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The Guiding Hand 9: Amanda

by Andy Latex

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Continued from part eight

Part 9: Amanda.

As Jennifer drew it out, Andy nearly staggered back in shock. It was the dress from the shop, not the cute pink one he had seen but the one in the window. The slim, floor length, halter neck gown of gleaming black rubber.

“Oh my!!”. He sighed and, as if transfixed by it, stepped closer, his fingers softly caressing it.

“Isn’t it stunning…”, Jennifer said, turning the rippling dress in the light, “…..that was what I meant when I said Janes choice was crazy…… its going to be so tight there is no way you can wear anything but panties under this”, She turned it this way and that , the aroma of rubber filling the air, “…..but even then it will be a squeeze”.

And it was. For even with a liberal dusting of powder, the room was filled with the popping and stretching squeak of Latex for some minutes as, with a lot of wriggling and smoothing, the dress slowly eased up to his slim waist. At which point it became clear just how tight it was. Indeed if it had not been for the experience of the tight pencil skirt a few days before he would have found it impossible to even balance.

“Wow”, Jennifer said, stepping back, her face glowing with her efforts. “That’s really tight….. but I have a little something else, a treat for Jane…”, she turned away only to return moments later with a small pouch, “……and for you”.

As Andy watched she fumbled in the pouch and produced a ball of flesh coloured jelly, about the size of a grapefruit, she turned it round, Andy gasped, it was a fake breast!, a breast complete with a dark raised nipple. She smiled a naughty smile and held it to his body.

“Can you imagine Jane’s face”.

Andy shook his head and smiled.

With expert hands Jennifer applied a thin film of skin adhesive to both ‘breasts’ and carefully aligned them with Andy’s chest before pressing them home. As she did he felt small holes open within the jelly and draw in his own nipples. “Can you feel that?”, Jennifer asked.

Andy nodded, “It’s a bit weird”,

“I bet…… but this might feel weirder…..”, So saying she gently took each fake nipple and began to lightly pinch the tip, Andy jumped. With each pinch he felt his nipples drawn into the jelly, not tightly, or painfully but, like a soft sucking. 3 more pinches and he could feel his nipples begin to tingle. Jennifer recognised the new sensation reflected in his eyes, “…..not too tight?”, she asked as if having breasts applied to his chest was an everyday thing.

“N…no they're fine”, he said looking down at his new figure. “I think?”.

“They will seem odd right now….. ”. She assured him whist giving each peak a playful stroke, which produced a sharply excited gasp, “……. But with the dress on they will feel wonderful”.

And they did, for after a few more minutes more of stretching and smoothing the high halter neck slipped about Andy's slim throat and closed with a tiny zipper at the rear.

Andy took a breath, goodness the dress was tight and instantly warm, but as his hands moved over it, the latex popping and snapping beneath his touch, it felt amazing.

Now only one thing remained, the high heels. These slipped onto his feet and closed with a single buckle, for a moment he teetered on them, the tight rubber dress giving him little scope for correcting his balance and along with his new breasts he was forced to adopt a new posture to compensate. His back arched, to push out his breasts and bottom to form a perfectly feminine silhouette. Jennifer stepped back, releasing his hand.

“Wow …you look amazing”, she said bending to smooth a stray wrinkle from the rise of his buttocks, the latex crackling as she smoothed it away down his thigh. “Its incredible”.

“May I see?”, Andy asked softly.

“Not yet darling….”, she smiled, “…..not until we’ve got you polished”.

Jennifer noticed Andy’s surprise, as from the bag she produced an aerosol.

By now he was, used to the small bottle of oil Jane had used, but this was new.

“Don’t worry Andy, this is the best you can get”, she explained shaking the can, “Some stuff leaves rubber a little slippery, a bit wet?, but this, this will dry, and ……..close your eyes darling, good girl…..leave your dress like a mirror”.

