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  • Mel on VacationPhantom

    F/m; F+/mf+; latex; drug; mum; web; impregnate; bond; encased; gag; susp; objectify; mind-control; milking; transform; cons; XX

  • Santa's HelperMikel

    Sbf; M+/f; fpov; costume; toys; latex; chastity; gag; collar; caught; ribbon; mum; bond; majick; stocks; oral; sex; public; reluct; XX

  • The Phantom MistformPhantom

    F/f; F/m; latex; scifi; transform; kidnap; drug; hood; mum; web; encased; tease; vore; soft; mind-control; toys; buttplug; breathplay; nc; XX

  • ErotivoreRubbermatt

    F/m; bond; latex; mum; transform; scifi; gag; encased; web; toys; insert; tease; buttplug; reluct; XX

  • Attack of the Arachno-Bots 6: CharlottePapa Palpatine

    Other/f; bond; mum; plastic; wrap; spider; scifi; kidnap; robot; drug; mast; climax; nc; XX

  • 5: Jill's Gambit

    Other/f+; mum; plastic; bond; kidnap; robot; drug; cons; nc; X

  • 4: New Leads

    Other/f+; mum; plastic; bond; kidnap; robot; drug; net; nc; X

  • 3: The Next Wave

    Other/f+; mum; plastic; bond; kidnap; net; nc; X

  • 2: Investigation

    Sbf; mum; wrap; warehouse; machine; plastic; cocoon; mast; cons; X

  • 1: Angela

    Other/f; mum; machine; spider; robot; cocoon; plastic; wrap; drug; abducted; nc; X

  • Kidnapped for PleasureGromet

    F/f; M+/f; fpov; kidnap; bond; naked; gag; cuffs; collar; hood; dungeon; sex; mum; plastic; wrap; tape; sold; transported; trick; cons; XX

  • Mental Institution Weekend 8Mumwrap

    F+/m; bond; catheter; hospital; bed; straps; cuffs; oral; sex; diapers; straitjacket; cell; drug; conditioning; cons; XX

  • 7

    F+/m; mpov; bond; hospital; asylum; committed; cell; straitjacket; cuffs; chain; straps; bodymod; gag; hood; cons; X

  • 6

    F+/m; mpov; bond; hospital; asylum; committed; cell; straitjacket; cuffs; chain; straps; bodymod; gag; hood; cons; X

  • 5

    F+/m; mpov; bond; hospital; asylum; committed; cell; straitjacket; cuffs; chain; catheter; straps; bodymod; gag; hood; chair; cons; X

  • Hermione's Drider PerilChill_x

    Other/f; mum; bond; latex; monsters; spider; web; breathplay; mast; gag; hogtie; nc; XX

  • A Little RopeMikel

    F/f; Sbf; bond; rope; mum; chastity; tape; clamps; breathplay; shrinkwrap; gag; hood; piercing; machine; susp; stuck; transported; cons; nc; XX

  • The Cheerleader's Boy ToyZTVFemdomtales

    F/m; mpov; mum; kidnap; tape; reluct; X

  • Riley's Peril in Torech UngolChill_x

    Other/f; fantasy; spider; poison; mum; paralyse; bond; silk; sendep; nc; XX

  • Mind-control PunishmentSensual Robert

    M/f; M/m; mum; bond; ducttape; silk; oral; tease; denial; mind-control; trick; nc; XX

  • Téa Gardner In The Catacomb Of The ConcubinesPapa Palpatine

    FM+/f; mum; tomb; insert; entombed; game; cons; X

  • Mummification PerilSensual Robert

    Sbf; F/f; oral; collar; mum; tape; apartment; stuck; nc; X

  • Wrapped in Silk 2Sensual Robert

    M/m; oral; cocoon; mum; sold; transported; display; drug; nc; X

  • 1

    FM+/m; mum; oral; cons; XX

  • Specimen #3346Papa Palpatine

    Other/f; scifi; alien; slime; laboratory; envelop; orgasm; impregnate; nc; X

  • Amanda and Danni: Art ProjectVampire Medic

    F/f; insert; ballgag; mum; saranwrap; tape; wrap; basement; breathplay; sendep; naked; orgasm; toys; cons; X

  • At a LossMikel

    Sbf; mum; machine; wrap; tape; gag; collar; toys; force; trick; kidnap; cons; nc; X

  • Your Night OutPhantom

    F/f; bond; kidnap; breathplay; tape; mum; wrap; gag; latex; rope; catsuit; gasmask; cuffs; pumpgag; blindfold; toys; tease; nc; reluct; X

