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My Butler James 9a: The Pay Per View Heiress

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machines/f; Sbf; M/f; D/s; robots; naked; bond; cuffs; chain; gag; hogtie; hum; forced; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part eight

The final part of "My Butler James" has two endings, one of which is a somewhat happy ending and the other an alternate dark ending.
Part 9a: The Pay Per View Heiress = Good & Part 9b: Gloria's Last Scene = darker ending - you choose.

Part 9a: The Pay Per View Heiress

Hours later the black helicopters landed and deposited their human cargo, teams of black uniformed men with no rank insignia or service branch evident on their uniforms. These men looked to be in charge of things and only carried side arms, but more heavily armed men in circling gunships ensured that the perimeter was secure, and that their operation wouldn't be interrupted easily.

The singularity was a serious threat to national security, as well as global security, and the men likely had their orders. Would they take what was valuable and leave the rest, or destroy the rest so there would be no witnesses to how close humanity had come to being surpassed as the dominate species on the globe?

It would be pragmatic to take Jessica and her support staff with them for possible repurposing in their own efforts, but if the general public ever found out about the events at the compound world panic could set in. In a philosophical way I thought that could be interesting, would the general public shun their technology in exchange for a simpler private life, or resume their dependence on thinking devices with intrusive levels of information collection just waiting for the next opportunistic villain?

Neither were my concern as I found myself watching the scene unfold from a top window overlooking the landing pad. I was nude, ring gagged, and bound, kneeling on a soft mat with my wrists and ankles behind me and only separated by just a few links of very heavy chain, incredibly by my own hand on James' instructions. Placing my own cuffs on my wrists and ankles and struggling to close the padlocks behind me seemed counter intuitive, but the black uniformed men had walked past my submissive form many times hours later, never giving me more that a curious glance as if I were an inanimate object found in the position that they were told to expected it.

Any of the uniformed men could have taken advantage of my helplessness but chose not to, I alone many times as James was quite busy, and in no position to offer the slightest resistance. I thought at the time that I would have done anything willingly for the whole crew in exchange for a free ride away from the mansion in their chopper, but it would have been difficult to make that offer understood gagged as I was. James told me earlier that if I wished to survive I had to trust him, and I did, but with the one disgusting person I hoped never to see again walking ever closer to the mansion, having exited a gleaming white chopper that likely used to belong to me, I was having definite second thoughts.

He was our corporation's director of personnel and finance, a powerful and trusted confidant to my half siblings and their vast empire. He was also a pig of a man and usually did my half siblings dirty work for them, (regardless of his benign title), and placed in a position where he could affect my life in many ways, they choosing him specifically because I found him revolting. I had seduced his hansom predecessor while in my teen years, and it was this quid pro quo preferential treatment from that man that had made my earlier life such a breeze. He made me wise beyond my years in exchange for preventing me from experiencing anything remotely considered work, at least until his reassignment. My half siblings finally figuring things out and replacing the man, ensuring I would not wish to repeat such tricks with his replacement.

Just the disgusting man's presence at the mansion confirmed that he was the one who had engineered my reassignment to this remote prison like mansion, and likely the one who had found the first James for me as well on my half siblings behalf. Only he would think to have an android repurposed from the prison system come and make sure I stayed out of trouble, allowing it to administer corporal punishments to me as if I were a spoiled child.

That also meant that he would have access to all the security tapes from the mansion, as well as anything collected by James and the others for his perverse viewing pleasures. I could just imagine him pleasuring himself while watching me get punished with James' belt, soothing his conscience, (if he actually had one), by telling himself that I had agreed to James' conditions when offered the opportunity to leave. All things considered, being delivered naked to the real Gloria's as her slave for a time would have been far easier, and while she had no reason to give me any compassion, I knew she would have eventually.

I watched the black suited men board their choppers and leave, but one group stayed behind as if waiting for something, their craft's rotors not even spinning as they glanced time and again to the window I was displayed in front of. The revolting man was soon enough standing in front of me, looking my naked form up and down in inspection and smiling as if it were Christmas morning and he a deserving child.

Instead of some smart ass comment directed toward me and my self inflicted exposure as I expected, he instead turned to address James who was standing to the side protectively.

"Well done James, just as I had requested," the man said while looking at my bindings one more time. "Could you excuse us please, I wish to have a private word with, Ahh, 'Gloria' here, and make sure we're not interrupted either if you would."

James walked away as I willed him not to, I alone and helpless, bound on my knees before a man I detested.

"Here's the way of it Heiress," the man said softly for my ears alone as he knelt down to my level and casually rolled my breast in his hand as if evaluating fruit at the market for purchase. "We have contracts with several branches of the government as you well know, and we could potentially do several billion dollars annually with them in the coming years if this little mishap can be made to go away. You're just not worth that much, this is a business decision, but it would be a lie to say it wasn't personal as well. The only way you get to survive knowing what you now do, is if James can demonstrate that he can control you, and keep you here as if you don't exist."

"You are bound I presume by your own hand as I requested?"

I nodded my head in response as speaking was out of the question, I clearly understanding the position I found myself in, and it's irony.

"Good, the men had strict orders. If found here in any other condition than the one specified, I wouldn't have even seen you, and you would have already left with them on that last chopper whether I liked it or not... but not landing with it. This is a dirty situation were in, and they're the clean up crew. I'm certain that you might have found some pleasant last way to pass the time with all the men on that long final flight out over the ocean, before they tossed you naked and chained out the door. Something tells me you might have even had a preference for the cuffs and chains part", the man looking briefly toward my self applied bindings still again. "Although to toss you into the ocean afterwards seems like such a waste of potential revenue from my point of view, even though we don't really need you anymore".

