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It's Good To Be The Queen

by bentbliss

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© Copyright 2022 - bentbliss - Used by permission

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Part 1: The Queen's Gambit

The phone rang and he looked over to see who it was. He groaned in disdain. Beth had dumped him months ago. It was humiliating but that was what he asked for. After the first couple of months of dating, she asked him his deepest, darkest desires and he had told her everything. He was still unsure it was worth it. She pushed him further than he ever intended to go. He still couldn't deny how much he loved it. It had just been hard for him as everyone now knew his secrets and made facing people difficult. He finally decided to answer, "What do you want?"

"Is that how you treat me?!" she admonished him.

He cringed and apologized, "I am sorry, my Queen. How may I help you?"

She wickedly grins knowing she still owned him before responding, "That is a slightly better response you worthless peasant bitch. I am sure you're mad or disappointed that I dumped you. Fact is, you're a lowly peasant who could never satisfy a Queen such as myself. So stop pouting like you are upset. I gave you everything you wanted and I am still going to. After all, I still own the key to the belt that holds that useless flesh between your legs. You begged me for this and I dutifully fulfilled your fantasy. You even begged me to make it permanent. I never said that you and I would be permanent. I like fucking men way too much but I do enjoy the lesbian experiences with you, Carol. Have you been taking your hormones and practicing?"

Carl's heart sank. He thought to himself, I am screwed. Carl had been Carol for most of 3 years while dating Beth. He was a smaller and rather effeminate male all his life. Now as an adult, he barely squeaked out being 5'5" and 115 lbs. Beth was the only person to show interest in him and he wanted so much to please her. When she asked him what deep dark secrets he held, she stroked his cock and it felt so good, he blurted it all out without thinking. He told her that he wanted to be a feminized lesbian cuckold, who would be humiliated and degraded while worshipping and serving her every desire domestically and sexually. She had a wicked grin on her face as if she already knew most of that already. She told me that she was going to make his fantasy come true. He was on edge and that sent him over but she removed her hand as it started. He started cumming on his chest and stomach but she warned him not to touch it. It was the first ruined orgasm and the last time anyone had touched it. He was never again going to be allowed to cum like a real man again since he was a lesbian cuckold now. That was when she called him Carol and Carl had ceased to exist. She had locked him in chastity and began hormones to promote his new feminine role within a couple days. His life had forever changed between being taught to act, move, dress and do everything like a woman while also performing her new domestic duties. When she publicly broke up with him, humiliating him in front of friends and strangers, Carol was heartbroken and reverted back to Carl soon after when he was able to afford his own stuff. The big problem was his collar that he visibly wore as he was unable to remove it just like the chastity belt.

"No, my Queen," he finally responded. He quietly dreaded what she would say next. He was beginning to sweat and getting uncomfortable. His throat was getting dry and his mind was all over the place in terror.

"You disappoint me, Carol. Though I did expect this and have been keeping an eye on you, knowing you haven't. I know what you have been doing. I even have your Internet history. I did give you the computer. I control and know all your information and passwords. I am aware of your jobs as I helped you get them without you knowing. You were supposed to live your life as Carol, the collar should be obvious. You were never supposed to be Carl again. Seems I failed there. Now that your Queen has failed, I will rectify it. You will have to earn it and suffer the consequences for not being a better peasant to me. Are you ready to properly please your Queen, peasant?"

"Anything my Queen! I have always wanted to serve you and be with you. I..." he responds before she cuts him off.

"We will discuss it tomorrow. I know you are off tomorrow. You will be at my place tomorrow by 8 in the morning. You will be cleaning my house first before we talk more. I expect you to be in your proper uniform. Oh, you are required to take public transportation to get here. See you tomorrow. You won't regret it… too much, peasant," Beth told him sternly.

"Thank you, my Queen," Carol responded. Her heart fluttered and it was the happiest she has been over the past four months. She was excited at her chance to serve her Queen though she was well aware it is unlikely they will get back together. She still had to work at the adult store tonight. She had some time and pulled out her maid uniform and ironed it before hanging it up. She knew she had to go back to Carol even though her work wasn't used to it. Though really the differences would mostly be her makeup that she knew she had to wear and her clothes which would be much more feminine. She expected it would draw attention from co-workers and some customers. She managed to find time to paint her nails during her lunch break as she wasn't sure there would be enough time in the morning.

Carol's alarm went off at 5am as she forced herself out of bed. She was excited and scared for what her Queen had in store for her. She quickly jumped into the shower and cleaned herself thoroughly, including shaving her legs and other private areas. As she got out and dried off, she began to dry her long hair and brush it out before putting it up in tails on each side of her head. She then started in on her makeup using lots of pinks. She used some lotions and deodorant to give her a more feminine smell. Once that was done, she went to her room and pulled out her pink corset and put it on the best she could, it will be adjusted later. Then she went to her dresser and got her pink and white frilly panties out of the drawer and put them on. Then she pulled out a white lace bra to cover her nearly A cup breasts she had ignored for months. Once fitted, she frowned thinking they may have shrunk a bit with the lack of hormones. She went and pulled out white fishnet stockings and began to put them on. She loved the feel of putting them on. She had forgotten how much she missed little things like this.

