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Desire Boutique Part 3

by Katrinka Karu

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© Copyright 2010 - Katrinka Karu - Used by permission

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Legal Matters - This is copyrighted work. I am the original author. As this is being distributed to promote my other stories please feel free to pass it along to anyone who might enjoy it. But please, pass along the credits too!! :) All characters and events depicted in this story are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. This material is for the enjoyment of ADULTS only, and depicts scenes of sexual activity including, but not limited to, bondage and domination. If you are under 18 years of age, you must stop reading NOW. You can also see the story along with my other stories at the following link, which is the Second Life website marketplace.

Author's Note: I am very active in Second Life and have several novella length fetish fiction stories available there. So if you enjoyed this come into SL and say hi. Katrinka Karu!!

Part 3

Chapter 21

Miss Brand came into the boutique to drop a few things off, saw the light on in the back, and decided to have a look. She knew the girls played these games on the weekends, and enjoyed the fact that the girls took such an active interest in the fetish scene. It not only made them better at the job, it made them people she liked to work with. She moved quietly through the curtains into the fetish room, trying not to alert them to her presence. It wasn't that she didn't want them to know she was there, only that she didn't want to intrude on their scene. What she saw made her angry instantly.

Victoria and Allison were on the platform with a bound girl she did not know. Victoria was cropping the girl on her thighs from behind while Allison was kissing and licking the girl on the face around a gag and blindfold. Naomi stood silently nearby, obviously enjoying the show. Miss Brand walked up and tapped Naomi on the shoulder.

Naomi started slightly, turning to see who was there. "Miss Brand," she said.

"Come with me," Miss Brand said in a hushed voice.

The pair walked back to the curtained door where Miss Brand turned to her. "I give you girls a great deal of leeway here, and I don't appreciate having my generosity abused."

Naomi looked scared and confused. "I don't understand."

"I'm not going to make you stop this time, but if I ever see any of you in here with a guest again, I promise you that someone will be fired."

Naomi looked around, still confused. Her eyes came to rest on Joey.

Naomi almost burst out laughing, having to put her hand over her mouth not to. It was Miss Brand's turn to look confused.

"What do you find so funny about this situation?" Miss Brand said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Miss Brand," Naomi said, smirking. "Josephine isn't a guest."

Miss Brand looked at the scene, staring at the bound girl. All of a sudden the shock hit her face. "No," she exclamed. "You don't mean to tell me... Is that Joey?"

Naomi stuck her nose in the air. "When he's dressed like this he prefers Josephine."

Miss Brand put her hands over her mouth, staring at the bound creature struggling on the platform. She began to shake her head.

"Now, Naomi," Miss Brand said. "I know this may seem like harmless fun and all, but I need that boy. He's the first computer specialist we've found that didn't scare the customers - or vice versa. How much of this did you force on him?"

"Just a little," Naomi said. "But he likes it. Honest."

Miss Brand stared at her critically.

"No, really," Naomi said. "If you don't believe me, ask Allison. She did all the work on him. We only had to threaten him to get him out to lunch."

"You forced him out like that?"

Naomi looked guilty. "Well, yeah. I mean, you don't expect us to keep a beauty like that hidden, do you?"

Miss Brand just shook her head. "I can't believe this. He's only been on the job one week."

"We didn't have him bound or anything. And he was wearing normal heels," Naomi said. "Well, normal for 4" heels."

"I know, but the dress?"

"Well, yes. And the girdle and bra and breast forms and wig. All of it. Oh, and the chastity belt underneath."

Naomi took a minute and gave Miss Brand the highlights of what happened, starting all the way back with finding him bound at his computer. Miss Brand walked toward the platform, putting her finger to her lips to keep Allison and Victoria silent. She circled, watching and listening as Joey moaned, struggling against the bonds. After a minute she backed off, motioning for Allison to join her. Naomi took Allison's place.

"Naomi said he did all this willingly," Miss Brand said to Allison. "Is that true?"

"Yes," Allison replied. "We had to push him a little in places, but I don't think we exceeded his limits."

"I need your honest appraisal of him. Do you think he's really into crossdressing, or is he just going along because he has a crush on you girls?"

"Oh, he's definitely into the crossdressing. From what I can tell, it's central to his fantasies."

"And what about bondage or domination?"

"Definitely," Allison replied. "He's very responsive to both. I don't think he's into serious slavery, but he wants to be told what to do, and he wants to feel forced. He's a pretty typical crossdresser. He likes the humiliation of being forced to dress in women's clothing, he likes to be under a woman's control, but he isn't into pain or serious slavery."

