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  • Specimen #3346Papa Palpatine

    Other/f; scifi; alien; slime; laboratory; envelop; orgasm; impregnate; nc; X

  • A Mother and Her DaughtersPapa Palpatine

    M+/f+; mum; bandages; entomb; sarcophagus; insert; enema; nc; XX

  • Directrix Phantom Versus Evil Ancient PharaohPapa Palpatine

    Other/f; mum; entomb; majick; bandages; silk; latex; abducted; nc; X

  • A Locksmithing EmergencyPapa Palpatine

    M+; phone; problem; MF; play; chastity; padlock; stuck; emb; rescue; cons; X

  • Cheetara In Mumm-Ra's PyramidPapa Palpatine

    Solo-F; tomb; investigation; mum; display; trap; M/f+; bandages; majick; envelop; wrap; stuck; enslave; cons/nc; X

  • Lara Croft: Final Tomb RaidPapa Palpatine

    Solo-F; package; delivery; tablet; tomb; discovery; trap; majick; strip; naked; bandages; wrap; mum; encase; entomb; stuck; arousal; denial; buried; cons/nc; X

  • Four Astronauts EnslavedPapa Palpatine

    F+; Other/f+; scifi; captive; spaceship; scan; process; conveyor; strip; spray; rubber; coated; assimilate; mindwipe; program; enslave; cons/nc; X

  • Worldwide Wrap UpPapa Palpatine

    M/f+; Magic/f+; pharaoh; spell; bandages; abducted; entomb; sarcophagus; sealed; enslave; naked; sexslave; nc; X

  • The Embrace of DarknessPapa Palpatine

    MF+/f; prepare; robe; sacrifice; other-dimension; deity; other/f; naked; caress; kiss; first; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X