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Fantasy B&B Part 2

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2011 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

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Part Two

I start to walk to the hallway and when I peek out into the hallway, I can see others doing the same thing I am, starting to walk out into the hall, slowly, as if not expecting what is going to happen next to them, as that is how I was feeling. When I get totally out of the room, I hear the door shut behind me. I turn and see that there is no knob on this side either. I happen to look on the floor and see two foot prints, or actually what would be two high heel prints on the floor and I figure that is where I need to be standing. So I move there and face down the hall, in the direction the prints seemed to be pointing. I look ahead and see others looking around, and when a couple notice what I am doing, they see me gesture to the floor with my eyes and head, and they catch on and find the marks on the floor. Then we hear a door open behind us and the sounds of high heels coming up from there.

"Well, sissies, I guess you are not all that stupid, as some tend to be in the beginning. I am Mistress Angela and I am the Head Mistress here at the Joiner Academy for Sissies. Many years ago, Madeline Joiner started a B&B for sissies to indulge themselves in, and then realized that some of the sissies wanted or needed something more. So She started this academy. Sissies do not request to come here, necessarily, but many want to be here. But many do not want to end their time here, for in the end, they are sold off to the highest bidder, and the bids do get rather high, and they no longer get to enjoy their time here as they are now slave's to their new owners. Their new owners can be men, women or both even. There are the occasional She-male owners, but not too many. We do have them as your trainers though, as we also have women here for your training."

"Now, the first thing that you should know here is that it is rare that an owned slave comes here, but we have that privilege this time. It is the only one wearing a collar that can not be removed. It's name is sissy, which seems rather aptly named, though it has a middle name, slut, so I guess we will have to call it sissy slut so that we can call it out individually when necessary."

"Next, you will be given a meal and then be taken to the instructional room where you will learn the rules for this Academy. There is no dismissal from the academy, just punishments that will make you remember not to misbehave in the future. Take the time to learn what you need to learn, and you will survive the academy. If you do not learn, you will suffer and may have to become a prostitute rather than a sissy slave to your new Mistress or Master."

I listened to the Mistress and all I could do was think back, wondering who she was referring to as being my owner. As far as I could see, I was indeed the only one wearing a permanent collar with the name sissy on it, and wearing a charm between my breasts that said slut. But I was afraid to say anything for fear of being punished, and I did learn a little something in the military, in that you will learn more by listening and paying attention than by asking questions at the wrong time...

As we walked down the hall to the first room, i was quietly thinking to myself that for some reason, all of this could not be real. I now had breasts, a narrower waist and long blonde hair. But the part that made me realize that this had to be real was the chastity belt I was wearing and how odd it felt there. Every now and then I would pass a mirror on the wall and look at the vision of a french maid walking past and I had to remember that the vision was me.

When we got to the dining room, I could see that there were others in the room as well as those of us just arriving. The others in the room all were dressed as we were, in french maid uniforms, high heels and collars. I also noticed that they were wearing shackles on their ankles and wrists, some had gags of some sort in their mouths and were drinking their meal rather than eating it, and it was all quiet. The woman leading us to the room pointed to seats and we all sat. Before us was a rather light but edible breakfast, 1 egg, some potato and some other meat which turned out to be turkey sausage. To drink there was some sort of juice, the flavor of which I was unsure but guessed it was a combination of flavors. I sat in quiet contemplation, eating the breakfast slowly when I heard one of the people that came in with me scream.

"How dare you ask for more, you fat little sissy! you need to look more feminine, not fatter!" Before he knew what had happened, he was taken over to a bench, gagged and then bent over. Then the panties came down and he was given 25 lashes with a riding crop, several of which, it seemed to me, were landing right at the base of his penis, causing him to jump practically out of his skin.

"For all of you, new and old alike, you eat what you are given, and only what you are given. no need to ask for more, and never leave anything on your plate uneaten"

I finished eating my meal, realizing that I did not know when I would be eating again, and that I really would need to pay attention so I did not get punished. When I had finished, I watched others to see what they were doing and then followed suit. I took my plate and utensils to a sink and washed them, dried them and put them away, just as I had watched the others do. This caused the others with me to do the same thing and soon we were all waiting in a line at the door together. The door opened and in walked the woman who had walked us to the dining area.

