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Fantasy B&B Part 4

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2011 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

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Part Four

Of course, I was lying there, scared as hell as my new Mistress started to feed me her menstrual fluid, and all I could think was to keep my mouth closed so as not to take it in. This turned out to be a very bad idea as I realized why my body was being bent as it was. For as it started to flow and lead it's way to my mouth, I felt a very painful blow to my genitals, since they were raised up for easy access to a riding crop. As I opened my mouth to scream out in surprise and pain, the first taste also hit my lips and entered my mouth. And I heard a shout, "You had better swallow, slave, or else this will certainly be a long day for you, dearie!"

Of course, I couldn't bring myself to swallow the first time it happened, as I kept screaming from the pain from the riding crop landing on my crotch. Of course, if I had swallowed, more than likely the lashes would have stopped but I kept crying and screaming as I tried to, unsuccessfully, keep from swallowing any of the liquid. Some did get past my attempts to not swallow, and the taste was weird and coppery, like when you might suck on a nick or cut on your finger or something, mixed with some other taste I could not fathom.

"Well, slave, I guess that you are going to be staying there a while. I do not feel like sitting here while you contemplate your predicament, so while I go and take care of some other things, I guess I should make sure that you realize your place a little better."

Before I could say anything, I saw a hose come into her hands as my face got sprayed with water. Then my face was locked tightly into place and a gag was placed in my mouth. This time, there was no way I would be able to stop it from entering my mouth as the gag, shaped like a penis, had a tube running into it and that tube was connected to the seat in such a manner that when she did anything, I would get it into my mouth. Next she placed a swimmers clamp on my nose.

"This will help you follow instructions now. In order to breath, you have to do so through the mouth and this tube. When I come in later, you will have to swallow in order to be able to breath again. I figure after a few times like this, we can try it without the gag. If not, then we will have to just make sure that you spend the next few days and weeks here, as I am sure the other women here would like to help me teach you an important lesson."

With that, I was blindfolded and left to contemplate this new situation. I remembered to the days before, or whenever it was now, that we were told that there was no way to be dismissed. If you did not obey, you were punished. The punishments were painful, but how much punishment was the cut off? Then I realized that there were people here that wanted to be here, so was there anyone that didn't want to be here? I felt I was tricked into being brought here, and since I would no longer be owned by that one Mistress but now by the Mistress who was training me to be her, what??? Her sissy slave? So why the toilet service? Or what was i supposed to be learning here? This had nothing to do with any fantasies that I had ever had in the past. I did not want to be a toilet slave. Sure, I loved wearing women underwear and such, but where does being a toilet slave fit into this?

I contemplated each of these thoughts, trying to figure out why this was happening to me, and I just could not wrap my head around it. Suddenly I heard something and within seconds, just as I was exhaling, I felt liquid start to pour into my mouth. of course, my instinct was to try to stop it but I failed as I had to swallow in order to breath rather than drown. I swallowed every drop of it, forcing myself to keep it down, and felt like one of those people on that TV show, "Fear Factor" and knew that there was no monetary prize waiting at the end of this for me. But I could finally breath, though it certainly was difficult, but I heard nothing afterwords but a door closing.

I was again left to my thoughts, and went through this same pattern three more times, fighting to keep everything down each time. And in all the time I had to think about it, I came to a couple of possible reasons, all of which seemed likely:
1. I was a slave and was supposed to obey without question. (Well, I failed there, didn't I?)
2. I was being shown what the difference between myself, being a sissy slave, and a woman, who has to suffer these things each month. Since I could not feel them, I had to suffer them (sort of what the Mistress had told me earlier but I refused to really believe)
3. To learn proper respect for my Mistress

Of course, all of these would likely be correct, or else more things as well, but these became the core of my realization. Of course, there was the additional idea that I could be sold as a slave just as the others here would be if I did not do as I was told, and that made me think that it was certainly better to obey and at least know who it was I was owned by rather than leave it up to chance or fate or worse, the highest bid.

So, I resolved that it would be in my best interest to do as I was told, to "buck up" and suffer my fate as my station now demanded of me. I guess that my Mistress was thinking the same thing, or else she was reading my mind, which I was finding possible, when the blindfold and gag were removed.