Miss Brand nodded and thought for a moment, watching as Naomi began to tickle Joey's thighs and rub him around the chastity belt.

"Do you think you can make sure he comes to work tomorrow in drag?" Miss Brand asked.

"What do you have in mind?" Allison said, an evil grin forming on her lips.

"Just keep him in heels and breasts and make sure he has girls clothes," Miss Brand said.

"No problem," Allison said.

"And I want to talk to you girls early tomorrow morning. Make sure everyone is here by 8:00 AM."

"All right," Allison said.

Miss Brand took one more long look at Joey on the platform, then left.

Chapter 22

Naomi unbound Joey's legs, then rebound them attached to a spreader bar. She pulled up his dress and girdle and unlocked the chastity, letting the front fall forward. His cock sprang out and immediately and became erect. He gave a long, satisfied moan and began to try to push forward, even though there was nothing to push against. The back of the chastity was still held by the back of the girdle, so it hung there between his legs.

The girls took turns licking and sucking on his cock, keeping him on the edge of orgasm. It didn't take long before they knew he was going to cum. They let Allison finish him off. Joey orgasmed tremendously, thrashing and pulling against his bonds. It seemed to last forever, but Allison made it very good. Off to the side, Victoria smoked a cigarette while Naomi brought herself off in time with Joey.

After the orgasm subsided, Joey hung limply in his bonds. Allison wiped him off, reapplied the special powder to his penis, and slid it back into the chastity. It was relocked seconds later. Victoria and Naomi removed all of Joey's bindings, leaving him in his outfit and boots. They led him over to a chair to rest. He sat, dress pulled back down and knees together, letting the feeling come back into his arms.

"Mmmm," he said. "That was wonderful."

"Good," Naomi said, cleaning off the bondage items and putting them back where they belonged. "It was good for us, too."

"We'd better start to undo this stuff. It's getting late," he said, stretching his legs out and beginning to untie the boots.

Allison came up, holding a bag in her hands. "I'm leaving, girls. Here's some stuff for you, Josephine."

Joey looked at her in confusion, but took the bag. "You're not going to help me apply the solvent?"

"What solvent?"

He looked in the bag and saw nothing more than some clothes and accessories.

"Whoa," he said. "Game's over. I want out of this stuff." He tried to stand up, but his ankles gave with the pressure from the stride limiters. It was then that he also realized that the chastity belt was back in place. "What's going on?"

"We don't have time to undo everything," Naomi said, "so we decided we'd just wait until morning."

"I don't want to go home like this," Joey said.

"You don't have much of a choice," Victoria replied.

"Listen, it'll be all right," Allison said, trying to console him. "You look very pretty. You'll have no problem passing for the rest of the night, and tomorrow you can come in an hour early and I'll undo all of it."

"Uh," Joey said, trying to think of a way out. "At least take off the chastity belt."

"And let you risk the chance of a bulge showing? No. That wouldn't be acceptable," Naomi said.

"Listen, Josephine," Allison said, straightening his hair and outfit. "This is just the last part of your fantasy playing out. We're not going to let you out of your femininity, so don't ask again. Come in tomorrow looking as much like a woman as you can, and we'll be merciful then."

Joey looked stunned, but didn't dare argue after that. They gave him back the red heels he'd worn to the restaurant, and he put them on obediently.

Everyone left the store, and they watched as Joey climbed into his car and nervously drove away.

Chapter 23

Joey showed up for work the next day looking very much like a trendy salesgirl. He wore a tight denim skirt that just passed his knees, a yellow Oxford button down shirt, and blue 5" heels. His hair and makeup were passable, although not nearly as good as Allison had done. He slinked into the store, receiving a sly smile from Naomi who was behind the counter. He smiled back weakly, and began to look for Allison. He walked down the hallway, trying to keep the tapping of his heels from being too loud. As he passed the offices, he heard Miss Brand.

"Josephine," she said, making him cringe. "Please come in here for a moment."

Joey stopped and turned, moving back to Miss Brand's office. She had called him Josephine, which meant that she must know what had happened over the weekend.

"Yes?" he said, slowing walking into her office.

Miss Brand looked him up and down. "The girls told me a little of what happened this weekend, and that you'd probably come in in drag today. I must say that I'm impressed with how well you look."

"Thank you," Joey replied.

"Please have a seat," she said.

Joey sat, crossing his legs beneath the tight skirt, a feminine mannerism which Miss Brand did not fail to notice.

