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My Journey 3: The Final Decision

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2014 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

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Part 3: The Final Decision

When I woke up, it took me a little while to figure out where I was and what had happened to me. I did notice that I was not wearing anything other than my lingerie, meaning that at some time, Mistress and her husband had removed my clothing. The chastity device was still on my cock but the dildo, as I realized, was no longer inside me.

I looked around the room and saw my maid uniform sitting there on the chair. I realized that I was going to have to go home dressed like, well, the little sissy I was. Then I noticed a small bag sitting on the floor. I finally worked myself out of the bed and walked over to the bag. When I opened it, I noticed that it had some clothes in it. They were not “guy” clothes, but rather women’s clothing, though certainly not as flamboyant as the maid uniform. I pulled out a semi sheer blouse and a very nice but rather short skirt, as well as five inch heels, and all the associated underwear items, bra, panties and garterbelt. The stockings were seamed and all seemed to really scream feminine. Not that I was complaining, but I realized that I was going to have to get dressed, then get home and all I had to choose from was this outfit or the maid uniform.

I looked and saw the bathroom so I walked over to there and saw the shower. In fifteen minutes, I was showered and shaved, since I didn’t want to look too manly wearing everything. I started to get dressed and then sat down to apply the makeup that I also found in the bag. It took me a couple of tries, as I wanted it to look at least presentable and not like a slut, or as one could guess, some guy wearing makeup. When I was done, I donned my wig, gave it a couple picks with the comb and opened the door to the bedroom.

I started walking down the hall and I noticed that the house was deathly quiet. I walked to the front door and found an envelope taped to the door, addressed to me. I looked at it, read the outside, telling me to NOT read the letter until I got home. I opened the door, looked around and could not see my car! I walked around to the front of the house and finally saw my car, not where I had left it in the back but out on the street. This meant that I would have to walk down to the car. I walked to the car and finally realized that I didn’t have my car keys. I knew where I hid the spare key to the door and as I walked over, I saw that the car was unlocked and, there in the keyhole were the keys to the car. I opened the door and got inside. Instantly I could smell Mistress’ perfume in the car. I started the car, put it in drive and drove home, taking my time as I was going to try and enjoy the feeling of driving dressed as a woman once again, and NOT feel as afraid as I used to feel.

It took me about two hours to get home, as I was certainly in no hurry. When I got there, I noticed that there were not too many people around and about, got out of my car and made it to my door and into my place. I got to the living room, then into the kitchen and opened the fridge, pulled out a bottle of wine, got a wine glass and poured myself a stiff glass. Then I went back to the living room and sat down and pulled out the letter.

Dear sissy,

I realize that I am making things a little difficult for you, especially since you really seem to want to please me as your Mistress. However, before I am willing to accept a slave, they have to truly desire to not only become a slave but UNDERSTAND what that means.

For me, that means that I have someone there who can not only obey me as a proper sissy slave should, but also make my life easier. Thus the reason that I also want a maid. For some sissies, that would seem like the offer of a lifetime. However, once the fantasy is over and reality sits in, it can and DOES become something totally different from that fantasy.

The chastity is real and will be PERMANENT, if you decide to accept our offer of service. That means that you will never be able to remove that chastity for the remainder of your slavery to us. And yes, that includes my husband. You will act like the slutty French maid at all times, not only for us but for anyone who comes to the house. Meaning you will always be a maid, as well as a slave. You will wear a collar at all times and it too will be as permanent as the chastity that you will wear.

You will also always have cuffs on your ankles, restricting your movement. You will also always have the vibrating dildo inside your ass, reminding you of your place, as well as keeping your hole spread for far easier access. Yes, that means that you will occasionally be fucked like the little sissy slut that you will become.

On Friday, when you come here, to give us the answer one way or the other, I want you to know this. You have certainly impressed both of us, right up to the moment that you actually wanted to try and make up for that bad attempt at giving my husband a blowjob. When you did that, I knew that maybe we had finally found, after many months of searching, our new slave. If you accept, you will be taken care of, but you will also be used as you know you want to be. And you will not receive any mercy should you make mistakes. A slave does not beg for nor expect any mercy when they are being punished, nor when they are being disciplined.

Come here wearing either your maid uniform or your guy clothes. Your choice of apparel will tell us your decision. For me, I hope that you make the decision I think and believe you will.


As I sat there, I looked again and again at the letter as I sipped my glass of wine. I believe I sat there for several hours, not really thinking about what it was that was going on around me, just thought about what I had done and what I might have become. In fact, I didn’t even realize how I was still dressed when I heard the doorbell ring and got up to answer it. It didn’t even dawn on me that I was still dressed as a woman. When I peeked through the peephole, I saw a couple of friends, a nice couple that I had spoken to many times before, and I opened the door. As I did that, I saw my reflection in the glass and knew I was in deep shit!

