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Desire Boutique Part 2

by Katrinka Karu

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© Copyright 2010 - Katrinka Karu - Used by permission

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Legal Matters - This is copyrighted work. I am the original author. As this is being distributed to promote my other stories please feel free to pass it along to anyone who might enjoy it. But please, pass along the credits too!! :) All characters and events depicted in this story are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. This material is for the enjoyment of ADULTS only, and depicts scenes of sexual activity including, but not limited to, bondage and domination. If you are under 18 years of age, you must stop reading NOW. You can also see the story along with my other stories at the following link, which is the Second Life website marketplace.

Author's Note: I am very active in Second Life and have several novella length fetish fiction stories available there. So if you enjoyed this come into SL and say hi. Katrinka Karu!!

Part 2

Chapter 11

Friday was a day of frustration for Joey. His cock struggled all day to become erect in spite of the constraining tube that kept him pointing nearly straight down, the girls seemed to conspire to make things worse by teasing him incessantly, and, to top it all off, he had to spend his morning categorizing computer images of sexy merchandise, bondage items, and apparel they'd received from various distributors. He was assaulted with erotic visions at every turn.

As the day wore on, Joey became conditioned to the door chime, jumping up anytime someone came in, hoping it was Mrs. Thornton with the key. Naomi eventually threatened to chain his ankles together so he couldn't leave his desk, a thought which didn't help his cock situation. By the end of the day, he was resolved to a weekend of chastity. Just as they were getting ready to lock up, a courier arrived bearing a package for Joey. Joey rushed to rip it open, and when he did, he was relieved to find the key.

He started back toward the restroom, but Miss Brand stopped him. "Time to lock up," she said. "Everyone out."

The girls snickered and Joey groaned. Seeing as everyone had a key, including him, there was no reason for the others to wait for him. It was an obvious tactic on Miss Brand's part to keep him stuck in the lock for the ride home. At least that was better than all weekend.

Chapter 12

Saturday morning, Naomi, Victoria, and Allison arrived at the store early, looking forward to some serious bondage fun. The store was closed weekends, which gave them an opportunity to enjoy the goods rather than merely selling them. It was a habit they'd gotten into some time ago, and made it a ritual at least once a month. The three headed back toward the fetish room, Victoria giving Allison a playful swat to hurry her along. Naomi picked out a few things from the front of the store and followed shortly after.

"Naomi," Victoria said. "Did you guys turn off all the lights last night before you left?"

"I think so, although Miss Brand was the last person back here," Naomi replied. "Why?"

"One of the lights was left on."

"The doors were all locked. It's probably nothing," Naomi said. "I'll look around and make sure nothing is missing. You two be ready when I get back."

Victoria and Allison began to prepare, and Naomi looked around. Everything looked fine. She decided to go check out the offices. In the office hallway, she noticed that everything looked normal except that the door to Joey's room was closed. It was unusual for any of the doors to be closed, but Joey might have taken the extra precaution. She decided that she'd better check and make sure all the computers where still there (even though they were significantly less valuable than the rest of the merchandise, but a thief probably wouldn't know that).

As she approached the door, she heard a clanking noise from behind it. She froze. Luckily, she was still in her jeans and sneakers, rather than fetish clothes and heels, which made it much easier to creep back out to the front desk and pick up the heavy club they kept behind it just for this type of situation. She steeled herself and moved back down the hallway, slowly putting her hand on the doorknob. In one fluid motion she swung the door open and raised the club.

Within the room, Joey about leapt out of his skin as the door burst open. There was a lot of loud clanking and the sound of chains rustling. Naomi, seeing that it was Joey, let the club down. She looked him up and down, not quite believing what she saw. Joey was sitting in his chair facing him computer. He was clearly bound, and quite well from the look of it.

He had a thick leather bondage belt around his waist, and shiny metal bands around his neck, wrists and ankles, and above his elbows and knees. Everything was locked on with heavy padlocks which also held numerous chains connecting everything together. His wrists were locked together in front of him, suspended by chains halfway between his waist and neck. His legs were locked together, and it looked like they were attached to the chair somehow. He appeared quite helpless, able to do little more than sit in his chair and type on the keyboard. Other than the restraints, he was normally dressed, wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Naomi said, completely taken aback by the sight of him.

Joey sat perfectly still, staring up at Naomi with a stunned look on his face.

"Victoria and Allison are here, too," Naomi said, pointing back out to the main part of the store. "We found a light on in the back, so I came to make sure everything was OK."

"Yeah," Joey said. "I guess I left it on."

"Are you all right?" Naomi asked. "I mean, you're not stuck or anything, are you?"

"No," Joey said, still trying to recover from the embarrassment. "I brought the keys. I'm fine."

"OK," Naomi said, and backed out of the room. "If you hear some noise, don't worry. It's just us."

Joey nodded, and Naomi closed the door. She tried to hide her snickers as she rushed down the hallway.

Chapter 13

The girls all had a good laugh when Naomi told them about Joey's predicament. There was talk of going to capture him - he'd be helpless for sure seeing as there would be no way for him to get undone before they got the keys from him. They decided, though, that he might not be into it, so they chose to respect his privacy. A few minutes later, Naomi heard a weak voice coming from the main part of the store.


Naomi left Victoria to prepare Allison for their fun, and went out through the curtains. She found Joey, looking very anxious and holding all of the bondage gear and locks that he had been wearing.