Once the stockings were connected to the corset garters, she went to grab her uniform. The French maid uniform was pink with white. She slipped it over her head and straightened out the petticoat at the bottom. She went to look in the mirror to make sure everything looked great. Her eyes found her collar with the large tag attached. She read it out, "Carol, lesbian cuck peasant." She flipped it over reading, "Owned property of her Queen." She almost wanted to cry but made herself smile in excitement. She took a moment to put on perfume. She grabbed her purse off the dresser and picked up her shoes. She took a quick seat in a chair as she placed her feet into her pink 6 inch heels and wrapped the straps around her ankles. She was weary of them as she hadn't worn them in months and she knew she would be in them all day. Worse, she had never been in public walking in them nor dressed in her frilly pink and white French maid uniform. No doubts it will draw lots of attention to her. She sighed, stood up, straightened her dress, picked up her purse and headed out the door.

As she locked the door, a whistle from down the hall caught her attention. The man said something about her coming to clean his place. Carol politely declined and headed out trying to get to the bus stop as quickly as possible. It was a couple blocks away but Carol made it to the bus stop and waited for another ten minutes for the bus. She received plenty of looks, cat calls, and offers of solicitation. She sat in the front seat of the bus as her feet were already getting sore. Concern and excitement filled her as she tried to ignore everyone around her. She finally reached her stop and headed the half mile towards her Queen's house.

She reached the front door a few minutes before 8. She knew better than to knock as her Queen would open it at exactly 8. She took a moment to open her purse and pull out a mirror and check her makeup and hair to ensure she was presentable. She touched up a spot or two of her makeup and sighed thinking it would have to do. As she put everything back in her purse the front door opened. She was met at the glorious sight of her Queen. She really missed her and wanted to hug her but her serious expression said otherwise.

Beth was the same height as Carol if they were both barefoot which Beth was. She had red hair and freckles, a true ginger. She weighed just above two hundred pounds but had massive breasts and an even bigger ass that Carol adored. Beth was naked except for the black see through robe that was open and hung loosely, and a tiara on her head reaffirming her status. Beth's pussy was a little more bushy than when Carol had last been with her along with a few new pieces of jewelry.

As Beth waited, Carol curtsied and gave her a proper greeting before being allowed in. Carol stepped in before seeing the small table off her right that held items she knew were for her. She stopped and stood in front of the table while Beth closed the door. Carol was so nervous and excited, she had a hard time not hyperventilating.

Beth walked up behind Carol admiring her and realized how much she missed seeing Carol like this. She ran her hands over Carol's uniform before flipping up the back of the dress, grabbing the tied off ends to the corset. Beth undid the tie and began reworking the laces. She had Carol hold her breath and suck in her stomach as much as possible, getting nearly four more inches taken off of Carol's waist while impeding her breathing and her movement.

Beth wasn't finished yet. She pushed Carol forward, lifted her skirt and petticoat while pulling down the pink and white frilly panties. Beth grabbed a large metal plug that was four inches at the widest part before tapering off to less than a half inch. Beth rubbed it against Carol's ass making it clear there was no lube before she unceremoniously shoved it hard against Carol's tight sphincter. Carol yelped only to get a sharp smack on her ass as it finally penetrated her outer ring. The plug was forcefully shoved in, stretching Carol's ass faster than she wanted. Carol was crying at this point because of the violation and the pain from it. Unsure how much more she could take, her asshole felt like it was torn and ready to split when the plug crested fully inside. Carol's asshole quickly shrank down and hugged the half inch stem until the jeweled base kissed her ass. Carol knew it would not be pleasant when it was finally time to remove it but Beth had a huge smile on her face. Beth then picked up the syringe and used an alcohol swab on a small area of Carol's backside. Beth stabbed Carol in the ass and emptied the hormones out of the syringe into Carol.

Beth had Carol stand up and turn around. She quickly became disappointed that Carol ruined her makeup crying. Beth grabbed the leather ankle cuffs and placed them around Carol's fishnet clad ankles just above the straps on Carol's shoes. Beth pulled the chain around under the shoe and locked it to the other side of the ankle cuffs, locking the shoe on. She did this to the other one and locked a twelve inch chain to the two cuffs limiting Carol's ability to take big steps. Beth placed two leather cuffs on Carol's wrist and also locked a twelve inch chain.

As Beth finished with Carol, straightening and smoothing out the uniform, a raven haired beauty came to the banister at the top of the stairs blurting out, "Beth, where are my clothes?"

Both Carol and Beth turned to look at her. Beth's face was one of anger and frustration as her green piercing eyes stared at the woman. The raven haired woman, as Carol had known her, was called Maiden Kelly. Kelly finally noticed Carol there and squealed as she ran down the stairs, naked in all her amazing glory. Her brown eyes danced as they locked onto Carol as she forgot what she had asked before. Kelly was a former track athlete, her body was well toned especially her thighs and abdomen. Her hair on her head barely reached her chin and besides her eyebrows, there was no other visible hair on her body, including around her pussy. She was tall, at just under six feet and her B cup breasts bounced as she bounded towards Carol. Kelly reached Carol, crushing her in a massive bearhug, joyfully exclaiming how much she missed Carol. Beth cleared her throat.

Kelly froze and then released Carol before apologizing and blowing her head, "Sorry, your Highness."

