honestly, I meant no disrespect."

"Go to the break room and wait there," Miss Brand says, then turned to Mrs. Thornton. "My deepest apologies. Joey has been one of my most hard working and trustworthy employees. I just don't know what got into him today."

Mrs. Thornton turned toward Joey. "Young man," she said, and he turned. "I'm not through with you. Please come back here immediately."

Joey turned and came back. "Miss Brand says that you are not prone to these types of problems. To what do you attribute your lack of discipline today?"

Joey looked at Miss Brand, unsure how to answer. "Go ahead, Joey," Miss Brand said.

Joey lowered his head. "Miss Brand has made it clear that I am not supposed to pay attention to the clients' appearance or unusual dress. Normally, I don't have a problem being around beautiful women, but I was not prepared when I saw you. I have a weakness for dominant women, and I guess I was overcome. Your outfit, in particular, is very arousing."

"What about the way I'm dressed overcame you so?" Mrs. Thornton asked.

"I, um," Joey stammered, looking to Miss Brand. "I don't want to be crude."

"Answer the question," Mrs. Thornton said. "And be specific."

"All right," Joey said. "The corset pushes your breasts up attractively, and it makes your waist very small compared to your hips. The thigh boots make you tower, giving you a very commanding look. I especially like the heels. Unlike so many women today, you have a voluptuous figure and the tightness of the clothes does well to take advantage of that. I know most women strive to be thin these days, but they forget that men prefer women with curves. That outfit suits your curves very well."

"I see," Mrs. Thornton said, reveling in the compliments. Miss Brand started to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

"And is there anything that would make my outfit better?" Mrs. Thornton asked.

Joe went over to a rack and picked up a leather, military styled hat. "I've seen the other sales girls wear these and they always make them look very dominant." He handed it to her and she put it on.

"Yes," he says. "That's very attractive on you. By chance, do you smoke?"

"On occassion," she replied.

Joey went to the counter and picked up a long, black cigarette holder. He brought it back to her, and Miss Brand magically had a cigarette and lighter in hand. Mrs. Thornton took the holder and Joey lit her cigarette. She let out a plume of smoke, keeping the holder near her mouth.

"That's wonderful, Mrs. Thornton," Joey said. "I find a dominant woman smoking to be very erotic - very sensual."

She took another long drag and let the smoke trickle from her lips.

"I think that's perfect," Joey said. "If I may be excused, I'm afraid I'm about to get myself into even more trouble."

"Not yet," Mrs. Thornton said. "Miss Brand, I feel your employee was grossly out of line, but considering his weakness for this sort of thing, I am willing to believe that he was unable to control himself. With your permission, I would like to dictate his punishment."

Joey looked concerned, but Miss Brand nodded. Mrs. Thornton walked over to the bondage rack and picked up a tube of metal attached to a handcuff. She came back and presented it to Joey.

"Please place this on yourself," she said. He looked it over, unable to determine exactly what to do.

"It is a cock lock," Miss Brand advised. "The tube holds your cock pointed down and the cuff goes behind your scrotum to keep the tube securely in place."

Joey got a look of shock on his face, but when he saw the women were not going to relent, he unzipped his pants and pulled them down. It took him a few minutes to get everything arranged and the cuff ratcheted shut. Once he was done, Mrs. Thornton grabbed around the cuff and squeezed it a few notches tighter, causing Joey to gasp. As she pulled her hand back, she let the leather of her glove stroke the underside of his scrotum. It was obvious his penis was trying to get hard, but there was nowhere for it to go.

"He can wear that until I've recovered from the incident," Mrs. Thornton said. She turned to Joey. "You are dismissed now."

Joey pulled his pants up gingerly, covering the lock, although there was still a prominent bulge. He looked forlorn as he walked away, back out to the rest of the store.

"Thank you for being so forgiving," Miss Brand said. "And, now, where were we?"

Mrs. Thornton took a drag from the cigarette and looked herself over in the mirror. "You were about to offer me a 10% discount if I purchase the entire outfit."

Miss Brand collected all the tags and carried them to the front desk. She winked at Joey, handing him the tags. He smiled in relief.

"Oh, and Miss Brand," Mrs. Thornton called from the back. "Please have Joey ring up that cock lock he's wearing in the order. We wouldn't want him to get caught shoplifting when he leaves tonight."

Joey's eyes got wide and he looked at Miss Brand, who merely shrugged. Naomi looked down at the bulge in his pants and started to giggle uncontrollably.

Chapter 10

"Bravo," Miss Brand said after seeing Mrs. Thornton out. "That was some show you put on. You really had her eating out of your hand. I swear, I was about to kill you. You'd better be glad it worked."

"Thank you," Joey said. "Do we have the key to this?" he asked, pointing to his crotch.

"No," Miss Brand replied with a smile. "We'll just have to wait for her to return the originals. I hope she doesn't hold a grudge. Don't worry. I'll make it up to you. In fact, I'll give you the standard commission on all the items she walked out of here with - even the ones that don't normally get commission. That'll come to a couple of hundred bucks. Fair?"

Joey looked down at his confined crotch. "I guess it'll have to be," he said.

"Just out of curiosity," Miss Brand said, "how did you manage to get an erection on demand like that?"

Joey chuckled. "Are you kidding? It's a constant struggle NOT to stay hard around here all day."

Everyone gave Joey a hard time about his cock lock for the rest of the day.



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