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The Guiding Hand 10: Homecoming

by Andy Latex

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© Copyright 2012 - Andy Latex - Used by permission

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Continued from part nine

Part 10: Homecoming.

“Come on”, Jennifer called, checking her make up in the hall mirror, “They will be here soon”.

Away in her office, Jane closed the door with the tip of one slim heel. “Sorry Mrs Bennet”, she said, adjusting the phone to her ear, “Yes that was, no just excited to see them again… 6 months I can barely believe it…. No no I am just so delighted to know Will is as happy as I know Andy… sorry still catch myself doing it sometimes…. as Amanda is…… No they decided… well I think it is just easier when out…….. oh yes I mean Andy is not the most masculine name and they probably could get away with it but…. oh yes, yes I agree, they are in their own hands…. oh yes…… Oh yes Andy's mother is a lovely lady isn’t she… oh you have, how wonderful… you stayed with them?…. well I know there was a lovely hotel I stayed at when I met them... oh how super.. Yes beautiful house. Mmmm.

“Come on Jane, you can’t hide away”, Jennifers voice once more carried up the stairs, muffled this time by the half closed door.

“Yes, I think so”, Jane laughed, “Ok I will be in touch….. No no Mrs Bennet, that is so very kind of you, but as I told you, we of The Guiding Hand Society do not look for financial gain. The knowledge that two young people are able to live the lives they want as they want is all the reward I or any other of our ladies require…. No that is quite alright Mrs Bennet and you are very welcome. … Thank you…. yes good bye for now… bye.”

Jane, pressing the button on the phone, slouched back in the leather chair, the picture of Andy in one hand. She smiled.

“Enough”, Jennifer said entering the small, but well designed office, “Come along girl my guests will be arriving soon”.

Jane stared at her friend and lover with a look mixing shock and delight. She seemed to be getting more beautiful with each passing day, but that might simply be down to the regular love making they now shared. However today she looked even more beautiful. Her hair was now a light copper red, a suggestion of Janes. It was a colour that suited her completion and allowed an almost inexhaustible variation in her look and make up. Make up which today was rich and warm dark eyes and rouged cheeks, full wet lips. However it was not these things which dry Jane’s attention but her outfit.

“Hey those are my pants!”, she said, pointing at the smooth glossy film of leather which clung to Jennifer's superb legs. “What a cheek”.

Jane's playful friend smiled and turned, showing of her curves as the light reflected on the smooth material, “I think they look cool”.

“Is the zip done up right”, Jane said reaching out a hand.

“Yes I think so why”, Jennifer said, looking down, her polished fingertips fiddling with the nearly invisible gold zipper.

“Here let me see”.


“Oh stop fussing come here, you want them right”.

“They are…… oh all right”, Jennifer signed and stepped closer until Jane’s outstretch and fingers could rest on the zip. “But they fit……. Oh Christ!!!!!”

Jane laughed as her friends eyes widened and her breath exploded from her body in an uncontrolled gasp. “Better?”. She smiled

“Oh god Jane, what the f….. what was that?”.

“There is a little flat of leather just under the zip, I found it purely by accident and when it is in the right place it…..” as she touched the zipper again she watched Jennifer's eyes slowly roll in her head and her lips part in deep panted breath. She smiled “Yes right there…. nice?”.

Her friend barely replied, her only acknowledgement a faint but clear nod. “Oh yes”.

“Now don’t get them all sticky, that’s all”.

“Hey”, came her friends, breathy panted reply, “Don’t forget I am the boss today remember. So less of your miss bossy boots. Now come on lets see you”.

Jane looked up at her red faced lovers smile, it was cruel and loving at once. She shook her head. “How did you talk me into this”, she mumbled standing.

Jennifer laughed, “It was a deal, you agreed to anything if i… if .. you know… licked you….. you know… between”.

“Good grief Jen, it is too late to be coy about it now”, Jane smiled dangerously, “You weren’t worried with your face buried in my bottom last night”.

“Silence!”, for a moment both women stood stunned at Jennifers sharp tone, then together they broke into a shared laugh.

“Very well a deal is a deal….. Oh god I did not realise it was that short”. Jane said. Tugging at the frighteningly high hem of the tiny dress as she looked in the mirror. “I just can’t believe Andy ever got into this”.

