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Desire Boutique Part 4

by Katrinka Karu

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© Copyright 2010 - Katrinka Karu - Used by permission

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Legal Matters - This is copyrighted work. I am the original author. As this is being distributed to promote my other stories please feel free to pass it along to anyone who might enjoy it. But please, pass along the credits too!! :) All characters and events depicted in this story are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. This material is for the enjoyment of ADULTS only, and depicts scenes of sexual activity including, but not limited to, bondage and domination. If you are under 18 years of age, you must stop reading NOW. You can also see the story along with my other stories at the following link, which is the Second Life website marketplace.

Author's Note: I am very active in Second Life and have several novella length fetish fiction stories available there. So if you enjoyed this come into SL and say hi. Katrinka Karu!!

Part 4

Chapter 31

With so much time before the chastity could be removed, and the necessities of life having been ignored for nearly a week, Joey decided to do some grocery shopping. While at the grocery store, he took a peek at the paperback rack. Although terribly ashamed to admit it, he was hooked on trashy romance novels. They just had a way of describing feminine desires that he related to. Normally, he would pick one or two up and stuff them in amongst his items, but today he was shopping as a woman. He picked up a few and scanned them, reading the covers and taking his time. It was so liberating not to have to feel embarrassed about it. He was torn between them - there were so many he wanted, and his new budding femininity made some he might not have chosen look attractive. In the end, he threw them all in his cart. Hey, he was making better money now, and why not indulge himself.

He had a similar revelation as he passed the feminine products aisle. He picked up a few pair of hose and some cosmetics to augment what Allison had sent him home with. It felt almost perverse to be buying so many feminine items, but he had to reassure himself that it would look perfectly normal to outsiders.

Once home, he simply had to wait for the chastity to disengage. He puttered around the house, putting away his groceries and eating a light meal. All the while, in the back of his mind the anticipation was building.

When the belt loosened, Joey's heart began to pound. He gingerly pulled down his skirt and girdle, and stuck his finger into the belt of the chastity.

He found the button, checking to make sure it was the right one according to Allison's instructions, and pressed it. To his relief, the belt loosened and he pulled it down around his knees.

Joey wasted no time, stripping off his outerwear along with the girdle and belt. He grasped his cock and felt it grow, now free of the constraining metal tube. It seemed to be more sensitive than he remembered - so much so that it almost hurt to masturbate. He pumped it gently, and in only a few seconds felt the first rush of orgasm overtake him. His whole body shook as his cock spasmed.

Joey stretched out on the couch, letting the afterglow consume him. It was the best orgasm of his life, and he had no illusions as to why - the sexual changes from the drugs were obvious. His cock had never reached a full erection, even at the height of arousal. It also seemed to require less stimulation than his usual rapid pumping. His orgasm was stronger, and more sustained, and there was less feeling of ejaculation. It was more a feeling of inner release.

If this was what women feel, he might never go back.

After a little recovery, Joey decided to explore his newly fashioned body. He began to play with his cock, feeling a rush of arousal as he did. It didn't harden, though.

He grabbed it and started to pump, but after a few minutes he realized that it wasn't working. He let go and it fell down between his legs. He took his hand and pushed it deeply between his thighs, mimicking the position of the chastity tube. The pressure of his hand against it fell good, and he started to push harder. It stiffened some, and, to his surprise, he was flooded with arousal.

He rolled over onto his stomach, his arms beneath him with hands pressed deeply between his legs. In no time he was rubbing himself off at a fevered pitch. As his body shook from the second orgasm of the evening, he felt the wetness seep between his butt cheeks. He thought that this must be what real women feel as a man explodes within them.

Joey rolled back over onto his back, panting from the exertion and knowing that there was no way he could ever have orgasmed before with his cock pushed downward like that.

Joey undressed the rest of the way and cleaned himself off. As he stood before the mirror, he examined himself. His breasts were budding, and his hips and thighs had expanded some. With the rubber waist cinch in place, his waist had remained the same compressed size it had been since the weekend. He was really starting to have some nice curves.

He touched his left nipple, accidentally raking it with his long fingernail. It hardened instantly, and he felt a rush.

In a flash of insight, Joey realized something. His body was responding like a woman's but he was still masturbating like a man.

He rushed to the bedroom and laid down. With one hand he traced a line from his earlobe, down his neck, ending at his breast where he circled the nipple. He almost swooned from the sensations coursing through his crotch.

With this new information before him, Joey made a resolution. He resolved not to touch his cock for as long as possible. He stroked his neck, nipples, inner thighs - everything except his cock, which was lying between his legs, desperate for attention.

He lasted a long time by his standards, but eventually hurled himself over onto his stomach and jammed his hands into his crotch, repeating his masturbation style from before. Never before had he accomplished three orgasms in one everning, but this one came easily.

Afterward, he drifted asleep, thrilled with his changing body. Chapter 32

Joey looked much more relaxed when he showed up for work on Wednesday. Everyone noticed, giggling under their breath.