"Ahh, I see we are all ready. That is good. Come along, for you need to get fitted and prepped for your classes." She turned on her heel and went out the door, with all of us following along. Then we arrived at another room and were brought inside.

This room seemed a little odd, for it had a counter running the entire length of the room and there were other people like ourselves standing there waiting for us. One at a time, we were measured around our ankles, wrists, mouth, head and the others around their necks. Then we would move down a little further and leather cuffs were placed on our wrists, locked into place. Then the same thing happened to our ankles. Then a belt around our waist, and the wrists were locked in place. Then a gag was placed in our mouth, shaped like a penis, which was 3 inches long and rather wide and that was locked in place. Lastly, I saw the others get a collar with a number on it. I looked down and saw that the ankle cuffs were connected with a short chain, about 12 inches long or so. I knew that walking would be interesting at that point.

"Okay sissies, it is time for you to begin your day here at the academy."

Several women came into the room, and I saw a familiar face. It was the woman who I saw in passing at the B&B when I arrived. She walked up to me and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"Hello sissy. Remember my voice? I am your new owner, and I am going to make you into my personal french maid and slut! In the next six months, you are going to learn to be my little slut, learn to clean and be a very good maid, for you are going to be a REAL maid, working at the B&B where I found you." Then she clipped on a leash and started to lead me to a post in the center of the room. As I looked around, I saw that the others were having a leash attached to their collar but I was the only one lead to a post. My wrists were unlocked from the waist belt, connected together and then pulled over my head. Next the skirt and petticoat went up and my panties went down.

"Sissies, this is what you are going to receive each morning, after you have eaten, so that you will always remember your place here." With that, the first of 50 lashes fell upon my stretched body. "This is your morning discipline. This is not a punishment but rather a daily reminder of your place." several more lashes hit me.

"Each morning, your Mistress or trainer will deliver these discipline lashes before you begin your other training. Each of you will be trained to walk in heels, proper make up, proper speech and manners, how to walk, talk and think like a slave and a sissy. You will also learn how to be a maid." Several more lashes hit me, and I wonder how long this is going to go on.

"Of course, as sissies, you will also learn how to satisfy others. This means both males and females. Since you have a mouth, you will use that. Since you have no vagina, well, you can figure that one out for yourselves." still more lashes fall upon my ass and I am crying and sobbing through the gag.

"Lastly, all but one of you will be sold at an auction that we hold here every two months. The sissies that you saw in the dining room have been here either two or four months, as the ones that were sold were replaced by you. We only keep a small group of sissies here, since we do not want to draw too much attention to this little academy. We have not had one single problem placing our little sissies, for many of them have made a good life for themselves, not only here but in other countries. All of you can look forward to that."

Finally the last lash was delivered and I am let down. I feel relief until my wrists are put behind my back and I am bent over, with my wrists being pulled up behind my back. Then I feel a strap being placed around my elbows and I feel them gradually starting to touch each other.

"Now, since all of you are wondering why this sissy is so different than the rest of you, that is because it is owned by my daughter, who wants a little sissy of her own. So while each of you are getting your morning discipline, she will be making sissy slut here less comfortable.

I felt my head being pulled back, a blindfold being placed upon me and then the sting of a whip upon my ass. As each stroke was delivered to one of the others, I could feel it on my own ass. And I could tell that each of them was being done separately, as I could make out the ohh and ahh sound somewhat as first one of them would get lashed and then I would get mine. All the while, I knew that this was going to be a very interesting six months, and as much as I thought I should be afraid of it, I was starting to look forward to it...

Finally, the last lash was delivered, and I could feel the fire on my cheeks, and as I was allowed to stand, the pain in my legs was almost as bad. As my arms came down, they started to feel better as well. Each part of my body was responding in ways that I had never felt before, and that did not include the interesting pain between my legs, front or back.

