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Sissy Maid and her Master

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; mpov; oral; bond; boxed; auction; electro; maid; slave; nc; X

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The Auction

"Here is what you came here for, the pretty sissy maid...our last sex slave for sale for the night." An older woman pulls hard on my leash and I must follow her to the auction stage where I will be sold to a man. There are cheers and whistling when the potential buyers see me dressed in the sexy short pink satin french maid outfit and 5 inch locked heels. The short petticoat causes my skirt to flare out and my sexy stockings are revealed to everyone. I'm led onto the stage wearing a large red ball gag, a collar and my hands are tied behind my back. I'm chained to a center post and I'm not going nowhere. I'm very frightened and I know I will be bought by a man to become his sissy sex slave.

"Isn't she lovely, look at her luscious silky auburn hair and her smooth sexy slender legs. She has such pretty eyes...scared pretty eyes...imagine those eyes looking at you as she sucks your cock." I glare at her when she says that.

"By the way gentlemen, she is a Virgin...she has never been fucked nor has she sucked a real cock. She has trained on sucking only 6 inch strap-ons and she hated it. She is not fully trained but I imagine you will enjoy breaking her in." The virgin statement causes the bids to increase as every man in the crowd wants to take my cherry.

"Take a look at this..." She pulls down my ruffle panties exposing my locked cock "...she is wearing a chastity device. We locked her up 3 months ago and she has not touched her little clitty since then. You as her owner can release her clitty and keep it locked away for good." I start to moan as she plays with my full balls...then she suddenly stops.

"So which one of you will buy this pretty sissy pink french maid? Imagine yourself fucking this tied scared french maid for the first time...imagine her screaming your name for the first time as your huge cock is pounding her?"

"Looks like we have a winner..." She looks at me." have been sold and you now are the property of a Man." As I look into the crowd, not knowing who bought me. "We will package your sissy and deliver her to your address."

I'm next placed inside a shipping crate as the hostess appears "My my, you were very popular, every man out there bid on you and wanted to fuck your virgin hole. You are so pretty, your new Master will enjoy fucking his new sissy are Fucked!" The lid is closed and so is my fate as I'm now heading towards my Masters home.

Meeting my Master for the first time

As I'm unpackaged and left in my Masters bedroom. My ball gag was removed and my hands untied. I'm left alone as the handlers leave me dressed in my short pink satin french maid outfit. Then I hear my Master's voice for the first time "Come here sissy maid, come into the living room." I feel so embarrassed to be wearing this ridiculous french maid outfit especially for a man.

I nervously walk into the living room, my sexy locked heels clicking. " are so pretty and that sexy maids outfit is giving me a hard-on." I look at him "Please mister, I don't want to be here and I don't want to be your french maid. I have a wife and I miss her badly, I'm sure I can pay you back somehow."

My Master looks at me "Kneel sissy maid."

"No! I will not kneel for a man and forget about me sucking your cock!"

My Master suddenly stuns my sissy balls with a stun gun and I drop to the floor in pain. "That was setting number one, this stun gun has two more settings that are more painful. Now Kneel in front of your Master!"

I don't want to feel that pain again so I kneel. My eyes can see his bulge and it's getting bigger. "This will be your first training....your cock sucking training."

I look up at him with scared eyes "Please mister, don't make me suck your cock. I'm a straight married male. Can you also remove that horrible chastity device from my cock?"

He waves the stun gun in front of me "You will always address me as Master! You will never refer to your's a clitty! That chastity device is never coming off. Your days of masturbating are over! Now let's begin...start by undoing my belt and pants."

I hesitate but I'm scared of the stun gun as I slowly undo his belt and his zipper...then I see it behind his underwear, an outline and bulge of a huge cock. I start to cry as I know that I will be soon sucking a real cock.

"That's a good sissy maid, now pull down my underwear and hold my cock in your pretty hands" as I pull down his underwear his huge cock nearly hits me in my face. Now I'm holding a cock as I continue to cry.

"Now sissy maid, as you hold a true cock I want you to describe it as you feel and stroke it."

I can't believe I'm wearing a satin french maid outfit, on my knees, holding a cock and feeling it with my hands "It's hard...the shaft is veiny and I can feel it pulsating...and your cock is getting's huge."

"Now close your eyes, open your sissy mouth and you will get a nice surprise." I shake my head no "Please don't! I don't want to be here! I will never be your sissy maid!" Then I feel setting two of the stun gun and that broke me. After that I never disobeyed my Master although my mind still hates being his sissy maid.

I'm now on my knees again taking my Masters cock in my sissy mouth for the first time. I'm licking and sucking his cock head as I taste his salty. "Mmmmm....that feels so good. Remember to look up at your Master when you are sucking my cock."

His cock pops out of my sissy mouth "Yes Master." I look into his powerful eyes as his cock enters my virgin sissy mouth again. He is now pushing his cock deeper into my mouth and I want to tell him to stop your choking me. My eyes are now bulging as I struggle for air, I try to push him away but he's too strong....then he cums.

He shoots his load of cum into me, I'm disgusted and surprised as I spit out his cum. He looks at me with anger in his eyes "You will be punished for spitting out my cum!" Your punishment will come later."

As I kneel and look down "I'm sorry Master. Please don't punish me...I will be a good sissy maid. Master I came in my panties."

"Oh my pretty sissy maid had her first sissy orgasm. Do you miss fucking your wife's pussy?" Just then my Master is taking photos of myself wearing the pink maids outfit with his cum dripping from my mouth. I start to cry more as I think about my wife Jane and how she used to suck my cock and now I'm on my knees doing the sucking "Yes Master I miss Jane badly and her tight pussy."

"Now sissy maid what are you?" I look at my Master "I don't understand the question?"

"You are My sissy property. My sissy pet! My sissy french maid! My sissy sex slave. Understand?"

"Yes Master I'm your sissy maid....your sissy maid forever." Oh how I miss my wife and how I fear my Master’s huge cock and when he finally decides to take my cherry!


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