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It's Good To Be The Queen

by bentbliss

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© Copyright 2022 - bentbliss - Used by permission

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Continues from

Part 2: Beginning Their New Life

The peasants had finished dinner and Queen Beth had sent Kelly and Jen to clean up and meet her in her dungeon downstairs. Beth grabbed a chain leash and pulled down Carol's panties to her knees. She then connected the leash to the ring on the front of Carol's chastity belt. Beth proceeded to walk towards the dungeon pulling Carol behind with her panties still at her knees. She lectured Carol that her punishment was still far from over as they headed down the stairs.

The dungeon was rather large with a number of side rooms and cells. Many different pieces of unique furniture filled the place. The walls were lined with many instruments such as whips, paddles, gags, hoods, clamps, and so much more. The walls were painted a bold red and the floor was covered in black and red marble where there were no rugs which supported the various pieces of furniture. But the centerpiece of the entire place was the large dias on one side of the room. A throne made of gold plated metal and covered in red velvet and silk coverings. The Queen's throne. Carol shuddered in awe, but also at the thought of punishment she knew she was going to endure here.

Beth brought Carol to a wall with several rings and restraints attached to it. She took the end of the leash, fed it between Carol's legs, and locked it high up the wall. It pushed the plug deeper and the chain pulled up Carol's ass uncomfortably. She removed the chains between Carol's wrists and ankles and told her to undress as much as possible. Beth smiled and gracefully strode her way to her throne, seated herself elegantly, and then watched Carol.

Carol watched her Queen's every stride to her throne. She had missed her elegance and beauty but also her Queen's sheer control over her. Though she very much knows she will regret what is coming next. As her Queen sat down on her throne, Carol remembered she was ordered to undress. She quickly removed the panties that were at her knees. She then removed her uniform. She did her best to straighten it out and saw a place to hang it for now. As she walked over the chain connecting her chastity belt to the wall came up two inches short. Carol looked over at her Queen, who just grinned at her nodding for her to hang it up. Carol sighed as she stretched forward. Carol cried out as she continued to stretch out, her ass in pain as she finally reached the hanger and pulled it down to place her uniform on. She worked even harder to get it hung up with tears beginning to stream down her face. As she stepped back to relax the pressure on her ass, she decided to remove her white lacy bra. Carol was told to leave it with her panties as the others will get them soon enough. Carol tried to remove her pink corset only to find the laces bound by a steel cable that was locked in place. Beth smiled at Carol as she made the realization of what she did to her earlier that morning. Carol frowned but expected it anyway. She looked down and noticed nothing else, including her fishnets, could be taken off with her shoes still locked on. She looked up at her Queen who sat there stoically staring back at her. Carol dropped her eyes and went to kneel but was told to remain standing for now.

Kelly and Jen made their way down to the dungeon gingerly as they were still locked in their ballet shoes. They noticed Carol partially undressed and chained to the wall. They also noticed their Queen staring in their direction. They made their way over and knelt in front of her as she waited for them to properly submit to her. 

Beth finally speaks, "Peasant Kelly, you have the option of putting on peasant Carol's new shoes much like you did your own and peasant Jen's. Then take part in cleaning up peasant Carol. Mind you she has been locked up for four months without any maintenance and surely needs it. Or you can remove my shoes and massage my feet, lick and suck my toes, and anything else I decide. Peasant Jen will do what you don't."

Kelly looked up at Beth with a frustrated look. She definitely wants to serve her Queen even if it is just her feet for now. But she has also been given an opportunity to remove Carol's chastity. No one but the Queen has done it before. Does she want to give it up and let Jen be the first. They both know what to do. Beth used to summon all the available Maidens to come watch as she performed Carol's maintenance while humiliating Carol in front of them. Kelly also thought about the fun of locking Jen's shoes on, she liked the idea of locking on Carol's. She really hoped they were pink ballet shoes. Kelly finally spoke, "You make this really tough my Queen. You know I want to serve you in every way as much as possible. You also give me an opportunity to do something with Carol that no one other than you has done." Beth smirks at Kelly as she continues, "I am still serving you by taking care of Carol for you. Sorry Jen, I want to touch Carol's forbidden flesh way more than you do. I will happily make sure Carol gets her new shoes on and performs her maintenance."

Beth removed a key attached to her bracelet and handed it to Kelly as she spoke, "Times are changing. I have three peasants now. You will all be doing more. You will all be training to serve me better. I will delegate more as a Queen should so that I can be properly pampered while the necessary things get done. Now, the box is in the cabinet." 

Kelly gets up and slowly makes her way to get Carol's new shoes. Beth looks at Jen and points to her left foot. Jen is still not happy to be demoted to peasant unlike Kelly. She did it to herself though it was clear that Beth wanted this. Jen sighed and scooted over to reach Beth's left shoe. She removed it and placed it off to the side and began to massage Beth's foot. Beth let out a little moan as Kelly squealed.

