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My Journey 2: Ten days later...

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2014 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

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Part 2: Ten days later...

It was a good thing that I had work to keep me occupied. It left me less time to worry about what I was going to do and whether or not I would be willing to wear a chastity device. A small part of me was worried and yet, there was that little voice actually telling me that maybe by wearing the device, I would actually start to feel those feelings that I had WANTED to feel. All I knew is that I was gradually getting more and more curious about all of it and finally decided that I would NEED to see her again.

When Wednesday arrived, I got up early and got dressed as I was instructed. I drove out to their home and arrived at 645am. Plenty of time to spare, and I had been worried. I got out of the car and walked to the back door like I had the week before. Before I even got to the inside door, I watched as Mistress opened the door.

Today, she was dressed as she had been the week before. Nothing special but I could smell that she had a very soft and delicate perfume on. It smelled nice on her, though I was definitely afraid to say anything. I knelt at her feet, waiting for permission to stand.

“Good, sissy. Now follow me to the bathroom for inspection!” I followed her and felt her pull down my panties. She instantly grabbed my penis and without a seconds delay started to attach the chastity device on my cock. This one seemed to be going on differently and it was a little more painful going on but I figured that it was just because I had not had it on for a week. It's amazing how the body can not really differentiate pain.

I felt it go on and heard the little lock click. Then I was told to bend over and to grab the railing on the wall.

“You see, what you are wearing is just one small, though important, part of your chastity device. But I think, since you seemed to think that you really had an option last week, I am going to advance you to the chastity device that I was going to start using on you later. So, first, you need to have an enema!”

I really didn't know what to say, other than the usual “yes, Mistress,” which I gave her, not really realizing just how uncomfortable this enema would be. In fact, when I felt the cuffs go on my wrists and locking them to the bar, I kind of knew that this was going to be unpleasant. And when I felt the liquid start entering my ass, the discomfortable feeling that I thought I would have became a reality!

“You are going to hold that in for about 20 minutes. Long enough for me to take a bath and get dressed. When I get back, I might let you empty your bowels or else I might make you hold it in longer. But you had better not let anything out or else you will pay for that bad decision when I get back!” And off she went, with me bent over at the waist hoping to keep this enema inside me. And the cramps were really bad as I realized that this enema was NOT like one I had at the hospital before a surgical proceedure. This one was FAR worse!

After what felt like hours, which, in reality was about 45 minutes of agony, Mistress returned and smiled. “So, are you decidedly uncomfortable, sissy?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. I guess you should know that what you have inside you is a mineral oil and carbonated water enema. That is why the gas build up inside you is, well, so uncomfortable. I guess you can let it out now, since you have plenty of work to accomplish today!” With that, I watched as she removed the cuffs from the bar on the wall and allowed me to finally expell the enema. It felt like it was going to take quite some time and I watched as she flushed the toilet one time as I was letting everything out.

It took a few moments but I finally got everything out. It felt like I had let go with the last two days worth of meals, though, in honesty, I had no idea. All I knew is that it was feeling a little weird. And it was about to get a little weirder.

I was told to bend over again and felt Mistress insert a nozzle inside me and I realized that I was getting douched. She did this twice to me, to make sure I was clean and fresh, she said and then I was told to bend over and this time grab my ankles. When I had, she locked the cuffs to my ankles!

“Well, sissy, I now need to complete your chastity.” I felt her take something and apply it to my ass and I felt something numbing. “This is a little lotion that will make the penetration a little easier!” Then I felt something being pushed slowly into my ass. I started begging her to stop!

“Well, it seems that sissy doesn't accept her being chastised, is that what you are telling your Mistress, sissy?”

“No, Mistress!”

“Good. Then shut up and I guess I have to use the bigger one to make sure you understand your place!”

Before I could say anything, Mistress placed a gag in my mouth. This time it was a large penis gag, locking it in place behind my head. Then I watched as she picked up a large dildo, about 9 inches long and rather thick and bring it around and slowly inserted it into my ass. I fought it but I was so wasted from the enema and her relentless pushing that it finally got inside me. To further my humiliation, she slowly started to thrust it in and out of my ass, never completely taking it out but pushing it in further and further until it was finally all the way inside me.

I felt her pull on the chastity I was wearing and I realized that she was locking the two of them together. Then I felt my panties being pulled up and she was finished, or at least I thought so until I felt the dildo start to vibrate, low and slow but it definitely was starting to make it's presence known, right on that little spot that was making my locked away cock want to get hard and ready for anything. Unfortunately, the chastity had other things on it's mind as it made sure that what my cock wanted to do was NOT going to happen. This was very unique torture.

“So, now that you are fully chastised, between that pathetic little cock of your's, your little sissy cunt and even that bitchy little mouth of yours, maybe now we can get you working.” With that, she unlocked my wrists and ankles and then pulled out the ankle chained cuffs. She attached them, locking them into place. Then it was time to get to work.

“You know what to do. I will be having guests coming over all day, starting in about two hours. You will, like a good maid, answer the door and greet my guests. I will guarantee that you will be disciplined today for your rather poor behavior. But I want you to actually get your work done first. So, off you go!” I cursied like a good little sissy and then got to work.

