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  • Roya's New ExperienceMatt Eater

    Other/f; vore; hard; eaten; snake; digestion; swallow; mast; cannibalism; pain; cons; XXX

  • CapturedRon McIngle

    M/f; kidnap; punishment; slave; bond; naked; whip; sex; rope; spank; outdoors; chain; cane; anal; nc; reluct; cons; XXX

  • Sandra and BillMaria TheMaid

    Sbf; M+/f; bond; collar; cuffs; gag; box; stuck; caught; enclosed; transported; cons; nc; X

  • A Fare To Remember 2Marcus

    F/f; F+/f; bond; latex; tease; denial; electro; toys; buttplug; hood; blindfold; catheter; enema; urine; feet; collar; posture-collar; head-harness; chastity; armbinder; gag; straps; frame; oral; spit; catsuit; cons; XXX

  • 1

    Sbf; F/f; fpov; latex; public; electro; denial; mast; armbinder; bond; chain; chastity; corset; cuffs; gag; head-harness; hood; posture-collar; boots; catsuit; climax; corset; dildo; pvc; rubber; toys; cons; XX

  • Little Black DressMisti Love-Fitzpatrick

    M/f; MF; anal; foreplay; pantyhose; oral; bond; collar; public; cuffs; sex; spandex; spank; tease; rom; cons; X

  • Halloween DisplayMikel

    M/f; halloween; mum; display; public; corset; catheter; catsuit; pvc; leather; balletboots; armbinder; breathplay; fibreglass; encased; electro; toys; climax; cons; XX

  • Costume MistakeMikel

    Sbf; F/f; corset; chastity; halloween; costume; cuffs; gag; collar; clamps; toys; caught; leash; oral; paddle; public; denial; cons; XX

  • Last CageMikel

    Sbf; cage; remote; web; permanent; chastity; cuffs; chair; electro; climax; straps; clamps; mag-lock; collar; corset; invert; enema; buttplug; toys; hood; feeding-tube; cons; XXX

  • Santa's HelperMikel

    Sbf; M+/f; fpov; costume; toys; latex; chastity; gag; collar; caught; ribbon; mum; bond; majick; stocks; oral; sex; public; reluct; XX

  • The Prison of My DreamsMadam S

    MF/f; bond; cuffs; cage; cell; chain; island; resort; prison; sex; oral; cons; X

  • Hashtag ChallengeMikel

    Sbf; fpov; cuffs; vinyl; collar; public; exhib; hood; toys; hogtie; clamps; climax; chain; catheter; chair; stuck; gag; mag-lock; mast; stuck; caught; chastity; insert; trick; latex; cons; reluct; XX

  • Captured and Broken 2Michele Cross

    F+/m; bond; conditioning; slave; anal; oral; bagged; cage; collar; dungeon; casket; entomb; gasmask; hood; leash; mitts; nipple; gag; horse; crop; domme; facesit; heels; pain; piercing; nc; XX

  • 1

    F/m; bond; conditioning; smoke; gasmask; manacles; X-frame; dungeon; bodymod; crop; discipline; domme; leather; nc; XX

  • LacesMikel

    F/f; corset; posture; collar; gag; armbinder; buttplug; toys; chastity; denial; cuffs; hobble; cons; XX

  • The LidMikel

    Sbf; strappado; enclosed; stuck; gag; magnet; cuffs; corset; climax; toys; outdoors; latex; catsuit; timer; chastity; clamps; transported; cons; XX

  • The Promises We MakeMarcus

    F/f; M/f; F+/f; M+/f; F/m; fpov; bond; latex; cuffs; spreader; pain; buttplug; club; kidnap; toys; catsuit; hood; corset; armbinder; climax; susp; pain; urine; clamps; whip; tease; nc; cons; XXX

  • Magic PantiesMikel

    Sbf; latex; toys; majick; corset; cuffs; hood; mast; tease; catsuit; rope; bond; transform; M2f; stuck; cons; reluct; XX