Kelly reached in the box and pulled out a pair of pink ballet shoes. She excitedly let everyone know she knew they would be pink. With Jen's white and hers black, they matched Jen's and Kelly's hair color but pink has been the color of choice Beth had kept Carol mostly in. It was less of a surprise to Kelly, in so much as she has come to love Carol in pink. Once Beth feminized Carol, pink was part of the humiliation but Kelly found it difficult to see Carol in any other color.

Carol knew this was coming, she was just glad it was this late before it happened. She knew the shoes were going to be long term parts of their uniforms eventually. Carol was unsure and definitely not excited at the thought. It was often hard enough just in her six inch heels. Carol watched Kelly come over and set the box down before reaching for Carol's hands. Kelly locked Carol's hands in the restraints over her head. Carol watched as Kelly knelt down, unlocked her heel and removed the first one. Carol felt relief in her foot until Kelly worked the new shoe on. With a click, Kelly released Carol's foot and allowed some pressure off the other as she had to stand on one foot. But trying to stand en pointe was hard, especially offset by a smaller heel but that was soon going to change. Kelly grabbed the other foot forcing Carol to use her restraints to help her balance and try to stand en pointe on one foot. Kelly looked up and smiled at Carol as she slowly removed the lock and the rest of the shoe. While the shoe was off, Kelly tickled Carol's foot briefly causing her to sway and shift a bit. She eventually put on the second ballet shoe and locked it on.

Kelly using Carol for support started to stand before saying, "Jen and I have been in these all day. Welcome to the club." Kelly then kissed Carol before turning towards Beth. 

Jen was sucking Beth's toes as she rubbed Beth's foot at that point. Beth told Kelly to bring the other box in the cabinet. Kelly moved as quickly as she could, bringing the box to Beth. Kelly was curious as to what was in it but she hadn't been told to open it. Jen was busy trying her best to make Beth happy so she did not think much about it. Carol was also curious but was more concerned with keeping her balance as she was still shackled with her hands above her and her belt chained to the wall. Kelly handed the box over to the pleased looking Queen. Kelly knelt back down as Beth opened the box. 

"More gifts for my new peasants," as Beth pulled out two metal jeweled plugs. 

Jen's face lit up initially before realizing one was for her. Jen was curious and wanted to play with Carol's earlier. Beth certainly had not forgotten as she grinned at Jen who blushed. Kelly was ecstatic at the new jewelry. She was not big on anal but she knew this was going to happen sooner or later.

These plugs were smaller than the one Carol was wearing. Carol as usual had a pink jewel though she had not seen it. The new plugs each had different colors of red and purple jewels at the base. The plugs only had about two inches for their max width unlike Carol's four inches. Beth held both out to Jen, "I saw you admire and try to take out Carol's, so I shall let you pick which one you will wear daily first."

Jen stared at Beth, then the plugs before reaching for the purple jeweled one. Beth instructed her to get it wet with her mouth as it will be the only lube she gets. Beth mentions that Carol's is twice as thick and got no lube or saliva before Beth rammed it in. Jen looked at Beth in horror at the thought of it rammed in. Jen quickly began sucking and lubricating the plug as best as possible. Beth asked Jen who she wanted to insert her plug, Kelly or her Queen. Jen was still unsure how upset Beth was with her and didn't know if she should suck it up and take whatever her Queen decided to do to her or try Kelly and maybe upset her Queen. 

Beth saw it in her face and finally said, "Yes I will shove it in and it will likely be painful. Kelly will be nicer and I won't hold it against you...too much." 

Jen groaned and chose Kelly. Jen positioned herself on all fours and turned her ass to Kelly. Kelly giggled and smacked Jen's ass as she brought the plug up. Kelly slowly placed the plug at Jen's entrance and started applying light pressure. Kelly slowly worked it in, allowing Jen's ass to stretch. Jen let out a gasp as her ass crested the full width of the plug before it swallowed the tapered end and sank to the base deep inside her. Kelly swatted Jen's ass again causing Jen to yelp and rub the spot Kelly hit. Kelly just smiled at the frowning Jen.

With Jen finished, Beth turned her attention to Kelly. Kelly spoke first, "My Queen, may I have one as large as Carol if not bigger."

Beth looked at Kelly and said, "You know that Carol is wearing one that big as punishment and as far as I know you have never worn one."

Kelly nodded, "I know but anything Carol can do, I will do better for you. If that means taking a huge plug and getting it rammed in my ass by my choice and not by punishment then I will gladly take it."

Beth smiled at Kelly, "You think this is a contest?"

Kelly nodded while saying, "Yes. You could have had me as your servant long before her. But you chose her over me, knowing I would likely do anything for you. Now I get my chance to prove it to you and it will make us both work harder for you."

