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A Sister's Support

by Lara Lynn

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© Copyright 2024 - Lara Lynn - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; fem; M2f; amnesia; conditioning; mast; cons; X

"A Sister's Support" delves into the intricate dynamics of familial relationships and the lengths one will go to reshape a loved one's identity. Cynthya, a determined young woman, finds herself on a path of empowerment as she takes charge of her brother Ash's transformation into a pretty sissy princess through feminization, dollification, and conditioning.

Motivated by past grievances and a desire for control, Cynthya seeks the assistance of Dr. Paige, a mysterious figure with expertise in behavior modification. Together, they embark on a journey to mold Ash into a more compliant and feminine version of himself, blurring the lines between support and manipulation.

As Cynthya advances her brother's transformation, she explores various methods to enforce his feminization, from gentle encouragement to psychological manipulation. Through subtle conditioning, Ash begins to embrace his new identity as a pretty sissy princess, unaware of the extent of Cynthya's influence over him.

The story explores themes of power dynamics, identity exploration, and the consequences of unchecked control. As Cynthya's obsession with shaping Ash intensifies, she grapples with ethical dilemmas and the blurred boundaries between love and manipulation.

With each step of Ash's transformation, "A Sister's Support" raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of identity, and the true meaning of support within familial bonds. As the lines between reality and fantasy blur, Cynthya must confront the true extent of her power over her brother's life.

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Lara Lynn



Cynthya Vanderdike had a good life. She went to a nice college with friends who loved her. Her wardrobe contained all the expensive clothes she could buy with her daddy´s credit card. She was beautiful and took pride in it. Girls were jealous of her, and boys lusted her. She lived a spoiled, privileged life, and loved it. She was Cynthya Vanderdike.

Her existence was beautiful. All in it, but one thing. Her nasty, mean, piece of shit brother. They say twins usually get along and can understand each other very well. This was not the case. Her brother, Ash, had been a pain in Cynthya´s ass since she could remember. He had not been popular in high school, and considered that Cynthya had an easy life just because she was a beauty. His remorse made him take revenge at home, teasing Cynthya at any chance he had, breaking her dolls, spreading fake rumors about her to ruin her social life, and treating her like she was a stupid bimbo.

Cynthya counter-attacked in high school, making fun of her brother with her gang of popular friends, who called him “Ashie”, and he certainly looked like an Ashie next to Cynthya´s jocks friends, who joined her bullying because it was funny and because they tried to be liked by Cynthya. Ash yelled at her that she was nothing but a stupid bimbo.

Cynthya might have a bimbo body, but she was certainly not stupid as Ash thought. In fact, she was one of the smartest students in her college. Ash didn't make it to college. He had been a bad student. Not due to lack of intelligence, but because he was a sloucher, and now his great plan was to make a life streaming video games. He had spent his high school days doing the bare minimum, hanging out with the few friends he had, increasing his jealousy for his sister.

But that was all meant to change those summer vacations. As they watched his parents take the limousine taxi to the airport, both thought that was going to be the summer of their lives, and in a sense, they were both right.

Khloe hugged his son one last time. She loved him as her favorite, as she thought Cynthya was a little too smart and didn't have much in common. Truth was, Cynthya could see her mother for what she really was, the prototype of a beautiful trophy wife that married her husband, George, for his money and power. Khloe put the beauty, George put the smarts, and they both loved being filthy rich and envied.

A bit on the side, George talked with Cynthya, advising her on how to manage the house. Cynthya was his favorite. He had tried to raise Ash to be an image of himself, a man full of resolve, a man who got what he wanted, a winner, but failed miserably and instead, he got his good for nothing son. He turned to Cynthya, who had all those qualities, except for the man part. Ash was well aware of his father´s preference as he did nothing to hide it, which made him hate Cynthya for it, wishing one day he could steal his father´s love making him proud.

Their parents got in the car for their long vacation in Europe, and as the car turned the corner of the street, they were gone for the next few months. Of course summer vacations was to say vacations for Khloe's, while George attended his interests in the region. The twins entered the mansion and sparks immediately flew.

“Okay Ash, to make coexistence work we will have to set some rules, first…”

“Rules? No way! I am going to spend this month living and doing my best, and you can screw yourself!”

“Listen Ash, dad has put me in charge of the house, so you will have to follow some instructions to make things easier, whether you like it or not”

“No - fucking - way! Do you hear me? You think you are so smart and responsible because you are daddy´s little pet, but whatever authority you think you have, means shit to me. I am not going to let you bully me like you did in highschool bitch!” said Ash rushing up the mansion stairs.

“Ash, wait! Ash! Come here right now!” Cynthya yelled at him.

Ash turned backwards to give Cynthya the finger, and then, it happened. Ash fell down in a messy manner. When he got to the base of the stairs, Cynthya could see how he hit his head on the floor. Ash laid there, inert.

Cynthya took her hands to her mouth in surprise, “Oh gosh!” she exclaimed. For a few seconds her heart stopped, but as she saw Ash begin to move again she exhaled alleviated. She ran to examine her brother.

“Ash! Ash! Can you hear me?”

Ash moved, and began to open his eyes. “Uh… uh?”

“Ash, are you okay?” Cynthya urged.

“I… I uh… Ash?”

“Ash, please tell me that you are alright”

“What… Ash?” said Ash with a confused look.

“Ash, stop playing games! Tell me that you are alright!”

“I… am… fine…” He said in visible confusion. “Who… where… what is happening?” he asked.

“You fell down the stairs Ash, do you remember?”

“I… don´t… my head hurts…”

“Oh my! You better not be playing with me!”

“I… am not playing… who are… you?”

“What? You stupid child! Stop that! You had a nasty fall!”

“I… I…”

“Come on get up. You will feel better laying on the sofa”

She helped her brother to the sofa, where he just sat, looking around with a troubled expression. Cynthya was pretty sure her stupid brother was pulling another one of his tricks on her. He probably just wanted her to get into trouble, making them go to the hospital and call their parents. That thought made her worry. If that happened on her first day in charge of the house, she would surely lose her father´s confidence. He might even punish her by blocking his credit card! And that she could not afford to risk. But she needed to do something with her stupid brother, and watch him closely in case he had some real injury.

They spent the rest of the afternoon together, and Cynthya was unimpressed to see that Ash kept playing his part, pretending to have lost his memory, and pretending he just learnt his name was Ash. For all she cared, and besides a small bump on his head, he looked just fine, but she would have to stay with him to make sure he had not a concussion or decided to tell their parents about what had happened. They watched tv and soon it was dinner time.

“So, what are you thinking for dinner, Ash?”

“I… don´t know…”

“Oh cut it already you! Now you are going to pretend you don't want a pizza like every other night?”

“Every other night? I… am sorry… I have told you that I… don't know…”

“Fine, whatever, have it your way brat. I am going to heat some pasta in the microwave for us. You are welcome by the way”

“Thank you”

Cynthya stopped dead “What did you just say?”

“I said… thank you…” Ash answered not understanding his sister´s reaction.

“Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed in surprise. “It is true that you have lost your memory!”

“I… told… you!”

It was the first time in years Ash thanked Cynthya. The Ash she knew will never thank her, he would just rather die than thank her. Recovering from the shock, she pondered the situation. If that was serious, she had to take her brother to a hospital, but… her dad´s confidence and her credit card being at stake was… well, Ash looked fine after all. Maybe tomorrow, after one night´s good sleep he will reset and go back to being the asshole he usually was.

“Okay, sorry, I mean, I will cook us dinner… Ash”

“Thank you. What was your name again?”

“I am… Cynthya… your sister…” she answered, feeling a bit weird saying it as if it was a new thing.

“Okay Cynthya. Thank you Cynthya”

“You are welcome… Ash.” The words felt strange in Cynthya´s mouth. She was impressed with Ash's attitude. If this was a prank, it surely was the most well elaborated her failure of a brother had ever done.

She proceeded to heat up dinner and served it in two bowls. She was tired after all the emotions of the day, but she certainly didn't mind serving Ash if that meant he was going to stay calm and not give her trouble for what happened, at least today. She went back to the living room and placed the food on the table.

“Thank you Cynthya,” said Ash before he began to eat with appetite.

“Hey Ash?”


“Could you maybe… call me sister? I am your sister after after all”

“Okay… sister,” Ash answered as he continued to eat.

Cynthya couldn´t believe it. I really didn't recognize her brother. His attitude felt so nice all of a sudden. It had been ages since he called his sister without adding an insult, or since he had thanked her. “This is how things should always be” she thought “Without constant complaints, fights, and insults”.

As they finished eating, Cynthya picked up the bowls to take them to the kitchen, but she felt tired and the only thing she wanted to do was relax on the sofa. Suddenly an idea crossed her mind.

“Ash could you… take the dishes to the kitchen and clean them?”

“The dishes?”

“Yes, I have prepared dinner after all, I guess that's only fair”

“Okay sister” Ash said as he began to do as she requested.

Cynthya opened her mouth in surprise. Ash doing the dishes? That was just unbelievable. Now she was almost one hundred percent convinced that his memory loss might be real. Ash's attitude had changed so suddenly that it was hard to believe but he doing the dishes was a solid proof. Still surprised, Cynthya relaxed on the sofa while Ash did as she had requested. That sure felt nice. They spent the rest of the day taking a little, trying to make Ash remember.

“So… you are my sister… and we live here”


“And you are in charge of me for the next… months?


“And do I have to do all the chores you told me?”

“That is it. Actually you love to help around the house… you are always such a good brother”

“I… guess… sister” Ash responded a little incredulously.

Soon it was bedtime, so Cynthya guided Ash upstairs, to the bedrooms. When they passed Cynthya´s bedroom, she told him jokingly, “And this is your bedroom.” Ash examined it for a few seconds and plainly answered “Really?”. Cynthya stared in disbelief, “How was it possible that he didn't recognize the bedroom” she thought. And decided to pull her little joke a bit further.

“Yes this is your lovely bedroom. Why don't you lay in bed to see if it helps you remember?”

“Okay sister. Maybe that way…” said Ash as he did.

“And… why don´t you… wear one of your pajamas… to see if it helps you too?”

“Yes… but I don't know where…”

“Oh, don´t worry,” said Cynthya, approaching a drawer. “Your sister is here to help you”

After a brief search, she took one comfy wide t-shirt that was too big for her and a pair of wide short trousers and tossed them on the bed. “There, use those… you will look so cute, hahaha” laughed Cynthya. “Thank you sister” said Ash, and he began to change clothes.

Cynthya couldn't believe her brother hadn't understood that she was pulling his leg. He didn't expect him to buy that her room was his and that one of her old comfy outfits was also his. As Ash finished dressing, she thought “Oh my gawd, I was right, he looks so cute”.

Cynthya and Ash were more or less the same height, and except for anthropological differences, they had more or less a similar complexion. Ash lied on the bed again.

“I… hope I can remember soon sister… this is a mess”

“Me too Ash… me too…” she said observing him. “Don´t worry, sleeping will make you good”.

“Thank you sister”

Cynthya looked at her brother. He looked so vulnerable lying there on her bed. She didn't want to take advantage of him, but teasing him was so funny. She had been suffering from his teasing for years, and now she could have some fun at his expense. A little fun and games until he recovered his memory wouldn't hurt anyone right? That had to be pretty soon anyway.

“Actually, I better watch over him tonight” Cynthya thought as she began to change her clothes and got into bed next to Ash.