  • Strange DiscoveryMikel

    Sbm; M/f; spandex; latex; neoprene; catsuit; corset; buttplug; inflatable; toys; gag; stuck; breathplay; hobble; toys; remote; tease; collar; oral; hood; cons; XX

  • Her Holiday PetMike Ra

    F/m; mpov; bitchsuit; collar; leash; petplay; chastity; outdoors; electro; cbt; chain; blindfold; sendep; cons; XX

  • SwitcherooMythik

    M/f; mpov; oral; climax; tease; sex; cons; X

  • Help WantedMythik

    MF/f; fpov; maid; conditioning; mind-control; oral; sex; cons; X

  • Fiona InterruptedMegan Law

    MF; MF/f; bond; machine; frame; collar; corset; latex; chastity; mittens; toys; tease; sex; cons; X

  • The ConversationMikel

    F/f; F/fm+; M/f; denial; ballgag; chastity; collar; cuffs; dungeon; head-harness; hood; nipple; collar; X-frame; cbt; enema; heels; cons; XX

  • Pony Suit TrapMikel

    F/f; MF/f; latex; catsuit; ponygirl; crop; toys; buttplug; gag; hood; trick; enema; cuffs; tease; breathplay; cons; nc; XX

  • AdriannaThe Old Man

    F/f; fpov; bond; oral; cage; buttplug; inflatable; spank; clamps; strapon; X-frame; rom; cons; X

  • The Quintessential Modern WomanMarcus

    F/f; fpov; latex; bdsm; boots; electro; toys; hogtie; insert; armbinder; blindfold; bond; chastity; clamps; corset; cuffs; gag; head-harness; hood; posture-collar; spreader; straps; cons; reluct; XX

  • Bright IdeaMikel

    Sbm; mpov; chastity; spreader; cuffs; collar; hood; gag; stuck; clamps; chinesepuzzle; cons; X

  • A Mental Balancing Act 4Marcus

    F+/f; fpov; bond; latex; cuffs; spreader; pain; dungeon; mast; buttplug; toys; catsuit; hood; corset; climax; pain; clamps; tease; incest; cons; XXX

  • 3

    F/f+; fpov; bond; latex; cuffs; pain; buttplug; toys; electro; oral; clamps; gag; catsuit; hood; corset; climax; pain; clamps; tease; cons; XXX

  • 2

    F/f; fpov; latex; catsuit; leash; cuffs; collar; spreader; clamps; electro; tens; oral; toys; buttplug; hood; corset; climax; pain; tease; rom; cons; XX

  • 1

    F/f; bond; incest; latex; blindfold; gag; collar; catsuit; corset; armbinder; toys; buttplug; clamps; tease; flogger; dungeon; mast; oral; cons; XX

  • Recruit 3: CowhoodMegan Law

    MF/f; cowgirl; outdoors; collar; sold; nosehook; piercing; bodymod; gag; reluct; XX

  • Beautifully BoundMikel

    M/f; mpov; outdoors; bond; rope; oral; buttplug; chastity; training; clamps; gag; collar; blindfold; cuffs; enema; cons; X

  • Recruit 2: RenewalMegan Law

    M+/f; cowgirls; blackmail; sold; brand; harness; bond; toys; chastity; outdoors; piercing; drug; bodymod; leash; reluct; XX

  • CollectedMythik

    M/f; public; strip; D/s; oral; toys; tease; rope; bond; gag; cons; reluct; X

  • The Cave ChallengeMikel

    Sbf; fpov; collar; cuffs; toys; ice-release; public; outdoors; cave; gag; breast-tie; clamps; chastity; stuck; climax; cons; XX

