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Fantasy B&B

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2011 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

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Part One

I am traveling today, finishing a three day run to visit with the people that work for me out in the field. Each have their own things they have to do, and they rarely see me out in the field, unless there are problems. This week is just a get out and touch hands kind of week, but it does allow me to go out to places and become my feminine self. One day, I was reading one of the little contact mags in the adult book store and I saw an ad for a little B&B out in a direction that I would need to be going out to sometime in future. So I wrote down the number and location, and saw that they did have a website, so I wrote that down. When the time finally came to get out that way, and this was way off the beaten path when I looked at the map, I figured that it would be a nice place to go to.

The website showed that the place had several rooms and catered to cross dressers, friends of those who dressed and even catered to D/s people, either singles with available sessions or couples where one was Domme. They had rooms that you could rent for just about anything that you might need, including self bondage with the ability to have a back up from the hotel free you just in case. It seemed nothing was missed, as I viewed and read. Sessions had to be discussed well in advance, with phone conversations prior to your arrival, so that didn't pose too many problems. After several calls, I was finally able to arrange a room as well as a session with a Woman there, and I was traveling my way there.

When I got directions, more specific ones than what was on the site, I drove up to the driveway, which was somewhat hidden from view, and turned in. It was a good thing I was told to drive a specific distance after a certain landmark, or else I would have either missed it or guessed it was something else. I drove up the cobblestone drive, marveling at the grass and hedges. The grass was cut short and the hedges were rather tall, lining the drive all the way up to the rather large house. I found the parking lot and stopped the car. Figuring that I didn't need anything other than my ID I went into the front door and stopped at the desk that was sitting there.

Behind the desk was a rather stunning woman, standing about 5'10 or so, dressed rather conservatively and she greeted me with a smile. Her voice was husky when she spoke.
"Good afternoon, sir. May I assist you?"

In minutes, I had been checked into my room, being told that there would be a schedule there for me, letting me know when I would be met by the "personal trainer," which I thought was a rather interesting term to use, but maybe, I thought, they had others here as well, not just people like me. So I went back to the car and retrieved my bags, and walked back into the house. There I was met by another woman, also dressed conservatively, and also rather tall, though that might have had something to do with her heels, which had to be at least 4 inches high.

"Sir, I will need your car keys, so we can maintain your privacy. What room are you in?"

I told her and handed her the keys. She nodded, thanked me and left. I watched her walk away and smiled. "Geez," I thought, "this place is rather amazing, and the women are rather attractive"

I continued walking and saw that my room was up two flights of stairs, and as I went up, I noticed that the halls were spotless and that it smelled of flowers and spices. When I finally got to the floor, I saw that there were only 4 doors in this hall and found my room, 34. I inserted my key and walked into the room.

When I walked into the room, I saw that it had a very feminine decor. The walls were a muted shade of pink, as the carpeting was a slightly darker shade. The furnishings were rather feminine, and all I could think was that the room was a feminine explosion. Ruffles and flourishes abound in the room, and the colors were all pink shades. Furnishings were also in silks and satins, thus very sensuous and soft to the touch. The bathroom was decorated in the same way, and the bathroom had no shower, just an old, claw footed tub. I walked back into the main room and saw a chest along the wall, but it was locked. On the sideboard, I saw a box with a note attached.

"Greetings. Inside this box is everything that you will need for your journey. Once you start this journey, there is only one way out, and that is to quit. To quit, you have to beg. To beg, you have to speak. You are not allowed to speak until spoken to. You will be given the opportunity to quit later. To begin, you must cleanse yourself, inside and out. Take the enema bottle and douche and use them as you should. Then make sure that your hair is only where it belongs. Then get dressed up and follow the binding instructions inside the chest. There are no keys in the chest, so once you start, you will have to wait. Once you open the chest, you will have no more than 2 hours to be ready. If you are not ready by that time, you will have forfeited your opportunity to serve."