“It is okay Ash, I am going to sleep with you tonight. I better make sure you are alright overnight”

“But sister…”

“What?” She asked suddenly, realizing that Ash was blushing. “Oh, are you embarrassed to sleep with me? Hahaha, how cute!”

“But sleeping together…”

“Don´t worry Ash. We are brother and sister, it is fine. Actually, we sleep together often,” Cynthya lied.

“Hm… are you sure, sister?”

“Positive. Don´t worry. Let's sleep Ash, you will feel better in the morning” she said, turning off the light.

Ash didn't reply. That beauty that said she was his sister gave him a sense of security, but also made him feel ashamed, for between his legs he tried to hide a massive erection. It wasn't right to feel so attracted to his sister, but he couldn't help it. She was a beauty after all.



The next morning Cynthya woke up earlier than her brother, feeling nice and refreshed. She lay there for a few minutes watching her brother sleep. He looked like an angel, and suddenly, she felt they were closer than they had been in years.

For a moment she wondered what their relationship would be like if they had been friends all those past years instead of fighting. Cynthya could have used a brother who was supportive of her instead of one who was constantly fighting, and calling her bitch. She gently caressed Ash's head to wake him up.

“Wake up sleepy head”

“Good morning sister” he said, opening his eyes and smiling at her in a way he had never smiled at before. A genuine smile full of peace and warmth.

“How… are you feeling?” Asked Cynthya.

“Fine, I guess”

“Are your memories back?”

“No… I don't think so… no…”

“Well, take your time Ash, you need to rest”

“Thank you sister. All is still so fuzzy”

“It is okay” she said as she resumed to caress his head, shyly at first, but then seeing her brother enjoyed it, with true affection.

Cynthya didn't want to admit it, but she feared that her brother´s memories may return and go back to his former self, a selfish, mean, lazy sloucher. When he said that he still couldn´t remember, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“So Ash, how about, you have a shower, and we begin our day uh? What do you say?”

“Okay sister” He said as he got up, stretched a bit, and went into the bathroom.

“Truly incredible” Cynthya thought. “He listens to me”

She began to plan for the day. She cleared her agenda to be with Ash as she needed to watch over him to make sure he was alright. She would prepare him a nice breakfast, and spend the day with him enjoying this temporary truce that life was giving them. Getting out of bed Cynthya went into her big walk in closet and opened a drawer looking for a change of clothes. She adored her closet. It was her pride, it was her heaven, full of all the expensive beautiful clothes she could dream of.

As she got her clothes, she had a thought. Maybe it would be funny to make Ash wear a spare of her clothes. Maybe… maybe she could get him into some cute outfit and take a couple of photos of him. Those will make a good funny memory when she showed him after he recovered his memory. And… also… in the future she might tease him by showing him his femmy photos. She wondered what he would think when she showed him those after calling her a bitch.

With those naughty thoughts, she chose some pieces of clothing for him. Nothing too eccentric or over the top. Just enough to make him cute. She looked around her walk-in closet and thought she was the luckiest girl in the world.

She put Ash´s outfit on bed as he was getting out of the bathroom, with one of her pink towels wrapped around his waist.

“Oh my gawd!” she exclaimed.


“Nothing… it is just… that you are so terribly cute, Ash” she thought, still not believing her brother was in front of her, wearing just one of her pink towels, looking so utterly cute.

“Wow sister, thank you!” Ash responded enthusiastically.

Cynthya was at a loss for words. Who was that boy and how could she make him stay! He was all the former Ash had never been. Polite and nice to her. A brother that listened to her instead of being a constant prick.

“I uh… I have left some clothes for you on the bed…” Cynthya said, regaining herself.

“Okay, thank you sister”

“I… am going to have a quick shower, in… my other room, I mean, my bedroom, the bedroom down the hallway”


“I will be quick. Dry yourself, get dressed and wait for me here”

“Sure sister”

Cynthya left and got into Ash's room. She looked at it with visible disgust. What a dirty, stinky, pigsty. She never understood how Ash could live like that. It looked dark, and smelled of loneliness and onanism, such an incel cave.

Getting into her brother's shower took some effort as it was no better than the room, but she controlled her initial repulsion and took a quick shower. She washed her perfect skin with warm water and the tender embrace made her feel refreshed. She washed her perky tits, playing extra attention to her nipples, her perfect waistline, and her pussy. She explored it a little with her naughty, playful hands, feeling her sex in its prime.

Turning off the water, she quickly dried herself a little with one of her brother´s disgusting towels that she judged as the best looking. She went back to her real bedroom to find Ash perfectly dressed, sitting on bed, waiting for her just as he had been told. Cynthya couldn't help but smile, feeling the pride and the power she now had over her brother, feeding on them. Suddenly she had an idea, a naughty idea.

“You look so nice Ash”

“Thank you sister”

“Now let´s do our morning ritual, shall we?”

“Our… morning ritual?”

“Yes Ash, our morning ritual. Don´t you remember?”


“Well, let me show you” she said, taking his hand and guiding him to her vanity table. “All morning we have to put on our makeup to face the day”


“Yes. Just light touches to see ourselves better. Why are you so surprised?”

“I… I… I am a boy!”

“Oh… well, Ash, I don't know how to say this to you but…”

“But what?”

“Well, you are a boy, but you are THAT kind of boy”

“What… What do you mean sister?”

“Perhaps it is better if I show you little by little. Come here, sit, don´t worry, let me show you, brother” Cynthya said, patting the chair in front of the vanity table.

Still reluctant, Ash timidly proceeded to sit on the chair Cynthya indicated. After he did, Cynthya began to work on his hair, combing it, and then applying some products on his face. Ash didn't look happy, but Cynthya´s words kept reassuring him.

“It is okay that you don't remember Ash, but don´t worry, your sister is here to help you remember. We are such good friends after all. I will help you remember how you used to put on your makeup, and how much you loved it”

“Are… are you sure sister?” Ash asked, doubting.

“Positive! You will see how much you like the result, and maybe it will help you remember”

Cynthya muffled a giggle. It was such a thrill to play dress up with her brother! He definitely wouldn't be happy with the photos when he regained his memory. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for her, and Cynthya was too much of a bitch not to take advantage of it.

“Okay… and we… are… done!” said Cynthya, giving him the last strokes with her makeup brush. “What do you think? Not so bad, uh?”

Ash looked at himself in the vanity table mirror. He was speechless for a moment. In front of him there was a beautified version of himself. Nothing too bold, but beautified nonetheless. He didn't know what to think about it.

“You are such a beautiful brother Ash”

“I… uh…”

“See? This is how you like to look”

“Is it?”

“Yes, you love putting on some makeup to make you pretty. These are just some basic touches, but for now it is good to help you… remember”

“Are… are you sure sister?”

“Positive” Cynthya said, sounding convinced.

“What… "What kind of boy am I, sister?” Ash asked, visibly afraid.

“Don't worry. We will get into that. It is not good for you to have it all of a sudden. Aren't you feeling hungry? I could definitely use some pancakes”

“I… okay sister…”

“Sweet! Let's go downstairs to have breakfast, but first” Cynthya said taking out her mobile phone “Let's take a picture of my lovely brother”

“Wait sister, what…” But it was too late, as Cynthya had already snapped several pictures.

“There! Oh, look, I love this one, you look SO cute” She said, showing it to him.

Ash looked at it feeling uneasy. He had a weird feeling, but on his condition, he guessed that was only natural.

“Are you not forgetting something Ash?”


“To thank your sister for… doing your makeup,” Cynthya said, containing her laughter.

“Oh… Thank you… Thank you sister”

“You are welcome Ash. Gosh, are´t you the best brother in the world?” she said, hugging him tight.

Ash blushed. That super attractive girl that claimed to be his sister was hugging him. She smelled sweet, she felt soft, and he could feel her perfect round boobs pressing against him. His member began to grow inside the delicate black underwear Cynthya had given him, inside the loose pink sport shorts. Feeling awkward, he pushed his hips back slightly, hoping that Cynthya wouldn't notice.

Cynthya casually grabbed his hand, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and took him to the kitchen where she made him sit on a table while she cooked pancakes. Cynthya couldn't help but feel like she was cooking for her little brother. Ash just stayed there, looking at Cynthya´s firm booty come and go as she happily moved through the kitchen. “My sister is a real beauty” he thought, feeling a hint of shame as she served him some nice looking pancakes.

“Thank you sister” he said with a smile on his face.

“You are welcome brother” she said, returning his smile.

They ate mostly in silence, making some small talk on that lazy, sunny morning. As Cynthya explained to him some details about his life, some true, some fabricated, she felt a connection with her brother that didn't think was possible.

“So mom's name is Khloe…”

“That is right Ash”

“She looks beautiful in this photo”

“Oh, she is an incredible beauty. Where do you think we got the looks from?”

“I see…”

“Actually, you are short of her favorite, because she loves how you look and behave much like she does,” said Cynthya, exaggerating her own version of the truth.

“Like her?”

“Yes, she is always worried about her looks, trying to look her best. Just like you”

“Oh… yes…” said Ash, assuming it was true.

They finished their breakfast and Cynthya asked her brother to do the dishes. He did them without being asked twice. He was so nice, so attentive to her instructions… she could use the new Ash for a little while.

When he was done, they went to the living room. Cynthya decided it was a good time to watch one of her favorite movies ever, Cinderella, and played it on the giant screen in the living room.

“Cinderella? This movie looks a little… girlish… Aw, do we have to watch it, sister?”

“But of course! It is one of your favorite movies ever, it might help you remember”

“But… Cinderella… is one of my favorite movies? Are you sure sister?”

“Positive,” she said as she hit the play button on the remote.

They watched the movie for a while. Ash seemed quite into it actually, but Cynthya was distracted, for in her mind she was toying with an idea, an idea that was quite the temptation. After plotting for a while, she finally thought “okay, shit, let's do it”. She was not going to miss the chance.

“I will be right back, Ash” she said as she left the room.

“O-kay…” he answered, but his sister was already running up the stairs.

As fast as she could, she went to her room, and began to take all the personal effects that would reveal it as her real room; the photos, her laptop, and her frilliest lingerie and clothes. She left some of her briefs and panties there as that was part of her plan, but only the most unisex ones she found and did the same with her clothes, taking skirts, dresses, and all entirely feminine, leaving only what could be considered unisex.

She quickly moved everything to Ash’s real room, tossing it there in a rush. Taking a laundry bag, she began to collect all her brother's masculine clothing, which was virtually all of it safe for some socks and a pink t-shirt he rarely used.

She also collected some of his personal effects, including his mobile phone and laptop, and put it all together with the clothes. Feeling her heart pounding, she took everything and hid it in the wardrobe of one of the guests' bedrooms they never used.

Going a few times from her bedroom to her brother's, she made some final adjustments until she deemed all good and ready. “Okay” she thought, “If I am going to make him believe my room is his, everything has to be perfect, or at least, not too weird”

Nervous but satisfied, Cynthya went back to the living room pretending to be calm, sporting her best poker face. Luckily, she was a pretty good liar. She sat next to Ash as the film neared its end.

He didn't pay much attention to her, but asked “Everything alright sister?”

“Yes Ash. Little bathroom break and then talked to a friend for a sec”

Ten minutes later the movie ended. Having had time to calm herself, Cynthya was now determined to carry out her plan. She would make sure her brother got a sense of empathy and understood what it meant to be in her shoes. On the side, she would get some nice, funny photos to tease him when he got back to his normal self.

“You were right sister”


“It was a good movie”

“Oh yes, told ya, one of your all time favorites. Does it bring back some memories?”

