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The Guiding Hand 8: The Understanding of Pink

by Andy Latex

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© Copyright 2012 - Andy Latex - Used by permission

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Continued from part seven

Part 8: The Understanding of Pink.

Andy, took a breath, the memory of the last time he had entered a fetish fashion shop filling his mind. But those images faded to a strange excitement as, with one squeeze from Janes hand, the door buzzed open and they entered the shop. Instantly the aroma of rubber filled Andy's nose, it was everywhere, warm moist and clinging, double, triple, no infinitely stronger than the aroma which drifted from the wardrobe housing his own tiny dress collection .

“Can I help”, the assistant appeared from no where, a blonde a few years older than Andy dressed in a par of frighteningly tight PVC pants and clinging white latex blouses.

With the memories of that first encounter edging round his mind Andy once more nestled closer to his ‘Auntie’.

“Yes good afternoon,” Jane said, her cut glass voice filling the small shop, “I ordered a dress for my Niece a few weeks ago?”.

“Certainly madam…”, the young lady said stepping forward, her hand offered in greeting. It is taken with a warm return, as her eyes dart to Andy’s flushed face, “May I take your name?”.

“Lady Jane Fullerton-Jones”.

The assistants face suddenly flicked with recognition, “Ah yes, Lady Fullerton-Jones. You purchased a number of maids uniforms from us, a hot pink, with the Beauchamp heels and a brilliant red. I do hope you are happy with them?”

“Very happy thank you. Your work is exquisite, The red is a great favourite of ours isn’t it Amanda. Though I think you were less keen on the pink”. Jane smiled looking down slightly to where Andy clung to her hand. Clung being the correct word, for the embarrassment of knowing this young woman was imagining him in that shocking pink, near transparent latex dress nearly took his legs from under him.

However the look the assistant gave him, though polite and kind, was also tinged with confusion. “I trust the requested tailoring, was as ….. desired”. She added guardedly

“As I say, I am more than happy. Thank you”.

The assistant, taking a breath, briefly ran her astonished eyes up Andy and smiled.

“I am so glad we could help Lady Fullerton-Jones”.

“Please”, Jane said, her hand rising slightly to pause the young woman, “Please Lady Jane”.

“Lady Jane, thank you. Now we have your order ready. If you would like to come through”. The assistant gestured to the back room, split from the rest by a single swing door. “And if I may. We also have a new design of Maids uniform, Victorian style”.


“Yes it is very fine, full length, over 7 petticoats, rising to a tight bodice and either a scoop neckline or a high enclosing collar.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Jane smiled, “may I see one.”

“A pleasure, please come with me”.

Andy was about to follow when Jane slipped her hand free. She looked at him and with a light and unexpected kiss on his cheek, bid him to wait there.

Poor Andy, he did not know where to look, surrendered by a mass of feminine finery, he merely stroked and fingered each item, before finally getting up the nerve to slip a dress from the rail. A very soft pink, the dress was very much styled as a 50s prom dress, complete with wide, pale blue petticoated, skirt and short puffed sleeves. Its waist trimmed with a fine pale blue chained belt. He turned it in his hands, and before he knew it had held it up before himself, turning to see the effect in the mirror. His eyes widened.

“That looks pretty”.

A look of surprise and embarrassment on his face. Andy turned quickly to the voice. It came from a lady, a little older than the first, dressed in a tiny black latex skirt and jacket. Her long legs leading down into very high heels. “Sorry, did not mean to make you jump”.

“Sorry, I..” Andy mumbled, still holding the dress in front of him, “I was only looking”.

“That’s OK honey”, the woman smiled, placing the box she carried on the desk, “Take as long as you like. That’s a lovely colour don’t you think?”.

Andy felt himself blush, his mind full of himself as a nervous young man way out of his depth. “Um ye… yes. It is”.

The woman stepped closer, her heels clicking on the polished floor. “But then you look the sort of girl who knows a thing about style”.

Andy instinctively looked down, taking in the soft jacket and tight leggings. He smiled. “My Auntie bought this for me”.

“Ah yes honey”, the assistant said warmly, eyeing him up and down, “But you have to know how to wear it. Would you like to try it?”.

