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It's Good To Be The Queen

by bentbliss

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© Copyright 2022 - bentbliss - Used by permission

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Continues from

Part 3: Next Day

Kelly woke as Beth released the rope that held in her a tight hogtie. Kelly groaned in relief as her stiff legs could finally straighten even if they were still tied together. Kelly was still exhausted and sore from yesterday but there was no rest for the weary as Beth pulled the vibrator whose batteries died hours ago from Kelly's ass. Kelly grunted as it came out and felt a sense of emptiness even though her ass was quite sore. Beth did not disappoint Kelly too long as she grabbed the plug from last night. It was clean now and Beth mercilessly shoved it into Kelly's ass. Kelly screamed out but Beth gave Kelly a solid slap on her ass that caused her bound body to buck.

Beth finally spoke, "Good morning, peasant. We have a very busy day ahead. I will finish unbinding you so you may release peasant Jen so that she may get ready for work. Leave Carol where she is as we will deal with her later. Come back up here once Jen is situated enough to get ready on her own."

Kelly was mostly unbound at that point, as she sat up and stretched. She looked at her shoes still locked on her feet, and groaned as Beth made no effort to remove them. Beth helped Kelly stand up and smacked her ass. She smiled at Kelly saying, "Impossible expectations. Hurry up and get back here. You may get to lick me to another orgasm before we start the rest of the day."

Kelly was still only wearing her corset, stockings, and her locked-on ballet shoes. Her face was still covered with Beth's juices from the night before and really wanted to clean up in general. She turned to Beth and pretended she was wearing her uniform and curtsied. She left the room as quickly as possible heading for the bathroom first because she really needed to pee.

Kelly entered the dungeon and saw Carol staring at her. Tears in Carol's eyes as her pleas are still muffled by Jen's panties and a cleave gag. Carol was in excruciating pain but Kelly could do nothing about it now. Her new role as Carol's mistress as well as head peasant were going to be quite the change and she had no time to catch her breath.

Carol for her part had no idea what pain she wanted to stop the most. Her nipples, testicles, jaw, and feet were all screaming in pain. Carol was even more disappointed when Kelly said as she walked by, "Our Queen and I will deal with you later. I have other duties to attend to now."

Carol began crying and Kelly felt terrible but she must obey and in time she will get used to it. As she reached the cell holding Jen, she removed the keys and unlocked it. Entering, Kelly saw the restrained form of Jen still strapped to the bed. Kelly smiled mischievously, then walked over to Jen's exposed body and began fondling her ample breasts. Jen jerked at the touch and began thrashing with what little movement she had. Kelly squeezed her nipples causing more thrashing until Jen stopped.

Jen was woken from her sleep when her breasts were fondled. Even though her eyes were open, everything was black and she began to panic. She tried to move but found herself unable to move and she panicked more as her nipples were being squeezed. As the pain in her nipples increased, Jen slowly heard Beth's voice in her ears and began to remember what had happened to her last night. She stopped moving and her nipples were released but Jen was crying anyways.

As Kelly removed the hood, she could see Jen crying and tried to soothe her, forgetting her ears were plugged. Eventually she remembered to remove them as well as her panties from Jen's mouth. As Jen tried to compose herself, Kelly asked how she enjoyed the taste last night. Jen scowled and responded, "Fuck you bitch. How about you sleep here tonight?"

Kelly smiled, "Oh I preferred my sleeping arrangements hog-tied with my face buried in our Queen's pussy all night after licking her to multiple orgasms. Though I doubt that will be my arrangement tonight especially if her company stays over. Now you need to get ready for work and meet our Queen before you leave."

Jen growled, "I will make you pay for squeezing my nipples."

Kelly laughed at Jen and responded, "You do know I will be putting you to bed and waking you up most of the time. So I can do so many things to you. As you will find out, I'm in charge of making sure the peasants are doing what the Queen wants as well as focusing on training Carol. Be a good peasant, Jen, and I may let you participate."

Jen huffed, "Fine, our Queen probably has more cruel things for me to endure that will be worse than having you in charge."

Kelly responded by kissing Jen. As the kiss broke, she spoke, "You will be fine once you accept it. And I will not stop playing with your body when I have time. Which reminds me, neither of us have much time. You need to get ready."

Jen and Kelly left the cell. Kelly made sure to grab Jen's uniform on her way out and lock it behind. Jen was already in front of Carol, taunting her and messing with the weights causing more pain for Carol. Kelly chastised Jen who quickly ran up the stairs as she was barefoot and not in ballet heels. Kelly collected Carol's uniform on her way back to her Queen. With a quick stop to drop the items at the laundry room, Kelly tried to hurry back to her Queen.

Beth had watched Kelly's interactions in the dungeon for a while. She knew Kelly would be completely faithful and trustworthy. She also knew it would take Jen some time and that she would have to put a bit more effort into breaking her. Beth also felt a bit sorry for Carol but this is what she needed. She stood up a bit sore and tired from yesterday but shuddered at remembering all those orgasms from all three of them. This is something she will do more often, she thought. She was still very nervous about tonight but she had stuff to do today.

Beth entered her bathroom and started the water to her bath. She walked into her bedroom and took a seat on her bed. Kelly had come in soon after, curtsied as best she could. Beth instructed her to check her bath water and turn it off when it was ready.