The first mist of glosser burst from the can before she had finished explaining, the cool moisture, making the young man tense as it settled on him.

“Cold is it darling?” Jennifer asked softly, continuing her slow even misting of his back.

He nodded, “A little”.

“Sorry won’t be long”.

Andy smiled and closed his eyes, “Don’t worry”.

The shock however did not last long and as quickly as the polish settled it warmed.

Meanwhile, downstairs Jane's guests had been steadily arriving. All elegant and stylish, dressed in eveningwear, her polite dress code strictly adhered to. All were all greeted in her own warm style and thanks to the caterers were offered canapés and drinks. Small talk between groups filled the rooms, but everyone Jane spoke to had one question, “Where was her niece”.

“Do not worry….”, she said, “….Amanda, arrived from college not long ago, she is changing now. You know what teenagers are like and I am sure she will be wanting to make an entrance”.

Back in the dressing room, the air was full of sweet scented glosser. As nearing the end of her task, Jennifer turned Andy this way and that, circled him and inspected him for any tiny patch of rubber that did not shine like glass, any that she did find, she misted in with tiny bursts from the can. She was done.

For a few moment Andy did not move, holding his breath as the last tingles of the glossers coolness faded in to warmth. Then his eyes fluttered open to meet Jennifer’s astonished gaze as she looked down at the can in her hand.

“Holy Shit”, she mumbled, “I did not imagine it would be …”

The near wordless Jennifer raised her eyes and Andy followed her gaze down to his freshly polished body. His heart fluttered into his throat and turned to the mirror.

“Oh my god”. He gasp, quickly apologising for his words., “……it’s so ….”.

“Its amazing….”, Jennifer added, as stunned as the gorgeous boy, “It’s like…”

“Like a mirror”. Andy finished.

Jennifer nodded, “How does it feel?,

“Its wonderful….”, Andy said running his hands over the ultra smooth rubber, swiftly dry to the touch. “..especially here”. He gently ran his hands up the smooth material to softly circle his new ‘breast’.

“I thought it might”, Jennifer giggled seeing the look in his eyes, “…..turn around, darling, let me see?….. Mmmmmm nice…. walk up and down so I can see the effect”. She playfully patted his bottom, the shiny rubber trembled under her touch.

With the excited giggle of a school girl Andy obeyed and Jennifer was treated to the stunningly sexy sight of the shiny skin tight rubber dress, stretching and clinging to Andy’s hips and thighs with every catwalk perfect, hip swaying, bottom wiggling high heeled step.

She could only stare, and as Andy looked back over one shoulder the look in her eyes said it all.

Jane looked at the clock time was getting on and she began to wonder if Andy had had second thoughts.

“It your niece shy?”, Caroline Green, one of Jane’s neighbours asked jokingly.

Jane smile , “Oh you know girls, Andy probably can’t find anything to wear”.

“Andy?….” Caroline’s husband, A handsome French man named Tomas, said lightly. “.……are you sure you don’t have a nephew”.

The was a soft round of polite laughter.

“Oh that comes from a few years back …”, Jane said, thinking quickly, “…he.., sorry you’ve got me doing it now , she…was a bit of a tom boy then and was, always being mistaken for a boy. So you see Mandi….. Amanda, became Andy”.

“Oh what fun, girls were al….. ways…..”., Caroline paused, looking passed the hostesses shoulder.

“I don’t think people will be making that mistake again”, her husband said.

Andy, had paused at the door to the lounge for a moment, his eyes closed. He did not feel embarrassed, that was a thing of the past, he did not feel ashamed, for there was nothing to be ashamed of and he did not feel humiliated, for there could be no humiliation in pride. No, what Andy felt was excited, Christmas and birthday excited and so he had paused, waited for his heart to calm, and had taken a breath before, under Jennifer’s soft instruction and a pat of his polished bottom walking confidently into the room.