"Naomi," he said. "I'm really sorry for what you saw. I was just terribly curious about it all. I know I shouldn't have taken the stuff without permission. I know it was grossly inappropriate, and I swear it won't ever happen again."

Naomi looked confused. "Stop apologizing. You haven't done anything wrong."

Joey looked relieved. "I haven't?"

"Of course not. Didn't Miss Brand explain the store policy concerning sampling the merchandise?"

"No," Joey said, confused. "I didn't know there was one."

"You are welcome to sample any of the products we sell," Naomi said, "as long as you follow a few simple rules. You can only use things during off hours, none of the merchandise can leave the store, everything must be in salable condition when you're done, and, most of all, absolutely no guests. Some of the rules are flexible as long as you get permission first. For example, we'll let you take some of the stuff home if you really want to. And some of the stuff can't be resold, like edible underwear, but we'll still let you try it once. The main rule that can't be broken is the one about no guests. Our insurance would drop us in a second if non-store employees, non-customers were found playing around in here. That means no girlfriends allowed."

Joey made a sarcastic chuckle. "The chances of that being a problem are about zero." He held up the bondage items. "I guess I'm done with these, anyway. Um, you're not going to tell the other girls about what I was doing, are you?"

Naomi bit her lip and furrowed her brow. The look of guilt on her face was enough to tell Joey the damage was already done. "I'm sorry," she said. "We're not used to keeping secrets around here.

"Maybe I could make it up to you," Naomi said with a bright look in her eye. "Victoria is getting ready to put Allison through her paces. Would you like to watch?"

Joey's eyes about popped out of his head. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah," Naomi said. "Just let me check with them."

Naomi went into the fetish room and returned a second later. "Victoria said it was fine with her."

"What about Allison?"

Naomi snickered. "She's not really in a position to refuse." She pointed at the bondage stuff Joey was still holding. "I'm going to go in there and get ready. When I come back, you'd better be wearing all that stuff just like before. We can't take the chance that you'll try to overpower us and have your way."

Joey looked crushed. "Naomi, I would never do that!"

"Lighten up, silly," Naomi giggled, taking his face and cupping it in her hands. "For a guy who's curious about bondage it sure does take a lot to get you tied up."

"Oh," Joey said, embarrassed by his naivety. "I get it." He started to put the metal bands back on.

"Leave your ankles undone," Naomi said. "I'm not going to carry you."

She turned toward the fetish room, then scoffed. "I swear, you need to get out more often," she said, and disappeared through the curtains.

Chapter 14

Joey was back in the waist belt, metal bands, and connecting chains when Naomi returned, this time a much different sight from the jeans and sweatshirt she had been in. She was wearing a red rubber minidress, long red rubber gloves, and red zippered knee boots. Underneath it all she had on a red silky bodysuit. His eyes were wide, roaming her body up and down.

"If Jackie were here I'd probably be dominating her, but as it is, I was resigned to being a spectator today." She smiled cruelly. "Now I have my own toy to play with."

In her hand she carried a chain leash with a leather handle, which she immediately hooked to Joey's metal collar. She jerked on the leash and Joey pitched forward, struggling to keep his balance.

Entering the fetish room, Joey's eyes became wide again. Allison was on the main platform with her arms pulled behind her by a leather single glove, the end of which was chained to a hook coming down from the ceiling, causing her to bend severly at the waist. The glove had leather straps that forced her arms close together behind her, to the point that her elbows almost touched. Additional straps criss-crossed around her chest above her breasts, assuring that she couldn't slip her arms out and escape. She was naked, save for a pair of black patent knee boots with ballet heels. Leather straps held her legs welded together at ankle, knee and thigh. A large ballgag was held in her mouth with an intricate head harness, the top of which had a large ring with a strap that ran down to connect with her thigh strap. The combination kept her facing straight down.

Standing on the platform next to Allison's bound form, Victoria stood and looked over her slave. She wore her standard black leather outfit of corset, gloves and lace-up thigh boots. She had on one of the military styled hats that Joey had picked out for Mrs. Thornton, as well as the long cigarette holder. She circled Allison, using a long crop to swat her in places as she did so. She was a vision of dominance.

Naomi led Joey over to where she had a chair set up for herself, standing him by a floor to ceiling metal pole. A few leather straps later and he was firmly lashed to the pole, virtually all movement denied him. Naomi sat down and crossed her legs, and they watched as Victoria worked on Allison.

It didn't take long before Joey realized that this game was far from pretend. Allison was strung up really tightly, and even under the cruelest of Victoria's strikes she was barely able to flinch. Victoria would alternate whipping with caressing, causing Allison a mixture of pain and pleasure. Occasionally, Victoria would hold her cigarette close to Allison, threatening to burn her. Allsion would squeal in fear and excitement.

"Naomi?" Joey whispered, hesitantly.

"Yes, dear," Naomi replied, making no effort to keep her voice down.

"May I ask a question?"

"Feel free," she said. "You're not going to bother them. They're in a world of their own."

"Whose fantasy is this?"

Naomi laughed. "Both of theirs."

"Are they, you know, lovers?"

"In a way," Naomi said. "Victoria is a real dominant at heart. She loves to have power over her partner, male or female. Technically, I guess she's bisexual, because she gets off on it either way, but we don't usually dwell on labels."

"What about Allison?" Joey asked.