“No… I don't think… it does”

“That is weird. You used to love it so much, you spent the days saying that you will be Cinderella when you grew up”

“Did… did I?

“Yeah, you were so obsessed with her! You just adored how beautiful she was”


“And with her dress”

“With her dress!?”

“Of course! You are such a fashion victim after all!”

“I am… what?”

“Like, the way you are always worried about your appearance, your makeup, your outfit…”

“But… are you sure sister?”

“Positive! After all, it is only natural. Cinderella’s dress is so damn pretty, right Ash?”


Ash didn't know what to think. It was weird. The way he felt and the person his sister talked about seemed so different, but yes, he had to admit that Cinderella's dress was… pretty.

“Come on Ash, let's have lunch”

“Sure, sister”

Cynthya unpacked some sushi and they had a light lunch talking about trivial things. After that, Cynthya asked Ash to do some cleaning on the first floor, while she cleaned the second. Ash was happy to help and began just as his sister gave him the cleaning stuff.

As Cynthya heard the vacuum cleaner noise, she went upstairs. It was true the house needed a cleaning, but that was not the real reason to have Ash doing it. The maid that came once a week during the summer season was quite enough to keep things neat. The real reason is that she needed Ash busy for a time.

She went to the top floor of the mansion, where all the old stuff was stored and began to rummage through some boxes. Finally she found what she was looking for and picking it up took it to her bedroom, soon to be Ash’s. She casually put it in a corner, and spread some of its contents on the floor. It was a pink box containing all her dolls and other toys from her early years and on the front it read “Princess” in white letters. Cynthya wanted to make sure her brother had something to play with.

But Cynthya was not finished, not by a long shot. She went to her mother's dressing and beauty room. The place looked like any rich bimbo’s wet dream, filled to the brim with all the things a trophy wife needed to maintain such a lifestyle. Cynthya began to pick up fashion magazines and some basic makeup products. Five minutes later, Ash had a bunch of magazines on his new room’s night stand, and basic makeup on the vanity table.

She put effort in tidying the room and giving things a natural disposition, making sure the overall picture looked convincing. Suddenly she remembered about the bathroom. She quickly cleared it of anything too obviously feminine, but when she got to the pads, she stopped for a second. “Well, maybe… this could be funny” she thought, leaving the maxi pads there.

But for Cynthya, the final touch, the cherry on top of the cake she was coating, was in the second drawer of the left nightstand. In there, under one of her boy idol magazines, she left a bottle of lube and one of her vibrators. The one she left was a bit feminine, but nothing an experimental young man wouldn't use for a happy time. The lube bottle stated “Suitable for anal use”

With a proud smile, she went downstairs to find Ash finishing the cleaning.

“Ash, I have told a million times before but please, after reading your magazines, don't just leave them everywhere! It is so annoying to find them scattered around”

“My… magazines?”

“Oh, right. I guess you don't remember. You are quite the reader, and that is okay, but try to keep them in order somewhere in your room. I have found some under your bed, some in the bathroom… always the same”

“I… am sorry sister…”

“It is okay. You didn't know. Just promise me you won't do that anymore, alright?”

“Yes sister. I promise”

“You are such a sweet brother, Ash,” she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks sister”

With the cleaning finished, they relaxed on the sofa for a while. Cynthya held the remote control and browsed series. She told Ash about some of his favorite shows.

“And what is this one about?” Ash asked, looking at the show Cynthya had on screen.

“It is about drag queens. They have some kind of competition to determine… I don't know, like the queen of drag queens or something like that. You are the expert on this one”

“But… but… no way!”


“That show looks so…”


“So… I don't know, it doesn't look right to me”

“Wow, incredible! But it was one of your favorites!”

“Are you sure sister?”

“Positive! Let's watch chapter one to see if it helps you remember”

“I… hmm… ok-ay.”

They passed the time until dinner watching girly show after girly show, as Cynthya made sure Ash understood how much he used to like them. She was happy they finally got to do something she liked together. Her brother only watched stupid action shows and boring war movies. Who wants to watch Royal Rumble when you can watch Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures? For sure not her brother, not anymore, not on Cynthya’s watch.

Dinner arrived and she unpacked a salad for Ash while she prepared a steak for her. When she served the food, Ash tried to reach her food, but she stopped him.

“No Ash! You are a vegetarian”

“A vegetarian? No way!”

“Oh yes. Well, not quite, you sometimes have some sushi like this morning or other stuff cause like, gosh, I swear, you are such a poser”

“What are you talking about sister?”

“Yes it's always like that, you have your little phases. First you say you have gone vegan, then a vegetarian, then vegan again. You are always swinging, just like with your fashion”

“With my fashion?”

“Of course, you are always playing with your style! You have been an emo, a goth, an eBoy, a pastel boy, you have also gone visual K… jeez! You are so lucky we have a rich daddy that spoils you! I swear you must be the highest maintenance fashion victim ever, you have a lot more clothes than most of my friends”

“That cannot… be”

“Oh believe Ash, your wardrobe is like, your world. Now, eat your dinner please”

Ash looked at his sister astonished. What was she talking about? That was all so alien to him, so confusing. He had a terrible suspicion that he couldn´t hide anymore, so gathering up his courage, he asked his sister.

“Cynthya… am I… am I… gay?” He asked, visibly worried.

“Gay?” Cynthya pondered “Oh, well, no, I don't think so, not like, gay”

“But you said I was… that kind of boy. What… kind of boy am I?”

“Oh, Ash” Cynthya said pausing to munch and swallow a piece of her steak “I will show you”

Ash went back to his dinner with no appetite, eating in timid silence. Looking out of the window, he contemplated the rich garden, to which the gas lights gave an eerie appearance.



Cynthya waited for Ash to do the dishes texting on her phone. She had a busy agenda to meet, and a lot of people to reach, the first of which was Maria, the housekeeper. She texted her on the phone.

“Hello Maria. I reach you to tell you that you don't need to come this week to do our house, and probably don't need you for the rest of the month, but don´t worry, we will still pay you as agreed”

Cynthya saw Maria begin to type an answer a few seconds later.




“Is there something wrong, Miss Cynthya?”

“No Maria, don't worry. Everything is fine. We have some unexpected changes in our life situation, but don´t worry about your job. You will be paid as agreed and your job with us is safe. I will let you know when we need you to come back to clean the place”

“Understood Miss Cynthya, thank you”

“If you have any questions you can text me Maria. Don't try to reach my parents, they are going to be very busy in their trip”

“Yes Miss Cynthya, I will do as you say”

“Thank you Maria”

“Thanks to you Miss Cynthya”

With that taken care of, and as Ash finished the last dish, it was show and tell time.

“Ready Ash?”

“Yes Cynthya”

“Okay. Come on”

Cynthya led the way to her former bedroom, which now was to be considered Ash´s. As they entered, she went to a dresser and began to open some drawers, pretending to find in one of them the underwear she left before.

“See Ash? This is what I meant by THAT kind of boy”


“I mean” she said, grabbing a pair of yellow briefs “look at these, what kind of boy wears these?”

“Those… those are mine?”

“Oh yes. I mean, look in here, there is a full stock of them”

Ash looked in the drawer and saw it was true, it was full of cute, colorful underwear.

“I can't… I can't believe it!”

“I mean Ash, it should be pretty obvious, look at your room. It is kinda feminine, isn't it?”

“Well y-yes but… but what does it mean?”

“It means” said Cynthya stretching her arms stating the obvious “pastel colors, your underwear, your walk-in closet, your toys, your fashion magazines… what else do you want me to tell you”

“I don't know Cynthya” said Ash a bit scared “I want you to tell me who am I”

“Well Ash” she said making a pause and looking him directly in the eyes “you are a sissy”

“A… sissy?”

“Yes, a sissy. That is how you told us to call you”

“I… what? I mean WHAT?”

“Yes, we were always suspicious because, damn, the signs were there, but on your last birthday you made it official”

“I did?”

“Yes, you said: <<mommy, daddy, sis, I want to tell you that I am sissy, and I love being one. I hope you accept me>>” said Cynthya mimicking an affectionate high pitched voice.

“No! That can not be”

Ash sat on the bed with his head between his hands. He looked shocked. Cynthya sat next to him and began to pat his back.

“It is okay Ash, I mean, we all accept you and love you”

“But… how…”

“I still remember how happy mom was with you that day. She hugged you crying tears of pure joy, saying how much fun you were going to have together, talking about all the cute outfits that she was going to buy you”

“Really…? Mom?”

“Oh yes. You know how mom is. She celebrates everything buying clothes, jeez, she is so like you”

“I can't… believe it…”

“Believe or not Ash, that is the truth”

“And… Dad…?”

“Oh you mean Daddy? Well, let's say he is from another generation. He was angry at first, he couldn´t understand it. I mean, he thought you were gay and all, and he was more or less okay with it as long as you stayed in the closet, but when we explained to him what is a sissy is… he just couldn´t understand it”

Ash looked at Cynthya trying to understand, shocked by the revelations. After a minute, he regained his composure. Cynthya put her best effort to look relaxed, as if she explained something that was natural to them.


“Yes Ash?”

“What is… a sissy?”

“I don't exactly know, I mean, if I had to define you… I would say that you are kinda… feminine. You pay a lot of attention to your clothing, your makeup and… I mean your lifestyle in general has always been so feminine. Oh and pink, you just adore pink”

“This cannot be”

“Don´t worry Ash. It is fine. I mean, it has been fine for you all these years, why worry now”

“Because… I am… not like… that”

“Oh Ash, believe, you are quite fruity”

They stayed in silence for a time, Ash feeling the weight of Cynthya´s words and she patted his back in an effort to make him feel better.

“Well ass, is kinda late. Why don't you go to sleep? It will do you good”

“Ok-ay… sister…”

Cynthya left her brother´s bedroom with a playful smile. That had worked just fine. Now all she had to do was to keep the ball rolling for as long as Ash´s missing memories permitted, and make sure she captured a lot of happy memories. She doubted Ash would call her a bitch again if she managed to get enough blackmail material to keep him at bay, and to ensure that the next step was critical.

Once in her room, Cynthya opened her laptop and began to search for tech shops until she found what she looked for. Tomorrow was going to be one busy day.

For his part, Ash walked around the room examining everything. “I can't believe it,” he thought as he examined his underwear again and again. Then, in a corner of his room, he opened a box that read “Princess” only to find it full of dolls and girly toys. “What the fuck!” he exclaimed as his eyes were struck by a wave of pink and little happy smiling faces.

He moved into his walk-in closet and it was no better. He had all kinds of clothing, but the common denominator was its femmy touch. Going back to his room, he looked around, feeling lost in a sea of delicate colors, mainly pink. Ash refused to believe his sister, but the evidence was there. Feeling overwhelmed, he got into bed and covered himself with the sheets, wishing the earth would swallow him.

Next morning Cynthya woke up early and before making herself ready to face the day, went to Ash's bedroom to wake him up.

“Wakey-wakey sleepy head!” she said in her sweetest voice.

“Hmmm… sister…”

“Come on Ash, wake up. I want to have breakfast with you before I go into town. I have to run some errands”

“Okay…” He replied half asleep.

“Oooh, you opened your toy box,” she said going over it “and look, it is Mr Hugs”


“Mr Hugs! Your favorite teddy!” said Cynthya, picking up a plushie from the box and taking it to Ash “look at him! He wants to give you a huuuuug,” she said like she was talking to a child and bringing the teddy to Ash's face.