Jane turned and for a moment even she stared. The way the light reflected and glistened on the ever moving, stretching and rippling latex of Andy sleek gown seemed to create an hypnotically sensual dance from which no eye in the room could not be drawn.

For a moment Jane could think of nothing more, but then Andy broke into a wide and loving smile which made Jane’s stomach tremble with delight. Heads turned as he passed, he smiled to every one but looked only at his beloved Jane.

Passing through the archway that connected the two rooms to where she waited, Andy took his ‘Aunts’ outstretched hand and drawing close kissed her softly on the cheek. “Good evening Auntie”.

“You look, wonderful”, Jane whispered allowing her hand to run around his body to rest on the curve of his bottom.

Andy smiled, he did not look away. “Thank you”. It was a simple statement which the others in the group took as childlike politeness, but Jane, gazing into his sparkling eyes, knew it meant much more.

She smiled and returned the kiss. For a moment they were alone. Then tearing her eyes ways, she turned him to her friends, “Caroline, Tomus, this is my niece…. Amanda”.

Andy’s eyes flickered to her face, they did not register shock but delight. He smiled.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Amanda”, both said, “…….And might I say you are every bit as beautiful as Jane has told us”.

“Thank you”, Andy smiled, “it is so nice to meet you too and may I say that is a lovely dress”,

“Oh why thank you Amanda, how sweet…”, she said, taken aback for a moment by Andy’s exquisitely charming tone and wonderful smile. “…….but, might I say not as lovely as yours my dear.”.

“Thank you”.

“It is stunning”, A third voice, asked, the group looked to find a tall red head with dazzling green eyes beside them.

“Oh Brigitte I ‘m sorry …” Jane said, turning to her, “…., Amanda this is Brigitte Morell and her partner Jamie”.

Again Andy greeted each with a dazzling smile and polite ‘hello’

“Is it Rubber?”, Brigitte asked politely

“I’m sorry”, Andy turned, missing the question.

“Your dress dear. Is it Rubber?”

“Yes It is”. Andy smiled

“Its so tight…..” added Jamie, a tall well dressed man some years younger than his partner, “….is it hot?”

“Yes ….a little, but I like it“, Andy giggled, squeezing Janes hand, “….its like being given a warm hug all over”.

“Well. It is certainly a dress for the confident or those blessed with the perfect figure”. The red head said, adding, “Of which my dear, you seem blessed with both”.

Andy felt himself blush and thanked everyone for his or her sweet words. Gifting each with a smile they would long remember.

Jane smiled like she had never before, it was a wonderful evening, the atmosphere was light, the conversation good everyone of her guests mingled and embraced. Even the weather, the warm summer sun never let her down, yes it was a wonderful evening, the perfect evening with her beloved Andy.

As she watched Andy move about the room, chatting and giggling with each and everyone of her guests she smiled with pride. His sweet charms making each person feel as if they were the only ones in the room. Occasionally she saw him respond to a comment about his dress, watched him as he would turn and pose, even allowing an inquisitive hand to touch the smooth latex. A confident, elegant and sexy young woman.

It was then she saw the new face across the room, young and handsome, smart and clearly very nervous. Janes heart fluttered.

Moving across the room to where Andy, held two couples in the warmth of his charm, she slipped her hand onto his bottom. She could have placed it on the base of his spine or higher, but she placed it there because she wanted to.

Andy turned and smiled.

“May I borrow my niece for a moment”. She said lightly.

The older gentleman of the group, sighed, “A shame, to loose such beauty” and softly kissed Andy's hand.

The young man, blushed and thanked each in turn.

Turning Andy away, Janes fingers fluttered on his latex covered bottom. “Give me your glass darling”.

“But… oh I’m sorry Auntie I was not……”.

“No no it’s all right darling”, Jane whispered softly, “I have someone to show you”.

“Ok, I thought……”. His voice trained off as his eyes fell the face across the room. Taking the glass before it fell from his fingers, Jane felt him tremble as a soft, “Will” passed his lips.