Kelly scampered as quickly as she could to get into the bathroom. She was unaware that Beth was right behind her. She gingerly got on her knees next to the tub waiting on the water while taking the pressure of her aching feet. She felt the hair on the back of her head as Beth said, "You are a disgustingly filthy peasant."

Beth with a handful of hair dunked Kelly's head into the bath water. Kelly started to panic and resist especially since she was unprepared and hadn't had a chance for a deep breath. Beth held Kelly's head underwater a few seconds before pulling her up out of the water. "You defile my bath water with your filth. I should make you lick the tub clean but alas there is no time for that. If you want to lick me to an orgasm this morning, I suggest you take a deep breath and dunk your head back in until I unlock your shoes."

Kelly took a deep breath and plunged her head into the water. Beth grinning as she started unlocking the first shoe and slowly unlacing it enough to take off. Kelly was already feeling the strain of holding her breath before the first shoe was off. By the time Beth had started to unlace her second shoe, Kelly was struggling desperately to hold on. As the shoe came off, Kelly's head shot out of the water as she gasped for breath.

"You are still a filthy peasant who clearly needs to learn to hold her breath better. Get back under until I undress the rest of you," exclaimed Beth.

After Kelly submerged her head again, Beth began to remove the garter straps that held up her stockings. There were six on each leg and it took time to unclasp. Beth then moved to loosening Kelly's corset and it eventually slid down to Kelly's knees. At this point, Kelly was out of breath and slapping at the water trying to hang in there. Beth grabbed Kelly's hair and yanked her up.

"My filthy peasant is quite disappointing. I was hoping you could hold your breath long enough to give me an orgasm underwater in the bath. Clearly you are not up to Carol's level. I guess you didn't really want to give me an orgasm this morning."

Kelly whimpered and apologized for failing her Queen. She not only felt terrible but was horrified at failing Beth. Kelly was starting to cry and Beth shushed her. Beth was still holding her by the hair and turned Kelly's face towards her. She spoke, "Impossible expectations. You will learn. You want to be Carol so much, you will be treated like her by me. You will fail infinitely more than you will succeed. I will punish and humiliate you just like I do with her. At times you may impress me enough that I will reward you. The two of you will be working your hardest to improve and impress me. That is the life of all peasants who wish to please their Queen.

Now we have a busy day. Your other uniforms are in the room across the hall along with the uniforms for the other two. Extra shoes and clothing will be kept there for the peasants. All finished laundry is returned and sorted there. You will find labeling for the three of you and extra room for when more peasants arrive. I will explain more later today. For now I want this filthy peasant to go thoroughly clean herself in an ice cold shower. No hot water at all and I do mean thoroughly cleaned including your hair. Then get dressed in your uniform but no ballet shoes for you today. While I am impressed at how well you adapted to them and I know you hurt from wearing them all day and night, I need you at the top of your game today. Once you finish, you will make breakfast for me and bring it to me in bed. You're dismissed."

Beth was soaking in her tub as she heard someone enter her room. As the person got to the bathroom door, Beth's eyes were closed but she said, "You are required to curtsy me every time even in regular clothes, peasant Jen."

Jen's mouth dropped but she quickly curtsied. Jen thought to herself, "How did she even know?''

As if Beth was reading her mind, she said, "I can tell by sound if someone curtsies or not."

Beth turned with a smile and opened her eyes looking at Jen. Jen was still frustrated by her demotion and knew she had better play along as the punishments were far worse. Jen spoke, "Sorry my Queen, I am still new to this and adjusting. Kelly said you wanted to see me."

Beth nodded before speaking, "I know you are unhappy with me as you didn't want this. But you did agree to it instead of taking your other options. One day you will come to fully accept it. We have much to discuss about your future. I am letting you keep your current job but that income and your other possessions will be liquidated into mine. You will also be starting your other job I mentioned this weekend. That is also a later discussion. Since you are coming home after my guest arrives, when you get here, you will get dressed in your maid uniform and then find Kelly. She will give you instructions for the night before putting you to bed for the evening which will become routine like last night."

Jen groaned at the mention of being put to bed again.

Beth looked sternly at her before finishing, "When you earn my trust and accept your position completely, I will think about different sleep arrangements. For now that is your new bedroom. You should head to work and I will see you tonight. You will be introduced to my guest at some point. I have many plans for your future, peasant. And I am happy you chose to continue being a part of it even if not in the way you wanted. Have a good day."

"Thank you, my Queen," Jen replied. She was not happy but she had little choice after yesterday. Maybe her normal job will help take her mind off of things. At least she is not in those fucking shoes today. Maybe looking at the bright side will help her, she thought as she turned and left for work.

Beth was laying in bed dressed in a sheer black robe. It was not closed leaving the front of her body exposed from her breasts down to her feet. She was slowly rubbing her clit, edging herself as she had since she got in the tub after dismissing Kelly. She was insanely horny which was nothing new but questioned whether she should have let Kelly get her off earlier. The bigger question is should she let her during breakfast or continue torturing both of them. Beth was used to taking what she wanted and was unsure why she was holding off. Part of her wanted to leave herself pent up for tonight but she never had a lack of sex drive and she had been looking forward to some cock since this date was made.