"I have an odd situation here," Miss Brand said. "Jackie is going to be gone permanently, and that leaves me with a sales girl position that I must fill. If I fill that position, you will be returned to our original agreement, working on the computers only. I realize you enjoy your work here, and I also know that you're doing a fine job, but you simply don't fill all the unique requirements that Jackie's position demands".

"Normally," Miss Brand continued, "I'd never suggest what I'm about to, but I talked with the girls and they all told me to give it a shot. I would like to offer you Jackie's position full time. Wait, let me amend that. I would like to offer the position to Josephine full time."

"You mean you want me to dress as a woman for work," Joey said, matter of factly.

"For starters, yes. And you would have to be completely convincing. I want my clients to believe you are 100% female."

"I'm not sure I can do that," Joey said. "I don't know what the other girls told you, but I've never dressed as a woman before. Not fully."

"Are you a transvestite?"

"Yes," he replied without hesitation. "I've always fantasized about being dressed as a woman. I fantasize about it a great deal, and I've read lots of transvestite stories."

"Do your fantasies involve slavery or bondage," Miss Brand asked. "Fetish clothing?"

"Yes, to a great extent," Joey replied, "although I'm not really a masochist like Allison. But those are just fantasies. I've never seriously thought about making cross-dressing a part of my real life. Like I said, I've never tried to pass as a woman. I don't know if I could."

"Allison says you can, and that's proof enough for me," Miss Brand said. "Of course, we'll help you a great deal with the conversion, and you need to know right up front that there are things we'd have to do that wouldn't be reversible for a number of months, but I guarantee you, you'd pass."

"I've already got some of that done to me, I'm afraid," he said, thinking of his eyebrows and body hair. "I assume that everything is reversible, though."

"Absolutely," she said, and chuckled. "Although you won't be so sure once we're done. Even as good as you look now we'd make you look and feel a great deal better - more convincing, that is. You need to know, there'd be things done that would limit how masculine you could look. You may find yourself forced to assume a feminine role even outside of work. At the very least, you'd be expected to show up for work as a girl and leave as a girl."

Joey nodded.

"Then may I asssume that you are at least interested in this position?"

Joey thought for a moment. "Yes," he said. "I think I am."

"Wonderful. Then let's continue, because there's a great deal more you should know," she said, and continued. "You see, Jackie was not only a salesgirl. She was, for lack of a better term, the store slave. She was required to be submissive at all times to the employees and clientele alike. She was also the store model, required to display any item of apparel or demonstrate any item of bondage gear at any time. Sometimes we'd use her as a mannequin, dressed up and bound and left for hours on display. It was a very demanding and humiliating position."

Joey looked down into his lap and smiled. "That's practically right out of my fantasies."

Miss Brand smiled warmly. "Good. If you didn't enjoy it it would become tedious very quickly. Lets discuss your chastity belt."

"What about it?"

"You'd have to continue to wear one."

Joey looked shocked. "But why?"

"Because I can't have you pull down your pants and have a penis pop out," she said. "Once Allison is done you'll be able to go nearly naked without detection, and with some of the outfits that we'll make you wear that's exactly what you'll do. With the belt on your little secret would be very secure. You'd have to have it on when you arrive and wouldn't be allowed to remove it until after closing," she continued. "I'd hold onto the key and give it to you as necessary."

"It's a bit uncomfortable," he said, wiggling his hips in the metal prison. "I'm not sure I can wear it for a long time."

"Don't worry," she said. "We'll switch you to the ultra-deluxe model. It has a number of advantages over the one you're wearing. It is considerably thinner and the metal is flexible. It's a great deal more like a panty than a chastity belt. It moves with you so well you'll forget you're wearing it."

"It doesn't sound as secure," Joey said.

"Actually," Miss Brand replied, "we've found it to be considerably more secure. It moves with you so well you can't get a pinky in around the edge. You suck in your stomach and it sucks in with you. Another advantage of the ultra-deluxe is that the male and female models look virtually identical from the outside. Some of our customers know our product lines so well that if they saw the belt you're wearing now, they'd know you were a man."

"Oh," Joey said, still a little stunned over the thought of being chastised a good portion of each day.

"And it's also designed for longer term use," Miss Brand continued. "The one you're wearing is really only for occasional chastisement, not for everyday. The ultra-deluxe can be worn for months at a time without being removed. Longer, if no problems arise."

Joey looked aghast. "You wouldn't make me wear it that long, would you?"

"No," Miss Brand said. "Not unless you wanted to. But we do need to be careful, seeing as I'm not always available. There may be nights when I don't have time to let you out. I'm afraid you'd just have to make due."