"You see, we already have one Heiress, and I far prefer that one as compared to the original. She is doing a perfect job in her new assignments, dare I say so perfect that ironically enough she has to design a slight 'human' error into her work every now and again just to make it convincing. She is having dinner with your half siblings as we speak by the way, I having fulfilled my promise to them that they would receive a much reformed version of you in exchange for accepting my somewhat unorthodox methods, although I obviously didn't give them too many details on the process, but they didn't ask either".

"My apparent success in reforming you is so impressive that other wealthy families have discretely contacted me about possibly sending their little darlings the same place that they believe I sent you, a kind of billionaires reform school if you will. Imagine the possibilities. While I have become fond of watching your torment at James' hand, I could also envision you having some company here, James always needing a new challenge, and some anonymous fresh faces good for ratings as well. You're quite the anonymous star yourself, whether you realize it or not, although I'm one of the few who knows your true identity. This was at first my own private sadistic version of reality TV, and more entertaining than anything else on broadcast television, but far too entertaining to keep to myself. At first I had your appearance pixilated before I shared your videos with my friends, but now with your weight gain and new hair the feed is sent directly to your doppelganger, and then arranged by her in a 'best of highlights' for the week to be watched at my leisure."

"Now, since I have graciously done all this for you out of the kindness of my heart", the man offered facetiously, "what is it that YOU can do for ME, unless you would prefer to get on that chopper instead?"

It was obviously a rhetorical question, I only hopping to one day pay the man back with interest for his "kindness" in allowing me to continue to live, and star in his sadistic home movies.

The man stood and dropped his slacks and I turned my head toward him, preparing to willingly do something that I never envisioned myself doing for one like him. The ring gag wasn't necessary however, as I didn't have the courage to injure the man in exchange for a one way chopper ride, even though I wanted to. He smacked me in both cheeks with his manhood first to fluff himself up, but soon had his fat hands on the back of my head sawing into me with vengeance, and threatening to choke me he went so deep. I was rocked on my knees as my breasts smacked his hairy thighs, I only remained upright due to his vice like hold on my head. When the man exploded, (with merciful quickness), I swallowed everything with little choice, and nearly choked doing it with the effects of the ring gag.

The man pulled his deflated self out of my open mouth and chuckled, with a strand of our combined goo stretched between us. "What a luxury" he commented to no one in particular. He then wiped off what I had missed, (due to the gags limitations), into my hair, grasping my locks like a soiled dish towel as he wiped himself clean. "It's ironic." he said to me poetically, "if you had only made me the same offer as my predecessor, we could have avoided this whole mess."

"James, could you come over here please?" the man asked loud enough to be heard across the room after he pulled his slacks up.

"Yes sir," James responded, I not knowing what he thought of all of this as he walked back over to where I knelt before the man who's awful taste was still in my mouth.

"I like the way you cut her hair, but I wish to share my future recordings of her with a larger audience, and I would like you to maintain her hair much shorter. I was thinking of a pixie cut to further obscure her identity, but I will leave the style up to you. On the subject of future recordings I wish to share, I would like to see some more creativity and improvisations in the punishments you dish out. You have done well up until now along that line, but if I decide to pay per view 'Gloria's' adventures to mitigate our operating losses here, our viewers will likely get tired of 'the same old same old', as will I."

"Yes sir, a pixie cut would further obscure her identity, I will see to it immediately. Could you be more specific on the conditions of any earned corrections you desire Sir?"

"James, I never said that they had to be 'earned corrections', did I? I am sure you can find some pretense to punish her now and again, and then much more creatively and harshly not less than once per week for ratings purposes. My favorite to date was the little military droid and the Jessica device by the pool, followed by the spanking your predecessor gave her with the broom, so you can use those as a benchmark for future reference."

"Sir, some could call that torture, some even the definition of torture."

"As would I. If your too squeamish for this assignment I can move you elsewhere and put her on the chopper, or reactivate your predecessor, we both know he had no such sensitivities... To ease your concerns however, I will leave both of the little military droids with you to carry out any 'corrections' you find too distasteful to do personally, while watching at the same time to ensure my wishes are followed. I am also sending you another to help out around here as I have great plans for this place, as well as some more human 'volunteers' selected from influential families that I wish to have some leverage over."

"What you propose Sir sounds more like slavery than a domestic training apprenticeship, and I the slave master." James' thoughts on such things were unreadable to me from his tone, but such were the advantages of being a machine.

"We are finally communicating with each other, aren't we James?" the smiling man observed. "Power can be intoxicating, and absolute power, absolutely intoxicating, you're going to love it, trust me on that."

"There is one more thing before I leave however", and this comment was directed toward myself. "I think we both deserve a thank you Gloria, I for what I have done for you in preserving your very life, and James for what he will do to you."

I glared up at the man ineffectively from my knees and refused to humor his request, still tasting him as my mouth turned suddenly dry...

"Unless you would prefer to go for a chopper ride instead?"

"AHRNK OUU URR..." Then turning toward James... "AHRNK OUU AMES" I struggling to make myself understood with my ring gag and dry mouth. I then returning to staring up at the man with a look that was anything but grateful.

"James, I believe that constitutes gratitude for your future efforts on her behalf, and therefore implied permission."

"Yes Sir, I believe it does..."

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