As she continued to rub herself she also felt Carol's chastity key still attached to her clit piercing. Beth's mind began to wander with thoughts and memories of Carol. Her peasant bitch was still locked up in the dungeon with an excessive amount of weights hanging from her. It was cruel but the punishment was earned and she needed to release her soon after breakfast. As the thought of breakfast, Kelly entered with a tray that contained Beth's breakfast. Beth just smiled at the timing.

Kelly curtsied while holding the tray before handing it to Beth. Beth ordered Kelly to lay down between her legs with her face near her pussy but not touching. Kelly laid down on her stomach, hands at her side and her chin rested on the bed with a soaking wet pussy right in front of her face. Beth placed the tray of food on Kelly's back and warned Kelly not to move. Beth enjoyed her breakfast while objectifying Kelly and forcing her to be so close to what she wanted and unable to have it.

Kelly concentrated hard not to move as the aroma from Beth made it harder, even without having to stare at the leaking pussy as it twitched periodically shifting Carol's chastity key to different positions. Kelly wanted more than anything at the moment to taste Beth again even after a night of it. Kelly knew Beth was pushing her and making her desire Beth even more. Kelly already worshiped Beth completely even if it meant only getting a close up view of the prize. Her Queen was using her how she wanted and that thought made Kelly giddy inside.

After breakfast, Beth had Kelly help her get dressed. Kelly had fantasized about this for years. She examined Beth's body in closer detail than she ever had before. Beth was no super model and carried some extra weight but it helped enhance her curves. Kelly wanted to explore Beth's body but knew better without Beth's permission. Kelly still didn't understand Beth's allure but it was so much stronger and intense since she submitted to her Queen yesterday. It seemed so surreal that Kelly thought she was still dreaming.

Beth allowed Kelly to brush out her hair before sitting Kelly down and doing Kelly's hair into short braided pigtails. Beth told Kelly she will have to grow her hair out from now on. When she was done she sent Kelly to do the dishes and then get her breakfast along with Carol's and bring them to the dungeon. Beth sat at her vanity doing her makeup after Kelly left before heading to the dungeon herself.

Carol was in more pain than she had ever been. She couldn't decide what hurt the most. Both her nipples had tight clamps with lots of weights hanging from each. Her testicles had a parachute wrapped around them with plenty of weights, basically crushing them and threatening to pull them off. Carol's wrists and arms were sore from hanging from the ceiling while she was sleeping. Yet it was her feet that were completely cramped from being forced en pointe in her pink ballet shoes. She stood on the 8 inch heels more than she wanted since her arms hurt just as much. She was hoping the punishment was ending as she watched Beth enter the dungeon from upstairs.

Carol watched as Beth slowly strode towards her. Tears began to form and stream down Carol's face. She was in pain and frustrated and needed to be released. There was little Carol could say while still gagged with Jen's panties from the night before, even if she was given permission to. As usual she was at her Queen's whim as to when this will end. Normally Carol reveled in submitting to her Queen but her limits have been pushed further than they ever have and she was desperate for any relief. Much to Carol's chagrin, there would be no immediate relief.

As the tears continued flowing, Carol inspected Beth. She was wearing a short, tight purple latex dress. The keyhole design provided ample cleavage. The outline of her nipple rings and keys on her breasts are quite prominent. The bottom of the dress flared but it barely covered the end of her more private areas. Something was still poking the dress straight out in front of her. It wasn't hard to imagine what she had underneath. Garters reach down to hold her white latex stockings. Purple six inch heels with a two and half inch platform encased her feet. Beth wore a serious look on her face as she walked towards Carol.

Upon reaching Carol, Beth circled behind her. Her purple elbow length latex gloves caressed Carol's ass before touching the jeweled butt plug and giving it a slight push. Carol jerked and regretted it instantly as all the weights started swinging and adding to her painful dilemma. Beth was smirking at Carol's reaction even though Carol couldn't see her. Beth continued circling around, running her hand over Carol's weighted nipples giving them a gentle tug. Carol tried not to jerk but she couldn't help it. Beth looked down as she reached for Carol's flaccid worthless piece of flesh. She stroked it, yanked it and finally swatted it. Carol jumped screaming through her gag, the weights swinging violently.

Beth's latex hand lifted Carol's chin as she looked her in the eyes, she finally said, "Either I am no longer beautiful enough for you or you are so beyond pathetic to still think you could have still been a man. You have been out of chastity all night and still no erection. In a little bit, after your Mistress gets here, we are going to give a final little test before locking it away."

Beth leaned in, rubbing her body up against Carol. The weights were pulled down causing significant pain while the strap on between her legs poked Carol. Beth kissed Carol's gag before finished speaking, "I am glad tonight I will be fucked by a real man with a real cock. I bet he will pleasure me with his massive dick in a way your tiny thing never could. Maybe your Mistress will share a bit of the many creampies she will eat tonight. That way you can find out what a real man tastes like after fucking your Queen. But that is tonight, we still have so much to do. At least my cock works and you will soon learn I am still more of a man than you ever were."