"Okay, sissies. it is now time for all of you to go to your first class of instruction. This class will be on the proper way to apply your make-up."

I heard a groan in the room and then the sound of a lash and a scream.

"Gee, i wonder where you got the idea that any of you had any control over what you learn here? I guess it is time for all of you to understand that you are here to learn how to please your Master or Mistress, NOT the other way around."

With that, I watched as we were all lead to the posts again, but this time, we were all bent backwards, with our legs locked to the floor and our arms pulled down. Then we all had out panties pulled down and the chastity belts that they all wore were opened. Mine, as I watched, had only part of it moved, so that my genitals could be seen but I had no idea of what was to happen.

"In the first day, we have additional instruction. This one involves punishment for disobedience. Since it seems that some of you have no idea of what is involved, I guess it is time for you to all learn a simple little rule. Obedience is expected at all times, without complaint or comment, other than affirmative responses. That means such words as Yes, Thank You and words of that nature. You are not allowed or expected to use words like No or can't."

After that, I felt the first lash applied to my genitals, and the screams in the room told me that we all got hit at almost the same time. Then another and yet another lash hit, causing each of us in the room to cry out in pain. After the last lash was delivered to us, we heard,

"What do you say now, sissies?"

A chorus of "Thank You, Mistress!" could be heard in the chamber, and we were all released and then lead down the hall into the classroom.

"Okay sissies, since you have learned the pain of punishment, maybe you will all pay attention in class now. Because if you do not pay attention, you will be punished, collectively AND individually. We do not want our sissies going out there looking like train wrecks, nor do we want you going out there looking like men wearing make-up. I will not even tolerate you all looking like some drag queen, but rather I want you all to look like two things. Those two things are feminine and sluts. This is not hard to accomplish, since you wear what every male I have ever heard call Fuck Me Pumps to begin with, and your maid uniforms are short and barely cover your little asses. So I want the make up to look right with a hint of slut. Or better yet, downright slut with a hint of feminine."

"To that end, you are going to spend the next several hours in here, working on how to apply it properly, to clean it off properly, and to refresh it. And of course, you will need to prove that you can do it without spending hours upon hours applying it."

Thus began the class, with all of us sitting in front of a mirror and our faces staring back at us all blank and plain. In front of us we could all see one of the Women there showing us first how to conceal anything that may detract from our feminine appearance, like shaping our face as well as concealing beards or other imperfections. We were all told that covering our beards would not be so much of a problem in time, but that the area of the beard also had to be contoured to make our faces look more feminine.

The part that was scaring me, as I worked hard to put all that we were being told into practice simply was that it was working. I realized that my face seemed a little different as it was, though i could not really place my finger on what it was, but as I first applied the concealer then the foundation, the face that looked back at me was totally different. Then applying the other little things, like the blush in two different shades, to change even more the contour of my face, then the lip liner and lipstick. Eye liner and then eye shadow. Then I noticed that my eyebrows looked a little different, thinner really. Then I learned that applying mascara was the hardest thing to do, trying not to get it onto the eye shadow or other parts of the face as you apply it.

The other part that amazed me was that as long as I did not rush everything, I could do it in a reasonable amount of time, and actually look like something. As my attention was more directed towards the individual things I was doing, I did not really notice the over all appearance. But once I was done, and I could look at the total picture, I realized that I was not the person I remembered I was, but rather more feminine looking. I looked hard at my face and realized that not only did I look like a woman, for the most part, but I actually looked younger than I knew myself to actually be.

"Well, it seems that someone actually did a good job of paying attention to me. What do you think, sissy?"

"Thank You, Mistress, but is this really Me, Ma'am?"

"Well, it sure isn't me sissy. I would hazard to guess that you could walk out in public and not be discovered too quickly. Once you actually get the voice working properly, I think, you can actually somewhat pass, though as tall as you are, you definitely are going to stick out in heels." She laughed and walked away as I looked at my face in awe.

I was looking at a female version of what? Myself, I kept asking myself. I had done theater before, but was this more along those lines or what? Or was I actually letting my inner self come out and stay out, with this group of people? All I knew was that this was certainly shaping up to be different.