  • Business or Pleasure?Martini Martaine

    F/m; cd; fem; chastity; bond; armbinder; cuffs; cons; X

  • Puppy InceptionMythik

    M/f; outdoors; petgirl; hum; collar; leash; reluct; X

  • Maid for a RescueNingyou Macher

    Solo-F; maid-bot; F2maidbot; kidnap; reluct; X

  • Hallowed EveMegan Law

    F/m; halloween; teen; costume; cd; public; cons; X

  • Virtual DollMikel

    Machine/f; M+/f; anal; oral; armbinder; bodybag; corset; hood; leash; nipple; hogtie; dungeon; boots; breathplay; vr; lovedoll; roleplay; spank; stuck; cons; XX

  • The CageMikel

    Sbf; MF/f; bond; chastity; corset; cage; machine; cuffs; collar; catheter; enema; electro; hood; magnets; clamps; caught; stuck; torment; revenge; cons; nc; XX

  • Mental Institution Weekend 8Mumwrap

    F+/m; bond; catheter; hospital; bed; straps; cuffs; oral; sex; diapers; straitjacket; cell; drug; conditioning; cons; XX

  • 7

    F+/m; mpov; bond; hospital; asylum; committed; cell; straitjacket; cuffs; chain; straps; bodymod; gag; hood; cons; X

  • 6

    F+/m; mpov; bond; hospital; asylum; committed; cell; straitjacket; cuffs; chain; straps; bodymod; gag; hood; cons; X

  • 5

    F+/m; mpov; bond; hospital; asylum; committed; cell; straitjacket; cuffs; chain; catheter; straps; bodymod; gag; hood; chair; cons; X

  • Lie Back And Think Of EnglandMila V and Elgelg

    M+/f; fpov; mpov; kidnap; bond; straps; dungeon; rack; torture; bastinado; naked; sex; nc; XX

  • RecruitMegan Law

    M/f+; ponygirl; toys; chastity; harness; outdoors; training; bridle; bit; strip; punish; collar; cons; XX

  • Mrs Andersson 5Marcus

    F/f; F+/f; M/f; fpov; bond; latex; electro; pain; hum; public; buttplug; toys; catsuit; hood; corset; climax; foot; predicament; armbinder; tease; torture; cons; reluct; nc; XXX

  • 4

    F/f; M/f; fpov; bond; latex; electro; pain; spit; urine; urophagia; buttplug; toys; catsuit; hood; corset; climax; hum; predicament; armbinder; tease; forniphilia; torture; cons; reluct; XXX

  • 3b

    F+/f; F/m; fpov; bond; hum; ponygirl; gag; cuffs; straps; harness; intubate; corset; collar; buttplug; clamps; toys; insert; latex; catheter; electro; torture; spit; treadmill; machine; tease; denial; squirt; extreme; cons; XXX

  • 3a

    F+/f; fpov; bond; forniphilia; hum; cuffs; collar; leash; gag; spit; spreader; electro; intubate; catheter; toys; insert; buttplug; latex; catsuit; corset; hood; chair; paddle; torture; mast; extreme; cons; XXX

  • 2

    F/f; fpov; bond; latex; cuffs; spreader; electro; pain; buttplug; toys; catsuit; hood; corset; armbinder; climax; susp; hum; machine; pain; clamps; crop; predicament; tease; torture; mast; cons; reluct; XXX

  • 1

    F/f; fpov; latex; hood; catsuit; straps; collar; cuffs; gag; mast; heels; tease; climax; feet; cons; X

  • One Night StayMikel

    F+/f; M/f; fpov; latex; hood; bond; clamps; oral; gag; whip; enema; reluct; cons; XX

  • Woman in the MannequinMikel

    F/f; F2doll; rubberdoll; armbinder; bodybag; mannequin; clamps; collar; head-harness; hoist; hood; display; mall; shop; tricked; sold; heels; objectify; cons; XX

  • ReprogrammedMikel

    Sbf; M/f; mind-control; latex; hood; catsuit; toys; boots; sendep; sleepsack; gag; collar; cuffs; sold; bond; reluct; XX

  • The Silver RopeMikel

    Solo-F; F/f; collar; majick; toys; corset; hogtie; clamps; display; shop; mannequin; nc; X