“OH MY GOD! Is that really YOU, Paul?” The guy friend was looking at me up and down, trying to figure out if it was me or someone else. The girl, she looked at me in the face and instantly laughed, causing me to go beet red!

“Paul, open the door!” she said, as I was moving to shut the door on them. “Come on, we promise not to laugh. Hell, I only laughed because, well, I’m sorry I did. Let us in, PLEASE!”

The woman’s name was Grace. Her boyfriend was Jack. They lived down the way from my place and we had run into each other many times. Jack always seemed a little stand offish for me, but he seemed to tolerate me since I, at least, didn’t try hitting on Grace as much as many of the other single guys around the area did. Some of the single women had even hit on her.

I opened the door to let them in and closed to door behind them. Jack looked at me again, with a look that I was not totally sure I understood, as it felt to me like he was appraising me and how I was dressed. I led them into the living room and even asked if they wanted something to drink. Jack asked for a beer and Grace, noticing my glass of wine, asked for that. I went out, poured the wine and grabbed a beer out of the fridge and returned.

“Okay Paul. First of all, I really am sorry that I laughed. But it occurred to me that what really happened is that I got confirmation of something that I had felt for the last couple of months we have been meeting and talking. And I have to say that you do look pretty good dressed like that. And I suspect that, well, my boyfriend here, may be a little, shall we say jealous!”

“Wha… Whoa, wait a second there Grace. I am NOT jealous of this fag…” I saw it coming but really didn’t expect it as Grace slapped Jack across the face, hard enough to leave a mark on his cheek!

“Kneel on the floor, asshole! And if you don’t, you will find out just how angry I can get, in front of Randall here!” I watched as Jack knelt on the floor and actually kissed Grace’s feet. “I apologize, Mistress!”

“Well, I am glad that you apologized to me, but… Paul, what do you go by when dressed like you are? Since Jack needs to apologize to you as well.” I looked at her, not really thinking too much about it and blurted out “Christy, or…”

“Or what, Christy?” I felt her looking at me and I started to get scared. But I also noticed that She seemed to be going further into Domme mode, not only with Jack, which I was kind of shocked at but I sensed that she was almost in that mode with me.

“Mistress called me sissy or… slut… or slave… Or a combination of all three.” I said this while looking down at the floor, kind of afraid to say anything more. Honestly, I kind of felt a little disloyal to Mistress, since she was offering me the opportunity to become her slave. And here I was talking to another Domme. But I also realized that Jack was looking up at me now, with a look on his face that I could not really interpret. When I finally looked up, I could see Grace was smiling, and then I kind of got the idea that Jack was giving me one of those evil smiles, as if he knew something that I didn’t know. Of course, seeing as he knew Grace better than I did, he did, indeed know more.

“I wonder, Christy, if that would be Mistress Martha?” When I heard that, I just about lost it, emotionally. I started to cry, feeling like my world was caving in. I did not think I was really ready for my “secret” to come out, especially like this. And how would she even know about her, unless…

“Well, I take it that Mistress Martha is indeed the woman we are talking about. So that you know, she is indeed, a very particular and very picky woman. In fact, if she has even used the word ‘slave’ with you, that must mean that you are indeed special to her. Because I know that Jack here, well, he didn’t quite make it with her. In fact, he seems to be forgetting his place more and more often. But he does have one redeeming quality, in that… Well, let him show you. Jack, stand up and STRIP!”

I watched as Jack went beet red but he stood up and stripped off his clothes. I noticed that he was well built for a guy, not an Addonis by any stretch but certainly appealing to the ladies. And as he stripped, I noticed that his cock got longer and certainly harder. And he was still blushing.

“As you can see, he really doesn’t like to strip in front of others. In fact, if he had been a little more polite, he would not be standing there naked before us. But he knows that I am not totally happy with what he said about you. And he knows that he has to be punished for that. But what shall I do to him.” Jack instantly started to protest…

“Mistress, PLEASE! Not in front of someone else… I’m sorry, Christy, I was wrong to say that you were a fag!”

“Well, Christy, do you think he means that?”

“Yes, I think that he means he doesn’t want to be punished. But does he mean that he’s sorry about calling me a fag? Maybe. I don’t know.”