Kelly was in the more traditional black and white uniform. Her six inch heels were styled to look like Mary Janes. She giggled when she first saw them as it brought back memories of when she grew up. For now she was navigating the stairs carrying two dog dishes containing Carol's and her food. She stopped as she reached the bottom taking in the sight before her. Carol was still locked up with her arms over her head and legs chained apart while still locked in her pink ballet shoes. The heavy weights were still attached to both nipples as well as the parachute that was stretching Carol's testicles. Her penis was still hopelessly flaccid as she stood there still gagged with tears in her eyes. Kelly felt bad for Carol and her predicament.

Kelly also noticed Beth on her throne stroking her twelve inch black strap-on. Beth was staring at Carol as she moaned as she stroked cock. Kelly stood there until Beth turned her way giving her a smirk while still stroking it. Kelly walked over to Beth as Beth asked Kelly, "Do you want to taste it first?"

Kelly blushed and responded, "If that is what you wish for my Queen."

Beth smiled and said, "Did you have something else in mind, peasant?"

Kelly stuttered before answering, "I have lots of things in mind but I am here to serve you, your highness. Though having you take me while I am on my hands and knees eating my breakfast does have appeal at the moment."

Beth let out a hearty laugh, "You are a filthy, perverted, horny, selfish animal, aren't you?"

Kelly blushed and nodded her head yes.

Beth smirked as she turned to look at Carol, "Clearly your Mistress doesn't mind you suffering for a bit longer. I guess our experiment will have to wait."

Both Carol and Kelly both looked at Beth wide eyed. Tears started down Carol's face again. Kelly was frozen in place trying to decide what she had done. As Beth turned towards Kelly, Kelly stuttered as she began to speak. Beth cut her off, "You were being honest and I am willing to indulge. You may not have considered my reaction or possible consequences. But I expect that honesty every time. When you are in charge, you are expected to consider things just like I do. Carol is still in the midst of her punishment. I choose to indulge you and extend her punishment. It will be interesting to see if you find this a reward or punishment when we are done. Now peasant, put down Carol's food somewhere."

Carol, resigned to her fate, whimpered as the tears kept flowing realizing her ordeal was far from over. The pain, the aches, the stress, and the full bladder were pushing Carol's limits well past her breaking point. Carol wanted nothing more than to shut down but she knew her Queen would never allow it when more humiliation was forthcoming. Carol also knew she deserved it and earned it.

Beth turned to Kelly as she returned, "Before you go full into bitch in heat mode, we must take care of Carol's bladder. She has been good and not made a mess yet. I assume she is quite full and barely holding it in. So I offer you a choice of where she will relieve herself. You can have a drink directly from her faucet and get her golden nectar from the source. Or you can have her fill your bowl making your breakfast more cereal-like adding new flavor and consistency."

Kelly frowned as Beth smiled back at her. She wasn't sure she was into this but her Queen had decided she would do it. At least she had a choice at the moment. So far things had been mostly easy because she wanted to do them. This is the first instruction for doing something she was not sure she was into. Doesn't matter in the end as I must serve my Queen and all her orders faithfully, Kelly thought.

Kelly curtsied Beth before she turned and walked towards Carol. She kneeled down in front of Carol before she set her breakfast off to the side. Carol's incredibly flaccid flesh twitched as Kelly looked longingly wishing she could play with such a large clit since it was no longer what it had originally been. The weights hanging from Carol's testicles swayed ever so slightly as Kelly reached for Carol's clit. Kelly looked up in Carol's eyes since Carol was looking down focused on her as Beth chimed in.

"Carol has plenty of experience as a human urinal, not just from me but many of the maidens as well. You were always too nice and pampered her more than she deserved. Maybe as her Mistress, you may use her sometimes or all the time as one, should you desire. But let's be clear, it is a job all peasants will likely perform for the maidens and their Queen, including you. Make sure you drink it all. I suggest putting your bowl under to catch what spills out as it will fill your mouth quickly and you won't get time to swallow much."

Kelly looked back at Beth and responded, "I understand my Queen. There is much to both of my new roles that I must get used to. I have no intention of purposely failing. You have my undying loyalty."

With that she turned back to Carol and grabbed her bowl holding it under her chin in one hand. Using her other hand she lined up while opening her mouth. Her eyes lifted up signaling she was ready. A powerful stream shot out hitting the back of her throat before she realized. This made Kelly gag and cough. Her mouth closed and her head jerked as her face was sprayed with urine. She quickly opened her mouth after a quick swallow not wanting more warm urine blasting her face. Her mouth quickly filled and she chose to close her mouth for another swallow getting sprayed more. Urine dripped into her food bowl and splattered other places but Kelly quickly opened up to take the rest keeping her mouth ready for the last dribble before swallowing. She didn't care for the taste but was aware this is the new normal in her life. She licked the tip of Carol's clit making sure there was no more and it was clean.

Quietly Beth had managed to get behind Kelly and remarked, "You really are a filthy animal. You will clean it up later. Put your bowl down and get on all fours. Time to indulge my bitch. Now how much do you want to be like Carol?"

Kelly looked back and stuttered before responding, "What do you mean?"

Beth, smiling mischievously, responded while holding her cock, "This was meant for Carol's experiment. She is still being punished and will get no lube. You can get a single deep throat to try and lube it up or you can be like Carol. "

Kelly looked up at Beth and considered her words carefully. While she knew it would hurt more, she blurted out, "I will serve my Queen and be her best peasant ever. I want to go above and beyond Carol."

