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  • The New Library PolicyThat Guy

    Solo-F; library; punish; M+/f; bond; rope; gag; force; cell; M+/f+; cage; display; wrap; tape; escape; MF/f; bond; cons; X

  • Tale of Two BridesThat Guy

    FM; Sbf; Sbm; cd; weddingdress; armbinder; rope; gag; outdoors; public; stuck; caught; F/fm; photo; emb; cons; X

  • My Surprise for HimThat Guy

    Solo-F; weddingdress; rope; gag; tape; chairtie; caught; M/f; bond; hogtie; tease; tape; cons; X

  • My Wife the Shinning KnightThat Guy

    F+/m; cd; secretary; office; handcuffs; bond; gag; blindfold; chairtie; rope; captive; rescue; hogtie; cons; X