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Fantasy B&B Part 3

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2011 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; D/s; maids; sissy; chast; bdsm; conditioning; bond; susp; toys; electro; nipple; oral; anal; climax; cons/reluct; XX

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Part Three

"Did that feel good, sissy? I am sure it did, and you will get quite a few more of that, but first..." then I felt the dildo slide out and something else being placed in it's stead. Then I felt it expand and start to vibrate, which elicited a moan from my mouth.

"Oh, sissy likes them big, huh? Well, this will be even better for you then!" as she took a large penis gag and locked it into my mouth, and I could taste that is had some cum on it.

"That gag has the cum that you dribbled out of your mouth on it. Why waste it on the floor when you can have it in your mouth. Now, I think another 100 more lashes should do the trick, then we can start all over again."

At this point, I felt the lash hit, followed by another and yet another, trying to keep track of the lashes. Between my muffled screams and trying to count, I discovered that not only was her aim very accurate, but she had actually meant 100 lashes to each cheek, and it was very rare indeed when she would hit both at the same time. Eventually, after what felt like almost forever, the Mistress stopped whipping me and I felt the plug inside me loosen and come out, causing me to moan again inside my gag.

"Well sissy, that is a lesson I feel you will not forget anytime soon. Now, I want to see if you are ready to actually do this properly. I know that you have had your Mistress' cock in your mouth, but you will need to do so without the ring gag in your mouth. I can take the ring gag out and you can actually perform oral sex on the men that come in here, or else you can try again, knowing that I will keep doing this to you until you fail to hold it in your mouth, and I get to do this to you all over again."

"Now, are you willing to suck cocks for real, being a little cock-sucking slut you know you are?"

What little movement I could make with my head I made, nodding yes to her. Since I could not speak it was the best I could do. Then the penis gag was removed, and then the ring gag. The harness on my head remained however, holding my head at the proper height and attitude.

"Okay sissy, we need to start over again, so first you get to be fucked for one hour, then I think for the failure to swallow, maybe another hour or so, or at least until I get tired from fucking you. Of course, I could always use the fucking machine on you and leave you there for a while."

Before I could say anything, I felt the dildo enter me again and as I opened my mouth, there was a cock just waiting for my now willing mouth.

It was such an odd feeling, as I was being fucked by the Mistress, I was actually willingly sucking on this guy's cock, running my tongue along the length of the shaft as well as the tip of it. Since all I could do was use my mouth, with my hands bound behind me, I worked it as much as I could, and in what felt like no time at all, I felt him tense up and grab my head as he shot his load deep into my mouth. What worried me a little is that I was so eager to swallow it all and wanted another.

Of course, I did not have to wait long, as there was another man there with his cock out at the ready, and I opened wide and took his in.

"Sissy, that took you no time at all! I have a feeling that you are starting to like this. Maybe we can do something later to make sure that you are really ready to become a REAL SLUT!"

All I could say was "yeth mithtqeth" through the cock in my mouth...

I found myself actually enjoying myself and my present predicament (pardon the pun there) more and more as I was forced (???) to continue sucking cock after cock. As I learned how to better please each of the guys who put it into my mouth, I knew that there was, for me, really no turning back. And with each load of cum shot into my mouth, I wanted less and less to change back to my male self. Of course, with these breasts and such, going back to being male was out of the question anyway, but I also did not want to just become a woman either.

When the Mistress decided that I was finished, she pulled out of me and I felt like something was missing again. However, I could hear her laugh.

"Feel a little empty now, don't you sissy?"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Not to worry," She replied and then I felt the other half of the chastity being put back inside me and being secured, filling me with a cock shaped plug, reaching deep inside of me. "We need to keep you spread at all times so that you will be able to take it in your sissy hole at any time. Besides, you will get used to it in time, though I do not think it will take you as long as the others will take."

"Yes, Mistress!" I was secretly pleased that I had actually made this woman smile because of something I did. For some reason, pleasing her was what I needed and longed to do, though I knew that she was not to be my owner but rather that other woman who had taken my oral virginity and started me down this path my life was taking.

"Get cleaned up, sissy." With that command, I heard a click and a doorway opened up in the mirrored wall. I was released from my bondage and sent to the room. Inside the room was a shower and what appeared to be a change of clothing, from panties and hose to a new uniform to put on. I went into the bath and washed up, found make up on the table and fixed that, then got dressed, all in white this time, from stocking and heels to the lingerie to the maid uniform. The uniform was satin as well with black trim. But I could not find the petticoat to put on under it this time.