“Uh? Stop it sister!” he protested.

“Hahaha, come on Ash, give your little friend a huuuuug hahaha”

Cynthya teased her brother for a while until he finally woke up. Ash was still wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday. Cynthya left the teddy bear on the bed. It had been her favorite teddy and now it might become Ash´s.

“Come on Ash, let's go downstairs. I will prepare you some delicious toasts with strawberry jam, just how you like them”


They had breakfast in a good mood. Cynthya was happy, and had great expectations for that day.

“And remember Ash, while I am into town, you have to be a good brother and be responsible. You can watch some of your favorite shows, sunbathe in the garden, play with your dolls… just don´t run into trouble”

“Yeah, like I could run into trouble here?”

“I know Ash, I am just trying to be nice to my little brother because I love him so much”

“Your… little brother?

“Oh yes Ash. Don´t you remember? I am older than you so I am your big sis”

“Are you… are you sure sister?”

“Positive! And why don´t you call me big sista? That is how you used to call me and it was so sweet… I kinda miss it”

“I… I will try…”

“Thank you Ash. I think I shall call you how I used to as well, it may help to bring your memories back”

“How… how did you call me?”

“Sissy” she plainly said.

“What!? No way”

“Hahaha, okay, don´t worry, I guess you are just not ready yet”

“But why did you call me that?”

“Oh but because you loved it of course! You said that we were the best sisters together forever, and you liked that I treated you like one and called you sis, or sissy”

“No! That sounds terrible!”

“It is okay Ash. We don't have to go that way if you don't want”

“Thank you sister”

“No worries cutie pie”

Ash didn't like that but let it slide. They finished their breakfast and Ash began to clean the table.

“Okay Ash, I am going upstairs to have a shower and get ready to go into town. After doing the dishes you should have a shower too, you stinky boy”

“Sure sister. Oh, and I have been thinking…”


“I must have a phone right? Like, my personal phone”

“Yes, of course you do”

“And where is it?”

“I dunno Ash. I am always telling you to take care of your things. I must be around somewhere”

“Can you call my number to see if it rings?”

“Sure” Cynthya said and proceeded to call him, knowing his phone was silenced. “Sorry Ash, looks like it has signal, but it must be silenced”

“Guess I will look for it around the house”

“Oh, don´t worry about it just now, once I come back, we can search for it together. There is some app that allows you to locate it, I think. We will see later, now I gotta go. See ya!” Cynthya said heading upstairs to make herself ready.

“See ya sis…”

Getting to her room, Cynthya took a quick shower. She didn't know for how long Ash would be entertained watching the feminine tv shows and movies she had selected for him before he began to snoop around the house, so she wanted to be as little time apart from her brother as possible.

She washed her skin with floral scented soap, rinsed and dried her body, and began to get dressed. Taking a large trash bag, she left the house ten minutes later, gladly hearing how her brother watched a show called “Temptation Paradise”, in which super hot boys dated beauty queens.

Cynthya got in her expensive convertible. Her daddy's birthday present for her sweet sixteen. Feeling thrilled about what she was about to do, she started the car and headed into town. First stop, an ATM where she used her brother´s credit card to get a wad of cash. She put the money in her handbag and walked towards one of the stores she had researched. On the way, she made a brief stop to toss the trash bag she carried into a container. Her brother´s masculine clothing was now a problem of waste management.

She stopped walking at the front of a shop with a sign that read “The tech cove”. A bit nervous, she stepped in. It looked everything she expected from a place like that, a nerd, shady hole, filled with electronics. A clerk who for some reason caused her some disgust, sat behind a counter working on a computer. He looked at her, visibly surprised to see a girl like that at a place like his.

“Can I help you… Miss?”

“I hope you can,” he said, approaching the counter and giving him a mobile phone. “I would need this phone unlocked”

“Unlocked uh? Well let's see…” he said examining it.

“Can it be done”

“Everything can be done… whose phone is this?”

“My boyfriend´s. I think he is cheating on me and I want to make sure”

“Your boyfriend?”


“But I cannot unlock it without his consent, you know, there are rules…”

“How about” she said taking a wad out of her handbag “You help a girl in need, and no questions asked”

“But Miss…”

“Pretty please?” she said with her best seductive voice, giving him the look.

“How… much is that?”

“Enough for you to consider, and some more. Count it if you want”

He looked at the money and briefly examined it. That was more than he made in months.

“And you… you wouldn't tell him I helped you?”

“No, this will be a one time favor, and he will never know”

“Hm… sure?”

“Sure. I just want to know if he is a cheater or not”

“Okay. I will look into this, but I want half the money upfront”

“How about you have all of that now, and the same amount when you have what I need?”

“Really? That's a lot of money” he said with greed.

“It is, but on the side” she said taking out her brother´s laptop from her handbag “I want to have access to this as well”

“To… his laptop?”

“Yes. Access to his social media and all. Can it be done?”

“All can be done… for a price…”

“For another one of these, perhaps?” she said, showing him another wad of cash.

“Yes, for another one of those”

“Okay, deal. But I need it as soon as possible”

“I will get to it right now Miss”

“I know you will. And to make it worth your while, if you have it ready today, I might throw in some extra”

“Right away Miss!”

“Nice. Pleasure doing business with you”

“Pleasure doing business with you Miss…”


“Miss Ashley. I will need you to fill this form for me…”

“No forms. I will be back with your money later”


“See ya!” said Cynthya, leaving the place.

After a minute, the techie closed the front door and began to work as fast as he could. “I don't know what kind of girlfriend that woman is, but I wouldn't like to be the owner of these devices. She is hella beautiful, but she gives me the creeps” he thought.

Cynthya walked back to her car and headed towards her next appointment. Time for extra credits.



At home, Ash lounged on the living room couch, his attention captured by the colorful display of a girly show flickering on the television screen. The vibrant characters pranced and danced across the screen, their laughter infectious as it filled the room with a sense of whimsy.

As the show reached its climax, Ash found himself drawn deeper into its enchanting world, his heart fluttering with excitement at the prospect of something different, something out of the ordinary. But as the credits rolled and the screen faded to black, a sense of emptiness settled over him, leaving him yearning for something more.

With a sigh, Ash rose from the couch, his gaze lingering on the now silent television as he made his way toward his bedroom. He moved without purpose, his mind buzzing with the anticipation of what may lay ahead. Perhaps, he thought, there was something to be discovered amidst the mundane confines of his room that would help him remember who he was.

As he stepped through the doorway, his eyes widened at the sight of the subtle signs of his sister's influence scattered throughout the space. Delicate clothes hung in his closet with their appealing vibrant colors. Soft, lacy undergarments peeked out from the drawers, witnessing the changes that had begun to take root within him.

With a hesitant breath, Ash approached his nightstand, his fingers tracing the contours of the various items that thanks to his sister, now filled the space. A blush rose to his cheeks as he picked up a doll, its delicate features mirroring his own uncertainty.

His exploration led him to the cluttered surface of the nightstand, where a bunch of magazines and trinkets lay scattered amongst the chaos. Amongst the clutter, his eyes fell upon a bottle of lube and a sleek vibrator, hidden amongst the boy idol magazines. Heat flooded his cheeks as he realized the implications of their presence, his mind racing with a flurry of conflicting emotions.

Ash's heart pounded in his chest as he reached out to touch the forbidden objects, his fingers trembling with anticipation. Something in him recoiled at the thought of indulging in such taboo pleasures, not recognizing them as something that he might yearn for. “So this was my former self?” he thought “A sissy obsessed with boy idols?” He refused to believe it, but the evidence was all around him. With a sense of disarray, he decided to shower.

He got into the bathroom with its pink towels and delicate scent. Hopping into the shower, the warm water cascaded over his body, enveloping him in a cocoon of steam and tranquility as he stood beneath its gentle spray. With each droplet that caressed his skin, he felt a sense of relaxation wash over him, melting away the stress of his confused mind.

As the steam rose around him, Ash closed his eyes, allowing him to wander freely amidst the currents of his imagination. Images of his sister, Cynthya, danced before him, her laughter echoing in his ears as he indulged in the forbidden fantasies that had begun to take root within him. With each passing moment, the intensity of his desires grew, igniting a fire within him that threatened to consume him whole. He could almost feel her soft touch against his skin, her whispered words of encouragement sending shivers down his spine as he surrendered to the allure of his fantasies.

His hand trailed down his body, fingers finding their way to the source of his arousal. As he began to masturbate, his breath came in ragged gasps as he struggled to maintain his composure. With a shuddering breath, his movements became more urgent as pleasure washed over him in waves. His fantasies played out before him in vivid detail, each stroke of his hand bringing him closer to the edge of ecstasy.

Amid his reverie, fantasies mingled with reality as he surrendered to the overwhelming pleasure. With a final shudder, he succumbed to the overwhelming tide of ecstasy, his moanings echoing through the confines of the bathroom as he surrendered to the depths of his desires mixing shame and pleasure in his orgasm.

Minutes later, Ash stepped out of the shower, the cool air of the bathroom washing over him as he made his way to his bedroom. It was time to get dressed and the sight of his closet greeted him, its contents a reflection of the transformation that had begun to shape him. With hesitation, Ash reached for a soft tracksuit, its fabric whispering against his skin as he pulled it on. A blush rose to his cheeks as he contemplated his reflection in the mirror.

“I can't believe this is the most masculine clothing I have” he thought.

With each soft fabric brushing against his skin, a surge of shame coursed through him, gnawing at the edges of his conscience. It seemed to mock him and the truth he dared not confront. Ash took a deep breath, attempting to quell himself. He looked into a mirror, and the reflection taunted him, showing his vulnerability as he stared at the image of a person he barely recognized. The lines between fantasy and reality blurred, leaving him adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

With a heavy heart, Ash turned away from his reflection, unable to bear the weight of his own self-disgust any longer. Each step felt like a betrayal, a silent surrender to the relentless tide of femininity that threatened to consume him whole.

With his head bowed in shame, Ash couldn't help but wonder if he would ever find the courage to embrace the person he truly was. For now, his desires remained veiled, hidden beneath layers of fear and self-doubt, a secret burden he carried with him.

The soft embrace of his bed beckoned to him, its familiar warmth a comforting refuge amid his inner turmoil. As he sank into the plush pillows, Ash reached for one of the boy idol magazines tucked away in the nightstand drawer. The glossy pages fluttered beneath his touch, each image a snapshot of a past he struggled to recall.

Ash immersed himself in the pages with a furrowed brow, his gaze scanning the unfamiliar faces that stared back at him. He searched for a glimmer of recognition amidst the sea of images, hoping to find a thread of connection that would lead him back to himself. But try as he might, Ash found himself adrift in a sea of uncertainty. The faces in the magazines seemed distant and unfamiliar, their smiles nothing more than hollow echoes of a reality he could not grasp.

Frustration gnawed at the edges of his consciousness as Ash struggled to make sense of the fragments of his past. Each page turned brought him no closer to the answers he sought, leaving him stranded in a limbo of confusion and despair. Ash closed his eyes, allowing the magazine to slip from his grasp.

And in that moment of vulnerability, as he lay alone in the quiet embrace of his bed, Ash knew that the journey to reclaiming his memories and rediscovering himself would be long and arduous. But he also knew that he would not face it alone, for amidst the shadows of his uncertainty, remained a glimmer of hope, a beacon of light to guide him through the darkness. His sister Cynthya.

