To the 2023 All-Hallows edition of the plaza

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Welcome, readers, authors and kinksters alike. It has reached that time again, where the veil between the worlds grows thin. Around All Hallows Eve, we do what we must to defend ourselves against the spirits. We tell each other stories, to warn each other, but also to let them know that we are not afraid.

Some years those stories are dark. Horrifying. A place for our dear authors to let out the tales which have been haunting them. Other years, they are lighter tales, laughing at the darkness, imagining other worlds, close enough to touch. And perhaps, hoping that when we do, those worlds don't touch back…

What sort of year will this be? Enter, brave reader, and find out!


You have be warned!


On to the stories…

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Stories that are Bound to entrap you, keep you tied up for hours…

Be fore warned ye mere mortals, venture into this dark area at your own peril. Beware the Goblin and other Ghouls that will attempt to steal your very soul!

Still not scared enough! Want to see previous years Halloween stories, don't say you weren't warned!

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