"Allison is special," Naomi said. "She has an overwhelming need to be humiliated by another woman, but she isn't gay. With men, she's dominant, but not in the same way as Victoria. She likes to have the upper hand in more subtle ways, forcing her man to accept the subservient role. She can be really sensual when she wants to. That's why she's so good with the crossdressers. Most of them secretly desire to be dominated, but they're not really into the whole bootlicking, whipping scene. They just want to be told what to do by a sexy, powerful woman."

"Is she turned on by feminized men?"

"Yeah, I think so," Naomi said. "I think she's pretty cool. She seems so straight laced on the outside, with all her briefcases and business suits, but on the inside she's probably the kinkiest of us all."

"What about you?"

"Little 'ol me?" Naomi said, acting innocent. "I'm just your average midwestern girl."

Joey scoffed. "Give me a break."

"What?" Naomi asked, feigning shock. She laughed. "All right, you got me. The fact is, I like it all. Top or bottom, watching or participating, women or men. I suppose if you had to rate one thing over the others, I like the fetish clothes the best. I guess that's my narcissistic side. I've been told I'm obsessed with myself, but I don't believe it."

"Oh," Joey said sarcastically. "I don't believe anyone would say that."

Naomi reached up and grabbed his earlobe, slowly pulling down, making it extremely painful.

"Ow, ow, stop. I give," Joey cried, struggling against his bonds. "You're not obsessed with yourself. I swear."

"That's better," Naomi said with a sly smile.

Joey looked down at his fettered self and realized just how vulnerable he was. His struggles had barely registered against the metal bands and straps. When he looked up, he saw Victoria put her cigarette holder to Allison's lips. Allison grasped it with her teeth and Victoria put a clamp over her nose, forcing her to breath through her mouth. As she breathed, she was forced to smoke the rest of Victoria's cigarette.

"I didn't know that Allison smoked," Joey said.

"She doesn't," Naomi replied. "But sometimes Victoria makes her. It's a little game they play. If she drops the holder, she gets the cigarette stubbed out on her nipple."

Allison was panting in her bonds, trying not to choke on the cigarette smoke. Victoria left her, strutting over toward Joey and Naomi.

"She needs a second to cool down before round two," Victoria said empirically. She looked over Joey. "It looks like you're having a good time," she said, using the tip of her crop to tap the large bulge in his pants.

"Um, yes, ma'am," Joey replied.

"Very good, Your a fast study," Victoria said, and moved her body up against his with her lips were near his cheek. "Or maybe you've done this before."

"No, ma'am," Joey said. "This is my first time."

"Huh," Victoria said, and moved away. "I bet Naomi would give you a handjob if you asked politely."

Naomi nodded.

Joe looked between the pair. "Um, that's not necessary. I'm fine."

"You don't want some relief?" Naomi asked. "It's not a problem. Miss Brand knows we have these little get togethers."

"No," Joey says. "That's OK."

Naomi stood up and rubbed up against him. "Don't you think it'd be fun. I promise not to torture you too much - or too little," she said in a sultry voice.

"I say let him suffer," Victoria said. "It's no skin off my nose." She turned and went back to play with Allison some more, retrieving her holder from Allison's lips and lighting a fresh cigarette.

Naomi sat back down, still puzzled by Joey's reluctance. After a minute, she looked up at him, but he was avoiding eye contact with her.

"I'm sorry if we pushed you too far," Naomi said. "We sometimes forget that not everyone is used to this much intimacy. We just assume that everyone wants to join in."

Joey looked down at her. "It's not that," he said. "I really want to. It's just..."

"Just what?" Naomi said, standing up and pushing her body close to his.

Joey rolled his eyes. "All right," he said. "Go ahead. You might as well know everything."

Naomi wasn't thrilled - she wanted him to beg for it, but her curiousity was too piqued now. She knelt down and undid his pants, working to pull them down amidst the chains and waist belt. When she finally suceeded, she got her answer.

Naomi giggled, causing Joey to turn beet red. "I think I've found our shyness problem," she said over her shoulder to Victoria.

Beneath his pants, Joey was wearing panties. Dark red satin panties, with a high waist and a hint of lace around the legs.

Victoria looked over and laughed out loud. "So we have a sissy in our midst."

Allison tried to turn her head to look, but couldn't due to the tightness of all the straps. Victoria pressed her thigh against Allison's face, forcing her back into submission.

"Now, Joey," Naomi said. "You can't wear store merchandise directly against your genitals. That's against store rules because it can't be sold afterward."

"They don't belong to the store," Joey said, and before Naomi could speak, continued. "I know they're the store brand. I bought them yesterday when I was working the register."

"Well, well," Naomi said, and started to feel him up and down. "Are you wearing any other female clothing?"

"Not right now."

"Not right now, huh," she said, looking him in the eye. "That begs the question of what I might have found some other time. Care to divulge your secrets, or will I have to resort to more invasive interrogation procedures?"

Joe held his lips tightly together.

Naomi walked over to a rack and picked up nipple clamps and a whip. Almost as an afterthought, she marched over and got a cigarette holder and put a cigarette into it, lighting it as she returned.

"Now we'll see what secrets you have," she said, blowing smoke in his face.

Victoria worked over Allison as Naomi worked over Joey. Joey gave without much of a fight.

"I wear women's clothes on the weekends sometimes," Joey confessed. "I've never dressed in more than a few things, though, and I've never really tried to look like a woman."

"Do you fantasize about looking like a woman?" Naomi asked.