“You are only just in it yourself Jane”, Jennifer smiled, her eyes drifting over her friends full breasts as they spilled from the top of the dresses bodice. The soft mounds pressed up and together to create the deep and beautiful cleavage Andy never could have. “Don’t forget it was cut to flatter a boy and not someone of your charms”.

“I know but… it is really tight and hot”. Jane moaned turning to look at the rear of the dress. The shiny brilliant pink latex glistening wetly with each movement. “I mean look, you can see, my Panties”.

“Think how Andy felt in it then”, Jennifer replied, fluffing the skirt on the petticoats beneath. “Did you polish all of these?”.

“Yes every one of them….. but Andy looked gorgeous in it”.

“Holy shit Jane” Jennifer gasped in dismay “You look astonishing in it, no you look gorgeous in it, stunning, Beautiful and if I may, Fucking Sexy as hell in it and if Andy and Will were not on their way I would have you over my knee right now… OK?”.

Jane looked to her friend, a smile of pure wickedness on her lips. “Oh yes please”.

Jennifer shook her head and turned to leave. “God what are you like. For that you can expect no further compliments from your mistress today. Now come on Maid Jane, down stairs”.

“Yes Madam”, Jane replied as Jennifer turned away, her tone a light giggle.

Then suddenly after but a few steps the younger woman stopped and gasped. A hand fumbled out to support herself in the door way as he stumbled.

“What is it Jen?”, Jane said, stepping to her, the pink dagger like heels offering no difficulty to her movement.

“Oh god Jane”, Jennifer looked up into her friends eyes, her face red and glowing.

“You Ok Honey?”. Jane asked.

“Yes, Oh yes, But you know what you said about making your pants all sticky”. She gasped once more, biting her lip. “……sorry”.

For a moment Jane looked back at her friend in confusion, then realising what she meant stepped back, “Oh no! Jenny!”, Jane shook her head in mock disgust.

“It’s not my fault you started it and you know what leather does to me”.

“I should make you lick them clean for me”. Jane said, creating a resounding crack as she smacked Jennifer’s smooth buttocks, making her friend gasp once more.

“Christ Jane that is not….. not…. helping…… Oooo sorry, sorry”.

Jane watched with disbelief and a great deal of excitement as she watched her friend and lover gripped in the glow of an unexpected climax. “Now you know why I always wear them”, She smiled and stepping close whispered. “Just wait till you try the stairs”.

To her relief and despite having to stop to calm herself a couple of times Jennifer made it down into the reception hall without any further embarrassment, Jane however had no such luck. Oh she did not suffer the delightful torments of her friend, but once in the hall, her dagger heels on the polished wood floor her eyes fell on the mirror which dominated one side. It was no different reflection to the one she had gazed on in her dressing room minutes before, a woman of matured years, beautiful and confident, her full body squeezed into smooth and glossy latex rubber, a vision of sensual perfection from every angle. Jane blushed and shook her head, but she would willingly do anything for her lover, the woman in the tight pants who she now watched move with poise and grace in the next room.

She felt her stomach flutter, her mind filling with the memory of their first meeting some years before. Of her new neighbour a poised and stylish woman, younger than she by a few years, yet confident and cool, with no need for attachments or relationships. She remembered how she had first appeared at her door, smiling and alive her warmth instantly filling the large house, this house, the only thing Jane had ever got from the untrustworthy man she had foolishly called a husband. The house they now so happily shared. She smiled.

Jennifer turned and stared at her, her hands slipping to her hips in a show of mock displeasure. “Standing around Maid Jane?”, she purred.

Jane gazed back, her eyes smiling brightly and then with a cute curtsy answered. “Sorry Madam Jenny”. Before with a deliberate wiggle of her sweetly displayed bottom turning away.

* * *

It was half and hour later when Jennifer heard the car draw up, the gravel of the drive crunching under the tyres.

“Jane”, she called, stepping into the hallway, “Jane they are here”.

“Better than Maid Jane”, her friend said, stepping from the kitchen, her tight pink latex dress shimmering in the light which flooded in from the glass panelled door.

Jennifer mockingly curled her lip at Jane's words and with a clipped tone beckoned her maid for the day over. “I trust you have not dirtied your uniform Maid jane”.