“Sorry?”, Andy's voice trembled.

“Your dress. You are very welcome to try it”, She directed him to the curtained dressing rooms at the rear. For a moment he hesitated. There was no way he possibly could, but then something happened and with a smile thanked her and moved toward them.

“Need any help, just call”.

Andy stood in the dressing room for a few minutes, the mirrored wall before and behind him displaying his, perfectly feminine figure, in his tight leather outfit from every angle. He looked at the dress where it hung, he ran his fingers over it, feeling the latex, smooth between them. It was a beautiful dress as feminine as could be. But he knew he would not try it on.

He peaked from the curtains into the shop. No one about. He thought about hiding in there until Jane returned, but knew that might be a while and so, holding the dress he stepped out.

He moved back to the main shop when, from a side room he heard a sound, a muffled cry! Looking about he peaked through the door half hidden behind a rack of heels. There was a large TV on the wall and a film playing. Looking about once more he slipped into the room, it was warm and dark.

The screen showed the outside of a large house, it was white with a large stairway running down the front to where a car rested. As Andy watched two women appeared and began to descend the stairs, both were dressed in shiny rubber dresses. As they neared the car a third woman got out, she was younger, with dark bobbed hair and full red lips, she also wore rubber, a white blouse over a tight knee length black skirt, both items glistened in the sun.

Approaching one of the lady’s instructed the third in an American accent to open the trunk. This she did. The contents were revealed and Andy stepped closer. It was another girl much younger with wide blue eyes and soft pink lips, forced open by a large red gag. She was wrapped from throat to toe in a cocoon of gloss black rubber, completely enclosing her arms and legs into a single ‘snake’. The two women looked at each other and one stroking the others arms said, “I’ve brought you a gift”.


Andy jumped at the voice behind him, strangely enough it to was American and belonged to a beautiful woman of about 35, with mid length blonde hair, which framed a perfectly made up face, her green eyes looked Andy up and down, she stepped closer the rustle of her satin skirt filling the air.

“I’m sorry” Andy said, “I was only looking”, he stepped passed the woman back into the shop, she stopped him with a touch on the arm, turning him to face her.

“My aren’t we a pretty one”, she purred. “And that is a very pretty dress.”

Andy blushed and looked passed her to where he hoped Jane would appear at any moment to rescue him, But no he remained alone.

With her cool green eyes on him she looked him up and down, slowly circling him, soft murmurs of appreciation passing her richly glossed lips.

She stopped before him raising his face to hers on one polished fingertip. “Tell me pretty one, who does, your Make up?”..

Poor Andy could barely speak, “My… my Mis…. my Auntie Jane”.

“Auntie Jane.. the lady you came in with?”.

“I am sorry I did not mean to disturb your film”.

The lady laughed “Nonsense, I have seen it a dozen times…. but tell me, did you like what you saw?”

Andy blushed deeper red, “I’ve never seen any thing like it before”

“I am sure you have not my sweet, but did you like it?”

Poor Andy he was caught in the headlights of her green eyes like a startled rabbit.

“Would you like to be one of those ladies in sexy latex dresses or did you prefer to be the girl in the trunk, helplessly wrapped in latex”, she ran a finger down his arm, he trembled. “I bet you would look gorgeous all wrapped up and helpless in latex, all hot… and …sticky”. Her eyes narrowed as they drifted up Andy's perfectly displayed body, she smiled. “I could make either come true”.

“Good afternoon Samantha”, the voice made Andy's heart leap,

“Jane, well of cause, I should have imagined you were this pretty ones Aunt……though perhaps I would say…… Mistress?..

Jane remained cool, “You are quite correct”. She said.

The cool Americans gaze returned to Andy, whose eyes lowered shyly, She smiled, “Its OK”, she said, “I understand. It is quite natural for a boy to feel ashamed of being feminised, doubly so I would imagine for one who has become …lets say… as gorgeous as you . Tell me how long have you been in training?”