She came back over to me. "Okay, remove your make up and go with something a little darker in shade, a little more slutty."

"Yes, Mistress!" and I started to remove the make up. It took a few more minutes to figure out if I had it all off, and once I did, I applied the moisturizer and started over again. I took my time again, and went through the steps again, carefully but quickly. When I made a mistake, I fixed it before even thinking about it. Finally I was finished with the second look and when I looked at myself, I realized that it was certainly darker, and that maybe, just maybe, this is what a hooker might look like, though maybe not quite a cheap one. Certainly the deep bright red lips with a more darker red liner helped with that look, and the darker colors of the eye shadow.

"Ah, such a sweet sissy. But what is this, I have a slutty sissy this time. I think you actually know what you are doing, dear. I know that your Mistress is going to have a ball with you, if this is how you can look!"

Upon hearing that, I was unsure what that was going to mean for my life, though I was very fast in thanking her for the compliment. No sense in getting punished for something really stupid. I was, of course, worried that I would get some sort of punishment at any rate as some of the others were taking a great deal of time and I could tell, though a good number of them did grasp the concept, a couple had absolutely no idea of what they were doing.
Since we were all there, together as it were, I noticed that none of the others were in the mood to help the others, yet I realized that I really did not want to get punished for NOT doing something. At least this way, I would be punished for helping one of the others to get something done right. So I walked over to the closest to me and crouched down.

"I know, it is a little intimidating, but maybe I can help you a little, if you would like," I said to the younger sissy.

"Oh dear, could you please. I am so scared and can not seem to figure out what to do here" and I could hear the fear in her voice.

"Not a problem, dear. First of all, you need to take a deep breath and hold it... that's it... Now, let it out slowly."

Once she had taken care of that little step, I proceeded to slowly walk her through the steps that she had started but somehow gotten mixed up in thinking. Within ten minutes, we had cleaned up her face and it was starting to look better. I peeked around and saw that the others were still sitting there, working on their make-up, not paying any mind to the ones with difficulties. I looked over to the other helpless one and motioned her over as well and proceeded to take my own life, as it were, or certainly my genitals, into my own hands, FIGURATIVELY, by trying to help them out. it took a little while, but they realized what their errors were and started to feel a little better and more comfortable i what they were doing. I got up and started walking over to my table when I heard it.

"Freeze, SISSY!!! What do you think you were doing?!"

"Mistress, I was trying to help out my sisters with their make-up."

"Really. So you took it upon yourself to help out a couple of your sisters, huh? How are they your sisters, sissy?"

"Mistress, they are as I am. They seemed a little lost or confused and I thought I could help them out. No one else was willing or able to." Oh crap! I thought to myself. I realized that I probably should not have said that, as now the others would be upset or madder than hell at me, or else the Women here would think I was trying to cause trouble. Either way, I had just started something that I might not really have wanted to start.

"So, you think that you are better than your 'sisters' and that they are centered only on themselves?"

"Mistress, I only figured that since the others were busy, they might not have noticed that some of our sisters were having difficulty. Since I was finished, Mistress, I thought I could help them out." I was now hoping that I had gotten myself out of the hole I was digging. I knew that I could not say NO or anything like that, so I hoped that had done the trick.

"Well, sissy. Let me see what you did with these two sisters of yours. And if they look like anything other than good little girls, you get to be punished, all by yourself!"

The woman walked over to the table and started looking at the girls. I was really hoping that I was able to get them on the right track, and I could tell that she was really looking close to see if she could punish me for what I had done. She took several minutes and then told them to start working on the slutty make-up, then looked over towards me.

"Sissy, you are not to help them on this next part. If they look good, you will not be punished. however, if they do not get this part of their lesson correct, you will be punished, not only what you would have received for disobedience, but also what the others would receive to go with your punishment."

I heard that and cringed. "Yes, Mistress" was all I could say as I sat down at my stool and waited. I then saw the smiles from the others around me, as they relished the fact that they would not have to be punished for their fellow sissies errors.