The outfit Naomi chose for him was a maid's outfit. His curves had progressed to the point that he needed nothing more than a lightly padded all-in-one bra and girdle underneath, leaving him able to get away with skimpier outerwear. The maid's outfit was blue PVC, short, and frilly. He wore blue high heeled granny boots, blue satin opera length gloves, and a set of blue maid's accessories that included a ruffled collar, apron, and headpiece. He showed both generous thigh and cleavage.

His duties for the day included getting refreshments, lighting cigarettes, and general catering to the customer's needs.

Early in the afternoon someone noted that they had a set of blue steel cuffs that matched his outfit perfectly. Naomi surprised the customers by getting the set out and putting them right on Josephine. Soon, he was wearing steel ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, and a tight steel waist belt, all connecting by short chains. He had to take tiny steps the rest of the day, and his wrists were never more than a foot from his waist.

That night, Joey wasn't nearly so anxious to get the belt off as he had been the night before. Once free, he took his time, bringing himself to the brink of orgasm again and again before finally taking himself over the top. His cock never even approached stiffness, but it was hardly necessary. It's sensitivity was so much greater than before that the lightest touch sent him into ecstasy. He wasn't even sure if regular masturbation were still an option - and didn't care.

After his orgasm, even though he was still aroused, he pulled the chastity back up and put it in position. He toyed with the lock button for a few minutes, contemplating removing it again, but the erotic aspect of it was too much for him. He pressed the button, and condemned himself to its imprisonment for the rest of the night. Chapter 33

Thursday, Naomi decided that Joey's body had blossomed, and she wanted to show it off.

She dressed him in a bridal lingerie set, complete with shelf bra, panties, a waist nipper that ended in garters, hose, gloves, and high heeled pumps. It was all in white, of course. Allison did his hair up special, then covered it with a thin veil. His makeup skills had progressed so far that he wouldn't have needed anything except that she wanted to darken his lips and eyes to offset the bridal motif.

If anything, Joey was more humiliated by this outfit than any of the others. Mainly due to his near nakedness, but also because it allowed the chastity to show through the panties under close inspection.

At the end of the shift, Allison decided it was time to gauge his development. She took him into the back room and stripped him. She inspected the rubber waist nipper and stride limiters to make sure they weren't causing irritation or infection. Everything looked fine.

She got out a tape measure and measured him in various ways. His chest had become a 34B, his waist was a 28, and his hips were a 32.

They contemplated letting the waist nipper out some, because the water retention was making it tighter, causing his back and ribs to ache, but she wanted to give his body a little more time to stabilize. They decided to adjust it on the weekend - that would give his body the extra time and they wouldn't be rushed through the procedure of solvent and re-adhesion. He thought he could manage until then.

She tested the electrodes, as well, alternating between pleasure and pain. He reported the sensations back to her, elaborating as she required. She told him that his transformation was almost complete, and soon they would need to see if he could orgasm in the belt. He didn't mention his masturbation sessions, or that he could no longer orgasm with his penis out from between his legs.

When they were finished, he dressed in his street clothes and they prepared to leave. He almost made it to his car before he realized that the chastity was still locked on. He rushed back inside.

"Where's Miss Brand?" he asked Allison, who was working late on the books.

"She's gone."

Joey looked shocked. "She forgot to unlock me."

Allison put down her pen. "I doubt she sees it that way. I would guess that she believes that you forgot to request being unlocked."

Joey frowned. "Either way I'm stuck. Are there any spare keys?"

"Not that I know of," Allison said, "and even if there were, I wouldn't give you one. Miss Brand is your keyholder, and she decides when to unlock you."

Joey slumped his shoulders and left, all hopes of pleasure gone for the night.

Chapter 34

Joey didn't mention his all night chastisement to Miss Brand the next morning. It simply wouldn't do any good, and might land him with an even longer sentence.

Miss Brand called a meeting before the store opened.

"Mrs. Thornton is coming back in today," she said. "She is pleased with her purchases from last week, and I gather she wants to take her slave/husband to the next stage."

Everyone seemed pleased, especially Joey since he'd done so much to help that sale.

"Naomi," Miss Brand said. "How is our store slave working out?"

"Just fine," Naomi said.

"And has she had any problem passing as female?"

"Not at all," Naomi said. "In fact, I've had a number of compliments on her. No one has suspected anything yet, and we had her practically naked yesterday."

"Excellent," Miss Brand said, and looked at Joey. "Mrs. Thornton has requested a slave be present to display the merchandise. She requested you specifically. Do you think you're up to it?"

"Of course, ma'am," Joey replied.

"The one I feel sorry for is her husband," Naomi said with a scoff. "Once she gets a sight of Josephine, she won't be satisfied until her husband has had the whole conversion."

Miss Brand chuckled. "That wouldn't surprise me one bit." She turned to Naomi. "Pick Josephine out a set of underwear - bra and panties only - and a set of chains. Make her look really innocent. Mrs. Thornton will be in around noon and I expect we'll be back there until closing."

Everyone nodded and the meeting adjourned.