Beth grinned at Kelly replying, "Oh you will get plenty of chances to prove it. But we should move on and I will take it as no lube. You may start eating once your plug is removed."

Kelly winced remembering the plug and nodded to Beth. Beth stroked her head briefly before moving behind. Kelly was both excited and nervous in anticipation. Kelly looked up into Carol's eyes and could see her pain. She felt a bit selfish and sorry for this. She may be Carol's mistress but it was still new and she needed to change her fully protective mentality of Carol and get used to punishing her as well if she wanted to please her Queen. While Kelly wanted to frown and give pleading eyes to Carol to show she was sorry, she knew she needed to change the dynamic of their relationship for both of them. No matter how much she cared for Carol, her Queen meant more along with the job she is required to do with Carol. Instead of showing her concern, Kelly gave a more challenging look filled with an evil smirk that looked quite unnatural on her, or so Carol thought.

Kelly felt the discomfort and pain as her plug was removed. Quickly she dropped her head into her urine covered breakfast so that her tears and cries couldn't be seen nor heard by the others. If the smell wasn't potent enough, the taste was and nearly had her gagging. Next time she would be careful about what she asked for or at least learn to be a urinal without making a mess into her food. For now she ate while waiting for the part she wanted. Yet the emptiness she felt from her ass was both a relief and a sadness.

Beth lined up behind Kelly's gaping ass, one hand lining up her large strap on and the other holding a crop. Kelly's face was buried in her bowl eating when Beth swung the crop marking Kelly's small sexy butt. Kelly initially shrieked as she whipped her head up splattering bits of her food on the floor as well as Carol's shoes. With a small whimper, Kelly dropped her head back to the dish as Beth waited for that moment to ram her cock into the gaping hole that begged to be filled. Kelly's face was shoved fully into her food dish due to the angle Beth entered her at. Beth didn't offer any time to recover and pounded Kelly as she smiled at Carol who had little to do but watch. She slowed down enough periodically to swat Carol's useless clitty and watch the weights swing as Carol jerked from each hit.

"Your bowl better be spotless when we finish," Beth warned Kelly.

Kelly was cleaning the strap-on and her plug after she finished her breakfast. She had done her best to ensure her bowl was spotless but it's easier said than done when your ass was being thoroughly used. The urine covered food took out most of the pleasure she would have gotten. But she was honestly happy her Queen had two more orgasms while she was being used as a 'bitch'. The day had just begun but Kelly felt it would be just as exhausting if not more than the day before.

Beth watched the return of Kelly before she dropped to her knees and put back on Beth's harness. After Kelly finished, Beth allowed her to kiss her heels in reverence. Beth ordered Kelly up and whispered in her ear before they made their way over to Carol. Beth with an evil smirk, looked over at Carol as they walked towards her.

Carol wasn't sure she was going to like what would happen next. Carol watched as Kelly reached her first, caressing her face before lightly kissing Carol's gag. She ran her hands down the sides of Carol's body as she dropped to her knees. Carol could feel Kelly's breath on her worthless flesh.

While Carol was distracted by Kelly, Beth circled behind Carol. She reached around grabbing the weighted nipple clamps. As Carol screamed through her gag, Beth whispered, "Still think you're a man?"

Carol continued screaming as not only Beth pulled on her nipple clamps but Kelly was yanking on and swinging the parachute stretcher. The pain was so excruciating that Carol was ready to pass out. Fortunately, her Queen and Mistress eased up though the tears were flowing. Carol was mentally and physically exhausted. Beth had broken her in the past, she was nearly there again.

Beth whispered more into Carol's ear as she worked on removing Carol's plug, "This is your final test to prove you are still a man. If you fail, there will be no denying your sissification. Since you can't get up for me nor find me attractive enough, I will give your Mistress her shot to see if she is what you prefer. Time to reveal your destiny."

Beth finished whispering and Kelly immediately licked Carol's clit. She was super excited to finally get the chance. She used her mouth and hands to manipulate Carol's like it was her only chance, which was likely the truth. In Kelly's mind though she was still struggling whether to be happy or disappointed that Carol was still completely flaccid so far.

"Since I am more of a man than you ever were, let me stimulate you like a proper sissy," with that Beth impaled Carol. "Since you are not a man, know that I am taking your pussy now. Not for your pleasure but mine. Once I cum, your fate is sealed permanently. It's what you begged for. It's what I promised to give you."

Minutes later, Beth screamed as she orgasmed, "We all know who and what you are but it is official. You had 4 months to find your manhood and failed. Don't ever question what you truly are again. You are mine and this is your life forever."

Carol could feel and hear Beth's heavy breathing on the back of her neck. As she looked down, she saw the puzzled expression on Kelly's face as she still held the truly worthless piece of flesh. As tears still streamed down her face, Carol was just as confused as she realized that she was no longer a man but also truly achieved her fantasy. Mostly the wave of emotion overwhelmed her as she shut down and was soon hanging by her wrists.

Beth and Kelly removed all the weights and helped the unconscious Carol out of her bondage. Carol's chastity was replaced with the key back on Beth's clit ring. The two of them carried Carol to one of the cells in the dungeon, placing her on a cot. Leaving Carol her food and water, they locked the cell door and went back upstairs to prepare for the rest of the day.