Beth was annoyed but also mildly pleased, though she would not let them see her pleasure yet. Beth looked over at Carol and told her to go make coffee, take the bag of garbage out, and start breakfast for three. Beth turned to Kelly as Carol started towards the kitchen and spoke, "I threw Jen's and your clothes out. I left what you two will wear today beside your bed. Go put them on and wake up Jen and make sure she wears hers and come wait for breakfast."

Kelly looked up, her face in shock, started to speak until she saw Beth's face before replying, "Yes, your Highness." Kelly meekly turned and started walking up the stairs. Beth grinned and couldn't wait for what she had in store for the three of them. Beth couldn't help but rub her wet pussy for a second before making her way to her secondary throne seated at the head of the dining room table.

Carol had the coffee going when she went to grab the trash. She realized the bag was filled with clothes and shoes. She thought to herself, "This must be Kelly's and Jen's stuff." She picked up the bag and headed out back. As Carol got to where she expected the trash can to be, it was not there. Carol looked around and then remembered she saw it at the curb at the end of the driveway. She shuddered at potentially having to walk out in front of people again as well as walking outside again in these heels. Carol sighed and resigned herself to get it over with.

Kelly made it back to her room. She frowned at the pair of shoes, sitting next to the bed. She thought to herself, I have never worn anything like them and I am not sure I can walk in them. I wish I could have my clothes back. I knew Beth was up to something. It hit her, How am I supposed to go home with no clothes? She sighed as she picked up one of the shoes. It was shiny black with an eight inch heel and would leave her standing en pointe. She groaned as she sat down on the end of the bed and slid it on her foot. With her foot solidly in the shoe she began lacing it up. Thankfully these were only ankle length. She finished the first before moving to the second, thinking about how much she really didn't want to wear these. She also knew she had no choice and let her thoughts wander to seeing Carol again.

Carol was just dumping the trash, when she felt a hand grab her ass and goose her. As much as Carol wanted to jump and whip around, her movements were limited and slower than she would have liked. By the time she fully turned around, Mr. Johnson had a big toothy grin and was already reaching for her chest. Carol tried to cover herself but the chain connecting her wrists were blocked by Mr. Johnson's arms as he fondled her. She sighed as he sneered, "I missed fondling you Carol. Are you back for good cause I still want to fuck your pretty little ass finally."

Carol, while completely disgusted by old man Johnson, smiled knowing she can't disappoint her Queen. She knew her Queen liked when Mr. Johnson humiliated her and that she was required to endure and encourage him. Carol finally spoke up, "Well Mr. Johnson, I am unaware of my Queen's plans to know how long I am back. And as much as my pretty little ass is currently filled, it is up to my Queen whether you get to fuck it. I have not been given permission to offer it to anyone. Maybe you will be the first." Carol giggled and blew him a kiss. "I must get back to my duties," Carol said before turning and wiggling her ass at him, leaving him stunned and speechless.

Kelly was slowly making her way to Jen's room. She was unstable in these shoes and it took her minutes to get up from the bed and get her balance. Her toes were already beginning to hurt and she knew with them locked on, she would not be getting out of them until Beth decided. Kelly at least didn't mind be naked around the house. She had done it many times before and she loved the way Carol drooled over her. She knew Carol desired Beth the most. Carol had served all the maidens at various times in most capacities, especially orally. Carol made Kelly feel so much better even when Carol was busy with others. Kelly smiled as she continued to think about it, helping her ignore the devilish shoes she was walking in. She reached Jen's door and entered without knocking. Jen was a really heavy sleeper, so knocking wouldn't have mattered.

Kelly spotted white shoes similar to her black ones. Jen hadn't moved so Kelly got an evil idea. She grabbed the white ballet shoes and pulled the covers to expose Jen's feet. Kelly worked the shoes onto her feet and tied them tightly. Two clicks later, Jen was locked in just as she was. Kelly moved up the bed as Jen still hadn't moved. Kelly pulled the sheet down exposing Jen's DD breasts. Kelly quickly began fondling and sucking them. Jen moaned in her sleep while Kelly played for the moment. Kelly pulled the covers down while sliding down herself. Soon Kelly was staring at Jen's blonde patch that led to her sleeping crotch. Kelly took a deep breath, gathering Jen's scent before leaning in and started licking Jen's pussy. Jen started moaning soon after but still slept. Kelly kept working Jen's arousal so much that she could hear Jen breathing loudly, getting closer to an orgasm. Kelly watched as Jen's hands began to move towards her and quickly back out leaving Jen aroused and frustrated.

Jen groaned and shouted, "What the fuck! Don't stop!"

Kelly giggled, "Your Highness said to get up and meet her downstairs for breakfast, you lazy tramp."

Jen looked at Kelly bewildered and spoke, "She didn't call me a tramp. Did she?"

Kelly burst out laughing, "No, I called you a tramp, tramp. Get up before we get in trouble."

Jen grumbled and started shifting to get up. She stopped and looked at her feet and went to say something but Kelly cut her off showing hers.

Kelly spoke, "Our Highness has demanded this is our outfit for now. She threw out our clothes so you don't have anything else to wear anyways. So let's get you up and quickly use the bathroom so we can get to breakfast before she punishes us." Kelly held out her hands to help Jen up and hoped she was stable and didn't fall. "Oh, Carol is here as well. She is cooking," Kelly added as she got Jen moving.