Chapter 35

Joey was nervous as Hell as he walked into the fetish room. He was wearing a tiny shelf bra and matching panties which did little to hide his chastity belt. He had on white 5" heels, of course, but nothing else.

"Ah," Miss Brand said. "Our model has arrived. Come over here Josephine."

Mrs. Thornton took one look at Joey and her face turned to anger. "I requested that the young man from before be here."

"I think you'll find Joey and Josephine have a great deal in common," Miss Brand said.

"I don't care if she's his identical twin," Mrs. Thornton replied. "I, uh..." She looked at Joey and then had to do a double take. She stared at him hard. "Is this what I think it is?"

"This... was, Joey, the young man from before," Miss Brand said. "We decided to take his employment in a new direction, to keep what happened to you from happening to anyone else."

Mrs. Thornton smiled and walked around Joey in a circle, checking him out from all directions.

"Josephine," Mrs. Thornton said. "I approve. Most definitely." She turned to Miss Brand. "You really must be a bitch to work for. I trust you'll give me the details on his - I mean, her - transformation."

"Of course," Miss Brand replied. "And you may refer to him in the male pronouns. I will ask, though, that his nature remain our secret. The other customers might not be so understanding."

"Certainly," Mrs. Thornton said, and looked Joey over again. "Exquisite work. I must say, I'm utterly intrigued."

"Do you think that you and your husband would be interested in a similar transformation?"

"My SLAVE and I just might be," Mrs. Thornton said, putting extra emphasis on the word 'slave.'

Mrs. Thornton turned to Joey. "Please strip the rest of the way. I'll dress you how I prefer."

Joey took off the bra and panties.

"When I said strip, I meant completely," Mrs. Thornton said, looking down at his feet, still in their heels.

"Um, uh," Joey stammered.

"What he's trying to say is that he can't," Miss Brand said for him. "We have him in stride limiters. They're rubber strips glued around his ankles and blended to his skin color. They keep his tendons from stretching out, so his feet won't bend. Standing in anything other than high heels is extremely painful."

"I see," Mrs. Thornton said with an evil grin. "This just gets better and better."

"We could swap his heels for any others that you prefer, though," Miss Brand added.

"I may do that," Mrs. Thornton said, "but for now, those will be just fine."

After that they spent hours putting him in every bondage item, outfit, and accessory the store had to offer. From the size of the 'to buy' pile, Mrs. Thornton was making the afternoon definitely worth their while.

They tried restraints of all types, including cuffs, chains, bands, straps, single gloves, and harnesses. Each bondage configuration was accompanied by a different outfit, which ranged from simple leather bras and panties to rubber and leather hobble dresses, complete with corsets, boots, gloves, masks, etc. Mrs. Thornton took a particular love of the shocking gag, and once he had it on it quickly became apparent that he would be wearing it for the rest of the afternoon.

As for chastity belts, she was definitely in the market for one, but they didn't try any on. Miss Brand told her about the Fortitude Ultra-Deluxe, showed her the custom bracelet in action, and Mrs. Thornton was sold.

Chapter 36

They were at it for hours, and Joey did a remarkable job withstanding the repeated outfits and bondage.

With one hour to closing, Mrs. Thornton had racked up over $3,500 in merchandise, and was winding down.

"I have just one more request, if you plese," Mrs. Thornton said. It was some of the first sincere politeness she had shown, which made Joey nervous about what she would ask.

"Of course," Miss Brand replied.

Mrs. Thornton pointed to a display hanging near ceiling level. It was a large silver hoop which had dozens of short black cords supporting a PVC catsuit in its center. The catsuit was hooked to the cords with D rings that lined the outside of the suit's arms, legs, and torso. The cords were linked to the hoop in an intricate pattern that kept each appendage of the catsuit under tension from all directions. It was the most elaborate bondage contraption in the store, and they kept it up high because it was bulky, difficult to set up and take down, and carried a price tag of over $3,000.

"I've had my eye on that item since I was here the first time," Mrs. Thornton said. "How difficult would it be to get a demonstration with Jospehine?"

Miss Brand didn't even blink. "No trouble at all," she said. "It will take some time, though, and I'll need your assitance getting it set up."


"Josephine," Miss Brand said. "Please undress completely. That includes your shoes. You may leave the gag on."

The two ladies lowered the hoop to the floor and Mrs. Thornton began to unhook the catsuit from all of the cords which held it in place. Mrs. Brand worked on erecting the supporting metal frame that would hold the hoop upright. She placed it center on the platform, seeing as that was the only space large enough to encompass the device.

Mrs. Thornton brough the catsuit over to Joey, and they began to get him into it. It was full body, including feet and hands, and was impossibly tight. The material had little or no give, forcing the wearer's body to compress where the fit was bad. They fought and fought, and finally got his feet and hands all the way in. Mrs. Thornton laughed as he groaned from the effort, only to be rewarded with a painful shock to the tongue.

Luckily, Joey's waist was pulled in enough by the rubber nipper to get the catsuit zipped up the back.