  • Hosed Honeysinfest

    F/f; F+/m; pantyhose; nylons; catsuit; sheath; hood; oral; climax; sex; cocoon; mast; cockring; first; cons; X

  • She Got What She Asked ForOrion

    F/f; mum; wrapped; trick; cons; nc; XX

  • Spiders!Abbacor

    Other-f; mum; spider; silk; sticky; cocoon; cons; reluct; X

  • What If They Did This?Abbacor

    Solo-F; mum; bond; sarcophagus; catheter; intubate; gag; enema; cons; X

  • A Mother and Her DaughtersPapa Palpatine

    M+/f+; mum; bandages; entomb; sarcophagus; insert; enema; nc; XX

  • Directrix Phantom Versus Evil Ancient PharaohPapa Palpatine

    Other/f; mum; entomb; majick; bandages; silk; latex; abducted; nc; X

  • Cheetara In Mumm-Ra's PyramidPapa Palpatine

    Solo-F; tomb; investigation; mum; display; trap; M/f+; bandages; majick; envelop; wrap; stuck; enslave; cons/nc; X

  • A Spider by Any Other NamePhantom

    F/m; club; entice; tease; arousal; playroom; discovery; rope; web; bond; naked; cuffs; catsuit; latex; hood; tape; wrap; bandages; shrinkwrap; cocoon; drug; edgeplay; oral; basement; captive; prey; cons; X

  • Lara Croft: Final Tomb RaidPapa Palpatine

    Solo-F; package; delivery; tablet; tomb; discovery; trap; majick; strip; naked; bandages; wrap; mum; encase; entomb; stuck; arousal; denial; buried; cons/nc; X

  • The Mummy's CurseAbbacor

    MF+; challenge; explore; tomb; trap; capture; sarcophagus; mum; wrapped; cloth; Mummy/MF+; entomb; enslave; stuck; curse; majick; cons/nc; X

  • That's a WrapLambrètto

    F/m; femdom; naked; wrap; shrinkwrap; cocoon; tease; torment; mast; oral; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

  • MuseumDPGSM

    FF; museum; discovery; tomb; F+/f; captive; punish; rack; wheel; susp; bandages; wrap; mum; tease; pleasure; enslave; dream; nc/cons; X

  • Should Have Looked UpDruid5

    Solo-F; halloween; outdoors; woods; Other/f; drider; capture; wrap; cocoon; susp; breastfeed; tease; arousal; mast; climax; transform; F2drider; reluct/nc; X

  • Living Halloween Bondage Mummy for Trick or TreatersSlopoke

    F/m; halloween; zentai; catsuit; sleepsack; bond; rope; wrap; bandages; susp; toys; porch; public; display; tease; denial; stuck; cons; X

  • Drive!!DPGSM

    Solo-F; car; storm; mansion; F/f; drug; captive; gibbet; ironmaiden; bond; rope; tape; torment; punish; wrap; mum; sarcophagus; dream; cons/nc; XX

  • Hotel TransylvaniaAbbacor

    Solo-M; M/m; Other/m; hotel; monsters; hide; offer; room; trick; majick; amulet; wrap; bandages; resin; transform; sarcophagus; encased; stuck; cons/nc; X

  • UnelectrifiedMikel

    M/f; naked; bond; wrap; tape; gag; toys; insert; breast; tease; torment; blindfold; encase; left; long term; mistake; conditioning; submissive; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

  • Publicity StuntJohn Fitzbe

    F+/f; publicity; stunt; show; audition; stage; bond; rope; tease; wrap; bandages; collar; sarcophagus; encase; entomb; buried; cons; X

  • Tighter Than ExpectedUncomfortablyNumb

    F/m; F+/m; bond; mum; tape; hood; hotel; suitcase; gag; kidnap; enslave; leather; strip; breathplay; cons; nc; X

  • Worldwide Wrap UpPapa Palpatine

    M/f+; Magic/f+; pharaoh; spell; bandages; abducted; entomb; sarcophagus; sealed; enslave; naked; sexslave; nc; X

  • Art ExhibitRyleigh Myers

    F/f; immortal; strip; naked; toys; insert; gag; encase; statue; objectify; display; sold; transport; FM+/f; cement; resin; pedestal; outdoors; stuck; betray; drug; cons/nc; X

  • Alana's BoutiquePeter Knottedtale

    F/f; naked; wrap; saranwrap; cocoon; facemask; blindfold; captive; kidnap; enslave; femdom; transport; cons/nc; X

  • Sandra's OrdealLobo De la Sombra

    Solo-F; Machine/f; scifi; spaceship; accident; life-support; drug; wrap; cocoon; encase; stuck; gag; tighten; rescue; freeze; cons/reluct; X