"Oh, and everyone else, do NOT think that you are going to get off without punishment. For you see, I saw that none of you were even willing to help out the others. And some of you were not only finished but were just goofing off to kill time. So I think that all of you might want to think about what it means to NOT help out each other. You are all here together. Remember that!"

I saw that the others were now no longer smiling, as they were now wondering what that could mean. I had a feeling that all of us were going to get some sort of punishment, though I was almost certain that I would get the worst of it since I had done something, that though it might have seemed like little, at least I would get punished for doing something rather than doing nothing. I was just not certain which would be worse.

After a few minutes, I saw that they were both finishing up their make-up and they each peeked over to me, and I could see that they each had done a fairly good job at it. Would it be enough, I was unsure, but at least they had gotten an idea of what to do now. And then I noticed that the woman was walking over to them to inspect them. The woman looked and had them turn their faces this way and that. Then she called one of the others over to look at them. She too had them look this way and that. Then I heard the best words so far.

"Good job, sissies. You seem to have the necessary confidence for this part of your life now." Then looking over towards me, "And you, sissy, have done something good, helping them. So you will not be punished for helping them. You each will be disciplined tonight, with 25 additional lashes to remember that you are to help each other when you are able. You are all here to learn, and the best way to learn is to help out when you can."

To the others, "As for the rest of you, you will be given an additional 50 lashes at discipline time to remind you that you are NOT alone here. The weakest among you is as good as you will ever be. You only become better by helping those who are weaker or behind you. Remember that. Oh yes, I almost forgot. You will also be punished for NOT helping out your fellow sissies. I think a general 20 punishment lashes will do the trick, rather than the 50 I would rather have given to all of you."

I looked and realized that I had created several enemies and two friends. I was unsure of how long that would last, as each of them could turn on a dime, I was sure, and I was going to have to watch my step or else I would be suffering a great deal before this ordeal was over.

Once the group was finished, and the punishment was delivered, I could see the anger in all of their faces, and thus I knew I was going to have to be careful. We were being led to another area in the vast building, and I noticed that we were all being separated from each other as we went along. I was led to a room, rather stark in appearance, with a hardwood floor which made my heels click more noticeably, as well as a cabinet on the wall. Once I was into the room, I heard the door shut behind me and I was alone in the room.

I look around the room and notice that it is really bright and barely furnished. The floor is wooden, and I can see bolts in various places on the floor, as well as some holes of some sort in places. On one wall, I see the large cabinet that stands from floor to ceiling, and has multiple doors, all about a foot wide. This cabinet seems to stretch from wall to wall. On the wall to the left, the wall is bare except for the door that I came in. To the right, there is just a plain wall. Start white paint, with a satin finish. On the last wall, directly opposite from the cabinet, I can see my reflection. It is covered with mirrors, going from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, just like the cabinet. No where do I see a window to the outside. Overhead, the ceiling is also a stark white, with fluorescent lights behind diffusers, making the light more even through the entire room. I see no one else in the room, and I just stand there, taking in the entire place. I hear a sound behind me and I turn around.

"Well, sissy, you seem curious about the room you find yourself in, as does everyone when they enter this room."

"What this room is, for you in any case, is a training room. The training you will receive here is going to train you to accept certain things, not only physically but also mentally. Right now, you have part of the whole thing taken care of, that is a desire to be partly what you are, and we know this since you came here. But you have to realize that this is not just a part time thing but rather a full time, life time commitment. To help you understand that concept, you are going to be physically and mentally challenged, privately and publicly, to make you come to grips with this new life you are about to live. You will also remember that there is no leaving the academy for bad behavior. That is important. You can not, once you come here, change your mind about your life. You have made that choice and you now have to live with it. You may not have realized that you made that choice, but the consequences of your actions are such that you are now here, becoming the feminized sissy slave to your new Mistress."

"So, what are we going to do? Well, we are going to teach you first and foremost, complete and total obedience to your Mistress. That will mean that you do what you are told to do without hesitation. Hesitation means that you are thinking about what to do RATHER than actually doing it."

With that, I felt a jolt of pain in my groin and I fell to the floor onto my knees!