I looked around the room and saw something sitting on the floor behind a chair and saw that it was the missing petticoat. This one was black, matching the lace on the uniform and I put that one on under the uniform. That was when I found the cuffs for my ankles and wrists and I put them on, making sure that the ankle cuffs went on and locked, with the 12 inch chain between them, and the wrists without a chain on them. I looked and finally found the door and pressed on it, and it opened.

In the room again, I found the training Mistress there, waiting with a leash in her hand. I went to her and knelt on the floor, kissing her shoes and waited.

"Not too bad, sissy. Look up at me."

I did and I could tell that she was checking my make up to see if I had done as good a job as I should. "It looks good sissy. A little more innocent than I would have expected, but good."

"Thank You, Mistress!" I blushed. Then I felt the leash attached to the collar and she turned around. I got up and was lead out of the room and back down the hall.

It was eerily quiet in the hall as I walked by each of the other rooms that I knew had people in them at one time this day, but I was unsure if they were still occupied, as there were no sounds coming from them. I found myself curious to know if they were experiencing the same things that I just had.

When we got to the end of the hall, we walked back into the great room where we had all been at the beginning and I saw that though I was not the last to enter the room, I was not the first as there were others in the room, all wearing a different uniform than before, and I could see the other sissy that I had helped was there. I was lead over to the area next to her and was then cuffed with my arms above my head and had a penis gag placed in my mouth, preventing me from talking. I looked over towards the other sissy with me and I could see something in his or her eyes and I realized that maybe we had both undergone the same thing. As I looked around the room though, I realized that some of them had undergone something different. I was not sure but I could sense it in their eyes and their stance.

After a short time, I started to notice that as the others were brought into the room, they were placed on either this side of the room where I was cuffed, or onto the other side where more of us were chained up. In the end, there were four of us over on this side, all looking somewhat different than we had before, and the others, who had walked somewhat before us as they were led over to the other side of the room and chained with their hands in the air, all looked like they had indeed undergone something different.

"Well sissies, you have had a very interesting time this day. You learned make up and such, and even learned femininity in some manner today. Of course some learned one way and the others learned another way. Each of you did learn something though, as it was indeed difficult for some of you to accept the fact that this is what your life will be partly like. I am sure that all of you would have preferred to be doing something a little different, and some of you actually seemed to be rather good at what you were doing, if the reports I have gotten are any indication".

"In case you were wondering, and I am sure you all are, we have separated you into two different groups. The group with the larger number is the group that indeed will need a little more convincing that they are no longer men and will not be allowed to be male in any mannerism that they have. It seems that their hormone dosage will have to be increased as well as a castration may also be necessary for them."

"The others in this small group, seemed to have understood their role in this academy, as well as their new roles in life, and seem to be adjusting properly. Of course, this is only the first day, really, and many things can happen over time. They too may need radical things done to them to convince them of their new role."

"Of course, as this is the first day, we won't be doing the radical things just yet. We will give you all time to adjust. But each of you will need to come to terms with this new lifestyle that you are going to be living, because if you do not come to terms with it, we will help you physically come to terms, by whatever means necessary for you to convince yourself that there is no going back."

"Now, for all of you, it is time for you to have another disciplinary whipping by your Mistress'. And of course, our little sissy with the nice metal collar will get to lead us off with it's whipping. But this time, I believe that all of you should experience a caning rather than a whipping or a crop. A nice bamboo cane, thin and flexible, will really remind you of your station now, as soon to be slaves to your owners."

With that, I felt my skirt being pulled up and the petticoat and panties coming down. Then I felt the plug inside me start to vibrate low and slow, touching my prostate and making me moan with pleasure as it started to work it's magic deep inside me. Then the first lash of the cane hit me, fast and hard, and it lingered there on my skin, making the pain all the more strong and deep as lash after lash assaulted my ass, some lingering and others quickly pulled off. I soon learned that the ones where the cane lingered hurt more than the ones where it was quickly lifted off my skin, and that pain combined with the pleasure from the dildo in my ass vibrating had me confused and somewhat in ecstasy at the same time. With the gag in place, I could not scream loudly or beg for mercy, but the sobs coming from my mouth through the gag were certainly matched by the others in the room at the time, as I could see the tears of pain and joy coming out of the others with me, as I was sure that I too had those same tears running down my face. The tears of pain from the cropping and the tears of joy from becoming what I was all the time on the inside.