Beth watched Carol set the table for three as requested. She was still angry at Carol for letting herself go these past four months. She was also relieved that Carol was willing to come back and still adored her just as much as before. She had long term plans for Carol and the other two. None of them were aware of the changes to their lives once again. Beth looked over and noticed Kelly and Jen still had not made it down yet. If they were not down by the time breakfast was ready, Beth would make them regret it.

Kelly and Jen struggled while holding the railings tightly as they began navigating the stairs. Kelly was still upbeat and her usual bubbling self. Jen, which is short for Jenna, was her usual grumbly self. Unlike Kelly's fit physique, Jen at 5'8", weighed more than Kelly and had significantly more curves. Besides her breasts, her fuller derriere was accentuated by her much wider hips. Her waist was actually much smaller from the years of corset training Beth made her do. It gave Jen an hourglass figure that Kelly was slightly jealous of. Kelly and Jen were definitely contrasts between their hair color to body shapes to personalities. They had also been two of Beth's original maidens and had been there before Carol's transformation.

Beth noticed them coming down at the slow gingerly pace. She kept a straight face but inwardly had the biggest smile. Beth continued to watch as Kelly seemed to be performing better in the shoes as she made it to the table. Beth knew Kelly would adapt faster and was less worried. Jen was going to be more work.

Jen was still struggling to close the final distance as Carol brought out the food. As Carol went to set down Jen's plate, Beth held up her hand to stop. Everyone including Jen stopped where they were as she was still a few feet from the table. Beth motioned for Carol to get the bowl. Jen's face drained in horror as she began to plead with Beth. Beth cut off Jen quickly not wanting to hear her excuses. She motioned Jen to stay standing as Carol brought back a stylized dog dish. Jen was pouting at this point as Carol dumped her breakfast into the dish. As Carol went to put the dish on the floor, Beth ordered her to leave it on the table.

Beth motioned Jen to sit and finally spoke, "There will be no more excuses from any of you. You may eat like a filthy animal. Be thankful I am still allowing you to sit at my table much less my presence. You may not use your hands, in fact you will sit on them until breakfast is over." Jen took her seat quietly, sitting on her hands knowing better than to speak or react beyond what she was told.

Beth continued, "Peasant, put the plate in the kitchen. When you return, you will be under the table working your hardest to get Maiden Kelly off with your tongue only. Maiden Kelly, you are not allowed to orgasm until I say and that won't be until later today. Same for you, Maiden Jen. The peasant will be required to pleasure you both throughout the day. You two will be required to tease her all day, which is why you are wearing what you are. You don't have to walk all day but I suggest doing so when you can so that you may get used to them. Do not interfere with her work unless I tell you to. She has much to do and we all have a long day ahead of us."

With that Beth took a bite of her food. Carol returned the plate to the kitchen. Kelly began to eat hers in a formal manner like Beth. Jen, unhappily, bent forward with her face in the bowl and started eating without the use of her hands.

Kelly was breathing heavily and couldn't take her bite of food. She looked over to Beth who shook her head no at her. Kelly groaned as Carol was working hard but getting tired and sore. Kelly finally gave up on eating so she could focus on not plastering Carol's face with her juices. She was truly at her limit and unsure if she could hold it any longer when she heard Beth's fork clink as she set it down.

Beth ordered, "Breakfast is over. Peasant, meet me upstairs and run my bath." Beth, still in her black see through robe, stood up and proceeded upstairs.

Jen finishes chewing the last bite in her mouth. Her face is covered in the food she was trying to eat. She was barely halfway done with it. She was quite embarrassed to be treated as she was but knew her place. She was frustrated with the shoes as well. They not only hurt but she could barely walk in them and will remain in them all day most likely. Her saving grace was she would get to torment Carol all day. She always looked at Carol as beneath her. She did enjoy Carol orally pleasuring her but she would not get any orgasms until Beth was ready this time. Jen was happy that Kelly got to feel what she did when Kelly woke her up. She was happy she didn't have to suffer the teasing during breakfast even though what she endured made her feel worse. She also shuddered at the prospect of being on edge all day and not allowed to do anything about it. Jen then contemplated what Beth was up to knowing she could do nothing about it.

Kelly's face was flush. She was frustrated and relieved at the same time. She was already turned on by having Carol back but also from playing with Jen to wake her up. Now she is going to spend the day frustrated on edge. She smiled inwardly, at least Jen and Carol will be just as horny. She still didn't know what the deal with the shoes was. They were cute but a bitch to walk in. She was warned to get used to them. That thought caused her to frown. "Beth's plans rarely ended how the recipients wanted,'' she thought. Kelly also thought, while watching Carol get out from under the table, As long as Carol is involved. I wish she was mine before Beth. I doubt Beth will truly give her up as she didn't allow any of us near Carol when Beth dumped her.

Carol quickly made her way up to Beth's bedroom knowing Beth would not wait patiently. As Carol entered the room, Beth was lying on the bed naked with her oversized gold wand between her legs vibrating away. Carol stopped and blushed. Beth looked over smiling, "Don't mind me, peasant. Get my bath ready. If you're a good girl later today, I may let you earn the right to get a taste."