The older, but no less beautiful woman shook her head in disbelief, “You really are going for this aren’t you”.

“Silence Maid”, Jennifer purred her tone deliberately sensual. “Inspection”. With that she stepped back a pace and slowly circled Jane's glistening form, fluffing the skirts, smoothing the ribbons of her apron, all the things she knew Jane had done to poor little Andrew months before. She smiled. “Very good, apart from two points which require a little more polishing”.

Jane looked down, “Where?” she asked turning her head in search of the missed details. “Where”.

Jennifer cocked her head slightly and smiled, “Just……”. With that she reached out with the index fingers of both hands and gently placed them on Janes latex flattened nipples, “…”.

At the first instant of Jennifers touch Jane gasped and sighed as almost immediately her twin buds responded to her friends slow circular caress. “Oh God Jen not now”.

But Jennifer just tutted her coolly. “Now now Jane, you must look your best”.

“Oh God Jen stop”, Jane breathed her words in clear contradiction to her body, which, under Jennifer’s attentions, had already taken on a warm glow. “I don’t have time to change my panties”.

“But Jane, I am only polishing you, what more do you think I am doing?”.

“You… oh god!….. you know very well”.

“There all done, that’s better…”, Jennifer purred and as her friend stepped back Jane gazed down to where the tight latex of her bodice now stretched one last time to mould about the hardened twin peaks of her newly enflamed nipples. “Now you are perfect”.

The pairs eyes met now, Jennifer’s cool and hooded and Janes wide and alive, they gazed at each other for a moment, before in a flash of white teeth Jane beamed.

For a moment there was a pause then Jennifer sighed in playful exasperation, her body opening. “Yes Jane, well done, yes that was a compliment. Yes very well. Jane. You are gorgeous, stunning, hot, beautiful, cute , sweet and sexy as hell…. OK?”

Jane smiled, “Oh yes”.

“Good”, Jennifer drew close and kissed her wide eyed lover softly on her glossed lips, “…….Now fuck off and open the door”,

“Yes Miss”. Janes smile was as wide as the sky and with a flirty bob, she curtsed 'yes Madam' to her stunning friend and wiggled to the door.

The cool late winter sun flooded in as the door swung open. Jane narrowed her eyes in playful frustration as Jennifer instructed her to wait inside, before she alone stepped out to greet their friends. The car was clean and polished, a nice neat salon, nothing flash nothing silly, yet it had a quality which only came with expense. Jennifer smiled. Their young couple were secure.

The drivers door opened and Will, tall and athletic, his hair still undecided as to which way it would flop, stepped out. Now again it was his neat and classy overcoat which spoke of success. He waved and stepped lightly to the passenger door. As it opened an elegantly heeled foot appeared followed by one long long feminine leg.

“God they are nice heels”.

Jennifer turned to find Jane peering round the door frame.

“Jane get back in the kitchen”

“Jen I want to see them”, Jane whispered back, her eyes still gazing past her.

“Jane you will mess the surprise…… Look if you wait for me to call I will….”, Jennifer paused, taking a breath, “….i will let you….. you know… to me…. in the studio”.

Jane's eyes drew away from the long legs slipping from the car and held her friends, she smiled “What……. all over?”.

Jennifer nodded.

“With the oils?”

Another nod, this one not so confident.

“With the little glitter brush?”.

This time there was a brief pause, before she gave a slightly less certain nod.


Jane gave a triumphantly naughty smile and with that turned back into the house. For a moment Jennifer’s eyes followed her lovers sexy wiggle as she departed, but hearing the crisp crunch of the gravel under foot returned her gaze to their guests.

Her eyes widened in astonishment.

His hand happily nestled in Wills and with a wide brilliantly sweet smile on his immaculately made up face, Andy, beautiful, elegant, sexy Andy, approached with grace and ease atop dagger like heels, his blossoming figure sheathed in a simple yet perfectly styled knee length Mac of metallic cherry red.

Jennifer, warmed by her guests smiles, stepped out into the chilled late winter air and opened her arms.

“Oh my goodness”, she beamed as first Will and then Andy were enfolded in her embrace. “Look at you two, Oh William look at that hair, still not tamed it I see”.