Beth shook her head, "Carol at least asked me for this. You didn't, until today when I offered you a choice. I will gladly take this competition as it will be fun to see and hopefully very rewarding for me."

Beth pulled an onyx jeweled plug that was similar in size to Carol's. Kelly squealed in joy and promptly got on all fours. She turned her ass towards Beth. Beth caressed Kelly's ass making Kelly wait in anticipation. As Kelly wiggled her ass again Beth rammed the plug into Kelly's ass without mercy. Kelly screamed as it hurt way more than she expected. Tears flowed but for all the pain she was happy to prove herself. After she calmed down and things settled, she thanked Beth for the gift. Beth then explained the plugs were an official part of their daily wear whether serving her or at their jobs. They were only allowed out if they had one bowel movement every morning before they showered. She warned them it would likely take at least a few days for their bodies to fully adjust and that they will have to deal with it and train themselves. Failure to follow will lead to severe consequences, she finished warning.

Beth had both heels off by now as she stood up. She had Kelly and Jen start pulling up her dress. She motioned Kelly forward and allowed her to pull Beth's panties down and removed them. Beth ordered Kelly to place Beth's freshly used panties into Kelly's mouth. Beth was now similarly dressed to Carol minus the shoes. With only her corset and stockings covered legs, Beth began to fondle her own voluptuous breasts. She played with the rings holding the keys to Jen's and Kelly's belts. Beth moaned at the thought of owning them now.

Jen was ordered to retrieve a ball gag and place it on Kelly. Beth took a seat back on her throne while Jen gagged Kelly. Beth then ordered Kelly to get between Beth's legs. Kelly was inches away when Beth grabbed her hair and started rubbing Kelly's face into her wet pussy. Smothering Kelly a bit before releasing, Beth removed the key attached to the clit ring. Beth began teasing, "You could have spent this time worshiping and licking my royal pussy that you desire. But now you get to go maintain Carol. At least I was nice enough to allow you the taste of me through my panties in your mouth as well as rubbing my juices on your face. That is all you will likely get from me tonight except you should read your collar tag more thoroughly. Jen will get the honor of pleasuring me during the maintenance. I know she is not as experienced as the other two of you but she is a little more vindictive. Since Kelly has decided competition is needed between Carol and her, she will add nipple clamps to both Carol and herself. As added fun, she will add eight ounce weights to each of the clamps. Jen will work to give me multiple orgasms. As I receive an orgasm, Jen will get to add more weight to either or both of you. Oh and Jen, anything less than six orgasms, you will wear the clamps and the weight they both have combined multiplied by the number of orgasms you are short of six. You might want to start now."

Jen was about to speak but decided she had better start. Jen had no problem with women licking her but she had never orally pleasured another woman. Much like her Queen, Jen was used to being the one who was pleased and not giving it unless it was a man. She never had any inclination to pleasure a woman this way. Given her current circumstances, she had better get used to it quickly as it appears the punishment will be severe. Jen was also frustrated in knowing she will have to perform better because of Kelly and Carol whether she liked it or not. In the back of her mind she couldn't wait to stick it to the other two when she had a chance. She didn't want to serve her Queen like the other two but she was not given much of an option. Beth wanted her in this position and she was going to get her here sooner or later. Jen wanted to grumble at the thought but Beth's pussy needed attention as Jen didn't want nipple clamps on her impressive breasts. Jen started rubbing her own breasts as she licked Beth. This just made her hornier, forcing her to stop as she was locked in this damned belt for as long as Beth decided.

Kelly made her way over to the wall with various instruments. She grabbed a pair of Japanese clover clamps. She had used these on Carol a couple times when they played and knew they would be good for holding weight. She had tested them once to see what they were like. Needless to say, they were intense back then but it will be nothing compared to tonight. Kelly played with her nipple getting it erect and applied pressure to help it protrude more. In her other hand she squeezed the clamp to open it up. Kelly sucked in a breath as she released the pressure on the clamp while the clamp increased pressure on her very sensitive nipple. She let out a gasp and whimpered at the pain and stood there as her body adjusted to the sensation. She then went and did the other side with similar results. She grabbed a second set of clamps and pocketed them in her uniform. She made her way over to the weights and pulled off the first. After attaching the weight to the clamp, Kelly let it go so the weight fully pulled on the clamp and her breast. She shrieked and panted heavily unprepared for the intensity. She was concerned at adding more weight but her Queen was using her competitive spirit against her and clearly was looking to push her and Carol. She wondered how much Carol had endured over the years. She quickly added the weight to her other breast, whimpering before grabbing a set of weights for Carol.