Carol shuddered and quickly made her way to the master bathroom. The bathroom was nearly as large as the shitty apartment Carol was currently living in. Carol quickly got the bath water running and grabbed the supplies needed. Beth quietly snuck in and grabbed Carol's pathetic breasts and squeezed and twisted them hard. Carol yelped but stayed where she was. Beth let go and turned Carol around forcing her to her knees. Carol's face was inches from Beth's pussy which was leaking copious amounts of fluid down her legs. Beth stood there as Carol could only look and breathe in Beth's scent. Carol got to see the new jewelry up close and personal. Beth's clit was pierced with a ring that had a key attached to it. Beth spoke, "Ah yes, it is the key to your chastity. A reminder that you will never fuck me with that worthless flesh again. If you had been a good girl these past few months, I would allow you to lick my love juices from my legs. But poor little baby Carol decided to pout and have a temper tantrum for months and pretended she wasn't a girl. Now she misses out on what she desires. Hmm. I should have put you in diapers for acting that way. I may still as I am extremely disappointed in you for acting that way. You reflect badly on me and you know how I feel about that. Especially when I gave you everything you asked for and more. Yet you repaid me in unworthy ugliness. Do you truly believe you are still worthy of worshiping your Queen?"

Carol knelt there staring straight at her Queen's pussy but no longer saw it. Tears were flowing down her face as she began to sniffle. Carol was hurting and ashamed at her failure. Carol dropped her head down to look at the floor as she started stuttering as she spoke, "No my Queen. I am unworthy of you. I am sorry for failing you. I deserve whatever you decide to do to punish me. Just send me back home after and I will be a good peasant girl from now on without you."

Beth reached down and lifted Carol's chin to look her in the eye. She replied, "No!..... You are not worthy of me and never will be. My expectations are impossible for you to succeed but you will try anyway." She shoved Carol's face into her leaking pussy. "You will be punished quite severely. Not just today but the rest of your life but you wanted that, from the beginning." Carol nodded into Beth's pussy still sobbing. "You will remain a peasant girl the rest of your life. My peasant girl, to do and use as I please. Your home is here, back in your closet. Giving you too much space did no good." Carol sobbed even more at those words, mostly from joy. "Not everything will be the same but you will find out more about that later. We both failed this test the last few months. You will never hear me admit being wrong again and you will never tell anyone." Beth grabbed Carol by her hair and pulled her back and made her look in her eyes again. "Do you still love me more than anything? Do you want to continue serving me forever?" Carol nodded at both questions. Beth smiled, "Good. You were going to serve me anyway. I made you a promise. One that I take to heart and one you can never back out of. Now I want to hear you say you love me more than anything and anyone."

Carol's voice cracked as she started saying out loud, "I love you more than anything or anyone. I even humiliated myself getting here this morning for you. I will do anything and everything you desire to prove it. I have been lost without you."

Beth sheepishly grinned before responding, "Oh you likely would have been fine without me if I hadn't banned the maidens from contacting or helping you in any way. Specifically the one who you look at with similar eyes as you do with me but not quite the intensity that you do with me."

Carol blushed and wanted to respond but Beth cut him off, "She is in love with you, Carol. Not what you once were but what you are now. She would likely give up everything to spend the rest of her life with you. So I ensured she couldn't help you as you still are and will always be mine. Even if the dynamics of the relationship change. Even when I get married and have children. You will still be my peasant lesbian cuck. Well, my family will own you too. I imagine my future husband will likely use you too. You're just too damn cute to not be used. Now bathe me and trim it into the shape of a heart."

Beth removed Carol's cuffs so that she could properly bathe her as well as trim her bush into a stylized heart. Carol noticed the rings in Beth's nipples and she smiled whispering, "later." Carol, while happy to be back, was conflicted by some of what Beth told her. She didn't know that it was obvious to Beth how he looked at Kelly. Not even she truly knew how Kelly felt about her. She could have softened the blow of Beth dumping him but Beth made sure it wouldn't happen. Likewise, Carol never really considered that Beth would ever get married or have kids. Well maybe if it was her. But the promises that she made Carol ensured she would never have kids with her or anyone else. It saddened Carol to not give Beth her dream. Beth gave Carol every desire and then some, pushing her far beyond. Beth gave Carol exactly what she asked for and Carol never once considered what Beth wanted. Beth probably got most of what she wanted from Carol but a family will never be one. Carol knew she was going to have to work harder to keep Beth. She deserved it more than Carol ever realized.

Standing in front of the full length mirror in Beth's closet, Carol was synching up Beth's corset when Carol apologized. Beth looked in the mirror at Carol, "You should be sorry for so many things but what is it you are particularly sorry about this time."

Carol blushed before responding, "I am sorry that I never considered you wanted children and that I foolishly made you promise to make me your lesbian cuck."

