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  • Becoming CuntfacePat Kole

    Solo-F; M/f; F/f; D/s; webcam; toys; insert; rope; cuffs; gag; tape; breast; hum; torment; voy; climax; fpov; cons/reluct; XX

  • Trisha – Finding My Way 7: EpiloguePat Kole

    F/f; D/s; bond; chastity; electro; corset; training; bodymod; toys; cons; X

  • 6: Folsom Street Fair

    MF/f; bond; enema; armbinder; corset; ponygirl; public; display; toys; cons; X

  • 5: Suburban Health Care

    MM/f; bond; tape; nipple; mammogram; mast; insert; cons/reluct; X

  • 4: The Party

    M+F/f; bond; wrap; tape; display; tickle; toys; cons; X

  • 3: Halloween

    MF/f; bond; straitjacket; surgery; bodymod; toys; cons; X

  • 2: The Rain Date

    MF/f; bond; outdoors; latex; corset; toys; cons; X

  • 1: The Beginning

    MF/f; bond; outdoors; hum; cons; X

  • Trophy WifePat Kole

    M/f; bond; cuffs; blindfold; braces; wheelchair; object; toys; insert; public; hum; tease; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • R/C WenchPat Kole

    M/f; bond; electro; toys; anal; enema; nipple; collar; gag; torment; public; reluct; XX

  • Wench for a Weekend 2Pat Kole

    FM/f; D/s; bond; gag; blindfold; toys; insert; chastity; electro; cast; ducttape; public; breast; nipple; sawhorse; strapon; tease; torment; hum; denial; climax; cons/reluct; XX

  • 1

    Solo-F; M/f; F/m; D/s; straitjacket; gag; blindfold; neckbrace; toys; insert; enema; public; hum; torment; voy; chastity; sex; climax; denial; cons/reluct; X

  • Room 312Pat Kole

    M/f; F/f; hotel; naked; bond; cuffs; party; nipple; clamps; collar; chastity; toys; torment; cons; X