I read that note and thought it sounded a little strange. No one had told me of these things, but I figured that maybe, just maybe, they had people who chickened out, or simply wanted to top from the bottom. Who knew why, but since this was something rather new for me, I figured why not take it all in. But before I opened the chest, I decided that I had to do something with the clothes and such that I had. So I unpacked my suitcase of clean clothes, with the last two days of work clothes going into a drawer in the sideboard. Then I took out my clothes for the evening.

First, I got out my black satin garter-belt, then black seamed stockings with lace at the top. Then I got out my black satin bustier and my falsies. Then came out the ruffled panties, also in black, but with white ruffles. Then, I took out my white petticoat and black satin french maids uniform. I took all of these and made sure that they were all nice and clean, straight and such. Then I stripped off my male clothes and put them into my laundry bag and put that back into the suitcase. Then I put that away. I walked back into the bathroom and saw that there was everything I would need, from razor to soap and such to get cleaned up. I walked back into the room and opened the chest.

Inside the chest, there was the enema and douche for me to use, as well as several leather straps, cuffs and chains, all with open locks, but no keys. There was a blindfold, gag and harness. All of these I expected to see, but the one thing I could not figure out was this metal covered but leather lined object. There was another note inside.

"All of these things are easy to figure out, but the one thing that a slave must understand that he or she has no control, and is not allowed any pleasure unless his or her Mistress allows it. Therefore, you will be required to wear a chastity device designed by us here and you will wear it until we remove it. If you do not wear it, you will forfeit your opportunity to serve."

I looked and saw that there were instructions on how to put it on, and I saw that there did not seem to be any keys for this thing. But I figured that I had paid for this chance so I might as well follow through with this. So I pulled out the directions and saw that I was first to get cleaned up. Into the bathroom I went and took care of everything there. First I inserted the enema nozzle and squeezed the bottle, taking it all inside me. Then I followed the instructions written on the bottle telling me to hold it in for 15 minutes. Within 5 I could feel the cramps but I held it in. At 10 minutes, I really needed to go, and was rather surprised that it worked that fast. Finally, at 15 minutes, I sat down and expelled what felt like a great deal more than I thought I would. I flushed and used the douche, following the instructions on that one, only holding that in for two minutes. Then I climbed into the bath, which had been filling with water and bubbles. I took a hot bath, shaving off any hair that I had on my chest, legs and of course, facial hair. The lavender scent of the bubbles started to relieve the stress of the travels as well as the day. Taking care, I got up, drained the tub and dried off. When the tub was empty, I rinsed it off to get rid of any hair that stuck to the enamel of the tub and went back into the room.

I sat upon the stool in front of the mirror and started to get dressed. First I had to put on the chastity belt. As I took the first part, that went around my waist, I noticed that it had little weight but seemed rather strong. The lining was smooth and soft, but rather firm. I took the belt and put it around my waist and felt it lock onto me as if there were some kind of magnet inside the belt. I pulled on it and it would not budge. It was not too tight either but it certainly was not going to come off. Then I took the part that help my penis in between my legs and carefully threaded myself through the loops. Then, carefully following the instructions, I placed it on the belt and it stuck there. When I tried to pull it off, it would not budge. Now my penis and testicles were hidden from view.

I then put on my lingerie, following the adage of stockings and garter-belt before my panties, then laced up the bustier. My falsies were placed into position then I put on the petticoat. I looked inside the chest and found the ankle cuffs and put them on. Then I grabbed my heels, all 6 inches of them and put them on. I noticed a strap on the cuffs and pulled them down around the heel and locking the strap into position, locked the heels onto my feet.

Next I reached inside and found the harness for my head. Also inside there was a blonde wig along with some make-up. So I worked on the make-up, all in somewhat sluttish colors of deep reds and such, and when I finished that, I put on the wig. Adjusting that, I took the harness and saw that there was a built in ring gag into it. This I put into my mouth, adjusting the straps so that it was all snug around my head and put on the locks. I saw that there was another gag as well as a blindfold in the box and I pulled them out. The gag was in the shape of a penis and the blindfold was lightly padded. I put the gag in place and locked it as instructed. Then I took out the wrist cuffs and put them on and locked them. These, I saw, were to be attached to a belt that I pulled out next.