"Why couldn't I just keep a key at home?"

"It wouldn't be proper to have a key to your own belt."

"I see," Joey said, not really sure what made that a valid reason.

"There are a few other reasons why the ultra-deluxe is the belt of choice, too, which we should discuss."

"Oh?" Joey said, still trying to take in all he'd heard so far.

"One of the services Jackie provided was called the strain test," Miss Brand said. "Some customers want to see how much give certain bondage items have when the wearer is agitated or frustrated. To demonstrate, we'd put Jackie in the item and then stimulate her. We'd tease her until she was straining as much as possible, then push her over the edge. The resulting orgasm would give a very thorough demonstration of the strain a bondage item could take, and the ability of the wearer to move within it."

"What does that have to do with the belt?" Joey asked.

"Most of our bondage outfits don't allow easy manipulation of the genitals," Miss Brand said. "It makes it very hard to stimulate a person to orgasm. To solve the problem, we put Jackie in an ultra-deluxe, which has built in electrodes throughout its interior, controlled by a remote. With the press of a button the wearer can be stimulated to any degree, even to orgasm. The male version has the same feature."

"You mean that I'd be bound and stimulated remotely until I was forced to orgasm?"

"I'm afraid so. And to make matters worse, the customers almost always want to control the remote. It's inevitable."

"You make it sound like a detraction," Joey said, "but I can hardly sit here thinking about it. It sounds wonderful."

Miss Brand smiled. "You and Jackie must be kindred spirits. She used to fear it and crave it all at once. There were times when she'd have a dozen orgasms in an afternoon and leave a tired, sweaty wreck."

Joey frowned. "That might be a problem. I don't think I can have more than three or four orgasms in one day. I might be able to fake it with some practice. For that matter, how can I orgasm with my penis in a chastity? I can't even get hard."

"Don't worry. We have a hormone cocktail that Allison will give you. It's main purpose is to soften your features and give you a little padding here and there, but it will also change your sexual response some. Your penis will still get hard, but that won't be necessary for an orgasm. Also, you'll orgasm less intensely but more often. If you do it enough, you can develop the ability to multiple orgasm just like a real woman."

"Hormones? Multiple orgasms?" Joey said. "You really mean to turn me into a woman."

"Not quite, but, like I said, you'll be very convincing," she said. "Remember, it's all reversible. We can start you very slowly and you'll never be more than a few weeks from being right back to how you are now. Or, we can give you the full treatment and have you very feminine inside of a week. With that option you'd be at least partially feminine for around six months, minimum, and you'd have a hard time passing as a man at all for a good two months."

Joey sat and thought through it all. "I don't want to take it slowly because I might back out," he said resolutely. "In fact, I want you to sign me up right now. Inject me with hormones. Put me in the chastity belt. Get it started and don't let me have the time to realize how crazy this is."

"I'd be glad to, but there is one more thing," Miss Brand said. "The electrodes in the belt. In addition to the features I've already described, they can cause a varying level of pain to the genitals, controlled by the silver bracelets you may have seen us wearing. Jackie was very obedient to all of us because we could punish her at any time. On its highest setting the pain can be unbearable. I talked to the girls and tried to get them to compromise, but they're adamant. The store slave has to be punishable."

The mystery of the silver bracelets was finally solved.

"You mean that any of the girls could just push a button and I'd be in agony?"

"That's about the size of it," she replied. "But, listen. They all seem to like you very much and I doubt they'll force you to do anything too humiliating. I'll keep them on a short leash for awhile. Still interested?"

Joey thought about it for a second. "I'll take the job."

"Fine," Miss Brand said, smiling. "I believe Allison is in the back, waiting for you."

Chapter 24

"So," Allison said as Joey walked in. "What's it going to be?"

"I want the full treatment," Joey said. He noticed that she was wearing her silver bracelet. Apparently, she wanted to be prepared if, in fact, he were to become a slave.

"And you understand that it won't be simple prosthetics and makeup this time, right?"

"I know," Joey said. "Hormones and drugs to change my sexual response. Miss Brand told me all about it."

"And I'm going to explain it all over again, so you'd might as well have a seat," Allison said.

Joey sat, and Allison started to explain.

"What we'll give you is called a jump start," Allison said. "It's a combination of a number of specialty drugs in a high load dose to create rapid initial changes. The first drug will cause your body to suppress the male hormones in your blood stream. The second will simulate a corresponding female hormonal level. Those two combined will be what changes your sexual response, and they'll help your body develop some female physical traits. Don't be surprised if you devlop some feminine incliniations, too."