Andy's lips parted in a silent gasp of horror, Jane too was taken by surprise, “Andy is not in any kind of training”

Samanthas eyes narrowed, “So this is not a permanent arrangement”

“Not at all, Andrew is staying with me for a few weeks and returns to college soon”

“As a boy?”

“Of cause”, Jane replied in a frosty tone. “But tell me how can you tell, I might add a model agent just approached us weeks ago in the Ivy”.

“Please don’t get me wrong, Andy is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen, but there in lies his secret. You see any young woman who looks as beautiful as Andy, and dresses like this wants to be looked at, wants to be seen and admired, desired even, so she carries herself in such a way, high necked arched back, revealing herself. But Andy, oh dear, Andy is timid about his beauty, shy, embarrassed, he clings to you, hides behind you, seeking protection from the humiliation of his femininity”. Samantha stopped at the look of anger in Janes eyes. “Sorry I think you misunderstand me, I think it is wonderfully cruel of you to keep him so helpless, this is what I mean by training. You see many Mistresses would train this out of their boys, encouraging them to be more confident and secure. However you have kept Andy at his most submissive, trapped in the moment of his first humiliating transformation, shy, confused unable to survive without his Mistresses stern guidance”.

The words hit home, Jane was quite taken aback and her usual cool exterior seamed fit to crumble, “I do not care if my gentle ways infringe on your hasher sensibilities, Samantha, but I will not be accused of cruelty!”.

Samantha Richmond paused, choosing her words. “And, I take it the kinky little outfit in the bag will be what you will be dressing Andy in tomorrow, a maids uniform to wear at your weekly coffee mornings I suppose. Maybe you will parade him before them and they will bill and coo about how gorgeous he looks and what a stunning job you have done on his feminisation, whilst all the time Andy blushes and melts with shame and embarrassment”.

Sensing the argument was about to get out of hand the older assistant said., “Ms Richmond, about your new DVD titles”.

The green eyed American turned looking at her, annoyed at the interruption, then slowly smiled, at Jane, whose face was glowing with anger, “No” she purred, “No, you are quite right Jane dear …you are not cruel at all….. are you”. Then Before Jane could get a word out she turned away, “The new titles will be with you in the next 3 months…….”

The bag containing Janes purchases, lay almost forgotten on the back seat, and with the radio off the silence in the car was deep. Andy could tell the Americans words had hurt Jane very much and he wanted to tell her she was wrong, that she was not cruel and he did not feel ashamed and embarrassed……. but then he looked down at his long leather smoothed legs and on to his feet, cradled in sexy high heels….. he could not find the words and in time the car drew up the long drive way and stopped outside her home.

Once inside the same silence hung in the air, Jane sitting at the kitchen counter, lost in her thoughts. Even when Andy asked if he should change into his uniform for the evening she merely, offered him a half smile and said it would be better if he showered and spent the warm summer evening by the pool.

Supper followed, Jane still in the outfit she had worn to town and he in a simple towelling gown. They talked about collage and what he was looking foreword to next year, they spoke about his plans and what he would like to study. The same things they had talked about on that first night together almost 2 months ago, but then again Andy knew it was anything to disguise the true thoughts filling her head.

Poor Jane…. she seemed so sad.

With the washing up done, a duty he had performed for the passed 2 months in frilly rubber and high heels, Jane instructed him to bed. As he passed the door he stopped and looked back.

Andy paused, he wanted to say more… “Very well…… good night Auntie Jane”.

Now she turned, turned at the soft voice, but he was gone and in the silence of the room whispered, “Good night Andrew”.

Andy lay for many minutes listening for sounds of movement downstairs, but the stillness remained and the image of Jane sitting alone filled his head until sleep took him.

* * *

He awoke the next day with a start, he looked at the clock 9.30!!, usually before now he had been awaken by to the sound of her soft voice and the sight of her beautiful face, but today she had let him sleep in.

He rose, the satin night dress swishing softly about his smooth body and opened the curtains, it was a bright sunny day, however the sun did not fill him with delight, for below sitting at the table on the terrace he could see Jane, still and subdued gazing at her coffee cup.

