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  • Dumb and Stupidlizsubintampa

    F/f; true; bond; rope; crotchrope; gag; collar; toys; pain; tease; cons; X

  • To Do List 3lizsubintampa

    M/f; fpov; bond; rope; chain; gag; oral; anal; tease; collar; toys; crop; hum; cons; XX

  • 2

    M/f; fpov; bond; petplay; puppy; rope; strip; naked; oral; anal; collar; mittens; gag; leash; buttplug; toys; remote; sex; cons; XX

  • 1

    M/f; fpov; bond; gag; ballgag; chain; clamps; denial; rope; toys; susp; garage; cons; X

  • Frustration Is A Two Way Street 2lizsubintampa

    F/f; fpov; true; bond; cuffs; rope; gag; leather; nipple; clamps; oral; bedtie; strappado; electro; tease; cons; X

  • 1

    F/f; fpov; naked; strip; bond; rope; collar; gag; tease; cons; X

  • A Weekend of Bliss 2lizsubintampa

    F/f; bond; toys; tease; torture; spank; true; cons; XX

  • 1

    F/f; bond; true; toys; tease; spank; cons; XX

  • Sister of the Wicked Witchlizsubintampa

    F/f; true; bond; tease; denial; cons; X

  • So Much Pain, So Much Frustrationlizsubintampa

    M/f; bond; rope; strip; susp; clamps; true; whip; denial; cons; XX

  • A Poor Analogylizsubintampa

    F/f; bond; rope; susp; clamps; whip; crop; mast; rom; cons; XX

  • Belated Birthday Giftlizsubintampa

    F/f; D/s; true; oral; punish; spank; toys; tease; public; rope; bond; gag; cons; X

  • Leather and Submissionlizsubintampa

    M/f; true; bond; public; armbinder; collar; leather; hum; sex; oral; cons; X

  • I Had A Ball, I Was The Balllizsubintampa

    Solo-F; F/f; bar; tease; D/s; bond; naked; rope; balltie; gag; nipple; clamps; torment; toys; insert; punish; denial; oral; climax; true; cons; X

  • Color Me Exhaustedlizsubintampa

    M/f; D/s; date; tease; bond; rope; strip; chairtie; gag; toys; plug; eggs; insert; remote; public; torment; ring-gag; tape; oral; denial; mast; climax; true; cons; X

  • First Time For Everythinglizsubintampa

    M/f+; D/s; expo; hotel; bond; rope; gag; strip; nipple; bdsm; tease; hogtie; denial; mast; climax; true; cons; X

  • Promises, promiseslizsubintampa

    M/f; D/s; stockings; garterbelt; skirt; blouse; heels; date; public; expose; hum; bond; rope; gag; blindfold; tease; cuffs; collar; bdsm; spank; denial; oral; sex; climax; true; cons; X

  • A New Me 3: The Transformation ContinuesLiz

    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; corset; boots; gloves; hood; gag; bodymod; transform; toys; insert; sealed; oral; mast; fist; climax; cons; X

  • 2: The Transformation Begins

    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; corset; boots; hood; defoliate; bodymod; bottle; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X

  • 1

    Solo-F; latex; clothing; catsuit; corset; boots; gloves; hood; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X