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  • The MarketBnimrod

    F+/m+; captive; market; bond; susp; milk; diner; chef; prepare; sushi; sauce; bbq; wrapped; sold; oil; coated; cook; eaten; digest; absorbed; soft; cons/nc; XX

  • Pizza Anyone?Bnimrod

    F+/m; delivery; caught; tease; spit; insert; sauce; roast; bbq; eaten; alive; digest; soft; cons/nc; X

  • JennaBnimrod

    F/m; tease; captive; bond; web; bikini; hypno; strip; swallow; whole; digest; voy; soft; cons/reluct; X

  • Breast ImplantsBnimrod

    F+/m; prepare; pastry; spitroast; spit; insert; bbq; cook; eaten; alive; digest; absorbed; tease; soft; cons; X

  • The WidowBnimrod

    F/m; tease; entice; sex; denial; climax; drug; entrap; prepare; stuff; marinate; boil; eaten; digest; absorbed; soft; cons/nc; XX

  • Donna's Latest MealBnimrod

    F/m; F+/m; naked; cartrunk; extraction; smoke; prepare; skin; spitroast; sauce; table; eaten; digest; absorbed; soft; cons; X