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The Guiding Hand7: Latex and Leather

by Andy Latex

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© Copyright 2012 - Andy Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; fem; cd; makeup; latex; leather; sissy; maid; heels; service; public; shopping; cons; X

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Continued from part six

Part 7: Latex and Leather.

Naked beneath the cream robe, Jane sat in the sun and as she did, the garden laid out before her, the faint trail of aeroplanes in the blue sky, she watched with pride as her new maid, came to her call. For a moment as Andy stepped from the kitchen door out onto the sun lit terrace, Jane thought him to be dressed in nothing but syrup and oil, so smooth was his outfit, so deep the shine. However as he neared, with elegant steps atop those dangerous heels, the tell-tale crease and ripple of the latex revealed itself. They moved over his hips and stretched to reflect the light with each sway of the hip or turn of the knee.

Andy stopped and bending as instructed placed the tray of drinks on the low table to her side, the looser frills of his blouse, popping and rustling in contrast to the tense stretching which came from his skirt. Jane smiled. Not just because he look so sexy, so feminine and beautiful, but because, in the heat of the afternoon, she knew beneath that glistening uniform, he would be getting very hot and very very sticky and that was good, after all he was being punished.

She looked up to where her new maid stood, glistening in the direct sun, his eyes lowered, demure obedient.

“Will that be all? Lady Jane”.

Andy jumped at the unexpected voice and raising his eyes saw a man in his late 50s coming up the stairs from the garden. He stopped at the top. His eyes instantly meeting Andys.

“Yes George, thank you, it really was just that tree that needed sorting out”.

“Very well I will be off”. The man politely replied, his eyes lowering.

“No wait, you must be hot”. Jane turned and poured the sparkling liquid into one of the tall glasses on the tray. “Amanda do take George a glass of lemonade”.

Andy's heart pounded, his semi relaxed state, near to collapse in the company of a stranger, but he took what little breath he could and did as instructed.

“Sir”, Andy said offering the drink to the warm faced man. Who took it with a polite smile and thanks.

“Oh George, I am sorry, I need to get my purse do excuse me”, Jane slipped from her seat, ensuring her robe never opened and on her high heels moved to the door, “Oh, Do forgive me, this is my new Maid Amanda”

“Oh, pleased to meet you miss”, he replied.

“And you”, Andy offered the glass.

There now came that pause, that deadly silence, in which you could almost hear the voices in both heads, searching for the next sentence.

And from where she waited Jane listened too.

Though it felt like forever it came quickly and as Jane had expected from her gardener. “Have you been with Lady Jane long?”.

Andy jumped slightly at the question, not because it was hard but because he had been lost in his own, thoughts. “A few weeks now”. He replied.

Another pause. Not so long.

“Lady Jane has had a few maids since I began coming here, but may I say you are the prettiest”. For a moment it was as if the charming older man wanted to take the words back, or indeed wish he had been more subtle.

However Andy took them without question and replied with as wide a smile as any man could wish to receive.

“Sorry lass”, he said, “I did not mean to embarrass…. bit too blunt for me own good.”

“Don’t be silly” Andy said, his smile wide and honest, “you are very kind”.

“Not at all I only speak the truth. And if I might, whilst I am putting my foot in it. You must be hot in that”.

Andy looked down at his uniform, His hands smoothing down his skirt in thought. “A little yes, but it is practical.”

“Wipe clean”, The smiling man said, “Yes you are right lass”.

“Especially if you are as clumsy as me”, Andy smiled, shifting his weight on to one heel, slipping his fingers through his short hair.

“Can’t imagine that is true, you look an elegant kind of youngster to me”

“Looks can be deceptive”.

“No I doubt that. I doubt very much you are nothing but the pretty elegant lass I see”.

Andy paused now not in shock but with delight. He looked into the mans warm and friendly eyes and smiled. “Thank you so very much. That is so very sweet of you”.

Jane had watched with growing pride from the kitchen, but knew she could not be absent for long and so with purse in hand returned to the summer sun.

Payment dealt with, the gardener placed the glass down and with a smile bid the pair good day.

“Thank you for the drink Lady Jane. I will be back next week unless you have anything else before then”.

