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It Started Friday

by CD_StephanieB

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© Copyright 2014 - CD_StephanieB - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; cd; dress; pantyhose; heels; roleplay; bond; gag; role-reversal; cuffs; tease; oral; climax; reluct/cons; X

I have been cross-dressing for years. I have not told my wife much about it and I normally dress when she’s out. I have always surfed things on the net and bought clothing. I was waiting for my wife to go to sleep and when she did I started on my computer. I was searching stories and info about pantyhose and cross-dressing. I know she may have a Dom streak but she does not show it. I then decide its time for bed and go to bed thinking about what being a girl would be like. I dream about being sexy and a wife.

I wake the next morning and she has already left for work. I then start to get dressed for work jeans, polo shirt and boots. I know that there are other evenings that I could dress hopefully this evening. I soon find out that she has been on my computer when I get a call at work.

“Stephanie what where you looking at last night” she said. I was amazed as she only called me that on Halloween when I dressed as a girl.

“I-I I was not looking at much why?” I said.

“Stephanie, really I know what you where doing and I want you to dress similarly as you did for Halloween. I want you to shave and put on pantyhose and your dress that you wore that night. I also want you to be looking on your computer when I get home tonight.” she said.

“Ok, what are you thinking?” I said.

“That’s all you need to know,” she said.

Click as she hangs up. Wow wonder what she thinks I want? Oh my what to do. I know she will be home kind of late and I wonder who is getting dinner for tonight. Maybe she will bring it home or cook when she gets there.

On my way home I was thinking more and more on what she had in mind but could not come up with anything but I probably do as she asked. When I got home I went right up for a shower. I shaved my underarms and legs and took care of it all. When I got out of the shower I dried off and went in to my bedroom and took out the bag from Halloween. I pulled out a pair of suntan pantyhose and put them on and then slipped on the purple and black dress. This was night as it was above the knee and shows a lot of leg. I then went to my computer and started searching.

There was about 30 minutes later when I was surfing and it was quiet. I hear not one thing when all of a sudden I heard, “Freeze and put your hands up.” I tried to turn around and was told to keep my eyes forward. I recognized my wife’s voice and complied. I was told to not move, she said she did not want to hurt me. I soon felt a blindfold being put over my eyes and I could not see anything. She then said, “Stand up and turn around” when I did that I heard her say “Pull off the dress and hand it over.”

“Please I don’t want to be seen.”

“You will not be seen without clothes. I want you in what I bought today.” she said.

I felt her pull a on a bra with padding in it then a dress and it felt about knee length. I then asked, “Whose dress is this your putting on me?”

She said “Its yours!”

“No I don’t own any but the one Halloween costume. What are you trying to say?”

About that time I felt something being shoved in my mouth. I no longer can talk just make mmmhhh sounds. I now felt helpless I reached up to find out what was in my mouth when I got a slap on the hand by something.

“You touch that and it will be worse”. I then feel her playing with the strap on my cheek. I am now very concerned and I am then told to place my hands behind me. I do comply since I don’t want to be hit again. I feel two leather cuffs being put on my wrist. Then are locked together. I am now helpless not knowing what I’m wearing and unable to talk. Then I get pushed down in my chair at my computer and she’s messing with my feet. It feels like she’s putting on heels on me but they do not feel like the Halloween ones. These heels seemed taller and had an ankle strap. I felt her pull them around my ankle then 2 distinct clicks. Then she went to the other foot.

I then was told to get up which is hard in heels but I have worn them before I cross-dressed some and have walked in them before. We slowly walked down the hall to the bathroom as she sat me on the edge of the tub. I then felt hair on my neck she must have got a wig for me and she must now have me looking very feminine. Just about that time the blindfold came off. In the mirror I see me in a red dress with a red ball gag in my mouth locked on. I have a wig with bangs and just past shoulder length. She then proceeded to apply makeup to me. I could not believe it was me, I looked like a helpless lady and could do nothing to change that.

“You like what you see?” she asked.

I could not really answer but kind of shrugged my shoulders. I was concerned where this was going we have never discussed anything like this. I guess since it was shrug she put the blind fold back on and then lead me to the living room. She pushed me on to the couch. I was worried what would be next but then heard her leave towards the bedroom. All I could think was what have I got in to? And what’s she thinking?

It seemed like forever before she returned when I heard my digital camera. I did not know what to think about this. I soon had my blindfold back off and found her snapping a few more pictures then walked out again. This time I watched her walk out. She left for a bit and when she returned she told me that the camera is gone but will show up again and be let known to public, work, family and friends if I don't do as she says. I nodded yes concerned about what consequences would be.

“Stand up Stephanie and get over here. Since it is Friday night you will make dinner or we can go out to dinner your choice. I will un-cuff your hands but remember the camera.”