"You mean I'll want to change diapers and clean the toilet?" Joey said with a grin.

"Very funny," Allison replied. "No, you'll probably start to cry at sad movies though. Your emotional response is bound to be affected some. Hormones do a lot to mold who we are. Luckily, we'll only need to give you a small amount. Your body is not that far off even now".

"The next drug," Allison continued, "will cause your body to retain water. With the hormones, the water will gravitate toward the natural female fatty spots, like breasts, hips, and thighs. I think we'll want to leave the rubber waist nipper in place, at least until your body shape stabilizes. It will keep the water from collection in the tissues around your waist. That will give you a really cute hourglass figure, and also make it so you can wear clothes with a much tighter waistline. Seeing as you'll be in corsets almost daily, that'll save you a great deal of discomfort."

"All right," Joey said.

"Now," Allison said. "I have to warn you. Once this is in your blood stream, there's no undoing it. There's nothing I can give you to reverse it - it'll just have to wear off. And that will take a minimum of six months. After two months you might be able to go back to dressing like a man, but people will still think you're awfully feminine, and your sexual response won't be masculine."

Joey held up his hand. "I've heard the warnings, and I want to go ahead."

"Fine," Allison said. "Then let's get started."

Joey stripped and Allison applied the solvent to the breasts. Ten minutes later he was flat chested again. They'd decided to leave the waist nipper alone, so Allison began to prepare the solvent for the stride limiters. Joey fidgeted as she began to reach for his ankle.

"What's the matter?" Allison said.

"I don't know," Joey replied. "I guess I just figured you guys wouldn't let me out of those."

Allison smiled. "If you want to be a slave to heels, it's fine by me. One word of warning, though. If we don't take them off of you every now and then your tendons will shrink. You'll be stuck in heels even without them."

Joey gulped, thinking about reconsidering, but Allison had already put the solvent away.

"Time to get you into your new chastity," Allison said, motioning for him to go back out to the fetish room.

Chapter 25

The Fortitude Ultra-Deluxe bore a resemblance to the Fortitude he'd been wearing, but it was obviously a much newer, more advanced model. It was thinner and more flexible, and looked much more like a panty than its predecessor - albeit a silver, steel mesh panty. It was a solid piece, not split in half like the standard Fortitude, and had no bulges for the integrated locking mechanism. On the inside, it looked very similar to the standard Fortitude, with a flattened tube pointing downward to hold the penis.

Allison held it open for him to step into. He put his feet through and she helped him pull it up. When it was near his crotch, she grabbed his penis and pushed it down into the tube before it had a chance to respond to her touch. Joey groaned as he felt it try to expand, but once in the tube, that was hardly possible. They pulled it up the rest of the way, the top coming to rest just above his hips. It was loose all around, and Joey wondered if it were the right size.

"It's all set," Allison said. "Ready?"

"I guess," Joey said, not really sure what she was planning to do.

She grasped the front of the waistband between her finger and thumb, then, all of a sudden, the whole thing started to shrink. Joey gasped as it began to tighten around him.

"What did you do?"

"I pressed the lock button on the inside, silly," she replied.

It only took about ten seconds, and then it stopped. Joey felt it tentatively, running his hands along the sides and back. There was no gap anywhere. It fit snugly against him at waist and thighs.

"Go ahead," Allison said. "Try to get a finger in there."

He tried, but found that no amount of prying or wiggling would force a gap between the chastity and his skin. He sat down and bent at the waist, turning side to side.

"It's amazing," he said. "It feels more like material than metal."

"It is more like material than metal," Allison said. "At least until you try to cut it. Then it's one tough customer."

Joey pushed and prodded at his crotch, testing for sensitivity. "I can't feel a thing," he said, somewhat dejectedly.

Allison put her right hand on her left wrist and pressed against a spot on her bracelet.

"Aaargh," Joey screamed, falling to his knees, clutching the front of his crotch.

"Did you feel that?"

Joey looked up at her in shock.

"That was a taste of punishment. It doesn't get too much worse than that," she said. "Here's a taste of pleasure."

She did something else with the bracelet and he felt waves of sensation wash over his crotch, concentrated on his cock and balls. In seconds he was lying on the floor panting, his cock straining in painful frustration inside the all too tiny tube. She let him revel in the pleasure for a few seconds, then turned it off.

"Oh, my God," Joey said. "That was wonderful." He pushed and pulled at the steel panty, to no avail. "That was torture. My cock is dying inside this thing."