Kelly turned around to look at Carol, her body was beginning to adjust. As Kelly stepped forward, the weights started swinging back and forth sending pain through her nipples. She nearly stumbled while still walking in her ballet shoes. She really wanted them off as she had been in them all day. But she remembered her tag as she regained her composure. She looked at it closely and her eyes went wide in shock and happiness. 

Kelly made her way to Carol and flicked the tag on Carol's collar as she pulled away giggling through her gag. Carol, still standing there restrained with eyes wide in shock as she read the tag on Kelly's collar seeing the small print below "Carol's lover." It read, "and permanent Mistress." Beth had basically told her what tonight was with the tag warning. She would not disappoint her Queen. Kelly reached up and grabbed both of Carol's nipples and squeezed then twisted. 

Carol dropped as she lost her footing but not far as she hung from her wrist restraints. Carol cried out and Kelly removed her right hand and stuck her middle finger deep into Carol's mouth. Carol started gagging and quickly closed her mouth around Kelly's finger. Kelly then proceeded to finger fuck Carol's mouth while still twisting her other nipple. Kelly pulled her finger out and started rubbing Carol's nipple as she released the other. As Carol began to moan, Kelly quickly placed the first clamp on Carol's nipple. Carol cried out again but Kelly shoved another finger into her mouth as she connected the first weight to the clamp and started swinging back and forth. Carol whimpered as her mouth was finger fucked again.

Beth screamed out at that point, spraying Jen with her love juices. She was panting while still holding Jen's face to her crotch forcing her to continue licking. This is so much better than Beth had expected. At the pace these two are going and as hot as the action is starting to get, six orgasm minimum might have been not enough. Lucky for Jen, she guessed. Beth screamed out as a second orgasm sent her body spasming.

Kelly had stopped and turned to look at Beth but Beth said, "Don't stop now. It was just starting to get interesting. I should have done this years ago." 

Kelly put the other clamp and weight on and started swinging both of Carol's which also swung her own. They both whimpered as Beth ordered Jen to get one pound weights for all four nipples. Kelly being gagged could barely mumble anything much less make sense. Carol cried out no but Beth just laughed and said the cries turned her on even more which is why Carol isn't gagged.

Jen struggling to walk made it over to Kelly and Carol. She taunted them as she put the weights on their nipples, saying, "Keep up the good work. I like punishing you guys as well. Though it seems like we will have a long time for me to do things to you. I think I nearly came myself hearing Carol cry out. I am pretty sure my breasts are safe tonight but you two will have yours nice and stretched. Maybe they will grow to a real size." Jen is propping up her breasts and rubbing them. She sneers at Carol as she plays with them and continued, "Be thankful she let Kelly do this instead of me. I want to make you scream so much more." She grabbed the weights hanging from Carol's breasts and yanked down causing Carol to scream. Kelly looked unhappy at Jen, when Jen turned to her. Jen grabbed the weights from Kelly's clamps and yanked on them. Kelly's screams were muffled as Jen finished saying, "Don't want to leave the Queen's other pet feeling left out." Jen slapped Kelly's ass as she walked back to her Queen.

Beth was moaning as Jen was back to work. Kelly went to get the items necessary for Carol's maintenance including boiling water. Carol, for her part, was used to most of this but it was different with Kelly doing it, along with the added punishment involved. Carol was looking forward to having her belt removed for the first time in over four months. Carol decided to watch Jen pleasure Beth. She was sort of jealous as it used to be just her job. Carol wanted to please her Queen but the punishment she deserved came first. She also realized the Queen had three servants to divide her time with. Things were definitely changing. It was no longer just about Carol. Carol strained and tried to stretch as she needed something to take her mind off of the forsaken shoes she was wearing. She had worn really high heels for years but nothing like this. 

Kelly made it back and set down her supplies on a little table she brought over. She held the key up in front of Carol's face then lowered it, teasing like she would drop it into her own belt. Beth at this time screamed out in her third orgasm. Carol groaned knowing more weight is coming. Kelly also realized it and unlocked the chastity from the leash and then from Carol's body.

Before things got too far, Jen made her appearance and added weights to Carol. As Jen put them on she whispers, "I would love to remove that worthless little flesh permanently but I would also ensure your belt would never come off again. I mean look at you, three beautiful women in front of you. One having multiple orgasms and you are soft as old man Johnson when you sucked his dick. How fucking pathetic. You truly are a little sissy girl now." Jen licked Carol's lips then walked away shaking her ass all the way back for Carol. 

It did disturb Carol that she didn't have an erection yet. Kelly looked up at Carol trying to frown. She took a cloth and began wiping and cleaning Carol's pelvic region. She lathered up the front and back before pulling out the razor to begin shaving Carol. Beth was well on her way to orgasm four as Kelly had barely started. 