Lastly, I saw a collar in the box and took it out. This was like the chastity belt I was wearing and when I placed it around my neck, it instantly locked around my neck. I then slipped into my maid uniform, being careful not to ruin it with all the added leather and such I had on, and then pulled up the zipper in back. By this time, I could feel excitement build up inside me as I looked at the clock and saw that I still had a few minutes left. I put on the apron, adjusting it so it looked right, then put on the leather belt. I looked at the locks and saw that there were a few things left to do before I locked my wrists and put on the blindfold. Looking over the remaining things, I saw that I had a short chain to attach to the ankle cuffs, which I did. Then I took the remaining items and placed them onto the floor and knelt as instructed.

First I had to place a strap around my knees, which I did, adjusting it several times so as to not cut off circulation as I knelt and sat on my heels. Once I had that part done, I took the chain that had a pair of hoops welded on it. One hoop, I saw, had a lock attached to the collar. the other end went to the floor, essentially locking me to the floor. When I felt around, I found the hook near the bed. I had no other chains or anything to attach, so I put on the blindfold, locking it into place, then locked my left wrist into place. Locking the chain to the floor, I took my wrist and, without hesitating, locked the right wrist to the belt. I was now totally locked up, unable to move, speak or see. I was bound, kneeling, waiting for my, so called, personal trainer, looking like a french maid ready and willing to be taken by whomever.

I knew that the time limit was close, so I thought I would only have a few minutes to wait. After what I thought was a few minutes, I decided that I needed to be patient. Time slows down when you are tied up, and you start to think about what you have done, especially if you are the one who bound yourself. And even more when you realize that the only route of escape is waiting for someone to come into the room with the keys that you need...

So there I am, chained to the floor, wearing my black satin French Maid's Uniform, wearing a black Bustier, black panties with white ruffles, a black satin garter-belt and seamed stockings. On my feet I have six inch stiletto's and really unable to move.

Remember that I am also wearing a metal and leather chastity, with what seems like magnetic locks to hold it around my waist and holding my penis between my legs, out of sight. Around my ankles are cuffs which are connected with a short chain as well as a strap keeping my heels on my feet. Around my waist is a belt with my wrists cuffed to it. I am wearing a head harness with a ring gag, as well as a penis gag, a blindfold and a metal collar, again with a magnetic lock I can not get moved. And I did this to myself, waiting to have a session for some period of time. I do not know how long I had been kneeling there, but I finally hear a sound like a key in a door.

"Well, Catherine, I think we have some space left for the sissies coming tomorrow for the academy. It seems that one of our guests is a no show tonight, so I can get these rooms prepared for tomorrow. So, why don't..."

"Dominique, I thought you said that these rooms were empty?"

"Yes, no one is scheduled until the four we have coming tomorrow for transformation."

"Well, then how do you explain this one kneeling here, ready for, well, whatever?"


I hear shoes coming into the room and then hear the women talking.

"Well, what do we have here? A sissy maid wanna-be, I can see. But, this does not look like any of the four we have coming here tomorrow. But that one little sissy that was supposed to be here today, the one I thought was a no-show, is actually here. I think we are going to have to figure out what happened here. But first, what are we going to do with this here little sissy maid?"

"Well, Catherine, I think we can have a little fun, not only with this little slut, but I think that candi and stephie may be in trouble, wouldn't you agree?"

"Right now, I think that we can play with this little slut. Maybe she wants to be a maid. Do you want to serve us, sissy?"

All I could do was nod my head, and with all of this, I thought that I would at least be able to get up off the floor.

