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Sissy Maid and her Master

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; sissy; M2f; cd; maid; costume; chastity; oral; pet; cons; XX

Part 1

I find myself sitting at the feet of my Master. My Master is petting my silky auburn natural hair as I submissively look down. From the mirror I can see myself dressed in a really short satin french maid outfit with a fluffy petticoat. My legs are smooth and covered in sexy black fishnet stockings followed by my black shiny 5 inch ankle strap heels that are locked on. I dare not look at my Master directly as that's the way I was trained. In fact I endured many training sessions, surgeries and brainwashing...I am now the perfect sissy french maid.

As my Master pets me I can feel my clitty (I was trained to call my cock a clitty) grow in my pink locked chastity device. Still part of my male mind hates the idea that my clitty would get excited as a Man touches me. My Master locked my clitty away 3 months ago and I am never allowed to touch my own clitty. I sometimes get sad as I think about my past life, my wife and fucking her pussy....but that seems like a lifetime ago. My Master told me that I will never touch my clitty again and that I could forget about ever thinking about fucking a pussy.

My Master has just patted his leg and that means he wants his sissy french maid to sit on his lap. I carefully sit on Masters lap, my maids dress and petticoat is so short that my fishnet tops and sexy panties are exposed to my Master. I know my Master gets excited when he sees me dressed in the sexy french maid outfit....I can feel his huge bulge right now as I sit on his lap. My Master has a huge least 10 inches or more, thick and veiny! I know this since I have sucked his cock many times and swallowed his cum! I remember the first time I sucked his cock, my training prepared me for it but his sudden eruption of cum surprised me and I accidentally spat it out. I was punished for that of course.

As I sit on my Master's lap, he tells me what a pretty french maid I am and how I excite him. My Master then tells me that he can't wait until the day he takes my cherry! Yes I am a virgin and my Master has never fucked my sissy hole. He is waiting for the perfect time to fuck me! The thought of him and his huge cock fucking me scares me, because I know it will hurt and be painful. But until then my Master enjoys my sissy blow jobs and me wearing many sexy outfits. He really enjoys hearing the sounds of my heels as they click on the floor as I walk and seeing me in elegant silk lingerie.

Master now says it's time for dinner, I follow my Master into the kitchen with my head down. I kneel at the kitchen table as Master prepares dinner. I can smell the steak cooking, the vegetables and the baked potato. Then Master grabs a can of dog food, opens it and let it fall into my doggy bowl....this is my dinner as Master enjoys a lovely steak dinner! I'm not allowed to use my paws, I truly eat like a dog from the dog bowl.

After dinner my Master takes me into the bedroom. He commands me to kneel and I obey. He then says "Speak sissy maid". I have been trained to say the following "may this sissy french maid suck your wonderful cock?" He then begins to undo his belt and pulls down his pants. He pulls his huge cock out and it's scary. I submissively hold in my hands as I stroke it as I think here I am a straight married male now wearing a short sexy french maid outfit about to suck a man’s cock! Then he gives a command "Lick" and I begin to lick his thick shaft, feeling the veins and then the precum from the tip of his cock head.

Master then says "Suck" and my sissy mouth opens and I take his huge cock. I now look up at my Master as I suck him. I have been trained to make eye contact whenever I am sucking his cock. As I suck my Masters cock my clitty is getting very hard in its chastity device. I desperately need my clitty to be sucked or touched! As I suck my Masters cock I also play with his balls, knowing that these balls will soon be emptied. Then it happens, his cock explodes and his cum is following down my sissy throat and I swallow every drop! I also feel my clitty have a sissy orgasm but it's unsatisfying as my clitty only leaks out cum.

I am led into my bedroom where my Master shows me a surprise present....a lovely satin lace mermaid-style bridal gown! He tells me the day he orders me to wear that...that's when he will fuk me for the first time! I look at him with panic eyes and fearing his cock tearing me apart! But he says it could be tomorrow night or next month? Then my Master puts me to bed...a small doggy cage with a comfortable mat to lay on as I fall asleep and think about my previous life as a former man and a free cock. I look at my clitty and that horrible chastity device as I fear what my Master has planned for his sissy french maid tomorrow?


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