Soon Jen was back taunting Carol, "Maybe we should hang these from your pathetic balls. They serve no purpose much like that soft useless meat. Our Queen has finally broken you. I am so glad I get to witness this." Jen started the weights swinging around. Each nipple contained three and a half pounds and it really stretched her embarrassing breasts. It hurt so much that Carol was crying as the swinging pulled the clamps tighter causing immense pain.

Kelly got between Jen and Carol, forcing Jen away so Kelly could finish her work. Carol could see that Beth was masturbating, enjoying the exchange. It was only seconds when Jen was back that Beth had another orgasm. She held Jen there as Beth watched Kelly remove the hair around Carol's scrotum by moving and stretching the flaccid cock that couldn't get an erection for them. She buried Jen's face even deeper though Jen was fighting back for air. Beth showed no mercy as she held her tight, squirting her with another orgasm for the sixth time. Jen gasped for breath when Beth finally released and was quickly forced to lick her Queen clean before fully getting her breath back. This gave Kelly more time to shave Carol's backside. 

Jen was coming with four weights after the last two orgasms. She had a wicked smile on her face as she came towards Carol. Carol was already crying at the thought of more. Kelly jumped in between Jen and Carol and started shouting something through her gag. She pointed to the weights and her breasts. Jen tried to go around but Kelly blocked her. 

Beth finally chimed in, "Give peasant Kelly those four. If you are willing to walk more, you can go back and get two more for peasant Carol. Peasant Kelly, you don't get to interfere with peasant Jen, anymore." 

Jen sneered at Kelly as she harshly put on the weights. She yanked down on each as she did. Jen looked past Kelly with a vindictive grin before focusing on Kelly, saying, "Are you worried Ms. Flatchest will end up bigger than your slightly less flat chested self? It's too bad you weren't graced with a body as stunning as our Queen or even mine. I will always be more desired than either of you." Jen gave one last tug on Kelly's nipple clamps, leaving Kelly screaming through her gag and crying.

Kelly composed herself and worked on rubbing lotion and other creams on Carol. Beth asked, "You want to wrap your mouth around that flaccid useless flesh, don't you, peasant Kelly?" Kelly looks at Beth sadly and nods. "That is the main reason you are gagged, peasant. The panties should be a reminder of who you truly desire and as you can…." Beth had another orgasm before she finished speaking but added later. "It's taken me years for this and it is such a huge turn on. Only men get an erection and there are no men here." Beth allowed Jen to go get the new weights as she looked at Carol and got up. She walked towards Carol and told her, "I guess we don't have to worry about ruined orgasms. We will still do your monthly maintenance and you will be getting fucked enough for prostate massages. You have no idea how excited I am at this advancement towards your womanhood." Beth kissed Carol passionately for a couple minutes as she grinded against Carol's flaccid penis. She pulled away smiling and said, "That is awesome. You can't even get an erection for me. That is a first. I told you I would make you a woman and we are getting there. You can never be a man again even if I let you." 

She took the weights from Jen. Then had Jen get between Carol's legs and lick Beth again from underneath. Kelly was washing Carol's belt at this point. Carol was confused by her lack of erection. It was supposed to happen, though she was surprised it happened now. Beth put the weights on Carol's clamps. Carol cried out or would have if Beth didn't kiss her as she did. Beth held onto Carol as she orgasmed once more all over Jen's face. When Beth released her kiss from Carol, she said, "I think we will get you some massive bimbo breasts next." Beth moaned at the idea and Carol was horrified at the thought of being bimbofied. Beth let Jen up telling her to bring four weights, two for each. Then she looked Carol lovingly in the eyes, "Time for more punishment." 

Beth smashed her knee right into Carol's exposed groin. Carol screamed in pain and tried to cover up as Beth nailed Carol again harder. Carol screamed and sobbed but Beth showed no mercy and did it even harder before kissing Carol's forehead. She whispered, "I am just getting started."

Kelly and Jen returned. They were each instructed to lock Carol's ankles with the nearby chains. Beth made her way back to her throne and took a seat as Jen applied the last set of weights. One on each of the four clamped breasts. Jen played, swung and tugged on all of them making Carol and Kelly cry out. Beth finally called Jen over and had Jen put Beth's shoes back on. Beth stood up and made her way back to Carol, who was dealing with five and a half pounds pulling on each nipple. Beth had Jen and Kelly kneel on either side of Carol.

Beth with a devilish grin spoke, "I always wanted to try making field goals in heels. See! Dreams do come true." Beth wound up a big swing and kicked Carol right down the middle. Carol screamed, pleaded with her to stop when she had enough breath as Beth landed about twenty kicks. Beth looked over to Jen and told her it is her turn.

Jen got up and lined herself up. As Jen went to kick, she lost her balance falling flat on her back. Kelly laughed through her gag but Beth just looked at her shaking her head. Beth spoke, "You are still inept in those shoes. You all have a month to get used to them before wearing them full time in my castle." 