Let me tell you how difficult it is to pay attention to what you are doing when you have a dildo vibrating inside you, driving you to the point of distraction. You get the point. It was not very helpful, wanting to touch yourself and realizing that the chastity you have on is much worse than the one you HAD on the week before. All because I had not wanted to keep it on for a meager little week. And when I went to relieve myself, I could see in the mirror that this one was far more restrictive than the first one. Plus, since it locked onto the vibrating dildo inside my ass, not only was it more distracting and painful, neither one of them was coming off without her taking them off.

I was getting hornier than the devil himself and I was also finding that it was painful to have my ass filled like that for a long period of time. I realized that this was probably my punishment for being such a whiney little sissy and decided that I would suck it up. Of course, that getting horney part was not something I was able to cope with, as it was also getting to the point that I was willing to do anything to get it out...

I heard the doorbell go off and I went to greet the first guest, as Mistress had put it. I opened the door and an older gentleman walked in. I curtsied, helped him with his jacket and hung it up and then led him to Mistress. I curstied and started to leave the room.

“Come here, sissy.” I turned and saw that she was pointing to her feet. I immediately went and knelt at her feet, bending low and waiting.

I didn't say a thing. I only listened and what I heard made me realize that this gentleman was someone in her life. And I was being exposed to it, being called her newest little pet. I felt her sroke my head on occasion and even pat me on the ass (right at the vibrator, causing it to thrust just a little inside me, making me hornier and more distressed at the same time) or just leaving a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

I did realize that this gentleman was a foreigner, however, as his accent was vaguely German. Then I listened as Mistress started speaking to him IN German and they had a very detailed conversation. I was ordered to stand up and to take off my uniform and petticoat.

I did so, wondering what was going to happen. The gentleman rose up and pulled out a measuring tape. I was thoroughly measured, neck, waist, chest, wrists and ankles. I don't think that there was a measurement that he DIDN'T take! I was then instructed to get dressed and to then head off to complete my chores. Off I went.

The second guest as well as the remaining ones were all there to serve Mistress. As the day passed on, I kept thinking that Mistress had said that I would be disciplined. I didn't know what to think as the day seemed to be going on forever. I was greeted by Mistress' husband when he arrived, and like I had been instructed, I curtsied to him just as the doorbell chimed announcing Mistress' sixth and last guest.

I started to prepare dinner, coming to the realization that I had not been allowed or able to eat with the gag in place. And it was another second before I realized that it had been almost 9 hours that I had been gagged. I hadn't really been paying too much attention to anything and then everything came to me, including the fact that I was now even hornier, needing some kind of release and relief from this low level vibration. I was now to the point that I would do anything to get that release! What I didn't realize was that was the plan that Mistress had all along.

I set the table as instructed, this time for only Mistress and her husband. Ten minutes before dinner was ready, I was told to head down to the basement. I went down and saw Mistress standing there. I curtsied and went to kneel before her.

“Stop, sissy!” I stopped, waiting.

“Put your hands behind your back.” I did so and then I felt my wrists being cuffed behind my back. Then I felt my elbows being bound tightly behind my back. I started to moan a little as they were pulled tightly behind my back. Then I felt my head being pulled back and my wrists being lifted up, placing me into a very difficult position. I realized that it was me being placed into a strappado position, like I had seen before, and I realized that it was REALLY uncomfortable, especially when you have a huge vibrating dildo inside your ass fucking you, a chastity that it causing you pain to go with the pleasure and a huge penis gag inside your mouth, making me feel like I was being fucked by two cocks. And right about then, I was willing to take them for real if only it would relieve this tension I had in my groin!

“Relax for a while, sissy. We are going to go and have our dinner. Then maybe we will relax ourselves a little before we take care of your discipline and punishment for displeasing us last week.” Then a blindfold was placed over my eyes and I listened as the two of them walked up the stairs and leaving me alone to contemplate what was happening to me.

I do not know how long I was bent there, but I do know that the vibrator had finally done it's job, as I was stressed and strained and hornier than a teenager seeing his first naked girl. All I know is that I started to feel my balls get really sore and then my cock started to really hurt when I felt something start to ooze out of my cock. However, it did nothing to release the sexual tension that I was feeling in my groin. What that was, I realized, was a pressure relief for my balls. No sexual relief at all, as my cock still wanted to get hard and it wanted to be stroked or just about anything else that would help give it some relief. I was, if it was at all possible, even hornier than I was before the release of cum into my panties. And what was even worse is that I could feel my shame from that release and knew that this was all part of it.

I eventually heard them come down the stairs, though I had no idea of what time it was. I didn't see a clock down here when I got here and I didn't really pay attention to the time before I came down the stairs. I was, however, thankful that they had come down the stairs.

“Well, I see that sissy has had a little accident, honey! Do you think that means that sissy is sexually frustrated from it's chastity? Does that mean, sissy, that you are wanting to get some kind ot REAL release?” I nodded my head to Mistress. Then I felt  my panties being pulled down a little.