“Me neither. Well Jack, maybe you need something to remedy this situation. But I am hesitant to suggest it, as Christy may not be too receptive to the idea. Because I think the punishment needs to be something memorable and I have a really good one in mind.” Grace looked over at me. “Here is what I am thinking, Christy…”

As Grace told me, whispering in my ear, part of me was really scared. But then I started to think that maybe this would help me out a little. Especially when she brought up the part that if I really wanted to have another, well, spanking, which when she said that I instantly became enamored of the idea! When she asked me if I had a corset, I nodded and then she had me lead her to my bedroom so I could change.

Once in the room, “Are you sure you are willing to do this, Christy? I mean, if you don’t want to suck his cock, you don’t have to, and I could make him jerk off while I use the riding crop on his ass and you can just sit there.”

“Grace, I think I disappointed Mistress when I would not suck her husband’s cock like a good little whatever. When I realized that I disappointed her, I tried to make up for it by asking to suck his cock for real. I was afraid. Partly because I was afraid I would hate it, then I was thinking that I might like it and I just couldn’t get past that. But honestly, I think that the spanking,” I started to blush a little more as I said this, “got me, well, interested in it and broke free from the barrier.”

“Hmm, now I wonder if I should spank YOU while you are sucking him, or if I should spank him until he cums in your mouth and then spank you. Oh, and maybe… Yes, I think that I will spank HIM first. But I think that you are going to really enjoy this quite a bit. Just as I think I am! Now, where is that corset of your’s?”

I pulled out three different corsets, one black, one white and the other red. When I started to take off my clothes, she saw that I was wearing white so she held out the white underbust corset. When I wrapped it around the waist and connected the busk in front, Grace started to pull the laces nice and snug. Then she readjusted them a little tighter. “Can you take it any tighter, since there is still some room to go?” As it was, I could breath, as long as I didn’t take DEEP breaths. But I could talk and said I would like it tighter. No sooner did I say that then I felt it tighten another half inch or so. Grace saw a tape measure on the dresser.

“How tight have you gotten these? Cause I know you have to be measuring yourself!”

I kind of blushed a little. I knew that the answer I was going to give was something I had always been proud of, seeing as I have a natural 38 inch waist. “I have gotten it down to about 31 inches for long periods of time, but I once got it down to 30 inches.”

“Well Christy, I took you to… 28 inches! And you can still breath. But if I go any tighter, you might not be able to walk around much, let alone do anything else. Now, do you have some white ‘fuck me’ pumps?”

I reached into the closet and took out my white patent pumps with the five inch heel. As I slipped them on, I now was standing 6’7” tall. When she peeked into the closet, she saw the six inch heels as well as a box with seven inch heels. “Why didn’t you pick out either of these, though those also scream ‘fuck me’ but these,” indicating the seven inch heels, “SCREAM IT!”

I looked at them and nodded. “I haven’t been able to walk too far with the seven inch heels. The six inch I can walk a little ways but I can go hours walking on five inch.”

“Put on the seven inch heels, since we are only walking down the hall, slut!” Then she grinned at me. “You are going to act like a slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am!” I reached down and pulled off the five inch heels and put on the sevens. I tottered a little, but gained my balance. As I started to walk out, Grace stopped me. “Lets do a little bit of fixing of your make up, shall we. With that, she took a look at my cosmetics and with a practiced hand did a touch up, adding some fullness to my lips, reddening them and lining them, a little to the eyes and within minutes, when I looked in the mirror, I saw a face I did not recognize. And I looked like a cross between a sexy secretary during the day going out to be slutty at night. All I know is I certainly did not look like myself, for sure.

“Ready?” Boy, was I ready now. For some reason, I wanted to do this not only for Mistress, but for myself. Grace was there, sure, but if I could do this, then I was sure that Mistress and her husband would be a piece of cake.

“Yes, ma’am. I am ready to be your little slut,” I grinned and nodded, as Grace gave me a smile and a little laugh. “You aren’t mine… Yet!” Then she laughed a bit, winked at me, causing me to laugh some more as we started to walk out. Grace stopped me again. Then she reached into her purse and pulled out a collar, with a leash attached to it. When she looked at me and then held it out, I looked at her and then lowered my head and then knelt. As I looked up at Grace, she smiled at me and then put the collar around my neck and then led me out into the living room, saying “I didn’t say that you were going to walk in there, just that I wanted you in those really screaming fuck me pumps!” All I could say was, “yes, ma’am!”

When we got into the living room, Jack was still standing there, why I don’t know. I would have thought he would have at least sat down. But I had a feeling that maybe he knew the rules of the game, as it were, and knew better than to sit. He was still naked and was still hard. And when he saw me coming, on my knees, being led on the leash, I could see in his eyes that he knew what was coming. If it was possible, I would swear that his cock actually got harder and bigger, but that just had to be my eyes playing tricks on me.