"Okay then, sissy. From now on, you are going to be our little maid, but first, you need to understand what you have actually gotten yourself into, and the fact that getting out is going to be rather difficult. The collar and chastity you are wearing, sissy, are magnetically locked, and unfortunately for you, it does not come off without a special key. We do not have this key, but rather the Head Mistress has the key. She is at the training academy, which is where you would have been going tomorrow evening, after you had gotten dressed as you are, if you had been selected for training and transformation. So, that collar and chastity are going to be on there for a while. It will take a good day before they can be removed from you. It will also take that long for the keys to come here for the locks that you have on your cuffs. Needless to say, you are really stuck, as it were. We can release the chain for your collar to the floor, as we have that key. So I guess that you are kind of stuck being our little sissy maid."

I knelt listening to these words and knew that I was in deep trouble, as I was going to be basically stuck, in chains and such, until the next day, only able to see and whatever else I could do. But my wrists and ankles are going to be cuffed for quite some time. I had fantasized about prolonged bondage, but certainly had not expected to be stuck, unexpectedly. So now, here I was, experiencing it for real, without really having wanted to.

"Well, sissy, do you understand what we have told you?"

I nod "yes"

"Good, sissy. Now, since you are in a partial frame of mind, seeing as you are all tied up and not able to get away, we think that you need a little discipline, since you really have no idea of what you are in for"

I knelt there, unable to see anything when I feel my elbows being pulled tightly behind me. As I am pulled back, I can feel my chest pushing out. I can also feel my wrists being pulled as well. Finally, I can feel them touching each other behind my back. Then I feel my head being pulled back and this forces the penis gag into my mouth a little more.

"Well sissy, you can now start to kiss the floor"

I feel myself being pushed forward, lifting my panty clad ass into the air, while my face is approaching the floor. I still can not see, and I can not really kiss the floor, but I am still heading that way. When I am all the way down, I can feel my arms getting held into place and my panties were being pulled down off my butt. Suddenly I start to feel something hit my ass, stinging me. And then another, and another, then another. They start coming slowly at first then faster and faster. And with my arms being held back, I can do nothing but take it. After quite some time, they stopped whipping my ass and let me up, just a little. I felt myself being lifted up to my feet and being led somewhere. I can feel myself being bent over something.

"Well, now that you have a sufficiently warmed up ass, you need to really feel like a slut, since you like to dress like one"

So there I am, bent over, with my arms cuffed to my waist, elbows tied behind me, panties down and my ass red. I have just been told by the Mistress that since I want to dress like a slut, I should feel like one. Only one thing that I could think of, and it took less time for me to think about it as I felt the pressure behind me. The Mistress inserted one, then another and finally a third finger and lubed my waiting ass. I was warmed up as it was, and this was starting to put me over the top. I felt then saw the blindfold come off as she walked around in front of me with a rather large dildo, connected to a harness.

"Well, sissy, this is actually the last part of that chastity belt that you are wearing. I am going to fuck your little, sissified ass with this nice, fat dick, then I am going to lock it up inside you, so that it will remind you of what you are."

"Of course," she said, "you really have no choice in this matter anyway, tied as you are, gagged as you are and certainly dressed as you are. So you might as well enjoy it, don't you think so, Dominique?"

I turned and saw the other woman that I had heard and saw her smile. She nodded, then took off a coat of sorts and revealed her large strap-on and walked up to my face.

"Maybe she would like another dick in her mouth as well, seeing as she is going to be fucked anyway."

As she said that, all of the sudden, I feel the first Mistress shove the dildo into my waiting sissy pussy, slowly but relentlessly, making me take it in until she could no longer enter me. The entire length had been shoved into me, and I could feel the terrible fullness of the dildo.

"In case you were wondering, sissy, and I know you are, that dick is 10 inches long and 3 inches thick at the base. It really stretches you, and fills you up too, I am sure you will agree," she laughed. Then she started to withdraw the shaft, then started the pumping to make me truly feel like a slut.

But the thing that then started to get to me was that it was starting to make me hot inside, and I could start to feel something start to build up. In minutes, I let out a great big moan, not one of sorry or despair but rather one of longing and desire. I was actually starting to enjoy the fullness, though it was uncomfortable, it was arousing me greatly. The other Mistress noticed.

