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  • Love of Rubber: Hong KongWilly Jim

    Solo-M; F+/m; mpov; latex; catsuit; sweat; urine; mast; messy; hood; gag; breathplay; public; milking; electro; buttplug; inflatable; cons; XXX

  • Love of Rubber: Chicago StyleWilly Jim

    Solo-M; Sbm; latex; urine; breathplay; mast; catsuit; inflatable; stuck; climax; hood; mask; buttplug; gag; sendep; stink; enema; public; caution; cons; XXX

  • Love of Rubber: EuropeWilly Jim

    Solo-M; Sbm; mpov; latex; catsuit; public; inflatable; hood; hotel; mast; breathplay; urine; stuck; collar; shop; cons; XX

  • Love of Rubber: Las Vegas In SummerWilly Jim

    Solo-M; mpov; latex; catsuit; public; stuck; gasmask; hotel; breathplay; gag; urine; hood; buttplug; harness; cons; XXX

  • Love of Rubber: Los Angeles TripWilly Jim

    Sbm; mpov; latex; catsuit; plane; public; hotel; hood; stuck; buttplug; drysuit; gag; urine; museum; cons; XXX

  • Love of Rubber: New York AdventureWilly Jim

    Solo-M; mpov; latex; rubber; denial; hood; hotel; breathplay; cons; X