When my training Mistress had finally finished, I knew that my life was going to be rather different, but I really did not know how different. All I knew at the time was I really was a true masochist, in that I was actually enjoying the pain with the pleasure mixed in and did not really want it to stop. I was going into this place, almost outside myself as the lashes were delivered upon my cheeks. As each one landed, rather than the pain that was being inflicted, I felt, well, something totally orgasmic.

I was released from the post and taken, along with the rest of the sissy's in the room to the dining area again, where we could see the others there. We were given our food and allowed to sit to eat. For many in the room, this did not seem to please them as they were all hurting. I too was hurting, but I realized that standing was not going to be an option but also that the plug inside me had not stopped and was delivering some additional pleasure that I had not been expecting.

I sat down and ate my rather low calorie but rather large meal of salad with some meat as well as some yogurt. There was milk for drinking and it seemed to be rather filling. The others at my table were eating their meal as well and I could see that some of them were thinking that maybe they had made a mistake, as I could see fear and confusion in their face.

Others around seemed to have similar looks, to varying degrees, to theirs at my table. There were a couple of others though who seemed to have come to the same conclusion I did and seemed to be taking it all in stride. one of them was one that I had helped out earlier. We had locked eyes again and seemed to enjoy a shared thought.

In moments though, we were gathered up and brought down the hall back to the rooms we had been trained in before. When I got back into my room, it looked different than before. I knelt on the floor waiting. I did not have to wait long.

"Get up and come over here, sissy!" I got up and walked over to my training Mistress who was waiting for me with a big grin. I got there and before i could kneel down before her, she stopped me.

"Okay sissy. I am going to remove the cuffs you have on. You need to remove your uniform and petticoat, then remove your bra. I want you only in your panties, garter-belt, stockings and heels!"

I proceeded to strip down and carefully folded everything. When I was done, she looked down.

"I guess maybe you need to take those off, you seem to be able to walk in them quite well, so I want to have you wearing SIX inch heels. Put these on." She handed me black six inch patent pumps with a large ankle strap that locked the heels on. Once I had changed my heels, I was surprised at how difficult it was to stand in them easily, and I was afraid that walking in them was going to be difficult.

"Okay, now you get to spend a few HOURS walking in those heels. Since you can not really go walking around the facility, you get to walk around in here. Turn around."

I did and had my hands bound behind my back. Then my elbows were bound back there, being pulled tightly behind me.

"Okay, turn around again" I did and she took a pair of clamps and placed them upon my nipples. I took a deep breath in as she placed the first one on my left nipple, right at the edge of the aureola and then applied the second one on the right nipple.

Then I saw that they were attached to a long chain that led to the ceiling. When I looked up, I could see that there was a machine hanging down through one of the panels that looked like a motor. On the gear of the motor was a pole that would go around, and attached to the pole was the clamp chain. There did not seem to be a great deal of slack in the chain either. There was also another chain hanging down, and on the end of this chain there was a hook, which I had attached to the collar around my neck.

"Okay sissy. As you can see, your nipples and your collar are attached to this motor. The pole will go around in circles, and you have to walk to keep the chain from pulling your nipples. When it pulls, the clamps close even tighter. It will also pull on your collar. Also, there is a lead that runs through the chain and when I connect it to your clamps, it will shock you if you let the collar chain get tight, meaning that you are not walking with the motor."

"It kind of works on the principle of those dog collars that train a dog NOT to bark, as the shock gets worse as it goes along. It will also shock you if you were to fall, since your collar will get tight, and your clamps will pull. If the clamps pull off, well, that will be a little painful too. You will have to walk for several hours before I decide to let you rest. This will get you used to walking in the six inch heels for HOURS at a time. I think, for right now, you will get to experience only four hours to start. And each time you fall down, you will have to start all over again. Each time you stop and get a shock for stopping, you will have to add another ten minutes to your time. Oh, and your time starts... NOW!"

With that, I felt a whack to my ass as She took her riding crop to my ass to get me moving, and I started walking. The biggest problem was that I did have to walk a great big circle as the chains were attached towards the end of the arm rather than towards the motor side. And I did find that I was right, it was difficult to walk in them, as I felt the tug of the chain several times, adding to my dilemma as I got shock after shock to my body. And the tug on the nipples hurt even more. But I tried and tried to keep up.