After a short drive, Cynthya arrived at her campus, now low on activity due to the summer holidays. She was there to meet Professor Buckley, one of her teachers from the psychology program she studied at that university. She didn´t especially like him but was one of the few teachers that knew his shit, and Cynthya respected that. Besides, she knew how to get from him what she wanted, for he had a very common weakness among his kind of men. After settling down for a moment, she headed toward his office in the main building. She knocked on the door and entered. He was already waiting for their appointed meeting.

As Cynthya stood before Professor Buckley, she knew she had to employ every tool at her disposal to sway him to her cause. With a calculating glint in her eyes, she began to weave her web of manipulation.

"Professor Buckley, I understand your reservations, but please, hear me out," Cynthya implored, her voice honeyed with persuasion. "I'm willing to go to great lengths to learn from you." The professor's brow furrowed in consternation.

"Cynthya, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but this isn't necessary," the professor began. "I'm afraid I simply can't provide the guidance you seek." Cynthya's heart sank at his words, but she refused to let her disappointment show. Instead, she masked her emotions behind a façade of determination. 

"Professor Buckley, I understand your concerns about the ethical implications of behavior modification," Cynthya began, her voice steady despite the knot of nerves that twisted in her stomach. "But I believe that in certain circumstances, such as my brother's memory loss, it could be the key to unlocking a better quality of life for him."

Professor Buckley regarded her thoughtfully, his expression guarded as he considered her words. "I appreciate your perspective, Cynthya. But we must remember that manipulating someone's behavior, even with the intention of helping them, raises significant ethical questions."

Cynthya nodded. "I understand the risks, Professor. But what if behavior modification could help my brother regain his sense of self, his memories, his identity?" she pressed, her voice tinged with urgency. "Isn't it worth exploring if it could give him a chance at living a fuller, happier life?"

The professor sighed, his gaze drifting to the window as he pondered her words. "It's a complex issue, Cynthya," he admitted, his tone thoughtful. "While the potential benefits are undeniable, we must also consider the potential harm that could result from altering someone's fundamental behavior."

Cynthya paused, weighing her next words carefully as she struggled to convey the depth of her conviction. "I understand the gravity of what I'm proposing, Professor. But I believe that with careful consideration and responsible implementation, behavior modification could offer my brother a chance at reclaiming what he's lost," she asserted, her voice resolute.

There was a moment of silence as Professor Buckley absorbed her words, his expression unreadable. Finally, he met her gaze, a hint of respect shining in his eyes. "You're passionate about this, Cynthya," he remarked, his voice soft. "I admire your dedication. But the answer is no."

As Professor Buckley sat behind his desk, his expression firm, he reiterated his stance. "I'm sorry, Cynthya, but I cannot in good conscience condone behavior modification without thorough consideration of its ethical implications."

She refused to accept defeat. With a determined nod, she excused herself to the bathroom, her mind racing with what she was about to do. She knew she needed to find a way to change Professor Buckley's mind, and she knew just the way. Quickly, Cynthya retrieved the provocative high school tartan uniform she had hidden in her bag. With each garment she slipped on, she felt a surge of confidence coursing through her. This was her chance to sway Professor Buckley.

Returning to the professor's office, she stepped through the doorway, the click of her heels against the floor echoed in the silence of the room, drawing Professor Buckley's attention.

His eyes widened in surprise as he took in her new attire, a flush rising to his cheeks as he struggled to find the words to express his astonishment. "C-Cynthya, what on earth—" he stammered, his voice faltering as he struggled to regain his composure.

Cynthya approached him with a confident stride, her gaze steady as she met his bewildered stare. "Professor Buckley, I understand your reservations, but please, hear me out," she began, her voice laced with determination. "I'm willing to go to great lengths to prove the urgency of my situation… if you know what I mean," she said playfully, winking an eye. "If you are nice to me, I will be nice to you."

For a moment, Professor Buckley seemed at a loss for words, his gaze flickering between Cynthya and the uniform she wore. But as he met her unwavering stare, a flicker of understanding crossed his features. She began to climb under his desk.

Thirty minutes later, Cynthya was leaving the campus with a sticky feeling in her mouth, and Professor Buckley´s words very present.

"Cynthya, this is highly unorthodox. But I can see that you're determined to help your brother. Very well, there's someone I know who might be able to assist you. Doctor Nevsky, Paige Nevsky. An esteemed colleague of mine. She specializes in behavior modification through hypnosis and positive and negative reinforcement."

Cynthya's mind buzzed with the possibilities that lay ahead. With Doctor Paige's expertise at her disposal, she might be able to keep her brother a bit longer. Damn, if she was half good as Professor Buckley said, she could even think about making some substantial changes to ensure the old jerk was gone for good.

The only thing that worried Cynthya now was Professor Buckley´s warning.

"Be careful with her though, she is…"

"She is… what?"

"Well, she is like you"

"She is like me?"

"Yes. She is a bitch"

"A bitch uh? Oh, you have no idea, Professor Buckley"



As Cynthya stepped into the shopping venue, a wave of excitement washed over her. It had been a productive day, with her meeting with Professor Buckley yielding promising results. Now, as she wandered through the bustling corridors, her thoughts turned to the next step in her plan to help her brother reclaim "his lost memories". 

She was not used to visiting that part of town. People called it the gaybourhood, and had a reputation of being the kind of place people go to have fun. She stopped at the entrance of a boutique specializing in fetish attire, and thought "This must be the place." The storefront was discreet, but Cynthya knew they had what she needed.

She had always been drawn to the world of kink and fetishism, fascinated by the power dynamics and exploration of desire that it entailed. With a sense of anticipation, she pushed open the door and stepped inside. The boutique was dimly lit, with racks of garments in every shade and texture stretching out before her like a tantalizing labyrinth. Leather, lace, and satin mingled together in a symphony of sensuality, each piece calling out to her with a whispered promise of pleasure.

Cynthya's eyes widened in wonder as she took in the array of fetish attire, delighting at the sight of corsets, harnesses, and restraints adorning the walls. She ran her fingers over the smooth fabric of a leather bodysuit, imagining the way it would cling to her skin and accentuate her curves.

As she made her way deeper into the boutique, Cynthya found herself drawn to a display of corsets, their intricate lacing and boning casting intricate shadows in the dim light. Each one was a work of art, a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its creation.

But it was the dress displayed prominently in the center of the room that truly captured Cynthya's attention—a fetish Cinderella gown, intricately adorned with lace and satin, its skirt billowing out in layers of tulle and silk. It was a vision of decadence and desire, a symbol of femininity and submission that spoke to Cynthya on a visceral level.

As she explored the boutique further, she discovered an array of accessories designed to tantalize and tease. A chastity cage gleamed on a velvet-lined display, its intricate design hinting at the control and restraint it promised. A set of leather cuffs lay nearby, their buckles and straps a promise of submission and surrender.

The assistant approached, a vision of allure in tight leather and lace. Her hair was a cascade of ebony curls, her eyes a deep shade of emerald green that seemed to glitter with mischief. She moved with grace and confidence, her every movement a tantalizing dance of seduction.

"Welcome, darling," the assistant purred, her voice a velvet caress. "What can I help you find today?"

Cynthya tore her gaze away from the display, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment at being caught in her daydream. "Oh, um, I'm just browsing," she stammered, her voice barely above a whisper.

The assistant's lips curved into a knowing smile as she leaned in closer, her breath warm against Cynthya's ear. "Well then, you've come to the right place," she murmured, her tone laced with suggestion. "We have something for every desire, every fantasy."

Cynthya's pulse quickened at the assistant's words. "Actually," she began, her voice husky with anticipation, "I'm looking for something special for my brother."

The assistant's eyes sparkled with intrigue as she listened to Cynthya's request, her interest piqued by the prospect of a new challenge. "Oh? And what does your brother desire?" she inquired, her voice low and sultry.

Cynthya hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to articulate her brother's desires. "He's… exploring his femininity," she confessed, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "I want to help him embrace it fully."

The assistant's smile widened at Cynthya's revelation, her gaze lingering on her with intensity. "I think I have just the thing."

Together, they perused the racks of garments, the assistant offering expert advice and guidance as they explored the array of fetish attire. With each piece they examined, Cynthya's excitement grew, her mind spinning with the possibilities that lay ahead for her brother.

As Cynthya followed the assistant deeper into the boutique, her eyes widened in awe at the sight of the showroom and the serene elegance of the space—a sea of emerald-green walls bathed in soft, ethereal light. The room exuded an aura of sophistication and allure, inviting her to explore its hidden treasures.

The assistant led Cynthya, their footsteps echoing softly against the polished floor as they passed by racks of fetish attire in every imaginable style and fabric. From leather corsets to lace stockings, each garment was a work of art.

But it was the assistant's own attire that truly captured Cynthya's attention—a pair of stunning emerald-green boots that hugged her calves like a second skin, their towering heels adding an air of dominance.

"They're… stunning," Cynthya breathed, her voice filled with admiration as she admired the assistant's footwear.

The assistant's lips curved into a knowing smile as she watched Cynthya's reaction, her eyes gleaming with satisfaction. "Thank you, darling," she replied, her voice a velvet whisper. "They're one of my favorite pairs."

Cynthya couldn't tear her gaze away from the boots and their vibrant color. "I've always been fascinated by high heels," she confessed. "They have a way of accentuating femininity and power."

The assistant nodded in agreement, her expression thoughtful. "Indeed, they do," she replied. "There's something undeniably empowering about slipping into a pair of heels—they have the ability to transform a woman's posture and presence."

"And imagine," the assistant continued, her voice low and sultry, "the way your brother would look in a pair of heels like these. The way they would accentuate his feminine figure and emphasize his submission."

Cynthya thought about it for a moment. Could she seriously consider introducing her brother to the world of fetish footwear?

But it wasn't just the clothing that captured Cynthya's attention. As they continued moving through the boutique, the assistant introduced her to a variety of accessories designed to enhance and explore her brother's femininity. "This chastity cage, for example," the assistant explained, her voice low and sultry as she gestured towards a display of intricately designed devices. "It's not just a tool for control and restraint—it's a symbol of submission and surrender, a reminder of your brother's commitment to embracing his femininity."

Cynthya's eyes widened as she took in the sight of the chastity cages, their gleaming surfaces hinting at the possibilities they held. She imagined the way they would encase her brother's manhood, locking away his desires and leaving him vulnerable and exposed.

"And then there's the butt plug," the assistant continued, her voice taking on a husky edge as she led Cynthya toward a collection of toys and accessories. "It's more than just a tool for pleasure—it's a way for your brother to explore his desires." Cynthya's cheeks flushed with arousal as she imagined the way the butt plug would feel nestled snugly inside her brother, filling him with a delicious sense of fullness. Feeling naughty, she proceeded to make her selection.

"This corset," Cynthya said, holding up a sleek black leather piece adorned with delicate lace. "It will accentuate his curves and make him feel irresistibly feminine."

The assistant nodded. "Absolutely. A corset is essential for shaping his figure and enhancing his feminine silhouette. It will help him feel more confident and empowered in his femininity."

Moving on to the stockings, Cynthya selected a pair of sheer lace ones that would caress her brother's legs with every step. "These will add a touch of sensuality to his look, don't you think?" she asked, turning to the assistant for confirmation.

The assistant nodded in agreement. "Definitely. Stockings have a way of making one feel elegant and seductive, perfect for helping him embrace his inner goddess."

Then Cynthya moved on to the Cinderella dress, its ethereal beauty a dreamy sight. "This dress," she murmured, her voice barely above a whisper as she traced the delicate lace with her fingertips. "It's like something out of a fairy tale."