“Well, Jack, I think that you will truly appreciate this punishment. Because Christy is going to give you head, like a SISSY does for her Mistress or whomever, me playing the part of Mistress in this case. While I know that will give you pleasure, I am going to get pleasure watching her suck your cock while I whip your ass until you cum inside Christy’s mouth!”

“But…” was all he was able to say before she swatted his naked cock with the riding crop! He yelped (of course) but I noticed that his cock didn’t get soft or small. “Who said you have a choice in this, Jack. Or should I cane you instead, forget about letting you cum for a month or so while in chastity and I take my frustration out on your ass again with my strap on?”

I heard that and I was starting to feel a little aroused now. The thought of being fucked was now starting to appeal to me as well. But I could see that Jack didn’t like the idea, either of being in chastity for a month (and here I was considering PERMANENT chastity) or being fucked, I wasn’t sure which. Grace looked down at me and laughed. “As you can see, Jack, Christy understands. Because she is already in chastity, and if she stays with Mistress Martha, she will be in permanent chastity. I know that’s something you could never do, and goodness knows, I wouldn’t want to loose that cock of yours. But if you start acting up like this, not knowing your place, I may have to either dump you or else make you into, well…” she let is linger there, and I could see Jack contemplating his fate of being, well, like me… He really didn’t like that idea and, well, I could certainly understand, even though that was certainly contemplating for my own life.

“Yes, Mistress. Sorry Mistress!”

Grace patted him on the cock, causing him to moan a little. Then I felt a tug at my collar and I crawled over. “Okay slut, show Jack here how a real blowjob feels.” I smiled a little, then decided to do what I had seen in a porno film.

I licked my lips once, then started to lick Jack’s cock, from the head down to the base. I did this slowly and deliberately, tasting his cock and the little bit of sweat that was on it. I worked back to the tip and then swirled my tongue around, then went back down, kissing and licking as I went. I could hear him start to moan, then I heard the first lash of the riding crop hit him, and he moaned from that a little more.

“Christy, I want you to look up at him as you worship that cock of his. Look into his eyes so that he can see the pleasure you are getting from sucking and licking his cock, and so you can see his pleasure as well!”

“Yes, ma’am” and as I started back down, I kept looking up into Jack’s eyes as he watched me go back down his shaft, then I flicked my tongue on his scrotum and he received a lash then. I couldn’t really tell which was making me hornier, his moans or what I was actually doing to him. Then I started to lick his sack, paying attention to each of his balls there, and then I started to suck on them. I was outside of myself by then, not paying attention to anything except his face and eyes as he looked down at me and moaned from what I was doing. I didn’t even hear the riding crop hitting him any more, though I could tell that it was hitting him, usually just after I got him to moan with pleasure as I sucked his balls and then as I went back up to the tip of his cock.

When I finally was ready to take him into my mouth, Grace admonished me. “Once you take it into your mouth, it doesn’t come out until he has cum inside your mouth. And do NOT spill anything or else your punishment will be severe! Oh, and you will need to take him ALL THE WAY down, like a good little slut!”

Inside my head I uttered a moan! “Deep throat” Hell, I haven’t even sucked a cock before and now I have to take it deep! But as I wrapped my very red and eager lips around his cock, I looked into Jack’s eyes and I could see that he was feeling really good. I worked his cock in my mouth, using my tongue to stimulate the head and I went up and down. When I tried to take it all the way in, like a rookie at this, I started to gag! I pulled back and tried again and again. Then I tried to tilt my head back a little and make the path a little straighter. Then I felt a hand on the back of my head. I glanced and saw that Jack was pulling my head towards him.

I tried something that, well, I thought would probably work and I acted as if I was swallowing food and all of a sudden, with my tongue pushed a little forward, I found that I could not breath and I could also feel Jacks cock going deeper and deeper into my throat! I could then feel his balls on my tongue and hitting my chin! Then I felt him pulling back, or pushing my head back, and suddenly, I could breath. Then I felt him pulling me down again and I took a breath and took his length again. I finally got into a rhythm and was deep throating his cock like an expert. I could tell I was doing something right, as he was moaning from my sucking as well as the lashes, but I was thinking that now, the louder and deeper moans were being caused by ME and not the riding crop. And I could see that Jack was really on the edge, as he was panting and pushing deeper into my mouth, making it go faster.