Will smiled at the light teasing, “Don’t think it ever can be, Jennifer,”.

“No you leave it alone Will”, Andy added, gazing with clear adoration at his young boyfriend, before stroking a stray hair from his eyes, “I love it as it is”.

“Well I do not doubt that An… man… A..mmandy ..sorry”.

Andy giggled and smiled, “Andy really is fine Jenny”

“Sorry Andy”, Jennifer felt herself blush at her garbled address but relaxed under Andy's warm and honest smile. “Sorry, come on in, come on in”.

Stepping into the warmth of the hall, Jennifer closed the door.

“You look great Jenny” Andy said, politely, slipping his polished leather gloves off to reveal cherry glossed fingertips, “But they’re…. they’re not Janes pants are they?”

Jennifer stopped, she smiled knowingly. “Yes as a matter of fact they are”.

“They look a bit tight”, Will said, quickly stumbling to add, “In a good way I mean”.

“Thank you William”, Jennifer offered the young man her warmest smile. Andy smiled as well.

“Do they fit……. nicely”, Andy said, his tone deliberately playful. “You know in all the right places”.

Jennifers eyes narrowed, her hands slipped to her hips and she nodded, “Yes thank you Andy, they fit very…… lets say….. pleasantly”.

From where she hid in the kitchen, Jane stifled a giggle and gazed at her young couple, their image reflected in the dominant hall mirror.

She smiled at the clear love that bound them together. Andy had never looked lovelier to her. Oh it had been a few months but she had had photos and Emails, but in the flesh, he seemed radiantly feminine. His hair, cut and feathered into a cute Pixie crop, perfectly highlighted his naturally soft features, his sparkling doe eyes, full, softly smiling lips and young blushed cheeks, glowed with youth and life. Whilst his dress, the simple mac drawn in at the waist, emphasised his slim, femininely boyish figure to perfection and it was a figure born with grace and ease on sensuously curved heels of glossy jet black.

Jane sighed, sighed and smiled and watched as, the moment Jennifer turned away to place their bags by the stair Will, clearly mystified by the odd use of the word “pleasant”, turned to whisper in Andy's ear. The beautiful young man smiled and returned the whisper, his lips close to Wills ear. Will smiled and whispered another reply which brought a nod and smile from Andy. There was a brief pause before Will again lent close, Andy turned his head to allow his boyfriend to draw closer. Will spoke and for a moment Andy's face froze, his eyes widened and fluttered and with a turn of his head gazed In clear blushing surprise at his beloved Will. After a moment he nodded and a smile of pure delight flickered on his lips, Lips which in turn then settled with gentle tenderness on to the young mans.

Jane smiled. God she could watch them all day.

“I will take them up later”, Jennifer said turning back to them and catching the last of their whispered conversation smiled and shook her head, “Yes I know and yes they have, yes it is and yes I have…. more than once. Thank you OK?”.

“What?”, Will said in comical surprise “I did not say a thing”.

“You two are a real team aren’t you”. Jennifer replied her smile warm and loving.

“Afraid so” Andy finished, a look of adoration gifted to the young man at his side. “Team Andill”.

“Andill?”, Will laughed, “I thought we were team Willdy”.

“No I renamed us at the last board meeting” Andy smiled with a playful pat on Will bottom. “So team Andill wonder if Aunt Jane is in”.

Jennifer released a devilish smile, “Oh yes, she is here”.

“No she isn’t”, came the voice from the kitchen.

Andy looked at Will, who in turn looked at Jennifer, there faces a mixture of confusion and delight.

“Now now Jane come along. We have guests”.

Again a descending voice filed the air. “I have changed my mind Jen”.

“Jane, stop being silly and come and take our guests coats”.

With that there came an almost deliberately dramatic sigh as from the kitchen the click of heels approached.

Andy felt Will's hand tense around his as Jane stepped out into the hall way.

“Oh my goodness!”, Andy gasped, one feminine hand reaching to his lips to hide his smile “Aunt Jane?”.

“Maid Jane”, Jennifer corrected, her tone playfully sharp.

“Oh don’t start”, Jane replied her fingers trying to ease the hem of her shiny latex uniform a few inches lower.