Kelly had been busy non-stop really since she got up. Being a maid was a lot more work than she expected with long hours. While she was thankful not to be in ballet boots, her current heels still hurt her feet. The pressure of the day was still building as not only did she have to get things ready for this evening, but she had to be perfect. The idea of ruining Queen Beth's date terrified Kelly.

Beth had Kelly bathe her again after lunch. She was in the middle of getting her corset tightened for the evening, as she looked at Kelly in the mirror, "What is wrong head peasant?"

Kelly answered, "Sorry your Highness. I am nervous and overwhelmed about later tonight."

Beth smiled, "Just do your best. I have faith in you or would not have you do it."

As Kelly finished tying off Beth's laces to her corset, Beth turned towards Kelly with a serious face, cupping Kelly's chin, "Don't fail me peasant or you will switch places with Jen, leaving Carol and you to be her bitches."

Beth smiled at the horror on Kelly's face, "Relax peasant. I know you are only a day in. As I said, do your best to meet my impossible standards. I expect you to fail. The question is by how much. Now go take care of Carol before you clean yourself up before making dinner. I think your blue uniform will work for serving us tonight."

Carol entered the room and curtsied as best she could with her extremely tight pink micro mini skirt. Her mistress had dressed her for work at the adult store. Her queen and mistress made sure everyone was aware of who she was now. Her pink half shirt emblazoned in bold white letters the word, 'SISSY'. The bottom half of her upper body was wrapped tightly in a waist cincher, giving Carol more of a feminine hourglass figure despite her lack of breasts. Her outfit was finished with fishnet stocking, six inch stilettos, and her collar, all in pink.

Carol waited as Beth finished her own make-up and stood to inspect Carol. Beth spoke as she circled Carol, "Are you still going to argue that you could still be a man?"

Carol frowned as she responded, "No your highness. You have shown me I truly am a sissy and there is no chance of going back. You kept your word which I thank you for."

"Good. Now take a seat," she commanded.

Carol took a seat in front of the vanity as Beth worked on doing Carol's hair. Beth spoke again, "I miss you being in pigtails. That will be your default hairstyle from now on. If your mistress or I don’t do your hair, you will ensure you are in pigtails those days. Also we need to get you a proper haircut. Your laziness these past four months is very unbecoming of my servant. You had best have gotten it out of your system."

Beth had moved on to doing Carol's make-up. Smiling to herself at her thoughts, she looked up at Carol as she commented, "I am going to get fucked by a real man for once."

Carol frowned before Beth scolded her, "Quit moving you pathetic sissy peasant. I am already wasting valuable time on the likes of you instead of preparing for him. You should be thankful and worship me unconditionally for I have given you everything you desired which is more than you deserve."

"I am sorry your highness for being an ungrateful peasant," Carol said in a defeated manner, "I owe you everything and am undeserving of your beauty and grace."

"No you don't deserve me. If you don't step up I might have to exile you now that I have completed my promise. But first you will, at minimum, complete your punishment and continue your training knowing I have two new peasants and will likely have more. Meaning you have lost considerable value to my kingdom if you fail to live up to my standards. I have been more than kind despite what you may think."

As she finished doing Carol's make-up, Beth stood up and moved out of the way and asked, "How do you look, peasant?"

Carol looked at herself in the mirror with mixed emotions from horrified to embarrassed as she responded, "I--I look like a prostitute."

Beth stood behind Carol clapping as she retorted, "Yes wench. Your new job in which you start training tonight will require many of those skills."

Carol went to respond but Beth cut her off, "You will find out in time. Though we are out of time now." Beth retrieved leather wrist and ankle cuffs while she continued, "If no one meets you when you get home, go to your Mistress' room and get in the cage and lock it. Don't bother undressing. Your ride will be here any minute. Be thankful I am not sending you on public transportation. If you don't perform properly at work you will walk home. Understood peasant?"

Carol nodded and curtsied as she was ushered out of the room. The door closed behind her as she made her way down the hall. She hated that every time she bent down or curtsied, she exposed herself despite the pink thong she wore. The buttplug and chastity didn't allow it proper coverage nor did the thong keep them hidden. She continually fought to pull her skirt down after most movements of any kind. The embarrassment of going out in public looking like this kept her frustrated yet oddly horny despite no erection or swelling down there.

As she was lost in her thoughts, she soon found herself waiting at the end of the driveway. Soon a car pulled up and Carol recognized the driver. Maiden Roxi wasn't the worst of the maidens but she definitely wasn't kind to Carol, not that any of them were but Kelly. She hesitated hoping this wasn't her ride.

The passenger window rolled down with Roxi yelling, "Get in the car you stupid skank." Carol sighed and moved to get in when she heard, "Back seat, slut."

On the way to the adult store Roxi continued her insults and spoke her mind, "You should be thankful I didn't leave you. I didn't want to piss off our queen, especially tonight and not after yesterday. Kelly was never really one of us so that wasn't surprising. The wannabe queen, who thought she was next to rule, was more surprising. Not sure what she did to piss her off this time, but better her than me."

As they were close to the store, Roxi grinned and told Carol the next bit of news when she said, "I am glad she put you back in your place and has you still working. We will get to spend more quality time together. After all, you are my employee."