"I guess so," Joey replied.

"And what about sex?" she asked.

"What about it?"

"Do you fantasize about men or women?"

"I'm not gay," Joey said defensively, then cast his eyes down. "I guess I have thought about what it would be like to give a man, you know, a blowjob, if I were a woman."

Naomi unbound him and stripped him, but quickly rebound him to limit his freedom. She used the metal bands to secure his wrists and elbows behind his back, but left the rest off. She began to dress him in women's underwear, starting with the red bra that matched his panties, then adding a red garter belt, stockings, and 3" red pumps. He did nothing to resist the new additions. With his new underwear in place, she replaced the metal bands and chains, leaving him sufficient room for small steps. She grabbed his leash and began to walk him around.

Naomi used the whip to urge him along, but soon realized that he was taking confident strides in the heels.

"You aren't supposed to be this good in heels, my dear," she said. "Explain."

Joey looked embarrassed. "One of my sisters went to prom wearing a light purple outfit, complete with heels. She was short, so she used 5"heels to make up some. Her prom date ended up trying to take advantage of her, ripping her dress and bringing her home early when she wouldn't do what he wanted. She threw the dress and shoes away that night. I picked the shoes out of the trash, and I've had them ever since."

"And you are comfortable in them?"

"Oh, yes," Joey replied. "I wear them all the time. At least, I did before I moved into my second floor apartment. I have wood floors and they make a lot of noise, so I had to stop."

Naomi made him sit and replaced his 3" heels with a pair of 6" heels with ankle straps.

When he stood, she smiled, seeing that he was having a hard time walking. "That's better," she said.

Naomi walked him a little more, than returned him to the pole, binding him again. She knelt before him and began to stroke his cock with her rubber gloved hands. His eyes drooped as the sensations filled him.

Chapter 15

Naomi worked on Joey for a while, keeping him in bliss with her hands, and, for very brief seconds, her lips and the tip of her tongue. She was a masterful tease. Joey heard the sound of clicking heels and opened his eyes. Victoria and Allison were finished. Victoria was changing clothes and cleaning up and Allison was walking over to him to have a look. Joey blushed as she inspected his body up and down with her eyes. It was especially humiliating seeing as she was fully dressed in a casual pantsuit and he was nearly naked except for women's underwear.

"Just how far are you willing to go with this, Joey?" Allison asked with a devious look on her face.

Naomi looked up from her task. "He's got a full female wardrobe at home, including shoes."

"I could make you look pretty convincing," Allison said, "if you want to give it a go. What do you say?"

Joey looked puzzled. He didn't know what to say. "I don't know," he finally answered. "I"ve always fantasized about it, but I've never really thought about doing it for real. I have to admit, I got really turned on watching those guys get transformed last week."

"Don't jump in too quickly," Allison said. "Most of the time the fantasy is better than the reality. With the fantasy, it's all private, and you don't feel nervous or self-conscious. The reality can be very scary."

Naomi stood up and snapped his bra strap. She reached down and squeezed his cock, making it throb. "He's all for it down there."

"Yeah," Joey said. "I'm not too worried about being afaid. Anyway, you guys already know my secrets, and I haven't gone off the deep end."

"There's more," Allison said. "Some of the things I'd need to do won't be quickly undone."

"Like what?" Joey asked, concerned. "I'll still be able to pass as a man, won't I?"

"Of course. The changes aren't that drastic. Mostly, you won't have body or facial hair for a few months," Allison said, then looked over his face. "And we'll have to shape your eyebrows a little. Your face will be a little more feminine, but it's unlikely that anyone will be able to pin down exactly what's different about you."

Naomi grabbed his balls and began to squeeze. "I think it would be fun to dress you up in all these great fetish clothes, and you don't want to deny me my pleasure, do you slave? We have you in a pretty compromising position."

Allison pulled Naomi's hand away. "None of that," she said. "I won't work on him if he isn't completely willing. You and I both know that Miss Brand wouldn't approve."

"I suppose," Naomi said, putting her hands on her hips.

Joey looked between the two of them. He looked at Naomi. "You really think it would be fun?" She nodded, and he looked at Allison. "And you wouldn't mind? I know it would be a lot of work for you."

"Of course I don't mind," Allison said with a laugh. "I'm positively drooling over the thought of it."

Naomi smirked. "That's the thing that ought to scare you," she said.

"Well," Joey said. "If you guys want to use me as a Barbie Doll, I'm game."

The pair of girls smiled.

Allison retrieved some items from the salon room and returned. "There are three bottles here," she said. "The first is body depilatory. Use it everywhere below the neck except your crotch. The second is sensitive area depilatory, for the face and crotch. Be careful with it, it's powerful stuff. Don't touch your head with it or you'll be wearing a wig for about three months. The last bottle is a special type of moisturizer - our own special blend. After the depilatories do their work, dump the whole bottle of moisturizer into a tub of hot water. Get in and soak until the water gets cold. Do all that as soon as you get home. Be here tomorrow at 10:00 AM sharp."

Joey nodded.

Victoria walked up, having heard most of the conversation. "I have a suggestion," she said, and held up the steel tube cock lock he'd worn during the week.

The girls faces lit up and they nodded. Victoria grabbed Joey's cock, pinching it in a way that made him wince. It deflated almost instantly.

Joey looked shocked as Victoria pushed his penis in the metal tube and started to ratchet the cuff closed. "But...," he said. "I haven't had an orgasm yet. I'm dying here."