Miss Brand and Mrs. Thornton helped Joey over to the hoop, which was still lying on the floor. They had him lie down in its center, and positioned him with arms and legs outstretched. Then the ladies commenced the laborious task of hooking up all of the cords, each cord restricting his movement one way or another.

Twenty minutes later all the cords were attached. Miss Brand added a full hood to complete the look, and used a few extra cords to attach the metal rings atop and at the sides of the hood to the hoop. Joey's head was now held fixed like the rest of his body.

With Joey fixed in place, Miss Brand hooked a chain to the top of the hood and used a pulley to slowly lift the hoop, and Joey, into the air. When he was fully off the floor, swinging in a slow circle, she and Mrs. Thornton moved him over the platform. With two loud clacks, the hoop came to rest firmly atop its support structure. With everything locked down the whole of it was immovable atop the platform.

Joey tried to struggle, and realized that he could move his legs open and closed a few inches. The same was true of his arms, and he could wiggle his torso a little.

Mrs. Thornton noticed, and scoffed. "I must say, I'm not impressed. I would've expected a little better control."

Miss Brand smiled and pulled out a small tool that was hooked to the supports. She walked over to the hoop and grabbed one of the cords. She pushed the tool against the hook where the cord met the hoop, and there was a soft ratcheting sound. At the same time, the cord constricted, pulling Joey's leg a half inch out.

Mrs. Thornton stepped up and observed as Miss Brand did the same thing to the opposing cord attached to the other side of Joey's leg.

"These black cords have a Kevlar center," Miss Brand said. "Totally incapable of stretching. This tool tightens them like the spokes on a bicycle wheel. All we have to do is go around one by one and we can tighten them to any point we desire. Tighten them enough and we won't be able to tell if he's wiggling or not."

Mrs. Thornton smiled. "My apologies. I most definitely approve."

Miss Brand handed Mrs. Thornton a second tool, and the pair of women started the meticulous task of tightening each of the better than one hundred cords.

"Very good," Mrs. Thornton said when they were finished. She stood back and looked at the bound form. There was no evidence of movement beneath the PVC.

Mrs. Thornton walked around the display. "Is there any way we can force him to struggle - I want to really test it's limits?"

"We have something we call the strain test just for this situation," Miss Brand said. "Would you like to hear about it?"

"Yes," Mrs. Thornton replied.

Within the motionless bound object, Joey felt a rush of fear and excitement, anticipation and dread. He silently wondered if this was how Jackie felt in the same situation. Chapter 37

"You already know everything that the Fortitude Ultra-Deluxe is capable of," Miss Brand said, holding a bracelet identical to her own. She passed it to Mrs. Thornton. "What we like to do for the strain test is produce the maximum level of frustration through a pleasure/pain mix. The final release is usually enough to get every ounce of struggle from a slave."

"I see," Mrs. Thornton replied, placing the bracelet on her wrist. She set it to generate pain and sent a shock through Joey's ass.

Joey shuddered, almost imperceptibly, but enough to convince them that he did feel it.

Mrs. Thornton smiled and began to work over Joey. She started with stabs of pain to the crotch and genitals, followed by long periods of torturously low level pleasure. For the first few minutes his struggles were only visible during the extremes of pain or pleasure, but after a short time, he was straining against his confines nonstop. Even then, there was little visible movement.

After fifteen mintues, Miss Brand stepped up onto the platform and put her hand on Joey's forehead. "Nod twice if you're OK and we can continue with the test," she said. "Nod once if you need to be let out."

Joey nodded twice, but his head movement was so little that only Miss Brand could tell.

"He's fine," Miss Brand said, and stepped back down. "Please continue."

Mrs. Thornton kept at him, taking him from the heights of pleasures to the depths of pain. Inside the catsuit and hood, Joey longed for release - not from the bondage, but from the frustration. His penis was longing for more, and he knew that if they would only give him the pleasure - only for a moment - that he would find release.

But they didn't. Mrs. Thornton seemed to have a sixth sense for his arousal, and kept him at the edge of orgasm.

"I hate to ruin our fun, but I think it's time we finish this test," Miss Brand said. "Poor Joey has been through enough, and it's well past closing time."

Mrs. Thornton nodded and stepped up onto the platform. She stood close to Joey and manipulated her bracelet. Joey began to spasm, pain ripping through his entire crotch.

"He sure seems to be enjoying this," Mrs. Thornton said over her shoulder.

Miss Brand nodded. "I'll say. I wouldn't have thought it possible for him to move that much. You really have a talent for this."

Joey tried to scream, and that brought even more pain. He thrashed as much as he could, to no avail.

Mrs. Thornton turned off the pain, leaving Joey with no sensation from the belt whatsoever. He slumped in his bondage, no longer moving at all.

Mrs. Thornton put her hand on his forehead. "Did you have a nice, satisfying orgasm, dear? Nod twice if you did."

Joey didn't move. She sounded so sincere. Was it possible that she didn't realize she was causing him pain instead of pleasure? Could she have gotten the workings of the bracelet confused? He waited, remaining perfectly still.

"Ah, good," Mrs. Thornton said. "I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself."

