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Sissy Maid and her Master

by Sensual Robert

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Continues from

Part 5: The Final Story

Over the next year I have gotten used to my Master and my mind has truly become a sissy mind. My Master is my only thought, my purpose in life is to please my man. I no longer think about my previous life as a straight married male or even my beautiful wife and her wet pussy. I now miss my Master when he is gone and I love him.

As his wife my main goal is to please him and serve him sexually. I no longer care about my own pleasures, but when my Master is fucking me I'm in heaven. I feel empty when his amazing cock is not deep inside of me. After our wedding night that's when I became his gurl.

My Master has given me access to shop online to buy myself sexy clothing. Clothing that will turn on my Master and I found two items that are very sexy. The first one is an elegant Barbie doll pink gown that is similar to the famous pink satin gown that Marilyn Monroe wore. The other item is a sexy black satin playboy bunny outfit with a fluffy tail and sexy ears, I will wear this later to please my Master.

I greet my Master at the front door in my sexy pink satin french maid outfit. I curtsy for my Master, then I take a quick glimpse at his crotch area...seeing his bulge pleases me. As I lead my Master into the living room, my Master playfully lifts up my pretty petticoat and whistles at me when he sees my sexy frilly panties. My face turns red and my clitty gets hard in the chastity device.

As my Master takes a seat "Master, let your sissy pet make your favorite drink." I walk into the kitchen with my sexy heels clicking as I walk. I place his drink on a small try and I seductively walk towards him with the tray in one hand. My Master takes the drink and points to the floor by his feet.

I know he wants me on my knees before him. He sips his drink as I begin to undo his belt and pants. "Master, may your loving sissy maid suck your wonderful cock? Please!"

He finishes his drink and nods yes. I lick his long shaft, teasing my Master with my tongue. My fingers are playing with his balls as my sissy mouth kisses the tip of his cock head. As I start to suck his wonderful cock his phone rings and he takes the call.

"Hello Roy, I have been expecting your call. I will accept your fair offer...mmmmmm...yes she is here right now giving me an amazing blow job...mmmmmm..."

I continue to suck my Master's cock as I recall Roy, he was the attractive African American man that was fucking one of the sissy maids at our wedding. I felt so sorry for her because Roy was very strict, forceful and not kind to any sissy maid and he had a scary thick cock. I also wonder what offer but I continue to please my Man.

"Yes, Roy, she is very pleasing and so pretty dressed in her pink French maid outfit...mmmmmm...I got to go...I'm about to...Cum."

My Master cums into my mouth and I swallow every delicious drop of cum. My Master then pats his knee and this sissy maid gets excited to sit on her Masters lap. "Master, I bought two sexy outfits for you, a sexy bunny costume and an elegant Barbie doll gown. I can't wait to wear these outfits for you and when you fuck me."

I can feel my Masters bulge grow as I told him about the sexy outfits. "Put on the bunny costume now, and let's save the Barbie doll dress for Friday night...I have special plans for you."

"Oooh...I can't wait to see what my Master has in store for his sissy property...mmmmm." My clitty stirs and I have a small sissy orgasm. I then run into the bedroom to put on the sexy bunny costume.

I walk out wearing sexy black fishnets, the classic bunny suit, a white fluffy tail, cuff-lets, my locked collar, black sexy bunny ears and black 5 inch heels. I walk around my Master, seducing him with my walk and sexy outfit. He instructs me to get on my knees and to say hi to Roy. I do as ordered as he video records me and my sissy mind is wondering what that was about?

Over the next few days Master acts strangely and he does not touch me sexually. I kneel in front of him, "My handsome Master, I know something is bothering you. This sissy French maid will do anything to please her Master...anything that will make her Master’s problems go away. Remember I'm your sissy property and will obey anything you ask me to do. I love my Master!"

My Master smiles and that makes my clitty hard. "Thank you sissy maid. You have been...I mean you are such a good proper sissy french maid!"


Today is the day my Master will see his sissy pet wearing the elegant Barbie doll gown and I find out what my Master has planned for us. Two of his assistants show up instead of my Master.

They tell me that they have instructions to assist me with my preparation for tonight. I ask them where my Master is, and they say they don't know.

I put on a sexy pink silk lacy short slip that barely covers my new pink satin lacy panties. Then I put on the long silk pink Barbie doll gown that is backless and the front ties in the back with a pretty pink bow. The sexy gown also has a large pink bow in back, just like Marilyn Monroe's dress from her famous movie. The long gown hides my pink 6 inch heels that have sexy pink ribbons that tie into perfect bows.

The assistants add pink long satin gloves and then tie my hands behind my back. Next comes a long red satin cloak that covers my pink Barbie doll gown. I'm next placed inside a large Barbie doll box, strapped in and I have a sissy orgasm knowing that my Master will open up his Barbie doll box and play with his toy.

The assistants carry me down to their van and I ride in the van as a Barbie doll present for my Master. I can feel every bump as they drive me to my Master and his special plan for me.

We arrive at our destination, the assistants carry me the Barbie doll into a dark ugly dungeon. They prop me up, leave me as I struggle in the box becoming very scared. Then I see the cruel Roy enter and stand before me.

"Why am I here? Where is my Master?"

Roy makes a phone call "Yes the package has arrived, I also got the keys as well...this finalizes our deal. Here's the sissy maid."

He holds the phone close to me "Master, what's going on? Where are you?"

"My dear sissy maid, I have fallen on hard times, business has been bad. I needed to sell a lot of stock and some other properties including you. I sold you to Roy here, he has been after you for a long time. He now has the keys to your chastity device and collar. You now belong to Master Roy and you will please and serve him! You are a sissy sex are only here to please men."

As I cry from the loss of my love my Master and from the fear of Roy's thick cock "But Master...I love you! You can't just sell me to another man...he's not a good man...I don't want to get raped by him...Master please..." Click.

"Looks like your Master is done with now belong to me...let me open up my present."

He opens the Barbie doll box and sees me draped in a long red silk cloak. He takes me out of my box and places me standing in front of a large mirror. He stands behind me, I can feel his large bulge as he begins to slowly undo the buttons on my silk cloak.

I feel so helpless with my hands tied as this brute slowly unwraps this Barbie Doll that was meant for a handsome kind Master. He suddenly rips open my cloak and my entire pink silk gown is revealed and his bulge just got larger.

He stares at me "Wow, you are a sexy Barbie doll...I love the pink gown with the sexy big bow in Barbie doll present."

His hands are groping me and then he raises the hem of my pink gown revealing my sexy pink heels "No! I'm not your Barbie Doll...this gown and lingerie was meant for my Master."

He whistles at my heels "Mmmmm...lingerie! Let's see what you are wearing for your new Master."

I struggle as he reaches for the pink sexy bow behind my neck and undoes it. My pink gown falls to the floor as I gasp. I'm now standing before a cruel Master in a short pink silk slip with pretty lace and my sexy pink heels. I look up at him embarrassed, "Please stop...this sexy pink lingerie was meant for my Master...tonight was going to be a romantic night."

As Roy stands behind me, he kisses and bites my neck "Tonight will be a special night...I will finally get to fuck you...I will bend you over and rape that sweet sissy hole of yours."

I watch as Roy unlocks my old collar and throws it into the trash can. "Oh I will not collar you, I'm going to brand you! I will also remove your teeth...I don't want you biting my thick cock. You are going to love your new life here as my sissy fuck toy!"


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