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Tranny Wedding

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; anal; pegging; pain; climax; bond; chastity; shemale; cons; reluct; XX

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It's nearing my five year wedding anniversary. Over the last five years I have endured brutal anal sex, giving my wife Kellie many blow jobs and swallowing her cum. Tonight she me tied in a strappado position with my hands tied behind my back and a spreader bar on my feet. She has allowed my cock to be released from my chastity device. It's the first time in five years that my cock is free. It feels like eternity when I think back on our wedding night when she gave me an amazing blow job and then locked up my cock.

"Please gentle this time...your cock hurts me every time." In the last five years Kellie has always been horny, dominating, and sex crazed.

"Don't call me honey, you will always address me as Mistress in the bedroom. Now tonight I will allow you to have a full orgasm, it's my anniversary present to you."

She grabs my hips, forces her eight inch cock into my sissy hole and starts ramming me hard. "Oh shit! Stop...slow down...please Mistress I beg you to stop...I can't take the pain."

My mistress Kellie grabs my hair, pulls my head towards her "Shut up slut. I will fuck you as I are my fuck toy!"

As she fucks me, I can feel my own cock getting hard and nearing an orgasm. I scream from the brutal raw anal sex mixed with confusing pleasures as I cum. My cock throbs, shoots a stream of cum as Kellie is still ass fucking me. The orgasm is incredible but partly unsatisfying, because I need a pussy to pleasure my cock, or just a hand to stroke it. But my Kellie will deny me those pleasures.

The Anniversary party

Bob and Joanne are good friends of ours and they are taking us out to a country club to celebrate our anniversary. It's only the four of us that will enjoy a good dinner and drinks at this spacious and beautiful country club. Of course Bob, Joanne and all our coworkers do not know my terrible secret that my sexy wife has a cock and that mine is locked away.

My sexy wife puts on a white silk dress that is similar to the one Marilyn wore during her famous up-skirt scene. She goes braless and her nipples are showing through the silk material. Then she puts on some sexy white heels. My locked cock is getting hard just seeing how she is dressed. Then she lays out some items for me to wear...garter belt, silk stockings, pink satin lacy panties and an embarrassing loud bell that will be attached to my chastity device! I'm thankful that the bell sounds will be muffled by my panties and no one should notice my lingerie underneath my suit.

During the dinner we are enjoying the great food, wine, good stories when Kellie leans towards me and whispers into my ear, "I'm horny...I need to fuck you!"

I blush with embarrassment when she says that and then she grabs my hand, "Excuse us Bob and Joanne, we want to enjoy some of these romantic views...we will be back in a few minutes."

Kellie leads me to a dark empty large room, and quickly pulls down my pants and panties. She thrusts her hard cock into me and fucks me from behind. My chastity device bell is ringing loudly when suddenly the lights turn on and we hear, "Surprise! Happy Anniversary!"

We are in shock, and so are our friends and coworkers! They find me bent over with my pink panties around my ankles and with Kellies cock inside of me. Then we hear the murmurs throughout the crowd: "Is he wearing panties? Oh my Kellie, is a she-male! Look at that chastity device! Is Kellie fucking her husband? Is that cum leaking from his chastity device?"


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