The assistant's smile widened at Cynthya's words. "Indeed, it is. The fetish Cinderella dress is a symbol of transformation and liberation, allowing him to step into the role of a princess and explore his fantasies of femininity and submission."

Cynthya couldn't help but reflect on the assistant's words. "He's always had a fascination with dressing and behaving like a Disney princess," she confessed, a hint of embarrassment coloring her cheeks.

The assistant's eyes twinkled with understanding. "It sounds like he needs to be feminized," she replied, her voice filled with certainty. "He's a sissy at heart, craving the sensation of silk against his skin and the thrill of hyper-femininity."

Cynthya imagined her brother, his body adorned with lace and satin as he danced the night away in a world of his own making. "Thank you," she said, her voice filled with gratitude. "You've given me so much to think about."

As the assistant tallied up the total cost of her purchases, Cynthya's realized just how expensive her selections were. She reached into her purse and retrieved her brother's credit card, handing it over to the assistant. She felt a pang of guilt at using his card without his knowledge, but she pushed it aside, knowing that this was for his own good. Besides, it will be funny to think how their parents would react if they found their son had made such purchases.

Once the transaction was completed and the garments were carefully packed away into discreet black bags, the assistant assured her that the items would be delivered to her address promptly and discreetly, ensuring that her brother remained none the wiser.

As Cynthya bid farewell, she couldn't shake the lingering sensation of their playful exchange. There was something undeniably alluring about the way the assistant had leaned in, her eyes sparkling with mischief hinting at possibilities beyond the realm of mere shopping.

"Thank you so much. You've been incredibly helpful," Cynthya murmured, her voice laced with a subtle hint of intrigue. "I must say, your expertise in this field is quite enticing."

"It's my pleasure. Helping you fulfill your desires is what I do best. By the way, I didn't have the chance to catch your name, Miss…"

Cynthya doubted about giving her real name, but for some reason felt that the woman could be trusted. "Cynthya" she responded.

"Miss Cynthya"

A daring impulse seized hold of Cynthya, emboldening her to push the boundaries of their conversation further. "Perhaps you could assist me in more ways than just selecting garments for my brother."

"Perhaps," the assistant playfully said. "I am Emerald by the way." The air crackled with tension as Emerald leaned in ever so slightly, her gaze holding Cynthya's captive in its magnetic pull. "And what other ways might those be, Cynthya?"

Cynthya felt the thrill of the forbidden dancing tantalizingly close within reach. "Well, I have a few fantasies of my own that could use some expert guidance."

Emerald leaned closer, their breath mingling in the charged space between them. "I'd be more than happy to help you explore those fantasies, Cynthya. Consider me at your service." Cynthya's pulse quickened at the promise implicit in Emerald's words. "I look forward to it, Emerald. Until next time."

Emerald's expression reflected a silent promise lingering in the air between them. "Until next time, Cynthya. I'll be eagerly awaiting your return."

With a final glance filled with unspoken longing, Cynthya turned and made her way out of the boutique, the exchange with Emerald swirling in her thoughts. Little did she know, their encounter was just the beginning of a journey that would lead them both down a path of seduction, exploration, and boundless pleasure.

The memory of Emerald´s boots burned bright in her mind.



Driving home, Cynthya couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. She knew that she had taken a bold step. As she arrived and stepped into the grand foyer of their mansion, she made her way into the living room where Ash lounged comfortably.

"Hey Ash, I'm back," she greeted him, her voice laced with a playful energy that mirrored her excitement.

Ash looked up from the magazine, his gaze meeting hers with a curious glint. "Hey sister, what's got you all fired up?"

Cynthya settled onto the couch beside him, a warm smile gracing her lips as she contemplated the surprises she had in store. "Oh, just a little something I picked up while I was out. Thought we could have some fun together."

Ash's interest was immediately piqued, and he leaned in closer, his curiosity evident. "Fun? What did you get?"

Cynthya grinned mischievously, savoring the anticipation building between them. "You'll just have to wait and see. But in the meantime, tell me about your day. Anything exciting happened?"

As Ash launched into a recount of his day, Cynthya listened with genuine interest. Amidst their conversation, her thoughts began to drift to the possibilities of her brother's feminization, igniting a vivid fantasy that played out in her mind's eye.

She imagined Ash adorned in the delicate lace of the fetish Cinderella dress, his figure transformed into that of a graceful princess. The soft fabric caressed his skin, accentuating his curves and contours with each delicate fold. As he twirled in the exquisite gown, the skirt billowing around him in a mesmerizing dance, Cynthya couldn't help but marvel at the sight before her.

In her fantasy, Ash's face was suffused with radiant joy. Each satin ribbon and lace detail served as a symbol of his newfound identity as he stepped into the role of a princess. She envisioned him with cascading locks of hair, adorned with jewels and ribbons that shimmered in the light, each accessory a testament to his newfound femininity.

Later that evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon and the soft glow of twilight bathed the room in warmth, Cynthya and Ash sat down to dinner. The table was set with care, the aroma of a home-cooked meal filling the air and adding to the sense of comfort and contentment that enveloped them.

As they savored each bite of the delicious meal, their conversation flowed effortlessly, filled with laughter and camaraderie. Cynthya couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for moments like these, when they could simply be together and enjoy each other's company without a care in the world.

As dinner came to an end, Ash rose from the table to take care of the cleaning up. Cynthya watched him with affection, feeling a swell of pride at the thought of her brother taking on such responsibility. With Ash set to work, Cynthya lingered at the table, her thoughts drifting back to the surprises she had in store for him. She couldn't help but feel a surge of affection for her brother.

Bidding goodnight, Cynthya and Ash retreated to their rooms. With just one thing in mind, Cynthya pulled out her laptop and began her investigation into Dr. Paige, the eminent doctor who specialized in behavior modification that Buckley recommended at the price of a blowjob.

With a few clicks of the mouse, Cynthya found herself immersed in Dr. Paige's research papers and articles. She was impressed by the breadth and depth of his studies, particularly his groundbreaking work on conditioning techniques and their potential applications in various fields.

One article in particular caught Cynthya's eye: "The Benefits of Conditioning People with More Feminine Attitudes." Intrigued, she clicked on the link and began to read.

Title: The Benefits of Conditioning People with More Feminine Attitudes

Author: Dr. Nevsky Paige


In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the use of conditioning techniques to modify behavior and attitudes. While traditional methods have focused primarily on correcting undesirable behaviors, my research suggests that conditioning individuals to adopt more feminine attitudes can yield significant benefits for both individuals and society as a whole.

Femininity, often associated with traits such as empathy, nurturing, and cooperation, has long been undervalued in our society. However, my studies have shown that embracing these qualities can lead to greater emotional intelligence, improved interpersonal relationships, and enhanced overall well-being.

Through a series of experiments and case studies, I have demonstrated the effectiveness of conditioning techniques in promoting feminine attitudes among diverse populations. From corporate executives to incarcerated individuals, the results have been clear: those who embrace femininity are better equipped to navigate the complexities of modern life and contribute positively to their communities.

One area where conditioning with feminine attitudes shows particular promise is in the rehabilitation of offenders, especially those convicted of sex crimes. By instilling empathy, respect for others' boundaries, and a sense of accountability, we can help offenders develop healthier attitudes towards sex and relationships, reducing the likelihood of reoffending and promoting rehabilitation.

Furthermore, conditioning with feminine attitudes has the potential to create more harmonious and equitable societies. By challenging traditional gender norms and encouraging individuals of all genders to embrace feminine traits, we can foster greater understanding, empathy, and cooperation among diverse populations.

My research suggests that conditioning people with more feminine attitudes holds immense potential for promoting personal growth, social harmony, and positive change. By harnessing the power of femininity, we can create a world where kindness, compassion, and cooperation reign supreme.

As Cynthya finished reading, she wondered if a substantial and permanent adjustment of her brother´s attitude could be implemented. Maybe with more feminine attitudes, Ash would experience a positive change. She considered the possibility. Would Ash be receptive to such a drastic change? Would he embrace a new identity, or would he resist, clinging to the familiar comforts of his past?

Cynthya couldn't deny the allure of the idea, though. She envisioned a future where Ash was kinder, more understanding, and more attuned to her needs—a future where their relationship blossomed into something beautiful and fulfilling. And if conditioning him with feminine memories could help make that future a reality, then perhaps it was worth exploring.

Cynthya delved deeper into her research. She found troubling allegations that surrounded Dr. Paige and his colleagues. There were accusations of unethical experiments and forced behavior modification, leaving her with a sense of moral uncertainty.

The accusations painted a grim picture of researchers willing to push the boundaries of acceptable conduct in their relentless pursuit of academic acclaim. Instances of data manipulation, fabrication of results, and the coercive nature of some experiments raised serious questions about the integrity of their work and the treatment of their subjects.

At first, Cynthya's initial reaction was one of repulsion. However, as she continued to contemplate the implications of the accusations, a different perspective began to emerge. Despite the ethical quagmire surrounding their practices, Cynthya couldn't help but recognize the potential value of Dr. Paige's controversial methods.

In her mind's eye, she saw an opportunity amidst the chaos—an opportunity to use Dr. Paige's unorthodox approach to psychology in her own endeavors. She realized that his willingness to push the boundaries of traditional research could be a powerful tool in her quest to feminize her brother, Ash.

With a calculating glint in her eye, Cynthya began to envision a plan taking shape. She understood that Dr. Paige's reputation for bending the rules could be just what she needed. If she was willing to engage in morally dubious practices in pursuit of her goals, she might be receptive to collaborating with her on a project as unconventional as Ash's transformation.

The more she contemplated the possibilities, the more excited she became at the prospect. Dr. Paige's expertise could provide the key to unlocking Ash's true potential if she played her cards right. She knew that she would need to tread carefully.

After much investigation on how to reach Dr. Paige, she found an email address. A bit nervous, Cynthya began to draft an email.

Subject: Inquiry Regarding Feminization Therapy for My Brother

Dear Dr. Paige,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Cynthya, and I am a psychology student who has been following your work with great interest. I recently came across your research on feminization therapy and its potential applications in behavior modification, and I was fascinated by the possibilities it presents. I am writing to you today because I find myself in a unique situation concerning my brother, Ash. Allow me to provide some background:

Ash has always been a troubled soul, exhibiting erratic behavior that often left me feeling hurt and frustrated. Our relationship was strained, to say the least, and there were times when his actions were downright cruel. However, everything changed when Ash lost his memory in a recent accident.

Since then, Ash has undergone a remarkable transformation. He has become kinder, and more compliant. It's as if he's been given a second chance at life, and I am determined to do everything in my power to help him maintain this newfound positivity. In my research, I stumbled upon your work on feminization therapy and its potential to modify behavior.

As a prank, I started subtly incorporating feminine elements into his environment, such as convincing him that my room was his and that some of my clothing belonged to him. What began as a lighthearted joke to collect some funny photos and potential blackmail material, has evolved into something more meaningful.

I now believe that behavior modification therapy could hold the key to helping Ash maintain his newfound positivity and embrace a new self. And that's where you come in, Dr. Paige. I am reaching out to you to inquire if you would be interested in assisting me with my brother.

I understand that this is a highly unorthodox request, and I assure you that I am willing to compensate you generously for your time and expertise. I am also open to discussing any ethical concerns or considerations that may arise from this proposal.

