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  • Tied Up for CharityYuti

    F/m; bond; packaged; enslave; sold; rope; mpov; blindfold; party; cons; nc; X

  • Self-shippedYuti

    F/m; Sbm; packaged; transport; enslave; sold; reluct; nc; X

  • A Mistake on the ContractYuti

    FM+; maid; gift; F/m; bond; chairtie; contract; roleplay; slave; gag; mistake; legal; bond; naked; enslave; tease; torment; sex; escape; discovery; police; crate; delivery; return; auction; sold; free; rom; cons/nc; X

  • Pepper the MaidYuti

    F/m; maid; bond; rope; gag; scarves; captive; chairtie; balltie; blindfold; tickle; tease; poletie; basement; clothespins; discovery; F+/m; bagged; packaged; transport; public; kiss; caress; chloroform; kidnap; cons; X