All of the sudden, he stopped and I felt the first of his cum hit the back of my mouth, and I let it hit and rest on my tongue. It was a very strange feeling and, though at first I was feeling a little disgusted and actually about to spit it out, I then remembered that Grace said I would be punished if I did that, I worked on that reflex and actually started to enjoy the feeling of Jack cumming into my mouth. And the taste of his cum, though a little salty and, well, a little slimy too, didn’t really disgust me as much after a second or two. As I was about to swallow it, Grace surprised me. “Don’t swallow it yet. I want to see how much cum he fed you, and I think Jack might even be curious!”

Jack pulled out of my mouth, though I was surprised that he wasn’t flaccid yet. Then I opened my mouth and they looked in. Then I saw a cell phone come out and a picture taken of the amount of cum in my mouth. Jack seemed like he had never seen so much cum in someone’s mouth, Grace smiled and said, “See Jack, a month in chastity did that for you! Aren’t you glad that I took that thing off you this evening before coming to check on Paul and who the blonde was going into his place?” Jack smiled sheepishly. “So Jack, did she do a good job?” When I heard Grace ask that, I was hoping to hear good news…

“HOLY SHIT! Grace, she did better than a hooker I hired a year ago, and she was supposed to be a pro. And, well, I hate to say it, Grace, but she does it better than…”

Grace smiled. “Well, now what do you think about Christy, Jack?”

“Christy, I really am sorry about calling you a fag. I know that, well, now that I know that you are, well, really a girl rather than a guy, as it were… I guess, no, I KNOW, that I made a mistake in judging you like that.”

Grace looked at Jack. “Go get dressed. Have another beer. I want Christy to, well, take care of me now! You can certainly watch, if you like!”

“Watch my girlfr… Mistress get worshipped… Certainly!” before he left the room, Grace said to him, “Yes, Jack, you can say girlfriend. Mistress is for, well, special times together!” Jack smiled, got his beer and came into the living room and sat on the sofa. Grace led me to the chair and then reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. Then she removed her blouse. Yes, she was doing a little strip tease, for me AND Jack, I felt.

Standing there in her black lace bra, black lace garterbelt and stockings as well as her black lace panties, I realized that she must have had this planned. Or else why would she come to my place dressed like this. She must have seen the question in my eyes, for she then leaned down, telling me to kiss her breasts through her bra, and she then whispered, “Yes, little Christy, I knew. I told you that I suspected. But I knew.” Then she stood up and turned around. “Kiss my ass, Christy. Let me hear you enjoy kissing my ass!”

I knelt there and kissed her panty clad ass cheeks, loud and proud. When she turned around, she had the crop in her hand and she pointed to her feet. She didn’t have to say anything as I instantly bent down to the task at hand, kissing her feet. For the first time, I actually noticed that she was wearing his heels as well. I thought I would notice that before but, well, I didn’t really care at the time, as I was afraid and scared about being discovered by them.

Now, of course, that didn’t matter. All that mattered to me was kissing and licking her feet. Then she pointed with the crop, lining a path up her legs and I started to kiss my way up. As I worked my way up, I could see that she was getting turned on, probably from not only whipping Jack but also making me worship her. In fact, I could smell her musk as she made me work ever closer to her sex.

Then I felt it!


I yelped! Then again.

“Lick me, slut!”


I started to lick her, slowly but surely, through her lace panties. I noticed that they had worked their way into her pussy and I was working my tongue and lips, and eventually got them out of the way as I started to play with her clitoris and labia. And as I licked, I felt the riding crop fall on my ass, causing me to scream a little right into her sex, causing her to moan a little. As they kept falling, faster and faster, I used that as a guide to lick and suck on her. Soon she was whipping me faster and faster, when she started to cum right into my mouth. The whipping instantly stopped but her legs locked my head between her thighs and she screamed that I had better NOT stop! I kept licking her through a second orgasm, or maybe it was just a long first one, I couldn’t really tell, as she just kept on moaning.

Then suddenly I felt my panties being pulled down and then I felt something penetrating my ass. When I felt my head being grabbed and I heard Grace tell me to keep licking, I realized that Jack had not only been getting turned on by my serving Grace and her sex, he got HARD! And he was now pumping his cock into my ass. And I realized that I was actually enjoying it!!! I was moaning like a little bitch in heat, pushing back as he thrust into my ass, while Grace was pulling my head deeper into her sex. And all through this, my cock was hurting, as it SO wanted to get hard inside that chastity. But while it hurt, I was getting so turned on by being the little slut for them that while Jack came inside my ass, I started to ooze cum from my own cock, spilling it on the floor. By then, Grace had had her third or fourth orgasm and pushed my face away. When she saw what I had done, she smiled.