I do not know how long it was before I finally stumbled on my heels and fell to the floor. I know that the shock to my system, while painful, was short. The jolt to my nipples was even more painful as the clamps were pulled off my nipples with such rapidity that I screamed as they pulled off me. As I fell, all I could think of was the fact that I was going to have to do this all over again, and that my feet were killing me...

I looked up and watched as my training Mistress came up to me and all I could feel was agony in my feet. I was not sure that I had done enough time, as I had to walk for a starting amount of 4 hours, plus the couple of times I stopped, however briefly, so I figured that I had to do about 5 hours, and there was no way, in my mind, that I had completed that amount of time, just walking in circles.

"So sissy, how do your feet feel right now?"

"Sore, Mistress!"

"I do not doubt it sweetie. So, do you think that you completed your required time today?"

I instantly realized that this was going to be a test, as we were told never to use negative words, like "no" and the like, but here I was, thinking that the proper answer was just that. But since I had to be honest as well, I thought quickly and said, "I believe, Mistress, that I may have fallen a little short of my required time."

"Interesting response, sissy. Actually, you completed an additional 10 minutes more than you needed to just as you fell down. Of course, that was after you stopped seven times, adding 70 minutes to your time. But you did complete the necessary time. You may remove the shoes now, as I am sure you need the rest from them, for now!"

I knew from that evil grin on her face that indeed, the rest was temporary. "Thank You, Mistress" was all I could say as I removed the heels and put on the five inch heels that I had been wearing. Putting them on actually felt like a reward, as my ankles actually liked the angle of these better. Of course, that was after walking for 5 hours in six inch heels, so anything would have felt better.

I got back up onto my feet and was led out of the room and down the hall again, and was walked back to my little cell where I had started the day. It seemed like forever since the day had started, and if this was any indication, I knew that it was going to be a long, long time before I left here.

"Well sissy, you can get undressed and cleaned up. You will be starting at the same time tomorrow and must be dressed as before before your day's training begins."

"Oh, and so that you know, there has been a couple of changes in your training already. Your training tomorrow will be having to deal with my favorite punishment, since I am starting my period tomorrow, you will have to suffer for it, a little worse than I do. But of course, you are a slave wanna-be, so you can take it."

"Let your mind stew on that for a while tonight, wondering what your day will be like. I will tell you this though. You will indeed suffer my period with me"

With that, the cell door shut and locked and She walked away. I knew not to ask, but inside me, I was asking way too many questions. The biggest was how was I going to suffer her period along with her. I was sure that I would find out soon enough. But I ached all over and wanted to get some rest. So I quickly stripped out of my uniform and put it away, and took off my underwear and went into the little bathroom area and washed everything in the sink and then hung them up to dry. I was not sure if that was what I was supposed to do but I did not see any place to put dirty clothes so I figured that it would be safer that way. Then I walked over to the bed and laid down on it. No sooner did my head hit the pillow...

A light went on and an alarm sounded. I got up and noticed that everyone in the area was getting up out of bed.

"Geez!" I thought. I must have fallen right to sleep. I got up and went to clean up and within a few minutes I was washed, cleaned and putting on my make up.

"Come to the door, sissy and then turn your back to the door." I got up and quickly did so. I felt something happening behind me and realized that the plug inside me, which I was starting to ignore somewhat seemed a little looser.

"Make sure that you clean yourself out completely and clean your plug before putting it back in." With that, the person walked away and I took care to comply. It was a little weird taking it out, and it almost felt sexual in a way. When it came out, I put it into the sink and washed it off. Then I found the enema and used it to clean myself out, waiting several minutes before expelling it. Then I washed up again and put the plug back in. That proved to be difficult but not impossible as I sat down on it and it went deeply into my ass. Then I felt something else and realized that the lock had engaged to hold it in place.

I hurried back to my table and finished getting dressed and was waiting at the door just as it opened to let me out. I stood there waiting and saw that not everyone was there outside their doors.

"Well, do we have some slow sissies? Get your asses out here, now sissies! For every second you wait, you will all be punished with 10 lashes! Get your asses out here NOW!"

In my head I started counting as the missing sissies ran out of their cells. By the time the last was out, I was at 15, with the first one out at 4 and the second out at 11. I quickly figured that it was either going to 150 or 300 lashes, depending on how they wanted to score this one. I just knew that it was going to be a bad start to the day, as I also remembered what the Mistress had said to me.