“Thank you George. She you then”.

“Cheary O, then Miss”, He said offering a light hand to Andy, “I has been a pleasure to meet you. Hope to see you again”.

“And you Sir”, Andy replied, before taking his offered and without thought stepping forward and placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

“Oh my god”, he smiled, “Better keep that one from the wife. Thank you Miss, you are very sweet”.

As the pair watched the charming older man move back down the stairs and across the lawns out of sight, Andy felt Jane's hands caressing his latex sheathed bottom.

“And I”, said Jane softly, “think you are very sweet too and deserve a reward”.

Stepping away, her hand slipping into his latex glove, Jane led Andy back to her sun bed. There she took up the small bottle of oil which sat on the small table.

“Now, as you are your Ladies maid, it is, I am afraid, your duty”.

With that she placed the bottle in his hand. Then stepping away and turning her back, she slipped the robe from off her shoulders. For a moment, as if held there by Andy's wide eyed and astonished gaze, the robe seemed to hover at just below her shoulders before smoothly slipping to the terrace floor.

If Andy had words to express the beauty of Janes body, he was not in possession of the strength to find them. Indeed the only action left to him was to watch wide eyed, as she lowered herself, face down onto the bed, the arch of her spine, the curve of her bottom with its darkened valley and the flow of her long, long legs, revealed and displayed before him.

Jane looked back over her shoulder and smiled. “Come along Amanda, I don’t want to burn”.


The memory of Jane's body, slick and wet, enriched with the oils he had massaged in as she lay under the shimmering sun, stayed with him for the next few days. In fact at times they had threatened to distract him so much, that he very nearly found himself returned to the sweat inducing confines of the ‘punishment uniform’.

Some things however did move from that outfit and into his everyday uniform, one of which were the stockings. Until then his perfect legs, aided with a little glistening moisturiser had been the ideal compliment for his heels and tiny skirt, but once Jane had seen his legs, polished, slick and sensual in the latex stockings, nothing else would do.

Also the gloves, though not so practical for his more delicate duties, found their way into his day wear. Their length, leaving just a hint of pink skin between them and the white frill of his dresses tiny sleeves.

One element though which did not cross over was, to Andy relief, the 6” high heels with their teetering platforms. These to his delight remained a threat but not a promise.


A couple of days passed and to be honest, things had fallen into a rhythm which Andy a few weeks ago would have never imagined. He woke, showered and presented himself to his mistress, for her dressing. There as usual she selected a uniform, before making him up, well half making him up, for after a while she was happy to watch him practice his newly acquired skills with brush and gloss. Whilst always willing to create a new look of her own.

And it was after creating on of her new looks and closing the zipper at the back of Andy's red latex dress, that Jane gave Andy a surprise.

“Now Andy”, she said, tying the ribbons of the frilly white apron about his waist, “I want you to nip through your duties sharp today, because I am taking you shopping”.

“Shopping?”, Andy replied, the idea rather a shock, “Where?”.

“I want to by you an outfit for later this week”.

Andy turning at her gestured instruction gazed back at her in confusion. “I don’t understand”.

Jane smiled and fluffed his skirts, “You don’t need to it is a surprise”, She stepped back, eyeing her maid up and down. “You know, those layered petticoats go really well with that red dress. You look really pretty Andy”.

The young man was about to repeat his question when Jane gave, her now customary pat on his bottom to signal no more chatter and on with work. And nip through his duties he did, though maybe not as accurately as usual, Because the idea of dusting and vacuuming, could not find space in his head over the idea of a secret shopping trip.

Oh it was not the thought of going out, oh no. Over the last few weeks he had gone out with Jane 2 or 3 times, her choice of outfit for him being a pair of very embarrassingly feminine and skin-tight denim jeans, teamed with a T shirt or blouse. But where the clothing may have had comforting hints of maleness about them, his rich and expertly applied make up and hair, where pure femininity, as of cause were the high heels and it was with these Jane knew she could keep her young man in place. For if the make up could be removed and hair messed up Andy could slip back into a more boyish appearance should the opportunity arise. But thanks to the high heels, with their delicate ankle straps and more importantly their tiny gold padlocks, she knew he would never run away.