She did it on purpose! Joey thought. That bitch!

Unfortunately, he didn't have the strength to thrash anymore - not that he thought it would've done any good. Inside the chastity, his poor aching cock still strained for attention, but there was none forthcoming.

Miss Brand stepped up onto the platform beside Mrs. Thornton. "Would you like one delivered?"

Mrs. Thornton thought it over a second. "Yes," she said. "I think so."

"I'll have Naomi ring it up, along with all the other things," Miss Brand said, and walked to the front of the store.

Joey felt the touch of hands running across his face and head, and heard a voice near his ear. "I do trust you will keep our little secret, Josephine. Miss Brand would be most upset if I decided to return all these wonderful items."

Joey felt defeated within his bondage.

"Do we have an understanding?" Mrs. Thornton asked.

Joey nodded twice.

Miss Brand returned and they unlaced his hood, exposing his face. She removed the gag, and he stretched his face and mouth.

"Are you all right, Josephine?" Miss Brand asked.

"I'm fine."

Naomi brought Mrs. Thornton the final bill, and she signed the credit card slip.

Miss Brand leaned in close to Joey. "I'm thrilled you were able to have an orgasm while in the belt. I was worried you wouldn't be able to - I know I put you on the spot." She turned to step down, but turned back with a slight frown. "You didn't fake it did you? I wouldn't be upset, but I would want to know."

Joey started to answer, then looked past Miss Brand to Mrs. Thornton. Miss Brand was so pleased with the outcome that he didn't have the heart to tell her the truth. "I didn't fake it."

"Great," Miss Brand said. "You're going to have a lot more performances like that. Doesn't that sound wonderful?"

Joey's cock twitched at the thought and he nodded weakly.

Mrs. Thornton walked up. "I've taken care of the bill and Naomi loaded the merchandise into my car. The only thing left is to undo Josephine here."

Miss Brand waved her hand. "Don't worry about it. Naomi can handle it."

"If that's the case," Mrs. Thornton said, "would you allow me to buy you dinner? I've kept you hostage here all afternoon. You must be starving."

"That sounds lovely."

"Fine," Mrs. Thornton said. "And, Josephine," she added. Joey looked up at her from where Naomi was lowering the hoop to the floor to begin untangling him. "Please feel free to have a nice dinner, and bring the receipt to Miss Brand for me to cover. You're welcome to take Naomi with you, too."

Joey nodded and Naomi smiled and thanked her. Miss Brand and Mrs. Thornton left the pair to their task.

Chapter 38

Once Joey was unhooked from the hoop, they set about getting the PVC catsuit off. He was sweaty and sticky, making it a hard chore indeed. As they made it to his waist, the chastity peeked out from under the black material.

"I guees you're stuck in that all weekend," Naomi said.

Joey nodded.

"They said you had an orgasm up there, though," she said. "So at least you won't go home frustrated."

"I wish," Joey said, under his breath.

"What?" Naomi said, and Joey just stared back at her. "Are you saying you didn't have an orgasm?"

"That's what I'm saying."

"Miss Brand seemed sure that you had."

"Of course she did," Joey said. "That's what I told her."

Naomi looked cross, putting her hands on her hips. "You lied to Miss Brand!"

Joey got defensive. "I didn't have a choice. Mrs. Thornton pretended to send pleasure through my belt, but she really sent pain. I guess from the way I was thrashing Miss Brand couldn't tell the difference. She convinced Miss Brand that I'd had an orgasm, then, while Miss Brand was out with you, she threatened me not to expose the truth."

"That bitch!" Naomi said, pacing back and forth, fuming.

"That's what I said," Joey agreed. "Now I'm stuck in this thing, and Miss Brand doesn't even realize the frustration I've been through - that I'm going to go through all weekend. Oh, Naomi, I was soooo close."

Naomi reached for her bracelet. "I can fix that, at least. Hold on to your britches."

Joey held his hands up. "No," he said. "Please don't. Not now. My crotch feels like it's been through a blender already. I'm tired and I just want to go home."

Naomi contemplated putting him through it anyway, but it was obvious he'd been through enough already. "All right," she said. "But you have a free one coming."

Joey nodded.

"Do you want to get dinner?" Naomi said. "We could go someplace really expensive and run up the tab on the witch."

Joey looked himself over. He was, simply put, a wreck. "I don't think so. It would take forever for me to get ready."

"I'll tell you what," Naomi said. "You relax for a while and I'll order Chinese. You haven't eaten for hours, and I'm not going to let you give up a free meal. If you want, we can take it back to your place and veg out in front of the TV. I promise you won't have to lift a finger."

Joey smiled. "That's sound pretty good."

He got dressed as she ordered, and fifteen minutes later they left together.

Chapter 39

Joey and Naomi ate and relaxed and talked the rest of the evening away. They decided that on Monday morning they would tell Miss Brand everything that happened so she would know the truth, but they would urge her not to confront Mrs. Thornton over it. Joey didn't want to say anything at all, but Naomi convinced him that that would only lead to a repeat of the whole experience. Mrs. Thornton was turning out to be a valuable customer, and her indulgence in the fetish scene was only bound to get more extreme.