Beth burst out laughing. She shifted enough that Carol lost her grip on the tie and the corset loosened some. Carol, embarrassed again, grabbed the ties and pulled them tighter quickly. Beth saw Carol's red face and kept laughing. Carol scowled and Beth replied, "Watch it, peasant. I know emotions are high, otherwise we wouldn't be having the conversations we are today. When we leave this room there will be no more talks like this. Now you clearly still love being humiliated as you make it easy, so stop acting mad. So let's humiliate you some more. I was never going to have kids with Carl. Carl was actually not very satisfying in bed. Yes, you tried hard but it was quite underwhelming. If it wasn't for the fact you desired me in a way no man or woman ever has, we never would have made it a month. But you made me feel special, like the Queen I am. For that I will forever be grateful. Even after the last four months, your desire for me is just as strong. It surprises me but makes me tingly and happy inside no matter my disappointment in other things. So when I got you to tell me your deepest darkest desires, you can say I was relieved. You gave me the opening to make you into someone who could please me and still be happy with it. I didn't want kids back then so it was never really a consideration. Marriage was fine with the right man but then I got a lesbian cuck so it wasn't necessary. Things have changed and now there are things I desire but not from you. I enjoy what I made you and the past four months taught me how much. I need you to continue being Carol though, you will have to endure some changes as well. That means you will learn to service men as well because it is likely anyone I am with will want to use you as well especially once I have my king. I couldn't deny them something as delicious as you. You gave me the greatest gift anyone has so far, your burning desire and love for me. No one has come close to matching you. Which leads to the burning question I have always been afraid to ask. Why me? There were other options including Kelly and you never looked at her back then like you do now. Many whom looked more pretty than me"

Carol had finished tying off Beth's corset and was working on helping her into her seamed stockings. Carol took a moment to think about Beth's question as she was bombarded by thoughts from this discussion. Carol looked up into the mirror in Beth's eyes and responded, "I never really thought about it until you asked. First off, I think you're sexy and beautiful. You don't have to be a supermodel or everyone else's definition of the prettiest girl. You just had to be mine. That goes deeper than looks including your lovely red hair, emerald green eyes, and that cute freckled nose that I adore. You have this aura. I don't know how to explain it but it was like a magnet that still keeps pulling me towards you. When you are around, I can't walk away. Once your attention is on me it becomes a hunger that is only satiated by giving you all of me until you are filled instead. No one else, not even Kelly back then made me feel anything like you did and still do."

Beth contemplated with a serious face in the mirror before asking, "What about Kelly now? You say you would rather be with me but there is something there."

Carol fidgeted a little while still dressing Beth. She finally answered, "Like you said earlier, she is in love with me. I didn't think it was that deep. We never had anything until you introduced me as Carol. Something changed with her at that point. Her attitude and how she interacted completely changed. She developed an aura but it is much different than yours. Hers is like it wants to squeeze me, cuddle me, and never let me go. It has a possessive nature like yours but in a more subtle way where yours is screaming that I am yours whether I want to be or not. Kelly is attractive in many ways but you both are so different from each other. I don't even understand. I love you but I don't know that I love Kelly in the same way. It would likely be a very different relationship."

Beth chimed in, "Oh it would definitely be different. Kelly, much like yourself, is quite submissive. I found that out years before I met you when I once tied her up messing around. She begged for me to release her but I only offered her my pussy to earn her release. Needless to say, after she gave me four orgasms with her tongue, I left her with a vibrator tied up for a couple hours. You should have seen the look on her face. She was in no hurry to be untied at that point." Carol looked at Beth in shock but she shouldn't be surprised when it comes to Beth. Beth continued, "Go fix your face quickly. You have barely started your work and you have so much to do. Finish my room and bathroom first before heading to the maiden's rooms. They will be waiting for you and you will lick them both for fifteen minutes. Do your best to make them cum cause they are already struggling not to, especially Kelly. Though Jen is quite worked up as well."

After Carol finished Beth's room and bathroom, she made her way into Jen's room. Jen was lying on her bed on her stomach. Her delicious plump ass was wiggling slightly as Jen seemed to be reading something. She popped up from what she was doing and tried to get Carol onto her bed quickly. Carol laid on her back as Jen mounted Carol's head. Jen's wet pussy was lowered onto Carol's face and Jen rode it back and forth for a bit. She was panting loudly and tried to cover up her squeal before cumming all over Carol's face. Jen let Carol lick her clean and begged her not to tell Beth. She continued riding Carol's face until fifteen minutes were up.

Carol got up and started straightening Jen's room. Carol bent over and exposed her ass. Jen caught sight of the jeweled plug and asked Carol to hold that position for a minute. Jen worked her way off the bed still struggling in the ballet shoes. She made it over to Carol and started playing with the plug gently pulling and pushing. Jen was enamored mentioning how pretty it looked and questioned how it felt. Carol tried being patient but finally mentioned she needed to get back to work. Jen smacked Carol's ass hard enough for Carol to yelp and left a hand mark before she walked out. Carol quickly finished cleaning the bed last.

Carol made it to Kelly's room. She watched as Kelly was pacing back and forth learning to walk in the ballet shoes better. Kelly looked at Carol and smiled, and said, "I'm surprised you are not wearing pink ones like these."

Carol thought for a second responding, "The day isn't over and I think my saving grace is I have a house to clean as quickly as possible and those would make it much harder. Am I cleaning the room first or you first?"