“Aunt Jane!, Oh my goodness, what?…..”. Andy's voice died stumbling to find the words. “Hang on is that one of my Uniforms?”.

“Oh you noticed”. Jane huffed still struggling with the brevity of the outfit which barely contained her beautiful figure. “Jen's Idea”

“Now Now Jane a deal is a deal, you agreed”.

“Deal?”, Will asked looking puzzled.

“Oh not for your ears darling”. Jennifer smiled.

“Oh God, I can’t leave you two alone for a minute can I”, Andy beamed his smile brighter than the clear winter air, “What are you like?”.

For a moment now there was a pause, a still between the four of them, then the laughter came and in that moment Jane stepped forward and wrapped her young “Niece” in her warm and loving embrace.

“Oh Andy, you look gorgeous”, she purred, holding him close, “Both of you so gorgeous. It is so wonderful to see you both again”. She returned her embrace to Will, who blushed from ear to ear. “I want to know it all. I have seen some of your work Andy. You are all over the salon walls, You look stunning. Imagine New York”.

“I know, I didn’t think that agent would remember me”.

“Not remember you?”. Jane laughed, “She must have dreamt about you for weeks”.

“I did”. Will added. Instantly blushing as the groups eyes turned to him. “I mean… know….. still do… you know I do…. you said I talk in my sle…”.

“Will!” Andy's eyes widened and a sweetly cute blush bathed his face at the young mans innocent slip.

“Oh sorry….i..i didn’t mean”.

Andy glanced at Jane and Jennifer, their smiles wide and joyful and took his young mans hand in his, squeezing it lovingly and pulling him close so as to softly kiss his reddened cheek. “Think they know what you mean”.

Will, sweet Will just blushed as a silence momentarily settled on the group.

Jane coughed softly, her smile barely contained, “Do you… travel with each other”. she asked covering the young mans slip.

“If we can”, Will said, this time choosing his words, “If my work allows”.

“Yes, Christian told me all about that. It sounds exciting. What about..”

“Now now Jane”, Jennifer added, “Duty first, take my guests coats”.

“Your guests?”, Jane gasped, turning to her friend “Cheeky cow”.

“Jane!”, The younger woman hissed, “That is no way to address your mistress. Now coats”.

Jane looked with light-hearted disgust at her lover and turned back to their smiling guests. “Young Miss, young Sir, May I take your coats”.

“Thank you” Will said entering into the spirit and slipping his off to reveal a crisp and wonderfully cut suit, handed it to Jane.

“And Miss?”. Jane smiled with a faint almost thoughtless curtsy.

“Why thank you Maid Jane”, Andy smiled, and with delicate fingers un-fed the belt of his Mac and slipped the buttons. It slid from his shoulders and as it did, both Jane and Jennifer gasped.

For a moment Andy paused. It was odd for over the past few months he had gotten used to being gazed at, yet now before these two people he knew and loved so much he once more felt uncertain, as if he too had been caught by surprise.

He shifted on his heels .“Its Atsuko”, He said.

The Atsuko in question was a glistening jet black latex Atsuko Kudo sheath dress, It’s sleekly chic 50s styling making it mould and cling to every curve of Andy's body down to just below his knees. The cute short puffed sleeved highlighting his slim elegant arms whilst the structured bodice nipped at the waist to create a perfectly feminine silhouette.

Andy took a breath, the tight shiny latex, popping softly under his faint movement. “It’s.. .It’s a signature look”, Andy half whispered , almost feeling an explanation for his wearing such a eye-catching outfit was called for “The agency suggested it, kind of a look which becomes associated with one model”.

However it was not the dress, elegant, stylish and sexy though it was, which drew Jane's eye, but that which nestled within the sweetly cut neckline. For as Andy breathed the soft pillows of a blossoming young cleavage, clearly swelled from the dresses sensually tight confines.

Andy bit his lip nervously, his hand squeezing Wills for comfort.

Jennifer looked to Jane, her friends eyes full of tender delight, as slowly her hand drifted up and a gentle fingertip lightly caressed the clearly outlined buds beneath the latex. Andy drew breath, his eyes fluttered, his heart beat faster.

For a long moment now the silence hung in the air as, totally without thought, Jane's tender caress brought a softly breathed sigh from her young wards lips. His sweetly feminine body naturally shifting slightly towards his handsome companion for support.