She gave his cock a few small shocks, not nearly as painful as the first, and his erection subsided.

"Better?" she asked.

Joey frowned. "That's better, but not exactly what I'd hoped for."

"Now you're ready for the rest of the transformation," she said.

She motioned Joey back to the salon.

"Just out of curiousity, why did you put the chastity on me first?" Joey asked.

Allison tentatively touched her bracelet, causing Joey to flinch. "So you can't turn back."

Chapter 26

Allison gave Joey the shots, and he felt a warmth pass through his body.

"How long will this stuff take?" he asked.

"You'll start seeing signs of water retention today," she said. "Make sure to drink lots of water, and nothing else. We want to make sure your body absorbs the right kind of liquids."

Joey nodded. "Will the chastity have to be changed as my body changes?"

"No," Allison said. "It will expand and contract with you. In fact, you could lose fifty pounds and still not be able to slide it off."

Joey looked down at his silver panties, beginning to form a definite respect for the permanence of the item. Allison had Joey sit in the salon chair. She removed his wig, and proceeded to apply a full set of hair extensions, giving him natural shoulder length hair. She gave him a perm, too, and when he was done he had the same cute bob haircut as with the wig, except, this time it was all real hair. After that she worked on his nails for a few minutes, but they were basically still all right.

"OK," she said. "Your done except for makeup. I'm going to give you a touch-up every morning until you can do it yourself, but I expect you to try on your own before coming in. If you don't steadily improve, I'll punish you, so you'd better watch carefully. Understand?"

Joey nodded, and she began to work on his face. He watched everything she did, memorizing as much of the technique as possible. Fifteen minutes later, he was ready for work. That is, ready except for being dressed in nothing more than a pair of high heeled pumps.

"Go report to Naomi," Allison said. "She'll be responsible for your assignment and outfit."

Chapter 27

Naomi met Joey in the fetish room. She looked him up and down. As she did, she idly played with the bracelet, which had reappeared as part of her standard wardrobe.

"We'll have to overdress you a bit to hide the fact that your body is still manly, Josephine," she said.

She walked to the racks and returned with a corset, thigh boots, gloves, collar, open-faced hood, and hobble dress, all in red rubber. She started with the corset, tugging it onto him and pulling it tight, then added the boots, gloves, and hood. Once all that was on, she helped him wiggle into the hobble dress, which held his legs close together to below the knees, and had the sleeves fused to the torso down to just above the elbows. She put on the collar last, locking it with a large padlock in the front.

"You may notice that the collar covers the dress, and the dress covers everything else," she said, pleased with herself. "So you can't get out of any of it without taking off the collar first. And I have the key."

She walked around him again, looking him over. The thick rubber of the dress did a good job of hiding his lack of curves. There was no way to tell there was anything but girl underneath. Joey noticed she was playing with the bracelet again. He couldn't help staring at it, knowing the pain and pleasure it could bring.

Naomi saw his eyes linger on the bracelet. "Don't worry," she said. "I won't use the bracelet on you very often. Hardly at all, in fact. I'd just as soon tease you by not letting you feel anything, and I don't need to punish you to control you."

Joey relaxed some.

Naomi pulled a rubber strap gag off the rack and wrapped it around his face, buckling it behind his neck.

"I don't want your voice giving you away," she said, although they both knew that his voice was high enough that there was really nothing to worry about.

"I assume you can do your computer duties in that outfit," she said, and Joey nodded. "Good. Once your done in there, you can help with restocking," she said. "Dressed like that you should stay out of the main part of the store as much as possible. Some of the customers wouldn't understand. There's plenty to do back here, though, and I'm sure Victoria can find things for you to do if you run out."

A shiver ran up Joey's spine at the thought of Victoria, wearing one of the bracelets, in charge of him for the afternoon. He nodded, obediently, though.

Chapter 28

Joey worked on the computer the entire morning, then reported to Victoria for the afternoon. She had the look of the cat that ate the mouse as he minced in. The first thing she did was add ankle and wrist cuffs, further hampering his movements. Then, she told him to go through all the shoe boxes and make sure they all held the right shoes. Things had been so haphazard during the conference that many items were pulled out and put back without regard to where they belonged.