Naomi tried to convince Joey to let her call Miss Brand right away, if only to get the belt off to make sure there was no damage done, but Joey wouldn't allow it. He told her that, aside from the sexual frustration, he wasn't in any discomfort, and that he didn't want to bother Miss Brand for a triviality. Naomi glared at him, but didn't press the issue.

It got late, and Naomi decided to leave. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" she asked.

"No," Joey said, and stretched out on the couch. "I really appreciate your coming over, though. I would've just brooded the night away. I feel a lot better."

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "My pleasure."

She walked to the door.

"Wait," Joey said. "There is one thing you could do for me."

Naomi turned, a look of question on her face.

"If you girls decide to get together this weekend," Joey said, "I wouldn't mind being invited. That is, if it isn't an imposition."

Naomi grinned. "Of course you're invited. I'll call Allison and Victoria and set something up. Do you think your little cock will up to the task by Sunday?"

Joey's eyes lit up. "I think so," he said. "Actually, I bet by Sunday I'll be begging for it."

"That's good," Naomi said. "I don't like to seem easy."

Joey laughed, and Naomi left. Inside his chastity, he felt a wave of warmth rush through his poor, abused cock at the prospect of Sunday's activities.

Chapter 40

Joey walked in Sunday full of anticipation. The events of Friday were a distant memory, except for the longing he felt in his crotch.

He was dressed simply in a short minidress and heels. His body had stopped changing, and he was very pleased with it. His waist was 28" and his chest was a 34C. His hips came in at 33", and although he would've liked them a little bigger, he knew the girls wanted him to appear more girlish than womanly.

Naomi greeted him in the main room. She was putting the final touches on her outfit, which consisted of bustier, panties, hose, heels, and gloves. It was all in a deep blue with strategically placed black lace. She added a black choker, giving the sensual outfit a fetish look.

"Hi Josephine," she said with a smile. "You're looking a little better."

"I feel a lot better," he said. He came up and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"For being such a good friend on Friday," he replied.

Naomi giggled.

"Why the giggle?"

"That was just such a girly thing to do," she said. "You've really changed."

"I guess so, but I can't help it," Joey said. "Allison said I'd change emotionally." He walked over to the rack of blue lingerie. "I like your outfit. Do you think I could get away with something like that?"

"Probably," Naomi said. "But it would be terribly embarrassing for two women to be dressed alike at the same function. It just wouldn't do." She walked back toward the fetish room. "Anyway, I think Victoria and Allison have something in mind for you to wear."

"I hope it isn't that PVC catsuit again," Joey said, following her. "Ugh, that thing was hot and awful. I can just see you three conspiring to put me right back into it after my torturous time on Friday."

"Yeah," Naomi laughed. "I can see us doing that, too," she said. "But don't worry. We want a little more access to your body than that thing affords."

Joey didn't know whether to be relieved or scared. He followed her through the curtain into the fetish room. Chapter 41

Joey surveyed the scene as he entered the fetish room. Victoria and Allison were on the platform, Allison bound, and Victoria sitting.

Allison was bound face down on a short padded bench. It was obviously designed for just this purpose, its shape cut to support a human form in a kneeling position. She was strapped down at shoulder level and waist. Her legs were spread open and bent severly at the knees, her ankles strapped to her thighs which were in turn strapped to the bench. Her arms were similarly bent at the elbows, with her wrists strapped beside her neck. Her head was pulled back sharply, held there by a thin cord braided into her hair. The cord reached back to the strap holding her waist to the bench. Her breasts hung down below the bench through strategically placed cutouts. From her upturned ass, a large butt plug protruded, the end of which supported a long, flowing strand of hair made to look like a horse's tail. Her ass was beet red around the tail, a sure sign that she'd been beaten prior to their arrival. Aside from the bindings and a pair of high heels, she was naked. The position looked harsh and taxing, and Allison was straining.

Victoria, on the other hand, was very relaxed. She was seated on a low chair that had a 'V' shaped notch in the seat to allow easy access to her crotch. She was leaning back with her legs spread, one arm relaxed on the padded armrest, and the other holding a cigarette close to her lips. Her eyes were closed and it looked like she had just had an orgasm.

She was dressed in dominatrix attire, although a little different from her norm. She had on a tight latex shirt with long sleeves, silky black pantyhose with the crotch cut out, and a pair of knee high boots with heels. She had a large black strap on cock poking up from her crotch, the end of which was near Allison's mouth. She had on a bracelet, and was the only of the three wearing one. That meant his pleasure was solely in her hands.

Victoria opened her eyes when she heard Joey and Naomi enter. "Are you early?"

Naomi snickered. "No," she said. "I think you lost track of time."

Victoria sat up straight and crossed her legs off to the side of Allison. She took a long drag from her cigarette and rubbed her latex covered breasts with her free hand. The cock sticking up from between her crossed thighs added to her deviant look.