The woman in the shop was wrong Andy thought. His ‘Auntie’ Jane was the most beautiful, warm and loving person he had ever met, she had never harmed him, never scolded him, her tone was always soft and loving and her touch even more so. No the American was wrong and her words had hurt Jane deeply, …. She was the cruel one.

Sadly he turned from the window and his eyes first fell on the glossy heels by the chair below. The tiny box containing the lipgloss, Jane had so excitedly bought for him the day before unwrapped and tried. Slowly he moved across the room, the warm sun, caressing his back and stopped before the wardrobe.

For a moment he paused, his mind filling with the notion that he would find it empty, any sign of feminine clothing removed and destroyed. But as the doors opened to his touch, the now oddly comforting aroma of latex filled his head. Gently he eased each of the tiny dresses aside, feeling the cool latex on his fingers until he found what he was looking. Then gazing over at the vanity table, he could see the matching shade of lipgloss and he knew if there was lipgloss there would also be he same shade of brilliant pink nail polish.

As the second padlock clicked shut, securing the thin strap of the pink stilettos about his ankles, he paused, wiggling his freshly painted toes. It was the final act, an act of total willing submission, but one now devoid of shame or humiliation. For now the beautiful girl in the mirror, who gazed back at him with full glossy lips and sparkling eyes, was all of his own creation.

Sitting at the high counter in the kitchen, Jane heard the ‘click click’ of high heels as if in a dream, an echo, her heart fluttered. Then came the voice, soft and light

“Good morning Madam”.

She turned and now for a moment she just stared at the vision before her, a vision of ultra femininity, a vision of child like innocence and blossoming sexuality barely contained within a tiny dress of shocking pink latex.

Andy allowed his heart to calm under her gaze, then taking a breath and with stunning grace atop those dangerous heels stepped forward. Each elegant step made the dress ripple and glisten about his body like deep rich oil. As he moved Jane silently gasped at the feminising effect the dress had on his young body. The latex tight and sensual moulded him, pushing up the flesh of his chest to brim over the bodice like the blossoming cleavage of a real young woman. Whilst the skirt, so short it barely concealed half of Andy’s rubber painted bottom, did nothing but emphasise his long exquisitely shaped legs, sheathed this day in matching latex stockings, as they reached down to feet cradled and moulded by those staggeringly high heels. Heels from which now peaked delicately painted toes.

As he stopped before her, Jane took a breath, for now she could see his perfectly detailed make up applied by his own hand. Framed by the waves and curls of his neatly styled hair, Andy’s flawless skin glowed with a warm blush, his eyes shaded with a skilled touch sparkled behind long fluttering lashes and his lips full and moist glistened with the deep liquid gloss of dew coated berries.

Jane trembled, lost at that moment for words deep enough to express her love and joy, then slowly Andy raised his hands, and she gasped softly. The perfectly polished fingertips opening to reveal the third and last silver lock. She looked from lock to boy, his eyes wide and glistening spoke louder than any words. Gently she took the tiny clasp and moved behind him. As instructed a dozen times before he lowered his head, his eyes closed. He felt Janes hands, her fingers drawing the rubber together, stretching the thin material that extra inch,. He felt his stomach flutter and rise to his throat, but not in dread, not in terror, but now with delight and pride. Then came the ‘Click’ and Andy drew breath. And within his mind whispered, “Thank you Auntie”.

The lock in place Janes fingers slipped across his smooth latexed shoulders as she stepped before him.

“The lady in the shop was wrong”, Andy said, “she said you are cruel, she was wrong”.

Jane smiled, “Oh Andrew, you know I never meant to be cruel to you don’t you?”.

“Of cause Madam, you never were”.

“Thank you darling”, she stroked his cheek, “However I know I have been a little naughty, with you. I hope you can forgive me. Its just that, well, I never imagined how beautiful you would become, it was only meant to be a bit of fun, but…… I had never seen anyone as beautiful as you”.

Andy blushed at her compliment and in a soft sigh said, “There is nothing to forgive”.

“You are so sweet”, she sighed kissing him on the cheek. The moment lingered for a time then she stepped back, that dazzling smile returning to her face, “your make up is perfect, absolutely flawless, I am very impressed”.

