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It Started Friday Part 2: Saturday

by CD_StephanieB

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© Copyright 2014 - CD_StephanieB - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; fem; cd; role-reversal; dress; shoes; makeup; bond; roleplay; outdoors; shopping; collar; gag; bfold; oral; strapon; cons; X

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Part 2: Saturday

Kat woke me up in the morning. She proceeded to tell me a good wife would be up first is and have breakfast ready.

I told her, "I could have if I was not locked in these heel-less shoes".

With that she unlocked them and told me to get showered for today. I removed my hose and nightgown and showered. I showered and shaved clean then when I got out Kat was there in jeans and polo shirt. She told me to get dressed and put my make up on. She then helped me with the makeup and I started looking sexy. After her finishing my makeup I got dressed.

I put on my black pantyhose and then was given a black skirt and red sweater. I asked, "Where did these come from?"

She then told me. "I got them for you when I got the red dress."

I then went to get shoes and she told me to lock my heels on today again. I asked, "Why?" her answer was just said, "You will do as I want."

I started to put them on and asked where the key to the locks were and she told me don't worry about it. So I locked them on and added my wig. As she walked by me she slapped my ass a told me to get the house cleaned before we go to town. I continue to clean the kitchen and vacuumed the living room. I was doing well at it but Kat just sat there and watched TV. It seemed to me she was ignoring me. I find that my feet were sore by about they time she said, "Its time to go to town".

I asked, "Where are we going I don't want to go out like this."

Kat then said, "We are going to get you more things or you can get locked in the kennel we have out back."

I said, "Ok but I don't want to drive in heels."

Then Kat said, "You know better the guy always drives and I don't know if you will drive again." I just frowned to her.

I went to get my wallet and it was missing. I found a purse in its place and my stuff was in it. I grabbed it not to upset Kat. Then got in the car. When Kat got in the car she told me all times I am dressed I will go by Stephanie. There will be no change in that. Once I was dressed I would remain that till bed and I can’t decide not to after that till sleep time. She then told me she would go by Katt. I was then told to get use to that we would see more days like this.

I tell her "I understand but you are going to dictate it to me?" She then told me "Yes."

We then pulled out as she drove to goodwill to shop. We found some more heels and dresses and skirts. Some jeans and tops to match we spent a decent amount on this stuff. I was not allowed to talk to her unless she spoke to me first. This was somewhat degrading. I think I have never treated her this way but she treated me this way. When we got done and then went to lunch, which she chose and I followed.

After we ate lunch she unlocked my heels and let me put on the black 5 inch heels we just bought. These did not lock and would slip on and off but I was warned that if I removed them I would be punished. I replied with, "Ok I understand. But my feet are sore."

She then answered, "Care is out the door, you know that."

I changed my heels and complied and looked down as I was scolded. We then went home and I was told to get out and go in the house. I asked, "What are you doing?"

She told me, "I will be back soon. You will go in the house and lock your gag in, add your collar and lock it to the chain you find in the closet and then cuff your hands behind you." I then asked about my heels and if I had to stand in them and she nodded YES. I looked down and said, "Ok" and got out.

Now about 2 pm I went in and found my gag and put it in my mouth then locked it knowing she had the key. I then looked and found my collar and locked that on as well and then headed for the closet. There I found a chain hanging down and saw what she wanted I found a blindfold and cuffs next to it. I then cuffed my left wrist and then locked my collar to the chain. I then blindfolded myself and locked my right wrist to my left behind my back. I was prancing around as my feet were sore and waiting for her to get here.

What I find is it seems like forever and then I heard her come in. I then felt her touching my legs and whispering in my ear that she loves her new wife. Then I feel her using a Vibrator between my legs and I started moaning, I can’t get away and am feeling weak in the legs. She keeps it up then tells me that I have to now take care of my wifely duties. She then unlocked my collar from the chain and helped me walk to the living room still gagged and cuffed. I get in there and she gives me a bit of a push and I fall to the couch and go to the floor.

Then she asked me if I want the gag out and I nodded yes and lowered my head. She then unlocked my gag and sat on the couch. The she told me to move over to her and told me to suck her off. I felt around and searched with my mouth and then found her strap-on while she sat there. I started bobbing and sucking then felt something being pulled around my neck from behind. I heard a buckle and felt the strap-on being pushed in to my mouth. She had strapped me down so I could not get off the strap-on. I could not close my mouth and then heard the TV come on. I was essentially gagged and still had to suck and bob my best. If I stopped I felt her hit my ass with something.

After her show she let me up and sent me to my room to lay down but before I left she re-gagged me with the ball gag and I left slowly. I lay on the bed and waited for her to come in. When she came in and crawled into bed and asked me if I want to remain as a woman or go back.

I could not talk and just cuddled her and she said, "I have been a good wife the last two days".

She then let me out and gave me a nightgown but told me I have to sleep in my pantyhose. I said Ok and we cuddled to sleep.

She then told me as I dosed off I will be Stephanie Sunday morning and she expected breakfast tomorrow. Then off to sleep.

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