Jen was out of breath and her eyes teared as Beth unlocked her shoes. This allowed Jen to remove them and finish her field goal practice on Carol. Jen trash talked Carol the whole time, not pulling any of her kicks. Carol screamed until she passed out from the pain. Kelly was also in tears from watching and her heart broke a bit. 

Beth said, "Let peasant Carol rest a bit. Peasant Jen has to go to work in the morning and we should put her to bed so she can get her rest." 

Jen looked confused as did Kelly. Beth just smiled, and grabbed Jen's hands as she led her to one of the cells in the back of the dungeon. Beth opened the door and led Jen and Kelly in. Jen and Kelly looked around. The room was filled with a couple machines and a bed with a large number of medical straps. A straightjacket hung on the wall with some other gear. The walls were padded and likely soundproof. 

Beth looked to Kelly and said, "Help peasant Jen get undressed. Leave her corset on and her belt of course. Remove everything else. We will use her panties to gag Carol later." Jen smiled at that thought of Carol gagging on her used panties. Beth continued, "I know you don't want to truly be my peasant like the other two so this will be your new bedroom. It's an upgrade over the closet Carol's cage resides in."

Jen looked at Beth, "I promise I will be good. You don't have to put me in here like I am a mental patient."

Beth looked at Jen smiling, "Oh I don't have to but I definitely want to and am going to. This is your new home for now. You will be properly conditioned in here as well as learned to sleep strapped to the bed in complete sensory deprivation."

Jen started crying as she pleaded with Beth. Kelly was hanging up Jen's clothes now that she was undressed. 

Beth hugged Jen before telling her, "It will be ok. I will take care of you and you are only here at night. And it won't be total deprivation as my voice will be in your ears every night. Now be a good peasant girl and sit on the bed." 

Jen sniffled trying to stop crying but sat on the bed. Beth handed her earplugs which Jen put in. Beth had Kelly remove her panties and place them in Jen's mouth. Jen tried to prevent Kelly but Beth tweaked Jen's nipple causing her to cry out, allowing Kelly to insert her panties into Jen's mouth. Afterwards, Beth began putting a thick leather hood on Jen's head. There were only holes for Jen's nose which they lined up by the tubes inside to ensure constant airflow. Beth laced up the hood tightly and had Jen lay back on the bed. With the help of Kelly, Beth strapped Jen to the bed. Starting with her wrists and ankles, then just above her knees and elbows, followed by her waist and chest just under her breasts and finally her head at her forehead as well as her hood locked directly to the table. Beth had Kelly tickle Jen's feet to see if she could move. Her feet and hands moved but nothing else. She was clearly trying to scream under the hood but very little sound could be heard. Kelly stopped tickling Jen and Beth turned on the recording Jen will learn to sleep with, on loop. Beth and Kelly grabbed the rest of Jen's clothes and left the room locking it, not that Jen could go anywhere anyways.

Jen was rather terrified. This day had gotten worse as it went. She was locked into those shoes before she even woke up and Kelly fucking edged her and left her horny. Then Queen Beth changed everything including setting her up to serve her in the end. Jen loved being a Maiden and had no desire to be a peasant. But now she had no choice locked in chastity and a steel collar. She is strapped down on a bed in a soundproof room unable to do anything but listen and sleep. Jen did everything not to cry as Beth's recorded voice tried to soothe her and begin her programming. Program her for what? Jen had no thoughts after that as Beth's voice took over and sleep ensued. 

Kelly was still in her uniform though the breasts were pulled down with four and a half pounds hanging from the clamps. Her breasts really hurt but not as bad as her feet, as they were still locked in the ballet shoes. She looked at Beth and asked if she could remove her shoes. Beth smiled and turned to hug her, smashing her weighted breasts causing Kelly more pain. Beth kissed Kelly passionately then told Kelly, "No my peasant, you and I have a lot to discuss and at least one decision to make before I let you out. You can handle it a bit longer."

"Yes my Queen. How about these weights?" Kelly asked.

Beth replied, "Same as the shoes. I am counting on you. Put that stuff away and meet me at my throne."

Beth took a seat on her throne. Carol was still hanging there, passed out. She must have been exhausted. Beth was sure she had to get up early to get ready and to make it here on public transportation on time. Not to mention all the work and punishments she went through on top of the emotions. There were a lot of emotions from all four of them, including Beth herself. Many things are about to get very complicated but a few will get easier.