The afternoon wasn't too bad. Victoria used the bracelet often, but only sent him tiny shocks, mostly to get his attention when she needed him. One time, he accidentally knocked over a rack of gloves, having lost his balance in the heels and hobble skirt. He tensed, waiting for the shocks, but they never came. Victoria walked over and looked at the mess, then helped him reassemble everything. She must have noticed his fear, because she smiled and said, "I won't use the bracelet for accidents, my dear. I save that for lapses in attitude." She walked over and pulled a large ballgag off the rack. "You will need to be punished, though. I think two hours with this ought to suffice."

She removed the strap gag and replaced it with the ball, buckling it tightly. The way Joey's jaw was forced open, he knew right away that it would be a long two hours. Victoria smiled as Joey realized the ballgag would be far more painful than a few shocks would have been.

Victoria had two customers during the early afternoon, and each of them stared at Joey for a long time. Once they were gone, Victoria came over to him. "They never suspected you were a man," she said, reassuringly.

As the two hours neared completion, Joey felt a small shock to his balls. He'd come to realize that that meant Victoria wanted him, so he minced his way to where she was standing with a woman who had the look of a dominatrix.

"I demand absolute silence from my slaves," the woman said haughtily. "But even the most loyal slave has a hard time when I'm administering punishment."

"So you're looking for a gag that enforces silence," Victoria said.

The woman nodded.

Victoria went over to the counter and picked out a devious looking gag. At first glance, it didn't appear to be a gag at all. It looked more like a modified hood, except it only enclosed the lower half of the face. It had a thick collar, with supple leather reaching up to cup the chin, cover the mouth, and reach almost to the ears. It laced in the back, with a locking flap that kept the laces covered once on.

Victoria unbuckled Joey's gag and tossed it aside. She unlocked his collar and removed it, as well. She took the new gag and wrapped the collar portion around his neck over the thin red rubber of the open faced hood, letting the leather face portion of the gag hang down.

"Please open your mouth, Josephine dear," Victoria said.

Joey opened his mouth and felt her attach some kind of clamp to his tongue. It got tighter and tighter until there was no way to move his tongue without it. When she was done he closed his mouth, feeling some thin wires trailing from the clamp out to the leather of the gag. Victoria pulled the leather face portion up and laced it tightly, securing the locking flap to finish. It did, indeed, cover his entire lower face, and he didn't think there would be any way to remove it without getting to the laces.

"Would you please try to speak, Josephine," Victoria said.

Joey started to try to say something, but he stopped as he felt a sudden, ripping pain lance through his tongue. His head lurched as he tried to get away from the pain, but there was no escaping. It lasted less than a second and was gone, but it left a definite impression.

"I didn't tell you to stop trying," Victoria said in a terse tone.

Joey pleaded with his eyes, then made a tiny whining noise. The pain hit him again, and he shut his eyes to try to withstand it.

"Again," Victoria said.

Joey, tears in his eyes, wrung his hands in frustration. He looked furtively around the room, hoping for something to distract the women from this display.

"Do I have to repeat myself?" Victoria asked, putting her hand to her bracelet.

Joey shook his head, then steeled himself and made another noise. The pain ripped through his tongue, almost forcing him to his kneees.

"That's enough," Victoria said.

"Electric shocks," the woman said. "Very nice. I assume it has a sound sensor?"

"Yes," Victoria said. "In the collar. It has a sensitivity adjustment, too. We've found that long term use can render a slave nearly mute, even when exposed to the most severe pain."

Victoria dismissed Joey, and he went back to his chores, very conscious not to make even the tiniest sound.

After the customer left, Victoria walked over to Joey.

"That was very good, Josephine," she said. She put her hand on the bracelet. "I'm tempted to give you a bit of a reward," she said, fingers dancing across the bracelet. She pulled her hand away. "But I don't think so. Your little cock would just make you all uncomfortable. Maybe once the drugs in your little femme system take over I'll make it up to you."

The fact was, Joey's cock was already a constant discomfort.

Chapter 29

At the end of the day, Naomi removed all of Joey's rubber clothing, and called for Miss Brand.

Miss Brand came out of her office, and looked Joey over. "Well, how was your first day, Josephine?"

"Fine, ma'am," Joey replied, trying not to be embarrassed standing before his boss in nothing more than heels.

Miss Brand reached around her neck and pulled a key out that was hanging on her necklace. It was tiny and looked very intricate. She put it down to the waistband of Joey's belt in the front and stuck it into a hole that was nearly undetectable against the steel mesh of the material. She turned the key to the left, then turned it to the right twice in quick succession.

"I've set the locking mechanism to disengage after one hour," Miss Brand said. "When it does, only the front part of the waist will become loose. Inside, there is a button that will cause the belt to loosen the rest of the way so you can remove it. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," Joey replied.