"So, slave. Are you going to obey?"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Good sissy. Time to prove yourself." With that, I watched as she sat down and I opened my mouth in anticipation of the gift from my Mistress. I did not have to wait long and I swallowed quickly so as to not think about it too much. With an effort born of desire and desperation, I forced the last bit down and waited.

"Okay. It seems that you have learned a little something. I will tell you that you will have to do this again, but not tonight. I will not warn you in advance, as you should always expect to do something that you may not want to do. But as you are a slave to me, you WILL do what you are commanded to do, without question or hesitation. Tomorrow, we will start something else for you, and this humiliation will be difficult for you, I am sure. The others will go through it later, but since I am training you to serve ME the way I want you serving me, you will learn how to be a very proper, yet very slutty, maid. I am sure you will love this next little training. Now, you are to go, clean yourself up and sleep. Since you have been here all day and most of the evening, you will need some real rest for tomorrow."

"Yes, Mistress!" and I was then lead back to the cell where I had started my day. There, I got undressed and washed up in the shower for what felt like hours. I felt so confused and sick, not so much physically but mentally. The one good thing was that I would not be spending time as a toilet slave on a daily basis, I hoped. But what was this humiliation that I was going to have to experience?

* * * *

Of course, I would not have to wait too long to find out what was to be waiting for me, as it felt like I had just fallen asleep when I felt someone shaking me.

"Wake up, sissy!"

I looked up, saw my Mistress and instantly woke up, jumping out of bed and kneeling on the floor.

"Sorry Mistress!"

"For what, sissy?"

"I must have overslept if You are waking me up, Mistress."

I hear an evil laugh. "No, sissy. You did not oversleep, I am waking you up early so that you can be ready for the rather long day ahead of you. Get cleaned up and then get back out here."

"Yes, Mistress!" and I rush into the bath area of the room.

Once in there, I start to wash up, cleaning myself top to bottom, inside and out, as I have been instructed to do, including giving myself an enema. Of course, the difficult part of the whole thing is reinserting the dildo plug inside me, but I manage to get that inserted and locked back in place. I return back to my room in minutes, cleaned and see Mistress still in there, waiting for me.

"Bend over, I want to make sure that your plug is in, nice and tight!" I go over to Her and bend at my waist. "Yes, it is locked in place. Soon, I think you will need a larger one inside you, but this will hold for now. Okay, now I want you to stand straight up and lean your weight against the wall there, hand up in the air." as she points to the far wall. I go and lean, with my hands high in the air and I feel the corset going around my waist. I peek down as she puts it around me and I see that it is a very feminine looking one on the outside. As it goes around my waist though, I feel the hardness of the inner fabric as she laces it tightly, making my altered form even narrower at the waist.

"Well, sissy, I think that this will make you look even better. This corset is lined with very sturdy leather, though on the outside it looks like satin and lace. I do not want it to rip or tear while you are wearing this particular corset, and since your waist is not quite as small as I would like it, you have to be laced up. Now, you need to finish dressing and be ready to go in just a few more minutes."

Just as I am about to say "Yes,Mistress" I hear the alarm go off waking everyone else in the hall. I realize that I was woke up earlier than the rest for some reason, but I am unsure of that reason at the present time. So I just hurry along, making sure that my make up is ready and I am dressed in my maids uniform, this time all in white satin with black trim. I go out to wait when I see my Mistress waiting there, pointing to the floor and I kneel there rather than stand waiting for the rest. Then I watch as the others come out of their rooms and they stand where they are supposed to, and some look down to see me kneeling there with my Mistress.

The others are looking and then their own trainers arrive.

"Well, are we in for a treat today! We all get to watch a live porn show, where all of you get to see some of the very things that you will all get to do. Of course, finding a volunteer for today's show was not difficult, as there is no such thing as disobeying a command here, so our volunteer is waiting on it's knees just wondering what is going to happen to it. Well, before you all get to have your breakfast, our volunteer is going to satisfy a few men with it's little sissy mouth. Oh, I know, we could always just put the ring in there and then fuck it's mouth, but this time, we are going to treat you with something even better. A willing sucking of well endowed cocks! Yes, not one but several. And it is going to be even better because the little sissy will swallow AFTER showing everyone the cum inside it's mouth, better known as savoring the flavor of the present given to it."