  • Return Of Ankhesenamun 3: Ankhesenamun's SlaveLobo De la Sombra

    F+/f+; mum; museum; encase; display; transform; bodyswap; trapped; mind-control; slave; entrap; switch; wrap; lesbian; reluct/cons; X

  • 2: Handmaidens

    Solo-F; F+/f+; mum; unwrap; transform; bodyswap; trapped; encase; display; mind-control; enslave; lesbian; oral; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

  • 1

    Solo-F; F/f; mum; display; hist; unwrap; transform; bodyswap; trapped; encase; discovery; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

  • Informative bondageImperialWrapper

    Solo-M; mum; hogtie; selfbond; mast; gag; cloth; boots; cocoon; belts; rope; bfold; wrap; encase; true; info; cons; X

  • Circ du SlaveryZTVFemdomtales

    Solo-M; circus; F/m; seduce; sex; pantyhose; bond; wrap; gag; captive; bodystocking; cocoon; susp; enslave; cons/reluct; X

  • Genetic Manipulated CocoonSteff

    Solo-F; web; sticky; mast; stuck; spider/f; encase; cocoon; bite; bodymod; breast; lactate; feed; oral; M/f; discovery; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • The CocoonMr. Deel

    M/f; bond; wrap; blankets; tape; cocoon; toys; tease; cons; X

  • Just One NameSmellyTightsGagger

    Solo-F; F/f; pantyhose; fetish; caught; hum; cuffs; tease; encase; gag; hood; bond; cons/reluct; X

  • Casted TripMikel

    F/f; fibreglass; cast; encase; toys; insert; gag; electro; tens; nipple; tease; torment; stuck; wheelchair; transport; outdoors; cupboard; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • 1087M88

    Solo-F; base; abandoned; discovery; capture; M/f; drug; latex; catsuit; gasmask; bodycast; plaster; encase; cell; sendep; isolation; enslave; cons/nc; X

  • Long WeekendKoishi

    M/f; captive; wrap; saranwrap; ducttape; cocoon; hood; gag; glue; toys; vibe; plug; insert; bdsm; anal; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • The Scarf ShopArachnidwoman

    F+/f+; Spiderwomen/f+; store; scarves; capture; envenom; web; cocoon; wrap; gag; enslave; susp; insert; tease; torment; climax; scifi; superhero; cons/nc; X

  • Shadows with ClawsM88

    F/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; dungeon; cell; gimpsuit; frame; saranwrap; wrap; tape; encase; chastity; gasmask; gag; denial; enslave; cons; X

  • Kendell's DiscoveryLobo De la Sombra

    MF; M+/f+; captive; naked; majick; hist; wrap; cocoon; encase; gag; entomb; insert; punish; cons/nc; X

  • Christmas GiftMikel

    Solo-M; wrap; machine; saranwrap; cocoon; gag; cockring; condom; gift; F/m; latex; catsuit; nipple; tease; bond; cuffs; chastity; hood; collar; video; oral; sex; denial; climax; cons; X

  • Brandy's RevengeLobo De la Sombra

    F/m; halloween; drug; wrap; cotton; gag; bond; chain; display; costume; revenge; cons; X

  • EnclosedM88

    Solo-F; M/f; kidnap; captive; strip; plastic; wrap; tape; cocoon; encase; latex; hood; bond; susp; toys; insert; cons/nc; X

  • Chris KidnappedChris

    M+/m; capture; bond; tape; wrap; cocoon; gag; blindfold; tease; tickle; kidnap; cons/nc; X

  • The Bet 2: SaturdayGrumpy

    FM; M/f; strip; naked; bond; spank; wrap; saranwrap; gag; blindfold; tease; mast; denial; mast; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • 1

    F/m; wager; wrap; saranwrap; pole; susp; gag; blindfold; tricked; tease; mast; denial; ruined orgasm; force; orgasm; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • Slumber Party CrasherDr. Destructo

    F+/f; M/f+; bond; sheets; wrap; cocoon; belt; ether; drug; chairtie; gag; saranwrap; tape; tease; tickle; revenge; cons/nc; X

  • Hero and VillainXVX

    M/f; F/m; captive; bagged; cocoon; mind-control; conditioning; superhero; telepathy; bond; chairtie; climax; cons/nc; X

  • TrustXVX

    F/m; bond; strip; pantyhose; multi-layer; encase; cocoon; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

  • Prank Gone WildDr. Destructo

    FF+; F/f+; capture; bond; rope; wrap; vetwrap; cocoon; cupboard; tickle; tease; buried; reluct/nc; X