Kelly curtsied before kneeling in front Beth. Beth allowed her up so Kelly could rest her head in Beth's lap. Beth removed Kelly's gag and spoke, "I am looking to you to help me with the changes coming to the castle. I trust you and have for years. I am sorry you felt slighted when I feminized Carol instead of looking for someone like you but as I said, it was her fantasy that she asked for and I loved her enough to give it to her. While I knew you liked me, you never expressed any real interest. I don't know how things would have worked pre-Carol but this is your chance. You claimed your devotion to me today and accepted your place in my life. A place you said you have desired for years. What I want from you will be difficult and hard on you but I believe in you. I failed Carol and now I must fix it but I want your help. My time can't fully commit to her anymore and you will fill in the gaps. You all submit to me. But when no one else I have not designated is there, Carol will have to submit to you. She is meant to be the ultimate beta. It is what she craves. I know you love her and she loves you in a way that is different from me. As much as you would have liked that she didn't, she had always come first in my choices and decisions. But I own both of you now, so you both come first. You are both my peasants but from now on you will be her Mistress. She will call you by that title as you call me your Queen. You will be in charge of her needs and punishments when I am unavailable or when I delegate them to you. I have impossible standards for her to reach and I expect you to continue to push them as I will have impossible standards for you to reach. I will not allow relaxation of her punishments or you will be punished even worse. You will hurt her as required and she will love you for it. You will be given many freedoms with her except her chastity and any direct orders from me and potentially any partners I bring home starting tomorrow. Can you be what she needs when I can not?" 

Kelly had tears in her eyes as she lifted her head to look up at Beth. Kelly was tired, sore, and sexually frustrated on top of all this. She desired to serve Beth but she also wanted a life with Carol which she is now being given the terms of. Her whole life is under terms now that she committed to serve Beth forever. She just didn't want to hurt Carol at least too much. She knew she was a better option than what Jen would do to Carol. Kelly sighed before speaking, "You know I really don't want to hurt her like this but I understand that is what is required. It may take some time to get used to it. I will exceed your expectations no matter how impossible the standards for both of us. I hope you allow me some freedom to mold her into what I desire if I will have her more. I will ask you permission if those changes are acceptable. But Jen and others stay out of it unless you are there. I need time and so does she. You can count on me to serve you as you wish or you can get rid of me."

Beth stroked Kelly's hair telling her, "Oh you will never get lucky to be rid of me. I have ways far worse than what Jen or Carol endure to get what I want. Now that is only part of what I need from you but it is the most important part as I promised her and will never break that promise. You two need to learn to accept men as you both very much enjoy women but the new business will require both of you to sexually pleasure men and make them feel good. That is minor compared to my need for you to run the peasants when I am busy as well as serve me when needed. For now, it is the three of you but it will be expanding. You will be in charge of ensuring Jen is strapped in her bed with her recording if I am unavailable. You will also be in charge of releasing her in the mornings. You will make sure they follow the schedule that I set forth for all of you. Tomorrow I will have company and since Jen won't be home in time and Carol is going to work to continue her punishment, you will be left to clean, cook and serve. I expect you to impress as I want to impress him. I understand you have less experience than Carol but it is your time to shine." Beth smiled at Kelly who just nodded back. "Time to make your decision to maybe get out of the shoes and nipple clamps. You may go over to Carol and practice two dozen field goals and then place your weights on a parachute ball stretcher to leave it on her all night. That will get your shoes removed and your weights. Or you forgo the field goals and add your weights to her clamps which will be left on all night. You will remain in your shoes tonight and will be required to wear them all day tomorrow again. Either way Carol is staying here tonight in this position with all the weight to bear. Show me your Mistress instincts and I really want to see how you handle kicking in those shoes."

While torn, Kelly said, "One condition!"

Beth stared down at her, "Don't push your luck. I may have given you more power but I am still your Queen."

Kelly submissively responded, "Yes my Queen, I would still like to spend the night in your bed tied up licking you until I fall asleep." 

Beth smiled and replied, "Only if you kick three dozen field goals." Kelly gasped but so did Carol who was apparently awake.

Kelly looked at Carol and then at Beth, "Three dozen in the shoes with the weights?" 

Beth nodded her head, "I might have a few more orgasms just watching. First gag her with Jen's panties and then proceed." Beth was already playing with her clit.

Kelly walked to the wall and grabbed a cleave gag. As she walked back to Carol, she looked her in the eye and said, "From now on you will call me Mistress at all times." Carol looked up at Beth who nodded her head affirming. "Well?" Kelly yanked on one of Carol's clamps causing her to scream.

Carol quickly answered, "Yes Mistress!"

Kelly cooed, "That sounded delicious. I didn't think something could sound so empowering and so good. I don't want to hurt you but not only do you want it but you deserve it and I am required to do it. Best part is you will love me more for it. I won't be our Queen but I will be the next best thing. Other than her orders, you will always follow mine like they are hers. If you do as we say, we will be happy little fucktoys together. Though I can't wait to try some of this stuff in the dungeon on you and hopefully my Queen will find time to try them on me. Now are you going to serve me as you serve her as I am an extension of her?"