With that, I watched as the first man was lead into the hall, stark naked and very well endowed, not only in length but in thickness as well. He walked right up to me, and since I was on my knees, I could not see anything but his cock just waiting for my mouth. I opened my mouth, reached up with my hand to hold it when I felt my hand being grabbed from behind and I felt my wrists being cuffed behind me.

"Oh, no sissy. No hands this time. This is all mouth and tongue today." and I heard the evil laugh again.

I started to move my head and licking as much as I could, making sure that I paid close attention to the head as well as underneath, working as best as I could, trying to remember where it felt good to have attention paid to my own cock, way back when, I thought, I had one, so to speak, I thought. I could feel it actually getting stiffer and little quivers as I licked and sucked on the first real cock I had ever had in my mouth.

As time went on, and it felt sort of like an eternity, I felt a hand grab my head and my entire mouth getting filled with cock. I couldn't move fast enough for him it seemed as he was forcing me to take it faster and faster and I realized that he must be getting ready to explode inside my mouth when he did, and the salty and somewhat slimy tasting cum started to almost pour into my mouth. I remember that I was told not to swallow until he was done since I had to show everyone the cum in my mouth before I could swallow, but the taste of it was starting to affect me and I really did not want to keep it there on my tongue for very long. I used my lips and tongue as best I could to milk his cock dry and when he finally pulled out I opened my mouth while tilting my head back so as to not loose any, but also to keep the taste partly off my tongue.

"So, he gave you a good present, huh sissy? Well, everyone could see how much you seemed to enjoy giving pleasure to him, and by the looks of it, he really enjoyed your mouth too. So you can now enjoy the rewards of a blow job, well done!"

After I swallowed the cum, I said "Thank You, Mistress" and watched as the next one came into the room. I could tell that this was going to be a repeat of the last one, and I also saw that the others were wondering how much longer this was going to take, as some were probably hungry and some of them were bored. I guess that was solved as I started to hear the sound of lashes falling onto skin and the screams of the others in the room. Then I caught sight of the fact that each of the others near me were also on their knees and I saw the ring gag being placed in the mouth of one of the others there with me, and more males being led into the room.

"See, now all of you can be a part of the show. You didn't think that only this one sissy was going to entertain us, did you?" and I heard that laugh again, telling me that this was only the beginning of the day, as my Mistress then leaned over and whispered into my ear, "This is just the beginning. Just wait until later. I have a special treat waiting for you later today, one that will make you mine forever, as if you weren't already!"

I was now finishing my second cock of the morning, and just like the first, I played and made the man inside my mouth moan with pleasure as I used my tongue, licking and stroking his very rigid and erect penis inside my mouth. the part that was really surprising to me as he started to tense up was that I was actually starting to enjoy this treatment and as the cum shot deep into my mouth, I realized that I was starting to enjoy the flavor of cum. A small part of me though still screamed out in protest, telling me that it was not right. However, as I was no longer in charge of myself, I realized that what I might have thought was right and wrong had no bearing on my new reality.
My Mistress looked down at me and smiled, causing me to warm inside.

"Good sissy. Now, while we are waiting for these other little sissies to suck their first cock and taste their first cum, I think you need a little discipline, don't you agree, SLAVE!"

My Mistress had never really called me that by name, always just referred to that title. This time she was actually CALLING ME 'slave'. Of course, I instantly replied, "YES, MISTRESS!" and got up onto my feet as she led me to a chair in the hall. I was then bent over the back of the chair, with my ass displayed and my panties pulled down. Then I felt my Mistress remove the anal plug that was inside me.

"Well slave, you have had this little 2 inch plug inside you for a few days, I guess it is time for you to get the good one. This new little plug will make sure that you are always reminded of your sexuality. It is, just for you, 10 inches long and 2 1/2 inched thick. It is well shaped, just like a good penis, and it does amazing things. This plug will vibrate, which I know you really enjoy, but it will also contract and expand, taking it's length from 9 to 10 inches, at varying speeds, just like a good lover. It has veins and ridges, just like a fully erect penis and has a very slow drain battery, which we have tested and lasts upwards of 48 hours at a charge."

All of the sudden, I feel it's pressure upon me and it, for some wonderful reason just slips right in, though the pressure at first was amazingly painful. However, in seconds, the pain was gone and I could feel and hear the locking mechanism being fastened. Once it was locked, I started to feel the vibrator going, followed by the slow and gentle thrusts of the plug as it started that gentle torture inside my ass.