“Well slut, first you need to clean that up, then, I think I will have to punish you!” I instantly bent down to lick up my cum, just to get it off the floor, as well as to obey Grace. She laughed. “Gee Christy, I would have thought you LIKE to be punished, the way you cleaned that up so fast. What do you think, Jack?”

“Yes, Christy seems to be a multi-line slut, for sure. And she certainly deserves to be punished, even though, well, she was a good little slut tonight. What are you proposing, Grace?”

Grace looked at me, then at Jack. “I think she needs to be gagged, bound rather tightly, maybe into a strapado, and then caned maybe? Or, we can hogtie her and put her on the floor overnight?”

“Why can’t we do both?” I looked up and was actually HOPING for both! Grace looked down at me and smiled.

“I think that maybe Christy likes that idea. But where to find the perfect gag for her? I’ll bet that she has just the gag in her bedroom. In fact, I’ll bet that she has everything that we need in there, don’t you?”

Before I could answer, off she went into the bedroom. When she came back, not even five minutes later, I knew that she had found my “stash” of bondage stuff.

“And just as I had expected, the perfect gag!” She held up my red patent leather strapped penis gag, walked around behind me and I obediently opened my mouth.

Instantly I felt it strapped tightly into my mouth. Then she pulled out the cuffs for my wrists and I put my arms behind my back. I felt her put them on then lock them together, using the little chain link extender (it has an opening on one side that can be closed with the long nut, you can use them to connect two pieces of chain) thus not allowing me to remove it. Then she took the ankle cuffs and put them above my elbows and pulled them together using a small piece of rope. Once she got them tight, though, I heard the clip being attached and I knew that the double ended clasp was holding my elbows back.

At this point, I was a little sore, as I had never had my elbows that tight before with Mistress. But Grace was not finished with me yet. I was then led into the bedroom doorway and had my arms pulled up to the top of the door frame, where I had actually put an eyebolt. As I was pulled into position, Grace looked at me and smiled.

“Christy, I think that I am going to enjoy this more than you. Jack gets whipped from time to time, mostly for a punishment. Oh, I might whip him for my own personal pleasure but, well, this time, I KNOW that I am going to enjoy it, because, well, you are going to be enjoying it too!”

So there I was, wearing the seven inch heels, making my ankles sore since I was standing in them. Okay, I had no choice but to stand in them… Then Jack knelt down and took the spreader bar and placed it between my ankles. I knew I didn’t have one of these so it must have been in their possession when they came, sort of like the riding crop and cane. Part of me knew I had been set up, but that part was quickly and effectively shut up because I was really enjoying this! In fact, what submissive, somewhat masochistic, wanna be sissy slave would NOT love this?

I then looked and saw the mirror in the room and my reflection in it. I looked like so many of those bondage models I had seen in the magazines. I was now, seriously, in heaven. I was bound, not able to escape my fate. And when the first lash of the cane hit my ass, I felt the pain and pleasure of my submission and screamed AND moaned into the gag as each lash hit my uncovered ass. I watched myself, I really couldn’t help myself, as each lash hit me and as I realized that I was such an exhibitionist, or was I just a filthy little cock and pain slut like Jack said! All I know is that I was enjoying the pain as each lash hit me, and I would have begged, not for it to stop but for it to continue. I was getting so deep into that sub-space, deeper than I had ever been before, just taking it all and wanting, CRAVING, more! And I was sure that Grace could see that, as she kept slowing down then speeding up the strokes.

Then I heard Grace laugh. I didn’t know why until Jack came into view, standing up. I could not believe that he was HARD! I was envious of that hard on, but what I heard next had me craving more!

“Jack, you want to fuck the little slut’s mouth, don’t you?” When he said yes, my heart was doing flip-flops! When she whispered in my ear, “you want it, don’t you slut?” I was nodding my head! “That means that I am going to have to whip you harder and LONGER, slut!” I didn’t care any more. I wanted that cock inside my mouth so bad… I was loving being a bad girl! I watched as Jack came around the front and he reached down for the gag strap and released it. The gag fell out of my mouth and just as the next lash hit my ass I screamed,

“FUCK MY MOUTH, MASTER!” I heard myself and was surprised that I had screamed that, but I wanted it so bad. And Jack didn’t make me wait. He put his cock into my open and waiting mouth, and had that going into my mouth and down my throat in one swift stroke. I don’t know how long it took for Jack to cum in my mouth, but I know it wasn’t quickly. The fact that he had gotten hard three times since arriving, though I had no idea of the time of day now, not did I really care. All I know is that I was deep in sub-space, had been well and truly fucked, whipped to my heart’s content and still wanted more. But more what, I wasn’t sure.