"Guess what, Christine. The sissy is really starting to enjoy it. You might want to go slower to make her REALLY start to enjoy it." To me, she adds, "you do want to enjoy it, don't you sissy?!" Through my gag all I could say was, "uhhggfmm"

Then Dominique pulled off her strap-on harness and dildo, and then removed her skirt, revealing her leather panties. Then she removed them and my eye's rose in surprise.

Dominique was not a woman but rather a she-male, who was rather moderately endowed, and she was getting hard. She stroked it in front of my face and looked deep into my eyes, and I could feel her power. She had something resembling control over my mind, and all I could do was look back, refusing to remove my eyes from her eyes. I felt the penis gag being removed and I knew what was going to happen next.

With a willing mouth, and a seeking tongue, I felt Dominique enter my mouth with her cock, making me take it all in. With my head bent back as it was, there was no problem with the entry, as well as the ring gag holding my mouth open. Within seconds, there I was, bent over, being fucked in the ass by one woman with a long, fat dildo and in front of me was another woman fucking my mouth with her real cock. And the entire time, I was starting to really, REALLY enjoy it.

After about 20 minutes of being slowly taken, I felt hands on the side of my head as Dominique grabbed onto me and came inside my mouth and down my throat. I really had no choice as she was almost all the way into my mouth, to make sure that I swallowed. I was so turned on and aroused that I could feel the pressure in my own penis, locked away as it was, wanting release but I knew that none was going to come for a little while. But I was also hoping that maybe it never would.

"Sissy, you really enjoyed that, and I did too! But if you really want to become OUR slave, you are going to have to beg. Of course, once you become our slave, what you got inside you now is nothing compared to what will be inside you, if you know what I mean. I will take your virginity, as it were, as I just did with your sissy cunt. Your sissy pussy is going to be next. And I can tell you this. You will want to become our slave soon. That chastity belt, well, it may never come off you. That depends on you.”

Of course, I am stooped over, hearing the words of the women who have just taken me, and all I can do is plead with my eyes, knowing that deep inside me that this is where I feel I need to be. But all my life has been as a man, only dressing like a sissy, since how many women do you know wear satin french maid's uniforms. But here I am, and I don't want to leave.

"Oh, I know, sweet sissy. Right now, you are so completely overwhelmed that you have no idea of what is happening to you. So, we are going to let you rest a little before you get to work. And yes, since you are dressed as such, we are going to see if you can actually work as a maid. We have several rooms here that need to be cleaned up, and since our last maid decided to leave, what perfect timing you have for coming here. We will see how good you are and how willing you really are to be a slave here."

With that, I was partially released, so I could at least stand up. I was gagged, blindfolded and led over to the bed. Once there, I was placed on my stomach and then felt my legs being pulled back. Of course, i was still weak and rather pliable at the time, and in no time at all, I was feeling my high heels with the back of my hand. Then I was rolled onto the side and it helped ease the pressure on my back.

"Tomorrow, we will get the cuffs off your wrists and such. Then we will allow you to clean up yourself and see how good a job you can do with your make-up. Can not have you looking like some male wearing make-up now, can we. Then we will give you a way to clean your present uniform while you wear another one. Then you will get to work proving what a good maid you are, since that is what you seem to think you are. Have a good night, sissy!"

With that, I heard the door shut and I was left lying there, firmly bound and plugged. I could barely move and if i went onto my stomach, my back was forced to arch backwards because of my legs. The gag was filling my mouth, and I could barely taste a hint of cum in my mouth. My ass was filled with the plug that had assailed my ass for the last 30 minutes or so and was feeling rather uncomfortable, but each time I squirmed, I could feel it hit me in that one spot that felt good. All of the sudden I felt the plug start to vibrate, slowly at first, and not constant. It would run slowly and for only a few seconds at first, but in what felt like no time at all, it was running constantly and at a low speed. This started to make me squirm more as it just kept on hitting that spot inside me and made me crave it more and more. Then suddenly it stopped. Then I heard a voice.