I am truly inspired by your groundbreaking work and believe that together, we could make a real difference in Ash's life. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter and hope that we can collaborate to help my brother realize his full potential.

Thank you for considering my request, Dr. Paige. I eagerly await your response.

Warm regards,


P.S. Please find attached one of my brother´s last photos.

Reading it over and over, Cynthya finally sent it. It was late. Feeling tired of the emotions of the day, Cynthya lay in the comfort of her bed, the soft glow of moonlight filtering through the curtains bathing her in a gentle luminescence. Her thoughts swirled with excitement and anticipation, fueled by the daring proposal she had just sent to Dr. Paige. 

Cynthya's fingers danced lightly over her skin, tracing delicate patterns of sensation along the curves of her body. With a soft sigh, she allowed her hand to wander lower, trailing down her abdomen towards the warmth between her thighs. She closed her eyes, surrendering herself to the intoxicating sensation as her fingers began to explore, teasing and caressing in slow, languid strokes.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she found the sweet spot of pleasure, her movements becoming more urgent and deliberate. Lost in the throes of ecstasy, she allowed herself to be carried away, each pulse of pleasure pushing her closer to the edge.

As her arousal reached its peak, she felt herself teetering on the brink of release, her body quivering with anticipation. With one final, blissful exhale, she let herself fall, succumbing to the overwhelming pleasure that engulfed her in its embrace.

In the tranquil moments that followed, Cynthya lay in a state of blissful contentment, her breathing slow and steady as she basked in the afterglow of her release. With a satisfied smile playing at the corners of her lips, she allowed herself to drift off into a peaceful sleep, her dreams filled with visions of a future where her brother embraced his femininity and found happiness at last…

As the clock ticked past midnight, Dr. Paige found herself immersed in her work, the soft glow of her computer screen casting shadows across her dimly lit office. Papers were strewn haphazardly across her desk, each one a piece of the puzzle in her ongoing project.

Her latest patient, Alex, had been making remarkable progress in their transformation into a feminized secretary, responding eagerly to the conditioning techniques she had been employing. Dr. Paige smiled to herself as she reviewed the latest data, pleased with the results she was seeing.

But just as she was about to delve deeper into her analysis, an email notification popped up on her screen, drawing her attention away from her work. With a curious tilt of her head, she clicked on the message, reading first the sender's name—Cynthya.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Dr. Paige murmured to herself, her lips curving into a naughty smile as she read through the contents of the email. The situation outlined by Cynthya was certainly intriguing, and potentially, the stage for a new chapter in her research.

The prospect of collaborating with Cynthya on her brother's feminization presented an intriguing opportunity—one that she couldn't afford to pass up.

Dear Cynthya,



As Cynthya stirred from her slumber, she stretched her limbs, luxuriating in the comfort of her bed. She reached for her phone on the nightstand, intending to check the time and see if any messages had arrived while she slept.

With a quick tap, she unlocked her phone. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw a new message from Dr. Paige waiting in her inbox. Excitement bubbled within her as she eagerly opened the email, curious to see what the doctor had to say.

Subject: Re: Inquiry Regarding Feminization Therapy for My Brother

Dear Cynthya,

Thank you for reaching out to me with your intriguing proposal. I must say, I find the concept of behavior modification to be quite fascinating, and I applaud your efforts to explore its potential applications. Your brother's situation presents a unique research opportunity, and I am eager to discuss how we can work together to achieve our goals.

My kind of therapy can be a powerful tool for behavior modification, and I believe that with the right approach, we can help your brother embrace his true self and live a happier, more fulfilling life. 

I have scheduled an online meeting for us to discuss the details further. Here is the link: meeting_05

Please let me know if the time works for you, and we can arrange to speak in more depth about your brother's situation. I look forward to our conversation and the opportunity to collaborate with you.

Warm regards,

Dr. Paige

With a grin of anticipation, Cynthya quickly composed a reply accepting Dr. Paige's invitation.

Still excited by the prospect of meeting Doctor Paige, Cynthya quietly entered her brother's room, a playful smile dancing on her lips. She caught him off guard, engrossed in a boy idol magazine, a guilty expression fleeting across his face as he hurriedly tried to conceal it.

"Good morning, Ash," she greeted him with a cheerful tone, her eyes twinkling with amusement. Ash's cheeks flushed slightly, but he returned her greeting with a sheepish smile, attempting to hide the magazine beneath his pillow.

Pretending not to notice, Cynthya engaged him in light conversation, effortlessly steering the topic toward their morning routine. "I think it's time for our morning ritual, don't you think, Ash?" she suggested, her voice laced with gentle insistence.

Ash's reluctance was palpable as he hesitated, clearly uncomfortable with the idea. He fidgeted nervously, his gaze darting to the magazine still clutched in his hand. But Cynthya was undeterred, her persuasive charms in full force as she gently coaxed him.

"Come on, Ash, you used to be so into this," Cynthya urged, her voice tinged with nostalgia. "Before you lost your memory, you were always so excited about trying new makeup looks and skincare routines. Remember how much fun we used to have?"

Ash hesitated, uncertainty clouding his features as he mulled over her words. "I… I don't remember any of that," he admitted, his voice tinged with doubt.

Cynthya reached out, gently squeezing his hand in reassurance. "I know it's hard to remember, but trust me, once we get started, it'll all come flooding back to you. You'll rediscover something you used to love!"

A small smile tugged at the corners of Ash's lips, a flicker of recognition in his eyes. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a try," he conceded reluctantly, his resolve softening under Cynthya's gentle persuasion.

"That's the spirit!" Cynthya exclaimed with enthusiasm as she led the way to the vanity table. "You'll see, you'll feel like your old self again in no time."

"That is… what I am scared of…"

Cynthya wasted no time explaining their ritual's steps—cleansing, moisturizing, and a touch of makeup to enhance Ash's features. Despite his protests, she persisted, her encouragement unwavering as she guided him through each step.

Ash reluctantly complied. The intimacy of the moment, being made pretty by his sister, filled him with excitement and shame. The intimate proximity, combined with the gentle touch of her hands, stirred something deep within him. Despite his best efforts to suppress it, he could feel his body responding to her touch, betraying him.

Cynthya glanced up, catching the subtle shift in Ash's demeanor, her expression briefly faltering before she continued with her task. She pretended not to notice, focusing intently on her work as she applied each stroke of makeup with precision.

Meanwhile, Ash struggled to maintain his composure, his cheeks flushing as he fought to suppress the growing erection. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, trying to conceal the telltale signs of his body.

The tension between them hung heavy in the air, unspoken but palpable as they navigated through the moment. As Cynthya applied the final touches to his makeup, Ash couldn't help but feel grateful that the ordeal was finally over.

"You look so pretty, Ash," Cynthya said with a warm smile, admiring her brother's reflection in the mirror. "I love how this color brings out your eyes."

Ash shifted uncomfortably under her gaze, a blush creeping up his cheeks. "Thanks, Cynthya," he mumbled, feeling both embarrassed and strangely touched by her compliment.

"It's our little morning ritual, you know," Cynthya continued, her tone softening with affection. "I cherish these moments we spend together, just the two of us."

Ash nodded. Despite his initial reluctance, there was a sense of comfort in their routine, a feeling of closeness that he couldn't deny.

With a final smile, Cynthya turned towards the door. "I'll go ahead and start making breakfast," she said, her voice tinged with warmth. "Don't take too long, okay? I'll make your favorite."

Ash watched her retreating figure, a mix of emotions swirling inside him. He felt a pang of longing as she disappeared from view, leaving him with his thoughts. Alone in the room, the urge to masturbate overwhelmed him, his member demanding attention. He closed his eyes, his mind consumed by the intoxicating release that awaited him. "This is wrong, this is… so wrong…" he thought as he shot his load.

A few minutes later, Ash composed himself and made his way downstairs for breakfast. As he glanced at himself in the mirror, the presence of his sister's makeup evident on his face, he felt a strange sense of acceptance.

"Well, I guess if my sister likes it…" he mumbled to himself. Ash straightened his posture and made his way to the kitchen, eager to join his sister for breakfast and embrace the day ahead.

As the morning sun rose, Cynthya and Ash sat down for breakfast, indulging in a hearty stack of homemade pancakes. Amidst the clatter of cutlery and the comforting aroma of maple syrup, Cynthya broached the subject of their favorite girly show.

"You know, Ash, we used to watch this show together called 'Glamour Girls Academy.' It was so much fun," Cynthya reminisced, a nostalgic twinkle in her eye as she took a sip of her coffee.

Ash furrowed his brow, his memory failing him as he racked his brain for any recollection of the show. "Are you sure sister? I don´t think I remember that… but I kinda remember… other shows… about… wrest…"

Cynthya's smile faltered slightly. "That's okay! It was about a group of friends navigating life at a glamorous boarding school. We used to love it."

With a shrug, Ash nodded. "Sounds… interesting…"

After finishing their breakfast, Ash hesitantly asked, "Hey, Cynthya, have you seen my phone and laptop? I can't seem to find them anywhere."

Cynthya's expression softened with understanding. "Oh, don't worry, Ash. We'll look for them together after a meeting I have this afternoon. I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere."

Ash smiled gratefully. "Thanks, Cynthya. I appreciate it."

With breakfast finished, Cynthya turned to Ash, gesturing toward the sink. "Ash, could you take care of the dishes, please?"

"Sure thing, Cynthya," Ash replied, stepping over to the sink. He began scrubbing away at the dishes, the warm water soothing against his skin. As he worked, he could feel his sister's eyes on him, watching his every move.

Cynthya leaned against the kitchen counter, arms folded across her chest, a faint smile playing on her lips. "You're doing a great job, Ash. Keep it up."

Ash nodded, a small sense of satisfaction blooming within him at his sister's praise. He worked diligently under his sister´s watch. Finally, as he finished the last plate, he turned to Cynthya with a smile. "All done."

Cynthya nodded, her gaze sweeping over the clean kitchen. "Well done, Ash. Thank you for taking care of that." With the remnants of breakfast cleared away, Cynthya turned her attention to the tasks that lay ahead.

"Ash," she called out, her voice firm but not unkind, "I need you to mop the floors and clean the windows on the first floor."

Ash's brows furrowed in mild irritation. "But I was going to watch TV," he complained.

Cynthya crossed her arms, her expression unwavering. "You can watch TV after you've finished your chores," she replied firmly. "Now, go take care of it."

Ash let out a sigh, clearly not thrilled with the additional tasks, "Okay, fine." With a resigned nod, he trudged off to gather the cleaning supplies.

Cynthya looked at her phone for any last-minute messages. She couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction at her ability to keep things running smoothly. Meanwhile, Ash made his way bucket and mop in hand, begrudgingly tackling the chores assigned to him.

After ensuring that Ash was settled into his chores, Cynthya retreated to her room to prepare for her online meeting with Dr. Paige. She checked her appearance in the mirror, smoothing down her hair and adjusting her blouse to look presentable. Taking a deep breath, she powered up her laptop and logged into the video conferencing platform, eagerly anticipating her conversation with the renowned behavior modification specialist.

As she waited for the meeting to begin, Cynthya reviewed her notes and prepared her questions for Dr. Paige. She was determined to make the most of this opportunity, eager to learn more about her techniques and methodologies. Despite her initial reservations about the ethical implications, Cynthya couldn't deny her curiosity and desire to help her brother.

The screen flickered to life, revealing the image of Dr. Paige on the other end of the video call. 