“Wow! Sissy's balls must have been really full, given the amount of sissy splooge that is in it's panties! And it is still nice and warm, waiting for recycling!” When I heard that, I was not sure what that really meant. All I could feel was something happening between my legs and then my head being attended to.

Then, in a couple of moments, I felt something start to enter my mouth and I realized what was meant by recycling as I tasted my own cum being squirted into my mouth through the gag in my mouth.

“You had better swallow all of your cum or else you may end up swallowing far more cum than you might have been thinking about!” This came from Mistress' husband, who I had a feeling was so wanting to fuck me somewhere. And, truth be told, right about now, as horny as I was feeling, I was kind of wanting him to fuck me as well.

“Okay, sissy, it is time for you to be disciplined for your bad behavior.”

That was all the introduction that I was going to get. Right after that, I felt the first of many blows to my stretched ass! I gave up counting after 200 lashes because I would not get a steady stream of lashes but they would come fast, then slow, then fast again. And I could tell that not all of them were from the same hand. Both of them were whipping me with either a riding crop or something worse, though I was not sure I wanted to know what “worse” was. All I know is that it hurt, though I think I finally blocked out the sensation and went into that nether world called “sub-space”. All I know is that, eventually, the whipping stopped.

What's worse is that I was now even hornier than before the whipping!

“So, sissy, are you feeling like a little, horny, slut?”

I nodded my head in the affirmative, knowing that I wanted something, ANYTHING, to bring me some kind of release! I felt my gag being removed and said, “Yes, Mistress!”

“Good, sissy. I think that you want to prove to me that you can be a good little sissy, don't you?”

“Yes, Mistress! I want to be a good sissy for you!”

“Well then, I want you to prove that you want to be a good sissy by sucking my husband's cock! You will do that for him, won't you, sissy?”

“Yes, Mistress!” I was thinking that I would do anything if it would bring me release! I opened my mouth and felt a cock enter it and I wrapped my lips around it, licking and doing something that I had really only fantasized about, sucking a cock! I was really enthusiastic about it but, well, like most people, enthusiasm was not as good as technique! In fact, I was told, I sucked at sucking cock!

“I would have thought that a sissy would know what to do, since you, supposedly, have a cock between your legs as well! You are a disappointment, sissy! I guess that means that you need to suffer for a while longer!”

With that, I felt my arms being released and then I was untied. I fell to the floor, still feeling horny as well as frustrated. I looked up and all I saw was disappointed faces. I frowned myself, not knowing what was going to happen next.

“Well, sissy, I think that you will need to suffer a little while longer. So, you will leave here tonight. I want you to think about this next part. Because you will need to return on Friday evening. That is when your chastity will be either loosened or removed!”

I sat there, on the floor, wondering if that meant what I was fearing it meant.

“You will keep not only the chastity on your little cock there but also the vibrator. That is why I gave you that very filling enema. That dildo is going to be a constant reminder of what you are and will make you, actually force you to, make a decision. However you come to your decision is up to you. But make one you will.

“Friday evening, you will need to be here, with a decision, of whether you want to become our little sissy slave or never to be with us again. I know that it is difficult to decide in just two days but since we want a maid and our last one is such a disappointment, we decided to look at other possibilities. Over the last several months, we have talked to several others and had each of them over for our version of interviews.”

I looked at the two of them, realizing that they were giving me a very odd look. I didn't know what they were looking at me like that for, since I was just looking at them and paying attention to their words. But I also think that I was still, slightly, in that sub-space, since I was feeling really good about part of it and a little bad because I had disappointed them. And I realized that I was also looking at Mistress and hoping that she could tell that I was sorry. I also seemed to be thinking several other things. Like that his cock was getting hard and that I wanted to prove to them that I wanted to be their little slut. But I also wanted to prove to Mistress that I worshipped her as well and I knelt down and kissed Mistress' feet.

“Sissy, look at me” I heard in the back of my head. I looked up. “Do you want to suck his cock?” I nodded, “Yes, Mistress. I want to prove that I am indeed, your sissy, Mistress! I am sorry I disappointed Master!”

“Not now, sissy. First, I want you to truly think about it. I want you to wait until Friday evening, after everything has calmed down in your head as well as some time to understand what it is that we are asking you.

“We are inviting you to become our slave. That means that you will move in here and live here as our live in maid. That means that you will also need to be transformed into something far more feminine than you are now. And it also means that the chastity you have on will remain there, permanently. And that also means having that dildo inside you all day, every day. That is something that very few people have been able to deal with. In fact, the last 25 sissies that we have offered this position to declined it.

“In fact, that is why you NEED to leave them in place until Friday evening. Now, we are going to help you up to the room where you will, if you decide to remain, live in. You need to sleep and, well, tomorrow, you need to go to your home and start thinking about it.”

I was helped up and led up the stairs. I was brought to a bedroom that was pretty plain looking, with some furniture, a closet and a dresser. There was also a make-up table so I figured that this was the room where the last maid had lived. It was empty of everything, as far as I could see, though I was really not in any position to see anything as I was laid on the bed. In seconds, I was asleep.


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