"Well sissy, you did not think it was going to a restful night, did you? You are going to suffer all night as you just did, and you are so going to want release that you will beg. But there is only one release available for you, sissy!" With that, it started up, low and slow, and kept repeating itself over and over again, driving me wild and crazy at the same time.

Eventually, I fell asleep, but it did not feel like it was for all that long. When I woke up, though, I was not bound. I found that I was instead rather naked and a little sore. Over in the corner was my maid's uniform and underwear draped on the seat of a small chair. As I looked around the room, I noticed that it was not exactly the same room I remembered being in before. But that was not the biggest shocker that morning, for not only was I naked, but something else had developed...

I am starting to take notice of everything and I see that I am nowhere near the same shape I was when I got there. But where am I, since this is not the same room I was in?

I find that my body feels very different, a little heavier on the top and a little tighter around the middle. When I look down, I see rather large breasts with pert nipples standing straight up. I also make out hoops going through the nipples with a little chain dangling between them. This causes me to try and get up, but I cannot. I look around and see that my wrists are chained to something, but I can move them around a little. I can move one hand to my neck, where I feel a little pressure and I can feel something wrapped around my neck. I feels like very stiff leather, but really smooth. In looking at my wrist, I see the shackle that my wrist is in, all metal and with a chain that I can follow to the side of the bed but no farther. I look down towards my feet and left up a leg.

When I see the leg, I can see that it too has a metal shackle on it, with a chain connected somewhere. I reach with my hands and cannot find what it holding my chest in place, so I try to get up again and realize it is my neck that is holding me in place. Then the lights get brighter.

"You may get up now, sissy. You need to get cleaned up for your first day here. Get cleaned up and dressed in the clothing provided for you. The keys to the shackles are under you."

I go to get up and find that I can now sit up. I feel behind me and find the key and unlock all the shackles on my limbs. Then I get up and I feel a little weak. I look around and find the bathroom, turn on the light in there and see myself.

What I find around my neck is a bright pink patent leather collar. As I reach around to the back, all I can feel is a seam but no lock or rivets. As I feel the collar, I realize that it is actually a metal collar covered in patent leather. It is not restrictively tight, but I cannot get more than one finger between it and my neck. And I see the words "sissy" on one side of it, the the word "slave" on the other side. Between the words is a "D" ring. I look down a little but and see the breasts, and hesitantly touch them. They feel real, as I touch I can feel the pressure. When I pinch a nipple, I feel the pain. I look and see the nipple rings and I can see that they are not coming out anytime soon either. The chain between them holds letters and I can make out the word "slut" hanging between them.

I look further and find what was making me feel a little tight around the waist. I can feel a leather band going around my waist and peek down to see it a little better. As I feel it, I realize that it is just like the collar, in that it is metal encased in leather and there appears to be no locks showing on the device. I cannot see my male genitalia at all, as they appear to be pushed down between my legs out of sight. But I realize that there is nothing to prevent me from using the bathroom.

"Have you examined yourself enough, sissy!"

"Shit!" I mutter under my breath. I dash into the shower and start to clean up. That is when I notice that my hair seems longer than before as well. At first I think I have a wig on but I cannot take the hair off. So I finish up washing and get out and dry myself. Then I go back and start to get dressed.

When I get there, I find the satin garter-belt and the seamed black stockings. Then I get the ruffled panties and the corset. Lastly I pick up the satin maids uniform and petticoat and put them on. I cannot seem to find the shoes until I look under the bed. I quickly put them on and look around the room a little.

It certainly looks similar yet different that the room I checked into. It is feminine in appearance but I can note subtle differences. I walk to where the window is in back and find that it is smaller and barred. The furniture in the room cannot be moved as it is bolted to the floor. The wardrobe opens up easily and I find all manner of women's underwear as well as maid uniforms. No other clothing is in the wardrobe and I realize that this might be a matter of fantasy becoming all too real for me. I look over to the door and see that there is no knob on this side of the door. Suddenly, the door opens but there is no one there.

"All sissies to the hallway!"



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