Victoria leaned forward and exhaled smoke into Allison's face. "I think we've tested the position sufficiently," she said as Allison closed her eyes and tried not to breath through the cloud of smoke.

Naomi began to unbind Allison as Victoria stood and walked over to Joey. Joey couldn't keep his eyes off of the large cock bobbing in front of her.

"See something you like, Josephine?" Victoria asked with a sly smile. Joey tore his eyes from her crotch. "Don't worry," she said, running her hand across his face. "You'll get to suck it."

Joey looked away nervously, although both he and Victoria knew that her assumption was the correct one.

"Strip," Victoria said, and began to throw things at his feet from the racks.

Joey stripped down to his heels, and when he saw the short ballet boots enter the pile, he stripped off his heels, as well. He sat and sorted through the fetish clothes.

The first thing he put on was a tight latex shirt, similar to the one that Victoria wore, except that his was short sleeved and had cutouts for his breasts. Once it was over his chest he had to push his now plump breasts through the tight holes. Once they were through he realized how much the shirt would cause his tits to thrust out obscenely. A tingle ran up his spine and he blushed at having them so prominently displayed.

He added latex stockings and gloves, each thin and stretchy. He got the stockings on by himself, but had to have Victoria help him with the second glove because the latex was so tight against his skin. He was sure he couldn't remove any of it without help.

Victoria helped him into an open faced latex hood. It had a hole in the back which she pulled his hair through. He sat still as she braided his hair. When she was done, he pulled the braid around and with it a long cord which trailed to the floor. He knew what that would be used for.

The last items were the ballet boots. He bent down and laced them on, then took a few hesitant steps holding the chairback for support.

Naomi finished with Allison, and then helped Joey up onto the platform. He knelt, and she helped position his knees against the bench. He leaned forward, lying down on the bench, and Naomi started strapping him in.

His waist and shoulder straps were first, followed by straps around his thighs and upper arms. After that, she folded his legs up and strapped his ankles to his thighs, then bent his arms up and strapped his wrists near his neck. He was quickly in the position in which they'd found Allison.

The bondage was comfortable enough, except for his head. He tried to hold it up, but his neck quickly began to ache. Unfortunately, letting it loll forward wasn't much better. Naomi noticed his difficulty, and pulled back on the cord secured to his hair braid. She ran it through the waist belt, tightening it until his head was fixed staring straight ahead. It wasn't much more comfortable than before, but at least his neck muscles weren't straining.

Naomi sat in the low chair and spread her legs in front of his face. She held the long end of the cord from his hair braid in one hand.

"Like the view?" Naomi asked.

Joey tried to nod, but his head wouldn't budge.

Naomi jerked the cord, and Joey felt his head jerk back in response. Afterward, she let the cord trail through her hand and as she did his head tilted down. When his face was at the right angle to stare into her crotch, she jerked the cord again and his head became fixed.

"Like that?" she said with a smile. "Pretty snazzy, huh. I can control your head position without ever leaving my chair." She seemed very satisfied with herself.

Naomi didn't wait for Joey to respond. She wiggled her butt and pushed her crotch forward, burying Joey's nose in her blue pantied crotch.

Joey started to lick, but his face was pushed so deeply into her crotch that he was having a hard time breathing. He tried to lift his head back, but his neck was still at a harsh enough angle that it was very difficult to move at all. He ended up pulling his head back as hard as he could, taking a breath, then letting his face fall back into her crotch. He licked as hard and fast as he could while there, hoping he could bring her off before he suffocated.

Naomi saw the fearful look on his face and grabbed his hair, pulling his head back for him to take a deep breath. "Don't be scared, Josephine," she said. "I know your neck is getting tired. That's the point, in fact. In a few more minutes you won't be able to raise your head at all, and then you'll be ready for what Victoria has planned."

Joey felt a wave of fear and anticipation wash over him.

A few minutes later, unable to hold his head up any longer and gasping for breath, he felt Naomi pull the cord. She returned his head back to its original position, bent sharply back.

Naomi smiled down at him as he breathed deeply. She rubbed his cheek with her satin gloved hand. "That was lovely."

She stood up and walked off the platform. "He's all yours," she said to Victoria.

Naomi started to walk over to the chairs, but Victoria and Allison each grabbed one of her arms.

"What's this?" Naomi said playfully. "Am I being detained?"

"You've been free a great deal since Josephine joined us," Victoria said. "That is unnacceptable."

Victoria picked up a set of leather straps and they began to lash Naomi to the pole next to the chairs. They strapped her arms behind her, wrapped around the pole, then started at her ankles and began to wrap straps around her body and the pole every six inches or so as they went up.

"If I'd known this was coming," Naomi said sarcastically, "I would've let him bring me off."

Allison shoved a penis gag into her mouth, cutting off further commentary.

In no time, Naomi was immobile against the pole in her blue lingerie. She wiggled experimentally, but there was no give. She settled back to enjoy the show, wishing she'd thought to put a vibrator or some ben wa balls in her pussy.

Allison took a seat in front of Joey. She had changed clothes, and was now wearing a pair of latex shorts, leather thigh boots, and long leather gloves. A small cock jutted from the front of the latex shorts, pointing toward his face.

