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  • Are All The Good Ones Gone? 2: The DungeonMasterKGray

    M/f; bond; dungeon; slave; collar; leash; pain; whip; sex; cons; XX

  • 1: Pre-Birthday Dinner

    M/f; fpov; D/s; oral; public; restaurant; squirt; collar; slave; cons; X

  • Ripe for the Picking 4MasterKGray

    M/f; bond; slave; training; corset; dungeon; cuffs; hobble; straps; sex; public; toys; cons; XX

  • 3

    M/f; bond; slave; training; dungeon; cuffs; chain; corset; armbinder; straps; gag; clamps; toys; spreader; sex; anal; cons; XX

  • 2

    M/f; bond; slave; training; dungeon; mast; naked; oral; gag; crop; cuffs; collar; bench; whip; cane; cons; reluct; XX

  • 1

    M/f; bond; kidnap; drug; dungeon; spreadeagle; naked; collar; cuffs; flogger; shave; sex; gag; cell; nc; reluct; XX

  • The Reluctant SlaveMasterKGray

    M/f; FF; slave; training; cuffs; toys; first; bond; gag; dungeon; naked; clamps; sex; pain; reluct; cons; XX

  • Bound Becky 3MasterKGray

    M/f; D/s; slave; bond; gag; cuffs; collar; leash; oral; sex; rom; cons; XX

  • 2

    M/f; bond; slave; punish; cuffs; susp; crop; whip; pillory; collar; anal; toys; sex; oral; cage; hum; reluct; cons; XXX

  • 1

    M/f; bond; kidnap; enslave; gag; rope; collar; blindfold; oral; toys; sex; cuffs; collar; outdoors; farm; reluct; XX

  • Chloe 7: First Night of SlaveryMasterKGray

    M/f; bond; sex; slave; oral; naked; cuffs; gag; clamps; climax; cons; X

  • 6: Chloe's True Master

    M/f; M+/f+; bond; slave; cuffs; shackles; sex; public; exhib; cons; XX

  • 5: Are you my Master?

    M/f; bond; slave; D/s; cuffs; denial; oral; rope; chain; clamps; nipple; collar; climax; crop; dildo; rom; cons; X

  • 4: The Superintendent

    M/f; sex; oral; bond; breathplay; cuffs; straps; collar; gag; cons; X

  • 3: Practice

    Solo-F; Sbf; toys; clamps; F/f; bond; cuffs; gag; spreader; straps; switch; whip; cons; X

  • 2: The Interview

    MF/f; bond; gag; insert; dildo; anal; climax; slave; corset; armbinder; straps; chair; collar; tease; cuffs; cons; X

  • 21: Conclusion

    M/f; slave; anal; oral; sex; bond; cuffs; leash; bedtie; harem; hospital; transported; bdsm; collar; enslave; cons; X

  • 20: Online Auction

    M/f; M+/f+; F/f+; slave; oral; sex; chain; bond; leash; punishment; cuffs; collar; susp; toys; whip; sold; rom; cons; X

  • 1: Introduction

    Solo-F; Sbf; bond; mast; fantasy; cons; X

  • 19: Concussion, Coma, a New Slave and Twins?

    M/f+; mast; vag; chairtie; dungeon; collar; leash; straps; car; hospital; D/s; slave; naked; rom; cons; X

  • 18: Kira's tribulations

    M/f; bond; cage; chain; collar; corset; cuffs; hoist; bedtie; basement; cell; crop; naked; sex; slave; whip; rom; cons; XX

  • 17: New collar, new hair, and a new slave

    M/f; M+/f+; bond; slave; sex; oral; gag; toys; clamps; collar; bodymod; cons; XX

  • 16: Chloe Discovers Her True Buyer

    M/f; bond; slave; straps; gag; oral; sex; heels; collar; leash; cuffs; rom; cons; X

  • 15: Kidnapped Again and Sold

    M+/f; slave; training; bond; collar; chain; whip; kidnap; sold; cell; auction; pain-slut; cons; nc; XX

  • 14: Porn Star

    M/f; bond; whip; oral;hum; exhib; cons; nc; XX

  • 13: Kidnapped

    M/f; oral; vag; collar; cuffs; dungeon; leash; packaged; chair; cell; tattoo; bdsm; brand; captive; capture; naked; slave; transport; nc; reluct; XX

  • 12: Branded

    M+/f; slave; bond; oral; vag; leash; collar; brand; cons; XX

  • 11: Dinner Conversation

    M/f; anal; sex; collar; hoist; gag; ballgag; cuffs; basement; diner; pain-slut; public; toys; whip; rom; XX

  • 10: Billionaire

    M/f; M+/f+; slave; bond; cuffs; harness; office; public; collar; sex; oral; stocks; gag; cons; X

  • 9: Pizza Delivery and a Whipping

    MM/f; bond; slave; rom; gag; oral; whip; cons; XX

  • 8: Beth

    M/f; M+/f+; slave; bond; collar; cuffs; gag; oral; sex; tease; office; public; rom; cons; X

  • The Natural Slave 6: Slave ProposalMasterKGray

    M/f; bond; slave; rope; tape; sex; cuffs; collar; rom; cons; X

  • 5: Slave Training Day 3

    M/f; bond; slave; training; clamps; sex; toys; X-frame; gag; straps; table; climax; cons; X

  • 4: Captivity and Slave Training Day 2

    M+/f+; M+/f; bond; slave; training; naked; exhib; electro; toys; sex; anal; oral; climax; collar; cuffs; gag; catsuit; latex; punishment; clamps; leather; corset; reluct; XX

  • 3: Slave Training

    M+/f; slave; naked; training; bond; straps; gag; cell; oral; rope; clamps; fucking-machine; anal; chair; toys; hum; whip; crotchrope; reluct; XXX

  • 2: The Abduction

    M+/f; bond; fantasy; kidnap; rope; cuffs; gag; straps; chain; collar; blindfold; toys; force; anal; nc; XX

  • 1: Introduction to Bondage

    Sbf; bond; cuffs; chain; toys; caught; dream; first; reluct; cons; X