Kelly blushed and giggled, "I'll be good and wait. I am already worked up seeing you and breakfast was...mmm,"

Carol couldn't help but smile and quickly cleaned the room around the pacing Kelly. As she finished up, she looked over at Kelly. Kelly just crooked a finger for her to come over. Kelly passionately kissed Carol before shoving her down to her knees. Kelly leaned against the wall and kicked her left leg over Carol's shoulder. Kelly grabbed Carol by the head and guided her in as Carol's tongue made contact with Kelly's pussy. Kelly moaned and told Carol how much she loved her eating her out. Carol worked vigorously to make Kelly orgasm. Kelly was moaning and squealing as she was so close but pushed Carol's head away before she finished. She moaned her displeasure for having to stop. She pulled her leg off Carol's shoulder and proceeded to put her right leg up and had Carol continue. Kelly moaned and stroked Carol's hair as Carol brought her closer. Kelly was right on edge again when she made Carol stop. She dropped her leg from Carol's shoulder and helped her stand. Kelly once again kissed Carol passionately, licking her own taste from Carol's mouth. Kelly finally let go and told Carol to finish cleaning quickly so she could finally get an orgasm.

A break to serve lunch, which Jen had been conspicuously absent, before Carol had finished cleaning and headed to the back patio and pool. She found the sight out there not quite what she expected. First she found a cage suspended over the pool. Inside was Jen who was gagged and bound struggling to get out. Beth was laid back in a reclining chair. Kelly was kneeling at the end sucking one of Beth's heels like it was a cock.

Beth looked over at Carol, "Good. We can finally start."

Beth allowed Kelly to stop and stand up and motioned Carol to come stand next to Kelly. Beth hit a lever and the cage containing Jen dropped into the pool. Jen completely submerged as the others looked on.

Beth spoke up, "She disobeyed me though you already know that Carol. No, you are not in trouble. You did as I asked and you never saw me in between then and lunch to decide whether to tell me or not."

Beth hit the lever and the cage came up but she stopped it at the point where only Jen's head was out of the water. Beth hit a button on a controller and a video of Jen riding Carol's face played. Jen's eyes went huge as she watched, with everyone else, herself cum on Carol's face then begged her not to tell. Beth stood up and walked towards the pool.

"You disappoint me, Jen. You just couldn't wait until Carol was finished and you would have had your orgasm. You wasted time begging her not to tell when I was watching it live. How else would I have grabbed you before she even left the room. Your maiden status is revoked. You have two options now, well maybe three. First you can stay here as a new peasant and join Carol in her duties. I will allow you to work your day job as I need someone around at night while Carol continues to work her night job. On the weekends you will work here or at the new clients I have picked up for maid service. You are highly requested and I am aiming to please." Carol shocked that Beth was going to make her go back to working the sex shop. Jen was also surprised at the first choice and not thrilled. "Peasant class as you know means full time chastity. Second option, you can walk out of here and never come back. You will lose everything including your job and home. You will have to restart your life." Jen had been shaking her head no and crying the whole time. Kelly and Carol stood there shocked. Continuing, Beth added, "Option three, if you are desperate, you can stay in the cage for the rest of your life and be my pretty little bird. I will give you a few minutes to think while I move on."

Beth turned around and took her seat again looking at Kelly and Carol. Beth hit a button on the controller and the video of Kelly and Carol played. The three of them were quite turned on by the action again. Beth finally spoke up, "I was very un-Queen-like and had multiple orgasms watching that. You did well Maiden Kelly. I have no good reason to try and make you a peasant. You may receive your orgasm from Carol as I know you desire but tell me what do you really want? Be honest like the time I tied you up and asked for a secret you had about me. You then said you wanted to orally pleasure me and I kindly allowed you to."

Kelly blushed at that. She was still naked except the ballet shoes that were still locked on. Kelly was flustered but finally answered, "I... I want to be with Carol but I also want to be Carol."

Beth smiled as she guessed what Kelly likely wanted already, "Explain."

Carol looked at Kelly confused as Kelly looked at Carol blushing. She went on to explain, "When Beth, sorry Queen Beth tied me up, she brought out something in me I never knew. I had a strong desire to please her but she left me there for hours with a vibrator and the orgasms I had. Nothing ever matched those orgasms that day. I have dreamed about submitting to my Queen again but have never had the nerve to ask. She had been with guys the whole time since until she had Carol. Part of me was jealous because I wanted to be in her spot. As I spent time with her, I felt sort of a kindred spirit that built into a love. She gave me orgasms nearly as good as when I was tied up but I couldn't ask her to do it to me as a Maiden. So I used her in ways I dreamed of and lived through her. It just made me want Carol and my Queen more." Kelly looked at Beth before continuing, "I really want to serve you like she does. I want to bathe you, dress you, brush your hair, hopefully pleasure you orally. But I also want to keep playing and enjoy time with Carol. Fucking dammit, I want a uniform like that to wear. Sorry I have been wanting to strip her of it and wear it myself for years."

Beth smiled and spoke, "Give up your Maiden status and pledge to be a peasant. You will give up your orgasm you have earned but Carol will lock the belt on you. I will be nice and if you are good for a year, I may let Carol lick you to an orgasm, once a year. In your free time after chores and anything I want, you guys may play. I expect you to train each other to take care of a man orally and anally. So if you agree, Carol will lock you away and then you will bring me the key and offer me to keep it forever."

Kelly was bursting with joy. She shouted, "Sorry orgasm, lock the fucking belt on."

Carol went and grabbed the belt and brought it over. It had a front shield and an eight inch dildo attached to the inside. Carol was positioning the belt as Kelly held it while Carol inserted the dildo into her pussy. Kelly nearly came from it as she moaned loudly. Carol finished lining it up and clasped all the parts to the front. She looked up at Kelly holding the lock. Kelly nodded and Carol inserted the lock and clicked it shut. Kelly let out a squeal and bent down to kiss Carol. Carol handed her the key and Kelly headed towards her Queen.

