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Hubby's Second Surprise

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; ts; fem; maid; transition; cuckold; tease; discovered; jail; sex; cons/reluct; X

continued from part one


Hubby's Second Surprise or Maria's Time In Jail

"Maria" arrived at our house with Ken and she looked great. The first time she spoke I had to make sure it was really "her", her voice was perfect...

 ...The first time we dressed hubby as a woman, all those years ago, it kind of drove home the fact that my former hubby was effeminate. I never saw it that way before my little sister made him a school project, but I think he actually made a better woman than a man...

Maria was as happy to see me as I was to see her, and I showed her to her new room in the back part of the house. We established some house rules, the first of them was Ken was the boss of this house. The second was she was free to enjoy the house after her duties were complete. Because of the nature of her existence, she couldn't get a drivers license, or credit card, or most especially in any trouble with the law. Ken had supposedly perfect papers for their new maid, but kept them in his possession. The only way to see how good the papers were was to have to need them, and Ken didn't want to need them at all.

I couldn't stop looking at Maria, hubby was truly gone, mind and body! I had no frame of reference for the whole "sex thing", and the doctors had told Ken that her brain would likely "rewire" itself in time and she would be able to enjoy orgasms like most everybody else. I didn't know what physical process would proceed these orgasms, but I knew some time ago I got her to "pop off" with a long strap on we used to play with when she was still hubby. The doctor had also suggested it was unlikely, but possible that she would become sexually inert, that is, no desire at all. I thought that would be a terrible punishment for somebody who really did nothing wrong, but it was far too late for me to develop a conscious, or to undo what had been done. If anything, Maria seemed even more subservient than her role as our pet dog, but this role as our maid was for life, and I wondered if she would get tired of it. I had a momentary inward smile at the thought of Maria as our female pet dog at the cabin, but I realized that would be unlikely to happen. 

Ken didn't want to use any of the life insurance money from hubbies accident, and the two of us worked full time to pay off our mortgage and other bills as soon as possible. The money from the Porsche paid for most of Maria's "work", and in effect Ken traded the Porsche for me and a life long maid. I would like to think he considered it a bargain! Maria cleaned the house, did the laundry and dishes, and cooked most of the meals, and still had enough free time to work on her tan in the secluded back yard, and swim in the pool. I had to take her out for some clothes from time to time, some of mine would fit her, but her chest had been filling out with the lack of testosterone in her body to the point that her tits were a full cup size larger than mine... It took some time for her new body to gain some hormonal balance, but when it did, she started to look down right sexy. 

The best part of a year had passed since we got our maid, and Maria looked very good, all obvious evidence of her previous identity gone. Ken and I had kept her a secret and purposely not entertained at our house to make sure she would adapt to her new identity. The position Ken now had at work meant he was sufficiently senior to be expected to have clients and associates over from time to time, and the first one of those would be Friday night. We were more nervous than Maria, and her and I took care of the food preparation. After an hour of us tripping over each other in the kitchen, it was apparent that I wasn't needed, and I went out to be with our guests for pre meal drinks.

Maria was the perfect maid, actually so much more than a maid. I didn't even know what title to give her, and we introduced her to the guests as simply "Maria". Dinner was perfect, Maria could always out cook me, and the service was also perfect. To reinforce her lesser role at the party, she even didn't set a place at the table for herself like she would have any other time. She also wore a simple black uniform dress, she couldn't help but to look good in it, but it again reinforced her lesser status at the party. Ken played after dinner bartender as well, and I helped Maria with clearing the table, despite her objections. Maria popped in from time to time, but other than that kept out of the way.

When the last of the guests were all gone she came out and helped clean up some more, and Ken and I both told her she was magnificent. Ken's boss made a joke of telling him that Maria was the real hit of the evening. Some there were jealous that we could afford such high end help, but Ken's boss said privately that Ken obviously had good judgement in women, a compliment for me as well I hoped. As Ken and I relaxed in the afterglow of some wonderful sex later that night, I suggested his boss, and maybe some others would like to borrow Maria for their own use. Ken didn't think that would be a good idea, and I think petty jealousy made me suggest that we were screwing ourselves. At Ken's confused look I explained that Maria had the run of the house, and after some chores she could do what she wanted. I said she didn't have to work like we did to pay the bills, and that in my opinion she was living the carefree life of an older teenager in a wealthy family! 