Jack pulled out of my mouth, allowing me to first swallow his load, then I licked his cock clean, sucking up the last of his cum. Grace then lowered my wrists, allowing me to stand up. I was wobbly, not from the heels but just weak in the knees. Then I felt the spreader bar removed and I was walked slowly to the bed. I was placed in the center of the bed, then Jack got on one side, Grace on the other, and I felt them both hold me and help me come down from that place, as they both told me that I was going to make someone a very happy person, that I was a good little slut and that I should be proud of what I had done. I never felt the cuffs come off, I was asleep so fast. In fact, I never knew that they had left me that evening, I was so far gone.

When I awoke, I learned that my cuffs were off and my corset, while still on me, had been loosened. My heels were still on and my makeup, well, a great deal of it was all over the pillow. What was worse is that I realized what I had done and became frightened for a couple of minutes. I remembered that they had taken a picture, but had they taken more than one? What if they had chronicled the entire episode? And oddly enough, I was asking myself how Mistress would react to what I had done? Then I wondered what time or day it was, as I looked out the window and realized that it was dark.

I looked up and saw the clock tell me that it was three in the morning. I still didn’t know if it was Wednesday into Thursday or headed into Friday. It’s amazing what sub-space can do. But I remembered that they had stayed with me until I was asleep and they had removed the bindings. I stretched and then noticed that the lights were on in the living room. I could even make out some voices, and the voices I heard were very familiar. I heard Grace and Jack, but also Mistress Martha and her husband, whose name I never really learned. I realized now that Grace and Jack REALLY did know them. I was somewhat frightened but I realized that I needed to get up. I got myself out of bed, realized that I REALLY needed to clean up, went into the bathroom and washed up. When I got out of the shower, I looked at my backside and saw the lash marks, touching them and feeling the long welt lines and felt pride in the fact that I had taken all of it.

I left the bathroom and went to my closet. I pulled out my black satin maid uniform and pulled out my black corset, the rest of my black underwear and, of course, black seamed stockings. I got everything on, cinching my corset as tight as I could, and just to see, I had been able to get it down to 29 inches, which caused me to smile. When I had the uniform on, I grabbed my six inch stiletto heels, put them on and then made up my face. I got it all done, taking care to not really look like a complete slut but enough of one, since the uniform screams it, just as my shoes do, then put on my long blonde wig. A couple of bobbie pins and a little cap later, I was ready to go. I went out the door and walked down the hall. When I got to the living room, I curtsied like a good little maid and then greeted Mistress and her husband. Then I knelt on the floor in front of all four of them, fearing what would happen next. Mistress Martha was the first one to speak, and when she did, all I could do was tear up…

“Well my dear, it seems that you have really surprised me. In fact, my daughter tells me that, well, you would certainly make me proud. She tells me that, in fact, you really are what I felt you were the first time I met you. But you are actually MORE than that. Even Jack is taken with you, and considering that he is, well, not really slave material, that would not have been much of a recommendation. But with my daughter here ALSO being taken with you, it seems that maybe I have made the right choice.

“You see, before I met you, Grace and Jack had met you. Jack, for some reason, didn’t like you, at least until he realized that you weren’t going to hit on Grace. He liked the idea of having her kind of all to himself. Grace, on the other hand, felt that there was something about you that, well, she wasn’t totally sure, in how you treated her and other women you were around, plus how you dressed. She had noticed a couple of times that you seemed to be wearing garters, either on a garter belt or maybe on a corset. And a couple of times, she noticed that you didn’t get your mascara completely removed. But she wasn’t sure if you just liked to dress up on occasion or if there was more to it.

“She didn’t want to offend you or anything, but she did kind of mention something to me about it. When she mentioned that you were her neighbor, I realized that maybe you were the one who wrote to me and so I wrote back. Once I got to know who you were, I realized that I saw the same things in you that she did. And since I had gotten rid of my last sissy maid, I was seriously contemplating getting a new one. So, I have been seeing if you can do that job, and you certainly can and do a very good job. Almost as good a job as my other candidate.

“Yes, sweetie, you were involved in a competition. And I am not saying that you lost it or won the competition. In fact, I have not even really decided yet. But I do know that the other little sissy is willing to take the position. She beats you out only because, well, she instantly started to suck Bill’s cock,” Now I learned his name! “where as you hesitated. What made me give you another chance was that you were then willing to do that, so I decided to let you think about it until tonight.”

Oh my God! I slept for the entire day Thursday! I couldn’t believe it. It must have shown on my face because all four of them chuckled.