"Make sure you are relocked when you arrive in the morning," Miss Brand added, and Joey nodded.

Allison helped Joey get redressed in the denim skirt outfit he had on when he came in, and helped him fix his hair and makeup that had become damaged by wearing the tight rubber hood all day. He could already feel a difference in his hips - the skirt was definintely tighter. She gave him a different skirt for in the morning. Joey had planned on ripping off the clothes and chastity as soon as he got home to relieve the frustration he'd built up during the day, but he still had forty minutes left as he walked in the front door. He stripped off the skirt and heels (keeping them closy be in case he needed to answer the door), opened his top, and plopped down on the couch to watch TV.

As he waited, he idly rubbed his crotch through his pantyhose and let his fingers roam over his bra. Before he knew it, he was feeling himself up quite a bit, eyes shut, the TV a distant memory. The events of the last few days played through his mind, far exceeding any fantasy he'd ever come up with.

He was brought from his daydream as he felt the waist of the chastity loosen. He sat up and pulled the hose down around his knees. He pulled the waist of the chastity out, and tried to look inside, but it would only move a half inch or so. He grasped the waist with his thumb and forefinger the way he'd seen Allison do it when she locked him in, and felt around the inside for the button. He found the button and pressed it, standing up so it could slide down as it loosened. But it didn't loosen. Instead, it tightened right back up, becoming one with his body.

Joey looked dumbfounded. He tried to get his thumb back into the waistband, but there was no room. It was definitely locked back on just as tight as it had been all day. Joey sat and stared at the TV. Obviously, he hadn't considered that there was a lock button in there, too. Miss Brand probably thought that Allison had gone over its operation with him when he was put in it.

Joey's cock was straining within the chastity, but there was nothing he could do about it. He was stuck. He thought about calling the Boutique, but he knew they were all gone. He thought about trying to call Miss Brand at home, but he knew that unless it were an emergency it would be an intrusion - probably one that would buy him additional time in the belt. He sat back in frustration, picked up the TV remote, and began to idly flip channels. It turned into a long night.

Chapter 30

Joey's pleas fell on deaf ears Tuesday morning.

"But I'm really going nuts in this thing. Can't I just have five minutes out of it? I'll have it right back on."

"Not acceptable. You know the rules," Miss Brand said. "You must be wearing it at all times when working for this Boutique."

"What if you set it to unlock in half an hour? I could take it off at home and still be back within an hour."

"My dear boy," Miss Brand said. "That belt can safely be worn for months at a time. If you left the store now it would qualify as sick time. I don't think sexual frustration qualifies as being sick. I will unlock your belt after work, and not before. Any more on the subject and maybe we'll see just how long you can wear it."

"I'm sorry," Joey said. He slinked off to report to Naomi.

Naomi was ready for him. "Strip," she said, not wasting any time.

She surveyed his naked body. "You've put on a little mass, but not enough to pass as a woman yet," she said, noting his small breasts. He knew he was growing some, too, and could feel the hormones at work. Already, his nipples were becoming more sensitive, and he could feel his arousal changing.

"I need you up front today, so we need to go light on the fetish," she said, and walked over and picked up a padded girdle and padded bra. "You'll need these until you grow in some more."

Joey put on the girdle and bra, and added stockings and a slip. Naomi handed him a miniskirt, side zip high heeled boots, and short gloves, all in black leather. The skirt was tight over the padded girdle, but looked good. A sleeveless top finished him off.

Next, he reported to Allison for makeup and hair. She complimented him on his attempt, but fixed a few things nonetheless. All in all, he felt more like a real woman than ever. His outfit was sexy, but not over the top like the rubber stuff had been. He had no problem working on the computer and helping Naomi out in the front. No one questioned his gender, and he realized by mid-afternoon that he had stopped worrying about it.

By the end of the day his discomfort from the chastity belt was all but gone. He still felt aroused, but his cock was not nearly as quick to enlarge. He mentioned it to Allison with some concern, but she assured him it was merely the drugs at work. To prove her point, she touched her bracelet and the sensations in his crotch nearly made him swoon. His cock hardened immediately - or tried to.

"See," she said. "You haven't lost it altogether. By this time tomorrow it'll start to feel more like a rush of warmth than a hardening."

Before leaving, Miss Brand unlocked his chastity again, this time leaving him two hours before it would loosen. Joey got detailed instructions from Allison on the unlocking procedure before leaving. Joey changed from the leather skirt into a long, cotton one, but decided that the rest of his outfit was presentable.


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