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Sissy Maid and her Master

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; sissy; M2f; cd; chastity; costume; maid; fem; cons; XX

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Part 2

As I lay in my cage I think about escape. I am still not sure where I am. If I'm in another country or still in the same neighborhood? Maybe if I can get out of this house and I can find someone with a phone? Then my Master appears. "Inspection time" he says.

I get in the proper sitting stance, sitting on my heels with my legs spread and my paws raised like a pet. My Master lifts my petticoats and then gets a good view of my clitty and chastity device. I feel so embarrassed, then his hand cups my sissy balls. My clitty begins to stir as this is the first time my sissy balls have been touched. He says "your sissy balls are full!" "When was the last time you had a full orgasm?" 

I start to cry "It has been more than six months, Master." He flicks my pink chastity device and my clitty stirs even more.

My Master says "I can't wait to take your cherry and to feel your virgin tight sissy hole as my manhood claims you!" Those words scare me but I say "Yes Master, I will be your perfect sissy wife and I will fulfill all your fantasies." I can't believe I just said that as I think about how I will look in that beautiful white satin mermaid style wedding gown. "There will be a professional photographer to capture all the special moments especially in the bedroom when I'm fucking my sissy bride for the first time." Fuck! A professional photographer! This can't be happening, I'm a straight male and soon I will become a sissy bride...I need to escape!

"Time to get ready for tonight's poker game." My Master pats me on my sissy ass and tells me to wear the attire that's laying on the bed. There is a pink satin french maid outfit and pink satin panties with pretty bows on the front and there is a pink satin ribbon. My Master instructed me to tie the satin ribbon around my pink chastity device and to make a pretty bow. As I check myself in the mirror I see how short the pink satin french maid outfit is. I tie the white satin apron and make a pretty bow in the back. The last item for me is the pink lacy choker with a loud bell on it; every time I move it rings. Then the doorbell rings.

Master says "Our guests are here, answer the door and greet them." Shit! I feel like such a sissy wearing these pretty items. I rush to greet our guests, my pink locked heels are clicking as I walk towards the front door. I open the door and 3 large men enter. I do a perfect sissy curtsy. 

The men stare at me like I'm a piece of meat "She is adorable." As one of the men stands very close to me, grabs my sissy ass and says: "When you are done breaking her in, can I have her for a weekend?" 

I look at my Master with scared eyes "Perhaps, who knows I might lose her on a poker bet. Let's play poker!”

The men are already seated as I start to bring a tray of snacks and drinks for them. After I enter the men are staring at my sexy legs and sexy french maid outfit. As I move my heels are clicking and the bell on my choker is ringing. As I'm walking past one of the men I'm instantly grabbed and fall into Bill's lap. Bill is much older, perhaps 65, large pot belly and he is the one that wants me for a weekend of fun for himself. As I lay in his lap, my petticoats have moved exposing my pretty panties to Bill! "Would you look at that, isn't that sweet! Such pretty panties, let's take a look under your panties!" I'm starting to squirm in his lap and I can feel his bulge. He pulls down my panties and exposes my pink chastity device with the pretty pink bow tied around it. I'm so ashamed as the men are checking me out and my pretty clitty! His chubby fingers are now feeling my clitty through the chastity device and I begin to moan. It's the first time in a long time that my clitty was touched by someone! Bill says "Look how excited she is getting and look at the fear in her eyes!" 

My Master says, "Yes, this is the reason I bought this sissy doll. I can't wait to see those pretty scared eyes looking back at me when my hard ten-inch cock is thrusting into her sissy hole for the first time!"

As Bill finally releases me, I'm allowed to serve more snacks and drinks to the men as I think about what my Master said and how I need to escape badly before that wedding night! But I fear the wedding will be soon and soon I will be dressed as a sissy bride!


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