Grace then started speaking, reassuring me. “Sweetie, you had just been given the biggest fantasy fulfillment that most little sissies ever get. You were sucking cock, getting fucked, whipped, licking my pussy and then caned while bound like one of those bondage damsels. I think the only thing you didn’t get done was the hogtie overnight but, well, you were really out. We checked on you several times to make sure you were okay. But we decided that it was best to let you sleep and recover.”

“Thank you then, for that. I was really confused and now at least I know when it is.”

“No, sweetie, it is us who should be thanking you. You see, it has made this decision that much harder, because, well, you have exceeded expectations. And thus, I really would like to have you as my live in maid. However, something has happened that, well, I certainly didn’t expect.” Mistress Martha then nodded towards Grace.

“You see, I love Jack. Jack, I know, loves me. Oh, at times, he will let me play with him, since there are times when he too craves a little special play time. But then, last night or whatever, when I practically had to drag him over, as he kept telling me that it was none of my business who the girl was that went into your place, I told him that I wanted to know and that he needed to come with me in case there was trouble. He didn’t know at the time that I really thought that it was you. Mom didn’t tell me anything until I called her Thursday morning and told her what had happened. And so you know, I told her everything that happened.

“Now, I kind of take after my mother here. My dad, well, he realizes that this is what mom does, and that she is VERY good at it. And it does have it’s perks, as he learned many times. And I want to continue mom’s legacy after she retires and actually start my own, under her tutelage. That was part of what we were talking about here. But the thing is, well, is that I ALSO want you as my… sissy maid and slave. But with mom wanting you as well, we kind of think that maybe YOU should have some voice in this. But know this, no matter which you choose. You will still be in chastity. It will still be permanent. And you will wear a collar that is permanent. All of that will stay in effect.”

I looked at them all, Grace and Mistress Martha, Jack and Bill. Let me rephrase that now… Mistress Grace and Mistress Martha and certainly Master Jack and Master Bill, since no matter what I choose, they would all be my Mistress and Master. But Mistress Martha had someone else wanting the same position as I did. But Mistress Grace was also offering me this opportunity. How could I be so lucky with this?

“Christy,” began Grace, “here is what I want you to do. Get up, walk into the kitchen and get yourself a glass of wine. Then come in here and sit, on the couch between us and ask questions. Make sure that you ask every question that pops into your head so that you can make the right decision, FOR YOU!”

I got up, “thank you,” and then went into the kitchen. I pulled out a glass and filled it with white wine out of the fridge. I poured a little into the glass and then drank it right down. Then I poured a little more into the glass and walked into the living room. I looked at my future, thought about my past and realized one thing. I was looking forward to my future. I took the glass, held it in my hand, walked to the couch, knelt on the floor and looked up at Mistress. I took the glass, looked into her eyes and smiled, took a sip.

“Mistress, while I am certainly beyond the point of turning back, I realize that this kind of opportunity only comes along once in a lifetime. I am told that there is another person who is also being offered this opportunity and it would be unfair of me to take that away from someone who has also been given this chance. But if it were the other way, I would certainly hope that the other sissy like me would feel the same.

I looked up to my Mistress. I took another sip. “And Mistress, I realize that this happening is not the norm, either. In fact, I want to pinch myself to see if maybe I am dreaming. But I know that it is all real. And though Mistress Martha has taken a great deal of time and patience to make me into something better than I was before, I hope that she will not be disappointed in the fact that I wish to become your slave, Mistress Grace!” I turned to Mistress Martha. “You, Mistress, will always have my love and admiration and most especially my profound and eternal gratitude for taking me in and teaching me about myself. I certainly hope I do not disappoint you, nor,” turning to Grace, “you, Mistress Grace!”

I looked at them both, wondering what was to happen next. When Mistress Grace stood up, she held out the collar. I looked at it, realized that there was no key to it. It was really going to be permanent. I lowered my head.

“Christy, you are now my slave!” I felt the collar go around my neck and heard the click. I was now her slave and damned happy to be so.

“Now, so that you can show off, kind of, how good you are, I want you to suck Master Bill’s cock!”

Mistress Martha laughed! Bill stood up and pulled off his belt. I crawled on my knees and gave him the blowjob that I should have given him two days before. And as I did it, I looked up into his eyes and he looked down and said, “Damn, she’s better at this that sissy candi is, Martha!” just as he shot his load into my willing and waiting mouth! I looked over to Mistress Grace. She smiled at me then told me to take care of Master Jack. When I got there, I felt my panties get pulled down and with Mistress Grace whispering in my ear that I am going to be a great slut, I felt, for the last time (or so I thought) the delicious sting of Mistress Martha and her riding crop.

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