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  • The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Allen 1: New RoommateFrizzle

    Solo-F; trash; accident; stuck; messy; dumpster; reluct; XX

  • The Daycare Dumpster DealFrizzle

    F/f; fpov; lesbian; bagged; dumpster; messy; stuck; cons; X

  • Vanessa's GarbageFrizzle

    Solo-M; fantasy; desire; trashcan; hide; Solo-F; F/m; trashbags; disposal; foodwaste; messy; compacted; force; stuck; blackout; death; cons; X

  • Theater TrashFrizzle

    Solo-F; prank; trashcan; hide; mistake; stuck; FM+/f; public; trash; messy; foodwaste; condom; hum; buried; bagged; zipties; waste; chute; incinerator; cons/nc; X