"Thank You, Mistress!"

"Good slave. Now for your discipline!"

With that, I felt the first lash upon my exposed and tormented ass, waiting for the last sissy in the hall to finish her first blow job. It seemed to take forever, as some had no idea what to do and were also getting whipped for their ineptitude. But finally, the last tortured soul there on the floor received her cum load and swallowed and my own discipline was finished. I was allowed to stand up and all of us were led to the dining area, where we were allowed to have a light breakfast. As I finished my breakfast, my Mistress came up to me.

"Well, today you get to experience something that these sissies will not for several months. However, since I want to go shopping, you get to go shopping with me. Won't that be wonderful, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress!" I replied, though I was totally afraid as I had been told that all I get to wear is this satin french maid's uniform and all the other wonderful little frilly things that I was wearing, meaning that I was going to suffer some interesting humiliation.

Unfortunately for me, my humiliation was going to be worse, since I did not get to have my manacles removed nor a cover for the bright pink collar around my neck telling all the world that I was a sissy slave. My ankle manacles remained in place, causing me to walk in short steps and around my waist was a metal band, covered in leather, with wrist cuffs attached, locking them near my waist, with only a five inch chain worth of movement.
While we were being driven to the place where my Mistress wanted to shop, I was told the so called ground rules.

"Slave, you are to refer to me as Mistress, even in public. You are my slave, and I will call you such, or even 'sissy slave' if I so choose.
"You will always say 'Yes, Mistress' when I ask you a question.
"You will always curtsey to me when given an order by me, saying, 'Yes, Mistress, Your slave obeys' as you curtsey.
"You will, when I tell you, kneel on the floor, sitting on your heels with your skirt portion of your uniform surrounding your feet.
"You will worship my feet upon command, in public, if I so command.
"You will speak when spoken to by anyone in public. You will refer to yourself in the third person, replying as 'this slave ...' and answer the question, always ending with either 'Ma'am' to a woman or "sir' to a man.
More instructions followed as we drove down the busy highway and all I could think about, as my Mistress told me what I was supposed to do while out with her, was her words along with, in the back of my head, the wonderful feeling I had inside me as the vibrating anal plug/cock/tormentor worked it's magic inside me.

We eventually arrived at the mall, which caused me some trepidation, but I quickly got over it as I stood up and felt a choker chain going around my neck, like a dog. Attached to it was a long chain leash and I was led through the parking lot in my six inch heels and maid's uniform. I also felt the dampness of my panties as I had been oozing into them for the last hour or so from the constant arousal I was receiving from the plug inside me. The pleasure I was feeling inside was driving my locked up penis nuts, wanting to become erect and demanding attention, but with the chastity, that was never going to happen. But the need and desire was not going away.

We went into the mall and in an instant, I realized that the mall was somewhat packed with people. This caused some fear, and as we walked, I knew and watched as people stared and laughed at me. Those that could see the collar, which would be, in my head anyone withing 100 miles, could read the words "sissy slave" in black on the pink collar. of course, the fact that the uniform and petticoat were short and exposed the tops of my stockings, the fact that they were seamed and were connected at the ankle and foot to me in six inch heels was more than one thing to draw attention to myself. Of course, the fact that I was, without the heels, over six foot tall in the first place only exacerbated the problem. As we continued through the mall, we finally arrived at the first store where my Mistress wanted to shop. The first store was a leather shop and as we walked in, the smell of leather infused my body.

Throughout the day, I knelt many times and curtsied what must have been a thousand times as I had been commanded to do so many little things. When Mistress decided that she was hungry, I was made to kneel on the floor, worshiping her feet, exposing my panties and the tops of my stockings for anyone and everyone to see. All through the day, I heard myself being laughed at, but as the time passed, I learned to not let it bother me. It was difficult, and it still caused me to blush more and more as people laughed or pointed at me and said things that hurt me on the inside. But I knew it was coming and took it all. And through it all, I had that constant pressure inside me, causing me more and more pleasure but also the pain and agony of no release.

Finally, my Mistress decided that she was done shopping. I was standing and walking, carrying all of her five bags, just like a dutiful maid, though one dressed a little different than most so called normal ones. When we arrived at the car, I was told to kneel on the floor of the car as Mistress entered the car.

"Well slave, you seem to have survived this little adventure, and all day I have wanted to give you a little reward. So I want you to bring me pleasure with your tongue!"