  • The Clueless FlyRobin Barnard

    Solo-M; spiderwoman/m; silk; web; entrap; susp; wrap; cocoon; encase; bite; vore; oral; sex; climax; cons/nc; XX

  • The Spider and the ClubflyRobin Barnard

    Solo-M; F/m; club; dance; entice; web; cocoon; entrap; envenom; susp; oral; sex; anal; climax; vore; soft; cons/nc; X

  • The Landlord's FantasyDr. Destructo

    M/f+; drug; strip; bond; rope; gag; tickle; wrap; cocoon; saranwrap; ducttape; tease; cons/reluct; X

  • Queen Rubberia's TombPhantom


  • Casted ForeverMikel

    Solo-F; F/f; fibreglass; cast; encase; toys; insert; susp; gag; tease; torment; caught; stuck; object; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • Wrapped in ChainsMikel

    M/f; store; rope; wrap; cocoon; glue; encase; chain; locks; cart; stuck; electro; toys; climax; denial; oral; cons; X

  • Renee's TormentUpper Hand

    F/m; drug; captive; strip; chairtie; wrap; tape; gag; glue; pantyhose; cbt; tease; torment; breathplay; mast; sex; climax; denial; reluct/nc; XX

  • WrappedMikel

    M/f; Solo-F; mum; wrap; sarcophagus; encase; display; latex; corset; sleepsack; vacbed; tens; toys; tease; torment; climax; denial; cons; X

  • I Think I'm Starting to Like This...Upper Hand

    F/m; pantyhose; glue; wrap; cocoon; tease; tickle; tape; sex; climax; cons; X

  • The PositionMikel

    M/f; bond; hogtie; rope; gag; tape; wrap; harness; leather; shrink; tease; denial; electro; nipple; encase; boxed; toys; cons/reluct; X

  • Wrapped for EternityWingatn

    M/m; halloween; wrap; bandages; insert; encase; display; stuck; cons/nc; X

  • Silk DanceJo

    F+/f+; sorority; pledge; cave; capture; spider; envenom; wrap; cocoon; susp; vore; cons/nc; X

  • First Time SharedMikel

    M/f; bond; rope; saranwrap; wrap; tape; cocoon; susp; tease; bdsm; crop; gag; blindfold; climax; cons; true; X

  • The Encompassed CustodianPhantom

    FM/fm; captive; punish; bodysuit; encase; sealed; wrap; bandages; cocoon; susp; tease; torment; entomb; reluct/nc; X

  • Be Careful What You Wish For, You May Get ItUnknown

    F+/m; D/s; femdom; captive; zipties; wrap; gag; glue; bagged; cocoon; transport; cartrunk; breathplay; susp; torment; mast; climax; denial; reluct/nc; XXX

  • Kandy Kane 2: Hard KandySteff

    M/f; M+/f; majick; machine; coated; encase; cocoon; insert; display; tease; foreplay; fondle; toys; sex; oral; climax; cons; X

  • Caught up in his WorkWingatn

    Solo-M; machine; strip; naked; wrap; boxed; stuck; storage; pallet; transport; reluct/nc; X

  • At the Academy 9: TurningPleasewrap

    MF/f; F+/fm; captive; stun; gag; wrap; tape; cocoon; tease; toys; nipple; vr; cons/reluct; X

  • 8: The Cost of Carelessness

    M/f; captive; cuffs; hogtie; rope; gag; foam; encase; tease; toys; insert; vr; cons/reluct; X

  • The WraptureJo

    F/m; D/s; chastity; naked; bond; toys; insert; wrap; gag; cocoon; tease; torment; electro; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

  • Starfire meets her MatchArachnidwoman

    F+/f+; spiderwomen; superhero; capture; web; cocoon; bite; envenom; susp; hood; gag; impregnate; transform; climax; cons/nc; XX

  • Turn of Events 6: Normalizing EventsPleasewrap

    Solo-M; F/m; costume; wrap; plastic; gag; blindfold; tease; femdom; mast; denial; reluct/cons; X

  • Remember - He Knows! 2: He Still KnowsPleasewrap

    M/f; Machine/f; bond; rope; gag; blindfold; tease; insert; toys; ribbon; packaged; giftwrap; delivery; cons; X

  • Bounty HunterArachnidwoman

    F/f+; spiderwoman; bond; web; capture; gag; susp; latex; envenom; cocoon; wrap; insert; transport; cons/nc; XX

  • The Wrong MailMiss Stacey

    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; corset; toys; insert; cuffs; gag; hobble; Sbf; stuck; FM/f; straps; wrap; cocoon; breathplay; climax; cons; X