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  • The Main EventDoctor Vader

    M+/f; naked; sty; piggy; conditioning; cage; prepare; gag; bond; rope; insert; veg; coated; oven; cook; soft; cons; X

  • Giving Her What She WantedDoctor Vader

    M/f; gag; wrap; saranwrap; cocoon; transport; dumpster; truck; mast; denial; anal; climax; cons; X

  • Do You Really Have to Get Up?Doctor Vader

    M/f; naked; bond; tape; gag; toys; insert; blindfold; bagged; messy; cartrunk; dumped; disposal; cons; X

  • Anniversary DumpDoctor Vader

    M/f; MF/f; bond; gag; bagged; trash; dumpster; truck; landfill; toys; insert; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

  • The Last Day of Her 29th Year 3: The Final ActDoctor Vader

    M/f; bond; rope; gag; cartrunk; oildrum; trash; messy; encase; dumped; torment; sex; cons/reluct; XX

  • 29th Year Part 2: The Death of Doctor Vader

    F/f; M/f; drug; capture; bond; gag; machine; ingest; torment; buried; revenge; cons/nc; X

  • 29th Year

    M/f; drug; kidnap; bond; straps; collar; gag; transport; cartrunk; crate; buried; cons/nc; X

  • Lost at SeaDoctor Vader

    F/f; captive; drug; bond; gag; boxed; torment; toys; insert; buried; encase; revenge; cons/nc; XX

  • What a WasteDoctor Vader

    MM/f; kidnap; bond; rope; gag; compactor; trash; climax; cons/nc; X

  • A Work of ArtDoctor Vader

    M/f+; drug; kidnap; strip; shave; paint; encase; pose; statue; display; sealed; cons/nc; XX

  • The Rusty FiatDoctor Vader

    F+/f; drug; bond; gag; transport; car; conveyor; machine; crush; revenge; nc; XX

  • The ContractDoctor Vader

    M+/f; cage; conditioning; bodymod; pet; collar; sold; oral; climax; cons; X

  • A Demonstration 2Doctor Vader

    M/f; F+/f; sexdoll; latex; bond; drug; mind-control; transform; boxed; transport; group; anal; toys; cons/nc; X

  • 1

    F/f; Machine/f; bond; drug; mind-control; transform; latex; insert; shave; encase; lovedoll; boxed; nc/reluct; X

  • The Unexpected Dinner GuestDoctor Vader

    MF/f; drug; bond; gag; prepare; tray; oven; coating; bake; cons/nc; XX

  • Out of the Can and into the FireDoctor Vader

    Solo-F; M/f; bond; cuffs; gag; bagged; trashcan; mast; caught; transport; dumped; revenge; cons/nc; X

  • Somebody's GameDoctor Vader

    F+/f; capture; bond; gag; bag; transport; casket; straps; buried; reluct/nc; X

  • Mind & BodyDoctor Vader

    F/f; hypno; command; tease; torment; voy; hum; oral; mast; compactor; messy; revenge; reluct/nc; X

  • She Blamed HerselfDoctor Vader

    M/f; bond; trash; bagged; object; messy; hum; bdsm; cheat; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • Group TherapyDoctor Vader

    M/f+; bond; bagged; trash; messy; compactor; dumpster; landfill; transport; dumped; cons/nc; XX

  • Friends Like TheseDoctor Vader

    F+/f; cuffs; bodybelt; collar; gag; bond; captive; kidnap; casket; sarcophagus; encase; entomb; revenge; cons/nc; XX

  • Nosey ReporterDoctor Vader

    Solo-F; M+/f; caught; captive; bond; machine; process; bodymod; latex; insert; doll; encase; boxed; transport; auction; nc; X

  • Animal CrueltyDoctor Vader

    F+/f; D/s; captive; drugged; bond; collar; frame; gag; insert; bodymod; lactate; nc; X

  • Just a GameDoctor Vader

    Sbf; F/f; cuffs; gag; latex; trashcan; outdoors; caught; captive; bagged; bond; rope; transport; dumpster; disposal; cons/nc; X

  • The LandfillDoctor Vader

    F+/f; bond; gag; blindfold; tape; oildrum; encase; transport; dumped; buried; nc; XX

  • I'll Forgive You In the MorningDoctor Vader

    MF/f; bond; straps; collar; gag; bagged; trash; messy; transport; dumpster; revenge; reluct/nc; X

  • Was it What She Wanted?Doctor Vader

    MF; FM/f; naked; bagged; bond; gag; trash; messy; dumpster; hum; truck; disposal; sex; climax; cons; X

  • I Promised YouDoctor Vader

    Solo-F; M/f; naked; trashcan; caught; punish; hum; bagged; messy; bond; gag; trashed; insert; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • Dumping HerDoctor Vader

    M/f; F+/f; bond; armbinder; straps; transport; captive; coffin; buried; entomb; cons/nc; XX

  • If Only I’d KnownDoctor Vader

    F/f; drug; transform; bodymod; mannequin; encase; pose; shipped; display; corset; cons/nc; X

  • Trash Doesn't Have a NameDoctor Vader

    M/f; bagged; bond; tape; gagged; trash; messy; climax; dumped; truck; compactor; disposal; cons/nc; XX

  • Revenge is in a Bag of TrashDoctor Vader

    F/f; kidnap; captive; drug; bond; tape; gag; bagged; trash; messy; dumped; truck; compactor; hum; nc; XX