And so, 3 hours later, Andy brushed the last of the talc from his dress and closed the wardrobe door. He was about to open the other in which he new hung his ‘outside’ outfit when Jane appeared in the door.

“Not there Andy, come here”.

The young man turned just in time to catch a glimpse of Jane's legs and bottom, moulded by tight black leather as she vanished back into her room.

Nervously Andy knocked on the door.

“Don’t be silly darling”, Jane smiled “Come on in”.

Andy entered to find Jane's vanity mirror lit, which meant he was to sit before it. As he took his now familiar place, he glanced in the mirror to see Jane, behind him. With her perfect hair and dressed in her trademark tight leather pants and a sleek white blouse, Jane looked as cool and beautiful as ever and it was clear she had already spent some time in the chair which he now occupied.

More pronounced in style than usual for the day, her make up was a rich and exquisite sheen. Her eyes were smoked and dark, her lashes long and black. Her cheeks defined and blushed and her lips, her lips glossed and smooth and wet. And as she looked back at him Andy felt his stomach flutter, as he recalled their first meeting in the cafe.

Jane worked on her young man, with skill and ease, his face as she had pointed out on many occasion a pleasure to work on, However this day, unlike the others she offered no running commentary to her work, Instead she concentrated with true dedication on his every detail. She also never once allowed him to see the result. Not after his make up, nor after she had teased and shaped his hair.

However as she stepped back, the look on Janes face was clearly one of genuine astonishment at her achievement.

Denied the chance to see his made up face, Jane led Andy, away from the mirror and through to the second dressing room, where laid out on the low table was a pair of glossy brown leather leggings.

Jane took them up, “Do you like them?”.

For a moment Andy was stunned, they were very shiny and clearly would be very tight. They were also, without doubt very, very expensive. “Um”, was just about all he could get out.

“It’s a shock I know, but believe me, with the jacket and heels they will look amazing”.

And amazing they did look, in fact amazing barely cut it. The leggings, were as tight as Andy had expected, and with only a little stretch from the natural material it was very much down to him fitting into them and not they fitting onto him. But once on the effect was stunning. Expertly cut, the seat moulded and fitted his buttocks to perfection splitting and revealing the cleft between them with an almost artistic beauty. If Andy thought the denim jeans he had worn before turned heads these would spin them right off. He could feel his embarrassment rising.

Next came a simple pale tan metallic satin slip, which felt cool against his naked chest and finally came the jacket. This like the leggings was a light chocolate brown leather, very soft and supple and tailored to perfection to fit his slim body and arms like a glove. It closed with a simple wrapped over button in a way designed to show off his slim figure.

The only part of the outfit not in place were the heels, these Jane took from the wardrobe with an almost reverential care. With slim 5” heels and matching the shade of the jacket and legging, it was clear these delicate strapped sandals were very much part of the same outfit, however it was when Jane turned them in her hand that Andy's eyes widened. They had polished red soles.

Andy stood as still as he could, whoever the expectation of what was about to be revealed in the mirror was almost too much. Jane moved behind him, running her finger tips over the supple leather of his outfit. She smiled, but she seemed nervous or was it excitement.


Andy nodded, yes or no he did not know how he felt, but his stomach needed to know.

“Ok, Turn around”.

At first Jane could not tell his reaction, but that was simply because Andy did not know how to react. He did not now how to react to gazing in to a mirror and having a younger version of the gorgeous woman beside him gaze back. But that was what he saw and that was what Jane had created. Every detail of their make up and hair was reproduced in a sharper younger style. Her smoky eyes, deeply blushed cheeks and full bronze red lips, everything was the same in tone and shape. But it was not just in the powder and paint, but in their styles, the leather, the heels, the look and attitude all were the same.

However Jane had not just created a beautiful young woman in her image, she had created something more, something clearly recognisable, something belonging to her.

As he gazed into the mirror, the tic of the clock passed the time before Jane drew closer and placed her cheek to his. “Do you like it”. She whispered

Andy, looked from face to face, from him to her, from her to her. A tingle in his tummy. “I look like you”. He mumbled.

“Mmmmm”, Jane purred, “And what a pretty niece I have”.


