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Sissy Maid and her Master

by Sensual Robert

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Storycodes: M/m; sissy; chastity; public; cons; X

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Part 3: The Wedding

I lay in my Master's bed wearing an elegant, long, pink, silk nightgown with beautiful lace on the trim. My hands are tied together and secured to the front of the bed. The feel of the silk against my small breasts and body feels so heavenly...then my Master walks in drunk. He has a raging hard-on as he approaches me and tears off my silk nightgown. Then my little satin panties are quickly ripped from me as I struggle and squirm, knowing he wants me now! He penetrates me roughly and I feel how big he is.

"Please Stop! You are too Big! It hurts!" but he just grabs my hips and starts thrusting into me...fucking me as I can only cry...then I wake up.

It was only a dream but I'm actually in my Masters bed wearing the elegant, silk nightgown as he holds me close...I can feel his bulge! He is fondling my small breasts thru the silk nightgown.

"Mmmm...I can't wait to fuck my virgin bride! Oh, by the way, the wedding is tomorrow night."

I look back at my Master with worried eyes.

"Don't worry the wedding will be fun, you will enjoy the ceremony and the reception feast."

The next day I greet the guests at the door...Masters with their sissy maids leashed, only a few women and then I greet my wife! My wife, who does not know what happened to me, shows up wearing a sexy, short, dark blue, silk, chinese dress and sexy heels.

My Master quickly appears, "Well hello Jane, I'm glad you are here to see me get married to my pretty sissy maid."

Jane looks at me, "She is cute. Is she locked up?"

My Master responds "Lift up your petticoat and show Miss Jane your little clitty."

I'm so embarrassed to show my chastity device to my wife, as I raise my skirt and petticoat.

Jane holds my locked clitty in her hand, "It's so small and I love the pretty satin bow."

As my Master, Jane and the normal guests snack on some food I am prepared for the wedding.

The 3 sissy maids are there to dress me...a white satin bow tied around my clitty, white satin lacy panties, white garter belt, white silk stockings, white 5 inch locked ankle strap heels.

Then my wedding gown...a long, satin, lace, mermaid wedding-gown, long, white, satin gloves, an O-ring gag, followed by a long, sheer veil! I look in the mirror and I see how beautiful and sexy I look, then reality hits; my Master's cock will get so hard when he sees his virgin bride. The 3 sissy maids are all dressed in short pink satin french maid outfits.

Sissy maid #3 says, "Escape now before it's too late and you truly become his gurl! Once he fucks, you that's when you become a gurl forever."

Sissy maid #2, who is owned by a large African-American with an 8 inch cock, but its thick, over 3 inches thick says, "It never gets easier...the ass fucking. I cringe every time he orders me to my knees and on all fours!"

Sissy maid #1 says, "Don't listen to them...being a sissy maid is the greatest thing that ever happened to me...I love my Master!"

The 3 sissy maids lead me to the altar, where I stand and wait for my Master...soon to be husband. I watch as the 3 sissy maids are forced to kneel and bend over a special bench; they are tied to the bench and their hands are tied behind their backs. O-rings gags have been placed on them as they struggle and panic, as they seem to know what will happen to them in those vulnerable positions! My Master appears at the other end of the aisle with his groomsmen. Here I stand, dressed as a sissy bride, about to become a sissy wife to a Man! I fear his huge 10 inch cock and the wedding night, when he makes me his gurl! I want to run but there is no escape for this trapped, locked sissy bride.


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