  • Living DollMikel

    M/f; M/f+; F2doll; doll; latex; glue; permanent; bond; hood; corset; balletboots; sendep; toys; intubate; depilate; bodymod; chastity; cuffs; gag; armbinder; plastic; objectify; rom; cons; XX

  • The New NormalMikel

    F/f; maid; maid-bot; bond; latex; cuffs; chastity; catsuit; hood; gag; bodymod; permanent; electro; collar; reluct; cons; XX

  • Undercover LeashedMikel

    Sbf; fpov; collar; straps; electro; clamps; gag; outdoors; public; naked; cons; XX

  • Sixty FourMikel

    Sbm; cast; chastity; stuck; outdoors; collar; clamps; hood; cons; X

  • Rubber CompulsionMikel

    M/f; bond; latex; catsuit; permanent; chastity; collar; cuffs; hood; balletboots; mittens; oral; cons; XX

  • Sleep SackMikel

    M/f; bond; leather; corset; sleepsack; chastity; collar; toys; buttplug; spreader; hood; gag; mittens; cuffs; permanent; cons; XX

  • FascinatingMikel

    M/f; bond; chastity; cuffs; blindfold; bedtie; spreadeagle; gag; collar; tease; clamps; cons; X

  • Amazing ShoesMikel

    M/f; F/f; bond; latex; catsuit; balletboots; corset; heels; gag; rope; cuffs; straitjacket; hood; susp; chair; straps; chastity; permanent; revenge; cons; X

  • Botsuit TransformationMikel

    F/m; M/f; bond; machine; suit; enclosed; trick; M2f; M2fembot; transform; mind-control; scifi; conditioning; cuffs; cons; reluct; XXX

  • Are All The Good Ones Gone? 2: The DungeonMasterKGray

    M/f; bond; dungeon; slave; collar; leash; pain; whip; sex; cons; XX

  • 1: Pre-Birthday Dinner

    M/f; fpov; D/s; oral; public; restaurant; squirt; collar; slave; cons; X

  • A Little RopeMikel

    F/f; Sbf; bond; rope; mum; chastity; tape; clamps; breathplay; shrinkwrap; gag; hood; piercing; machine; susp; stuck; transported; cons; nc; XX

  • Alone 2: StillMikel

    M/f; latex; bond; Sbf; caught; armbinder; gag; clamps; toys; cuffs; sex; cons; XX

  • Back to BasicsMikel

    Sbf; M+/f; outdoors; caught; cuffs; chain; gag; ponyboots; chastity; clamps; public; cons; reluct; XX

  • FunboxMikebanash

    M/f; mpov; machine; tease; mast; bond; straps; bar; public; force; cons; X

  • Merry Leather ChristmasMisti Love-Fitzpatrick

    M/f; MF; fpov; denial; mast; sex; anal; armbinder; gag; blindfold; bond; clamps; collar; corset; cuffs; leash; nipple; party; boots; cane; climax; crop; leather; lingerie; spank; whip; rom; cons; XX

  • Endurance vs AnnoyanceMikeroper

    Sbm; F/m; mpov; cd; hogtie; gag; rope; hogtie; stuck; ice-timer; reluct; X

  • Shawna and Joyce - Weekend BurialMaypoleWalker

    Sbf; F/f; fpov; tg; buried; enclosed; coffin; gag; straps; inflatable; catheter; buttplug; toys; feeding-tube; intubate; sendep; latex; collar; cuffs; blindfold; cons; XX

  • Maid for a StealNingyou Macher

    F/f; fpov; maid-bot; transform; F2maidbot; maid; costume; corset; collar; burglar; caught; reluct; X

  • FugaziMila V

    M+/f; mpov; fpov; kidnap; torture; bond; gag; captive; pain; reluct; nc; XXX

  • MILF Chronicles - Pantyhose 2Misti Love-Fitzpatrick

    F/m; F/m+; fpov; milf; tease; denial; oral; sex; lingerie; bond; pantyhose; cuffs; foreplay; group; threesome; feet; climax; cuffs; costume; outdoors; roleplay; caught; facesit; cons; X