For what seemed like an age the pair looked at each other, both almost too scared or stunned to move. The young man smiled, whilst Andy half raised a hand in a faintly nervous wave.

“Well go on then”, She Jane in mock frustration,

“May I?”, Andy replied his voice an almost silent sigh.

“Of cause you can, Now go on. If you leave him alone much longer half the woman in the room will be all over him”.

Andy tilted his head, his eyes, moist and sparkling gazing into Janes. She knew what he wanted to say, but knew words would not come.

“What?” Jane said a warm smile on her lips, “Did you seriously think I wouldn’t invite him? Now go on”. and with a pat of his bottom she sent him on his way.

The walk from one side of the room to the other had never taken so long, nor had it been so exciting. The room, moments earlier busy and alive, now drifted from both Andy's and Wills mind, all they saw was each other and in the tick of a clock or the beat of a heart they were together.

For a moment they paused, their eyes fluttering and dancing over each other’s features. Andy touching his hair nervous and unsure, Will clasping his hands. Both hearts pounding.

“Hi”, Andy said, drawing a deep breath which made the latex of his dress stretch and ripple.

Will, tall and handsome, (despite the nose) gazed into Andy's eyes, the simple word hung in the air for what felt like an eternity. Then softly and deliberately he whispered. “You look amazing”.

It was like a switch had been turned on, their switch, their code a switch that made them tingle and warm, happy and alive.

Andy stepped back, a tiny joyful skip on his heels. Hands on his hips a smile as wide and warm as a summers beach on his lips.

“Is that the best you can come up with”, he teased. a giggle of delight in his breath.

Now Will smiled, he laughed softly, “Just warming up” he gazed up and down Andy's stunningly displayed and newly curvaceous body. Taking in every ripple of the latex and every dimple and curve of his friend body to which it clung so perfectly. A comically quizzical look danced on his face, “Actually, No sorry I can’t think of anything else”.

“Oh you” a playful slap came down on Wills arm.

“Alright what do you want me to say”. He laughed faking pain from the blow. “I think Amazing sums you up perfectly”.

Another slap, lighter this time, Andys hand lingering, caressing before slipping away.

As Jane watched the young pair from across the room, she could see the natural attraction between them, so relaxed and alive. The way they moved the way they gratefully came into contact with each other, hands clasping arms, pats, playful slaps. It was in the way Andy, held himself, the way he rested his weight on his heels, the angles his sleek latex body created. Shapes which readily drew the young man closer. The handsome William, with those dark eyes, unruly hair, wonky nose and that wide ready smile. They had not been together for more than a few hours, yet to anyone they were as life long friends. Maybe even more.

“Perfect”, Jennifer’s hand slipped down Jane’s spine, her host turned, “It is amazing. They are so perfect for each other”,

“Yes they are”. Jane replied without moving away from her touch. “Look at them, totally into each other”,

“I hope you like my gift”, Jennifer added a soft giggle in her voice.

“Oh you naughty girl”, Jane turned, her eyes drifting over slightly younger woman’s perfect features. Then, slowly, she kissed her softly on the lips.

“Jane!” Jennifer whispered lightly, “People will see”.

“I don’t really care. Do you?”. Jane smiled

For a moment Jennifer gazed back at her friend, her eyes dancing over the beautiful features she had known for the past 6 years. She smiled. “About bloody time too”, came the reply, followed by a soft kiss.

“Sorry”, Jane sighed. A gentle squeeze of her secret lovers hand. “No more sneaking around”.

“Thank god. I was beginning to think I would have to seduce you all over again”.

“You never seduced me”. Jane smiled

“I beg your pardon”, Jennifer laughed. “You didn’t know what hit you”.

“I was leading you on”.

“Why you little!”. Jennifer hissed, her voice a comically whispered exclamation. “I had you in the palm of my hand.”