Naomi put her gloved hand on his face with sympathy. "I'm sorry, dear, but we have to give you proper motivation to be on time and properly prepared tomorrow."

Naomi unlocked enough of the bands holding Joey fixed that he could do the rest, then changed back into her street clothes. As the girls packed up and left, leaving him half bound wearing women's underwear, he didn't know whether to be mad or elated.

Chapter 16

Sunday morning Joey arrived right on time. Having no body hair made him feel extremely naked even under full clothing. Allison and Naomi were already there, dressed in jeans and T-shirts, back in the salon room setting things up. Joey walked in and looked things over. He didn't recognize too much of the stuff.

"Where's Victoria?" he asked.

"She'll be coming around lunch," Allison said. "She's not into the boring transformation part." She turned to Naomi. "Would get him prepped while I finish setting up in here?"

"Sure," Naomi said with a wicked smile. "Right this way."

Naomi led Joey back into the fetish room, made him strip naked (except for the cock lock), and motioned for him to step up onto the platform. Once there, she locked his hands into heavy manacles and used the winch to raise them until he was on his tiptoes. She removed the cock lock, and his cock sprang straight out.

"That's a relief," he said. "That thing is miserable."

Naomi smiled cruelly. "Don't get used to the freedom," she said, and stroked it lightly. "It's going back under wraps very soon."

Joey looked crestfallen. He made sad puppy dog eyes. "But, Mistress. Pleeese..."

Naomi grabbed his cock, squeezed it tightly, and began to pump it hard. The sensations were so intense and sudden that if it weren't for the manacles holding him up he would have fallen over. His hips began to buck wildly, and he closed his eyes in approaching orgasm. Her hand stopped with the same suddeness that it had started. Joey almost screamed as he felt all the sensations stop. Naomi grinned at him evilly, then held up a hat pin. Joey looked scared.

Naomi moved the pin down to his crotch and poked it into his scrotum, watching as his cock slowly deflated. "I don't have as much finesse as Victoria. I have to resort to more blunt methods."

She opened a box sitting on a nearby chair, and pulled out what looked like a pair of silver steel panties. She held them up for him to see.

"Meet the Fortitude," Naomi said.

"Another chastity belt?" Joey asked. "Why?"

"Because you don't want unsightly bulges," Naomi replied. She held up the belt. It was smooth all over the outside, hinged at the crotch, and had an oval shaped hole for the anus. She closed it, and he could see that the entire front was perfectly smooth, with no hint of a bulge.

"Where does my, um," Joes stammered.

"Penis go?" she finished for him. He nodded.

She opened it up. Inside the front there was a flattened metal tube that started low in the front and ran down into the crotch. If the penis were forced into it, it would hold it straight down and back, tight against the body.

"That doesn't look very big," Joey said.

"It's not," Naomi said. "The tighter the better, though. You won't be able to get hard at all, but that's the point."

Naomi put some kind of powder on his penis and began to feed it into the tube. Even flaccid it was a challenge to get it in. After almost five minutes of work she had the front plate firmly against his body. Holding it there, she moved behind him and pulled the back plate up, working it against his butt. When she was sure she had everything positioned just right, she secured the latches at each side.

"There are tiny padlocks inside the metal housings," Naomi said, and Joey heard the click of padlocks from each side of the belt. "Even a pair of bolt cutters couldn't get this thing off."

Naomi moved a floor standing mirror over so that he could see the fit. Aside from the fact that it was silver, and slightly thick, the Fortitude did indeed look like a pair of high-waisted panties. Otherwise, there was nothing terribly out of the ordinary looking about it. With his hairless body and now smooth crotch, he already looked more like a girl than a boy - well, at least from the neck down.

"Let's test it out," Naomi said, and moved in close to him. She felt his body up and down, and then began to lick him from nipples to neck. He shivered, and felt his cock trying desperately to grow within the metal prison. He looked down, just to be sure, but there was absolutely no sign of his manhood.

"How does it feel?" Naomi asked in a sultry voice, nibbling his ear.

"Keep going," Joey said, trying to keep a straight face. "I'll let you know if I feel anything,"

Naomi stepped back and glared at him. "Just for that I think I'll throw away the key!"

Joey got a big grin. "No, no. Don't do that. I'll be good," he said. "I can feel my cock trying to get hard, but there's absolutely no room for it. It just feels really tight."

"Is it uncomfortable?"

Joey considered for a moment, wiggling his hips. "Only because I want to get hard so badly. Otherwise, it feels fine. How will I pee?"

"There's a hole by the anus opening," Naomi replied. "Of course, you'll have to sit."

Joey nodded. That was part of the fantasy.

Allison came out, with long rubber gloves on. "Is he ready?"

"Yeah," Naomi said. "We've just been playing around."

"Save that for later," Allison said. "We have work to do."

Naomi started to let Joey down, but Allison stopped her. "Wait," Allison said. "Can you spread his arms out a little?"

Naomi adjusted the winch and used it to spread Joey's arms apart above his head.

"Great," Allison said. "That's perfect. Let's do the rubber stuff with him hung up. It'll hold him just right."

She came over and felt around Joey's middle and along his chest. She took out a tape measure and measured his torso in a number of directions.

"I usually have to do this on a lacing bar in the salon, but it'll be much easier out here," Allison said to Joey.