“I had a good teacher”, he giggled.

“Thank you darling, that’s very kind of you, now…..”, she fluffed his petticoats and straightened his apron, arranging the ribbons to flow over the back, “……It is time my maid was about her duties.

“Yes Miss Jane”, Andy beamed and bobbing a sweet curtsy, turned on his heels. Jane watched his long legs and wiggling bottom depart. Then she looked down at her towelling robe and smiled.

* * *

Andy busied himself with his usual duties, first making the beds and cleaning the bathroom, before moving on to the landing and stairs, the house was never dirty or a mess, but he made sure he did everything as instructed. Linen was correctly folded, towels just so, he even took time to arrange all the bottles on Jane's vanity to the labels faced out. He delighted in it all, moving with grace and lightness from room to room a well of happiness inside as he dusted and polished in his glistening rubber dress, he even found himself looking down at his heels and the silver locks, remembering how they used to hurt…… used to.

Later back in the kitchen, as he was bending to secure the vacuum, he heard the ‘click click’ of Jane’s heels behind him, his stomach swirled, he adored that sound. Then a soft touch on his exposed pantied bottom, beneath the frilled skirt.

“I will be expecting visitors at about 4 this afternoon Andy, please ensure the kitchen is ready”.

Andy looked up and round, “At 4, ye……s….. miss”. his voice died in his throat. Jane stood before him, once more dressed in her stunning skintight black patent leather pants and gleaming patent boots, but also this time a matching halter neck top, which moulded about her full breasts like liquid jet. He could barely breath and forgetting to straighten, just stared. She had never been more beautiful.

She smiled and turned before him, letting him see her from every angle. “What is it?” She said, making on as if there was something strange behind her, whilst elegantly clipping on her diamond earrings. “Oh this”, she smoothed her hands down her body, before placing them on her hips, “Do you like it, Well I thought I might as well treat myself”.

Andy nodded, “You look gorgeous”, he blurted, before regaining his head, “Oh.. Sorry Mistress, yes you look….”.

“Say no more Amanda , Gorgeous will do just fine”, she smiled idly picking up the mail which lay on the counter top.

“Now. I want everything clean and bright today, because tonight I am hosting my charity event and Christian from the restaurant will be sending a few of his staff round here to do the catering and things, so I need everything finished for them OK?”. She paused noticing the sparkle which suddenly danced behind Andys warm eyes. She knew the reason for it, but said nothing of it.

“Yes Madam”. Andy nodded. “Charity event?”

“Oh I do one every summer”. Jane said, placing the letters in the rack, “A black tie evening, for the local hospice appeal, wonderful cause. I usually invite my friends and a few local business bodies. It raises some money and the profile. So I need it all perfect for Christians team, Ok darling”.

“Yes Madam”.

“Thank you Amanda”, she stepped close and placed her lips softly on his cheek, “For everything”.

Then turning on her heels she left the room, but knowing his eyes would be helplessly drawn to her glossy leather bottom, gave it a sharp slap and giggled.

“Rude to stare darling”.

For a moment Andy bathed in her warmth, but then his mind drifted, to other thoughts, mostly to the young man who he hoped he would be seeing later that day.

He smiled. Really smiled.

Totally distracted now, Andy returned to his duties. His every movement atop those once troublesome heels now made as if walking on air. He glanced at the clocks in each room, willing them to turn faster, willing the hours away until finally the bell rang.

“Answer that please Andrew”.

Andy needed no convincing now, no cajoling to move to the door where, through the opaque, glass he could see three figures, all in white. His heart pounded in his chest, but still he stopped before the mirror and where once he would have felt shame at his smoothing of his skirt, adjusting of his cap, or frilling of his apron, now all he felt was pride and delight. He wanted to look his very, very best.

He stood straight, feeling his feet in is heels, took a breath stifled his wide smile and opened the door. The smell of the flowers from the garden filling his head.

“Good Afternoon, we are from Christians?”

There was an awkward pause. And Andy felt his eyes flutter. Three women, stood before him, dressed in the white outfits of the restaurant. Three women and only three women.