Suddenly Janes face lit up, her face filled with colour and smile as bright as Andy's on her lips, “Oh yes, now you mention it” She said. “I do remember something like that”.

“Do excuse me”, Andy turned to the face of one of the guest he had been talking to earlier. The charming gentleman who had kissed his hand offered his to him. “Do excuse me Amanda my dear, but we must be off. My wife and I have a long drive”.

Andy took the offered hand with delicate touch. “Oh Mr Gale, so sorry, but it has been such a delight meeting you and you Mrs Gale. Please have a safe trip”.

The older man, his heart warmed by Andy's smiled, gave a half bow. “It has been an absolute delight to meet you dear child and I wish you and your young man every happiness”. He raised Andy's hand once more to his lips, brushing it with a soft kiss.

Andy said no more, he felt himself blush but found no words in his lips.

As the gentleman turned away, his wife now came closer, she took Andy's hand and, to Wills surprise, his also. “Do forgive me, but I could not help but watch you together. Such fun you two have, such fun”. She whispered slipping their hands together. “You must take good care of each other”.

Turning away in a drift of perfume the lady had left both Andy and Will in a haze of confusion. However, despite the uncertain silence that had settle over them, neither was prepared to slip their hand away from the others.

Andy looked down at his hand. It looked right where it was, enfolded in this young mans warm embrace.

“I didn’t think you were coming”, Andy whispered the sound of the party finally returning to his ears. “When I saw the three ladies I thought….. you did not want to come”.

Wills hand, bigger and less feminine, tightened on Andy's, sending a tingle through the feminised boys body.

“I didn’t know anything about it until 5 o’Clock. Christian told me to get myself home, into my best suit and he would pick me up. Never had an idea”.

Still dwelling on the warmth of his friends hand on his, Andy laughed and then blew a deep breath. “I think we have been set up”.

Will's hand warm and soft, gentle and strong, gave a little squeeze. “You don’t mind …do you?”.

Now there was a pause, a long one, then Andy's other hand, or rather one fingertip, slipped onto the back of Will's hand, circling the knuckles one at a time. He looked up, his eyes searching and finding Will's, who gazed back without question..“No”, Andy whispered, smiling, “No…I don’t…….do you?”.

Will gazed back, his eyes deep and warm, never a hint of deceit. “No, not one little bit”.

Andy took a breath, a calming breath almost unable to contain the smile on his face.

“You know”. Will said, his tone now free of uncertainty, “The first thing I remembered of you were those….. Dimples.”

“Oh god no”, Andy giggled.

“No really I think they are real cute”.

Andy felt himself blush, he had hated having Dimples, they had led to no end of teasing as a kid and for a moment a welling of sadness stirred within him. However one glance at Will honest smile told him the teasing days were over and now he did not want this moment to pass.

His nerves trembled, his knees shivered. Suddenly the latex dress was an oven and he was melting within it. He swallowed again. He would not let this moment pass.

“If ……If you kiss them, Will …”, His voice faltered. Another breath, “….If you kiss them….. you can keep them”.

For second Andy's heart stopped as his words hung in the air. Had he said them aloud? or just dreamt he had, but then with a smile from his friend his doubts were put aside.

The first touch of Will's lips made Andy's wide eyes flutter and his heart race, the second on the other cheek was softer and lingering and made his lips part, his breath deepen, his eyes close, his body melt.

“Oh god, Will”, Andy sighed, feeling the warmth of his friends cheek on his as he remained near, his mind a swirl of emotions and fears. Disbelieving of what had just happened and of the question which now hung on his glossy lips.

But it was a question he did not ask.

“If I kiss your lips”, Will whispered, his voice low, warm , honest and sweetly nervous. “May I keep them as well”.

Andy did not answer, his mind refusing to think in words. Instead, after a heartbeats pause he drew away. His face soft and warm, with eyes deep and moist gazed up into Wills, his mind a whirl of confusion and delight. “But this was a boy”, Andy's head told him, “a boy, not a girl, a boy”. However his heart, his beating, beating heart, which pounded beneath his latex gown, was not draw to such thoughts and sung with only one clear voice and slowly and slightly he nodded.