"I wanted you to see what you're going to get, young lady," Allison said, rubbing the cock up and down. "I'm glad to be the one to give you your first fuck."

Joey stared at the thing. At least it wasn't one of the large ones they sold.

"If it makes you feel better," Allison said seductively, "the one inside my panties is much, much bigger. Every time I thrust into you, it's going to thrust into me. That's the closest two women can ever come to real fucking. Would you like to give it a kiss before we start?"

Joey tried to lean forward, but the braid cord wouldn't allow it. Allison grabbed the cord and let his head come forward. He kissed it lightly, then, as Allison let his head come farther forward still, he couldn't stop it from parting his lips and sliding deeply within his mouth.

Joey ran his tongue around it and sucked it gently. Allison only gave him a minute, then pulled his head back again, stood, and walked around behind him.

Joey's heart raced in fear as he felt the thing poised at his asshole. He felt it slide the first bit in, and was relieved to feel some kind of lubricant on it. Allison pushed harder, and soon he felt her thighs up against his butt cheeks. Inside, he felt as full as ever.

As Allison began a slow, gentle rhythm of pulling out and pushing in, Victoria sat down in front of him and he faced yet another cock. He opened his mouth reflexively, knowing what was expected of him.

"Very good," Victoria said, "but you should know a few things about this cock before you start." She grabbed the cock and squeezed. A look of bliss crossed her face. She loosened one of the straps and pulled the thing away from her. Joey could see that at its base a second cock protruded up inside of her, and that, in addition, there were all sorts of little nodules around the base that would press up against her labia and clitoris when it was tight against her. She squeezed the cock again and the nodules started to vibrate and move, and the cock inside of her swelled in size. As she relaxed her grip, the vibration stopped, and the cock shrank.

"This is the most fabulous invention," Victoria continued, "The cock inside me responds to stimulation of the cock outside. It knows what feels good to a man, and gives me an equal level of pleasure. I could use this to masturbate like a man does, if I wanted to." She rubbed it up and down and Joey could see it respond. She pushed it back into place and rebuckled the straps to hold it there.

Victoria grabbed the cord. "Today, though," she said, lowering Joey's face toward the cock, "you're going to give me a blowjob."

Joey opened his mouth and the cock entered. He wrapped his lips around it and let it lie on his tongue.

"Oh," Victoria added, "there's one more thing." She pushed a button at the base where the two cocks met. Joey felt a tingling in his mouth, then a small shock. It was similar to the one from the shocking gag. He tried to pull his head away, but his neck muscles were far too tired. A second later another shock, stronger this time, jolted through his tongue and cheeks.

"Better get sucking, my dear," Victoria said. "It doesn't like poor performers."

Joey tentatively sucked and the shocks receeded to a low level tingle. He sucked harder and the tingle went away. Victoria moaned as Joey's manipulations to the cock were transferred to her.

"Lick it, too," Victoria said. "It likes that. Hell, what am I saying. You know what a good blowjob feels like. Just do whatever you'd want done to you."

Joey licked and sucked the cock in his mouth as he was getting fucked by the cock in his ass. All three girls appeared to be in bliss. His own cock was longing for attention within the chastity, but there was nothing to be done for it. Victoria was the only one of the girls wearing a bracelet, and she seemed to be in her own world.

As Allison began to pump his ass harder, she laid down on his back and reached around to his hanging tits. She tickled and teased his nipples, causing him to gasp from the pleasure. He let his attention to the cock in his mouth waver, and was rewarded both with a shock of electricity, and a nudge from Victoria.

Joey couldn't believe how sensitive his nipples had become. As Allison ran her leather covered hands across them he felt pleasure rip through him. Almost before he realized it he felt the first wave of approaching orgasm. He began to buck and writhe in his bondage, pushing against Allison's thrusts and sucking the cock in his mouth with abandon.

Just as his orgasm was set to rip through him, he felt the chastity come alive. In his last seconds of congnizance he looked up and saw Victoria holding her bracelet and smiling. His cock surged with pleasure at the new sensations and he came instantly.

He seemed to orgasm forever, and, when it looked as if it would end, he came again, stronger this time. It happened over and over, and it was so intense that he nearly blacked out at times.

When he regained his senses, he realized his head was lying on a pillow and Victoria was no longer in the chair. The cock in his ass was gone, and his arms and legs were unbound, although he was still strapped to the bench.

He tried to look around, but his body shuddered and he had to close his eyes again. He felt a leather touch to his cheek.

"Had your first multiple orgasm, I see," Allison said, bent over him.

He nodded weakly. Looking past Allison, he could see Victoria with Naomi. They were pressed together in a standing embrace, and Victoria was thrusting her simulation cock into the still bound girl. She had one hand holding Naomi's hair, pressing their cheeks together tightly. Her other hand held her cigarette holder, bringing it to her lips every so often. Both girls had their eyes closed, lost in the moment.

Joey closed his eyes, too. This was the best job ever...

The End


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