Andy took a moment, letting his silent disappointment fade. “Good afternoon”, He said stepping back, “please won’t you come in”.

Andy led the 3 women, one in her 40s the others in their 20s, into the kitchen and as he did he could feel their eyes on him. On his high heels with the little locks, on his long latex legs leading up to his cute bottom nestling under a mass of shimmering latex frills. He could even hear their half-whispered comments, on his beauty and the kinkiness of a rubber uniform. But he did not care, his stomach too knotted with disappointment to listen.

“Please I will get Lady Jane”.

Andy was not privy to the conversation had between the caterers and Jane. But on her return from kitchen to lounge where, as instructed earlier he was to wait, She was smiling broadly. “There everything is fine, my guests will be arriving at 7, Christian from the restaurant has everything in hand”.

Andy shifted slightly on his heels, his head half lowered. Jane knew why.

“Please Mistress, what do you wish me to do tonight?”. Andy asked, his voice betraying a hint of sadness.

Jane smiled and taking his hand gestured for him to sit. (not an easy thing to accomplish elegantly when wearing 5 inch heels, but he managed beautifully ). She took her place beside him, her fingers playing on the smooth rubber of his skirts.

“Nothing Andy, my maid will not be attending this party. That is why I hired the caterers, they will serve tonight”.

Andy nodded. “Shall I be staying in my room?”, he said,

Jane just smiled, “What? and miss my party.”

Andy's eyes widened in surprise, “But …..”

“But what?, You don’t think I was going to leave you out do you”, She shifted in the seat, turning face on to him. “This is a party for my favourite people, but most of all I want them to meet my beautiful young niece…….”. His eyes slowly rose to hers, she smiled, “……You”.

Andy's eyes welled, he smiled softly. She knew why he was close to tears and it warmed her heart.

They sat and talked and cuddled for 20 minutes or so. She reassuring him and explaining how she had told everyone about her visiting niece and how they had had such a great time together she wanted everyone to meet her, because she knew they would love her as much as she. And that she wanted him beside her, all night.


The voice came from behind them, both she and Andy turned, there stood Jane’s friend. Jennifer Keeley and in her hand the bag containing the gift purchased the day before.

“Hi Jenny”, Jane said standing to greet her, they kissed and to Andy's surprise softly on the lips.

“Wow you look amazing”, Jennifer said, running her hands down Jane's leather clad body, “That top is superb”, again to his surprise Andy notices her hands linger on Janes breasts. A look passed between them. But he looked away before they turned to him.

“Andy….”, Jane said holding out her hand, a command for Andy to rise. “…you remember Jennifer”.

As the beautiful boy rose atop his high heels, the womans eyes nearly popped out of her head, Andy curtsied, “Good afternoon Ms Jennifer”.

For what seemed like forever she stared open mouthed.

“Wow”, she exclaimed and stepped passed her smiling friend. “Oh Jane now I see what you meant by the Pink dress.” she paused lost for words, “ Andy……. you are absolutely stunning, No I mean it …”, she gestured for him to turn before her, she shook her head as he elegantly pirouetted, the shiny pink rubber dress reflecting the light, as the sun would ripple on a lake, “…… are stunning”.

Andy remained calm, whilst inside he brimmed with a pride, “Thank you Ms Jennifer”

The smiling woman stepped closer. Andy lowered his eyes, she smiled, “No no darling, let me see you”, she tilted his face up to hers on one polished fingertip. She paused Andy looked into her deep brown eyes, warm and friendly. “……flawless….”, she breathed, “….utterly flawless….Jane you are an artist”.

Andys mistress smiled, “Not at all Jen, it has nothing to do with me, you are looking at all Andy’s own work”.

Jennifer drew breath, “Oh my goodness, what a clever boy you are….”, Again he beamed with pride, “……I can see I will have my work cut out tonight”.

“It all right darling”, Jane said catching Andy's unnerved look. “Jennifer has offered to help dress you for this evening. That is if she remembered the dress?”.

“Oh you will never let me forget that will you”, Jennifer smiled back,

“Jenny, it was not you who had to wear the replacement”.

“You looked gorgeous in it”.