Carol turned looking over in shock but Roxi ignored her and continued on, "I own the store. Beth ensured you were employed there much to my dismay as I and the other maidens couldn't interact with you. Now I have more time to inflict substantial suffering on someone as pathetic as you. Though she still has plans for you that I must help with but I will profit from it so I will deal. You will start with working the counter and floor as usual. After a few hours, the fun will begin. No, don't ask. I won't ruin the surprise. Focus on getting reacquainted with the regulars as the slut you were always supposed to be, not the garbage you were the last four months."

Kelly was happy nothing had gone terribly wrong yet. Dinner didn't have any real issues as far as she could tell. She was sure she would find out her mistakes tomorrow. Jen was home and finished getting cleaned up and dressed. She needed to be introduced to the guest when she was ready. With dessert ready, Kelly collected Jen and headed to the back lounge.

Beth was sipping on her wine when her two peasants entered with dessert. She took a moment to formally introduce Jen. Her date, Derrick, clearly was infatuated with Jen at first sight. He stood up and went over to kiss her hand. The giggle from Jen only earned her a death stare from Beth.

To say Beth was instantly jealous was an understatement. She thought to herself, "What is it with guys and many women and blondes? Yeah she still has a great figure and legs for days. My breasts are as big as hers. Her personality is shit but he hasn't had a chance to see it yet. He just sees the former cheerleader who filled out her amazing body up until now. At least he is likely to stick around. It is my own fault for making sure Jen was introduced this evening."

Beth was eventually interrupted from her thoughts when Derrick asked, "Now that there are two, how about you show me how they would serve to warm us up before heading to the bedroom? That way we have dessert with dessert."

Beth was seething internally as she wanted Derrick all to herself tonight. Her plans backfired on her but she would limit how much he got from her peasants tonight. Now wasn't the time to think nor deal with it. So she smiled as she looked at Derrick as she responded, "Of course."

Jen took one serving over to the man she was just introduced to. Even though she hated being a peasant, the look she saw on her Queen's face as her new man drooled over her. It gave her a bit of hope. The stare she received after her giggle stoked a bit more defiance. She would play the game and she would get her payback in time.

Jen was down on her knees and unzipped Derrick's pants. Jen could hear Beth's moans. No doubt Kelly was in between Beth's legs eating her dessert while Beth ate hers. As his meat stick popped out from the confines of his underwear, Jen exclaimed, "Holy shit!"

She stared at the massive cock in front of her. It was definitely long, longer than she has ever had. But the girth was what really distinguished it from anything she had seen before. It was so damn thick. "Oh my God. I wonder what it would feel like to be fucked by that. Oh shit, how am I going to suck that?" she thought to herself.

Normally Jen would be unhappy that she was forced to do this but she could feel Beth's eyes on her. She looked up into Derrick's eyes as he nodded back to her. She leaned forward and started licking the monster in front of her. She wanted to make Beth jealous but at the same time she was also entranced at the sheer size and wanted to experience it. This was going to be difficult and fun for her and payback would be a bitch.

Kelly didn't know exactly what was going on once she was in her proper place between Beth's legs pleasuring her with her tongue. She heard Jen over her Queen's moans but her Queen's thighs tightened up, squeezing her head. Pleasing her Queen was her number one desire but she knew there was lots of tension from her Queen. Kelly just focused on what she was expected to do. It made her life simple and she was happier.

Jen had been called a 'Big Mouth' because of her attitude and constant tirades when she was pissed off. But in reality her physical mouth, much less her throat, wasn't big at all especially with the size of the cock she was doing her best to try and swallow as she sucked. She had gagged plenty and tears ruined her make-up. But she was getting first taste before Beth. She would never forget it and eventually would never let Beth forget either. She felt his hand grab her hair. She figured he was going to force her down until she gagged again but instead he pulled her off.

"That's enough warm up for now," he smiled as he spoke to Jen, "I will need to train that pretty little mouth of yours later. Your Queen and I have some business to finish tonight."

Beth gave instructions and the two peasant maids curtsied as they went about their business despite Jen's groaning at the mention of being put to bed. Derrick came over and hooked Beth's arm as they headed towards her bedroom. On the way Derrick requested, "Since I haven't met her yet, tell me about Carol."

Carol had been at work for nearly two hours. It was much busier than usual. Most of the regulars were around along with some new faces. Carol was embarrassed for everyone to see her like this now but she was required to greet everyone. Besides the many questions and comments about her new look, it seemed some sort of auction and event was the main reason they were here. No one gave her any clue as to what that was.

Roxi's voice eventually pierced through a set of speakers that recently were set up, "Attention everyone! The auction will commence in fifteen minutes. The rest of the festivities will begin shortly after. Now I need our guest of honor to head to the back. That means you, skank. Hurry up."

Mortified, Carol quickly apologized and made her way to the back stockroom. She quickly found Roxi in the back who promptly ordered her to strip. Carol responded, "Why?"

"Cause I said so you moronic skank. You know what, never mind. It will be better to take you home in ruined clothes anyways so leave them on," sneered Roxi.

Carol sighed and took off her shirt and skirt. Her stockings and shoes she couldn't remove with her shoes locked on. Her waist cincher and collar were also locked on. Roxi also inspected Carol's leather wrist and ankle cuffs and locked them on. Finishing up she snapped a leash to the collar and dragged Carol out to the front as she wasn't moving fast enough.