I had forced Ken into the uncomfortable position of defending Maria, and he said he thought I was just feeling the effects of "two women under one roof syndrome". We didn't have any more sex for days after that comment, but he may have had a point. Ken had then asked Maria if she could take on the extra duty of lawn and yard maintenance, to appease me, and Maria said she would. Maria was a big hit with the neighborhood boys, and their fathers, cutting the lawn and weeding in skimpy shorts and a thin tee shirt. For a time it seemed like a substitute for sex for Maria, but I could tell she was internally tense. Up until that point it wasn't common knowledge that we even had Maria, now she was a reason to try to look into our yard as the boys on their bicycles rode by.

One of Ken's coworkers at the time had an especially hard time with us having Maria, he was in a similar position as Ken at work and was jealous. We had a nice house, and with the insurance payout from hubbies "accident" we had a huge comfort cushion of investment income. On top of that once Ken had paid for Maria's medical bills, she didn't cost us hardly anything except some clothes and food, and the follow up medical bills. Fortunately, there were few of those! One time, when it was necessary to invite "the jealous one" over with others, he had pocketed one of our glasses that Maria had handled. At the time we didn't know it was him, or even if we were just mistaken about how many glasses we had. Apparently he had a relative with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and thought he would see if Maria was legal, or had a history with them. Both men made the assumption that somebody like Maria was too good to be true, and they were right, but for the wrong reason. 

There was enough of a hand print to make it likely that the hand that made it was presumed dead in a traffic accident over two years ago. It seemed like a screw up of some kind to the cop until the identity of all the people concerned was revealed, and the jealous one knew nothing about the case from there on... It was a shock to Maria to see the unmarked police car in the long driveway, and more so to see him and a partner walk to the door. They asked to come in, and Maria thought any discussion would be better off inside, so she let them in. They asked several questions and none of them were related to insurance fraud or immigration. The cops were expecting to find anything but a sexy woman, despite the briefing and background on the case they received.

When she answered the door, she was just heading out to the pool for some laps and some sun. She had started wearing bikinis, and often left the top off to feel the sun on her impressive chest in the private back yard. She had on a thin beach wrap over the bikini, but the guys couldn't keep their eyes off of her. They left, but Maria knew they would be back. Maria waited until we were both home from work to tell us what happened so there would be no phone record to drag into court later. We all talked and Maria insisted if this got serious she would take all blame for anything that happened. We knew without her cooperation their case against us was circumstantial at best. Maria floored us with a brilliant suggestion though, she suggested Ken and I run off to Vegas and get married. We were living together like husband and wife anyway, but held off a formal marriage because we didn't know how that would effect Maria. She rightly reminded us that a wife can't be compelled to testify against her husband, and that may become important soon.

Ken and I ran off to get married that weekend, and Maria stayed home alone for the first time... Weeks went by and we didn't hear any more about the cops, but Ken was convinced it was related to somebody at work. We didn't know about the hand print the cops had yet, or the illegal way it was collected. It took weeks because the cops and the prosecutors had to proceed carefully, you can't just drag somebody out of her house and fingerprint her because you think she is some dead guy. The cops were probably discretely watching the house hoping Maria would flee, and that would give them a reason to arrest her, and properly identify her. Had they thought it through they would have realized she had nowhere to go!

Months went by, and we all just assumed the cops had better things to do, and they did. But they did call the life insurance company, and they were interested in recovering any money from fraud that they could. The insurance investigator only had to wait until trash day, and then stand in for one of the regular guys on the back of the large truck. He collected all of our garbage and sorted though it and developed several good fingerprints, this time legally obtained, and it was enough to warrant an arrest. The same two cops came back, and this time they found Maria sunning herself in the back yard next to the pool trying to get the last of the fall rays before winter drove her inside. Maria had fallen in love with her new body, and who could blame her?