"Yes, Mistress!"

I brought my face to her feet, kissing Mistress' feet at first, thanking her for the reward that I was to receive. Within seconds, I felt the choker pull me up towards her sex as I started to kiss there, then gently licking in circles and then finally entering her with my tongue. I spent the remainder of the trip there between her legs, bringing my Mistress to orgasm three times, taking in her taste and aroma during that time.

When I felt the car stop, Mistress pushed my head away and handed me a wet-wipe. "Clean off yourself and then fix up your make-up, slave."

"Yes, Mistress!" I eagerly complied with my instructions, taking out my make-up and fixing it all so that I looked like the proper slave for my Mistress. Then I was allowed to get out of the car and realized that we were not back where we had started.

"Well slave, this is my little club. Inside here, where you will soon be working, we have our little sissies who were not bought at the auction. Here, they get to work as our bar-maids and club hostess'. You will become one of them, as this is my club and how you will earn PART of your living. You will also be my personal slave, living as my maid at my home. The good news for you is that you will no longer be living at the academy but rather here at my home, serving as my slave from this day forward. Tonight, you will work your first shift as one of my hostess'. Of course, learning what a hostess has to do will come during the night tonight. Of course, for right now, I think that you need to come into the house and see where you will be living from now on." With that, I was led into the building, which after getting onto an elevator took us up to the second floor of this place.

When we got to the second floor, my Mistress led me into the hall and started to show me the entire apartment, for want of a better word, finding the kitchen, living room, dining room, my Mistress' bedroom suite and then my suite.
I was surprised that I had actually gotten a fairly large area for a sleeping suite until I realized that part of the suite was also a discipline room, which had several different "tools of the trade" as it was. There was a St Andrews cross, a set of stocks, a bondage horse, a whipping post and several other places to be bound and disciplined. A few cabinets held other little tools like cuffs and whips, there to serve as a not so gentle reminder. Then as I was being shown around, I heard a door open and in walked a very nice looking man, who walked up to my Mistress and kissed her hand.

"So, this is the new maid, my love?"

"Yes, Randall. This is my sissy slave, who will be my maid. Of course, I think that you have some need that she can fulfill, right?"

"Oh yes. But how much can I 'fill' her?" Randall asked with a laugh.

"Oh, I think that she would be pleasantly surprised at how much you can 'fill' her, dear."

My mistress looked at me and smiled.

"Slave, this is part of your reward and introduction to the club. this is Randall, who is the club manager from downstairs. He has graciously accepted the offer to assist you with your new duties as a hostess. Of course, you have to learn what a hostess does, and I am sure that you already have something of an idea as to what they, and shortly you, will be doing. Naturally, you have done a little of what you will need to be doing already, but Randall has been a part of you for most of the day today."

I heard that and realized that the only thing that had been with me almost the whole day was the plug that had been driving me nuts all day. My Mistress looked at me and smiled that evil smile that I had come to know and realized that my virginity was going to be totally wiped away very, very shortly...

"Well, slave, I think that you need to get yourself ready for the final part of your training, as well as your first lesson in being a club hostess."

"Yes, Mistress!" I looked down and started to pull down my ruffled panties and then bent over the chair that was there in front of me. I heard the click of the lock behind me and felt the plug slowly coming out of me.

When I felt it pop out of my ass, allowing it to gently ease a bit and then felt the sting of the riding crop. I moaned a little and then saw Randall's cock in front of my face. I realized that my Mistress was not kidding, for his erect cock was long and thick, making me realize that I had indeed been aroused by a copy of this cock. Without even being told to, I opened my mouth and Randall slid his cock into my mouth and I eagerly wrapped my lips around it.

As I was tasting his cock, I felt the lashes fall upon my ass, and I knew that very soon, the cock inside my mouth would soon be entering my warming behind. In minutes, I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth and Randall pulled out. A couple of lashes fell on my ass and then the wonderful pressure of Randall's cock entering my ass, slowly but surely, until he was fully inside me. I could feel his scrotum and balls brush against my behind as he started to slowly thrust in and out of me, never fully leaving me, but making me feel his entire length as he fucked me slow and hard.

All I could do was moan as the pain and pleasure of his invasion took me on a journey I had never expected to take but one that I was so happy to be starting upon...


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