"That, sissy, was to teach you that you should NEVER stand when you are greeting your Mistress. I entered, and for now I am acting as your Mistress, and you did not greet me in a proper fashion. Thus you were punished."

I realized that this was going to be harder than I thought. "Thank You, Mistress."

She smiled down at me. "Good girl. You actually remembered to thank me for your punishment. That is good. Now, I guess we should get to work on some things that I think you need. I think a little bit of bondage, stretching you a little to remind you a little bit more of what you are, as well as getting you accept all the little things that go with your new life."

With that, I watched as she walked over to the cabinet wall and opened a door. From inside the door I saw her take out some tubes, and walk over to some holes in the floor. She inserted two of the tubes into the holes and walked back over to the cabinet and pulled out another tube. this one seemed bigger that the others and she placed it between the first two. Then she walked over and took out some leather cuffs and walked back.

"Come here, sissy." I crawled over since I was afraid to stand up without permission. "Good girl. Now, stand up with your legs as far apart as they will go with those chains on."

I did that and watched as she then attached cuffs to my ankles and then using clips, locked them to the floor.

"Put your hands behind your back, sissy," and I immediately complied. I felt leather cuffs going around my wrists and then heard the lock as they were locked behind my back. Then I felt cuffs being placed around my elbows. Then I felt pressure as my elbows were being drawn together behind my back.

"Well, how interesting. Your elbows are almost touching and you are not screaming in pain! I know it hurts though, doesn't it, sissy?"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Good. Just a little more..." and I felt them pulling even tighter and I could feel them touching each other. The pain I was feeling was really starting to creep through my body, and what had started as a dull ache was becoming sharper.

I looked down and saw that the bar between the poles was just a little lower than my waist, but I could not figure out what it was there for. I could, however, watch the woman as she went back into the cabinet to pull out something else. It seemed to be a small box, sort of like a remote control for a television. It looked like she was pressing something when I heard a noise above me. I looked up and saw a panel slide away and a cable come down. I also noticed that she was walking back over to me.

"Okay, sissy. Now, i want you to bend over a little bit and lift your arms as high as you can."

I bent over immediately and tried to lift my arms. However, as my elbows were bound tightly, I really could not lift them much more than an inch or so without more pain. It was, however, enough as I heard a click of some sort behind me.

"Now, look at the mirror sissy"

This I also immediately did and was greeted with a special harness. This harness had a large ring which found itself in my mouth, holding that open wide, and it buckled behind my head. There was also another strap that went around my forehead and another around under my chin and over the top of my head. All of these straps were buckled and I was now unable to close my mouth. Then I saw that another strap was attached to the harness and it was being pulled behind me.

"This is to keep you looking forward and not down towards the floor. You get to see what happens, and more importantly, what pleases me."

Then another strap was attached at the side, right near the ring, on each side. These straps were also pulled back behind my head.

"This is so you can not turn your head. Now you have to look forward. But I think your head is still a little high." With that, she touched another button on the remote control and I felt my hands being pulled up behind me. As I was being pulled up my waist was bending further and further, and I started to scream.

"Well, that did take a little longer than I thought it would. However, you are not quite low enough for today's enjoyment, so you will have to suffer some more." And with that, I was lowered more and more, until I was now bent over to about crotch high on this woman.

"Good. That is low enough for now. Now I think you need to be made even more uncomfortable."

With that, I felt my panties being pulled down off my ass. Then I felt the butt plug being removed from inside me. Then I realized that it was not being removed but rather only most of the way before it was rammed back inside me, forcing me to go forward and jerk my arms and cause more pain. I also figured out what the pole was there for as my upper thigh's hit it, stopping me from going forward. Then I felt the lash of the whip strike my cheeks, slowly at first then quicker. the pace was never the same, always taking me with rapid lashes, then slowly with caresses of the leather stinger. I could never tell when it was going to strike, even when watching her reflection in the mirror as it would look like she was going to strike and it would miss me, or else it would just lightly touch. Then i would think it was going to be light and it would feel like the kiss of death.