Jane's touch continued soft and loving and as the moment lengthened Jennifer gazed with love at her own beautiful companion. She shook her head and smiled.

“I think you two need a chat”, she sighed lightly, kissing Jane softly on her cheek. “Oh well so much for having a maid. Never mind. Come on William, give me a hand with these bags. Fuck knows what these pants will do to me if I try to carry them upstairs”.

To be continued?


Thank you again for reading my story, that will be all for now, But maybe one day I will return to Andy, Will and Aunt Jane.

As I have said before, re visiting this story, which I originally wrote a few years ago, has allowed me to work in a few things which are very important to me. Most important of all being the character of Will, who I based totally on my first and really only boyfriend. (I know, I like boys I like girls, so nice to have choice). In the first dozen versions of this story he never appeared, it only being Andy and Jane, but recently I have been thinking of My own “Will” and it felt right for him to be with me.

So I don’t know if this is done on these sort of Blog stories and if you don’t mind, I would like to dedicate The Guiding Hand to My own “Will”.

I Hope it will be a while yet, but I prey that when I get there you will be there waiting for me.

Love you.


Right now, wipe your eyes and for those of you who did not get up and leave before the end of the credits….


Jane awoke with a start. The studio was dark, lit only by the merest blade of moon light which passed the blinds edge. She listened.

“What ….whats up?”. Jennifer mumbled, her head half asleep.

Jane said nothing, placing her hand softly on her companions leg in a silent Shush. Again she listened and again the noise came. Only know It was a clear giggle, a laugh.

Jane slipped from the bed and moved to the door.

“What is it?” Jennifer once more asked, easing herself up onto her elbows.

“Hold on honey”, Jane whispered.

Now both listened and again the laugh came, soft but clear. Slowly Jane opened the studio door.

She paused her heart ticking in her naked breast.


Jane started and if the cry had not been instantly followed by a light shushing giggle she would have been worried. Instead she too found herself muffling a joyful laugh.

“Will, stop, stop, stop”, The giggling voice was soft but clear and Jane knew it came form the room at the far end of the upstairs landing, beyond the closed door around which leaked a halo of light. A light which drew her like a moth.

Softly on bare toes Jane passed the two spare bedrooms on the left, then her upstairs study to the right. She stepped down the 3 steps which marked the join of the houses big extension, then up and passed the second bathroom and up to the door.

She stopped, her heart fluttering and racing, her every nerve a tingled with delight and she listened.

The giggle came again this time it was clearly two voices, a mixture of giggles and whispered words. “Roll over”. It was Wills voice, deep and soft.

“Can I take this off”. Andy replied, his voice barely a whisper, “I can’t see a thing”

Jane smiled widely and put her hand to her mouth.

“That’s the idea, Turn over….”.


“Not yet Mandy it’s still my turn”.

Janes heart fluttered, it was the first time she had heard ever heard the intimate name by which Will addressed Andy and it was perfect.

“No no Will”, Andy purred, “….no hands…..Hands down, No down… no not th…., OH!”.

“Shhhh”, The young man breathed, his voice half breaking with laughter. “you will wake the house up”.

“You know that tickles”. Andy gasped his own voice a melody of fun and surprise,

“All right, What about here?”.

“Will…. no”.

“Under here?”

Andy did not reply, his soft laughter Wills answer


Andy giggled as his soft pleas for mercy mingled with his half muffled laughter

“Stop stop”

“What about… that”




Jane drew closer to the door her ear close to the frame.

“Mandy?”, Wills voice was deeper less of a whisper, “Mandy?”.

“What ever you do” Andy's voice was soft and deep and breathy, “…do not stop that”.

Jane suddenly aware of the intimate moments she was eavesdropping on, felt her face begin to glow. She took a breath, calming her racing heart.

“Hey!” Jane started and turned at Jennifer’s sharply whispered call. She turned and stopped.

Jennifer stood framed in the doorway of the now dimly lit studio, her entire stunning body a glistening rainbow of slick wet oil, her hands firmly planted on curved hips. She stared at Jane and smiled sliding her hands wetly down her slickly glossed body. “What about my second coat”.

The end?

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