Still trying to maneuver in ballet shoes, Kelly knelt in front of her Queen and pronounced, "I never wanted to be a Maiden. My desire has always been to serve you like a peasant. I never had the strength to ask it until now. Please let me serve you any way you desire." She bowed her head and held out the key.

Beth graciously accepted the key and attached it to her left nipple ring. She sent Carol to recover items in the hall closet. As Carol left she grabbed Kelly by the hair and whispered, "Your earned orgasm is mine." Beth shoved Kelly's face into her crotch and forced Kelly to pleasure her. Kelly worked furiously while in a state of euphoria. She dreamed of doing this again and now it will be as long as she pleased her Queen.

Beth was on her second orgasm from Kelly's tongue when Carol returned. She let Kelly finish licking her clean, before telling her she would have to learn to share. She had Kelly stand and turn around. Beth stood up behind her as well before coming around. She grabbed the box Carol was holding and opened it. She pulled out a steel collar much like Carol's. She went around the back of Kelly and placed the collar around Kelly's neck with an audible click. The tag was said "Kelly, lesbian peasant and Carol's lover" on the front. On the back it read, "Owned property of her Queen." She had Carol remove the cover over the outfit. Kelly squealed with joy seeing a matching pink and white French maid uniform like Carol's. They took several minutes dressing her.

Beth sat back down and hit another button on her controller. This time it showed Carol at the trash can interacting with Mr. Johnson. Beth looked at Carol pleased with her job of handling the old man. Beth asked Kelly to go get the door as Carol's face drained as she stood in shock. Kelly brought Mr. Johnson with her.

Mr. Johnson comments, "Oh my, two of them now." He greedily pinched Kelly's ass.

Beth spoke, "Good evening, Mr. Johnson. It is nice to meet you. Carol tells me you would really like to have sex in her very fine ass. I will allow it another day but today I have given her permission to orally pleasure you if you wouldn't mind that."

Mr. Johnson, while shocked, quickly agreed. Beth quickly added, "She is still a virgin to pleasuring a real man, sorry if it is not fully up to your standards. You only get one chance to break in a virgin."

Mr. Johnson started drooling and trying to unbuckle his pants.

Beth told him,"No need, Carol will take care of all that." Then she whispered to Carol, "Don't disappoint or embarrass me. Make the old man cum and try not to kill him."

Carol held her fake smile and moved forward. She got on her knees and unbuckled his belt. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his pants and boxers. Old man Johnson was excited but not his penis. Carol took the flaccid penis in her hand and started stroking it. It wasn't reacting much at first until she flicked the tip of it with her tongue. He started to get more of an erection as Carol's mouth licked his shaft. She gave his balls some attention getting reactions and called any number of names. Eventually she encased in her mouth what was a little less than four inches. She sucked and toyed with her tongue around a bit before bobbing her head. Johnson groaned and grabbed her head trying to control her head movements. Thankfully he was just small enough to not make her gag as he tried to ram it further into her face. Johnson was loud and derogatory towards her until he shot his load down her throat as he held her so her nose was smashed against his pelvic region. He finally let her go as she was able to finally take a full breath instead of the partial ones she had dealt with the last few minutes.

Mr. Johnson commented, "Not bad for the first time. Maybe I can come over more to give her more practice. Especially in her ass." He turned around and looked at Kelly. "You are a delicious looking slut. Maybe I can try you too."

Kelly blushed and just smiled as he was putting his pants back in place. Beth told Kelly that she can return him to the door when he is ready. Carol was still on her knees as Beth was holding his shoulder down. As old man Johnson left, Beth let Carol turn around. She promptly stuffed her pussy with a face full of Carol. Beth moaned in delight and Kelly came back as she screamed out the first orgasm Carol gave her. Beth invited Kelly to touch Carol while Carol worked her magic on Beth. Beth quickly finished her second and third before calling it quits. Beth took a few minutes to regain her composure as Carol and Kelly were kissing each other. Kelly was trying to get another taste of Beth.

Beth stood up and headed to her next prize still caged in the pool with just her head above water. Beth looked at Jen and said, "Time for your decision. I will remind you of your options since you are gagged. Nod yes to the choice you wish to choose. First, be a caged bird and spend the rest of your life locked in it. Two, walk away with nothing and restart your life. Third, join the other two peasants and serve me fully as they do."

Jen doesn't nod until choice three as Beth expected. "Good choice," she told her.

She used the lever to maneuver the cage up and out of the water. Kelly and Carol helped unlock and release Jen. Kelly got the privilege of locking Jen's chastity after edging her first. Jen pledged her devotion to Beth and handed over her chastity key which was attached to the right nipple ring on Beth. Jen was still in tears as Beth collared her and offered her her new uniform. It was getting cold when Beth sent them in to cook dinner for her. Kelly and Jen would need to learn. Beth finished dinner and allowed them to eat their dinners from their separate bowls on the floor in front of her. She smiled at her three peasants. Life was going to get much more interesting. Wait until her new man shows up tomorrow. Beth smiled while rubbing her clit with the ring and key to Carol's belt. Beth thought, "It's good to be the Queen!"


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