Allison went into the salon room and returned with a cart full of items. Two were simulation breasts, Joey could tell, there was a large bra, and there was a jar of something that was probably glue. The other things were unidentifiable, but they looked like stips of flesh colored rubber in various shapes and sizes.

Allison wrapped one of the pieces of rubber around his waist, letting it overlap near his spine. It covered him from hipbones to ribs, and seemed to cling to itself. She adjusted it several times, pulling it tighter around his waist, then, when she seemed satisfied, peeled it down from the top and put a generous amount of adhesive all around the inside of it. She rolled the top part back up and he could feel the sticky adhesive. She repeated the step for the bottom. She pulled out a blow dryer and turned it on, walking around him and blowing the rubber from all sides. Joey could feel it constricting slightly, pulling his waist in. At the same time, he could tell the adhesive was drying. The rubber waist cinch now seemed to move with him.

"There," Allison said, turning off the blow dryer. "I took you in about four inches."

"Is it glued on?" Joey asked.

"Yes," Allison replied. "And without the solvent you'll have to peel your skin back to get it off."

Next, Allison picked up the large bra and wrapped it around Joey's chest, hooking the six hooks in back. The shoulder straps were undone, and she let the cups fall forward, hanging at his waist. She picked up the breasts, dipped the bases of each in the adhesive, and carefully lined them up on his chest. When she thought they were perfect, she pulled the bra up and hooked the shoulder straps over his shoulders. The bra was obviously meant for this task, seeing as the straps were quick release at the top of the shoulder, and the cups pushed the breasts straight against the chest, unlike a regular bra that strived for uplift.

Allison picked up the blow dryer and gave each breast a quick run around the outside.

"You'll have to wear the bra for at least an hour to give the adhesive time to dry where we can't blow dry it," she said. "But you don't mind wearing a tight bra, now do you?"

Joey gave a weak nod. He looked past Allison to where Naomi was sitting, patiently watching. She had one hand moving slightly between her crossed legs and a far away look in her eyes. Joey smiled and she smiled back. Looking at his reflection, he figured he was now about a B cup, or maybe a small C.

Allison went to the shoe rack and picked up a pair of slingbacks with 4" heels. She placed them on Joey's feet, then picked up a pair of small rubber strips. She put on the adhesive, then wrapped one around each ankle, using the blow dryer to set them. They felt very tight around his ankles, and he felt his toes pointed downward.

"What are those?" he asked.

"We call them stride limiters," Allison replied. "Want to see why?"

He nodded.

She reached down and pulled off one of his shoes. When he tried to put his weight down, he felt a tightness in the back of his ankle where the rubber strip was. He pushed down a little harder, but the pain from the strip cutting into his ankle quickly put an end to that.

"I can't bend my foot," he said with incredulation.

"That's right," Allison said with a grin. "You're effectively hobbled without a pair of high heels. If I tightened it enough, you couldn't walk without ballet boots!"

She put the shoe back on him and he tentatively put his weight down. There was no problem as long as his heel was at the minimum height.

Allison took off the gloves and motioned for Naomi to let him down.

As soon as he was free, Joey explored his new features. The breasts felt large, even though he knew they were little more than average, and his waist felt tiny and compressed. With his arms down and the waist band pushing him up and out, his breasts looked maybe a cup size larger than he'd first thought. He was sure he was a C cup. The only thing that marred the image was the fact that the rubber strips and breasts were significantly lighter in coloration than his natural skin tone.

Allison led Joey into the salon and motioned for him to climb into the tanning bed. He did, and she closed it on him and turned it on. Less than five minutes later she let him out. He was shocked to see that the rubber was now identical in skin tone to the rest of him, and he literally had to feel for the seams to know where they stopped and he started. He looked at himself in the mirror, and from the neck down he was fully female. There was no way to tell.

"That's amazing," he said.

"That's nothing," Allison said with pride. "You just got the quick and dirty service. If we really wanted you to feel like a woman, you'd be far more convincing."

Joey took her word for it.

"This is about all we can do and still get you back to being a man by Monday, though," Allison said, then handed him a stack of underthings. "Get dressed,"

He put on panties, pantyhose, and full white slip over the tight bra. As soon as he was done she led him to a salon chair and he sat.

"Do you want to be willing or forced?" Allison asked. "There's no difference in what we do, just how we do it."

"I'll take the forced," Joey said, his heart racing.

As soon as the words left his mouth Naomi plunged a needle into his arm. Practically before he could look down to see what she'd done his vision became fuzzy. He heard the girls giggling and felt them moving his arms and legs around, but he couldn't concentrate on specifics. After that, it was all a blur.

Chapter 17

Joey awoke to a bright light shining in his eyes. He could feel that his head was tilted back, and he thought he was still in the salon chair. The light moved from in front of his eyes, and he saw Allison's face over him.

"How long..."

"How long were you out?" Allison asked. Joey nodded. "Less than ten minutes. We just knocked you out to get you secured, but that'll wear off in a few minutes. There's a little valium in there, too, to keep you mellow while I work on you."

Joey tried to move. He could feel straps around wrists and biceps, and a strap around both ankles and another around both thighs. There was one holding his head back and he could tell there was one around his neck. He couldn't move his head at all, and the rest of his body was nearly immobile. Allison pulled his right eye open and dropped something into it. When she moved back, he couldn't see a thing through it. She did the same to his left eye, and he was effectively blind.

"Don't worry, honey," she said. "These are just blackened contact lenses. They'll help keep you docile during the transformation."