The cops walked into the back yard when nobody answered the door, and saw her naked and laying face down on the chase lounge chair as they approached. They looked at each other as if to say "now what"? Maria heard them and assumed she was going to get arrested, but she decided she would have some fun with the situation. She rolled onto her back as they approached, and pretended not to see them as she stretched seductively. The cops both looked from her impressive chest in unison to where her pussy should have been. All that they could see was some bush that her doctors had put there on purpose to make her look more natural, and to hide any scaring. From six feet away and naked, without her sexy legs spread widely, they still couldn't tell she was missing something! 

The older cop cleared his throat and Maria "noticed" she had company in her secluded yard. She asked if she could help them and the older cop asked if her name was Maria, just like last time. Her first mistake was in saying yes. Maria got off the lounge chair and stood right in front of the cop, and turned around and held her wrists together behind her back in an inviting offer of submission. Maria told him she didn't want them to claim that she was resisting arrest, and she asked him if he was going to cuff her or search her for concealed weapons first. The older cop didn't want to bring a naked "woman" in handcuffs into booking, he knew "she" could claim all kinds of things happened, and he cursed his stupidity at not bringing a female officer with him instead. He was an experienced cop, but he never had an experience like this one before. He needed to regain control of the situation and he told Maria he wanted to take her in discretely, and that she obviously wasn't hiding any weapons, and that he would allow her to go inside with them and put on some clothes if she would like. The thought of being naked and cuffed, and completely under their control excited something inside Maria, she wasn't sure what it was, but she said if she were still a man she knew she would be hard. 

Maria went into her room and put on a sexy dress, and matching heels as the cops watched. She locked the house after she left us a note that she was with the cops, and we called our lawyer before we did anything else once we got home. To leave out most of the boring details the arrest was very low key and on our lawyers advice Maria opted for trial without a jury. Without her cooperation the prosecutor had nothing on us, but they had Maria, and they were going to make her pay as much as possible in order to convince her to implicate us. The truth of the situation was that Maria was the most innocent of the three of us. They only had leaving the scene of an accident, and giving false statements to an officer in not giving her true name. Without her testimony, the insurance fraud charge couldn't be made against any of us, to the court we obviously looked guilty, but proof is all that matters and they never even made the charge. Ken had been advised not to disclose the papers he had for her, and he didn't. The case never made the news, and the trial by judge that she opted for was also low key and over in a day. She never testified in her defense either, so they couldn't add perjury to her charges. She got the maximum sentence the prosecutor asked for in the hope it would make us talk. We didn't dare! 

Our lawyer warned us they would likely try this tactic, and Maria dressed as sexy as she could get away with the next day in the courtroom to hear her sentence. The men present clearly were distracted with her appearance, especially once they heard all the details of the case! Maria got 364 days in a county jail, the maximum she could get for something like this. Our lawyer was only surprised to hear she was being sent to Parkhearst county jail. The significance was lost on the three of us until we were told that it wasn't a women's prison. Our lawyer objected to the selection of jail the judge made, but the judge was ready for that. He told our lawyer that despite the defendants appearance, the lack of certain genitalia does not constitute the legal definition of sex change. The defendant HAD been examined by a court ordered doctor, the judge reminded our lawyer. So in that case the defendants true identity was used as a sentencing guide.

It was a legal way of saying screw you by the judge to all of us, and reminding us that the legal system would get the last laugh this time. We were all thinking even a year in a woman's minimum security prison could only be so bad, this was a whole new game now. We were convinced that Maria would have a terrible time in a men's prison, there was no way to hide her sexy body in any clothes, and with her permanent make up and long hair, she was very feminine. Maria bravely gave me a wink and said she would be fine, and silently told me not to say anything! The authorities put a shiny chain around her waist and locked it and the hand cuffs they put on her together. She was lead from the court room and the judge asked us and our lawyer if we had anything else we would like to say to him. Before I could speak our lawyer said "no" for us, and we left the courtroom with more guilt than I thought I could bear...

We visited Maria once a week in jail at first, and each time she looked up beat and happy, and we tried to look the same. At the time I was convinced she was acting just like we were, and she would always pass me a letter explaining what her time there was really like. The conversations we had were recorded, even in this minimum security jail, but the letters were considered protected if they were in an envelope with a stamp on them...