"Time to earn your keep for me and begin your proper training that our Queen demands."

Carol was led to a pillory that was set up in the middle of the store. The crowd watched as Roxi forcefully placed Carol in the pillory. She started with her head and wrists. Once the contraption was locked she found chains to attach Carol's wrist cuffs to the support beam ensuring less chance to escape. She then chained and locked her ankles to the bottom. This left Carol bent over and her ass exposed.

"This slutty skank is here tonight to begin her training at orally pleasuring men. All blowjobs tonight are free. The auction is for her to experience a real man cumming in her sissy pussy for the first time. All other penetration back there tonight is one hundred after. This also marks the grand opening of our glory hole services. This skank's main job will be servicing all paying customers when she is here. Her schedule will be posted."

One guy interrupted, "What about the other nights? Can I drag my wife down here and put her to work?"

Another responded, "She would probably enjoy it more since you can't please her with your tiny dick."

Roxi took back control, "OK pervs, you can discuss your tiny dicks later. I will talk about business after the auction and the action has started. Now those interested in bidding go to the front counter. Those who are impatient can line up early to get your turn with this whore."

Roxi slapped Carol's ass and finished up stating, "While the bidding takes place, I will be, not so pleasantly, warming up her backside. You all are welcome to watch."

Beth screamed out as Derrick slammed himself deep inside her ass one final time. His thick hot cum bludgeoned her already aching walls. While she had anal before, it was with much smaller objects. This was in comparison similar to what she routinely used on Carol at least size wise. Her ass was stretched like never before. She wouldn't have probably done it if he hadn't pounded and stretched her pussy into submission either.

With a final grunt as she felt the last stream fill her overstuffed cavity, he pulled out and rolled over onto his back. After a bit of deep breathing, he announced, "I'm done."

Beth hadn't moved from her position. She was on her knees, ass in the air. Her face buried into her bed and her arms at her side now that he was no longer using them as handles. Her whole body ached, especially her ass and pussy. They were still gaped and both freely flowing out his cum.

"Thank you," she said, talking with her face still buried in her bed.

He smacked her ass causing her to scream as she jumped and rolled over. She groaned in pain as he asked, "What for?"

Despite the pain, she turned her head towards him and answered, "For the entire experience. I have never been so filled with both cock and cum. I also have never been so sore that I don't want to have sex at the moment. I mean I am still horny but yeah, I have never been fucked into submission. I am just glad you were done too."

"If there is a next time, you should let me use your toys on you or take you to your dungeon so I could try fuck you into submission and then continue to fuck you even then."

Beth whimpered a bit before she responded, "I'm not really a submissive woman. I make other women submit to me."

Derrick rolled over towards her, "I am not a woman."

She felt the metal encircle her wrist. She heard the clicks as she tried to pull away shouting, "What the fuck do you think your doing?"

"Giving you something to think about as I head out. I planned to take a shower before I left but you seem a bit unhappy. But I like the idea of making the queen a submissive little peasant to her eventual king, at least in bed. Next time if you let me bind you, I will not let you go and fuck you all night long even when you can take no more. Think about it. I will send your maid in on my way out."

Carol wanted to be sick. She had sucked at least three dozen cocks and was forced to swallow every load under the threat of severe punishment if she didn't drink every last drop. That didn't include all the cum along with her aching sissy pussy as they keep calling it. Carol was still not into men and this experience wasn't going to change it.

Everyone was gone but Roxi wasn't done. She said it was her turn. She walked in front of Carol who was still locked in the pillory. Her strap-on wasn't surprising but at least it was a normal he was used to. Unfortunately for her, she was sore and didn't want to take more but it wasn't her choice.

Soon Roxi was inside of her and going at it. Not offering any sympathy, she berated and insulted her. That was the usual with Roxi, what wasn't usual was the burning sensation Carol felt in her ass. As the intensity increased, Carol screamed and that only led Roxi to fuck her harder.

"Something wrong you skanky whore. Am I so much more of a man than you ever were that you can't take it?"

It definitely was more than Carol could take as she soon passed out.

With a jolting shake, Carol woke up in the back seat of a car. She was still mostly naked, though her shirt and skirt partially covered her. The car hit another bump causing Carol to groan. It was the sound of Roxi's voice that let her know who she was with and that she was likely heading home.

Her ass was sore and on fire still. She realized she should try to get dressed though. Roxi in her typical manner insulted her and berated her as usual once she realized Carol was awake. None of it mattered once they pulled up to the house.

Roxi yelled at Carol, "Get the fuck out of my car you slutty skank. I'll pick you up at the same time tomorrow. Oh and your ass should burn for at least a few more hours. Hope it makes you miserable. Though I did enjoy you getting bred today. We will continue tomorrow in your proper home. Now fuck off, I need to get home so I can sleep."

Carol made her way into the house and up to Kelly's room. She crawled into the cage by the bed and promptly passed out again. She didn't care about how filthy she was. She didn't care how sore she was. Physically and mentally she was exhausted and this was only day one of officially being Carol permanently. Carl was definitely dead and her life changed to the point she was never going to be able to go back.


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