Joey didn't feel the least bit concerned as he felt her do all sorts of things to his face. At the same time, someone else was working on his hands and later his feet. It was a few hours later when they unstrapped him and let him up from the chair. The valium had worn off, but he was still fine with the treatment.

They helped him dress. They pulled the slip up around his neck and replaced the tight bra with a more standard, midriff length bra. He felt a padded girdle go on over the hose, they pulled the slip back down, and then they helped him step into a dress. It felt fitted at the waist as they zipped it, with a high collar and short sleeves. He could feel the hem just above his knee. Deep inside, he felt the tightness of the metal tube holding his cock. If it weren't locked up it would be sticking straight out.

"Are you ready to see the new you?" Allison asked.

"Sure," Joey said.

They popped out the contacts and Joey stood looking into the mirror at a fashionable young woman. The dress was a floral print in a double breasted style. It emphasized his compressed waist and enlarged chest, and showcased his legs nicely. His heels were now pink pumps with 4" heels. For jewelry, he had on fake diamond earrings, two rings on his fingers, which ended in long pink colored nails, and a gold anklet. The most startling change was to his face. He no longer looked like a man at all. His cheeks looked higher, his eyebrows were arched, and his lips looked full and pouty. His hair was shoulder length and styled in a cute bob cut. Joey stared at himself for a solid five minutes before even moving a muscle.

"Well?" Allison asked. "What do you think?"

"It's a fantasy come true," Joey said. He pivoted on the balls of his feet, and looked at himself from the side. His back curves were just as realistic as his front ones were.

"I simply can't believe it," he said, still in shock. "I look like a woman."

Joey began to walk around the room. The girls were surprised at how quickly he adopted feminine mannerisms. He kept his elbows in, his knees together, and stood with his weight slightly more on one foot, letting the other knee bend in.

"I guess we can skip the lesson on walking," Naomi said sarcastically.

Joey blushed. "I used to practice acting like a girl in front of my mirror at home."

"You did well," Allison said. "You're by far the best first-timer I've ever had."

Victoria walked in and looked over Joey. "Nice. Are you girls ready for lunch?"

Naomi picked up a purse and handed it to Joey. He looked at the girls and realized that they were all dressed very fashionably in summer dresses, including himself. They must have taken turns changing while he was being worked on.

"Oh, no," Joey said. "You're not getting me out like this."

"What's wrong?" Allison said, pouting. "Didn't I do a good job?"

"It's not that," Joey replied. "You did great. But I'm not setting foot out of this store dressed like this."

"And how long do you plan to stay here?" Victoria asked, hands on her hips.

Joey looked puzzled.

"We took your clothes out of the store," Naomi said with a mischevious grin. "And there's no solvent for any of the stuff you're wearing."

"Not to mention," Allison added, "that all the stuff you're wearing is charged to your credit card. If you damage any of it you won't be able to return it."

"That's blackmail," Joey said.

The girls just smiled.

"All right," Joey said in defeat. "But lunch is it. After that, you don't make me do anything else. No more coercion."

"Ha," Victoria said. "He thinks he can barter with us." She got right in his face. "I have a better idea. You'll do what we say when we say it. If not, that chastity belt," she said, tapping his crotch, "stays on. And I'm not talking for a few extra hours - I'm talking days, or weeks."

Now Joey began to look scared. He didn't know what to say.

"Don't worry, Joey," Allison said, trying to calm him down. "It'll be fun. I promise. And we won't force you to stay locked up any longer than necessary. That is," she added, "unless you're really bad."

Joey seemed a little reassured.

"The only thing left is to pick a name," Naomi said.

"I like Sandy," Allison said.

"He looks like a Bambi, or a Candi, to me," Victoria said.

"It's Josephine," Joey said quietly.

"What?" Naomi asked.

"My sisters used to make fun of me, saying things like I should have been a girl," Joey said. "When they did they always called me Josephine. I guess I just sort of adopted it."

"That's a beautiful name," Allison said. "Josephine it is."

Chapter 18

The lunch went off without a hitch. The girls took Joey to a seaside chalet where they ate a light lunch then walked along the shops that lined the coast. Josephine was terribly nervous for the first half of the trip, but there was no sign of trouble, and he quickly became acclimated to portraying a woman. The girls were all surprised by how little they had to do to keep his secret hidden. He walked, talked, sat, and ate in a manner that never hinted at his true gender. In the end, he had a great time.

It was after 7:00 PM when they arrived back at the store.

"Did you have fun?" Allison asked.

"Of course I did," Joey replied, plopping down in an armchair and crossing his silky legs.

"I told you you would," Allison said, sitting down beside him and kicking off her heels. "And the night is still young."

Naomi and Victoria went into the back.

"What are they doing?" Joey asked, fearing that he was being set up for something.

"They're just getting ready for the next event," Allison said.

"It's really getting late. Don't you think we'd better start getting this stuff off me?" Joey asked. "I'd kinda like to get home."

"But why?"

"Well," Joey said. "I've been stuck in a chastity belt of some kind for the past twenty-four hours, and it was the most erotic twenty-four hours of my life. Frankly, I need some relief."

Allison smiled seductively and nibbled on her left pinky finger. "We were planning on giving you a little help in that area."

"Like you did last night?" Joey asked. "Thanks, but no thanks."

Allison didn't respond. She just kept smiling.