In the first letter she told us about the deal with a letter and the stamp, but cautioned us it was only good for out going mail, that anything coming into the jail, including them, were subject to search. I will paraphrase the rest as follows: Maria was taken to the jail in the back of an empty prisoner transport van, still in her sexy short dress and heels, but still wearing the waist chain and cuffs. She was brought into see the warden, as she was dressed, in an unusual deviation from the standard procedure and left alone with him. He looked her up and down and just shook his head in disbelief from behind his large elevated desk. He told her he would like to explain the "facts of prison life" with her, and asked her to sit down in the chair he pointed to. He told her unnecessarily that this was a male prison, and the inmates here were considered a minimum risk of escape, and were for the most part, non violent. All were medically checked to make sure they had no diseases to spread to the other prisoners, if they did, they went someplace else. That being said, he told her that somebody like yourself would gain a lot of attention from men who had not had any female company for up to a year, the maximum sentence in any county jail. Even if you looked like you likely did five years ago, he said, a small thin man would likely spent much of his free time entertaining the others. He didn't explain how, he didn't need to! 

The warden offered three options, first he said he could put Maria into general population, gang showers, four to a cell, the whole deal. He said the riot that would follow would be bad for everybody, most especially her. The next option was for her to try to kill the first guy that tries to mess with her. If she got caught she would find herself in a more secure prison, with a much longer sentence, and would no longer be HIS problem. The third option would be for me to find you something to do in the kitchen, and dress you like an outside employee when you did it. When the long day would be over we would discretely bring you down to solitary in the basement of the prison and house you there. The warden said he would put himself at risk doing that, and in exchange he would expect her to entertain some of the men who warranted special privileges.

He said for example, one of the men could have easily escaped last month when he was left behind accidentally on a work detail, but instead called me for a ride from a pay phone. He said there are others as well and that he would like to use her as a reward for good behavior. He didn't need to say how, Maria understood what he meant. The other options looked like everybody would be using her as they liked, and she would almost certainly be raped to death on the first night! The warden was simply trying to make the best out of the situation, and Maria understood this better than most would. Maria said thank you and it looked like she had little choice but to take his generous offer. The warden had wanted to see what she looked like ever since the prosecutor told him about the case, and now he would. He asked Maria to strip for him so he could see what some of the men would get to play with, and Maria stood and pulled her cuffs up as far as they would go to remind him to remove them first.

The warden motioned for her to walk over and he undid the chains and cuffs without even getting up from his desk. Maria stripped off her little black dress and was left in her black panties and demi bra, with black heels. The warden motioned for her to continue and she lost the rest of her clothing, and the little dignity she had saved up until then. He motioned for her to pirouette, and he couldn't believe she used to be a guy once. He called her over to the desk and handed her the chains and cuffs and told her to put them back on, and she did, but this time behind her back. Just like when she offered her arresting officers her wrists to cuff, something switched inside her, maybe it was the fact that she was restrained and not responsible for what she did. Maybe she just liked being made to do things, she knew she could do almost anything if forced into it. 

Maria told the warden that she had never had sex with a guy before, and didn't know if she could go through with it. The warden just looked at her and made some kind of internal decision, and picked up his phone and told his guys that he needed two guys to work late to process the prisoner later. He stood up and told her neither had he, but the two made eye contact and an hour later neither could ever make the same claim again. Maria had finally found a way to achieve a mind blowing orgasm! Nothing she ever achieved in her previous life could compare to what she experienced while bent over the warden's desk, with her wrists cuffed behind her, and her tits mashed onto whatever was left laying on top of it... 

The warden then called one of his staff in to process the prisoner with his special instructions. Maria was walked naked and cuffed down the empty hall to a reception room and finger printed and photographed and given a number. The warden had given her something to clean herself up with, and his men didn't ask any questions. She was then sent to solitary for the night wearing only a blanket, her special accommodations would have to be made ready in the next few days.

Maria concluded her letter by saying not to worry about her, because she had already done everything I could possibly imagine by the end of her first week. Now she said it was just a matter of how many times she did those same things.

To be continued... 



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