"Good afternoon, Dr. Paige," Cynthya greeted warmly, offering a friendly smile. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

Dr. Paige returned the smile, her expression professional yet welcoming. "Likewise, Cynthya," she replied, her voice calm and measured.

"Thank you, Dr. Paige. I've been studying your work closely, and I'm eager to learn from your expertise."

The two exchanged pleasantries and introductions, establishing a rapport that put Cynthya at ease. Despite her initial nerves, she found herself drawn to Dr. Paige's confident demeanor and wealth of knowledge.

Cynthya began to recount Ash's situation to Dr. Paige. "So, Doctor Paige, my brother Ash has been going through a really tough time lately," she started, her voice tinged with concern. "He had this accident a while back, and it's left him with this memory loss that's been really difficult to deal with."

Dr. Paige listened intently, her eyes focused on Cynthya as she spoke. "I can only imagine how challenging that must be," she replied sympathetically. "Memory loss can have a profound impact on a person's life and their sense of identity."

Cynthya nodded. "It's been tough, for sure. But lately, I've been thinking that maybe there's something we can do to help him," she continued, "I think we might be able to help Ash recover some of his memories and improve his overall well-being."

Dr. Paige's interest was piqued, and she leaned in slightly, "Could you tell me more about what you have in mind?"

Cynthya took a deep breath, gathering her thoughts as she prepared to delve into the details. "You see, Doctor Paige, before the accident, Ash was… well, he wasn't exactly the best version of himself," she confessed, her voice tinged with sadness. "He was always so mean to me, constantly picking fights and slouching around the house with no direction in life."

Dr. Paige listened attentively, her expression sympathetic as Cynthya poured out her heart. "It sounds like he was going through a difficult time," she offered gently, her voice soft with understanding.

Cynthya nodded, her eyes shining with emotion. "But now, after the accident, it's like he's a completely different person," she continued, her tone growing more animated. "He actually listens to me now, and he helps me out around the house without me even having to ask. We even have these wonderful brother-sister moments together, watching TV and just enjoying each other's company."

"It sounds like he's made tremendous progress," Dr. Paige remarked, her tone filled with admiration. "And with your help, I have no doubt that he'll continue to thrive and grow into the person he's meant to be. But now, what person do you think he is meant to be?"

Cynthya leaned forward as she recounted her mischievous exploits. "You know, Doctor Paige, I've been experimenting with some… unconventional methods," she admitted, a playful smirk tugging at her lips. "As I mentioned in my email, I have played a few pranks on Ash, like dressing him up in some of my old boyish clothes."

Dr. Paige raised an eyebrow in curiosity, "And how did he react to that?"

Cynthya chuckled, a gleam of satisfaction in her eyes. "He was a bit resistant and dubious, of course… but over time, he seems to… accept it."

Dr. Paige nodded thoughtfully. "It's fascinating how our perceptions can change over time. And do you wish to continue with Ash's transformation?" she inquired, her tone measured yet probing.

Cynthya paused for a moment, considering Dr. Paige's question carefully. "What exactly do you mean by 'transformation'?"

Dr. Paige smiled, a knowing glint in her eyes. "I mean that you have a unique opportunity here, Cynthya," she explained, her voice low and conspiratorial. "You have the chance to shape Ash into the person you've always wanted him to be. To mold him into the perfect brother, the perfect companion, the perfect… servant, if you will."

Cynthya's eyes widened at Dr. Paige's words. "You believe I could make him into anything I want?"

Dr. Paige nodded, a faint smile playing on her lips. "Precisely," she confirmed, her tone filled with certainty. "With the right techniques and guidance, you could transform Ash into the ideal brother, someone who listens to your every word, anticipates your every need, and fulfills your every desire."

Cynthya's heart raced at the thought. "That sounds… incredible," she murmured. "But where do we begin?"

Dr. Paige met Cynthya's gaze. "Now comes the real challenge," she began, her voice low and measured. "We need to start playing with Ash's mind, planting seeds of doubt about his true self, his memories, his identity."

Cynthya furrowed her brow, a frown of confusion crossing her features. "But won't that be… dangerous?" she questioned hesitantly, a pang of uncertainty creeping into her voice.

Dr. Paige shook her head, a reassuring smile on her lips. "Not if it's done carefully, strategically," she countered, her tone confident. "We're not completely erasing his memories. We're simply reshaping his perceptions, guiding him towards a new understanding of himself and his place in the world."

Cynthya considered Dr. Paige's words, weighing the promised rewards. "And how do we do that?" she asked, her voice tinged with a mixture of apprehension and anticipation.

Dr. Paige folded her hands as she considered her response. "Through a series of carefully crafted exercises, conversations, and experiences," she explained, her voice steady and composed. "We'll gradually introduce subtle cues and prompts that challenge Ash's existing beliefs and memories, encouraging him to question his reality and embrace the new narrative we will be crafting for him."

"I understand," she murmured. "You see, Doctor, what I really want is for Ash to enjoy the same things I do, to share interests and hobbies."

Dr. Paige listened attentively as Cynthya outlined her desires for Ash's transformation. When she finished speaking, the doctor nodded thoughtfully. "So, you envision dressing up your brother and engaging him in feminine activities?" she clarified, seeking confirmation.

"Yes, exactly," she affirmed, "I want him to experience the joy of feminine activities and interests, just like I do."

Dr. Paige smiled, understanding dawning in her eyes. "It sounds like you have a clear vision of what you want for Ash," she remarked, her tone supportive.

Cynthya´s expression lit up with enthusiasm. "Yes, exactly," she exclaimed. "For example… I love watching girly shows, you know, the kind with romance and drama, where everything is just so glamorous and perfect."

"That sounds delightful," she remarked. "And what else do you enjoy?"

Cynthya's enthusiasm grew as she continued. "I also love experimenting with makeup and fashion. There's something so empowering about expressing yourself through different looks and styles."

"It sounds like you have a real flair for creativity," Dr. Paige observed.

"Oh, definitely," she agreed. "And I want Ash to experience that same sense of joy and self-expression." Cynthya shared the progress of her morning ritual with Ash. "We've started doing skincare and makeup together in the mornings," she explained. "It's become such a special time for us."

Dr. Paige's eyes sparkled with approval. "That's a wonderful initiative," she remarked. "Keep enforcing his makeup routine and don't forget to remind him how pretty it makes him."

Cynthya responded enthusiastically. "Absolutely," she affirmed. "I'll make sure he sticks to it and always tell him how good he looks."

Dr. Paige leaned in, her tone serious yet supportive. "And don't hesitate to humiliate him when he's not wearing makeup," she added, her words carrying a hint of authority. "Make him feel ugly and unattractive without it. It's important for him to understand the difference it makes."

Cynthya's resolve hardened as she absorbed Dr. Paige's advice. "I understand," she replied. Then, shifted the conversation towards another concern. "I've also been trying to get Ash interested in the girly shows and movies I enjoy," a hint of frustration in her voice. "But he doesn't seem completely convinced about them."

"Perhaps I can help you with that," Dr. Paige offered with a sly smile. "I've actually designed something that might be of interest to you."

"Really? What is it?" Cynthya asked with curiosity.

Dr. Paige continued with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "It's a sort of parental control system," she explained. "But with a twist. Instead of just blocking certain content, it mixes the volume of the videos with subliminal sounds that cause discomfort and induce a feeling of rejection in the viewer."

"That sounds incredible"

Dr. Paige's voice dropped to a whisper. "Basically, we can use it to ensure that Ash is negatively reinforced, punished if you want, every time he sees something that you don't want him to watch," she explained. "It's a subtle but effective way of shaping his behavior and ensuring that he only engages with content that aligns with your preferences."

Cynthya's excitement was palpable. "That's exactly what I need," she declared. "How soon can we get started?"

Dr. Paige grinned, pleased to see Cynthya's enthusiasm. "We can start right away," she replied. "I'll send you the details and instructions on how to set it up. You'll have control over what Ash wants to watch and ensure that he's always on the right track."

Cynthya leaned forward. "There's something else, Doctor Paige," she began hesitantly. "My brother has been asking about his mobile phone and laptop. I have them, and I unlocked them to check what he has stored in them."

Dr. Paige listened intently, her expression attentive. "And what did you find?" she inquired.

Cynthya sighed, her apprehension evident in her voice. "A lot of his photos, personal information, and social media accounts are there," she confessed. "If Ash were to see them, he might recover his memory and revert back to being the same arrogant jerk he was before."

"I see," Paige mused. "It's crucial that we prevent any potential triggers that could disrupt his progress. Indeed, we'll need to do some… adjustments," she suggested. "This way, we can ensure that Ash's digital environment fully supports his transformation. It's crucial to leave no stone unturned," she emphasized. "By curating his digital experiences, we can shape his perception of himself and his world."

Cynthya felt reassured by Dr. Paige's expertise. "I trust your judgment," she said.

"Cynthya, I need you to follow the link I am sending you from Ash´s phone and laptop. From there, we can begin to picture what a more… gentle identity for his online persona could be."

"Sure, Dr. Paige," Cynthya replied.

"Now, Cynthya, do you plan to keep Ash in your clothing? It could be a powerful way to reinforce his new identity. Clothing is probably the most powerful tool in shaping identity."

Cynthya felt a sense of validation in Paige's words. "Actually… I think I do want to keep him in my clothing. It could be a constant reminder for him, you know?"

"It would, certainly. Just be sure to choose pieces that reflect the image you want to create for him."

Cynthya chuckled. "Well, you know, Doctor Paige, she was always teasing me, calling me 'bimbo.' Now, I think it's time to show him who the real bimbo is."

Paige laughed, catching onto Cynthya's playful tone. "I love your spirit, Cynthya," she replied, amusement evident in her voice.

"There is something else…"

"Oh? What is it?" Paige inquired, intrigued by Cynthya's sudden shift in demeanor.

"I recently bought some articles from a boutique. One of them is… a Cinderella dress."

Paige's gaze was steady as she posed her question. "Do you think you might have a princess kink, Cynthya?"

Paige's question caught Cynthya off guard, her cheeks flushing slightly at the directness of it. "Um, well," she stammered, momentarily flustered. "I guess you could say that… I mean, I've always been drawn to the idea of princesses, but I never really thought of it as a… kink."

Paige chuckled softly, a playful glint in her eyes. "There's no need to be shy, Cynthya," she reassured, her tone gentle. "We all have our little fantasies and desires. Embracing them is part of what makes life interesting."

Cynthya's embarrassment faded as she considered Paige's words. "I suppose you're right."

"Exactly, life is too short to deny ourselves the things that bring us joy. So let's see how we can explore your fantasy. You want to dress Ash as a pretty princess?" she inquired, a curious gleam in her eyes.

Cynthya nodded eagerly, her excitement palpable. "Yes!" she exclaimed. "I've always had this fascination with princesses. To me, they represent the epitome of perfection and hyper-femininity. The idea of Ash embodying that ideal…"

Paige listened intently, "I see," she replied, her tone thoughtful. "It's not just about the clothes, then. It's about capturing the essence of femininity and projecting it onto Ash."

"Exactly! And with the right attire and accessories, I believe he will become the perfect princess!"

Paige smiled, her lips curling into a knowing grin. "Well, you've certainly come to the right place," she remarked, her voice tinged with amusement. "With my expertise and your vision, we can make this fantasy a reality, my dear."

Cynthya grinned, already picturing the possibilities. "I'll make sure to pick out the perfect outfits," she declared. "This is going to be so much fun!"

"That's the spirit, Cynthya! Soon your brother is going to be a pretty princess!"


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