She un-cuffed my wrist and then I pointed to my gag and made a noise.

She said, “No and get cooking and I'd better like it.” Then left the room. I walked in to the kitchen in my dress and heels and realized this might be hard. She always did the cooking as my wife but now she wants me to do it. I made spaghetti as I thought it would be the easiest. As I’m cooking away I feel something being put over my head. She had brought me an apron that goes from my neck to my knees and its pink with flowers on it. She then said, “A good wife would not get her dress dirty.”

Wife I was not her wife I was her husband. Then I turned around and she’s wearing jeans and a polo shirt. Her hair is up and not showing and she has men’s shoes on. She slaps my butt and tells me to get that food done. If I were not gagged I still would not know what to say. She then goes back to the living room sits down kicks her feet on the coffee table and puts on the news. I finally get done cooking and make the plates up on for her and one for me and then set them at the table like she usually does. I go in to the living room and motion for her to come and eat but she ignores me. Maybe from me not acknowledging her when she calls me. I reach for her hand and she takes something and slaps my butt with it.

“If you want to get my attention you will kneel down next to me and ask me.” She says sternly. I comply but that is hard in my dress and heels. She then says “What?” I point to my gag and she says, “Fine I will remove it for dinner and depending how you act.”

I then ask her, “I have dinner done would you join me?”

She says, “Fine I will” then proceeds to help me up. We walk to the table and she sit in my spot at the end of the table. I ask, “Why are you where I always sit? And you imply that I have to sit here on the side of the table.”

She replies, “The man sits at the head of the table you know that.” So I just sit down thinking about what’s going on today. She tells that I did ok on the meal but I need to know my role. After dinner she heads back to the living room and tells me to do the dishes, which I do them and clean up from dinner.

After I get through I then go in to the living room and kneel by her and ask what she wants to do now. I feel so submissive at this point she is just ignoring me and that kind of bothers me. She then tells me that this weekend will be reversed roles now that she knows I cross-dress. I say, “Please No, what about visitor’s and I guess we will not have to shopping for groceries as that can wait.”

Then I get the, “Yes everything I have to do on weekends you do and I will also keep you bound if I like since I have been there with you in control.” Then she tells me that if I want to be a wife then I need to learn to be an obedient wife. “I will teach you some foreplay I have heard about you ready?”

“I guess” I reply sheepishly

She stands up and helps me up and leads me to our bed. We have a nice tall 4-post bed with a see through canopy. She tells me to get up on the bed and then produces 2 sets of leather cuffs and chain. I comply and sit with my back against the headboard. She cuffs each wrist and pulls chain around the post to keep me from touching anything. With that she blindfolds me and then kisses my neck.

I hear her “I love you and did not know you were this way, I wish I would have known more we could have had more fun.”

I sit there as lady like I can on a bed my heels are starting to hurt and I start to ask, “Can you remove my heels that are getting sore.”

She tells me, “You know you would not have let me remove mine would you?” and I replied “No”

I hear her moving around the room not knowing what she’s doing then I feel something cool on my lips and I smell what smells like cool whip. She then says “Open up I have a strawberry for you” I open up and then get a bit of sweet strawberry. Oh I’m in heaven this is a amazing feeling. After about 4 of them she tells me to open a bit wider since this is a big strawberry. I feel the whip cream and do. I find it’s not a strawberry its that darn ball gag with a tad bit of whip cream on it. I try to push it out but she quickly buckles it and I hear a lock again.

“Talk soon I want to go watch TV for a bit you stay here and think about the things a wife should do. Remember all weekend….”

She left and I can hear her in the living room putting on a movie. I could move but not my arms.

I start to drift off to sleep when I hear her come back in. I hear her lock my ankles together and then un-cuff my wrist immediately cuffing them behind me. I wiggle to the edge of the bed and she then tells me, “On your knees by the bed”.

Feel her removing my heels and I am so thankful till I feel something else being put on and then I hear the lock again. My foot feels pointed down and I can’t change that. She tells me she put on shoes for sleeping there are no heels to catch the sheets and I may have to crawl in them to get around.

She says, “Its time to fulfill your wifely duties and I will have to remove the gag for that.”

I feel the gag being removed then I feel something on my lips. She tells me to open up and take it and as I do I realize she has bought a strapon. I did my best licking and bobbing on that to the point she was satisfied. She squirted something on my lips and in my mouth. She then un-cuffed me and told me to get my nightgown on and come to bed, the bra and wig had to remain and since the shoes where locked on so did the pantyhose. I grabbed the gown and crawled to the bathroom where I was told I had to sit to pee and then got dressed and got in bed. She cuddled me that night and who knows what tomorrow holds. I had some long dreams about my day.

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