"Well sissies, it seems that we have a couple of sleepy heads. At least they got out here dressed rather than partially dressed. That would have been really bad for all of you. Since it took a total of 30 seconds for everyone to come out, everyone will receive 300 lashes as their punishment."

We were all led down the hall into the room where we all had started the first day and were placed into what was to become a familiar position in time. Then I felt my panties being pulled down and the lashes began.

"Now," WHACK! "Everyone will not," WHACK! "be lashed on their genitals," WHACK! "for this punishment," WHACK! "as 300 lashes to that part," WHACK! " of your bodies would," WHACK! "probably kill you all," WHACK! "even after completing your training!" WHACK!

"However, you will receive," WHACK! "50 to them as you are," WHACK! "being punished!"

The 50 lashes to the cock and balls area were delivered after the first 100 lashes then 150 more afterwords. By this time, I was trying to tune out the punishment, going deeper and deeper within myself, trying to distance myself from the pain. When the genital punishment hit, I was screaming and crying like a baby, as the rest of us were, and by the time it was over, I was wasted.

However, I forget that we were also to be disciplined each morning, and discovered that as my arms were pulled down and then I was bent over forward and felt more lashes being delivered to my sore ass. Of course, now my ass was red from the first part, but now the skin and muscles were stretched, making the pain different and harder to ignore. Then my training Mistress came up to my face.

"Well sissy, I guess that you are a little tired and hurt a little. But you need to now begin your day serving and learning. No breakfast for you right now because I need you for something else."

With that, I felt my arms being released from being pulled up but they were still bound behind my back as I was straightened up and led out of that room and taken to another place in the complex.

When we arrived at this new room, I saw that it was a rather small room. There was a chair in the middle but it looked kind of strange. The walls were all kind of an off white and looked like tile, and the floor looked like tile as well. It sounded odd when we walked on the floor and I waited for my next command.

Mistress went over to a cabinet and took out a set of cuffs as well as a blindfold. My arms were unbound from behind me and cuffs were placed on my ankles and wrists. Then a belt was placed around my waist. Finally the blindfold was placed on my head.

"Kneel sissy." I knelt. I felt a tug on the leash and I followed. "Relax sissy as I move your body into the proper position." I did so and felt myself being turned and moved around, so I wound up lying on my back.

I felt my wrists being moved and heard locks being used and realized my wrists were cuffed someplace on the floor. Then I heard a couple of other locks and a tug at my waist. I seemed to be secured at the waist to the floor now. Then I felt my legs being pulled up and back towards my head, forcing me to bend at the waist. My legs were spread wider as they came up and when it stopped, I could feel that I was almost bent into a "U" shape. Then I felt the blindfold coming off.

I saw that I was indeed cuffed to the floor, but my head was now within the seat cushion area of the chair that I had seen. My arms were away from me and my waist was locked to the floor. My legs were spread wide and placed my crotch at a strange location, high yet not too high. If someone sat in the chair, they could play with them if they reached far enough, or else whip them with a short riding crop, which I thought of just as a lash landed there!

"Well sissy, I told you that I started my period, and that you would suffer with me for that. I do this with sissy's when they come here, and normally I would wait a little bit before doing this to one, since they usually are rather scared and do not know what is going to happen. I would tell them and they would fight it and fight it, until they finally accept that it is going to happen."

"I usually only do it once, towards the end of their training, but I think, for you, you get to experience it at the beginning. Because, you see, you now BELONG to ME!"

"Yes sissy, I now OWN you, so I an not your training Mistress but instead, I will be your PERMANENT Mistress. The Mistress that you were going to have own you has run into a little problem. Since she is my sister, as it were, she asked me if I could not only train you but keep you. I was unsure until after you survived the five hours walking in the heels. Then my period started and I figured, if my sister asked, I would help her out, so I bought you from her. So, now I really do OWN you. You will become my personal sissy slut, and your training regiment will be different."

"So, you will first learn to suffer my period, and until you totally accept it, you will be chained there, ready to accept and appreciate what a REAL woman goes through each month."

With that, she sat down on the chair and I realized that the area where my head was was somewhat bowl shaped and that my head was literally 1 inch away from Mistress' vagina. Of course I had almost no time at all to realize that as she started to release her menstrual blood onto my face and into my mouth...



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