Joey's face fell. "You're not going to give me a choice, are you?"

"Sure we will," Allison said. "You can play along or go straight home."

"With the belt still on, I assume."

"Of course."

Joey held his wrists out. "Go ahead, officer. Take me in."

Allison hopped up and led Joey into the back. Victoria was already in her leather dominatrix outfit, complete with corset, boots, gloves and hat. Naomi was dressed in a red leather halter dress that barely covered her to mid thigh. It had a tight buckled collar style neck and a built-in corset that gave it a severe look. She had on red hose with red leather thigh boots with black trim and matching leather wrist gloves.

"Right this way," Naomi said, pointing toward the platform.

Joey walked up and stepped onto the platform, now back where this adventure had started.

"We each get to choose one outfit, complete with accessories," Naomi said. "I get to go first, and I've chosen to turn you into a kinky nurse. So hurry up and strip."

Joey stripped off everything that would come off, leaving him in the glued on rubber items and his chastity belt. Naomi started with a white rubber bra/corset that ended in six garter tabs. She added white panties, and white hose. A skimpy nurses uniform was next, tightly buttoned up the front with a big red cross on the midriff. White knee high platform boots went on Joey's feet and white leather gloves went on his hands. Allison pinned his hair up, and a white nurses cap finished the look.

"Perfect," Naomi said, handing him a fake stethoscope.

The girls made him parade around the store, flipping his skirt up and smacking his bottom each chance they got. Joey got into it too, acting saucy, pretending to flirt with the girls, then acting shocked when they touched or spanked him. After a short while, Naomi motioned Joey back to the platform. She was holding a white leather straight jacket. He held his arms out and she pulled it on. It was very tight, and obviously tailored to fit a woman's body. Naomi closed it in back, then pulled his arms around him crossed under his breasts. She fastened them in back. The final strap went through his crotch, pulling his skirt up to show the tops of his hose and garter tabs. Victoria added a big red ballgag attached to a white strap, and Allison changed his lipstick to be bright red to match. The last piece to the outfit was a pair of heavy leather ankle cuffs with a short connecting chain.

The girls all sat and made him prance around in his bondage. Between the height of the heels on the boots and the cuffs and chain, he could only take tiny steps. Victoria couldn't contain herself, and eventually got up and used the whip on his exposed thighs to give him some encouragement to move faster.

Chapter 19

Outfit number two was Victoria's to choose. She went more for fetish and bondage, starting with a black mesh bodysuit, black leather knee high lace up ballet boots and black leather, shoulder length lace up bondage mittens. The mittens were tight enough that there was no way Joey would be able to remove them, or anything else, once they were on. Over that, she added a leather hobble dress that laced from knees to neck. It was sleeveless, and left only a few inches between the tops of his boots and its hemline. Once in it and laced, his knees were welded together, and he couldn't bend at the waist.

She added a black leather hood that laced up the back, and a strict posture collar. The hood was attached via a chain to a hook near the ceiling, keeping him standing straight upright, unable to move from the platform. Finally, to complete his bondage, she strapped him into a full body harness. It was basically a set of heavy leather straps about six inches apart that encircled him from ankles to neck. They were connected by four long strips of leather that ran the entire length. Victoria buckled each one, then went back and tightened each again. It was obvious from the bulges of leather around the straps that they were all very tight when she finished.

Since he couldn't move at all, he was nothing more than a toy for them. Victoria and Naomi circled him, touching and squeezing him here and there. He could only feel it a little through the layers of leather and straps, which added to the frustration. His struggling was evidence of their affect on him.

Allison sat back and watched, thinking about what her choice would be.

Chapter 20

Allison chose to put Joey back in his original outfit - the floral dress. For underwear, she chose an open bottomed girdle, to allow access to the chastity (they really were planning to give him relief), a longline bra, hose and slip. Then back into the dress. Seeing as they were doing a fetish fashion show, instead of standard heels he was put in black thigh high zip up boots with 5" heels. Allison wrapped a black bondage corset around him, cinching it in and locking it, and added a matching black leather neck corset.

For bondage, Allison started with a black leather single glove. It was the same one she had worn as Victoria punished her, so she knew just how restraining it could be. She pulled his arms behind him and slipped it up them, lacing it tight, then used the attached straps to keep it secure. In addition to the straps around elbows, wrists, and the ones that crisscrossed around his chest, she added a few more to attach his arms to the bondage corset, and one that went from between his shoulder blades to the neck corset.

To make matters worse, they took a long pole and threaded it between his bound arms and back, running along his spine. They pushed it into a hole in the platform's floor, and secured it there. With it in place, and his arms encircling it, he was definitely not going anywhere.

Allison brought over a ballgag harness that she stuffed into his mouth and strapped with the numerous hanging straps around his head, then added a padded blindfold. Finally, she used a few individual straps to lash him to the pole at ankles, calves, knees, thighs, and one around his chest.

Joey looked like a combination of sophisticated woman and bondage slave. And the best part was that, even as tightly bound as he was, access to his crotch was a simple matter of flipping up the dress and rolling up the girdle.

It was decided (silently) that this would be the position in which they would finally allow Joey to reach orgasm. Victoria began to circle him, swatting him with the crop, while Allison caressed, rubbed, kissed, and teased every inch of him. His arousal was evident in his struggling, which had taken on a fevered pitch.

Naomi stood back, watching as the pair made Joey squirm, teasing herself as they teased him.


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