As they made their way through the busy shopping streets of London, Andy's notion that the leather leggings would spin heads was well founded. For where the leggings tightness of fit had helped smooth away any hint of maleness, that same tightness now had the side effect of making the leather rub, with every step, across both his boyhood and deep between his buttocks, creating a friction which only fuelled the sensually feminine sway of his hips and bottom.

And Jane knew it. Jane knew he had never looked better.

They shopped as any one would department store, shoe store everywhere and everywhere they turned heads. In fact after an hour or so, Andy began to relax and willingly took Jane's offered hand. It was another gesture that she knew would draw attention but Andy really did not care. It felt nice.

After a stop for coffee and a retouch of their make up, they moved on, however Andy could not help but notice Jane had not yet purchased one thing. That did change in one of the top department stores, where at the cosmetics counter Jane bought an astonishingly vivid red lipgloss, from Dior .

“Always buy Dior gloss”, Jane said openly, “It lasts so long, is a really nice colour and most important of all it is very, very Kissable”.

Andy felt his face glow, but his could not control the smile which flickered on his lips nor his playful squeezing of her arm. It was then, as Jane paid, the head of the department, introduced herself and very nearly going on to bended knee, asked Andy if he would model for them on the demonstration counter.

“I am sorry”, The feminised body, said, looking over his shoulder for Janes guiding hand, “But I really don’t think we have the time”.

“Please”, The elegant and accented woman asked once more, “You are the most beautiful young lady. I beg you”.

Andy felt his colour rise, suddenly aware he was very much on his own. “Sorry I can’t really, I….”.

“Are you OK Amanda?”. Jane said stepping up beside her young man.

“Good afternoon madam”, the manager said, addressing the smiling Jane, “I was just asking your…”.

“Niece”, Andy finished without a pause, his eyes flicking up to Jane beside him.

For a moment Jane remained still and silent, well outwardly still and silent, but inwardly she was a glow of delight and pride. Andys use of such a meaningful word filling her with pride and joy.

“Your niece”, the manger continued, “if she would model for us this afternoon. She is a very, very pretty girl”.

Jane smiled. Her eyes still devoted to the young beauty beside her

“I said we did not have time”, Andy said, his voice a soft whisper.

Jane smiled and took his hand. “I am afraid Amanda is quite right, we really do not have time. I am so sorry”.

“Such a shame, but very well, it is our loss. Thank you for your time. You have a very beautiful niece Madam. Good day”. The woman turned away.

Jane watched her go. Then turning and lowering her face, to Andy's, she kissed him on the cheek “Thank you darling. You have made me very proud”.

Andy smiled and squeezed her hand in silent reply. It was strange but he felt no weirdness about declaring himself as Jane's Niece. It felt fine, natural almost and not even the thought that he had been so unwillingly coerced into his new role made him feel different about it.

So returning to the bustle of the streets, the pair, hand in hand, weaved their high heeled way through the crowds, stopping now and again to glance into windows as they did.

Andy squeezed Jane's hand, “Auntie”.

Jane smiled back, happier than ever. “Yes dear”.

“I thought you said we were buying me an outfit?”

Jane's face lit up, it was a very feminine thing to ask and it was done so with a genuine excitement. “We are darling but I need to pop into here quickly first”.

Andy came to a sudden halt, so intent on the shops and people around him he had not notice they were standing outside the restaurant they have visited on that first day. The restaurant with the sunny seats, the restaurant where Will worked. Andy felt himself suddenly very nervous, or was it excitement he really could not tell, but as the doorman opened the door for them and the rich aroma filled their heads, which ever emotion it was he felt did not matter.

As expected Andy felt heads turn, his eyes lowered in natural shyness as he drew closer to Janes side. Her soft comforting hand making him safe.

After the briefest of moments the manager, smart elegant and smiling came over, he offered his hand which Jane took with delight. “Hello Christian”.

“Lady Jane, you are welcome, welcome and your so pretty companion”,

“This is my Niece, Amanda”,

“Yes, Yes. I remember. Such beauty. Good day to you my dear young lady”, His hand now extended to Andy, who took it with light fingers. “You are a delight for my eyes, so, so pretty”.

“That is so kind”, Andy smiled, “Thank you”.