  • 1

    F/m; fpov; spandex; lingerie; milf; bond; pantyhose; straps; hood; blindfold; latex; tease; slow; feet; climax; cuffs; bedtie; facesit; femdom; cons; X

  • Joyce and Shawna: Hanging Around the AtticMaypoleWalker

    F/f; Sbf; tg; bond; armbinder; sendep; breathplay; catheter; buttplug; toys; gag; electro; cuffs; straps; collar; pumpgag; predicament; machine; mittens; strappado; torment; force; feed; cons; XXX

  • Sandra and BillMarie Donner

    Sbf; ballgag; boxed; collar; cuffs; shackles; island; heels; packaged; stuck; accident; transport; cons; nc; X

  • If I Could Change Your MindMila V

    Sbf; F/f; bond; blackmail; outdoors; rope; buttplug; gasmask; electro; gag; cane; spank; trick; reluct; XX

  • Shawna's Maypole 2MaypoleWalker

    Sbf; F/f; tg; buttplug; satin; cuffs; gag; costume; straps; mittens; caught; mast; catsuit; oral; cons; X

  • 1

    Sbf; tg; stocks; collar; mittens; predicament; electro; sendep; buttplug; toys; timer; chastity; pvc; cuffs; hobble; glue; gag; cons; XX

  • The Veil Cage Bed 2Mumwrap

    F+/f; bond; hospital; straps; medical; airplane; bodymod; gag; bedtie; public; cons; XX

  • 1

    F+/f; bond; hospital; straps; medical; bodymod; gag; bedtie; public; cons; XX

  • Soon But Not Today 2Mila V

    Solo-F; F/f; fpov; bond; kidnap; threat; zipties; gag; tape; mum; nc; XX

  • 1

    Sbf; M/f; fpov; naked; handcuffs; outdoors; breathplay; electro; blackmail; forest; cons; XX

  • Joyce and Shawna: The HotelMaypoleWalker

    Sbf; F/f; tg; spandex; cuffs; gag; toys; buttplug; remote; mittens; zipties; collar; sendep; blindfold; hotel; sex; anal; shower; mast; cons; XX

  • Sissy Chronicles 2.3: SissificationMisti Love-Fitzpatrick

    M/m; M+/m; M2f; sissy; cd; catsuit; training; costume; maid; brand; X-frame; bond; oral; sex; spandex; collar; leash; cuffs; latex; blindfold; hood; whip; cage; rom; cons; XX

  • Ripe for the Picking 4MasterKGray

    M/f; bond; slave; training; corset; dungeon; cuffs; hobble; straps; sex; public; toys; cons; XX

  • 3

    M/f; bond; slave; training; dungeon; cuffs; chain; corset; armbinder; straps; gag; clamps; toys; spreader; sex; anal; cons; XX

  • 2

    M/f; bond; slave; training; dungeon; mast; naked; oral; gag; crop; cuffs; collar; bench; whip; cane; cons; reluct; XX

  • 1

    M/f; bond; kidnap; drug; dungeon; spreadeagle; naked; collar; cuffs; flogger; shave; sex; gag; cell; nc; reluct; XX

  • Industrial EspionageMidanfor

    F+/f; anal; group; oral; vag; gag; frame; transported; warehouse; drug; enema; kidnap; latex; nc; X

  • In a NutshellThe Old Man

    M/f; bond; mum; enclosed; paper-mache; sex; tease; oral; toys; cons; X

  • 2520 AD 1bMr Smooth

    F+/m; bond; latex; nurse; hospital; prison; hum; cane; gag; milk; electro; buttplug; climax; sleepsack; susp; catheter; torture; pain; scifi; future; reluct; nc; XX

  • Where Explorers DareMaio Tigress

    Solo-M; M2doll; shrink; accident; nc; XX