Carol nodded while saying, "Yes Mistress."

Kelly yanked the other clamp and Carol screamed. She quickly stuffed Jen's used panties into Carol's mouth then placed the cleave gag on her. Kelly looked Carol in the eyes and said, "You won't be conscious for all thirty-six kicks. So understand, you will be left here in this position tonight with the addition of my weights hanging from your useless testicles. I would say I am offended that I will never get fucked by you with that useless flesh, but I always preferred the lesbian cuckold. If your balls do fall off it is no real loss to anyone. Welcome to our new life and sweet dreams. Though yours won't be as good as mine." Kelly winked and kissed the cleave gag.

Kelly stepped back and positioned herself. Her balance was much better but she was tired and her feet were killing her. She wanted out of the shoes and had to hurt Carol no matter her choice. Kelly could hear Beth moaning in pleasure while looking at the fear in Carol's eyes. She held out her hands to balance herself using Carol's weighted breasts. Kelly turned back and winked at Beth before slamming the top of her foot into Carol's testicles. Kelly managed to stay up holding on to Carol. 

Carol screamed as much as she could through the gag. The pain was drowning out many of her thoughts. She wasn't sure how much longer she would stay conscious. Carol's eyes darted between Beth and Kelly through her tears. Beth had only ever done this once but never this extreme. It was about kick twenty-six that Carol passed out again. Far longer than anyone expected. Kelly would have been exhausted just from kicking if it hadn't been the all day physical and mental stress. As she finished her last kick, she collapsed to the floor. She screamed as the weights not only tweaked her nipples but also landed on her. She had heard Beth orgasm at least four times. That woman had some serious stamina and sex drive.

Beth stood over Kelly, who was still lying where she collapsed. Kelly's eyes were closed as Beth lifted her heel over Kelly's mouth. Kelly turned slightly to start licking before sucking the heel. Beth finally spoke, "I bet you could do that in your sleep. Maybe I will leave my shoe in your mouth and let you stay the night here." 

Kelly's eyes shot open, "Oh no you don't. I was promised bondage pussy licking and if I have to crawl upstairs, I am getting tied up and tasting you. You may own me but I plan to make you forget dick by making my tongue the greatest thing you ever felt."

"Is that so?" Beth replied.

Kelly licked her lips moaning a mmhmm. "Can you please unlock my shoes so I can finish up down here so we can get to the main event?"

"You're so cute," Beth said as she dropped and sat on Kelly just above her chest with her pussy inches away. Kelly couldn't bend her head though to get closer to it. "I'll make you a deal again. I will remove the weights and put them on Carol, you will have to turn around so it is easier while I tempt you with my amazing pussy. You will keep your shoes on for the night since I am going to tie you up and put them back on anyways."

Kelly started pouting and finally blurted out, "As you wish, my Queen."

Beth replied, "Part of me thinks the face is cute and part of me just wants to smother you to death."

Kelly responded while grinning, "Death by pussy smothering doesn't sound like a bad way to go, especially by your pussy, my Queen."

Beth shifted forward smothering Kelly. Kelly had no energy to fight Beth off, so she tried to enjoy what she could between her smell and licking whatever spot was over her mouth. Beth eventually got up allowing Kelly to get her breath. "You're a dirty peasant. Next time I will let Jen smother you. Though, you would probably like her too, if this morning was an indicator," Beth retorted. Kelly blushed.

Kelly had helped Beth change. Kelly also removed her uniform leaving her in her corset, stocking and shoes. Beth took the time to bind Kelly in a strict hogtie. Beth positioned herself in bed with her pussy right in front of Kelly. She pulled out a large vibrating dildo and shoved it into her wet pussy. She fucked herself with it for a minute before pulling it out and looked at Kelly asking, "Guess where this is going?" 

Kelly, wide eyed and blushing, was unsure she wanted anything else in her ass as the plug had been there for a few hours now and was making her ass sore. Beth went behind and slowly worked the large four inch width plug out. Kelly screamed as her ass expanded past the base before ejecting it out. Beth finished removing the plug and inserted the dildo covered in her juices into Kelly's ass. She turned the vibrator settings to high before getting back in position. 

Beth scooted up until Kelly's face was buried in her pussy. Beth moaned as Kelly began her work. Beth thought she really should have had Kelly submit to her years ago. Beth smiled knowing Kelly and Carol will help fulfill her sexual appetite that men could never do alone. That reminded Beth that she was looking forward to getting a real cock tomorrow. Beth cried out in an orgasm at the thought.

All three peasants bound physically and psychologically. If things went well, a new suitor to be her king will soon enjoy her spoils with her. Beth was excited as ever as things were working out well. Four orgasms for Beth and two anal orgasms for Kelly before both drifted off to sleep. 


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