“Not at all. You put even your aunt to shade”.

“Christian, you will never loose that charm”. Jane laughed softly as Andy's hand slipped from their hosts.

“I speak only the truth, but would never wish to hurt my Lady Janes emotions. Come I will find you the best seats”.

Jane stopped him, “Not today Christian. I need to you speak about the catering for tomorrow”.

The host raised his hands in acknowledgement “Ah yes, please come through”. With a slight touch on Janes arm he led her away, but after one step she realised Andy was not close behind. Turning she realised why.

Andy's eyes were gazing across restaurant to where a certain young man busied himself between the tables. His hand slightly raised in a sweetly shy wave, his lips mouthing a silent hello across the room. Jane glanced after him and smiled. The look on the young mans face said it all.

“Don’t run away Amanda”, Jane whispered touching his arm. But not for one moment did she think he heard her.

Andy watched Will move about the room for a few minutes, before finally to his delight he came over. “Hi, Wow, you look amazing”. Will said smiling, “God I really must come up with something more original than that”.

Andy laughed softly, “I told you I would take amazing”.

“No really do you look….”.

“Amazing… I know”, Andy's hand rested on his. It did not move away.

“No you look beautiful…….”.

It was a simple word, yet said in such an honest way kind of knocked Andy off his stride. He felt himself blush and lowered his eyes.

“Sorry, I have embarrassed you again”, will said, “ I will stick to amazing, from now”.

“But what if i don’t look amazing?. I mean that is a lot of pressure”.

Now the young waiter laughed and blushed, “Can’t imagine you looking anything but”.

There was a pause now, and realising he had moved closer to the beautiful young man than he realised Will stepped back.

“Did Christian arrange a seat”.

“No… no”, Andy replied, “I don’t think we are staying, Auntie has gone to discuss something with the owner and then we are supposed to be buying me an outfit”.

“Well you won’t be able to beat todays look”.

Andy stepped back and in what little space the room had, did an unselfconscious pirouette. But as he turned he saw Jane standing behind him. He stopped.

“Sorry”. He whispered, his face reddening.

For a moment Jane looked stern, then unable to control it, her face lit up into a wide smile.

“Come along Darling”, she sighed in mock exasperation, “Lets do some shopping”.

“Yes Auntie”, Andy replied, stepping to her only to be stopped by Wills voice.

Andy's face lit up as the young waiter stepped to him, he drew close. “I have thought of another word”, he said. For second Andy look confused, then leaning closer Will whispered in his ear.

Un-hearing of what was said, all Jane could do was watch as her feminised young man's eyes widened with clear surprise. Then as if melting his head lowered and for a brief moment, the pairs eyes closed and their cheeks rested together. For a heartbeat they rested side by side before slowly the young waiter drew away, leaving Andy's face to follow his as if in search of a kiss, his lips moving in a silent whisper.

Jane never asked what had been said, Oh she wanted to know, heck she desperately needed to know, but it was a private moment, a moment between two young people the sanctity of which she wholeheartedly embraced. All she asked was if he were OK and all he replied was… Yes. But there was something in his new step, which spoke volumes to her, something in his every movement, a confidence, a calmness, a.. Happiness.

And so with their hands securely entwined the beautiful couple passed through the streets and into the more open and spacious market area where street musicians and artists entertained the crowds. One, a very stylist man with a wide brimmed hat, begged on dramatic bent knees for Andy to pose for him and amidst the calls of encouragement from the crowds Andy nearly found himself drawn to the offered seat and into the centre of the crowds attention.

However Jane guidance was never far away and with a polite and appropriately flourished refusal they moved on.

They passed from the main market down into an elegant boutique lined street and came to a stop outside a candy bright shop. It's trade clear to the young mans eye for in the wide, clean and ornately designed window display stood a beautiful mannequin, dressed in a stunning floor length, halter neck gown which flowed the length of the dolls perfect figure before flaring out at just below the knee. It was a gown which would have easily graced the most beautiful of events, sleek, elegant and sexy. However this gown, this sensual clinging gown was fashioned, not from silk, nor from satin but from smooth and impossibly glossy black latex rubber.

To be continued…….

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