Slowly but surely, I realized that this was the enjoyment she had been referring to. She was actually enjoying my discomfort and misery. I was there for her. And I also realized that I would have to enjoy this for how ever long it lasted.

After what seemed like an eternity to me, the whipping stopped. This time, when I felt the butt plug come out, it did so completely. It felt so good that I actually sighed quietly when it popped out. But that relief was to be short lived.

"Well, now that you are all warmed up, and I need to relieve some sexual tension, I guess I get to fuck you, slut!" I watched as she walked by my face with her strap-on dildo, thick and long, covered with lube. In no time at all, she was behind me and rammed it deep into my sissy ass.

"This, sissy, is what it feels like to be fucked by your Mistress. Of course, I think your Mistress is going to use her own cock rather than a dildo like me. But at least you will become familiar with the idea as I take the next, oh I don't know, hour maybe, to fuck your little sissy ass like the slut you are. Oh, and in case you thought that was all you were going to have to deal with right now, well..."

With that, the door opened and in the mirror I could see this man walk in, stark naked and blindfolded. He did, however, have a raging hard-on, and was quivering.

"You see, sissy, this man has something that you need. We told him that he could fuck a sissy's mouth and he started getting hard. When we told him that you were going to be fucked in the ass at the same time, all he could do was get harder, and somehow, even longer and thicker than he was before. You see, he really enjoys watching sissies getting fucked, but has never been able to participate. Well, he gets to today. You get to taste him in your mouth as he cums inside your mouth. And sweetie, you get to not only taste it, but you get to SWALLOW it!"

Of course, before I could even utter some sort of protest, the blindfolded man was not only no longer blindfolded, but he had his cock inside my forcibly willing mouth and his hands holding the sides of my head as he thrust himself into my mouth, almost at the same time I felt my ass getting thrusted into repeatedly. Then I felt something even more devious, as the big dildo inside my ass was starting to vibrate at the same time.

At this point, I could feel my own cock starting to itch, but it was an itch I could not even come close to scratching. I could feel my cock WANTING so badly to get hard but all it could do was cause me more discomfort and pain as it tried and tried without success. But the cock inside my mouth did not have this problem as he rammed deeper and deeper into my mouth, forcing me to take all his cock into my mouth and into my throat, effectively forcing me to deep throat him and regulate my breathing.

In no time, all of the sudden I felt it happen. He grabbed my head and stopped thrusting as the first wave of cum shot out from his cock. Into my mouth and before I could stop it, down into my throat and stomach it went. But the next waves were not quite as strong and they stayed in my mouth, covering my tongue with it's sickly salty taste.

"Remember dear, you need to swallow it all up!" and before I could think, I did so, remembering that I would be punished if I didn't. And deep inside me, I was starting to realize that I was never going to be the same, as he pulled out of me and another man came into my mouth.

"Oh sweetie, did you think I was done with you? That guy only lasted a little over 10 minutes and I plan on fucking you for at LEAST an hour. You get to have cocks inside your mouth for the same amount of time," she laughed as it started again.

It continued from that first cock in my mouth, trying hard to make sure that I swallowed everything, but I soon discovered that the ring, while there to keep me open wide for entry, also caused drooling and eventually prevented me from swallowing all of the cum shot into my mouth. And it was not like I could tell time, as I had no reference other than the number of cocks entering my mouth or the powerful feelings from the thrusts with the dildo behind me. I figured that I would have to take at least four more guys and maybe five. That would turn out to be wishful thinking on my part as, after the third cock came into my mouth, part of his cum dribbled out of my mouth, and the Mistress training me saw it happen

"Well, sissy, what's the matter? Don't you like swallowing cum from your lover?" Just then I felt a terrible pain in my groin as something akin to an electric shock started to bring me to my knees, though the bondage prevented that as it caused additional pain.

"I guess that you will need to have a little more time being fucked like the slut you are, but first, I think you need a little whipping, just so I can get a little more pleasure out of this. Oh, and sissy, I just LOVE to whip sissy ass!"

With that, I felt the first lash land upon my left cheek, followed almost instantly by one on the right.


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