“Could have done with a little more material though” Jane laughed back

“Not from where I was”. The smile on Janes friends’ face was one of remembered delight and brought a flush to Janes face.

“But you have it?”

“Oh yes picked it up first thing and now I see why you chose it, I think Andy will look amazing”.

“But”, Jane said, playfully smacking her friends bottom to wake her up. “you will have to wait for your surprise Andy, until after we have prepared you”.

“Yes quite right…..”, Jennifer’s eyes sparkled like diamonds, her hand on her bum. “…..time to play”.

Jennifer keely took Andy's hand and followed Jane from the lounge and up the stairs where. All the way up, his eyes were focused on her polished buttocks wrapped in there tight shiny leather coating as they moved back and forth with each step. However a quick glance to his right told him he was not the only one to be captivated by their fluid motion.

Jane knew it and smiled , “Rude, the pair of you”.

On entering the main dressing room, Jane gave Andy the 3 tiny keys and instructed him to remove his uniform and shower, “Don’t be too long darling we have lots to do, oh and you will find new panties in there ”.

He curtsied and turned away.

Once in the bathroom he saw the new panties, they were tiny, really tiny, and made of slippery black rubber, he placed them aside and slipped the first lock in the back of the dress before carefully popping each button in turn. Slowly the dress loosened and peeled away to reveal soft smooth skin, pink and moist from its mornings enclosure. He wriggled his hips and the dress slipped from his hips and he stepped out, leaving him in just his high heels and panties, Andy turned and for a moment saw himself in the mirror, but strangely he was not filled with shame, yes there was a little but, in truth he felt more a tingle of…… excitement?.

He turned away, the high heels came next, it always felt odd now to be flat soled, the heels had become almost second nature in the short time he had been forced to wear them. Then finally the stockings, which as ever held a small pool of moisture in their toe and then the panties.

Every item as instructed was cleaned and powdered before being hung and in no time he was feeling the warm rain of the shower on his body. He washed with the scented soaps and cleaned his face with the white creams and in about 10 minutes, wearing only the tiny new black rubber panties and wrapped in a towel, warmed by the summer sun, he returned to the bright airy dressing room.

For a moment the ladies did not notice him, “Um Madam?”. He whispered. The two ladies turned from the vanity table, there eyes lighting up as he gave a strangely tentative bob.

“Oh darling, there you are, all polished up , ……”, Jane said coming to him, the light reflecting on her skin tight leather pants, emphasising their perfect shape. She took his hand and drew him to the smiling Jennifer, “….that’s better, ……oh you did not remove your nail polish”.

Andy looked down, to his gleaming pink fingertips, “Oh I’m sorry mistress, I’ll go and…..”.

Jane laughed softly, “No, no dear its alright, we can change that easy enough”. She gave him a reassuring smile and squeezed his hand.. “Don’t worry Andy, this will be a treat for you”.

Andy smiled, just being with her was a treat.

“I think we are ready”, Jennifer said at the light beeping sound which came from behind her. She turned to a small jar sitting atop a chrome box and removed the lid. Instantly the room was bathed in the most wonderful of aromas, a deep rich warm scent that made Andy draw a deep breath. Jennifer looked at her friend, who smiled broadly, “ Wow!”.

Still lost in the rich aroma it was on the second time of asking that Andy heard the request to remove his towelling robe. For moment he froze, he was naked underneath, but for the panties, however one look form Jane, one loving smile and he slipped it away.

The look in Jennifer’s eyes said it all, she was stunned, stunned at his smooth satinised skin, at its natural pink glow and healthy sheen, but also at his stunningly feminine figure. She came closer allowing her fingers to drift, without thought, across his slim waist, curved hips, round bottom and delicate shoulders, This was not the body of a slim young man, this was the blossoming body of a young woman!

Jane caught her look. “Isn’t he gorgeous”.

Jennifer was lost in admiration. “I thought he must be wearing a body shaper, or even a light corset, under his dress…”,

“No it’s all natural”.

Jennifer gave a half laugh, “You know what I thought about that dress “

“Oh yes”, Jane placed her finger to her cheek in mock thought, “…..what was it now….oh yes, too tight,…too clingy…..and to sexy, ..I believe”.