Briefly, for a heart beat Andy hesitated. He had never been kissed before. Oh he had kissed girls sure, but he had never been kissed and never, ever by another boy. He hesitated as Wills breath sweet and warm caressed lips, his mind searching for an answer. But he needed none, his body answered for him and with a final sigh, their lips met.

It wasn’t a long kiss, though to Andy it felt it, it felt like his lips were becoming as liquid, flowing and melting onto Wills, but it was only a brief warm and tender kiss. A soft kiss and as they parted, eyes closed Andy could not help but steal a gentle second peck.

Now there came a longer pause, Will could feel Andy's trembling weight on his hands as he took in a deep calming breath. Then from deep within, Andy glowed, his eyes fluttered and his teeth nibbled his lips. His breath a deep sigh.

Will stroked his hair. “Ok?”

For a second Andy gave no word, then with a giggle and deep breath said. “Oh yes”. He licked his lips, tasting the young man on him “Oh God Will, yes”.

“I have wanted to kiss you since the first time saw you”.

Andy gave a slight nervous giggle. “I hope It was worth the wait”.

A hand stroked Andy hair, “More than. I just hope I don’t have to wait so long for the next.”

“You might have to. I think it may take a while for me to get my breath back” Andy giggled. The tingle of flirtatiousness returning.

Will laughed, his arm naturally slipping round Andy's latex smooth waist to rest unashamedly on his bottom, “Join the club”

“So what happened to it?”, Andy said. Easing closer, nestling into Wills body.

“To what?”.

“Your best suit”.

* * *

“Goodnight, so nice to have seen you”, Jane kissed each of her guests as they left. Slipping out into the night air.

“Do wish Amanda and her young man best wishes from me”, Caroline said, gripping her husbands hand.

“I don’t know where they have gone to”. Jane replied smiling.

“On the terrace”. Another lady said, accepting Janes kiss. “So sweet”.

The house silent and still once more, Jane and Jennifer shared a quiet drink together, before venturing out to the back door.

Andy and Will just sat there, totally unaware of anything but each other, wrapped up in each others warmth, chatting, giggling, playing….. kissing, but never breaking contact always touching, hands arms, body.

Jane looked at her watch. 2.30 in the morning. She smiled. The perfect evening. But even perfect evening need to come to an end.

“Come on you two”, Jane said, stepping out with Jennifer “Time you Andy, were in bed”.

“Please Aunt Jane, just a little longer”, The look on the beautiful young mans face told her he was not yet ready, but knew really she was right. “Please”.

“Now now darling, it is too late. Will's taxi will be here soon. Now say goodnight and Jenny will take you up and help you undress”.

Andy was not a child, he knew she was right and so turning his face to his friends, he stroked his cheek before without embarrassment or hesitation kissing him, softly on his lips. It was a light kiss, but lingering and tender a kiss both Andy and Will breathed in before parting gently to rest their faces close together.

“Wow….Don’t think I will ever get used to that”. Andy smiled, a giggle in his voice.

“Me neither”, Will replied, his eyes gazing into his friends, “Guess we will have to practise at it”.

Slipping from Wills side, the tight latex of his gown, stretching and rustling with him, Andy took Jennifers offered hand and, without a moments hindrance from his heels, stepped away.

Now Jane watched as Wills eyes followed every hips swaying feminine movement of Andy's body as he walked away. Reaching the door he paused and glanced back, the smile on his face one of pure joy, his hand half raised in a shy wave.

Will smiled back, his hand returning the wave and Andy slipped away.

Jane took a breath watching Jennifer lead the young beauty through into the house. Then, with a smile to the young man before her, took a seat and wrapped her hand round his.

“I think you need an explanation William”.

To be continued……

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