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Sissy Maid and her Master

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; bond; anal; tg; sissy; cons; rom; X

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Part 4: Wedding Night

As my husband-to-be stands next me, I'm forced to my knees as my Master takes out his huge cock. I'm now facing his pride, his 10 inch cock. The photographer takes photos of us in this humiliating position for me. The minister begins the wedding ceremony and finally announces us as Master and sissy-wife!

"You may now suck your Masters cock," he says, as everyone applauds.

My Master lifts up my pretty sheer veil and my red lips are ready to suck him. The photographer takes many more photos of myself holding my Masters cock and sucking it. I can't believe I'm now married to a man and sucking his cock dressed in a bridal gown.

The celebration and feast now begins, as guests are served dinner, while some guests use the 3 tied sissy-maids. They are fucked and forced to suck many cocks against their will. Sissy-maid #1 who has a gentle Master with a small cock is approached by the large African American man with the thick cock. He ravages her and she screams as she feels the raw pain from his monstrous cock. He holds on to her hips, "Wow! you are so tight!"

He looks at me, "I cant wait to fuck the day you will be mine!"

The photographer takes many photos of these tied sissy-maids as I can only watch and fear that monster cock.

After the feast, the sissy-maids are untied and they take me to the bridal bedroom. They prepare me for my Master and my wedding night. I'm face down on the bed that is covered in a pink satin sheet. My hands are tied together and secured to the bed frame. Sissy-maid #1 blindfolds me with a silk scarf and she kisses me on my lips.

"You are such a beautiful bride," then she reaches under my bridal gown and feels my chastity device and I start to leak sissy-cum. They leave me there to wait for my Master and his raging erection. I wait and wait, every moment just makes me fear his cock and how it will tear me apart, but I leak more sissy-cum.

Then I hear footsteps, including the sound of heels. Photos of me are taken, tied to my Master’s bed. My blindfold is removed by my sexy ex-wife, Jane. Then I see my Master naked with his huge cock. Jane gets on her knees and sucks my Masters cock while looking at me. She briefly stops, "I'm getting your Masters cock ready for your sissy-hole." She gives a final suck.

"He's ready for you now."

My Master gets on the bed behind me and I start to worry as Jane gets in front of me and stares at me. She looks into my eyes, "Hmmmm...those eyes, they are very familiar?" As I'm about to confess to Jane that I'm her former husband, my Master inserts his huge cock into me! I look back at him with my scared eyes and this really turns my Master on as he pushes his huge cock further into my tight, virgin sissy-hole.

I scream, "Shit! Please Master, stop! Take it out!" But my words just get him more excited as he grabs his sissy-bride’s hips and begins to fuck me hard. I can feel my own sissy-clitty locked in the chastity device leak cum and finally my clitty has a sissy-orgasm but it's an unsatisfying orgasm. Then my Master cums into his sissy-bride....making me his gurl now!

I look back at my Master, seeing his huge cock glistening.

"I love you Master! Come here and let your sissy-wife clean up your wonderful cock with my sissy-mouth."


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