“ Well…..”, for a long moment Jane's friend could only stare, “……I take it back, its going to look amazing”.

“I agree, but not if you don’t stop staring”. Jane laughed tapping the warm scented jar.

“Quite right. Now, Andy…. “, Jennifer awoke, “…..If you would please put your arms out to your sides a bit…..thank you darling”

“Wh…..what is that?”, Andy asked as she scooped a dollop of golden oil from within the jar.

“Don’t worry Andy…..”, Jane said, stroking his shoulder softly, “…..its call Royal jelly, it made of honey and spice, very expensive, but……”, she breathed deeply, “……it smells gorgeous and will give you a deep golden glow”.

Andy looked at her smiling eyes, but slowly, as Jennifer smoothed the first handful of jelly across his shoulders, they rolled shut.

“Oh my”. He gasped, for not only was he enveloped in that warm aroma, but the oil seemed to tingle and tickle on his skin like nothing he had ever felt.

“Nice?” Janes voice seemed distant. He nodded. “Good boy”

By the time Jennifer had oiled his hips and waist, the tingling had become a warm glow and by the time she had reached his feet all that remained was that rich aroma and, as promised, skin that glistened like honey.

Jennifer smiled, “Mmmm good enough to eat”.

“Not by you Jen…”, Jane teased back, their words soft enough not to be heard by the young man before them. “…Remember the diet”.

This though, was just the first sensual beginning of the most stunning of sexy transformations and under Jennifer’s professional touch, the sweetly sexy, teenager Andy had been for the last 2 month was reborn as….. well, as a very sexy young woman. In fact so stunning was the transformation that Andy could not help but see the astonished looks which passed between the two friends.

However it was not until they had painted his nails, in a deep and glossy cherry red, a colour which he knew would mirror his lips gloss and gently teased his hair into a very cute, choppily fringed bob that he was allowed to see the effect.

And it was stunning. Gone were the soft, innocently dewy eyes, highlighted by pinks and blue, gone were the natural glowing cheeks in there delicate rouge and gone were the glistening pink lips, shaped into a cute bow. For now he found himself sitting before a vision straight out of playboy…… not a tart, Oh no, not a cheep celebrity wannabe, but a stunningly sexy, sophisticated young woman, with darkly painted Smokey eyes which sparkled behind long, long liquid jet lashes, high sculptured cheekbones, dusted a sensual deep tone, and lips that, coated in a deep cherry glaze, fell naturally into a full wetly glistening pout.

No words were exchanged, or at least none that the dumbstruck Andy could hear and by the time he had pulled his eyes from himself, he found Jane had gone and he was alone with Jennifer.

He turned to her as she busied herself behind the wardrobe door.

“Auntie Jane?”, Andy said, the cling of his glossed lips acting to make, even his voice, seem sexier.

“Time is getting on Andy, she has gone to change but don’t worry I will be here to help you and when you are ready, I’ll take you down to the party……”. She came over and sat beside him, she took his hand, “…..Are you all right?”. She asked softly. Andy paused and nodded, “.. I do hope you like what i have done”.

Again he nodded, “Its ….amazing”.

“Thank you darling….” Jennifer smiled and squeezed his hand, “…..Do you remember that day we met….. in the kitchen…. you were so sweet….. Jane had told me what she had planned…… I thought she was crazy…. a boy… her maid….. no way ……. but that was before I saw you…… and you were so sweet ….and I knew you would make such a lovely girl”, she brushed his naked arm with one fingertip, he turned to face her, “…don’t worry, no one else knows…… tonight they will only see a beautiful girl”.

Andy smiled, “Thank you”.

Jennifer kissed him softly on the cheek and smiled. “Now…..time for our finishing touches”, she slipped away and still holding his hand drew him to the centre of the room. Then darting behind the wardrobe door, “…first your shoes….”, Andy’s heart pounded as she produced a pair of staggeringly high , shiny black, open toed stilettos, which she placed on the chair beside him before turning back to the closet, “……and finally not forgetting, your new dress”.

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