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Tranny Wedding

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; oral; bond; chastity; rom; spreadeagle; shemale; cons; XX

When I look at my sexy wife Kellie, I see the perfect image of a housewife. She always wears pretty clothes around the house...skirts, flowing dresses, silk blouses, heels, elegant lingerie and she even wears a pretty apron when doing the dishes or cooking. Whenever we go out she is dressed so elegantly and men are always staring at my pretty wife. She is tall, 5 foot 9 inches, and walks with grace and confidence. Men always tell me that I'm a lucky man to have a pretty sexy wife! But they don't know Kellie's secret! I think back to our wedding day and honeymoon night.

I was already at the front of the altar waiting for the beautiful virgin bride to walk down the aisle towards me. Yes Kellie is a virgin, at least that's what she told me. We never had sex, we only made out. She wanted our honeymoon to be special and insisted that our first time having sex would be incredible. Prior to the wedding Kellie gave me a red satin scarf and wanted me to tie it around my cock and balls. She said my cock would be a gift for her.

She enters the room and all eyes are on her. She is so beautiful in her long satin lacy bridal gown with a long satin train. I can see her pretty face under the pretty sheer veil. I instantly get hard just watching her walk in her 3-inch white heels and seeing how she moves and flows in the pretty bridal gown. I'm anxious to see what special bridal lingerie she is wearing under her bridal gown.

Finally after the ceremony, the reception, and the dancing I will finally get to see my new bride naked and to fuck her! She tells me to strip, I remove everything except my silk boxers and the red satin bow still tied around my cock and balls. My modest 5+ inch cock is so hard and ready to fuck my bride. I'm surprised but excited when she ties me down to the bed spreadeagled. She is still fully dressed in her bridal gown when she says "I'm going to give you a blow job that you will never forget." She pulls down my silk boxers and loves the satin bow "Aaah is this cock and balls a present for me?" I say "Yes, my cock and balls belong to you!"

Her tongue, her lips, her hands are teasing and pleasing my cock and balls. I'm in heaven as I near an orgasm. Before that my bride says "After you cum, I will lock your cock and balls in a chastity device!" As she says that I'm stunned but I have my incredible orgasm as my cum shoots into my brides mouth. As I lay there still tied, still breathing hard, my bride quickly locks my cock away. "What the fuck are you doing Kellie?" "This is a joke right?" My bride Kellie plays with my balls "No joke, except the size of your cock. You see I really don't enjoy anal sex...well I don't like to receive anal sex." Then she wets her fingers and drives them into my asshole, "But I will enjoy fucking your asshole."

I'm now squirming on the bed, I can't believe what she is saying. I tell her "I'm not into strap-on sex." She laughs, stands up, lifts up her bridal gown and I see it… an outline of a cock underneath her white lacy panties! She says "My cock is 8 inches long and you are going to be on your knees a lot pleasing me!" She removes her bridal gown and then positions herself on top of me in a 69 position. I'm forced to suck my bride's cock as she teases and torments my locked cock.

No one knew that the beautiful bride walking down the aisle has a long 8 inch cock! Although I wanted a divorce but then everyone would know that I married a tranny. So I now live my life as a subby with my cock locked away and my wife with a huge 8 inch cock that she uses on me constantly. I still get excited seeing my wife dressed in a long pleated skirt with a silk bow blouse and knowing that underneath her sexy black satin panties is a cock that I will be sucking!


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